The future of the blog

Steve Kelly and I had a chance to get together for dinner with our families this past week. We were in the area, staying at Chico Hot Springs, so Steve and company came over from Bozeman to join us. It was a wide-ranging two-plus hour affair, the wait staff too polite to remind us to move to a different venue. We discussed many things. One of them was Stephers, from our perspective, extremely bright, young and diligent. Her posts are bringing in a new audience, something I think of as a “happy problem.” Something else I’ve noticed, her posts have a much longer shelf life than mine.

I cannot write for that audience. As I told Steve, new feet do tend to step on old hands. He and I are the same age, and each bring a different perspective to this blog.

More importantly, we need not only that audience, but Stephers and the energy and information she brings to us. All I am doing with this post is trying to come up with a way to rearrange the blog to accommodate her and her audience, and Steve and I and our stuff. (Steve, I might add, is far more attune to Stephers’ insights and jargon than I am.)

Here is where I am at: I’ve made a conscious decision to stop writing about Covid and the vaccine, as it is covered already and I cannot add anything to it. The body of information is growing, and will continue to do so. I had no idea a year ago that we would have a writer named Stephers or that we’d be talking about graphene. That has to go on, has to take center stage, as it matters.

Fortunately, I am somewhat tired, and do not suffer ego fits. I was able, on July 4, to sit down with the iPad and write about Yellowstone and my lifetime of experiences there, and it was fun and rewarding. It turned into something different in the comments, but I don’t mind that even as I am not sure how it happened. But I realized after I did that that it was what I enjoy doing, merely sitting down with an idea and watching it blossom before my eyes. I am fortunate in that regard, as I think with my fingers. Words appear on the screen and I read them before anyone else. I watch others struggle in that regard, overwrought and frustrated at not being able to translate thoughts and feelings into words. I sympathize, but cannot fix that problem.

I get emails from Drs. Kaufman and Cowen, but have stopped going to those sites.  It was becoming tedious, and left me empty, nothing to add, nothing to write about. I know they are doing good and important work, and I hope they are the real deal. I am always cautious when people become “go-to” and become the source of all knowledge and wisdom, so I am going to ignore them as much as possible. Somehow I manage to stay atop things even as I am adrift, so my life without K&C will not change.

One thing I would like to do is change the face of the blog. Maarten is not with us anymore. Tyrone is a writer emeritus, and will stay on the banner as long as he likes, but really, now, there are only three of us. Graphene is drawing great attention and has brought out the censors and “shadowbanners” in great numbers. I take it we are on to something, but I cringe at the power we are up against. If, by chance, you find one day the blog is gone, well, we had a great run. I long ago gave up the fantasy of self-government or individual rights. The Bill of Rights was just a virtue signal, but never taken seriously by people with real power.

In the meantime, when I write, which will be less often, it will be my writing of old, things that cross my mind, place I’ve been, maybe even some insight now and then. Climate Change is still an important issue to me, speaking of power. Nothing is changing around us, but everyone I know has this sense of pending doom and damnation, the power of agitation propaganda writ large. I will quote again Edward Bernays, from his near century-old book, Propaganda:

The systematic study of mass psychology revealed to students the potentialities of invisible manipulation of motives which actuate man in the group. Trotter and Le Bon, who approached the subject in a scientific manner, and Graham Wallas, Walter Lippmann, and others who continued with searching study of the group mind, established that the group has mental characteristics distinct from those of the individual, and is motivated by impulses and emotions which cannot be explained on the basis of what we know of individual psychology. So the question naturally arose: If we understood the mechanism and motives of the group mind, is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it?

To “control and regiment masses” was the objective nearly 100 years ago. They’ve had that much time, they are that far ahead of us. With those close to me, I see with Climate Change that they are controlled and regimented. I point out to them that all that is needed is to look at the basic facts … temperatures, sea levels, forest fires, sea ice in Greenland, the Artic and Antarctica, the health of the Great Barrier Reef, and one I noticed just recently, Siberia, where a woman told me the whole region has been destroyed (!).  It does not matter. People are thought-controlled, brainwashed, and will be the last to know. As the old saying goes, those not reasoned in cannot be reasoned out.

So what to do? I will continue to write as I have in the past, and live my own life as I see I must live it, outside the mainstream, coasting. This blog will move forward, often without me, and I am OK with that. I’ll also try and fix up its appearance. We ain’t done yet, but know what we are up against.

35 thoughts on “The future of the blog

  1. I hope you do carry on writing, Mark, as do a host of others, not detracting from Stephers but her pieces can be very wearying on the eyes especially when one gets past 50, so much so that one has to read them a bit at a time.
    Now I think I’ll play Aerosmith’s “Dream on”……Every time I look into the mirror…


    1. Siberia is OK, I am sure. She is a naturalist, and came around to inventory our property, a birthday gift to my wife. She started going on about how with huge windmill farms we are making a hard choice, but the right one, and I said something like they being medieval technology with enormous footprints and she disagreed, saying that we are making hard but correct choices, Siberia was currently being destroyed, she said, devastated.She is full of shit, but this is how it is done, to select distant venues that people cannot visit and see for themselves, like Antarctica or the Artic, the Great Barrier Reef, and say they are going to hell, because local venues like Yellowstone are fine and can be visited and so serve no propaganda purpose. I sent her NASA green foliage maps from 2016 showing that Siberia is thriving … to no effect, of course.

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  2. Well put, Mark. That reminds me of a little tune from my “checkered past.”

    I don’t know where I’m going
    I don’t know where I’ve been
    ‘Cause I haven’t seen my baby
    Since I don’t know when

    I’m walking down that long road
    With a smile up on my face
    I’m broken hearted
    But you won’t see a trace

    Feeling disconnected
    These blues are out to kill
    Sweep them in the corner
    Put ’em in the bin

    Alright so you don’t sympathize
    Don’t expect that you should
    Walk right for one day you might
    Run into this patch of gray clouds too

    Alright so you don’t sympathize
    I don’t expect that you should
    Stay bright for one day you might
    Run into this patch of gray clouds too

    Gravel in my pockets
    From the places I have been
    The soles of my shoes are paper thin

    I got sand here in my pockets
    From the place that I come from
    That’s where I’m going
    So I’ll say so long, yeah
    – Rory Gallagher


  3. A million years ago, when I thought I wanted to be a syndicated newspaper cartoonist (the prospect of which makes me gag now), I studied how to make a successful comic strip. Start with a few characters and a very specific, narrow premise. Hammer away at it for years and years. You might allow it to grow organically, bringing in new characters and themes and so on, until you have a comic strip as richly populated as Peanuts or Doonesbury or Bloom County. Or, you may be content to just repeat yourself day after day and do Garfield. Or, within that narrow premise and limited cast of characters, you may have the skill and imagination to bring tremendous variety and originality, like Bill Watterson did with Calvin and Hobbes.

    Though I know you and Steve and Stephers are real people (and have corresponded privately with two of you), I experience you as characters when I read this blog. When it was mostly just you and Steve, it was Calvin and Hobbes. Stephers has turned it into more of a Doonesbury or Bloom County. Maybe a new look would be appropriate, but personally, I think the variety and quirkiness of the content is a huge part of this blog’s appeal.


  4. I was not trying to be sarcastic re. Siberia.
    If someone says it’s destroyed via Climate Change or mass African invasion…it would be interesting to know where they get this idea.

    As far as you and Steve…I’ve always welcomed the counter balance of “Covid” with other more humanistic and natural issues.

    I drive up to Alaska several years ago to take in nature. Some of us relate to nature. The entire 3000 mile one way trip!!

    In a little Ford Ranger one can pull aside and watch a mother Black Bear and her three cubs eating like crazy the wild dandelions in a beautiful open field. I took it all in and would do again today if not for GD hoax. Canada is CLOSED! And Banff and Jasper?? God-given beauty.

    So Steve, I very much appreciate your input. Sincerely.

    Much better than BLM destroying a Target!! And leftist Pieces of $#@% who organize it all.

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  5. Mark, Steve…

    If you have to go, please humor us all with a random input.

    Why the Hell not? If you breathe, surely you can type.

    Because we like you.


  6. Mark, you have a great written voice, so please use it for things that interest you, like the batches. 🙂 The same for Steve, who keeps us abreast of the natural world and natural phenomena. As others have noted, you have created a site that ties together many threads, and comments that add value. Viva POM!


  7. Wise and generous words that no bot could come within a million miles of! Stephers’ work is far reaching, technologically and philosophically (in a True, love-of-wisdom way) challenging. Actually, she fits here so well because you are willing to enable others to stand on your firm shoulders. Hopefully the blog will duck & dive (or switch to email newsletter?) so we can continue to benefit from your humanity and wisdom. God bless you all.


  8. Hi there, Siberia is interesting on many levels. You must know, there is no tree there older than some 240 years. That means in the middle of the 18-th century something heavy happened which also allowed Vatican back then to implement their NWO. They usually work in NWO’s (new world order) to make people think, the new WO will be better than the old WO. The history of Europe was forged at the beginning of the 20-th century. They erased the existence of the land of Asen and Vanen in books, old folks which lived in the Europe from what we now identify as France to Russia using a common language known later as old Saxon dialect. Tartaria was part of this land, where people more or less peacefully lived without Pope and Vatican and all this stuff. You will find some pages in the old issues of Encyclopedia Britannica about this historical facts. I have the 3-rd edition from 1797 as pdf. In the later issues it is all gone. So the theory is, something heavy happened in the middle of the 18-th century which allowed Vatican to sell his NWO to the survivors. Some years later the France Revolution happened and USA was created. It now seems that Vatican is losing control. Putin somehow made Russia independent and no longer obeys the pope. When he ecently visited him, he first met with Berlosconi for breakfast and let the Pope wait. Which demonstrates the shift of power. You know the picture where Pope kisses the hand of Rockefeller and is closely being watched by Rothschild and Kissinger?


    1. I bought this Encyclopedia Britannica pdf’s on ebay for a couple of Eur.
      Someone scanned it automatically, some pages are not readable, but other than that it’s fascinating stuff which goes back to 18-th century. There is no mention of Einstein until 1925. The other stuff I remember from different sources. Some of it you can google for sure. Also check the history of the land of Asen and Vanen (engl. terms may be different) , old German folks living in the Area of Europa before Vatican implemented there kingdoms and states. The name Jerusalem comes from a German city Salem, Vatican from old Saxon dialect term “vatti kann”, meaning the “Father can do”. The Easter Bunny (German Hase) collecting Easter Eggs comes from (H)Ase (the folk mentioned above), Ostara (Eastern) and the last snowballs in the Spring. The connection to Jesus was later artificially made by Vatican. They wrote the New Testament because they couldn’t sell the Old Testament to the people of Asen. To read about that you need to find books written before 1920 and they are printed in the old German fonts which makes it hard to read. And there aren’t many left anymore.


      1. All history is manufactured and most historical characters have never existed.

        People like Plato, Aristotele, all greek philosophers, even Giordano Bruno…fake.
        It’s all fake. All a lie.
        The catholic religion and Islam were created by Jewish high priests living in Rome to divide and conquer and control people everywhere and they succeded, the Roman Empire wasn’t as powerful and big and ancient as official history tells us, same goes for the Greeks. Alessandro Magno never existed, Homer and all the rest.
        We’ve been told lies all along.
        I mean look at the Colosseum, at the roman ruins everywhere in the Mediterreanean area, do they look so ancient to you?
        Not a chance. When I saw Rome for the first time, I was 9 and on a schooltrip, a voice in my head said “This stuff is from the Middle Age, it can’t be 2500 years old, come on”. And I was right.
        Fomenko came along many years after to confirm what I already knew and felt.

        I threw away all my history books and bought books that tried to find out the truth about our history through honest and rigorous research.

        Thanks Barbara for conferming what I’ve been thinking and studying for a long time now.


  9. Please please please post PDF! If too large for this site, kindly post link to where one can download it.

    I love old historical stuff..really.

    Thank you, Barb.


    1. Add me to the PDF list as well.

      Have done some digging on this period but it isn’t easy. Massive earth changes happened in 1600s and 1800s. The mid 1800s experienced what are known as the mud floods which may have been the demise of Tartaria and what became known as Orphan Trains. There is info out there but every time I get into the search some new BS event presents itself. Would love to see the whole volume!


      1. That’s true Wayne G. There is lots of BS added to it now. You have to find old books printed before 1920. I’m still looking for something presentable. All I have is some short mentions of it from old lexicons. That’s how they changed the history of Europe and that’s how they changed the history of Vatican too. I’m convinced the valuable stuff is still in the archives of Vatican and maybe in some private hands and will see the light some day.


  10. Changing of the guard. Please, Stephers, don’t go off the deep end. I like Bismarck and I like Mark and Steve.


  11. Thank you to everyone who writes on this blog! I try to read as much as I can. So much so, that my gf always asks me if I’m reading the orange blog.

    Mark, I hope you continue to write about what interests you.

    I am still so fascinated by the twins, clones, etc. work that you have done. As someone who spent years in LA chasing an impossible dream, I find it comforting to know that I never had a chance. Do you have any more thoughts or ideas about that subject?

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  12. Brad Pitt, as far as I know, appeared in he movie Thelma and Louise as a full-formed star. He had been cloned for that purpose, and had trained since a very young age to act and be a star. He was not spotted by a talent scout. He was ready made. No one else ever had a chance. No one other than those connected by means of family and cloning ever have a chance. This is true of all of them, all preselected. They give them fake bio’s and all of that to make it appear as though they came from he grassroots, poor backgrounds, working menial jobs (Harrison Ford a carpenter – give me a break).

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    1. The stars are always from small towns that no one has ever heard of, and started off in school plays, or sang in the church choir. No big cities or connections for this hard-scrabble lot. Dad was a baker and mom a school teacher, junior had a paper route. The random Schwab’s Drugstore or Sunset Boulevard discovery makes much more sense than having centuries of dominance and breeding going in, don’t it? Meritocracy is a thing. I mean, the Voice!!!

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      1. Madonna sang at a skeevy / sleezy bar in Spokane Washington called “The Bigfoot Tavern”.

        I can smell the sour bar rags and cigarettes as I type this 🙂

        And her boy toy Ashton Kutcher grew up in Cedar Rapids Iowa…where corn is king.

        I know exactly what you are talking about.

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        1. She didn’t get booked for a gig there. Madonna was apart of a scene in the movie Vision Quest and made her music video for the song “Crazy For You” which was her second #1 single, even though she didn’t write the song. Although there are famous musicians that have played the dive bar circuit during their early years. I assume that’s pre planned to give an artist street cred and make it look like they payed their dues to the public many years later. That agenda was being done up to 2019 with the Rock bands. They would have the local radio stations bring in a so called new upcoming band to play a show at a local dive bar. Then the following year most of those bands were playing stadiums.

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    2. Hi Mark, they always use their own people. Sometimes they let one generation rest unknown and then take the offspring for their projects. We have a German Greta now, a Luisa Neubauer, who is told to come from a family of healthcare workers. But her Grandma was once married to a Reemtsma, which are part of the Rockefeller clan. Do you know the picture showing the current Pope kissing the hand of David Rockefeller and being closely watched by Jacob Rothschild and Henry Kissinger and some other powerful people? You better google it yourself. It’s funny what all the fact checkers write about that. Vatican is The Firm and it is being controlled by some very few people we would never connect to it. All the media, politicians, judges and courts work for The Firm. There is no independent law nowhere.

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    1. Looks like a fun place to me. Suggest a meet there for a Sierra Bigfoot Ale during barleywine season. I got first round. Maybe we’ll discover the next Jack Nicholson or Stevie Nicks? Forming a production company is easy. We can put on a show at the barn to raise funds for the copyright lawyers.

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  13. Does someone know an archive where Barb can upload her old Encyclopedia Brittanica?? I’m sure we’d all chip in a few Euro for the secrets of pre-history..!


      1. From volume 2, C-L, Encyclopaedia Brittanica —

        ‘CORONA, among anatomists, denotes the glans penis where the preputium begins. See ANATOMY’

        Where’s Wang?

        PS The lowercase s’s are like a lowercase f, unless a word ends in s in the volumes.


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