Angry, alliterative Arab? Atlanta also?

I received an email this morning hoping that I was safe after the event in Boulder, a city perhaps 90 minutes from here. I had no idea what he was talking about and so checked the news. Sure enough, a mass shooting at a King’s Sooper killing ten. I have looked high and low for that 11th victim, not to be. Apparently shooter Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa was a dead-on gunman, killing every victim, none wounded.

Boulder police did their part, holding a long procession last evening to mourn one of the fake victims, a fake policeman. I then noticed there had been a mass shooting in Atlanta, killing 8. That’s more like it!

Does this signal the end of the fake pandemic? Are we back to business as usual?

One can only hope.


46 thoughts on “Angry, alliterative Arab? Atlanta also?

  1. How about……the alleged gunman has contracted a covid-variant causing violent dementia.Should have got the jab(s).


  2. Assault style rifle. Gun ban folk will LOVE that fact. 10 shot + 1 shooter = 11 maybe a stretch……..but if he ‘dies’ soon, BAM! Look for more of these to occur. Someday a real blood-n-guts event will get a hysterical reaction from the Joe Public & those evil puppets of politics.


  3. Another thought, mass shooting incidents dovetail into the covid op quite nicely. The idea that crowds of people are inherently dangerous,that the world is both crazy violent and contaminated,that self isolation,and reliance on security professionals and/or the medical/pharma cartel is the path to “safety”.


    1. We are surrounded by spooks, Buckley AFB, a massive complex which also which houses an Army Intelligence Unit, and Cheyenne Mountain, also an Air Force base in Cheyenne WY, not too far north, and the Air Force Academy … Boulder was the location if the JonBenet Ramsey hoax, which had to have had high level coordination and people in police and sheriff in Boulder with Intel chops. And, of course, Columbine. I read (but did not know enough to save) a news story saying that at one time something like 200 police vehicles from suRrounding areas had been dispatched to Columbine that day. Actual number: zero. It was a contained psyop.


    1. I don’t know about Store #33, but according to a Denver news video I watched, the critical time when the shooter was escorted from the store was 3:30. All other times mentioned in the video are in sync with spook markers. It is a fake event.

      In 2009 we lived in Boulder and did our shopping at that store. Our brush with near death.


  4. This fake is really, really, really obvious. There’s a video out there of a guy on the scene at the very moment the shooting starts. The quality is pisspoor and pixelated, which is odd given the fact that most phones are all 1080 at this point. Anyway, he’s standing in the alcove entrance of King Soopers. He walks from one sliding-door entrance across to the other, where there is a pair of glasses lying on the ground (Masonic symbolism) and a body strangely positioned, lying prone, and of course not bleeding. Then there’s a long distance shot towards the parking lot which reveals another body, lying prone, and not bleeding. His voice is elevated with fear, but not believably so. Then occurs the oddest thing during the whole video. A store employee, possibly in his late seventies, is standing in the entry into the store under the alcove. Directly behind him lies a dead body slumped near a check-out lane. While the guy recording the video is clearly frantic, the old man just sort of stands there doing nothing, typing on his phone. The guy filming is screaming, “There’s a shooter in there?” The old man nonchalantly replies yes, indicating the direction the shooter took into the store, but in no wise overtly concerned for his safety, given the fact a crazy person with a gun just entered the store and is now killing customers and employees, people this man probably worked with for years. Two gun shots are heard in the store, and again the old man has no reaction, no sign of fear, no outward reaction of panic. In fact, the old man doesn’t even seem worried at all and does nothing but remains in the entrance alcove typing on his mobile device. Odd thing too, you can’t hear anyone in the store screaming and crying in fear as the shooter is killing people. A rather odd incongruity if you ask me. According to multiple eye-witness accounts after the shooting, many say they ran to the back of the store, toward the loading docks, and hid in the bushes out back. Well, the guy filming flees the alcove, runs past the body with no blood in the parking lot, and completes an entire circuit around the perimeter of the store–slowing down as he approaches the loading docks. Well, guess what? No people anywhere to be seen around the loading docks. All the dock doors are clamped tight and shut. And there are no bushes anywhere to be seen, except a few scrawny shrubs along the building’s foundation. So once again we have phony crisis actors telling lies to the media, and there’s a video to corroborate those lies. We’ve seen this time and again in these absurd pageants, and the formula is passe at this point. The other stark Freemasonic symbolism in all of this: the perp being led out of the store wearing shorts and in handcuffs. One leg is completely red with blood, while the other is clean. That’s the rolled-up left trouser leg symbol very cunningly displayed.

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    1. So, where do you hang out, Mr Whistleblower? Anyway, you have nailed most of the salient points. It was really funny to see that short little white-haired employee guy engrossed in his hand-held device in the open doorway, gesturing to the interior of the store, saying nonchalantly “he went in there”. Back to his device! (he might not have known the game had already started) Also, remember when our “journalist” ran around the back he passed two older folks minding their own business, who had white masks on. To keep up the pretense of drama, reporter guy asks them “are you ok!” as he rushes by. They said they were ok, probably wondering why he asked.

      Nobody seemed to care about the three “bodies”, like they had been lying there for weeks, and were part of the furniture. The one lying in the parking lot, with no one attending to him. Every now and then reporter guy says something with a dramatic voice to relieve the boredom…he tells us once that a couple of his friends were in there (probably being slaughtered while he was running around outside).

      This was not a good movie.

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    1. I watched that video … for a few minutes anyway. The guy is obviously a hire, told to create panic, but doesn’t really pull if off.

      When I was researching Columbine, I learned that the school building was completely shut down for the month of June. It was then, I concluded, that most of the footage of the event was filmed, including the mass exodus of students, faces all blurred. They then used the footage, fed to the media, as current. I am wondering if footage of this King Sooper was filmed perhaps last summer or fall, some time when the store would have been closed … the one near us opens at 5AM, and stocking of shelves is done during the night. They used to be open 24/7 but close every night now, as shoplifters were having a feast during those hours. That might be a company-wide policy. These KS store are very busy places, the major food outlet in this area, along with Safeway.

      We are closer to Denver up in the foothills, and in the past two weeks have been hammered with snow storms leaving here maybe four feet of fresh snow. Down in Denver it melts quickly, and Boulder is at 5,400 feet, so it would not linger there as it does here, at 7,800 feet. Still, as you view the footage, there should be significant piles of snow in the parking lot. I did not see that but was not looking for it either.

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  5. They can never get the blood color right in these things, anyone who’s hunted or butchered an animal should immediately notice this. Probably just more mockery of us proles. Also Officer ‘Talley’ got ‘whacked’? Makes the suspect a literal talley whacker. They never miss a chance to indulge in their Beavis and Butthead sense of humor do they, where’s Wang Dong Asphalt to deconstruct this one?


  6. Don’t forget the fake shooting reportedly occurred on March 22 – 322. Of course the skull and bones like this number. I don’t know why 322 is big with the spooks but there it is again.


    1. perhaps because it is the 81st day of the year, 9 x 9, 3*3 x 3 x 3. I don’t know. April 20 is big for them, the 110th day of the year, 11. That is said to be Hitler’s birthday, and also the day for several high profile events, like Columbine. Waco, OKC were 4/19. That one I do not get.


      1. Not sure 100%, but Nisan, the first month of the Jewish calendar is around March/April depending on the moon, so 4/19 would be thus rendered 1/19 in the Jewish calendar when it falls in April. Just an idea.

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    2. I once saw a self-proclaimed freemason explain this in an online video. He said the Skull and Bones use of 322 refers to Genesis chapter 3, verse 22.

      “And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:”

      After a cursory glance, what is interesting about this passage is that it shows a singular “Lord God” and a plural “us.” The original Hebrew word used in this passage for “God” was ’ĕ·lō·hîm. The New American Standard (NAS) Exhaustive Concordance tells us that ’ĕ·lō·hîm is the plural of eloa, which derives from the root word el.

      So, perhaps the first part could read as: “And the gods (’ĕ·lō·hîm) said, Behold, the man is become as one of us…

      The English translation of the bible is one massive puzzle. One could spend a lifetime poring over the concordances in an effort to reveal what was occulted by the translators.


      1. Elohim is plural bud singular as well when referring to Yahweh. From Job 38: 4-7 it can be deduced that the God referred to in the Bible as the creator created his creation together with his sons. These are also referred to as bene eloah, bene elohim or morning stars:

        4 Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding. 5 Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? or who hath stretched the line upon it? 6 Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? or who laid the corner stone thereof; 7 When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?


  7. March 22 is the most sacred day in the Freemasonic calendar. It is the day in which the sun enters the first degree of Aries, the resurrection of the sun (no pun). It was also sacred to the Egyptians, but back then on 3/22 the sun entered the first degree of Taurus, due the precession of the equinoxes. The acacia tree in Freemasonry is also associated with the sun entering the first degree of Aries. For Freemasons, 3/22 represents the resurrection of the soul, the rebirth of life from the death of winter, the eternal soul of man. Why so sacred? Because after the vernal equinox, the deadly winter sun becomes the vital, life-giving sun. Remember that Freemason is not an English word, it is an Egyptian word, phre masn: Children of the Sun.

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  8. Dear gentlemen. I’m not quite sure how to begin, but I feel it quite necessary to offer a disclosure. Oh, where to begin? Let’s just start with my own personal history in a preposterously condensed format. I am a Freemanson in an ancient order. Not certainly by choice, but by circumstance. Not something I’m particularly proud about, but something which for me has become an inescapable reality. The reason I am here speaking to you gentlemen about this is not so simple. However, rest assurred I am doing this in good faith, even though I am anonymous and shall remain so. I admire your collective researches, and my order has been somewhat calously entertained by your ideas, not in anyway misguided, but most certainly uninitiated. For many thousand years, our order has been one of benevolence and charity. Unless you’ve ascended through the degrees and reached the highest levels of Freemasonic brotherhood, you just cannot possibly understand our purpose and our history. It’s nothing I shall divulge to you now, nor would such admission benefit either you or me. I come to you in the cloak of sympathy and charity. Here is why. Our order has been subject to deep and profound corruption. There are still currently some very honest and decent men who belong to our order, but there are also many sinister and evil men who have forsaken the orginal sacred tenets of our profession. You must first understand how old and antient our order truly is. Every name in history of note was and is and will forever be a Freemason. We built this world, we run this world, and will forever control this world. I know such an idea sounds rather grim, but think of the great benefits to mankind that we have proffered throughout the centuries of human evolution. So why am I telling you all this? Simple. I admire you. I am forever a champion of free thought, free expression, and free will, however so misguided. Your researches are not in vain. You have striven very close to a very secret ancient truth. But you must understand: You shall never fully penetrate the core of our order, you shall never know our secrets, unless you join our ancient fraternity and spend a lifetime learning our esoteric code. I should like to commend you for your rather stunning and brilliant discoveries. You have reached the wall, and I am here in all due respect to share what is behind that wall. Firstly, it’s quite simple. Every person you see on television, on radio, or in the Government is a Freemason. Ever professional athlete, every politician, every police officer, every judge, every celebrity, every media personality, every persons working within our government, in our military–these are all Freemasons, of course at the highest levels. CIA, FBI, Congress, the Supreme Court, the White House, and every government agency beneath those–they are all run and occupied by Freemasons. We have run this country from its earliest inception. In fact, we’ve run every country, every nation, every vital coastal region since the dawn of civilization. Our order is roughly 11,000 years old. Your researches have led you to this point, to this wall. But there is no penetrating this wall for the uninitiated. I am not in any way trying to discourage you from your research (obvioulsy you ‘ve made it this far). I’m here to tell you there’s no further to go. Our order is your answer. We have built and run this societel construct for 11,000 years. We occupy all the highest levels of society and, without our approval and blessing, you shall never achieve prominence, wealth, and success the way we enjoy those very noble things. It’s no fault of yours, but rather a fault of your birth. Why am I here saying these preposterous claims, you are asking? It’s simple. I want you to uncover how deeply our order has entrenched itself in every possible aspect of your reality and, by extension, creates your realilty. I have to hand it to you researchers. You have come a long way. But you have never discovered this simple fact. Freemasons run 99% of your reality. We do it by choice. Now there is a man by the name of Miles Mathis who is divulging some highly sensitive material of our order. Miles Mathis is a Master Mason. I wish I could divulge more, but I do not know enough about his lodge. My intuition tells me that Miles Mathis is a brother of an ancient order. Miles speaks about the truth of our peerage. Every family in the peerage is a Freemason. We are Freemasons and we run the world. Miles is providing deep and ancient secretss. The peerage is all Freeemasons. We run the world and we have enslaved you.


    1. The history of freemasonry is laced with mystery and myths. Sharing that mystery and its secrecy is one of the main unifying factors within the lodge. The ability to deceive and manipulate are core virtues in freemasonry so I doubt there are many Freemasons who really know the true history and objectives of Freemasonry and if one did know he would not share it, not within the lodge and much less outside of it. Miles Mathis mixes fact with fiction like can be expected from a mason.

      Your benevolence and charity are little more than a public face. A face that largely consists of members of the first 3 echelons who themselves are only on the threshold of initiation. It is a mask that hides some pretty sinister things. Why would you come to us in a cloak of sympathy and charity like you say when there is not something less sympathetic and charitable to hide? And how is enslaving the world benevolent?

      I’m convinced that the original sacred tenets of your profession you speak of are to hide the more sinister side of freemasonry. The “many sinister and evil men” who have abandoned these tenets just don’t really care to hide it anymore.

      What benevolent really is depends on your world view and needs. How can you be benevolent to someone you don’t know? I would rather be free to define my own worldview and meet my own needs than have your benevolence rammed down my throat. You should understand that. You have not voluntarily become a Freemason yourself, something you are not proud of and which has become an inescapable reality as you say yourself. Wouldn’t you rather be free? And how is enslaving the world benevolent? Do you really believe you can? I think you need me to believe that and I don’t.

      The theory and practice of the ideas on which freemasonry is based is significantly older than freemasonry itself. It seems unlikely to me that the institute we now know as freemasonry is actually 11,000 years old. I think the pun is in the 11.


    2. You know what Miles is? Getting close to ya. I know ya can almost feel him breath on the back of yr neck while y’re running, panicked. So, go back to yr Langley office and practice lying some more until ya become convincing. If ya knew how to do it properly, maybe they’d offered ya a better office, with a few windows, Rookie Mason.


      1. Master mason is trying to bait us. Master Baiter. Was it because of the Children of the Sun and Egyptian reference?


        1. Yes. That and the 2 explanations of the 322 significance.

          They don’t like their secrets being exposed, which is why there’s so much disinfo mixed with kernels of truth from Masons constantly pushing lies on social media, blog sites and in comment sections.


            1. Lulz. Maybe.

              Or the 11th? 11 x 3 = 33

              On the 11th March, 2019 the WHO launched their global “flu” strategy, aka Covid1984

              11th March, 2020

              Or the 13th?

              13-15 is the Ides of March on the Satanic Calendar.

              … cyber pandemic, bank take down, Ice9 bank freeze, market crash, fake nuke war, hack attack, alien space show, Marburg virus…?

              Grab the popcorn. Or for the keto inclined, pork rinds?


    3. “ Our order has been subject to deep and profound corruption. There are still currently some very honest and decent men who belong to our order, but there are also many sinister and evil men who have forsaken the orginal sacred tenets of our profession.”
      Sounds like your order needs to get its shit together. How’s the “Great Work” coming along? Secrecy and oath keeping are the handicaps of organized Freemasonry; they are why the organization suffers from corruption and sclerosis. Revelations in every facet of human life are coming fast now, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Organized Freemasonry will be no exception in the new unfolding reality, and by that I mean genuine reality, as created by the Source of all things, not the fake “reality” or “world” that you speak of, which is simply a matrix created and maintained by unenlightened fools who deceive themselves into believing that they are gods among men.
      It is ironic and yet fitting for the new unfolding reality, that you, a self-proclaimed Master Mason, are here offering your disclosure to the uninitiated.

      “ There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, and nothing hidden that will not be made known. What you have spoken in the dark will be heard in the daylight, and what you have whispered in the inner rooms will be proclaimed from the housetops.“ – Luke 12:2-3


    4. Though I take Master Mason’s post with many, many grains of salt, it’s terrifically entertaining. Whether it’s intentional or not, I love the way he creates the very strong impression that he’s as enslaved as any of us, perhaps more so because his slavery comes with more perks and the grandiosity of knowing Big Secrets. His reality appears to have been created for him every bit as much as ours has, and the way he writes gives the strong impression that he doesn’t have an original thought in his head. Real or not, it’s a delightful characterization of a Freemason.

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    5. Master Mason you haven’t told POM anything that hasn’t already been discussed. You didn’t even tell us where Jim Morrison is, “shrugs shoulders”.

      All the answers that many have wanted on this blog or on the many other truth seeking forums should be in document form or micro film and stored in a vault somewhere guarded by military agencies or secret societies. Maybe all trails of information for events are not saved but destroyed and erased. Blueprints, scripts, and plans shredded and only existed for a brief moment in time for the participants to view and study.

      Many of the people of these past events are dead or very old. Fiat dollars have paid for their silence in exchange for an easy life for them and their families. Some of these people found God and put forth an extensive effort to correct their trickery and wrong doings. They wanted to get the truth out before they passed on but found their voices suppressed. We’ll never know, we don’t know.

      We just have many questions, with no answers. Questions that not even a Master Mason can answer.


  9. It took me a while to come here. I think you guys are the best researchers around. But I think Freemason asshole has a point. We have come to this point. We are close now. It’s no wonder George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin were all master masons. We literally live in a Freemasonic construct. All our symbols, all our corporate overlords, all our sports–in fact, everything in our American reality is Freemasonic. I can hardly look anywhere on Main Street and not see anything that is now directly or indirectly conjoined to the order. Britain has had the same problem since 1681. Freemasons have infiltrated all aspects of society: Banks, Government, Entertainment, Business, Sports. Miles Mathis says Phoenicians, but that is simply another name for Freemasons. Miles is most certainly a Freemason of the highest order. He’s benevolent though. What he discloses about the Peerage is precise and accurate, but he does not tell you the whole truth: every family listed in the Peerage is a part of the Order. It took me a long time to realize this, but everyone in Hollywood, the music industry, on television, in sports, in government (state and federal), law enforcement: every single person put before us from George Washington to Shaquile O’Neil are members of the order. So why hasn’t Miles Mathis ever once mentioned the Freemasons? Ask yourself that question, and you shall know. However, Mile Mathis is not inimical. He is opening our eyes to the power structure of reality. But he knows things that transcend normal research–things only an initiated fraternity member could ever know. Still he won’t ever utter the “Freemason” word. He’ll never in all his grandiose inquiries come to the final conclusion that Freemasons run this world. And why is that? A genius of his magnitude could not miss the Freemason question, could they? So it begs the question: why does Miles Mathis never discuss the Freemason question, since most his research now focuses on the Peerage? Every family in the Peerage is a Freemason, from top to bottom. Why does Miles not ever discuss the Order? The answer is simple. Miles Mathis is a Freemason of the highest order.


    1. When you reach the conclusion that these Jewish/Phoenicians have been controlling and ruling the world for ages, and while doing so set up all these fronts to hide behind, then you don’t have to emphasise ‘freemasons’ because they are one of the fronts. Trying to make people focus on the masks doesn’t bring them closer to the truth, the people behind the mask.

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    2. I’ve only ever met one man who, without my enquiring, volunteered that he was a Freemason. It was at a party. He seemed like a decent fellow. I’ve known others I was told were Freemasons. They have ranged from decent enough to become friends to low in character types. I once visited my local Rosicrucian Order for a lecture. I had a good browse through the library and didn’t see anything I hadn’t already come across.

      11,000 years ago takes us back to the Younger Dryas, if history is to be believed. If so, perhaps there was a culture that survived the cold and now call themselves, Freemasons. The people, for survival’s sake, maybe were benevolent initially but as populations rebounded the low in character amongst them used whatever knowledge they retained for selfish purposes. Such behaviour is typical of the narcissist. And the reason why a small enterprises grow into a toxic bureaucracies. The abode of the low in character.

      I don’t know anything about Miles Mathis except he is an entertaining writer. His generic use of the word Jewish gets a bit much. But he has written about Freemasons:

      Click to access rosi.pdf

      …I suppose it is remotely possible the Freemasons don’t even know what their own symbols mean. However, to believe that you would have to assume they had already forgotten the main lines of their own mystery religion only a century or so after Dee.


  10. Like ScottRC, I see the Master Mason post as a characterization of a Mason. It’s somewhat entertaining, but in a tragic way, as it’s quite pathetic and dense.
    One of the big “secrets” that the psychopathic schemers need to protect is the fact that their numbers are much smaller than what’s portrayed in the post, and all of their power and ability to manipulate society springs from deception, sabotage, treachery, and propaganda. They are the most depraved among humanity; always have been.
    As crazy as this may seem, the only reason they’ve been so “successful” is that they have no opposition. The reason is simple: good people have no desire to coerce and enslave others. Therefore the quest to dominate and enslave humanity is a one-sided battle.
    As a veteran of law enforcement, including international law enforcement at a high level, I can attest that the vast majority in the profession are not Masons. Indeed there is a strong behind-the-scenes Masonic influence, and as with the greater population, that’s only the case because nobody’s challenging it.
    The “terrain” that makes this reality possible is the mass acquiescence that stems from mass fear and disempowerment. If even a small portion of the good among humanity ever reclaims their power and stands up, the rule of the Luciferians would quickly end. That is what they fear most. Thus, job #1 is and always has been to keep people afraid and thinking like sheep, waiting to be rescued.
    The notion of “secrecy” itself is a deception. In truth, all thought and all knowledge is everywhere, encoded in the divine matrix, and accessible to all who learn to perceive. Among an illiterate population, written “secrets” posted in the town square remain secret. And so it is. The only real issue germane to the Luciferian rule is the willingness of the masses to continue living as sheep.

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  11. my two cents:
    it matters not if this was a 20 year old boy getting a giggle or someone at langley or the real deal; the only idea that seems important is this:
    i have expressed this idea more than once recently on POM and of course it is ignored because if you all weren’t dabbling in speculations about who is running things and controlling us, you would not have anything better to do…like making yourselves less dependent on these very same powers that be.
    where can you go with your knowledge now? Even if ” God came down” tomorrow and set the record straight, how will it change your life? say you were now 1000% sure of how the world works….so what? you already know enough to make a change, and the only change possible is to learn to be less dependent, mentally psychologically and physically from the existing power structures.
    and incidentally, master masons voice is childish; can you not feel how fake it is?


    1. p.s which is why, although i admire MM, i think the man is beating a dead horse, preaching to the choir. I have known of him for less than 2 years and already i pass up everything he writes except historical essays; what is the point…the obsession of researching now these modern hoaxes. We got it! He has taught us the method; now lets move on.


  12. It is possible that the 10 (fake) victims in Boulder combined with the 8 (fake?) victims in Atlanta combine to become 18, a reference to The Book of JOB, 18th book of the KJV and the PRESIDENCY of JOB IDEN(TITY).

    The survivor SARAH MOONSHADOW? March 22nd to the Total Lunar Eclipse (Moon gets Shadowed) to occur on MAY 26th, is a span of 66 days. SARAH means PRINCESS in Hebrew as the ancient word for KING was/IS “SAR” and a plural of that would be “SARS” (CORONA/CROWN VIRUS) which started in the US in KING COUNTY WASHINGTON, where KINGS such as WILLIAM HENRY GATES III (and IV), el JEFE BEZOS (be ZEUS) and HOWARD SCHULTZ reside in their CASTLES.

    Another thought about the MiniMan (MM) from Taos is that he treats the CATHOLIC CHURCH, The JESUITS and CHRISTIANITY in general, as victims of The Peerage as if none in those hierarchies are in any way involved in anything nefarious. Well let’s HOLY SEE! Maryland was the CATHOLIC COLONY, founded in large part by JESUIT PRIEST ANDREW WHITE. (ANDREWS AFB and the WHITE HOUSE). Washington D.C. was built on land owned by CATHOLICS and the CIA has jokingly been referred to as The CATHOLIC INTELLIGENCE AGENCY because the vast majority of people working there are CATHOLICS.

    Now the current sitting (because it’s too hard for hymn to sing standing up) US PRESIDENT is CATHOLIC JOE BIDEN while the husband (beard?) of the VICE PRESIDENT is a PROFESSOR at JESUIT GEORGETOWN.

    So once upon a time, The JESUITS formed into a MILITANT organization to counter The REFORMATION, i.e. PROTESTANT MOVEMENT. Eventually, THEY decided a NEW RELIGION was needed to unite THE WORLD. That NEW RELIGION is SCIENTIFIC MEDICINE (white robes) and that card had been played NON-STOP since 1965, though the first use of the NEEDLE for VACCI-NATIONS was 1722 and is typically brought out using the same scripted (invisible enemy) propaganda in every era, whenever the slaves are about to revolt against the MASTERS.


  13. Yeah, that Sarah Moonshadow!!! LOL!!! You really just have to laugh at their idiocy. It’s almost like a slap in the face.


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