Part 9: Tuned In ~ A Mother’s Intuition on Transmission from the Jabbed to the Un-Jabbed

Part 9 of the Series, “Of Monkeys, Mice and Men: From Natural Bodies to Digitized Bots”

My maternal instinct leads me to sense a relatively new feature has been added to the dystopian, anti-life, nature-defeating and dangerous game afoot . . . Given the abundance of anecdotal reports from women (both injected and non-injected with medical devices pertaining to COVID) exhibiting menstrual irregularities, and pregnant women enduring unexplained miscarriages, I have been occupied with ascertaining knowledge about the potential method of transmission. What I have uncovered, within the context of engineered nanoparticles (ENPs), may be applicable to plausible concerns that have surfaced in the past month. 

Accordingly, multiple researchers have been questioning, speculating, and even debating amongst themselves with respect to the mode of passage from one jabbed person to another, who is unjabbed. These bright minds are also attempting to hone in on precisely what is being transmitted. Please read here (Makia Freeman posits that re-wiring genetic code may be affecting physical and energetic fields), and watch here (from the 28 to 37 minute timestamps, Dr. Carrie Madej suggests injected people may be acting as wireless antennae), here (David Icke hypothesizes the jabbed may be broadcasting a frequency), and here (five prominent physicians emphasize this is an undetermined form of transmission, but not viral shedding) in this regard.

The central question I would like to address is as follows: If ENPs are present in these new, experimental injections — purportedly addressing a new condition called COVID — are they able to be transmitted to non-injected individuals; and if so, by what mechanism?

In my published “fictional” account, “Confessions of an Engineered Nanoparticle,” I discussed that injections may incorporate ENPs. For additional framework, review this astute analysis from October 2009 at exploring the immersion of nanoparticles in vaccines, including the dangers and the potential long-term agendas, such as “control of the global populace.” From the 2009 article, “Through nanotechnology, researchers have . . . been able to create artificial pores able to transmit nanoscale materials through membranes.” The article continued, “However fraudulent, it was an imperative for world powers and pharmaceutical cartels to promote the effectiveness of vaccinations and enact national pandemic preparedness policies which mandate vaccinations. In 2005 the World Health Organization (WHO) developed international health regulations that would bind all 194 member countries to pandemic emergency guidelines which could enforce such a mandate. Without these procedures of public health (and propagandized vaccine campaigns) in place, there would be little or no voluntary cooperation from the public to roll up their sleeves and accept the inoculations. Public participation is an essential tool that will soon allow big pharma to inject the most effective surveillance tool ever designed into billions of people.” 

Before proceeding with my brief explanation, I encourage readers to review Part 3 (on self-spreading vaccines), Part 4 (on pheromones), and Part 6 (on nanorobots) in this current series, “Of Monkeys, Mice and Men: From Natural Bodies to Digitized Bots.” By converging much of that information, one may get closer to comprehending how ENPs operate in ways that are unique to advanced nano-sized materials, and how these features may apply to transmission. 

Significantly, this academic paper published by Dr. Yuval Elani in September 2020, “Interfacing Living and Synthetic Cells as an Emerging Frontier in Synthetic Biology,” may also help to provide rich context to understand the nascent methodology combining biological and biotechnological (synthetic biology) architecture, including protein engineering, and its implications. As described by Dr. Elani, “The most dominant form of artificial cells involve cell‐sized capsules, such as liposomes, polymersomes, coacervates, proteinosomes and hydrogel particles, which act as the chassis. These compartments can be functionalised with biomolecular components, including transmembrane channels, enzymes, cytoskeletal elements, gene circuits, and transcription/translation machinery. In doing so, cellular characteristics can be mimicked. These include cellular processes and behaviours (e.g. signalling cascades, communication, motility, energy generation, replication, and computation) as well as architectural motifs (e.g. membranes, organelles, and tissues).” The main takeaway from this paper is that by deploying these “micromachines,” the intermingling of living and synthetic components will give rise to new modes of function and responses never before observed in humans. This will require new language, such as “embedded hybridization,” “hybrid bioreactors,” and “synthetic signaling cascades,” to depict the emergent engineered communication.

Old paradigms will no longer be sufficient to comprehend what may arise through the addition of synthetic cellular and molecular systems, introduced by bio-engineering tactics that are proliferating much too rapidly for us to understand, let alone properly regulate, or willingly permit.

I am sounding the alarm to those who remain illiterate in “bio-nano” speak, as the bio-nano colonizers will continue to invade our pristine biological form with their synthetic, bio-computing edifice — that is, until we grasp their method of bottom-up digitized colonization and stop it in its tracks through peaceful, yet bold action

While ENPs may migrate through the air and through dermal exposure (and via ingestion), what is most important to grasp is that they may not literally be jumping from one person to another (or “shedding”). Instead, they may emit signals that are not only incoherent to the human body in which they penetrate, but may also send out disruptive signals (much like a mis-tuned musical instrument or un-tuned, fuzzy radio station) to those who are not injected. Think of a metronome gone rogue, so to speak. In this case, their transmission may not be through physical contact, but rather, through piezoelectric and excitation properties or an evanescent fieldnot compatible with natural, biological operability. 

Essentially, ENPs, which exhibit unique electromechanical and conductivity characteristics, can operate through various processes, such as nanopiezotronics (or nanophotonics, ionic forces, electrostatic capacitance, or perhaps a form of resonance energy transfer, such as surface plasmon resonance, or plasmoelectrics), that may account for this resulting disruptive cascade of signaling among human beings (who, until recently with the introduction of implantable synthetic biological components and engineered nanomaterials, along with pervasive EMFs), engaged in exclusively biologically-programmed piezoelectric interpersonal communication (including chemosignaling via pheromones) — akin to quorum sensing among bacteria.

Readers may want to view the documentary, “Resonance Beings of Frequency,” portraying how humans convey natural frequencies amongst each other, as we are beings of unique sympathetic resonance who are entrained together (much like similarly-tuned tuning forks). I also encourage reading my post from June 2020 discussing the synchronization of humans via heart entrainment. Exposure to artificially-induced EMFs (and now, ENPs that may triangulate with drones, 5G, or radiofrequencies) may adversely influence us by interrupting our natural flow of electrical impulses.

As per Pfizer, in their published protocol for the clinical trial of the experimental COVID concoction (see p. 67-69), they mention observing and studying pregnant women and lactating women (unjabbed) who were exposed via inhalation or skin contact to trial participants who were jabbed. While ENP transmission is typically exhibited by electromechanically emitted signals, there may be two exceptions to this method of transmission (as evidenced in studies), in that ENPs may be able to be transmitted directly from a mother to a fetus through the placenta (see here and here), and they may be able to pass directly from a mother to a baby while breast-feeding (see here under “Lactation: Risk Summary”).

Please review my end references to this post that may further elucidate the (often smart-enabled) transmissible workings of ENPs when introduced into the human population. Of significant interest, one leading DARPA-funded researcher in the area of semiconductor-piezoelectric nanomaterials is Zhong Lin Wang, of Georgia Tech, who authored several of the linked studies. 

Additionally, a premier corporate innovator in the field of nanolectronics, including biologically-embedded electrostatic sensors and actuators (BioMEMS), is Coventor, a Lam Research company, which has received DARPA funding for its efforts in the application of BioMEMS to medicine and homeland security. I remind readers that I referenced Lam Research in my first essay (in April 2020) at POM, in relation to the first reported U.S. death from COVID of Patricia Dowd, a 28 year-long employee at said company. While it has taken over a year to put most of the COVID puzzle pieces together, it seems I may have come full circle.

Given what I have learned about the technology of nano-scale, biologically embedded, wireless intelligent sensing devices (that may exhibit piezoelectric transducer capabilities), I find it curious that venture capitalist Moncef Slaoui, who is a chief scientist in bioelectronics (see here, here, here, and here regarding his collaborators) was selected as the initial leader of Operation Warp Speed. In addition to serving on the Board of Moderna — and evoking the first installment in my series in which I highlighted Singapore’s A*STAR — Slaoui served as a member of A*STAR’s Advisory Board. In 2016, when Slaoui was Chairman of Global Vaccines at GSK, he asserted, “This agreement with Verily to establish Galvani Bioelectronics signals a crucial step forward in GSK’s bioelectronics journey, bringing together health and tech to realise a shared vision of miniaturised, precision electrical therapies. Together, we can rapidly accelerate the pace of progress in this exciting field, to develop innovative medicines that truly speak the electrical language of the body.” Could Operation Warp Speed be serving as the jump-start for the mass implantation and implementation of weaponized electroceuticals (introduced without informed consent), designed to be interconnected and to interface with the cloud? What better way to insert pervasive and programmable “smart” bioelectronic networks — that are electromagnetically sensitive — than through injection (under the guise of a medical therapy)?  

To all fellow moms out there: Protect yourselves and your beloved babies (young and old) — and for goodness sakes, listen to your mothers’ intuition! Do not allow yourselves to be tricked into accepting what may eventually result in mechanistic and degenerate interpersonal communication, defined by 0s and 1s. May you lead your families in tune with the innate rhythm and sacred pulse of Mother Nature. Humanity needs us now, more than ever. 

Inspired by Alison McDowell

Cautionary note: At this time, while my position on transmissibility from injected individuals to non-injected individuals (specifically with respect to COVID-related jabs) is evolving, I sense that most adverse effects attributable to incoherent signaling may be temporary and non-lethal. However, I suggest caution for particular populations (mainly pregnant women and lactating women currently nursing their babies) when coming in close contact with individuals who have been jabbed with new experimental medical devices (see Endnotes 1 and 2). Perhaps, this may be a time for young mothers to temporarily recede from direct contact from those who have been penetrated by the impetuous prick.

Anecdotal note: As background history, I breast-fed my children for many years, and stopped more than 10 years ago. Subsequently, my ability to lactate discontinued. When I was actively nursing, and would go through longer bouts of time during the day without breast-feeding, I would frequently get a physical feeling in my breasts, referred to as “let-down.” Needless to say, I could barely recall that feeling, until last week, when — out of the blue — I felt this very sensation. This is not normal. It lasted for about 10 seconds. I had been food shopping earlier in the day. I can only guess that most of the people shopping (as well as the supermarket staff) have been jabbed with experimental nanotech-laced biologics. It was a busy shopping day. When I felt that “let-down”— which I have not felt for 10+ years for good reason — I could not help but register, and mentally note it. Then, when listening to a video essay presented by David Icke (also linked above), he noted (at the 5-minute time stamp) the very same symptom presenting in another woman. I had been hearing many first and second-hand reports of menstrual irregularities (which I have also been experiencing), but not let-down. So, I thought it was a one-off. But, given this other report, I suspect that my hormones were influenced by piezoelectric signaling my body received when present among jabbed people — that is clearly not coherent with my current age and physical status. No, my body did not begin lactating out of nowhere — but the feeling was there. Then I found this document, “The use of Piezoelectricity for Rapid Increase of Milk for Insufficient Lactation.” Take this information, and my story, as you will. I cannot ignore it.


1) On the topic of engineered nanoparticles and hormones, it was reported in April 2020 that DARPA-funded researchers at MIT were able to remotely control hormone release in humans by injecting novel magnetic nanomaterials that modulated ion channels.

2) An additional warning may be implied from studies related to water-soluble carbon nanoparticles that were utilized in India to prevent mosquito larvae from reaching maturity. It was suspected that the mechanism was suppression of a specific hormone.


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“A good question is, why would we devote our time and resources to study chemical communication? There is, of course, scientific curiosity: to better understand how organisms signal to each other. Important questions can be asked, such as will a breakdown of signalling cause collapses in colonies? Aside from this, chemical signalling can also inspire engineers to design chemical-based communication systems. On a microscopic scale, microsurgery and drug delivery robots will likely need to communicate with each other (Fig. 1), and this cannot be achieved with conventional electromagnetic waves. This is primarily due to the antenna size and transmission energy constraints of electromagnetic wave-based communication systems. Nanosized particles can be emitted at a relatively low energy expenditure level, and allowed to propagate to neighbouring robots. This article will discuss such challenges in greater detail lateron. In this section, we will examine how organisms signal using chemical molecules in nature, and how this can be extended to form a general communications system.”

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Terahertz Band: Ultra-broadband communications in nanonetworks. Focusing on the use of graphene-based nano-antennas and thinking of the expected maximum size of a nanomachine, the Terahertz Band (0.1THz-10THz) enters the game. Indeed, we have recently shown that a one-micrometer-long graphene-based nano-antenna would expectedly resonate in the aforementioned band.6 This very high-frequency range, in between the microwaves and the far-infrared radiation, has recently caught the attention of the scientific community because of its applications in security screening and nanoscale imaging systems. In our case, we think of the Terahertz Band as a very large transmission window that can support very high transmission rates in the short range, that is, up to a few Terabits per second for distances below one meter, or as several transmission windows more than 10 gigahertz-wide each as we’ve recently shown.For the time being, it is not clear how nanomachines with limited capabilities can exploit the properties of this huge band, but several options come to mind.”

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. . . nanoparticle irreproducibility was an ongoing problem for us . . . Many commercially available particles we worked with initially were insufficiently characterized and exhibited inconsistent properties . . . While nanoparticle-based therapeutics exist, they only serve to alter the solubility, toxicity, or pharmacodynamics of a drug . . .” 

We saw an opportunity to contribute meaningfully in this area, by developing a high-throughput synthesis and screening platform to engineer libraries of well-characterized nanoparticles with predictable properties at scale (emphasis added).

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. . . We have also invested in and optimized instrumentation for in-depth, high throughput characterization and data capture on all of the particles we produce to develop a clear picture of the physical characteristics and chemical composition of the particles (i.e. size, charge, stability) and the impact they have on biological behaviors.This includes assessing binding to specific cell types, toxicity, tissue penetration, and so on (emphasis added).”

In addition to this high throughput in vitro screening, we have developed a proprietary method of ‘barcoding’ unique particle formulations to conduct in vivo studies in what we anticipate will be a faster and more efficient manner. Currently, particles are tracked in vivo largely using fluorescence, making it challenging to study more than one at a time. By embedding unique DNA “barcodes” in the particles, we can track them with precision in vivo using DNA sequencing. This means we should be able to study many unique formulations in a single in vivo model, tracking each formulation’s location and stability independently. We are just beginning this work of assessing the biology of formulations in vivo (emphasis added).

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75 thoughts on “Part 9: Tuned In ~ A Mother’s Intuition on Transmission from the Jabbed to the Un-Jabbed

  1. Fantastic research and presentation. I’m following this with more interest and agreement than in any write-up so far, I think just because I have taken some of the cues you’ve offered in previous articles, and become better educated on the subject. What they say they want to do with these technologies they may not be able to accomplish, but on the other hand, they’re not usually revealing their full plans to us, are they? Just like the nonsense of seeding our bodies with the ability to create “spike proteins”, that don’t exist in the first place…but it is of course the story that gives the ‘vaccine’ popular plausibility. Which leaves open the question (which you have given much effort to answer), what is the real intent here?

    So now we have the fun thing of magnets sticking to injection sites, which I know you’re aware of, and which points to ferrous nanoparticles, at a minimum. If others haven’t heard of this yet, here is a link to some reference points on that subject. As you can see, the first demos of the phenomenon I saw were not fully convincing, but….

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  2. That’s only because the “vaccines” are recent and material has not had a full chance to diffuse throughout the body and brain.


      1. OM – I had actually considered providing a hyperlink to the “magnets-sticking-to-vaccinated-at-injection-site” in one of the very last sentences in my post – where it says “that are electromagnetically sensitive”. I had seen the compilations at 153 news, but had not yet seen Makia’s take (or Tim Truth) on it (as you can see, I hyperlinked to Makia in my post with regard to the main discussion topic). In any case, I had e-mailed a shorter compilation of testimonials to Mark, and we briefly discussed it. I did not feel confident enough in this information to hyperlink – as you know, I prefer mainly to hyperlink to primary sources of scientific material. However, now seeing more of these testimonials, I do feel it is legitimate, and aligns with the information I have presented herein. Thank you for weaving this into the comment thread. I am interested if any readers feel comfortable asking any of their injected friends/family to do the magnet experiment, and can report back. My sense is that the magnetic pull may decrease the farther out from the second dose of the shot. Most people I know received their last dose of Pfizer or Moderna nearly two months ago.

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        1. On Makia Freeman . . . It looks like he posted an update on May 4 to the hyperlink I had provided, which I will leave here in the comments: It is an insightful read (although with a slightly different take than I presented above), referencing David Icke (who I linked above as well). Makia also references the “DNA as antenna” material of Benveniste and Montagnier that I highlighted in a previous post from August 2020:


        2. OM – In light of the magnet challenge phenomenon (still unconfirmed, yet potentially pertinent), and relevant to Endnote 1 in my exploratory exposition, this material may be applicable: I had planned to incorporate this CV of Polina Anikeeva from MIT, but did not see a place for it – that is, until now. So I am dropping it in the comments in case you would like to review her research efforts (which I indicated in the endnote has been DARPA-funded), including work with remotely-controlled magnetic nanoparticles (and “magnetic proteins”).


            1. Thanks for the follow-up report. Interesting to see the reactions of these kids. Their collective response could be summed up as a giggling “whatever”.

              I didn’t go to Highwire to see if Del himself had anything to say about the “why” of the magnetism, but it stood out to me that J. Jaxsen didn’t have much to offer.


                1. Good video, once you get past the way too long meaningless stuff in the first part. Start around 8 or 9 minutes if you speak Espanol, around 12:00 if you don’t.

                  Positive charge…Jack, the BBC debunker, looks like he could be Dan Wilson’s brother or cousin. He also has an aura of being corrupted.

                  Glad they got “Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) placed in context, though it was odd to hear the chef timidly say that he’s sticking (for the moment) with the thought that nothing magnetic is being injected, after presenting evidence for that very thing.


  3. One thing I’ve learned from mother undergoing MRI is this: One is not allowed any metallic items (jewelry, etc) while undergoing procedure, as this will cause interference from signals emitting from tissue and organs.

    That is, in presence of alternating electromagnetic fields, metal will become energized and in turn emit a signal of its own.

    Tracking of human beings in this heavily polluted electromagnetic environment may be a reality. Not from one’s phone but from one’s bodily self.


      1. Someone did, if I’m mistaken I apologize.

        But sentiment remains! No voice of reason (‘conservatism’ ) anywhere.

        From “the church”? One has to be crazy to believe.

        But then again, all religions are founded on ” belief”, is that not true??

        If not you- I sincerely apologize. Someone said it…and I agree!



  4. The “most conservative” state in the Union…
    And nothing but LGBTQ agenda. Gotta love that. Any word from ‘the church’ regarding Covid fraud??

    Crickets…go back to sleep.

    This place and its people ate a joke!!

    Roll over and take your “vaccine”.

    Sleep well.


    “By combining physical simulations with robust scalable synthesis and materials characterization techniques, this work provides a pathway to a model-driven design of magnetic nanoparticles tailored to a variety of biomedical applications ranging from cancer hyperthermia to remote control of gene expression.”

    Worth repeating? “…remote control of gene expression.”

    What could possibly go wrong?


    1. Steve – Yes. This is very troubling. The paper you referenced is #46 of the publications on Anikeeva’s CV (linked in a comment above). One of the collaborators on that paper was Ritchie Chen: “Chen’s research found that dysfunctional brain regions could be stimulated by metal nanoparticles powered by magnetic fields without having to invasively implant wires.” Given her work with the BRAIN Initiative, I suspect Anikeeva’s research spans further than remote control of gene expression: As you may recall, this evokes the work of James Giordano, which I highlighted in August 2020:, and may even harken back to the work of Jose Delgado: This may all seem sci-fi to most, but these capabilities seem highly plausible.


      1. Steve – The opening quote to my paper linked in the comment above: “We can use electrical current, either direct or alternating current, or a magnetic field to change the way certain brain networks operate. By changing those brain networks, we change brain functions. And at certain times, we have shown that these can be operative in changing the way people perform on certain cognitive tests and also the way people feel about certain things. Now, that’s not exactly mind control the way Obi-Wan does it, but we could begin to look at the new brain science as a form of bio-technological Obi-Wan Kenobi. In other words, we’re harnessing various forces of science, technology, and of nature to be able to influence the way a brain works and the way the mind operates.” ~ Dr. James Giordano, neuroscientist and Chief of the Neuroethics Studies Program at Georgetown University (as stated in the video above)


        1. Meanwhile, on the topic of psychological operations . . . Literally, overnight, face coverings morphed from masks of pride to masks of shame: Insidiously and ironically (darkest of ironies), the unmasked, jabbed adults now view themselves as champions and models of freedom (who, of course, will be towing young masked children beside them), and the masked, unjabbed as enslaved. This does not bode well, or end well. I sense the definition (and expression) of integrity among unjabbed (To mask or unmask? is the question of the day) may be altered in undetermined ways . . . Good luck out there everyone. I will not be judging others in any way, shape, or form. This is unchartered territory for most of us, and will come down to very individualized decisions, based possibly on modified stances on morality.


          1. This is public relations, or professional lying, as Chomsky called it. These are the same people who came up with the phrase “Support the Troops” to neutralize opposition to the Iraq invasion, and who suggested hiring Jenny McCarthy, a woman who spent more time naked than clothed in public, to be a spokesperson for (and to thereby discredit) the anti-vaccination movement.


            1. OM – So, what will be the protocol for “verifying vaccination status” (showing papers at the door, until a QR-coded version applies?)? No talk yet of verification strategy around here. A family member experimented today with no mask in a store – no questions, no push back. Will see what happens moving forward, when the (manufactured) problem becomes – unjabbed entering stores unmasked and “faking” being vaxxed. That will ensure a quicker roll-out of govt-issued QR-coded immune passports (cough…cough…slavery passports) which they so desperately crave.


                1. While my essay focused on women, and may potentially resonate most with female readers, I want to acknowledge how much I cherish the men in my life, and to honor the remarkable men (writers and commenters) I have met through POM. Accordingly, I am offering this video in the thread: “The Planned Destruction of Men” It was posted today by holistic healing coach, Tom Barnett. I feel that the insights provided in the discussion are not only pertinent to the scamdemic and the larger transhumanism agenda (related to my current series), but they also lifted me up in a supportive way that I suspect others (particularly men who aim to preserve authentic manhood and humanity) may gain fortitude and focus from as well. I suggest that the entire 80 minutes (can also view in higher speed to save time) is well worth an open-hearted listen. I sincerely hope you find the time, and may feel similarly elevated as I did. Love and gratitude to all the men supporting your women, and your children, and to any men who simply wish to self-reflect and continue to evolve. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments. ~ Stephers


                  1. So, I spent a few hours going into my local town today, and observing the people. Given the updated CDC guidelines, I had anticipated seeing many unmasked individuals, both outdoors and indoors. Boy, was I wrong! As I have never become habituated to mask wearing, I found it hard to believe that people (whether jabbed or unjabbed) were not eager to show their face again. After all, the “authorities” told them it was now safe to do so (at least the jabbed ones). I observed the opposite effect. I saw an increase in mask-wearing – including those riding in their cars alone.

                    If you can stomach watching this news report from Rachel Maddow (I know, it’s not easy – sorry, guys), it helps to explain from a mainstream perspective the phenomenon I witnessed today. Again, I was taken aback by the overwhelming response to hold on to the mask – for dear life, and for virtue signaling, as well. But, as is reflected by Maddow in this revealing clip, these people have been “re-wired” and now they are going to have to “re-wire” themselves back, so to speak. It’s creepy as heck, but also fascinating to observe. I knew normies would have a tough time getting out of their fear state, but this is next-level – something I would not have predicted at this stage of the sinister game. These people are essentially fighting to stay imprisoned.


                  2. Task pretty much accomplished already, largely cucks and androgynes around at this point. Very sad state. More and more “women” are afraid of tall men and prefer hipsters of the same size and attitude; that is spineless hedonists. There is no end to what they’ve already done to achieve this, hormones in beer, the pill and so on.

                    In terms of shedding, check this out:
                    I was skeptical at first, but I think they do shed something.


                    1. MTC,

                      On “shedding” . . . I would be highly skeptical of the video that you linked as well (it is quite an odd bitchute channel) . . . The Japanese dentist seems to think that ventilation and masking can help with “shedding” (?). I would not consider this individual a credible source. His claims seem pseudoscientific to me, as he assumes the presence of a physical virus . . . does he not? If you were only referencing that link because of the VOC/CO2 detector he utilizes, then there may possibly be some merit (although I am not yet aware) to nanotechnology in the jabbed interacting with VOCs/CO2 in the proximal environment. I find myself feeling viscerally repelled by that bitchute channel you linked. Their videos seem very odd. How did you find it?


              1. Yeah, you and Julie appear to know where this is likely headed. I have no idea for the state of Oregon beyond the empress’s declaration above.

                While buying our weekly raw milk today, the farm woman told us of a few groups getting together in defiance (perhaps I should say in a demonstration of ignoring) of the “new normal” customs. One gathering place is a restaurant that has stayed open throughout this game, and has completely ignored mask/distancing edicts. They have been fined $9000, but simply ignore the fine, as it has been handed to them by OSHA, so they conclude it has no teeth. That’s the story as told to me, and at least we may have some real people to associate with, a human need that we (wife and I) have simply not had available for a long time.


  6. And the brain will work the way we (overlord Crown royals) say it works. This fits so neatly into the “emerging markets” strategies involving human capital bonds bought and sold on the block chain. Behavior is the key metric in a (virtual/gamed) social engineered (manipulated data) system. Extract data, manipulate data, claim some “benefit,” collect a big, fat (crypto-currency) “check.” No wonder Goldman Sachs all in. Data is THE commodity that new capital markets need (FEED ON) or the system collapses. Why collect random natural/organic data when you can engineer the data you need? The ultimate in “insider trading.”

    There was no “recovery” from the 2008 failure. No growth, no capitalism, it seems that simple.

    It’s all connected — Covid and climate change. Data = big payoffs/paydays.


  7. Please watch out for Del Bigtree…and all the rest. Dare I say Mark already touched upon this? If they are even in a pseudo-prominent position (where someone gives them airtime), most likely they are compromised.

    [video src="" /]


    1. Rastus – I, too, have cautioned about Del Bigtree, as well as Judy Mikovits, Dolores Cahill, David Martin, and Rashid Buttar. Yes, there are others associated. I think many that ride along, though, are not willing “controlled opposition” but may get caught in the net, so to speak. I am keeping my eye on this “Arise USA” tour, that I think begins today, and goes to September. If you watched the whole video you linked, there is mention of it, and many of the controlled opposition notables have been dropping shout-outs in recent interviews. I want to emphasize that this does not mean that everyone involved is mis-directing intentionally, and in fact, the ones who get strung along are often individuals who may seemingly have gotten so close to the truth, that they have to be co-opted to control them (perhaps Carrie Madej is one example).


  8. This looks like a “fun” read – a mainstream take on how viruses evolve. Or “evolve” if you prefer – I don’t claim any final absolute answers on these matters. I do enjoy reading about it sometimes, with a skeptical frame of mind. And this one looks fairly granular – many mainstream accounts of “evolution” seem to trot out the same few superficially-persuasive, but fairy tale-like explanations over and over again, ad nauseam. If anyone wants to critique it, please do!

    The link came from that “Yves Smith” lady who runs Her real name incidentally is “Susan Webber,” as in the famous Webbs of the Fabian Society, perhaps? I’ve been eagerly on the edge of my seat anticipating their comments section to have a total meltdown, in reaction to the change of “guidance” on masks from CDC, Biden, et al. Given their dismay at even minor rollbacks, I’d thought there’d be an immediate s***show backlash, but so far – crickets. Maybe it’s stunned silence? But they’re posting about other stuff as if it didn’t even happen! And I haven’t seen any commenters try to bring it up. Unless the discussion is raging in their daily “Links” page – I never read that feature anymore.


  9. Stephers,

    What would distinguish this kind of (graphene manipulation) research from what is called “gain-0f-function” research? One is “living” and one is not? One is intended, one is not?

    From the article: “We don’t know exactly what’s happening at the quantum level, but at the same time, we can manipulate it,” said Saxena. “It’s like those famous ‘unknown unknowns’: we’ve opened up a new door to properties of quantum information, but we don’t yet know what those properties might be.”

    Don’t a lot of these “discoveries” that end up becoming weapons evolve from observations of researchers picking through the heap of unintended consequences?

    I’m not quite sure what the difference is? Or why one (gain-of-function) is dismissed so readily by some. Perhaps I’m missing something.


    1. Steve:

      Well, these are good questions, and I will attempt to give an informed answer. From my understanding, gain-of-function (GOF) research is exclusively applied to purported pathogens (bacteria and “viruses”):

      GOF research is not typically terminology associated with advanced nanomaterials that work in tandem with next-generation EMFs. The research I am describing (as it may relate to potential magnetics and/or frequency emissions in injectable biotech) is considered much more high-tech, and I imply in my writing that this research is being weaponized. See these links for some ideas on unprecedented (and potentially very dangerous when applied to human biology) technology (that I have not yet covered, but may be relevant):

      Therefore, one could conceive of both research avenues (yes, both in labs) as “gaining function” in some non-natural way (regardless of intentionality, or if the object of manipulation is “living” or not); but GOF typically falls into a specific niche with pathogens, whereas weaponized functionality of cutting edge nanomaterials (i.e., graphene) is in its own category — mainly involving magnetochemistry, electrical engineering, and nanoscale semiconductors (and conjugating this with biology to create cloud-connected synthetic biology and bio-computing).

      My guess is that GOF research with alleged pathogens may have reached its pinnacle long ago, and the biotech/pharma industry is keen to dissolve these efforts. It may be obsolete at this point, and why it is being used as a red herring (which I hope is becoming more clear now that it is being covered vociferously in the mainstream, and as MT noted – now “allowed” to be discussed on Facebook, etc).

      I am suggesting that the “lab leak” narrative (which was successfully beta-tested in the alternative media, I might add) is simply cover to allow the GOF research to go by the wayside. I do not like to make predictions, but I venture to guess that GOF research and its associated labs will be “shut down,” and this will be made to appear as if there is some big win for the people and the politicians (cough, cough, Rand Paul) in shutting it all down.

      Between you and me, my sense is they have much more advanced technology already in-the-works, and even more innovative covert tech waiting in the wings. Thus, they create some embellished “opposition” narrative to take themselves down. But this is how they always do business, right?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Great comment. Well said.

        “I venture to guess that GOF research and its associated labs will be “shut down,” and this will be made to appear as if there is some big win for the people and the politicians (cough, cough, Rand Paul) in shutting it all down.”

        Yes, and even if they don’t “officially” shut GOF down, the story will be that it has been locked up “safely” via impenetrable security and containment; no more world-wide pandemics from these labs!

        GOF has always been a red herring, a natural outgrowth of the whole virus narrative red herring. Will the penny drop for a few more astute observers due to this little propaganda kerfuffle? We hope.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, Stephers, this is how they always to business. The masses, except for the few who follow these things closely, always find themselves decades behind the action. Thanks for your sense of that’s happening with GOF, where it’s headed, and what to look for next. I’m so glad you generously share the many gifts of your persistent research and analysis. Many thanks to you and to Mark for keeping this small, but scrappy, forum moving toward the “bang.” Onward through the fog.


  10. Hello OregonMatt and Stephers, from your perspective, what would be your advice for an unjabbed female in life-partnership with a jabbed male regarding risk of harm and ability to maintain health in context of sharing body fluids in intimate relations between jabbed and unjabbed? This nightmare has hit very close to home, and a way forward is needed, please help.


    1. Hi Jamie,

      First off, I am so sorry to hear about this tense situation, and I feel for you. I will speak for myself, and please know that I am offering my support to you as educational guidance as a wellness consultant and empowerment coach, and NOT as medical advice. I believe strongly that we all need to be responsible for our own health and well-being, and do our own research.

      That said, you may be surprised (pleasantly, I hope) in what I have to say – as it is not commentary shared widely among doctors (featured heavily in alternative media) who fear “shedding” of a “spike protein” from a jabbed partner to an unjabbed partner.

      At this point, if you have been with your life-partner for some time since he has been jabbed (either intimate it or not), you have already been exposed to any frequencies or energy fields he might be emitting or transmitting – in the sense that whatever could potentially (we really don’t know for sure) influence you in an adverse way has already occurred. Any intimate exchange is not going to compound that, as the research I have compiled provides no evidence of any physical contamination being transferred from one person to another. I have yet to see evidence of any form of “physical contagion” – within the context of COVID or COVID injections.

      In my opinion (with my coaching hat on), if you are in love with your partner, I suggest embracing one another (in all ways – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) through this challenging time – despite being split on the injection situation. I can only imagine it is not an easy pursuit, but if you can work through any fear you might have of him “passing” something on to you, it will serve best for both of you.

      If I were to put my health coaching hat on, I have some recommendations that may also help to quell your fears, as we do have natural options available to us – particularly, as women who may be concerned primarily about our reproductive health. To that end, I suggest a product (to use preventatively) called Ovasitol: If you order one container (a 90-day supply), you should be fine, as, so far, it seems any menstrual changes among women have been temporary. I can say that has been the experience for myself and my daughters. We all experienced changes, but it seems to have corrected. Two of us have been taking Ovasitol for the past month. (I learned about it through my holistic endocrinologist.)

      While I am hesitant to recommend specific brands (as I do not want to sound like I am promoting products), I want to be sure that if you purchase any supplements, they are “clean” and do not compound any issues. From my experience, many “health” products on the market come with their own potential adverse effects, due to unnecessary components. Following is a list of a few supplements, in the event that you do experience adverse effects:

      If you begin to experience . . .

      Headaches, respiratory symptoms, and/or gastrointestinal upset: Oregon’s Wild Harvest “Aller-Aid” (Quercetin/NAC) and Pure Encapsulations Green Tea Extract (decaffeinated)

      Bleeding irregularities (menstrual or otherwise): Boiron Cinchona officinalis (30c) 3-5 pellets 2-3x/day – allow to dissolve in mouth, 15 min away from food/tooth brushing (homeopathic remedy available online, including Amazon – if you must)

      Chest pain/heart arrhythmia – PLEO Stroph Drops 4X (homeopathic remedy of Strophanthus gratus) available online – 5 drops 3x/day (can place in small cup of water or directly in mouth)

      If your partner is having any adverse reactions from the injection (and is open to natural healing), I recommend Jarrow Formulas TMG Crystals and Pure Encapsulations Liposomal Glutathione (keep refrigerated, even upon arrival and unopened). At this time, I do not recommend these two products for those unjabbed. Although natural – liposomal products (in particular) have similar properties as nanotech (i.e. – nanolipids) in the way they can travel in the body – which is why I also think they may be of particular benefit in neutralizing nanoparticles, since they share these properties, and may be the only way to get deep enough into the tissues/organs to help eject them. As of now, I have no studies (or personal experience) to offer in this regard, and thus, is why I would only recommend this protocol for those who got the injection; as they have nothing to lose, so to speak, in making efforts (gently and naturally) to attempt to detox, or at the very least, support proper functioning of the body.

      Please feel free to ask any questions if you would like more details (including links) on these products. I have no doubt you can find them – and learn more about them – on your own. I wish you the best, and I hope I have not contributed to amping up your fears through my writing. My goal is to inform and educate others as best I can, as I, too, am learning and wish to share – with the intention of empowering others.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Thank you for your wellness and empowerment educational guidance in the context of also doing my own research. I appreciate your valuable addition of information and kind words.


    1. Hello again Stephers- I continue to enjoy your blog posts. Do you have a contact email for further correspondence about general educational guidance on detox, EMF, and healthful living?


  12. Fantastic read and so much to investigate here. Bravo! About the anectotal note: Have you ever heard of the arcline or 6th body? I am new to kundalini yoga and learned that it is a line of energy from ear to ear like a halo. Women have another arcline from nipple to nipple because it is the space where a child will be nurtured. Pretty awesome stuff!


  13. Hello Stephers, I would love more details about reputable online retailer of Stroph drops. Also, have you come across homeopathic Thuja as a remedy in this situatuion?


    1. Jamie –

      I have used homeopathic Thuja (actually for my animals) for most vaccine-induced symptoms from previous vaccines. I do not suspect it would work similarly and effectively for these current injections.

      Two brands of homeopathic Stroph drops that I keep around are Pleo (4x drops) and Boiron (30c pellets). (I may have actually purchased both from the big company named after a forest – who shall not be named; but I don’t recall at the moment.)

      For stroph drops that are non-homeopathic, I suggest purchasing directly from Dr. Tom Cowan: I keep it on-hand, but I have never used it myself. I have used the Pleo homeopathic stroph drops from time to time when I feel an odd twinge around my heart. I find it helps. As some may know here, I was hospitalized in February 2020 with bizarre heart and respiratory symptoms that felt severe. My blood pressure was spiking, and tests determined arrhythmia. But after spending time (and way too much money) overnight, my heart tests checked out normal. I ended up having these symptoms for 5 weeks (with no explanation offered by continued diagnostics), until they finally dissipated. Of course, I would never subject myself to potentially dangerous and fallacious nasal swab abuse, so I cannot say definitively that I had “COVID” or rather, nano-bio cytotoxicosis. I can only go by my own intuition at this point. Once in a while, I do get a twinge around my heart, and therefore, keep the stroph around. In any event, I am currently doing my own version of a healing protocol (despite not being physically injected), as not only did I have that experience (which at the time felt dire; and I only went to the hospital following 6 days of steady and severe pain, based on my doctor’s insistence), but I have done my own “magnet challenge”, and I am able to get small metallic objects to stick to various areas on my chest, and even my forehead. They do not stick to any other areas of my body of which I am aware. I have not tried my back. Not only do things like small bobby pins (for the hair) adhere, but they also “jump” and flip a bit in certain areas as well. It’s very curious. I do not live in fear about this stuff. To be clear, I just want it out of my body. If I feel that I am successful, I will share openly my “protocol” (which is all natural, and does NOT involve Ivermectin, nor HCQ). On this topic, it is important to note that my personal protocol does NOT include a nano-carbon product called C60 (fullerenes/bucky balls), which is being highly promoted by notable herbalists/healers for what I consider to be nano-carbon poisoning. I hope the reason for this goes without further explanation, as readers may see why in the description I gave (note it is a very close relative to graphene).


  14. Hi Jamie,

    As of now, I am not giving out my personal email address. In fact, over the past couple weeks, many of my incoming and outgoing emails have been getting blocked/censored. So, it may not even be helpful at the moment to communicate via email exchanges.

    That said, I would love to communicate more on these topics, and I feel I have value-added guidance to offer (at no charge). I am honored that you may potentially feel the same. For the time being, please feel free to leave any specific questions here (if they are not too personal), as I think others could also benefit from open communication with regard to detox and healing in the midst of EMF and nanotoxin bombardment. Unfortunately, this challenging engagement with these pervasive technologies is not going away anytime soon; and it would be in all of our best interest to collaborate in finding the safest and most effective means to protect ourselves.


    1. Stephers
      Your descriptions of & premise of nano-bio-cytotoxicity resonate strongly with me both from personal experience and my insights since March 2020 as medical herbalist for best part of 20 years. I have re-emergence of the metallic taste you have described in other posts up to complete loss of taste intermittently, when my system is overstretched (after a bizarre presumed (by me) nano episode in December involving extreme dizziness, low oxygen saturations & incapacity). I have found zinc twice or 3 times daily to be very helpful in resolving the taste issue & wonder if this might be helping my body to deal with the nano more efficiently. I’m convinced my personal exposure is environmental, although I have frequent contact with jabbed family members.
      Therapeutically in my practice I am drawn to use adaptogenic Herbs and foods to enhance resilience & therefore bodily resources (which includes mind & spirit) to detox better.
      I do hope your own health issues are resolving or resolved and Jamie I wish you well with your own challenges.
      On another note, because it has been increasingly tough to know who to trust since I honed my discernment (thank you Stephers for your suggestion in that regard some months ago on another post), I circled back to Oliver Sacks, neurologist, whom I have rated for many years as a man of integrity & compassion – Reading his book ‘Migraine’ I find myself increasingly convinced that migraine quite possibly represents neurological poisoning. I’m interested in your thought on this, if you have time.


  15. “The Future of Graphene and 5G”(

    “Grolltex Manager, April 2nd, 2018”

    “At the February Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona, Spain, the close connection between graphene and 5G technology was one of the main sources of attraction. Both have been featured prominently in the news recently as new-age wonders, so it’s only natural that the two would at some point combine forces to produce some truly remarkable capabilities. That time appears to be in the very near future, as considerable research has been underway on ways that the two could support each other for mutual benefit.”

    “Monolayer graphene has only been commercially available for about the last decade, but it has already made a powerful impact in the areas of high-speed photosensitivity, farming applications, flexible photodetectors, medical diagnostics, and water purification processes. 5G of course, has been hailed as the future of communications for several years, and is considered to be the enabling technology for both VR and AR. Some of the ongoing research has been related to finding ways that super-conductive, flexible monolayer graphene could be used to support the needs of 5G technology, to help finally achieve the breakthrough it needs.”

    “Graphene and 5G Technology Combined”

    “5G technology cannot simply be scaled up from previous technology to meet the demands of high-speed communications of the future – it needs an enabling technology. Enter monolayer graphene. By late 2017, a research team at Chalmers University in Sweden had developed a method of combining graphene flexibility with terahertz detection so as to make it possible to connect the Internet of Things (IoT), via high-bandwidth technologies available in 5G.”


  16. “Self-Assembling Graphene Oxide Nanotech Now Found Also in Pfizer-BioNTech COMIRNATY Vaccine: German Video Reveals Self-Assembling Specks and Crystalline Networks Forming”: (August 15, 2021).

    For an esoteric perspective on the Comirnaty jab . . .

    Since the shot can be considered a “clot shot” — in so far as the shot coagulates blood (resulting in blood clots, as I have written about) — it is quite telling (if you understand word “spelling”/sorcery) that the anagram of Comirnaty is literally, “Tiromancy”:

    See here on Tiromancy:

    Yes, apparently, there is a form of “divination” (going back to the Middle Ages) — divining (revealing hidden knowledge) via COAGULATED cheese. I kid you not. This operation is not only militarized at its core, it is highly occult.

    One other anagram of “Comirnaty” (which as you can see already is a strange choice of word, to say the least) is “Torcimany” — which also carries meaning and further sorcery implications, as it was the title of a magnum opus penned in the early 15th century by a Catalan politician/poet:çó. Speaking of Catalan, I have traced the Catalan Institute (nanotech/graphene) to be one of the key players in this entire operation:, and I mentioned it in a previous post.

    In one anagram of Comirnaty, if you add a “p” or “m” to -atronymic . . . This would be relevant, in my opinion, to issues pertaining to ancestry and DNA lineage; and of course, we then circle back to issues concerning synthetic/modified RNA/DNA.

    It all connects, and they do love their Revelation of the Method — even when subtly concealed. In this case, nearly any permutation of the word seems to carry much occult meaning.

    There are three more prominent words (in this case, 8-letter words) embedded within ( . . .

    “caryotin” = a readily stained substance in the nucleus of a cell made up of DNA, RNA and proteins, aka chromatin (; and
    “minatory” = having a menacing quality (; and
    “acrimony” = corrosiveness; virulence

    One could keep breaking down the word into even smaller components, finding many more smaller words (ie – atom) within . . . This is not as substantial, and occurs often within words. However, I do find the coincidences with the precise 9-letter anagrams, and even the 8-letter anagrams, to be statistically significant, and some readers may find it of interest.


  17. Posted on October 2, 2021 by Ramola D, “Dr. Carrie Madej Reveals Tentacled Self-Aware Organism (Also Self-Assembling Nanobots & Nanolipids) in Moderna, Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Vials, Possibly Connected to Hydra Vulgaris ‘Model Organism’ and Human Genome Project: //

    There is some discussion among Drs. Madej, Palevsky, and Northrup regarding transmission from the jabbed to the un-jabbed. A worthwhile listen . . .


  18. With regard to Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes:

    What never made sense to me is the fact that none of her investors caught onto this scam early. They all seemed willing to ride the bandwagon of this “upstart” biotech operation without doing any proper research into the subject beforehand. And these investors weren’t nobody newbies. They were seasoned experts and establishment insiders, so they knew better. Which indicates that the whole debacle was a psyop, just like the Bernie Madoff scandal. Elizabeth Holmes was simply the willing scapegoat for this network of powerful investors to hide behind, in the same way that Theranos itself acted as a cover for massive criminal transactions.

    Overall, it appears that the Theranos scandal was, in one sense, a psyop aimed at demonizing or discrediting affordable, convenient, safer, and more accurate blood tests in order to protect the medical status quo. And to make it stick, they torn the whole circus down at its height of success (or illusion of one).

    Apparently, the ex-CEO & founder of the late biotech giant is facing charges from the Justice Department and a criminal trial is pending (allegedly). You can learn more at:


    1. In early 2015, Theranos also sought FDA approval for its products to be used in detecting Ebola shortly before it was exposed.

      George Schultz, a former U.S. secretary of state and current Theranos board member, let slip Friday that Theranos is seeking approval from the Food and Drug Administration for a test that can spot Ebola early.

      Schultz revealed the information while moderating a discussion at Stanford University. Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes then said, “We’re working with the agency. We have a very good relationship with the agency.”

      Schultz mentioned that the test would allow diagnosis of Ebola before it becomes communicable.”


  19. “Shedding, Vaccines and Graphene Machines” (February 22, 2022) by Dr. Sam Bailey – just under 20 minutes

    Seems Dr. Sam is going deeper than Tom, Andy, and Stefan — steadily inching closer to my premise/analysis (?).

    She’s not all the way there yet, but getting much warmer . . .

    I still think I need to dig deeper into the potential pheromone connection . . .

    I am exploring further the work of Leor Weinberger (whom I have previously referenced with respect to transmissible “vaccines”) and his TIPs (, as well as his work in stochastic noise (

    Most important, we need to get away from any notion of physical “shedding”; and, instead, lean into transmission via inherent/engineered/hybridized circuitry, electromagnetic resonance ( and semiconductors/NEMS ( — proteins may play a role in this regard, as they can be exploited/tweaked (


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