Running, mountain biking in grizzly country

I know everyone will hate this idea—and I mean, almost everyone—but, if current recreational trends continue, it might a good time to start accepting that grizzly country should be for grizzlies. Otherwise, it’s a near certainty that there will be more encounters that will equal more human deaths, which will almost always equal more grizzly deaths and further demonization of grizzlies. The the egocentric will hate it.

Alternatively, should people sign a waiver if they intend to walk, hike, backpack,  fish, hunt, etc. in grizzly country agreeing they will not hold a bear accountable if they are attacked and agree the bear should not be killed?

In Idaho’s Selkirk Range, the Harrison Lake trail was closed because some moron with a loose dog had his camp raided by a moose and shot it. 

Is it time for Glacier Park to control recreationalists, with more rules, like on National Forest land? Is that a good strategy? Or, is a no-use option the only solution? Why not just ban all recreation in griz country? 

There are far too many people recreating in griz country. Humans are a menace to most wildlife. They remain the biggest threat to grizzlies. Just ban all recreation in griz country.  

People in Great Falls showing up recently at a commission meeting to protest more development for recreation, stating they do not want Great Falls to be a recreation destination. They said: “Look at Bozeman and the Flathead – we don’t want that for Great Falls.”

11 thoughts on “Running, mountain biking in grizzly country

  1. I want to go rollerblading in my sheer nylon short shorts, blasting ABBA’s Dancing Queen on my ghetto blaster, through Ferguson Missouri.

    Should I have to sign a waiver I won’t shoot a negro if it attacks me??


  2. In my area, there are multitudes of fawns lying dead on the roads. Not saying I’ve never hit a deer with a car/truck/van. It happens and it is tragic. I have never hit a fawn. Those with any common sense know that if a doe crosses in the spring/summer, there is a very good chance there will be 1 or 2 fawns right behind her, yet they are still hit by people too self-absorbed to slow down and pay some attention to the natural world and show some respect.

    This brings me to the possibility that the vax is a method to kill of ignorant selfish people who are stupid enough to believe what they see on TV.

    Weed’m out of the gene pool I say. The sooner the better!

    What is chiseled into the Georgia Guidestones?

    ‘Leave room for nature. Leave room for nature.’

    Now to be fair, man planting massive fields of plants edible to deer and others in high traffic areas that have deer feeders year-round are also contributing to, on the one hand, deer overpopulation and on the other hand, deer killed in proximity to these artificial food sources.

    Many years ago I went with a friend who was bidding on a house repair job and the elderly lady’s house was fronted by a very busy highway, about 10,000 vehicles per day.

    She had 3-4 large deer feeders filled with corn all year round (this was mid-summer) and was complaining about the number of deer hit and killed by vehicles on the highway in front of her house, completely oblivious to the fact that she was the cause of every deer death in front of her house!


  3. I dare admit to visiting a WalMart today.

    This brings me to the possibility that the vax is a method to kill of ignorant selfish people who are stupid enough to believe what they see on TV.

    Weed’m out of the gene pool I say. The sooner the better!<<

    One may seriously consider shorting WM stock…as what you say (and I couldn’t agree more) implies the death of WM as a corporate entity. Not a bad thing if you ask me.


  4. “Thegrizzlypopulationin the lower
    48 statesas estimatedbetween 50,000 and 100,000 between 1880 and the turn of the century. By 1975, <1,000 grizzlies were estimated to occupy <2% of their former
    range (U.S. Fish andWildl.Serv. 1992).”


    Compare these findings to the US population density: “Over the last two centuries, the number of people living in the United States per square mile has grown from 4.5 in 1790 to 87.4 in 2010.”

    Ergo, the most densely populated areas of humans are those with the least wildlife. I don’t need to prove this statement with additional sources as the simple walk around the asphalt jungle in any part of the globe is self-explanatory.

    Conclusion: human population needs to adapt in order to preserve natural diversity.

    I hope we’ll manage to understand this before we’re the only loving species left on this planet. For the time being, the situation is tragic for the wildlife in general. With this in mind, I’d ban all wildlife shootouts that are arbitrarily set to meet some doubtful quotas and start from there, after a decade or so. Only then could we set any reasonable threshold in terms of defining any healthy limits to wildlife population in general. As it is written in the historical records and proven many times over, humans are the only usurpers of natural balance and the only species intervening in Nature’s cycles. Is there anything more to say, actually?


    1. Wang, you pretty much sealed it, as the others covered the other essential aspects. The almost total alienation of the majority from our conditions of existence on the planet seems to be the proximate cause. When paired with the “smart phone/dumb user” angle, you have folks going into nature expecting all to be rosy without any precautions, despite having access to any number of websites to advise one about how to behave and survive in nature, as well as endless viral clips of humans getting mauled/killed by various animals, wild or otherwise….I still remember my first night camping alone in the Tetons, putting my food into a sack on a rope to pull it up high to reduce the chances of waking in terror to an ursine visitor sniffing about. I mean, that’s part of the fun!
      As to your question, Steve, isolated no-go zones might be the best, with the peripheral areas subject to signed waivers + basic knowledge of the area, the weather and the fauna. One area where more paperwork would be worth it. Dogs seem problematic as well, though indispensable to many.


      1. Baja Az,

        Speaking(typing actually) of “dogs”! Based on a recent incident that I witnessed and another relayed to me by a close friend, I am starting to think that dogs can sense the “vax” in people and do not like it, even violently oppose them (the vaxed). Has anyone else witnessed such a thing? Funny how dogs are intelligent enough to know not to trust a stranger, yet humans with all of that “potential” believe and act on shit they see and hear from the TV, monitor, smartphone, radio, banner ad, billboard, etc. Amazing!

        For any who have access to streaming services, go check Netflix for the 44th and final episode of “The 4400” which ended 9/16/2007. The very first episode aired on 7/11/2004. BTW, 44 is code for “kill” witches why DIRTY HARRY carried a long barrel 44 magnum on the mean streets of SAN FRANCISCO, you know, the stompin’ grounds of KAMALA “DIRTY” HARRIS?

        Now for those who do not/will not follow my blog and may have doubts about military grade cryptography, the word “smart” as in “smartphone” is also CODE-4 “44” and our old baseball legend Hank Aaron who they did “kill” with the vax, wore #44.

        On Monday July 12, 2021, all PLAYERS and COACHES at the ALL-STAR GAME workouts, wore #44 to “honor HANK AARON”? Got NEWS for ya’ll, that #44 aint got nuttin to do with Hammerin Hank and everything to do with “KILL”. The ALL-STAR festivities are held this year at COORS FIELD in DENVER, you know, where nearly everyone flies into DENVER INTER-NATIONAL home of the “kill em all” murals? Notice the gas mask on the jack boot thug with the gun?

        Now Hank Aaron died on January 22, 2021 just “12” days before his 87th birthday and was it the “12th’ of July wear MLB had everyone wearing #44? Now since Hank died before his birthday, they would say he was “86” and “86” is code-4 DEAD, a reference to a grave that is 8 feet long and 6 feet deep and well 3 feet wide for a standard cubic footage grave of 144 cubic feet, oops, there’s that number again!

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        For some reason, this decidedly ROMAN CATHOLIC NAME list left out MARCUS ANTONIUS usually referred to as MARC ANTONY and that F%^$KING TONY EVERS!

        BTW, the ALL CAPS letters on the professional sports personnel JERSEYS, signifies “IN PERSONA” i.e. ACTING AS A CORPORATE FICTION. One might say “In the MATRIX”.

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        Now with all written words lately about “graphene”, it is worth noting that there is another foregotten word “grapheme” (single letter in a writing system) and pencil lead is made of graphite and every crisis needs “charts” and “graphs” to explain the plunder of yore assets. BTW “Char” means “blackened” but also means “King” and is sometimes spelled “Shar” or “Sar” as in “SARS” (KINGS).

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        More proof from the old Akkadian common tongue that the word “Sar” means King is that the first King of Akkad was “Sargon” and even the modern Hebrew name “Sarah” means “Princess”, i.e. Daughter of the King”, so don’t none a ya go a gettin’ Sarcastic wit me about why the “Shark” aint the King of the Ocean just cause Wiki says it’s the Salmon-ella!


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