Climate Change: A Mild Case of Covid


This is not new to me or anyone who has followed the “climate change” hoax. Due to increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, the planet is [not getting warmer, but rather] greening. Better yet, we are producing more food. 

Here’s a post, Fantastic Findings: German Study Shows Added CO2 Has Led to 14% More Vegetation Over the Past 100 Years!, which I picked up at Watts Up With That, the website I use to keep abreast of climate matters. It is named after its founder, Anthony Watts, a TV meteorologist. 

Climate Change, like AIDS, like Covid, is based not on “junk” science, but on dishonest science. Climatologists are paid liars who are allowed to say or project any calamity without repercussions. As with AIDS and Covid, within the climatologist community, there is strict adherence to dogma with punishment of any who speak out against the falsified science. This is why among those real scientists who speak out against Global Warming and Climate Change, you will find them mostly retired. If not so, they would be fired, defrocked, defunded and ridiculed. The enforcement mechanisms against honest science are severe and carried out with vengeance. 

The same holds true, again, with AIDS and Covid – people are afraid to speak up. “These are the times that try men’s souls,” said Thomas Paine in 1776.” Funny how so little has changed on this very corrupt planet in 244 years. 

Why? Why the Climate Change hoax? I think the question is answered in the picture used at the opening. Climate scientists, for the most part, are not stupid, just cowardly. They know that CO2 has positive effects on our planet, making it more habitable and productive. They also know that two things go hand-in-hand – CO2 levels and the food supply. With the food supply comes increased population. That is why CO2 is demonized. It has nothing to do with science, and everything to do with eugenics. That is why the push for a “carbon neutral” planet. 

Covid is said to be the biggest scientific hoax in human history, and I cannot argue that point. But I’ve lived through other scientific hoaxes, such as the junk science surrounding health and nutrition, including virology, disease, vaccines and germ theory. It appears as though every field of discipline regarding our health and well-being has been corrupted.

I suggest that this is so because underlying these areas of study are the faceless power centers that run this planet; that hold humanity in contempt. Anything they can do to make us sicker, to make our lives shorter and less fulfilling … they do. It is to make us fat and diabetic, our children autistic. Virtually everyone is dependent on medicines that make us sick and vaccines that destroy or weaken and sicken us. Doctors do not understand disease or how to cure it. The true nature of disease, along with nutrition itself, are not taught in medical schools. Cancer is a death sentence IF we get standard treatments for it.

Health care in general is a corrupt and worthless scam. 

Until Covid, bad science around our health and well being had been moving us in undesired directions with a slow nudge rather than a violent push. True, with AIDS things were violent, as perfectly healthy people were murdered with their cures. But AIDS, while a world-wide  hoax, was merely a forerunner, perhaps a model, for the current hoax. Just as with HIV. there is no evidence for the existence of SARS-CoV-2, and yet we endured over a year of intense agitprop. I can only repeat what I said in the comments over the weekend: It was never about a virus. It was always only about the vaccine. 

It’s a sick planet, with very little to offer us in the way of wholesome living. That we have to do on our own, acting as our own healers. For myself, I eat and cook organic, watch my weight by ignoring nutritionists, exercise regularly just because it feels good, and work hard on our property, our three acres on a steep hillside that require a whole lot of maintenance. I also stay mentally alive and alert, this blog a healthy outlet. I am deeply gratified by its following. 

It’s all we can do. Steve Goreham, an author and climate “skeptic” whom I admire, said recently, and I paraphrase, that the science behind climate change is bunk and false, but that every government on the planet has adopted it as real. Here again we are seeing the same forces at work that are behind the Scamdemic. Climate Change = Covid, with the former just a mild version of the latter. And behind it all is a force so powerful that every government on the planet genuflects before it. 

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  1. I really love your well thought out posts, Mark. Here in California we can see the truth of it really+ clearly (to those whose eyes are open, at least). Now they are even taking away water allocations from farmers, letting everything drain into the Pacific Ocean, while declaring a order to make life impossible for us. With fires, lockdowns and a push to be shot up with toxins they have just about covered every aspect. No one praises good nutrition any more and established healers as well as energy workers are now advocating the jabb. Thankfully there still are small groups who have not lost their minds, otherwise I would feel lost in a vast empty desert.


    1. Can you leave? What I read of California is of a place that is becoming uninhabitable, deeply fascist. Many are escaping, moving to outposts like Montana (not aware of the winters) and Colorado (no beaches and spring that seemingly never quite arrives, at least here in the foothills). It is not bad here, yet anyway.

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      1. I have pondered leaving… there are reasons that make it difficult. But tbh, I have a sense that I didn’t come here for the summer sun paradise but instead for turning hell back into paradise, at least olay my small part in it.
        We have a dedicated group of assembly people, helping others to find their way back to being live men and women again, rather than lost at sea dead people without rights. Once I feel I have completed whatever it is I have to do here I may escape to the red rocks if Arizona.
        I used to think that I would fit in well here among so many healers and hippies. But I found the hippies got jobs in Silicon Valley and are driving Teslas now or Harleys. The healers are advocating injecting toxins… it’s insane… but how can I leave and turn my back on this mess? I may have a breaking point but for now, I still keep going.


        1. Yeah it’s funny.. I’ve been seeing a naturopath for a digestive issue (which, knock on wood, seems to be finally improving – maybe from my own experiments though) who follows the mask rules and said she got the vax (though hasn’t recommended it to me or discussed covid hardly at all.)

          But she DOES have a lot of knowledge and insight about digestive issues, so I decided to put aside disagreements on other issues. Just funny bc you’d think alt health people would be bigger skeptics of mainstream medicine. Not to mention, a local indy alt health store, has been full on masking – and seem sincere, not just complying to avoid the hassle.


  2. …every government on the planet has adopted it as real.

    And behind it all is a force so powerful that every government on the planet genuflects before it.

    Because there is only one “government”. Everything else as presented is show business. It’s television for the masses.


  3. I would turn it around; Corona Coma is a mini AGW (climate change is natural).

    The overarching 2030 Agenda follows the same script as the Great Reset, but I see the Global Warmongering Hoax as the grandfather, not the mini version. Both are leading up to the carbon-based social discredit system the Animal Farmers have thought out for the future.

    We cannot even change the climates on Earth, even if we wanted to. Think about it. The whole population (how many there are exactly is irrelevant, it is about 7-8 billion) fits in Texas. Texas is big, but compared to the whole surface of Earth it is merely 1.3 % or so. So that is even below what the IPCCronies claim says; that 97% (no coincidence that number) of the carbon cycle is completely natural.

    Also those “CO2 is good for Earth”, global warming is great, carnies are wrong and they push the same foolish idea; that mankind is strong and big enough to even affect a “global climate”. That is not the case.

    We are much smaller than the other deciding factors for our climates on Earth; the activity and position of the Sun as obvious número uno and volcanic eruptions as second.

    Tambora jul 2017
    the biggest volcanic eruption in recorded history (1815), leading to the Year Without Summer; real climate change…


    1. I agree, Gaia, but I wonder if it is a little misleading, the Texas example. That might be a bit like saying that my desk here only takes up the indentations that the legs make in the carpet. We require more from the planet than our foot space.


      1. I think the misleading part is in the mainstream narrative; that we have such an enormous footprint. Mining areas are small, oil exploration limited. The only thing taking space is agricultural lands, but they do not add enormous CO2 production w.r.t. the natural situation, apart from some fertilizers and pollutants.

        And the vast amount of carbon is recycled not on land, but by the oceans. 70 % of Earth’s surface, largely unexplored and full of carbon recycling plankton and other organisms.

        Undersea volcanism, regular outgassings, just Gaia giving off her farts, are much bigger factors than humans could ever be.

        I see the Nuke Hoax as the precursor for this. The hubris that mankind could destroy the planet. Look at the 2004 tsunami devastation to see who is stronger; man or Gaia. Gaia always wins.


        1. Why ocean warming can not be caused by global warming – 29.11.2018

          Why El Nino And La Nina Are One Continuous Geological Event – 04.02.2016

          Further proof El Ninos are fueled by deep-sea geological heat flow – 27.01.2017

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    2. Exactly, Gaia. Man and Nature are at the mercy of Sun and Geology. There is nothing we can do but adapt and hope that conditions stay friendly.

      By the way, Plate Tectonics is another scam, or at least a misunderstanding. There is evidence that Earth has gotten bigger in the relatively recent geological past roughly by the extent of the ocean floors. Mass and gravity have probably increased, cf. giant ancient life forms. The growth cause and mechanism are unknown (maybe solar or cosmic influence – neutrinos? – speculation), but there is geolocgical evidence that growth has taken place whether or not it squares with current physics.

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      1. I read something like that a good few years ago in David Wilcock’s book (Synchronicity Key?) He used a model like a soccer ball for the expansion. I thought that really made sense.


        1. Javrix, it is a beautiful video. I watched all the Neal Adams videos on Earth Expansion when I first discovered the theory about 13 years ago. They are very well produced and fun to watch. There is, however, not a lot of geology in his video. And the way he demonstrated closure of the Pacific is wrong.

          Whoever is intrepid, has a deep interest in Earth Expansion and is not afraid of geological terminology and concepts, nor of undisciplined polemical writing, frequently degenerating into rants that are very hard to follow through, may locate a geologist called Don Findlay and ask him whether he still sells his CD-ROM (yes) on Earth Expansion, which I bought back in 2011. As I am not a geologist, it was very hard for me to read and understand, and I cursed myself for struggling to do so. However, there is original research and true insight. He has seen what no one on Earth has seen before him. He is a genius.

          Unfortunately, he has retracted his website demolishing Plate Tectonics. There’s nothing left but the entry page.

          He also has two blog sites, but they’re in a sorry state as well:


        2. Thanks for posting that! The video’s author, Neal Adams, is rightly legendary in comic book circles as one of the best artists the field has ever seen. I remember when he took this detour into science – actually caught him by chance on Coast2Coast AM one night many years ago. But never saw that animation. I find it a very plausible theory, on an intuitive level, and from the limited evidence I have.


        3. Javrix, it is a beautiful video. I watched all the Neal Adams videos on Earth Expansion when I first discovered the theory about 13 years ago. They are very well produced and fun to watch. There is, however, not a lot of geology in his video. And the way he demonstrated closure of the Pacific is wrong.

          Whoever is intrepid, has a deep interest in Earth Expansion and is not afraid of geological terminology and concepts, nor of undisciplined polemical writing, frequently degenerating into rants that are very hard to follow through, may locate a geologist called Don Findlay and ask him whether he still sells his CD-ROM (yes) on Earth Expansion, which I bought back in 2011. As I am not a geologist, it was very hard for me to read and understand, and I cursed myself for struggling to do so. However, there is original research and true insight. He has seen what no one on Earth has seen before him. He is a genius.

          Unfortunately, he has retracted his website demolishing Plate Tectonics. There’s nothing left but the entry page.

          He also has two blog sites, but they’re in a sorry state as well:


        4. The first person to publish a book devoted to Earth Expansion was Ott Christoph Hilgenberg, a student of Alfred Wegener’s. The book is titled “Vom wachsenden Erdball”.

          The most prominent proponent of Earth Expansion has been Australian geologist Samuel Warren Carey.

          Planet Earth: A Question of Expansion – Samuel W. Carey in 1982 – 26 minutes


  4. That’s a gorgeous photo. In fact, the entire Earth is gorgeous!

    That’s what “they” want. That IS the prize.
    They want it ALL!! Every square inch…and every whore politician…bought and paid for with fiat money.


  5. No true and complete discussion about the climate can be had without discussing weather modification; every ‘meteorologist’ worth his salt knows it is going on but won’t mention it. The introduction of toxic nano particulates into the atmosphere such as aluminum has wreaked havoc upon our eco-systems. Not a mild case of covid here. Search on bees/dementia, or whales/aluminum. Alzheimer’s/dementia cases have skyrocketed since the 70’s. Soil pH’s are affected, relative humidity levels are down, trees stop uptake of nutrients in the presence aluminum, and due to the vapor pressure defecit, trees/forests are not breathing as they should. Also there is considerably less dew in the mornings now than in decades past, yet no one seems to notice. On some days, nasal passages are screaming dry even after a day of rain. What about the wildfires? Aluminum is an incendiary along with being a dessicant and electrically conductive as well as highly toxic. Guess what? There is nothing truly organic anymore. I urge all who really care to take a look at The Dimming if you haven’t seen it yet, and examine the soil and water tests at over the years. And if you want to do you own tests good luck because labs are either not testing for Al now or they are fudging results. Al=lucky# 13 on the periodic table. Spooky, huh?

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    1. Posted this video again on FB and immediately got ‘fact checked’… 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


      1. That’s too bad but not surprising. Google buried the GW website when searching the term
        “geoengineering” some time ago, though it should have been #1 based on site hits.
        I neglected to mention also chemical (artificial) ice nucleation, patented in the 60’s, which is producing the ‘heavy, wet snow’ events that are horribly harsh on the flora and fauna, and which was likely used in the freak ice storm in Texas recently. Also, that the so-called “rediculously resilient ridge” blocking the jet stream on the Pacific coast for years now is weatherman cover for an artificially installed high pressure system. Weather reporters are in truth, glorified script readers bringing you a cartoon weather report. Through an FOIA request, GW was able to uncover the fact that all civilian weather reports down to the local level are indeed scripted; your weather, their way, brought to you by Raytheon.


    2. (Mark, somehow my first post of this comment appeared above in reply to Rasputin. Sorry for that. Can you delete it?)

      Man does a lot of geoengineering in terms of deforestation, mining, farming, urbanisation, industrialization, industrial fishing, fluvial engineering, etc. Contrails and associated dimming are just a by-product of air traffic. There is no deliberate release of aluminium dust into the atmosphere – it’s a by-product of industrial activity. Matter released into the atmosphere (as with Bill Gates’ crazy limestone balloon project) will eventually trickle down thanks to gravity much faster than he can ever bring it up. This kind of dimming is only local and completely unsustainable. No need to worry about it.


      1. Michael…I suggest you spend one week here just south of Silicon Valley. Criss-crossing the sky like a checker board. And yet, they’re still saying it’s not happening… 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


        1. The lines in the skies can be any high flying plane. It does not make any sense to spray as high as possible, because it gets exponentially diluted.

          The lines in the skies imho are planes taking “””satellite””” data. Hence the criss-cross patterns and the fact we see those lines with clear skies.

          The “they are spraaaaaying us!” narrative is fearmongering, and unfortunately it works.

          to Minime: I have seen many examples of those patents, but that those patents exist, does that mean the technology is applicable on a large scale? I am sure they are doing experiments and all, and those are taken by both the followers and the ones claiming large scale weather that it is possible to execute those programs all over the world. But local weather modification aside, those claims of large scale modifications are based on small scale patents.

          Remember the “Zika” “virus” was patented by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1983. Does that mean this “virus” or “viruses” do exist? It is patented after all…


          1. The analogy you’ve put forward isn’t quite on the spot. You’re assuming the patents for weather modification are small scale examples. Where does such assumption take its arguments from?

            Also, viruses and patents surrounding them are moot exactly in the proposed mechanisms of application, i.e. never seen in real life. On the other hand, you’ve got bizzare cloud shapes replacing the natural occuring clouds, statistically proven interuptions in annual precipitation, forrests dieing off at enhanced pace, and presence of heavy metals like aluminum, barium and others in rain samples, all of which have no reasonable explanations except that they were man-made. Can you suggest an alternative argument for all of the listed physical evidence, which can adequately explain their toxic presence?

            I’ve witnessed anti-hale rockets being launched at the clouds for the purpose of breaking them. Regardless of their effectiveness, what do you think they’re loaded with? Usually, silver iodide. Have you ever read about the toxicity of silver iodide? Did you know there is no silver iodide molecule to be found in nature by default? The same goes for nano aluminum particles – there is no natural occuring nano aluminum particles, it’s all man-made. So how did man-made nano aluminum dust end up high in the sky? By mistake? C’mon, Gaia. Do the math, it adds up perfectly reasonable, no conspiracy needed at all.

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    3. I agree Neil. Yes, there’s been a decades-long, massive spraying of toxic metals into the air under the guise of ‘solar radiation management’, and almost nobody will even look at it. People have an impenetrable emotional block and pretend they know “it’s just contrails” because that keeps their programmed beliefs intact. Denying and defending pervasive irrationality and violence against all life is just what our culture does.
      I’m not a fan of Dane’s website as I think it’s very disorganized and probably not much help to people who are new to the subject. Granted, there’s no money in trying to bring truth into the open, so I respect Dane’s efforts.
      Another similar website:


    4. Seems like Limited Hangout Propaganda to me. Not to say they aren’t spraying something, because I think they are. But nobody’s changing the weather outside of maybe some limited cloud seeding and such. But globally? That’s far-fetched conspiracy candy, not supported by empirical data, whatsoever.

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      1. Also – Please do a little digging into the people behind geoengineering watch and that agenda will become more clear.


      2. Right, because you don’t see it, it can’t be happening, whatsoever. And those who’ve actually investigated it and have some knowledge are therefore just gullible “conspiracy candy” idiots. And one guy who has a website on the topic is rumored to have a secret agenda and that proves it’s all nonsense…
        Wow Ted, that is indeed an impenetrable emotional block. Thanks for demonstrating my point.


        1. You wrrote: “there’s been a decades-long, massive spraying of toxic metals into the air”.

          (1) By whom and what means and at what altitude did those toxic metals get airborne?

          (2) What is the effect of gravity on metals, toxic or not, sprayed into the air, and how does it change with altitude?

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          1. Thanks for another post that’s making my point. Obviously you haven’t researched the topic, and yet you’re declaring that you know it’s not happening. That’s emotion ruling, not reason. There’s nothing constructive to say to people who are operating from that space.


            1. Michael asked very normal questions that need answering before this conspie candy of “large scale weather modifications” can be taken seriously.

              How is this supposed to work? You dump a load of metals in the atmosphere and they keep afloat? How? How much material do you need to cause weather patterns to shift? What are the processes that take place?

              If it cannot physically and chemically work, it cannot work.

              Until these important questions get answers, I put this YT crap in the hubris bullshit drawer. It’s getting full, with Mandela Effects, Flat Earths, Giant Nephilim, mudfloods, alien encounters and nuclear bombs.


              1. “You dump a load of metals in the atmosphere and they keep afloat? How? How much material do you need to cause weather patterns to shift? What are the processes that take place?”

                Gaia, how do tons upon tons of water droplets stay afloat before precipitation? Hale? These physical mechanisms are known since cca 1950’s and this natural process was then copied. Precipitation is a consequence of small nuclei forming process, due to dust particles and/or ice forming process due to thermical fluctuations. You need to get informed on this subject properly, I’d suggest reading through all the filed patents of cloud seeding, anti-hale spraying and similar to get a grasp on it. It’s ongoing process for decades already, with catastrophic consequences for life and environment.

                How else can you explain 10-100 times of aluminum, silver iodide and sulphate (among others) in rain samples taken over the entire globe? Earth-based industry can’t do it alone, so how did such heavy metal pollution happen? There’s very little space for speculation on this topic.


                1. The natural marvel of clouds. I don’t disagree with what you say, but have we understood how cloud forming actually works? Nuclei for condensation, yes, as in contrails, by the way. But what accounts for their different shapes? Why do we not always get a uniform haze?

                  Occasionally, dust from the Sahara is carried a long way into Europe with SW air currents. Which suggests that very fine aluminium particles could also be carried over long distances.

                  But all dust will eventually settle down. Gravity never stops.

                  In fact, water will wash it down.

                  And mankind doesn’t have the technical means to lift as much dust into the atmosphere as a desert storm. This kind of dust transportation (from the Sahara all the way into Germany) can only originate in arid climate and only happen in dry air. It is a rare phenomenon.


                  1. “Nuclei for condensation, yes, as in contrails, by the way. But what accounts for their different shapes? Why do we not always get a uniform haze?”

                    Excellent points. Just as a side note, chemtrails and their patents are copying the mechanism of Nature, not the other way around.

                    To be honest, I’ve no clue about what causes different cloud shapes in nature, but I can notice a distinctive difference between natural and seeded clouds, with the latter shaped as nothing I’ve witnessed in past 40 years.

                    Sahara dust traveling long distances is rare phenomenon, but it proves a point where large mass is capable of being airborne for long periods of time. My point was similar, in reply to Gaia, where he asked about the mechanisms of heavy metals staying afloat in the atmosphere. These mechanisms are well known by now.

                    In comparison to any desert storm and energies involved, humans lack the ability of creating such immense force to be able to lift and disperse a few thousand tons of material in one single event. However, in the long run, by using countless planes on 24/7 schedule, the quantities dispersed are probably staggering. Hence the traces of heavy metal nano dust found globally in rain samples, with 10-100x of “normal” concentrate.

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                    1. “Sahara dust traveling long distances is rare phenomenon, but it proves a point where large mass is capable of being airborne for long periods of time.”

                      The phenomenon is more common and more important than I thought. Most of the dust, however, does not go into Europe but crosses the Atlantic into the Americas. The annual volume is estimated at 50 to 200 million tons.


                      “My point was similar, in reply to Gaia, where he asked about the mechanisms of heavy metals staying afloat in the atmosphere.”

                      Actually, you’re the only one talking about heavy metals. Aluminium and barium are light metals.

                      Aluminium is, of course, used a lot in airplane construction, even in the engines (see following link, in German). There might be some abrasion or corrosion, but if it occurred in a significant fashion it would jeopardize the safety of the aircraft. So aircraft cannot be a significant source of airborne aluminium.


                      That leaves the spraying hypothesis, and while there may be some trial here and there, evidence of spraying devices on regular passenger or freight airplanes is totally absent.

                      There also doesn’t seem to be any ongoing discussion of atmospheric aluminium except where it pertains to safety at the workplace because of danger of inhalation or explosion.

                      The bottom line seems to be that gravity and precipitation do their job and clean the air of any kind of dust it may contain. Atmospheric contamination is most intense in the peplosphere (planetary boundary layer). It may vary with time and place and weather conditions.

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                  2. Michael, as Davidlamb told you – you’re proving his point by ignoring the findings and evidence.

                    I’m still waiting for anything substantial rrgarding all three major points – nano aluminum and barium traces found globally in the rain samples, statistically proven interuptions of precipitation coinciding with the local application of above mentioned cloud seeding technology, and bizzare cloud shapes coinciding with both of them. Also, you need to look into the technology of nano aluminum production, as your argument is miles off the right track.

                    We seem to agree on the basic physics of air movement and thermally induced changes in air pressure, which is optimistic and which is also the basis to all the cloud seeding patents, as in copying Nature’s principles. I’d suggest you to refrain from nitpicking and dive into the essence of this short debate.


                    1. DavidLamb has failed to answer the questions I asked and hasn’t presented anything but unsubstantiated claims.

                      You claim that there are “three major points”, but I don’t think so. There is no evidence of any meaningful discussion of nano aluminium and barium in rain samples. There is no interruption of precipitation because mankind does not have that kind of power. We are at the mercy of Nature. And clouds can take all kinds of shapes including bizarre ones.


  6. Climate change is so passè. It’s converged into a climate crisis, mostly because of neglectful and ignorant consumers. Of course, people are the problem for global warming…err..I mean climate change…sorry, the crisis. Who else could have been so careless? All the philanthropists of this world were warning the masses for couple of decades, but it didn’t help. Even the tears of Greta were not enough. So here we are, in the midst of a crisis for not caring enough. /s off

    Now, for not being obedient, is there a punishment awaiting?


    1. I urge you to use when you come across stories like this. It is not foolproof or guaranteed accurate, but if you know the name and location, there’s a good chance you will find that person. In this case, I used the name Jeff French, and Stevensville, MI, on the UP. I thought that might be OK, as he was helicoptered to a Canadian hospital for treatment, meaning UP might work.,%20MI

      A Jeff French, age 58 turns up. Your article says he was 59. May be the guy.


  7. I like you. You teach me to be skeptical…of everything!!

    Del Bigtree and Carie Madej?? Lol


    :). It’s all good!!


    1. Cowen too. Not to disrespect him, just to say, keep them all at arm’s length. In the end we only have ourselves, our own brains, courage and integrity, to get us through this. There are no saviors, and experts need to be distrusted as a matter of policy.


  8. This looks like it might be an interesting paper, albeit mainstream/ academic. I never heard of the “Contract Research Organization,” but apparently they came about in the early Eighties, as part of a shift in the nature of scientific research.

    From a commenter at

    On re-reading:
    “The Contract Research Organization and the Commercialization of Scientific Research”, Philip Mirowski and Robert Van Horn, August 2005, I was struck by this passage near the end of the paper:

    “Suppose that through the efforts of researchers like those cited throughout this paper, the extent of the transformations of pharmaceutical science become much more widely known. It would not be unusual if such familiarity were to breed contempt for most of the claims of clinical medical research: not just the advertisements and the dubious presentations at scientific ‘meetings’ by academics under contract, but also for the medical journals themselves, and the assertions made by medical researchers when they speak publicly on behalf of the community of scientists. Observers might come to regard all scientific clinical data as corrupt, and not out of ignorance or irrationality, but rather with some justification.” p. 34
    link for paper:

    Click to access commercialization_contract+research+organization.pdf

    This Philip Mirowski has a pretty interesting CV of books over the years, if you check out his Wiki page. He’s multi-disciplinary, ranging across physics, history, philosophy, economics, etc. And seems (at a glance) to come from a more humanistic perspective, critical of various modern innovations in these fields.

    From the abstract of the linked paper:

    ABSTRACT: The early 1980s constituted a watershed in science, mainly concerning the extent and nature of globalization and commercialization of scientific research, and its impact upon the university. Considerable debate has arisen about the sources of this transition, but aside from a few lone voices, the scholarly literature has neglected the concurrent rise of the contract research organization (CRO) and its role in the commercialization of scientific research. The CRO warrants wider attention as a modern paradigm of privatized science in the biopharmaceutical sector. In discussing the CRO’s technologies, the purposes they pursue, and the legal and policy initiatives that have fostered their rapid rise, we confront the wider implications of the modern regime of commercialized science for the future conduct of scientific research. We identify five areas of innovation: treatment of human subjects, control of disclosure,subjection of research tools to commercialization, redefinition of authorship, and re-engineering the goals of research.


    1. I became aware of that topic about ten years ago when I was having a casual conversation with an acquaintance who’s a high-level PhD at a major pharmaceutical company, and they were describing the process of drug trials, and how it was all contracted out to drug-trials specialty companies. I immediately thought of the effect that would have, where if the trials company returns a study that shows that a drug isn’t viable, they’d likely fear that they wouldn’t be hired again. They’d have a strong financial incentive to return results favorable to the pharma company that hired them, and the pharma company has insulation and deniability. Perfect formula for massive corruption of science, and nobody’s responsible.
      It’s a similar scam as the Wall St ratings firms that are paid by the companies they’re rating. What could go wrong?


  9. I wanted to post this link here about the Biosludge. The subject is not entirely related but still – falls into the category of environmental poisoning, possibly also of bio weapons. I urge all American viewers to watch it in its entirety.

    Disclaimer: the video was produced by Mike Adams of Natural News, who is a definite controlled op puppet. However, he does a good job on this subject.

    A short synopsis: The non-fluid part of American sewage system along with the entire industrial waste gets pelleted and sold to food / agriculture industry as a fertilizer, branded as Eco-friendly, despite containing tens of thousands of deadly, cancerogenous compounds, including herbicides, pesticides, hormone disruptors, plastics and recreational drugs.


      1. At least the writers of that article got it that Earth First! were paid infiltrators whose task it was to destroy the public image of true environmentalism. Dave Foreman is still at it. Ed Abbey never had a clue what they were up to. Judi Bari was a martyr to the cause, supposedly dead in 1997 but still alive and living in Santa Clara, her job done, though paychecks probably still arrive monthly.

        I don’t much care for that type of writing … longwinded and wispy, hopeful, as if they are going to reach anyone in a culture where very few read. It’s hand wringing, in my view. Steve K is an environmentalist who meets them face-to-face with legal documents and lawsuits, using one of the few tools left, a small slice of the judiciary that follows the law. Because of people like him, the thrust of the anti-environmentalists is to make such lawsuits illegal.

        I think there is a fallacy at work here, maybe just a delusion, that public opinion matters and needs to be nurtured. Public opinion is managed, but never for a second taken seriously. Public opinion can get out of hand, and so we are given elections and other diversions to keep us occupied and divided. If you want to feel passion, go to a political rally – it is real. People really believe that Trump, Biden, Obama and the others are real choices. I just felt that passion two days ago walking down an aisle at Home Depot where a man was lecturing three others about how Biden has removed the word “Lord” from all public pronouncements. His voice was full of passion! I am so far removed that it took me by surprise. People really believe in politics. I walked by them in silence, stunned that such imbecility is the norm.,

        Environmentalism is and always has been the realm of a few dedicated activists and creativity, the ability to maximize the value of a small but dedicated group, leveraging that to maximum impact … taking what media is available and using it to effect. It is hard and frustrating work, making much of little. When it shows signs of success, as it did in the 70s, it is immediately infiltrated and coopted. Earth First!, Foreman, Bari were no accidents. They were testimony to the real impact that environmentalists were having. They had to put a stop to it, and that was the means and method. False leaders, controlled opposition. It is all we see about us.


  10. COVID-19 is a global pandemic that is currently happening globally. It is the most devastating global health catastrophe ever reported. Novel Coronavirus is a genetically altered strain of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) named as 2019-nCoV. COVID-19 is a potential Zoonotic illness that wreaked havoc on world health, and social, and economic status, resulting in a severe economic downturn. Also, the Covid-19 outbreak has been declared the deadliest pandemic in world history, killing millions of people. Scientists from all over the world are working hard to develop the best diagnostic test, vaccination, and specific treatment course to combat the outbreak.


    1. Thanks, but I don’t imagine you’ve done anything here but repeat wildly exaggerated and fake news reporting, and I also do not imagine you know what the fuck you are talking about.


    2. Since your business is to make it as easy as possible to provide human tissue for your customers we have to assume you are ‘somewhat invested’ in the official narrative… 🤦‍♀️


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