A Masonic posturer

The comment located here was put up recently, and leaves me a lot to think about. I’ll let you decide for yourself whether it is a punk or something real. I am hoping as I dissect it to make that decision for myself.

First, if you actually go to take a look at the comment, you’ll see why I put up a photo of the “Enter” key from a Qwerty keyboard. That key is useful. It separates thoughts into “paragraphs,” and makes for easier reading. There are quite a few natural break points in the comment, but the author doesn’t seem to know that readers prefer short paragraphs.

I don’t know why people write in long tirades like that, not taking time or organize. It could be that our “Master Mason” was in a hurry, typing on an “eyes only” Masonic keyboard, and wanted to get it all written and publisher before he got caught.

There’s another possibility. In the town that I grew up in, there were a couple of Masonic Temples, but the members more often congregated in bars, usually dedicated to orders like Masons, Elk, Moose, Shriners (OK, Catholic, and not Masonic, but trust me, the Knights of Columbus is centered around a hall, the center of which is a bar). It could be that Master Mason was tying one on. I don’t think he was sent on a mission, or was allowed to talk out of school.

Anyway, we shall dive into pertinent parts of the comment:

Dear gentlemen. I’m not quite sure how to begin, but I feel it quite necessary to offer a disclosure. … Let’s just start with my own personal history in a preposterously condensed format. I am a Freemanson in an ancient order. Not certainly by choice, but by circumstance. Not something I’m particularly proud about, but something which for me has become an inescapable reality.

Freemasons I have known, admittedly few in number, took pride in their work, and made it a point to strive to be upstanding citizens, parents and loyal spouses.  Secrets aside, Masons joined and were actively trying to be better people. It was a kind of self-policing effort, in that the group would know if a member was misbehaving. That might sound Pollyannish, but I am speaking of a relatively small town and people that I knew to be good people. I do not know what Master Mason has to be ashamed of.

As a young and newly married man, my father-in-law took me with his K of C group to get on a bus one Sunday to see a NY Jets game. We arrived at the KC Hall, where game attendees would soon depart. It was 10:00 AM, and the bar was open and serving, which would continue on the bus. My father-in-law’s best friend was sitting next to me at the bar, and confided in me a promise of group loyalty. He said that no matter which woman you chose to bring here, word would never get back to your wife. That’s fraternity! (The day was long, the Jets lost to the Cowboys, who were sitting down their regulars in anticipation of a playoff bid. The Knights drank all the way there and all the way back.)

The reason I am here speaking to you gentlemen about this is not so simple. However, rest assured I am doing this in good faith, even though I am anonymous and shall remain so. I admire your collective researches, and my order has been somewhat callously entertained by your ideas, not in anyway misguided, but most certainly uninitiated. For many thousand years, our order has been one of benevolence and charity. Unless you’ve ascended through the degrees and reached the highest levels of Freemasonic brotherhood, you just cannot possibly understand our purpose and our history.

So, why even approach us? To tell us he knows things he can’t tell us?

… I come to you in the cloak of sympathy and charity. Here is why. Our order has been subject to deep and profound corruption. There are still currently some very honest and decent men who belong to our order, but there are also many sinister and evil men who have forsaken the original sacred tenets of our profession. You must first understand how old and ancient our order truly is. Every name in history of note was and is and will forever be a Freemason. We built this world, we run this world, and will forever control this world. I know such an idea sounds rather grim, but think of the great benefits to mankind that we have proffered throughout the centuries of human evolution. So why am I telling you all this? Simple. I admire you. I am forever a champion of free thought, free expression, and free will, however so misguided.

Now, that is talking out of school. The ancient order is corrupt. Also, the ancient order is apparently unable or unwilling to clean house. What is the purpose of the bean-spill here? There can be none. We can neither understand nor comment on nor fix their internal corruption. It is at this point that I imagine we are dealing with a lower order member, or even a non-member who is spoofing us. Nevertheless …

Your researches are not in vain. You have striven very close to a very secret ancient truth. But you must understand: You shall never fully penetrate the core of our order, you shall never know our secrets, unless you join our ancient fraternity and spend a lifetime learning our esoteric code. I should like to commend you for your rather stunning and brilliant discoveries. You have reached the wall, and I am here in all due respect to share what is behind that wall. … Every person you see on television, on radio, or in the Government is a Freemason. Ever professional athlete, every politician, every police officer, every judge, every celebrity, every media personality, every persons working within our government, in our military–these are all Freemasons, of course at the highest levels. CIA, FBI, Congress, the Supreme Court, the White House, and every government agency beneath those–they are all run and occupied by Freemasons.

I think it safe at this website to say that we knew that. We’ve noticed how everyone famous is related to everyone else famous. We’ve noted that athletic contests are rigged. We know that politicians, judges, even local county officials (such as the heads of various health agencies charged with locally running the virus scare) are in some kind of secret-handshake relationship with the others. And, I’ve had it whispered in my ear (but cannot be sure) that local police are all in on the game too. We just had  a fake mass shooting in nearby Boulder, and there must have been fifty cop cars there from various agencies. Each one, I thought, must be in on the game. None of this is news.

We have run this country from its earliest inception. In fact, we’ve run every country, every nation, every vital coastal region since the dawn of civilization. Our order is roughly 11,000 years old. Your researches have led you to this point, to this wall. But there is no penetrating this wall for the uninitiated. I am not in any way trying to discourage you from your research (obviously you‘ve made it this far). I’m here to tell you there’s no further to go. Our order is your answer. We have built and run this societal construct for 11,000 years. We occupy all the highest levels of society and, without our approval and blessing, you shall never achieve prominence, wealth, and success the way we enjoy those very noble things.

At this point I am getting the feeling that “we’ve” is a bit of an overstatement of the importance of Master Mason. I worked for a woman in the nid-1980s who was worth $35 million … I liked to say that between the two of us, we averaged $17.5 million net worth. I think Master Mason is engaged in similar puffery, overstating the meaning of “we” and laying claim and credit to the work and wealth of others.

It’s no fault of yours, but rather a fault of your birth. Why am I here saying these preposterous claims, you are asking? It’s simple. I want you to uncover how deeply our order has entrenched itself in every possible aspect of your reality and, by extension, creates your reality. I have to hand it to you researchers. You have come a long way. But you have never discovered this simple fact. Freemasons run 99% of your reality.

Glad it’s not my fault.

I’ve often thought how much better off we would be not to know what we know. William F. Buckley one time on his Firing Line TV show was criticized for constantly looking down at his notes while interviewing. He said he did so because his head was heavy from the weight of what he knew. I feel the same weight, not to his degree, as he was also obliged to keep secrets while knowing what he knew. We don’t have to keep secrets, but my head is heavy nonetheless, full of things I cannot share with others of normal persuasion and beliefs.

I am a little bit flattered that this poseur, Master Mason, has chosen to grace us with his insincere praise and gratuitous alignment of himself and people who really have power and really know things that are really secret. I think that if he were really a Freemason, he’d get the boot.

I just did what I should have done first, check the IP address to see who this clown really is. The comment was written by Lawrence Rothman.

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  1. There’s a TV show called “Punk’d” which is like Candid Camera of old. From what I can tell, practical jokes are pulled on celebutards and then their faces are rubbed in it while they show the hidden video. Big yuks. (BTW, Minnie Me was taunting Master Mason (MM!) in defense of Miles Mathis, again. Would an IP search [Don’t know how to do that] on Minnie Me find him in Taos? I’d be shocked if it didn’t)

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    1. MiniMe is not Miles Mathis. I verified this last year. Fauxlex was getting upset with MiniMe and wanted him banned, and I contacted him privately, or asked him to contact me. He’s a separate entity with his own email address. He writes both serious comments and the less serious ones, using the word “ya” a lot. I was convinced he was not MM.


        1. I guess that’s tough on me, a real man, actually called Mark Millward, lives in England and has posted here before. And what actually happened to my few words, they appear to have been edited out?


        2. I guess that’s tough on me, a real man, actually called Mark Millward, lives in England and has posted here before. And what actually happened to my few words, they appear to have been edited out?

          Gordon Bennett(!), the paranoia is eating you lot. And that’s not a noun, it’s an obscure English turn of phrase meaning something like “oh my goodness”. And don’t blame me for using “yup” it’s just another bloody Americanism we unthinkingly employ! And if you’re sensitive to the British / English paradigm, and wondering how it can be that a boomer over here identifies as English not British, well it’s related to being awake and recognising that the British Empire (of secret societies) is alive and well and screwing the nations of these islands over – good and proper.


    2. I’m the lonely voice here, Ty. There’s nobody except me saying anything good about Miles around PoM. Why is that? History is taunting this whole blog for it’s been forsaken to criticize any of the zombies work without being banned or called names. Once Miles did the critique of it, they all charged against him. So he made the worst kind of enemies here, and he did it by telling the truth about the method Mark’s been using. Essentially, Miles was punished for being honest.

      I know it can hurt your feelings to see Miles reject or criticize your work. But hey, don’t kill the messenger. I too have sent and got my piece rejected by him once in the past. He said it was too “mainstreamish” and that I was taking too many issues at face value instead of de-spinning them. So what was I supposed to do? Curse and attack him publicly for saying the truth? My work was done in a sloppy way for his standards, I know that by now. Eventually, I took time and re-wrote that piece, but have never re-sent it to Miles for eventual publishing. I don’t need his confirmation or digital fame for being his guest writer who took time to de-spin another Wiki lie or myth. What I needed was his confirmation of my abilities and methods used to despin the lies of reality. He took time and clarified why my work needs an upgrade by heavily criticizing me and my efforts. It hurt really bad. But I got up and made that progress he was pushing me towards.

      I really hope some day you guys will be able to do the same. God bless.

      PS: My IP depends on the proxy I’m using for the browsing session. It changes with the web traffic – I switch to less frequent proxy servers for the better speed of browsing or to access some geo-restricted info. Geo location of the IP doesn’t say much about the real location.


      1. If there is one thing you should know by now it’s that writers on this blog are usually open to critique and know their limitations.

        You sound more like a MM devotee than someone who digs a little deeper. Do you really believe the PTB are scared of MM? That’s just funny.


        1. Why are you relentlessly trying to pick a fight with me? You’re slowly but surely hitting my nerve with your vehement attitude, dude. Who cares what I believe? Phoenies are scared of anybody with real talents, for millenia already. So it ain’t anything new under the sun for them to be scared of a guy with many real talents. Funny? I don’t think they laugh much either considering the nasty way they look by the time they pass a 40 year mark.


          1. I am cool with Miles. We’ll never be pals because the Robert Zherunkle piece crossed a line than cannot be uncrossed. But that piece is no longer available for public view, and he knows it. I regret that I allowed it to be published.

            That he criticizes me and my work? I do his as well, but have to admit, he’s got better insight. So what. No matter what we do in life, we always come across people better at it. It is better to be in this way of thinking than to be a Zombie.


              1. Good point. I do not know his real name. I only know that some time back he was posting under several names, and we roped them all together with his IP, and LR was the most prominent. I banned him then, and when all bans were lifted he had vamoosed, or so I thought. He returned now and then last year to tell us that life in LA was not fun compared to out here in mid-Continent, and that if we lived there, we would capitulate.

                I only know him as LR because of his use of that name along with others under a given Internet address.


          2. Not picking a fight just speaking my mind. What do you mean with relentless, when was the last time I responded to one of your comments? You just kinda rub me the wrong way when you claim to have ascended above other writers and commentors at this site.

            What makes you think the PTB, that you believe are phoenies, are scared of anything. All they have to fear is the whole world uniting against them and MM is not going to make that happen. The PTB dwarf the influence any truther has on public opinion.

            Even people that are woke often disagree on many things. I think people like MM have a lot to do with that. There are a lot of people out there muddying the water like he is. I’m sure he deliberately mixes fact with fiction and I’m convinced he is a mason.

            I really think you need to take a few steps back and learn to see who or what he really is.


            1. OK, I got your point. But it’s beside the issue here.

              Saying masons are in charge of the world, while Miles and others keep discovering pure jewish / phoenician lines of inheriting the enslaved world – is misdirection in its purest form. We need names of individual people, not names of their groups. We need to know who did what precisely, there is no use of chasing the group’s name. It’s a distinction between a true and an abstract item – a person vs a group. Can you see why Miles and other rational researchers have opted for disclosing names instead of generalizing about the membership within Freemasons? It’s just another façade used to divert free-thinking individuals into believing there is some ultra-powerful mysterious organisation, rising above all individual power. No, there is no such group at that level of power – the real power is concetrated behind real people, with real names and wealth – which happen to be proven over and over again to have Phoenician / Jewish roots. Coincidence? Or more likely, cohen-cidence?

              There is a reason why Miles ignores some subjects. The biggest of them is that it’s usually a waste of time debating them, as these were created for the purpose of creating division and historical noise. Such as the Commitee of 300, Freemason, Rosecrucians, Jesuits, etc… By looking into them, you will not be able to understand that the real power hides behind real people with real names. Naming the names is the game, everything else fades away in comparison.

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              1. I’m not saying freemasonry is in charge of the world. I don’t really understand why you bring this up in this conversation but since you did, here is my thoughts on this subject:

                Freemasonry is a Jewish institution run by Jews. The persons you refer to, who are indeed all Jewish, are very prominent members who use these institutions as a proxy to dominate and enslave the world. They would not have this much power without these institutions. To concentrate that much power in the hands of a few you need to build a hierarchy or rather a conglomerate of hierarchies.

                If you want to be able to do serious business in this world become a politician or make it big as an artist, you can no longer avoid being a member of a lodge. Not one face you see on your tv screen is not a lodge member. These are very powerful institutions created to concentrate power in the hands of a small group of people. The PTB would not have any power without them.

                Freemasonry and the like truly are ultra-powerful organisations created to concentrate power in the hands of a few. It’s much more than a façade.

                I don’t think MM not mentioning them much is a problem but when he does it’s all misdirection. I’ve put up another comment further down. Maybe you would like to read that to better understand why I don’t trust MM as much as you do.

                I really think you lean too much on one person for your understanding of this world and it workings. There are many sides to the NWO story and it’s history. That is one of my problems with MM, his work is far too one-sided to be called healthy mental nourishment on its own but he likes to pretend it is.


                1. I rely on myself exclusively, understanding this messed up world included. No need to worry about me. If there’s something you’d like to know about me, go ahead and ask first, before making such poor judgment.

                  One-sided or not, Miles has unravelled more than anybody else. Until you quit generalizing and bring some substaniated thought into this debate, other than your feelings and conjectures, I’ll remain convinced Miles has come closest to answering where the true power is. Why? Following logic -> if there’s a group of powerful people we all refer to as The Powers That Be (TPTB), the most common nominator of this group of people is their Jewish or Pheonician origins. There are more of them belonging to the subgroup of Jews than Freemasons. Unless you’re able to prove otherwise, I’ll stick to that which can be proven without any doubt. In other words, I’m not negating your claim about the importance of Freemasons in TPTB’s hierarchy, I’m saying Freemasons are there to obfuscate the true origin of power. Those calling the shots are hiding behind the group’s name, concealing the chain of command with the complexity of their organisation. That’s all that it is. There’s no real power residing within the organisation per se – it’s people who bring power to the organisation, not the other way around. You do realize that, don’t you?


                  1. Feelings and conjectures, generalizing? are you sure you read my post? I am not attacking you MiniMe, if you do not like unsolicited advice you can just say so. I mean well.

                    There is no power without these organizations, they embody the very power the PTB wields. The only power you can have is power that’s given to you. In these institutions the lower echelons give power to the higher echelons of witch the highest give their power to the Elite. That’s how power structures work. That’s fact, not feelings. It’s not the PTB giving power to these institutes bud the institutions giving it to them.

                    I’m not denying the PTB are Jewish I’m confirming it. The institutions and organisations they use to generate and wield power are all Jewish in nature. Again, I’m not attacking you I’m elaborating on what you already know.

                    Other institutes that are used by the PTB as power tools that are worth exploring include: Esalen institute, Tavistock institute, council on foreign relations and Fabian society. MM most certainly has written about these institutions and about their necessity to the elites creation of power and control.

                    Please do not misjudge my intentions. As so often in discussions with you, I have the impression that you are responding before taking the time to understand what I have written. My perception is based on study and knowledge but as long as you regard what I write as an attack to defend against, we can never have a valuable constructive discussion. I regret that.


                    1. I defended myself against your judgment based on nothing but your feelings. I’m attacking your claim about Miles being a mason, saying he mixes facts with fiction and whatnot. When I called out your claims for being questionable, you replied by saying it’s all based on study and knowledge. Did I miss something here? And now you’re even questioning my reading abilities, but you’re still wondering why I’m defending myself? It seems like you’re trying to pull a joke on me. That’s my own perception. Or maybe you’re just too oblivious to notice how you’re coming across?

                      I’m very open minded, so if you think you have a case where you can prove all what you claim above, do post it somewhere ot provide a link to your blog / pdf. I have no issues to admit being wrong, but I need substance and arguments in order to change my mind.


                    2. I don’t question your reading abilities I just think your on the defense so much you don’t take the time to understand what I’m writing. I guess you just proved my point. I thought you knew how to deal with criticism, you even urged readers on this site to do the same. My judgment is not based on feelings, I see how you react to criticism of MM.

                      Freemasonry and it’s workings have been a subject of interest for a long time. I grew up among masons en many of my family members are masons themselves. I’ve been studying this subject for a very long time and I really think I have something to say about it. If your not interested you can just say so. I’m only tying to explain to you how power really works in this world and how a few people can generate all this power. The power they have didn’t come falling from the sky.

                      I did not only reply with stating that what I think is based on study and knowledge. I told you I posted another comment in this tread in which I explain my opinion in more detail. I guess you missed that or you are just not really interested. My main point is that you would do well to verify what MM writes or do you really believe all hoaxes the PTB pulls are noting more than money grabs like MM claims to name one example? I’m not gonna do your leg work for you.

                      As long as you keep lashing out at me it’s only exhausting to try and have a conversation with you. Do you realize that lashing out is all you’ve been doing in your last few comments? Why don’t you address what I write? Again, I mean well. If you can’t come up with something of more substance than stating that MM is always right and only what he writes about matters I really don’t think you are worth my time.


                    3. Like I mentioned earlier above, I’m the only one around here who has something positive to say about Miles. Starting from a simple comment, we ended up discussing me. How did that happen? Oh, I remember, I rubbed you in the wrong way, since you had a FEELING I’m patronizing you, as if I “ascended above” everybody else on this blog. Or something along that line…. Geez. What a leap.

                      Anyway, at this stage we can simply agree to disagree. I don’t want to fight and lose my time trying to convince you otherwise, you’ve apparently made up your mind. That’s exactly where PTB wants us – divide et impera is their strongest weapon. So I’ll end it here, just as I started this in the first place. My intention was completely different from what you imagine I was trying to convey here with my few comments.

                      For the record and between us – I don’t agree with everything Miles says. But that doesn’t make him automatically a mason, does it? I certainly hope you’re able to comprehend that. Have you considered he simply doesn’t know everything at this stage in his life? So his speculative ideas are the same as your own speculations, regardless of the subject – they’re based on knowledge and study. Any carefull reader is able to realize and make a distinction between a fact and a speculation. I personally try to refrain from speculating when writing, as there’s more than enough substance to be found within the facts, eliminating the need to speculate further. But hey, he likes a bit of drama in his pieces. One way or the other, this can’t be interpreted as somekind of a masonic attribute. Not in my way of understanding the quest for truth, anyway.

                      As a caveat to my belief, I have to admit I haven’t studied masonic hierarchy or organisation, for which I’ve also explained my position. I’ll make another attempt here. Real power is an attribute of real people with extreme wealth. The way they’re organised is completely irrelevant to the fact they were powerful BEFORE entering any such organisation. As well, even if Masons were actually somekind of a supreme power shell, they have a boss there, someone who’s more powerful than any other member. Is such Master Mason at the top of the chain? In my opinion, no. You won’t find any names at the very top of masonic structure, suggesting it’s a dead end street full of secrecy. As usual and noted elsewhere, real power is trying to conceal itself, as much as they’re modifying their family names in order to conceal their roots, they’re using handful of organisations to hide their tracks or throw any researcher off the track. All these “power” structures are in an analogy similar to a parliament / congress – by establishing them, they’ve inserted another buffer zone into the reality, which removes us one step further from realizing where the true power resides. Makes sense? In my perception, it makes complete sense. That’s the reason why speculations about Miles being a mason don’t ring a bell.


  2. Master Mason is the highest class of the blue lodge, that’s the first three degrees. This blue lodge is used for recruitment and selection of candidates for initiation in the red lodge, which consists of thirty degrees above the blue lodge. Not everyone in the blue lodge is aware of these higher degrees and the fact that they have not really been initiated into the secrets of freemasonry. It really does not mean that much to be a Master Mason. The writer using Master Mason as a pseudonym probably just doesn’t know any better.

    The distinction of a blue and red lodge is where the use of blue and red in the masonic logo comes from. Tellingly, Miles Mathis deliberately tried to mislead us about the meaning of this use of color, claiming that it has something to do with cold and hot fusion. I have the strong impression that Miles was initiated in the red lodge and is more than a Master Mason. When it comes to all things masonry he is nothing but misleading.

    Blue and red also represent absolute opposites in kabbalah. The art is to unite the two. If you succeed, it will bring you to the highest sefirot in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life called Keter meaning crown. This is why purple is called a kings color.

    Duality is at the core of the belief system of the red lodge. To the outside world they are upstanding citizens, behind closed doors they are monsters. They believe both sides of their dual personality to be genuine and hope to one day unite the two as one.


  3. Masonic are middle managers of the ‘guys’ not in the club. The whole lineages/names/pedigree still relies on the same ‘elite’ that record their version of history.


  4. the shills in the audience that help perpetuate the magicians magic with oohs and ahhs and clapping rarely get anything more than duping delight or a nod from the stagehand maybe , your masonic houseclown that is all knowing sounds more like a jesuit without a cause ,

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  5. The game of baseball, the game of basketball, the game of football have all been created by Freemasons–that is fact, inarguable, a most certain fact. Go into your little Main Street in any number of towns and cities in this country. The Freemasons have built everything. They built all of your beautiful theaters, symphony halls, town halls, state capitols, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Go downtown and look, their fucking symbols are everywhere, over everything. Now go back to Europe post-Renaissance. Their fingerprints are on everything, every great magnificent structure. I mean, Jesus Christ, look at the Washington Monument. The obelisk has been their ancient symbol for 8000 years. Every single Corporate logo, every single professional sports logo, every great Rock ‘n’ Roll band logo, every symbol period is Freemasonic. This is not cryptic or unknown or occult. Spend the next six months studying freemasonry, reading all their books (readily available on the internet) and you cannot come to any other conclusion–we have lived in a Freemasonic matrix for the last 15,000 years. Miles Mathis has used genealogy, peerage, and other forms of misdirection to lead you away from the most basic and primal historical fact–every historical figure is an initiated member of the highest orders. They are not Phoenician (nice little misdirection), they are Freemasons. Period. Mathis avoids the Freemasonic question. And why is that? Mathis calls our rulers Phoenicians, but I call them Freemasons, who claim Adam as their first initiated member. That’s right. Adam of the old Testament, Genesis, is the first Freemason. Go into any major structure in this country and look up into the ceiling. What shall ye see? Every possible Freemasonic symbol in their books. Our currency, for Christ’s sake, is riddled and covered with Freemasonic symbols. Our own flag with each state represented by the pentagram. I mean, seriously, this is no psyop, no joke, no nothing but the reality that this country was, is, and will forever be controlled and run by Freemasons. Go look at the list of founding fathers and drafters. All Freemasons, every single fucking one of them. So why do you researchers keep fucking bullshitting? Your answer is and will forever be THE FREEMASONS: “The Order of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons, Symbolic Craft, Craft Masonry” Let those words sink in. And please stop pretending with all this fake shit. EXPOSE THE FUCKING FREEMASONS WHO RUN THIS WORLD. The Freemasons are no psyop, they’re no fake organization, they are the PEERAGE, THEY ARE THE KINGS, THEY ARE THE TRIBES, THEY ARE THE PHARAOHS—–THEY ARE OUR RULERS.


    1. Many are the dudes you didn’t pick for your physical education dodge ball team in high school. It’s not the people as much as it is a group organization, with the playbook already written eons ago for the members to follow along to. Look at your local town Mayor, or State Governor. Most likely you have a higher IQ, better looking, and a harder worker. It is a top down rank and file structure. A small percentage of people at the top with the answers, then many useful idiots at the bottom.


    2. Very correct Swede! But not exhaustive enough – masons and similar jewish organisations are across the world – UK, US, Israel and many other places (all places practically). But there are also the jesuits from the Vatican that also play a very big role. Sometimes I feel that masonry and co is subjugated to the jesuits.


    3. No, Freemasons are a facade. People build buildings. People still and kill,manipulate and lie. And since nobody likes crooks and thieves, they need to hide. Hence the zillion organisations, Freemasons alike, to host the crooks and provide them with a public guise.

      So stop misleading, and give the real perpetrators NAMES. Freemason is not a surname and it doesn’t specify anybody in particular, so what use do we have from knowing someone is a Freemason? He might as well be a member of a dancing club, so effing what? Namig the NAMEScan bring you closer to answering WHO did what. You do understand that, don’t you?


  6. freemasonry in the US has been for the past hundred years just another good ol’ buys social club, indeed, centered around a hall with a bar and an annual picnic. but in europe it has remained much more a mafia in the circles of business and politics.. not so much a club as a closed forum for farming out corruption to those who play along, and ensuring that nobody talks. there arent local masonic halls or bars or annual picnics, and i doubt they bother with any of the goofy costumes and ceremonies that people go on and on about. much more its a ‘pay your dues and help us out when called upon, and well cover your ass and help you advance your career’ type deal and the obvious correlary ‘cross us and your career is over and cross us in a serious way and youll get vince fostered’. they actively recruit people coming up in promising paths in government and big companies and it’s quid pro quo.


  7. I agree with a lot said above. I like reading Miles. But he avoids the “Masonic’ question quite conspicuously. The most central figure in Masonic tradition is Hiram Abiff. So by that logic the Freemasons are certainly related to the Phoenicians. But in my opinion, Miles has lost all credibility and lent his critics undue ammunition by refusing to address the Masonic question. You simply cannot look at the British Peerage and not, in the same breath, say the word Freemason. Every family in the Peerage, from the House of Windsor down, are Freemasons. That’s just kind of common knowledge. So how did super-genius miss such an obvious fact? I leave it to you to speculate. Anyway, keep up the good work, Mark. I enjoy coming to this blog whenever I have a spare moment. I’m by no means an expert in this field, but I can lend the ideas of simpleton. Be well, Bill.


  8. I know Jared, Josh, Vexman, et al. will undoubtedly lower the spook hammer on me. But I agree with Bill. I’ve done hours and hours of research into this field and most of my research leads me to a single conclusion: The Freemasons run the entire world. Not your Blue Lodge folks, who are all decent people trying to better ‘man’s estate’, but the old ancient lodges. No one in the ‘conspiracy’ / ‘researcher’ community wants to face this most basic fact.Miles Mathis has made tremendous strides exposing the Peerage. However, he fails to connect the Peerage with the Freemasons. He connects the Peerage to ancient Phoenician mariners and merchants. That’s all fine and well, but Freemasonry draws its origins from that very source. How can a researcher with such deep and profound insights miss the connection between the Peerage families and the Freemasons. It makes no sense. It makes me think that Miles has been commissioned to deflect any honest inquiry into these matters by offering a rather cunning semblance of obviation. So Josh, Jared, Vexman, et al., please explain to me why your Master Miles Mathis refuses to draw the most obvious conclusion: Freemason are the British Peerage, and the British Peerage are the Freemasons. That truth couldn’t be more obvious. So why do you fail mention it? I think the answer should be quite obvious to all us spooks. Lol!


    1. Sampson…Samson…Son of Sam(uel)? Names are a tell for anyone willing to look into it.

      As I said above, Freemasons are a group of people, an organization of individuals with common goals. You need to ask yourself a question why would anybody consider joining a club where secrecy is the most appreciated value. Ordinary people have no desire or interest in engaging in any activities like that, since ordinary people aren’t into planning wars, social engineering, slavery, fear moongering, event hoaxing, etc. So the only reasonable answer to the above question of why freemasons – is the most logical one – Freemasons as an organization was invented in order to hide the real perpetrators pulling the strings and give them a proper alibi. It’s a club designed to give the real kings and rulers a proper guise, so those few individuals getting close to the truth would face another rabbit hole. If successful, it means freemasons as a group gave cover to the real perpetrators, so they will be able to further evade you and justice and continue with their wrong doing un-noticed, except for their membership ih the freemason’s club. A classic Phoeny trick, wouldn’t you agree?

      In the end, if we were to eradicate all freemasons’ lodges and prohibit all of their members access to any meaningful positions of power – we’d still be left with individuals who are in total control of this world by deception. But guess what? They have names we can follow and analyze throughout time. What it clearly and undoubtedly shows, is that certain families own/ are running this world and not the freemasons. Freemasons are the creation of Phoenician kings and there’s no way anybody can deny even Freemasons are just the executors, i.e. in-field agents. They too follow orders and obey commands. So who is behind the wheel by that logic? The king of Freemasonry? I bet he has a name, though…

      Logic is the ultimate arbiter, and not some Miles’ fun club members.


  9. Minime, I do appreciate your support for Miles. He does ask the big questions and he does present some strong answers. There was in this country, just after its founding, a strong and redoubtable movement against the Freemasons, led by President John Quincy Adams. Adams has written quite copiously on the excessive dangers of secret societies in a burgeoning free society. Freemasons were a vestige of European aristocracy that had no place in a democratic system. A free society can simply not tolerate an elite class of power brokers sworn to secrecy. It defies even the most basic tenets of a free society in which each man is created equal. It undermines our constitution and bill of rights in every way possible. It creates an elite ruling class worse than the aristocratic nobility of feudalism that our founding fathers so desperately tried to eradicate. I do believe Miles has uncovered a deep truth, but he must now join the Anti-Masonic movement which I believe is the ultimate and final step toward true independence and liberty. I find it an ugly shame that 42 of the last 46 presidents were 33rd degree Freemasons. That should be deeply troubling to all American citizens who seek this country’s ultimate promise. Without America, people like us have absolutely no hope and shall ever be the victims of murderous tyranny. Please keep that in mind.


    1. Very interesting comment. Do you have a source for the 42 of 46 statement? It does not surprise me, only that 4 were not. Of course, GWB would have to be one who was not?


    2. Considering who John Quincy Adams was, I believe he was controlling the opposition against Freemasonry, just like Alex Jones, David Icke, Lyndon LaRouche, etc., etc., and was sincere in his intentions. I believe his father may’ve been a Mason (he was also a member of the Middle Temple in the City of London, so he was controlling the American Revolution on behalf of ‘The Crown’, and it’s a documented fact that the British peerage is heavily involved in Freemasonry, including the “British” royal family). They always control all sides of the game. And since the “Founding Fathers” themselves were Freemasons, and it’s implied here that the order was “a vestige of European aristocracy that had no place in a democratic system” – an aristocracy which ‘The Founders’ were descendants of and clandestinely served, that means the “United States” has never been and can never be a true “democracy”. Nor was it in the intentions of the “Founding Fathers” to create a real “democracy” in this country, for it was their intentions to preserve the power of the upper-classes – a caste which they were members of – over the American masses. Hence why the vote was never extended to the “common man” until universal male suffrage was introduced by Andrew Jackson in the 1830s, and why you cannot use the Constitution to protect yourself in the courts or in any legal setting in America – because you are not a party to it. That’s why you have so-called representatives in “government”, who seldom ever represent the interests of their ordinary constituents. Benjamin Franklin, for example, described democracy as “two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.


  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_presidents_of_the_United_States_who_were_Freemasons

    List is most certainly incomplete for obvious reasons. The Bushes for certain come from the Skull and Bones order in New Haven, Connecticut. That is perhaps one of the oldest lodges in America, considering it was founded in the early 1600s. Miles wrote a piece specifically about Eli Yale, connecting him to the Phoenicians, but never once mentions Skull and Bones, or the Freemasons, or the Bushes, or the Walkers. How did wizkid miss that? Ain’t it obvious by now?

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