Meet the Graphene Industry’s Superhero, Mr. G: Friend or Foe?

Is Mr. G a superhero or a villain — or both, or somewhere in between? If he is a friend, then to whom? If he is a foe, then what could be his goals?

This is not a survey, nor a yay or nay poll. If readers would like to offer a response or take a specific stance, please do your best to substantiate your insights with evidence (preferably primary sources, such as scientific literature, industry white papers, or news releases from academia).

Whimsical and esoteric comments pertinent to the linked video (less than three minutes long) are welcome too. However, please be respectful to both me and Mr. G.

For brief context, the video above was produced by the Graphene Flagship (credited at the end of the animated production) nearly ten years ago. For added context (and further potential analysis) please watch this 7-minute presentation (from 2018) on the purported wonders of graphene.


P.S. To provide even greater context . . . See Alison McDowell’s Twitter and Facebook accounts featuring updates on graphene-related information (#AllEyesOnGraphene), in addition to a sneak preview she graciously provided of her upcoming presentation in Utica, NY with Drs. Cowan and Kaufman. Also, review the following link that fellow POM writer, Steve K, embedded in a comment on July 6, 2021 on my previous post:

Who makes this (graphene oxide) stuff, anyway? Bigger than I imagined.

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    1. Here’s the “old Dugan.”

      “We got to do a lot of epic shit when I was at DARPA,” Dugan said onstage at D11. But the stuff she is working on at Motorola is pretty cool (and totally creepy!) too:

      An electronic tattoo that can be used to authenticate a user instead of some flimsy password. It’s made by a company called MC10 that Motorola is partnering with, and Dugan is wearing it on her own arm.
      Another option in a similar vein: Vitamin authentication. Dugan shows a pill that can be ingested and then battery-powered with stomach acid to produce an 18-bit internal signal. After that, the swallower’s whole body becomes a password.

      This IS the context.


      1. This is “esoteric” but not off topic, something I read about years ago: Motorola (MSI) is a publicly traded stock, yet perhaps 95% of that stock has never changed hands, belonging to one family (whose name I forget). The stock traded publicly is only like 5% of the company, and this is not at all unusual.

        Trust me, I could be full of shit. Memories are not trustworthy.

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          1. “Blackrock and Vanguard are both Rockefeller companies.”
            Can you document this statement? Inquiring minds want to know…


            1. OM –

              On the influence of Vanguard, you may find this story intriguing (for lack of a better word). This gets into some esoteric and “woo-woo” weeds; so, this information may not be for everyone. Nevertheless . . . . . .

              If you can be patient with my preface, I think you will eventually see where I am headed with this obscure information, and how it directly relates to Vanguard.

              On the very day that the “coronavirus” was declared (by the WHO) to be a pandemic (, I read an article about the coronavirus in the Allentown Morning Call
              (, which featured a woman named Jenn Hunsicker ( She was simply someone being interviewed. It would appear to most that she was random, but I looked into her and the name, Hunsicker.

              Jenn Hunsicker’s father-in-law is named Douglas Hunsicker (

              Interestingly, there was a fictional Douglas Hunsiker (note one letter off, missing the “c”). You can read the fandom page about him: He was directly responsible for spreading a global pandemic.

              Of related, but more esoteric note, I found much more on this Hunsicker family in Allentown, Pa. — with regard to their involvement in law enforcement, prison corrections, Rotary, Masons and Royal Arcanum. They are considered nobility in the area, and have a building named for them. (I don’t have this information handy, but I could find it if of interest, or you can search it yourself).

              So, this is where it gets a little more interesting . . .

              There is a man named Andrew Hunsicker — also of Pennsylvania, but I did not see any direct familial connection to Jenn and/or Douglas (the real-life Douglas, that is). You can read an article (from 2018) about him: Here is the imdb profile of Andrew Hunsicker:
     Of particular note, he starred as “Rufus” in a low-budget 2018 film, Epidemic. As is asserted in the article above, the movie, Epidemic, was shot “in the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley regions and featured *Douglassville {my note: notice the name of the town}, Berks County, resident Andrew Hunsicker.”*

              Here is a trailer of the 2018 film, Epidemic, featuring Andrew Hunsicker as the star:

              But here is the clincher . . . Andrew Hunsicker (the very same guy who starred in Epidemic) has a regular day job that he has held for 34 years. He works for Vanguard.

              Company Name
              The Vanguard Group
              Dates Employed
              May 1987 – Present
              Employment Duration
              34 yrs 3 mos
              I manage the Six Sigma, Contingency and Data Security programs for a large financial department.


              1. OM –

                As if not already seeming occult-ish . . . the actor, David Hewlett – who I may have to circle back on given his notable bio ( – who portrayed Douglas Hunsiker in Rise of The Planet of the Apes, also played Dr. Rodney McKay in the Stargate series(s) ( “Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay, better known as Rodney McKay, due to his dislike of his real first name (he is called ‘Meredith’ or ‘Mer’ by his sister and briefly ‘Rod’ by Dr. Daniel Jackson), is a brilliant astrophysicist, and one of the leading experts on not only the Stargate and wormhole physics, but also Ancient and nanite technology in both the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies.” Yes, please note NANITE TECHNOLOGY.

                I could head further into this rabbit hole (or rather, wormhole), but I sense I may be the only one who may be interested in this intersection of fiction and non-fiction, and where the lines between them can often be blurred, so to speak.


              2. Stephers

                Very nice work. You’ve exposed a perfect little bubble, like one grape on a cluster of characters spawned by (or connected to) the Vanguard tentacle of the whole big octopus. And as often seen, we get some actual movie “characters” as a bonus. Kudos to you and your digging.


    2. what is a superhero? It is he or she who appears when there is a problem?
      What is the problem that Graphene (Mr G.)will solve?
      A superhero who arrives on the scene when he is not necessary is a villain.
      But because there is an unquestioningly blind assumption that more progress in the sciences will save us, Mr. G will appear as a superhero, and like all superheros, he is both feared and loved.
      The writer who can poses the question in such a way gives themselves away:
      they hate what Mr G will be used for, but they cannot shake free of the unquestioning assumption that Mr. G is necessary and useful.

      Further proof in this undying unquestioned belief in “more science will save us” is that the author wants responses that “substantiate your insights with evidence “, primary sources, scientific literature, industry white papers and so on showing once again an absolutely implicit belief in academia and the scientific process.
      By definition, an “insight” pertains to an intuitive understanding, so how one can” substantiate insights with evidence” is not clear. Nor is such an inaccurate choice of words a mere nitpicking detail, since how one uses words reveals so clearly how one really thinks. Note then that if the response is not to be scientific it can be “whimsical or esoteric”
      Are these then our only choices? Scientific silly or so far out there that they cannot be understood?f?


      1. those who wish to respond to my post should be willing to substantiate their claim that science as it is practiced today and that the technological fruits of such science practiced today is necessary for life. Desirable perhaps, unavoidable perhaps, but are they necessary to continue living? You need not be respectful of me but i suggest that before you write you question, from as many angles as possible, your unstated assumptions.


  1. Even if substances are toxic they can have their place, eg, botox has medical application not just cosmetic. I cannot vouch that its medical application is really warranted or doesn’t risk bad side effects but from what I’ve heard it seems OK.

    I think so much of it comes down to context and motive. What context and motive could be worse then injecting people for whatever reason by the use of deception so even if you’re being injected with a substance that won’t hurt you physically, it’s still appalling.

    Wherever the motive and context are wrong, why would be surprised to see toxicity? No doubt graphene has its place, possibly even in our bodies in a particular form for a particular reason (although, of course, very possibly not) but a priori not in injections that have absolutely no good reason to be given to us.

    I wonder what problems it presents in the simple graphene form as opposed to oxide or other combination forms?


    1. Petra –

      With regard to botox – for both cosmetic and medical applications, I am not well-informed. However, I will make an effort to learn more, as I sense there may be various deceptive practices being implemented. My guess is that given the suggested impact of botox on the brain (, it may be involved in brain-machine interface projects (which could potentially be weaponized). It seems evidence of this is scanty, but it is something I have considered.

      Interestingly, though, there may actually be a curious intersection between botox and graphene, aside from the studies indicating that graphene-based biosensors can be used to detect botulinum:

      Accordingly, a very small hint may be implied by the work of a biomedical engineer named Chuan Zhang: I am not sure if you have access to read his Linked in profile. Just in case you do not have access to it – for the past 6 years, Zhang has been involved in the use of therapeutic botox (for pelvic dysfunction). Prior to this work, his profile asserts that he: “Developed and validated the first motor unit number estimation technique for pelvic muscles, serving as an important biomarker for the diagnosis and monitoring of neurodegenerative diseases.” I find that quite interesting, in light of the research on botox and the brain (as indicated above).

      Further, Zhang’s profile outlines some projects in which he has been involved: “Improving the therapeutic effectiveness in treating post-stroke spasticity using functional muscle imaging; Electrophysiological Evaluation of Pelvic Neuromuscular Function in Animal Models; Electromechanical Modeling Approach In Assessing Female SUI; ECG signal compression for wearable devices; Biometric human identification using ECG signals”.

      Most interesting, though, is a 2014 research paper on graphene oxide that he co-authored: “Graphene oxide doped conducting polymer nanocomposite film for electrode-tissue interface”

      With regard to your question {“I wonder what problems it presents in the simple graphene form as opposed to oxide or other combination forms?”}, studies seem to indicate that graphene in its simple (or “pristine”) form does operate differently than graphene oxide (GO), or reduced graphene oxide (a further oxidized form of GO). Following is a March 2021 study comparing the difference in cardiotoxicity between GO and reduced GO: “Graphene Oxide and Reduced Graphene Oxide Exhibit Cardiotoxicity Through the Regulation of Lipid Peroxidation, Oxidative Stress, and Mitochondrial Dysfunction” The March 2021 paper also includes toxicity data on graphene in its non-oxidized form. Hope this is helpful.


      1. Here is information from a comment that I left today on a previous post to commenter, Diego (it may be of interest to readers here):

        From my informed perspective, the key agenda involving graphene and other engineered nanomaterials (mainly carbon-based) is reflected in my post from April 5, 2021: “Part 7: The Endgame ~ One Web to Rule Them All” Additionally, following is a pertinent and comprehensive slide presentation (in which La Quinta Columna is credited) that will be delivered today by my dear friend, Alison McDowell Lastly, this April 2021 article from the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research (involving collaborative research from the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2) and the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) in Spain) is incredibly revealing ~ “Graphene: Everything under control: Research team demonstrates control mechanism for quantum material” See this August 2020 article highlighting the same researcher from the Max Planck Institute (, as it serves as background context, and links the significance of magnetism: Please feel free to pass this crucial information along to Sevillano and Delgado. Thank you, Diego!


        1. Thanks so much for all the links, Stephers. I cannot believe how much research they do on putting stuff into our bodies. And testing all those poor animals to do it. Also, thanks for the info on how to find your articles. I actually clicked on your name before but it seemed to me all your articles didn’t show but I see now they do so I’m not sure why I didn’t see them before. Now that I can see them all I’ll approach Off-Guardian. And pls never feel an obligation to respond – you obviously have so much on your plate – no idea how you manage it all.

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  2. It must all be misdirection. A Nobel prize for picking atoms off a piece of carbon with scotch tape? Surely Duct Tape is the wonder material already…

    Or is AGW and CO2 hatred misdirection, after all? The elites need to choose sides – are they going to hate Carbon or love it once and for all? Maybe they always really hated the Oxygen atoms anyway.


  3. Are these similar to the carbon nanotubes which they will be using to build an elevator to outer space??


    If matter exists in this world, it has 3 Dimensions. And no, I’m not talking about a film projected on a movie screen…I’m talking matter.


    1. Building steps from 2D crystals would be just as feasible, and healthier. Besides, think of the awkwardness of standing there in the space elevator avoiding eye contact for so long.


    2. Here is “Captain Graphene”, Adrian Nixon (Editor of the Nixene Journal), at the American Graphene Summit in Washington DC (May 2019) talking about the ‘killer application’ for graphene (spoiler alert: it’s the “space elevator”):


  4. Let me try to be a bit more specific.

    The “frame,” “narrative,” and marketing of all new products, projects and programs sounds wonderful. A prime example: 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Now, select #3.

    Regina Dugan is CEO of Wellcome Leap.

    The “looks great,” sounds great” frame and narrative is seductive. However, what if the actual intention, motivation and context are hidden from the human herd? What do the powers that should never be care about the human herd?

    Back to the top; imagine for one moment — extrapolate if you will — the Psych research model described in the first link being used for the well-known surveillance and control of the human herd worldwide by simply reverse-engineering the data points, analysis and outcomes. Now, the whole exercise has been weaponized by the very powers that can’t seem to resist weaponizing every new technology that comes along. Too dark? Well, that’s just how the cookie has been crumbling for most of my lifetime. How about you? Do you trust DARPA, Regina Dugan and/or Wellcome Leap with your health? No way of knowing, for sure, but the track record stands in evidence.


    1. Steve, regarding your first link:

      Depression, like all pain, exists for a reason. Pain teaches us to avoid situations or actions that could permanently damage or kill us. The burn we get from getting too close to fire or putting a hand on a hot stove conditions us against that behavior for the rest of our lives. Depression is a direct result of cutting ourselves off from our true natures. Isolation, meaningless and unchallenging work, sedentary lifestyles spent filling our heads with pop culture garbage, eating crappy non-nutritious foods—all the conditions of modern life we’re expected to accept, or simply resign ourselves to—lead directly, and quite understandably, to depression. Depression isn’t an enemy, it is a messenger, meant to prompt healthy changes in behavior.

      That’s one way of looking at it. Or, you can accept the utterly absurd underlying assumptions of the pharmaceutical industry and medical cartel. Pain—sickness—discomfort of any kind is a terrifying enemy, and we must cower under the protection of Science and Medicine in order to avoid it all costs.Once you do that, articles like the one you link to are all too happy to lead you down various complicated scientific and intellectual paths that will keep you diverted for hours, days, years, an entire lifetime, searching for ways to fight an enemy that—in a sane world—wouldn’t be an enemy at all.

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      1. Agree in total. As I define it, depression is merely our brains saying to us “Please, make changes.” There’s nothing genetic about it, entirely circumstantial. Consult, of you will, Tokarski, Mark, first marriage, circa 1973.


      2. I am not making my thoughts clear. I am suggesting that the Wellcome Leap program/model being designed to treat depression can easily, with full intention from square #1, be reverse-engineered to CREATE depression, whereby CREATING a massive emerging market for “the cure,” which will make somebody $multi- billions. Imagine taking depression from 30% of the population to, let’s say 50%. Goldman Sachs is probably already “on it.”

        Like the swab/test/ventilator/mask/”vaccine” program created/engineered/marketed, etc., making somebody $multi-billions. This, IMO, is how “they” roll –repeatedly.


        1. Steve, guess I wasn’t making my thoughts clear. I didn’t think for one second that you were promoting the Wellcome Leap. I think it’s pretty well understood around here that the Medical Nazis always create bigger and more insidious problems than the ones they claim they’re trying to solve for us.


          1. When was last time a Dr. recommended an apple or celery juice in lieu of Taco Hell or Burger Ream??


  5. Hey all (Steve, Petra, Michael, and Rastus) – I am unavailable most of the day today, so I cannot reply thoughtfully and in detail. Please know I appreciate your insights and collaborative efforts, and I will reply later today or tomorrow. Thank you for understanding.

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    1. That’s an impressive group of slides that Alison has prepared. One of them, #15, touched me in a special way.

      Two contrasting pictures paired. “Sacred Mutualism”, depicting a sense of community grown from rooting into earth, and being in balance with nature and others. That image competes with “Engineered Isolation”, a machine-led world in which identity is achieved through connection to devices and programs, and “trust” is virtual.

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      1. Petra –

        FYI – I am doing my best to catch up on comments from the past two days. Thank you so much for your patience. As a full-time mom and homesteader, family life with my children and animals is my priority, and has been occupying my time. In that respect, I have a lot going on at the moment. Some days I have no online access, or minimal access. That said, I just want to tell you that if you go to the home page of POM – in the left column (at least in the layout on my laptop, and in the browser I use), it lists the POM contributors. Under “Stephers” you will see all of my posts (about 30 or so). There are only two pieces missing (from April 2020), as I was a guest contributor, and they appear under Mark’s name. Hope this helps . . . Thank you so much for your continued interest!



    Some highlights from the above 2016 article:

    ‘GFNs entry paths,
    GFNs reach various locations through blood circulation or biological barriers after entering the body, which results in varying degrees of retention in different organs. Due to their nanosize, GFNs can reach deeper organs by passing through the normal physiological barriers, such as the blood-air barrier, blood-testis barrier, blood-brain barrier and blood-placental barrier.

    Blood-air barrier
    The lungs are a potential entrance for graphene nanoparticles into the human body through airway. The inhaled GO nanosheets can destroy the ultrastructure and biophysical properties of pulmonary surfactant (PS) film, which is the first line of host defense, and emerge their potential toxicity [54]. The agglomerated or dispersed particles deposit on the inner alveolar surface within the alveoli and then be engulfed by alveolar macrophages (AMs) [55]. Clearance in the lungs is facilitated by the mucociliary escalator, AMs, or epithelial layer [56–58]. However, some small, inhaled nanoparticles infiltrate the intact lung epithelial barrier and can then transiently enter the alveolar epithelium or the interstitium [59, 60]. Intratracheally instilled graphene can redistribute to the liver and spleen by passing through the air-blood barrier [61]. The study of blood-air barrier may draw an intensive attention, since the researchers and workers occupational exposure of GFNs usually through inhalation. To make clear how the blood-air barrier plays a role in the toxicity of GFNs may become a research hot topic.

    Blood-brain barrier
    The intricate arrangement of the blood-brain barrier, consisting of numbers of membrane receptors and highly selective carriers, only exerts subtle influence on blood circulation and the brain microenvironment compared to the peripheral vascular endothelium [62]. The research on the mechanism of blood-brain barrier had made some progress involved in diseases and nanotoxicity. Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) revealed that rGO, with an average diameter of 342 ± 23.5 nm, permeated through the paracellular pathway into the inter-endothelial cleft in a time-dependent manner by decreasing the blood-brain barrier paracellular tightness [63]. In addition, graphene quantum dots (GQDs), with a small size of less than 100 nm, can cross through the blood-brain barrier [64]. Studies on how graphene materials pass through the blood-brain barrier and cause neurotoxicity are very rare, and more data are needed to draw a conclusion.

    Blood-testis barrier
    The blood-testis and blood-epididymis barriers are well known for being some of the tightest blood-tissue barriers in the mammalian body [65]. GO particles with diameters of 54.9 ± 23.1 nm had difficulty penetrating the blood-testis and blood-epididymis barriers after intra-abdominal injection, and the sperm quality of the mice was not obviously affected even at 300 mg/kg dosage [66].

    Blood-placenta barrier
    The placental barrier is indispensable in maintaining pregnancy, as it mediates the exchange of nutrients and metabolic waste products, exerts vital metabolic functions and secretes hormones [67]. A recent review suggested that the placenta does not provide a tight barrier against the transfer of nanoparticles to foetuses, specifically against the distribution of carbonaceous nanoparticles to and in the foetus [42]. It was suggested that rGO and gold particles (diameter of 13 nm) are barely present or are absent in the placenta and foetus in late gestation after intravenous injection [44, 68]. However, other reports showed that transplacental transfer does occur in late gestational stages [69, 70]. Much attention had been paid to the developmental toxicity of nanomaterials, and reports showed that many nanoparticles did cross the placental barrier and strongly influenced the development of embryos [71–75]. But studies of the exposure to graphene materials through the placenta barrier are deficient, and how these particles transfer to embryos should be evaluated in detail in the future.

    These four barriers were the most frequently mentioned barriers in the literature, and other barriers have not been evaluated in recent studies, such as skin barriers, which have not been mentioned in any of the hundreds of GFNs toxicity studies searched. Moreover, the mechanism by which GFNs pass through these barriers is not well understood, and more systematic investigations are urgently needed.

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    1. The scotch tape and pencil story on the origins of Mr. G is comical to say the least. The scheming parasite always wallpapers an unbelievable origin story over its malevolent intent.

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      1. I’m not sure the origin story is fake. Graphene really is only carbon and perhaps in its pure carbon form it’s not dangerous although I have no idea. It might only be when it’s mixed with other elements (GFNs) that it becomes dangerous or perhaps even in its pure carbon form it’s dangerous too simply because of the molecular configuration and nano particle size, I don’t know.


      2. Seeing the word “parasite” in your comment on tape triggered a random memory in my mind. Somewhere as a parent I read that a test for pinworms when suspected is to apply scotch tape to the perianal area.


  7. Greg,

    Its not just energy…but all things.

    Local minimart wanted $26 for a 12 pack of Stella beer!!!

    Inflation (ie destruction of one’s purchasing power using “dollar”) affects, or will affect, everything.

    It’s criminal for sure. If ” virus” doesn’t fsk you, there are other means!!


  8. I put this together for a few friends, sorry it isn’t meticulous research but perhaps it may be of value for someone:

    (see Newest entry is “Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: ‘The Spike protein is nothing more than graphene inside your body and spiking you’” )

    But I have gotten diverted into searching out info about glutathione and NAC, because of this, a quote from
    …”What we have discovered is that glutathione reduces and oxidizes, that is, eliminates the graphene oxide. That’s why we are convinced that precisely the graphene oxide was the cause of the COVID-19 disease that was introduced, silently and stealthily in the 2019 anti-flu campaign globally. And they caused, with the subsequent electromagnetic bidding that everyone knows —with the famous 5G switch-on, the tests— the fashionable disease.” …

    I am storing the below info for myself and thought others might find it useful, too.

    First off, they say that taking glutathione supplements directly is useless because the stomach acids destroy it. So N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) works better because it’s a precursor that your body turns into glutathione.

    Below is a collection of quotes and links about diet, dosage, and some previous findings as to effects:
    Glutathione Diet
    The Foods That Will Boost Your Glutathione
    The glutathione diet includes the foods and supplements needed to boost your bodies glutathione levels. These essentially work as immune boosting foods.
    The list includes sulfur rich foods. This makes up the flypaper component of glutathione. Being sticky, it will attract and hold on to the toxins and heavy metals in our bodies. It also holds the two cysteine molecules together making them cysteine. This is the hardest to get of the three building blocks of glutathione.
    These sulfur containing foods also to some extent contain cysteine. To benefit, they need to be eaten raw. Cysteine is a very fragile molecule and it is easily destroyed when heated.
    Note: One of the best ways to start with the raw food diet involves getting the best blender on the planet. Click on the pick just to the right to learn more.
    Why Eat Raw Foods
    Raw foods have enzymes that aid in digestion. Heating foods can destroy these enzymes. This results in a need for the body to produce enzymes to digest the cooked foods. This leads to toxicity, over eating, and excess consumption. (research citation needed)
    Common sense tells us that it takes less energy to digest white bread than whole grain. We know that ounce for ounce, raw grain has more dietary benefit than when it is processed into bread. It also takes more body energy to digest the grain than the bread.
    The result is more food value and less caloric value. Less by virtue of the energy required to digest it.
    Some foods can be heated to temperatures less than 300 degrees and not lose nutritional value (citation needed).
    The benefits, clear skin, increased energy and minimizing common illnesses.
    The Negatives
    Eating raw foods may eliminate the chemicals used as preservatives and the risk of additives that could be harmful like MSG. This benefit is replaces with another risk. Many foods from other countries may use pesticides that would be outlawed in your county.
    Thus, in order to improve your health you are potentially increasing your exposure to harmful chemicals.
    Also, many of the foods we eat are depleted from the vary minerals that are essential to our heath. This could be from over farming the land.
    Now on to the glutathione boosting foods.
    Glutathione Diet Basics
    Water Cures Protocol Pure water and the electrolytes found in unprocessed salt on their own can increase your glutathione dramatically. This costs almost nothing. More importantly, GSH is dependent on hydration. The better hydrated you are, the easier the time your body will have making glutathione.
    Next in importance are the sulfur containing foods.
    Sulfur Containing Foods
    • garlic
    • kale
    • onions
    • broccoli
    • kale
    • water cress
    • cabbage
    • asparagus
    • brussel sprouts
    Dairy Products
    • unpasteurized milk (should be hormone and antibiotic free)
    • ricotta cheese
    • cottage cheese
    • yogurt
    • eggs
    • milk (decreased in pasteurized milk)
    • whey protein (undenatured bio active)
    • wheat germ
    • granola
    • oats
    • oat flakes
    • pork
    • sausage meat
    • chicken
    • turkey
    • duck
    Note: the heat used to prepare any of the above foods is usually sufficient to destroy the cysteine. Therefor, the benefits would be minimal.
    • Watermelon
    Foods / Supplements with Cysteine to Boost Glutathione
    • Raw Eggs (cooking and high speed blending can destroy the cysteine)
    • Fish Oil
    • Alpha lipolic acid
    • b12, folate, b6, critical for producing glutathione and great for helping manage stress. They also work as a mild diuretic.
    • Selenium We need two hundred mcg a day. Get from 2 Brazil Nuts
    Take to much and you can get sick. Best source, two Brazil Nuts a day. One theory is that for men, if you eat two Brazil Nuts a day you will die of something other than Prostate Cancer. A two nut maintenance diet is a whole lot more fun to take than a pill in the morning.
    • milk thistle There are a number of studies that show the benefit.
    • Exercise…regular start slowly and build up to thirty minutes a day.
    The Glutathione Diet will continue to grow as we do further research. Keep coming back.


    General Dosing and Safety Guidelines
    NAC is widely available as an oral dietary supplement and is relatively inexpensive. Unfortunately, it’s rather poorly absorbed when taken orally. According to some studies,26,27 oral bioavailability may range between 4 and 10 percent. Its half-life is also in the neighborhood of two hours, which is why most study subjects take it two or three times a day.
    Due to its poor bioavailability, the recommended dosage can go as high as 1,800 mg per day. No maximum safe dose has yet been determined, but as a general rule, it’s well-tolerated, although some do experience gastrointestinal side effects such as nausea, diarrhea or constipation. Should this occur, reduce your dosage. It’s also best taken in combination with food, to reduce the likelihood of gastrointestinal effects.
    Also keep in mind that since NAC boosts glutathione, which is a powerful detox agent, you may experience debilitating detox symptoms if you start with too high a dose. To avoid this, start low, with say 400 to 600 mg once a day, and work your way up. Also, if you are currently taking an antidepressant or undergoing cancer treatment, be sure to discuss the use of NAC with your physician, as it may interact with some antidepressants and chemotherapy.

    N-Acetylcysteine Benefits and Side Effects
    16 November 2012 By superfoods Leave a Comment
    The N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) molecule is a derivative of the sulfur-containing amino acid cysteine. It is a stable form of cysteine that works as an antioxidant that supports the immune system of the body that fights off toxins. Within the body, N-Acetylcysteine is converted to intracellular glutathione, the body’s premier antioxidant. Studies have demonstrated the NAC has a important role to play in the management of cancer, HIV, heart disease, heavy metal toxicity, and other diseases characterised by free radical, oxidant damage.
    N-Acetylcysteine Benefits
    N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) has been used successfully to treat glutathione deficiency in a wide range of infections, genetic defects and metabolic disorders, including HIV infection and COPD. Several studies have shown that NAC can help protect the lungs from carcinogens found in tobacco smoke, maintain the liver against the toxic effects of alcohol, and reduce toxic side effects of some medicines used to treat cancer. To treat drug-induced liver toxicity NAC is an effective therapy for acetaminophen poisoning.
    Along with glycine and glutamic acid N-Acetylcysteine is a precursor to glutathione, which is the body’s most important cellular antioxidant. Glutathione is important antioxidant produced by the body to help protect against free radical damage, and is a critical factor in supporting a healthy immune system. The liver produces glutathione, an antioxidant, and also other enzymes that shield the body from disease causing toxins and other harmful foreign body that enters the body. NAC helps the liver produce the antioxidant glutathione, and it also produces enzymes that protect the body from disease. When taken internally, N-Acetylcysteine replenishes intracellular levels of the natural antioxidant glutathione, helping to restore cells’ capability to fight damage from reactive oxygen species. Without glutathione, your body’s immune system would be greatly compromised, and left with little defense against toxins and disease.
    Chronic Bronchitis
    Was first developed as a therapeutic for its ability to break up mucus in the lungs in conditions like bronchitis. A meta-analysis was performed on eight randomized controlled trials that have studied N-Acetylcysteine for preventing exacerbations of chronic bronchitis. Doses from 400 to 1200 mg/day were very effective in reducing the risk of bronchitis exacerbations. The mucolytic properties of NAC are due to its capability to liquefy disulfide bonds. By breaking up di-sulfur bonds, N-acetylcysteine shortens the chain-length of mucus proteins, thus thinning the mucus.
    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
    N-Acetylcysteine reduces the frequency and duration of attacks of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and may slow the clinical course of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. According to a study reported in the June 2006 edition of the International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, a 600 mg daily dose of N-Acetylcysteine can be effective in the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In a 2010 study published in the European Respiratory Review, NAC was shown to be influential at reducing symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in patients not using inhaled medications.
    N-Acetylcysteine is used as an antidote for liver toxicity caused by acetaminophen poisoning, which can be life-threatening. Also, shown to be helpful at treating liver failure from other causes. Paracetamol poisoning is induced primarily by depletion of glutathione stores in the liver. Oral n-acetylcysteine is transported to the liver where it counteracts the drop in glutathione levels caused by paracetamol administration. May also play a role in protecting the liver from heavy metal poisoning by copper, mercury, lead, and arsenic.
    Treating HIV patients for 8 weeks with NAC replenishes glutathione, making it a beneficial complementary treatment to boost the immune system, protect against oxidative stress and increase detoxification of medications. “The University of Hawaii” indicates N-Acetylcysteine as part of an antioxidant regimen, is a supplement used by patients afflicted with HIV/AIDS.
    Animal-based studies suggests that NAC has anticarcinogenic and antimetastatic effects. Colon cancer, which has been associated with the growth of abnormal polyps cells, can be prevented with N-Acetylcysteine which discourages the growth of this anomalous tissue. A study reported in February 2002 in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention indicates that taking NAC when you smoke may help inhibit cancer biomarker development.
    N-Acetylcysteine Food Sources
    N-Acetylcysteine is not found naturally in nutrient sources; but cysteine is present in most high protein foods. (N-Acetylcysteine converts into cysteine.) Pork, chicken, sausage, turkey, fish, yogurt, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese contain cysteine. Oat flakes, broccoli, red pepper, soy beans, bananas, garlic, and onion are significant sources of cysteine.
    NAC Dosage
    Typical dosages range of 250-1500 mg a day. NAC can be taken orally in tablet form, or it can be administered intravenously. When taking NAC it is recommended that 2 to 3 times as much vitamin C be taken at the same time.
    N-Acetylcysteine Side Effects

    Overall, N-Acetylcysteine is well tolerated. high doses can cause gastrointestinal disturbances, nausea and vomiting. Although uncommon, important NAC side effects include anaphylaxis, asthma, and hypotension. When taken over a long period, N-Acetylcysteine mineral depletion may call for copper and zinc supplementation in the diet. Remember to talk with your doctor before starting a new supplement.


    1. I think this graphene oxide story released is a huge misdirection into the arms of weird supplements of big pharma. Everyone knows now so in the next few months you’ll start seeing a limited supply of glutathione or NAC precursor supplements. And possibly a giant recall only to be replaced with new proprietary blends.

      What do you guys think about this?


      1. NAC was removed from Amazon around a month ago. I was still able to get it at the local natural food store. A study quoted by Mercola (in an article announcing the Amazon ban) indicated it was beneficial against covid, which if that is actually graphene exposure symptoms, does hint that it is useful for that also.


        1. I’ll definitely be getting a bottle soon just in case.

          This graphene oxide thing sounds like a hoax within a hoax. I suspect a THIRD of the vials have high dosages and the rest either saline or a low dosage solution. Everyone on Facebook and Reddit are going nuts so I suspect it’s more fearmongering.

          I’ve known so many people that got the jab with zero reactions or side effects and others go ballistic. Could be different vial contents across manufacturers or could be immune system dependent.


      2. Miffyx –

        I left a long reply to your comment, but WordPress is not accepting it, and it is now lost. I will attempt to reply again when I have time. This is a test to see if this neutral reply is permitted.


        1. Miffyx –

          Since it seems WordPress accepted my “test” comment . . . I will continue briefly for now. Can you offer any evidence to support your opinion? To clarify . . . Do you think the misdirection is solely for the purpose of financial profit for big pharma? Or do you opine that newer supplements (i.e., NAC) brought to market will be more toxic with undeclared ingredients?


          1. Both. For profit and to sell NAC themselves. I could be wrong though.

            I’m mostly basing this on the whole hydrochloroquine and ivermectin debacle which was clearly a scam to begin with. I remember Patrick Jordan talking about some of the vials could contain a chimeric organic that could basically feed off the effects of this medicine.

            However I don’t know enough about NAC / glutathione to make any other conclusions.


            1. Miffyx –

              I can see how you may compare the two instances; however, HCQ and Ivermectin are allopathic pharmaceuticals, whereas NAC is a non-patentable natural supplement (already produced in the body as an amino acid). While the natural supplement industry is booming, and may frequently be “tainted” by deceptive practices on many levels, I make a clear distinction between the two industries. From my perspective, financial profit is a very low priority for industry in the gigantic scheme of things – although it may not appear as so on the surface. I think we need to dig deeper than profit motives.

              I think the most important thing to keep an eye on is who is not reporting on the graphene oxide information. This should be highly telling. I have previously referenced individuals whom I suspect are controlled opposition; and thus far, they are completely avoiding this topic. There is one healer, though, in particular, who is superficially covering it; yet, sadly, is offering another carbon nanomaterial as part of a “detox protocol.” I truly hope others can see the potential harm in this.


    2. Sarkzi –

      Thank you very much for this input. While I believe it is very safe to consume glutathione through food sources (asparagus being my personal favorite!); according to my preliminary research, I do not concur with the assertion being made by the Spanish researchers from Orwell City: ”What we have discovered is that glutathione reduces and oxidizes, that is, eliminates the graphene oxide.”

      From my lay understanding, when studies indicate that glutathione/glutathione precursors (such as NAC) reduce and oxidize GO, researchers mean it synthesizes another form/derivative called reduced GO. Reduced GO (rGO) is manufactured and utilized in various applications, including in the biomedical domain. It has been demonstrated in some studies that rGO is cardiotoxic (, although toxicity studies on both GO and rGO in the human body are scarce.

      I believe the Spanish researchers are very well-intended, but this is new territory for them, and for most of us (including myself), and we need to be more informed. Sadly, we are left on our own, with very little guidance. I am doing my best, as a holistic healing practitioner, to do my due diligence; and therefore, at this time, I am NOT recommending NAC for un-jabbed individuals. I have experimented on myself (unjabbed, yet experiencing some mild COVID-like symptoms since a hospitalization for acute symptoms in February 2020) for the past week; and if anything, it has surfaced some negative effects. This is my own opinion, for what it’s worth. I have chosen to discontinue its use. I also experimented with glycine, and also felt unwell (experienced an increase in symptoms that had been mild, yet intensified). For the record, I have been taking what I believe are the “cleanest” sources of NAC and glycine. That said, I am not a scientist, and this is purely anecdotal, with very little “controls” being done.

      For jabbed individuals – who may be experiencing serious symptoms – I suggest NAC (for temporary use only) may be helpful in “reducing” the GO, in that it seems possible from studies that reduced GO may result in increased biocompatibility (therefore, less adverse effects). However, this does NOT necessarily mean that NAC will degrade or eliminate GO. I have seen NO evidence to affirm this statement, but I do leave room for the possibility; and perhaps someone can provide reference to some scientific studies on this.


  9. The “7-minute presentation” ( referenced by Steph is good graphene hype. After discussing its potential use in spaceships, we’re told (minute 5:20) of graphene ink, which can be printed on extremely flexible materials for use in wearable sensors, those necessary things which we all should have on our bodies (sarcasm), interacting with the already injected graphene, so we can be monitored for “health” (and other) reasons. Yeah!


    1. Like most humans, I think about humans, forgetting the obsession by many “scientists” with robotics with human-like qualities. What if “our bodies” are not the only targeted application? The flexible, wearable properties of graphene-based electro-magnetic applications seem perfect for those uninterested in merging humans and machines — preferring a radical leap directly into robotics, which leaves nature and humans as just more obsolete, broken “things” to discard and haul away the local landfill.

      How about a little “energy harvesting” to move the program forward? Anyone?


  10. Did you know that, in 2013, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded research on graphene-doped condoms? ( Do you want Mr. G joining you while engaged in intimate encounters?

    I hope you will take the time to read the 2013 article linked above, and consider the far-reaching implications, particularly in light of jabbed individuals, and anyone who may be “spiked” with graphene (even placing its potential presence in COVID injections aside).

    I highly encourage readers to view (in its entirety) the linked TEDx talk ( by Jonathan Coleman (, leading nanoscientist and professor from Trinity’s School of Physics ( At the end of the 2014 presentation (, Coleman ( referenced the Gates-funded graphenated condoms, which provoked lots of laughter from his audience.

    Do NOT try the experiment demonstrated in Coleman’s TEDx talk! However, when watching, please consider the dual-use applications of nano-enabled products, and how ubiquitous graphenation may be an incredibly dangerous venture. At the very least, it seems the consequences of such experimentation is highly uncertain.

    I suggest the graphene agenda extends far beyond (see here COVID injections (regardless of the proven presence of graphene oxide within them). Even if evidence were to point that graphene oxide is not an undeclared ingredient (intentional or accidental) in any purported vaccine — given the openly declared and intentional rapid and expansive emergence of graphene applications in nearly all industrial sectors (including biotech/medicine) — addressing the potential harms and questionable intentions is undoubtedly a pertinent and necessary conversation. Finally, I think the evidence shows (as told straight from the horses’ mouths), Mr. G is not going away anytime soon, and may even be in your bedroom, if you know what I mean.


  11. I apologize for the “messy” links in my comment above. WordPress is being highly twitchy with me and seems to be blocking some of my comments, and I am currently unable to “clean up” these comments directly in WordPress.


  12. Wow, and double wow to the Survey Report-out that Petra attached yesterday! I really cannot wait to see what Stephers et al. of our knowledgeable POM’rs have to say on that one…

    PS: To add to the group, thanks so much for all of the effort and subsequent knowledge you pass on to us Stephers! Frankly, and sorry Mark ;] love ya but, I think you have quietly become the cornerstone of this little corner of the internet.



  13. Finally . . . Nice to see Jon Rappoport echoing my stance – even if not proven to be in the injections, this graphene is becoming omnipresent: “Graphene face masks dangerous; and we’re living in a graphene world” Please pay special attention to the press release (noted by Rappoport) by Innervia, a subsidiary of INBRAIN Neuroelectronics (can view here I highlighted INBRAIN in the “Speculative Footnotes” (#2) in “Free Wally: Tracing the Spike Protein Drama to a Llama”:


  14. Rappoport’s caution is not altogether unwarranted. Facebook is blocking the report about Spain’s doctors who reported graphene oxide in the jab. Apparently, it violates “the code of principles of the International Fact-Checking Network at Poynter.” Of course, Poynter is busy keeping the “official narrative” about COVID from going off the rails.
    Check out their “partners” (scroll down).

    Censorship of the graphene oxide connection is curious to me, since, as Rappoport points out, this is not so hidden that vaccine makers won’t be found out. Maybe that’s just what’s supposed to happen, who knows?

    Back to Merck and its poodles. It’s all about NEW BUSINESSES!
    “It strives to unlock the untapped potential of Merck by leveraging assets and competencies across sectors, generating projects around these assets, and ultimately incubating these ideas into viable new businesses. With Bioelectronics as the latest addition, the Merck Innovation Center now pursues projects in two innovation fields. In the Cultured Meat innovation field – also referred to as cultivated or clean meat – Merck focuses on the biotechnology required to produce genuine meat and seafood grown in vitro and aims to become the technology enabler for this emerging industry. Other projects in the Innovation Center include OneZeroMed a 3D printing (laser sintering) solution that will simplify tablet production tremendously, leading to significant cost and time savings during clinical development.” Pulled from Stepers’ comment/link.

    “Clean meat,” indeed, grown in a stainless steel vat (in vetro) full of microbes — GMO microbes, no doubt.

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  15. The “Poynter” link is awesome, and points the finger the right direction, ie back at them. Near the bottom of the page we learn that this group of “99” fact-checkers was assembled between Jan 2020 and April 2020, a nice fulfillment of Event 201 (Oct 2019) planning re “flooding the zone” with the “correct” message. Event 201 emphasized the need to control the internet narrative.

    Nice to see that we are able to donate to Poynter to help the cause.


  16. FYI,

    Drs. Cowan and Kaufman will be presenting on graphene this Saturday, July 17, 2021: If you are interested in this topic and plan to attend their webinar, I highly recommend viewing this detailed, comprehensive, and well-informed presentation beforehand: “From Graphene, Nano, Morgellons to Bionic Man” Consider watching this erudite presentation in the next day or two as a “pre-game,” if you will. Even if you are not planning to register for the Cowan/Kaufman webinar, the Babylon Decoded video will give you plenty of context (sans fear porn) with which to grasp the graphenation/transhumanism agenda. Critical resources and links are provided for further exploration.

    For additional context and potential “pre-gaming,” please read my April 2021 post, “Confessions of an Engineered Nanoparticle” ( – including the References and lengthy comments thread (that has been continually updated over the past few months with graphene-nanomaterial information) – and my June 2021 post, “Free Wally: Tracing the Spike Protein Drama to a Llama” (


  17. One more crucial video to watch . . . Here is Delgado (of La Quinta Columna) being interviewed today (July 16, 2021) by Canadian economist and author Michel Chossudovsky, (Founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal): In my opinion – and to echo my research and writing in this regard – Delgado did a wonderful job highlighting the main takeaways of their team’s research, including his final remarks on graphene oxide being applied to neuronal control. I was happy to see Chossudovsky giving Delgado the space to express openly; and perhaps this messaging will begin to spread to places that will inspire real change, and enable healing moving forward . . . I strongly urge viewing this 24-minute discussion, as they also both concur on the notion that no virus was ever properly purified and isolated; and thus, a virus could not have been the cause of COVID.

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    1. Agreed. This was one of the best videos on this subject, Delgado spoke clearly and tied it all together, and Chussodovsky was excellent on the other side. Why graphene oxide? Watch the video.

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  18. At least when we killed for God music was permitted
    True outside in the forests and fields knight and monks hacked and diced
    each other to pieces
    but inside the cathedrals and temples there was sanctuary and music so beautiful that it could send you off of this earth.
    nuns chanted psalms, monks the sutras, and Muslims the Quran.

    Later when the blood and bones and flesh had enriched the soil
    poets rose up to sing of the savagery that man is inspired to
    as if it were a noble and holy thing.
    perhaps much, if not most of the greatest poetry written is about fighting and killing
    certainly horses, once harnessed, were quickly used for killing
    steam power, once invented, stormed indigenous holdouts and instantly was used for killing
    electricity, two years after being harnessed was used for killing
    flight, mans ancient dream finally fulfilled, instantly used for killing

    but wait. be patient. The best is yet to come
    Ask the monkeys and rats about medicine…and killing
    chemistry though will be our crowning achievement:
    perhaps a mere cannister, not unlike a cockroach spray bottle
    will be able to put 10 million in the correct uh…mood…for killing
    patience. it is all being hammered out as we speak.
    And your continued cooperation and support is deeply appreciated.
    And who knows, we might be allowed to sing again one day


  19. Graphene sensor arrays are ideally suited for neuroscience and biomedical engineering applications, as they can wirelessly and “chronically map wide frequency band epicortical brain dynamics in freely behaving animals”: “Graphene active sensor arrays for long-term and wireless mapping of wide frequency band epicortical brain activity” See an analysis (by Tom Foley, the Graphene Flagship) of the technology here:


  20. And you do not realize how you have just put your foot in your mouth?
    And have shown at what intellectual level you are operating on ?
    Let me decide whether i should now laugh or vomit….i will get back to you on that


    1. Dear Gadfly,

      Do you not realize that your foot has been in your mouth for the entirety of your visits to this blog?…with a couple of exceptions, how did you manage to curb your enthusiasm for ridiculing others during those exceptions, I wonder…

      But at least your commenting here does inspire wonder.


      1. OM,
        A good gadfly punctures arguments and underlying assumptions in a precise way that stings and makes you want to swat ’em away. Our resident gadfly seems to be distracted from this job by, I don’t know, a deep-seated psychological something-or-other when it comes to Stephers. He seems to think that by throwing out vague allusions to intellectual concepts and philosophers (which he assumes she’s too ignorant to know about and/or grasp as well as he does), she will not only come to realize she’s wrong about all this stuff he has no interest in looking into for himself, but that she’s wrong to suppose she possesses any intelligence at all. He’s a gadfly who keeps missing his target and swatting himself. Personally, I think it’s fun to watch.

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  21. For those who may question the intention (of course, there are multiple and interconnected agendas) of COVID and the COVID injections, Alison McDowell “tweeted” today one sentence that distills my arguments (reflected in various posts of mine) into one coherent assertion: “All a grand experiment to tweak graphene dosing towards biocompatibility for the internet of bodies as they push us down the transhumanist road.”

    Accordingly, I have been meaning to complete my current series on bio-digital convergence and transhumanism, but life continues to get in the way. Ultimately, I aim to cinch together all the pieces that further support the notion asserted by Alison. Given the large number of likes and retweets, though, it seems many people already grasp the graphenation/transhumanism agenda and concur.

    To re-iterate, despite the increasing number of deaths reported from injections, I still maintain that these injections (potentially graphenated, but at the very least, laden with nanoparticles) are meant to accomplish meticulous bio-surveillance strategies, as well as full-spectrum (remote) control of the living body (from the nano to the macro), and are not intended to kill people en masse.


    1. Stephers,
      Just wanted to leave a note of gratitude and encouragement for your research, vigilance and heart. You and Alison are right on target with your revelation of this attack on manKIND.


  22. For those interested . . . read here on James Corbett’s take on what is coming next (hint: it has to do with the climate change bogeyman and the Green New Deal) on the heels of COVID: I notice he left a key component (and potential link between COVID and purported climate change “mitigation”) out of his analysis. Any idea of what (or who?) the missing piece could be? Could it be Mr. G?

    Can you guess what is paving the road (literally and figuratively) to the “Green New Deal” and its lusted net zero production and consumption? Maybe graphene? If readers have time, please watch the closing keynote (“The Road to the Green New Deal in the age of Manufacturing 4.0”) by Giulio Cesareo (CEO of Italian company, Directa Plus) at the World Manufacturing Forum 2020: Cesareo’s company, Directa Plus, is “one of the largest producers and suppliers of graphene nanoplatelets-based products for use in consumer and industrial markets” (source:, and to view for further context). Also, take note of the “key people” at Directa Plus, including their additional involvements:


    1. And, great news, carbon-based waste plastic can be turned into graphene, and graphene itself can be a key ingredient in making plastics. A perfect circle of consumption and recycling…how green can you get?

      More good news. “Shrinking the size of a graphene pore to less than one nanometer… opens the possibility of using graphene as a low-cost tool to sequence DNA.” And even better news, ““If we could sequence DNA cheaply, the possibilities for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment would be limitless,” Kim said. “Controlling graphene puts us one step closer to making this happen.”

      Good things are coming out of Texas these days. Rice U and Texas U keep leading the way to a graphene future. Or should I say, a present reality?

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  23. Watch this video (less than 4 minutes), “Printing with Graphene to Create Electronics: (from 2017): The following 2017 paper (abstract only) is referenced at the end of the video (produced by the University of Manchester): “Water-based and Biocompatible 2D Crystal Inks: from Ink Formulation to All- Inkjet Printed Heterostructures” ( From the abstract: “In this work we show a general formulation engineering approach to achieve highly concentrated, and inkjet printable water-based 2D crystal formulations, which also provides optimal film formation for multi-stack fabrication. We show examples of all-inkjet printed heterostructures, such as large area arrays of photosensors on plastic and paper and programmable logic memory devices, fully exploiting the design flexibility of inkjet printing. Finally, dose-escalation cytotoxicity assays in vitro also confirm the inks biocompatible character, revealing the possibility of extending use of such 2D crystal formulations to drug delivery and biomedical applications.” (Note the absence of in vivo cytotoxicity studies.)


  24. Has anyone seen this yet – graphene-enabled sanitary napkins: See the owner (Demond Crump) of the company here demonstrating his product for women: “Demo of Graphene Technology inside of Reign (Jewel) Sanitary Napkins | What is Graphene | Jewel Pads” ( See here for background info on Demond Crump: I can’t help but wonder if Demond Crump is any relation to attorney, Benjamin Crump ( If so, that would be an interesting connection.


  25. That “fast forwarded” emergency vaccine needed for the raging pandemic was actually patented in 1999. Granted for veterinary use but all vaccines are tested that way before use in humans. There is a long list of patents via the US Patent Office on sars-covid BS. The link below explains. At the bottom of the article there is a link to an overview of the charges being brought. In the early comments there is also a PDF in page by page written form. This had been in the planning stages since the last century and there is now reason to believe the CONvid manipulation was moved up five to ten years.


  26. “How can an artificial material [graphene] instruct neurons and influence their behavior?” See the work of Laura Ballerini: “. . . graphene research has already emerged as the top research front in materials science. However, due to the unique structure of graphene, many of the possibilities it offers are still poorly understood. We will investigate the biological processes influenced by nanomaterials and nanomaterials interaction with biological membranes. Single and multiple electrophysiological measures will be used in the case of neurons and cardiomyocytes to assess the electrophysiological effects of conductive nanomaterials on electrically propagating complex tissues.”


  27. “The Future of Graphene and 5G”(

    “Grolltex Manager, April 2nd, 2018”

    “At the February Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona, Spain, the close connection between graphene and 5G technology was one of the main sources of attraction. Both have been featured prominently in the news recently as new-age wonders, so it’s only natural that the two would at some point combine forces to produce some truly remarkable capabilities. That time appears to be in the very near future, as considerable research has been underway on ways that the two could support each other for mutual benefit.”

    “Monolayer graphene has only been commercially available for about the last decade, but it has already made a powerful impact in the areas of high-speed photosensitivity, farming applications, flexible photodetectors, medical diagnostics, and water purification processes. 5G of course, has been hailed as the future of communications for several years, and is considered to be the enabling technology for both VR and AR. Some of the ongoing research has been related to finding ways that super-conductive, flexible monolayer graphene could be used to support the needs of 5G technology, to help finally achieve the breakthrough it needs.”

    “Graphene and 5G Technology Combined”

    “5G technology cannot simply be scaled up from previous technology to meet the demands of high-speed communications of the future – it needs an enabling technology. Enter monolayer graphene. By late 2017, a research team at Chalmers University in Sweden had developed a method of combining graphene flexibility with terahertz detection so as to make it possible to connect the Internet of Things (IoT), via high-bandwidth technologies available in 5G.”


  28. “Build back better” is the motto (more like the mantra) of the 4IR/Great Reset architects. I hope you will read the following articles to get a better sense (pun intended) of what they really mean when they propagate their build back better mission:

    1) From December 2020: “Graphene: The Building Block for Sustainable Cities”(

    2) From April 2021: “Building Better Cities, Thanks to Manchester’s Advanced Materials Expertise” (

    3) From May 2021: “First Graphene(ASX:FGR) Is the Real Catalyst to Build Back Better” (


    1. “Physiological Saline Containing Graphene”

      Patent description (click on “Description” and scroll down):

      Note the use of graphene “therapeutically” in e-cigarettes, as well as the application for “treatment” of Alzheimer’s, ALS, and Parkinson’s.

      [0107] First, the electronic cigarette will be described.

      [0108] Electronic cigarettes add additives (fragrances, nicotine) to liquid (glycerin) and absorb and hold the liquid in the cotton means, which is used for the core region, and constitutes a heating wire in the cotton means, and the heat generated by heating the heating wire with the battery means is used as a cotton means. It is an electronic cigarette that allows the liquid to vaporize into a form of mist, which sucks the mist from the exit passage through the mouth, sends it to the lungs, and then exhales it through the mouth.

      [0109] In the present invention, a liquid that can be used in electronic cigarettes

      [0110] Graphene can be used as a substitute for physiological saline containing dispersion.

      [0111] In the present invention, graphene powder is added to 1 liter (1,000 ml) of liquid glycerin used for electronic cigarettes in a selected ratio within 1 g and dispersed evenly before use.

      [0112] Alternatively, physiological saline containing graphene dispersion and glycerin can be mixed evenly at 5 to 5 and used as a liquid for electronic cigarettes.

      [0113] That is, graphene nano-powder is mixed in the mist generated by using the liquid phase containing graphene in the liquid phase of the electronic cigarette so that it can reach the lungs through the oral cavity through the respiratory tract, thereby achieving the therapeutic purpose.

      [0114] The physiological saline solution containing dispersed graphene of the present invention can be administered to the human body by injection or Ringer means for the treatment of dementia.

      [0115] The physiological saline solution containing dispersed graphene of the present invention can be administered to the human body by injection or Ringer means for the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

      [0116] The physiological saline solution containing dispersed graphene of the present invention can be administered to the human body by injection or Ringer means for the treatment of Lou Gehrig’s disease.

      [0117] The physiological saline solution containing dispersed graphene of the present invention can be administered to the human body by injection or Ringer means for the treatment of Parkin’s disease.


      1. Here is the translated abstract from this (written in) Chinese patent. I’m still searching for a date attached…found the date, 3/11/2021.

        A reading of the “description” and the abstract reveals this “invention” is good enough for just about anything. Not just neuro-degenerative diseases and e-cigarettes, but viruses too!

        “The present invention relates to an injection solution, physiological saline solution, glucose solution, and Ringer’s solution placed in a blood vessel and subcutaneous tissue of the human body for the purpose of curing a disease.

        “Physiological saline containing graphene dispersed in the present invention is intended to be used for each disease including dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and the like. Physiological saline containing graphene dispersion of the present invention is intended to be used as a therapeutic agent for viruses such as MERS, SARS, and Corona. It is used as a therapeutic agent by dispersing graphene powder with a size of 0.2 nm or less in a means used as an injection solution such as injection solution, Ringer’s solution, physiological saline solution, and glucose solution used in conventional hospitals. Ringer’s solution in which the graphene powder is dispersed is injected into the human body where the virus has penetrated, and when the virus and graphene powder meet, the graphene powder and the virus are attracted to each other by nano-cohesive force and stick to each other. When graphene powder adheres to the body and spikes of the virus, the virus cannot function properly, so it cannot multiply and eventually die.”


        1. I feel compelled to isolate and repeat the astounding good news re this “invention”.

          “the graphene powder is dispersed is injected into the human body where the virus has penetrated, and when the virus and graphene powder meet, the graphene powder and the virus are attracted to each other by nano-cohesive force and stick to each other. When graphene powder adheres to the body and spikes of the virus, the virus cannot function properly, so it cannot multiply and eventually die.”


  29. Graphene-enabled swimming pools ( . . . “New technology never before used in the swimming pool industry”

    “Graphene Nano-Tech is a revolutionary process infusing graphene nano technology in every Aqua Technics pool. Aqua Technics has been working with First Graphene, Australia’s leading supplier of high-performing graphene products, to incorporate graphene into the structure of our pools, creating a totally new patent-pending construction process that is the next generation of fibreglass pool technology.”

    As Jon Rappoport suggested, “. . . we’re living in a graphene world.”


    1. In 2019, Billabong claimed to be the “first surf brand to go to market with a suit that utilizes graphene.” The surfing apparel is called Furnace Graphene:

      Will we thrive in this graphene world? Will it modify us – both from the inside out, and the outside in? It seems it’s coming at us from all directions – not simply coerced injections – and at “warp speed.”


  30. “Steel Blue releases world’s first graphene enhanced safety boot,
    made in WA.”

    “The company also operates a joint venture factory in Indonesia – one of only 20 in the world to have FDRA Responsible Factory accreditation.”

    “The GraphTEC™ range however, is being made locally in Malaga, WA, using a new multimillion dollar state-of-the-art moulding machine – another first for a company renowned as industry innovators.”

    If readers recall, the 1st U.S. case of “coronavirus” was in Washington state:


  31. Read here about the emerging (and soon-to-be booming) quantum dot industry ( “Through the work at UBC Okanagan (Prof. Arjmand) and the University of Guelph (Prof. Chen), ZEN is working toward commercial sales of GQDs. Once able to commercialize, ZEN plans to continue its collaboration with Prof. Kumacheva’s on heavy metal scavenging applications along with investigating other potential GQD markets including displays, photodetectors and conductors for solar cells, catalysts for the hydrogen economy, and medical uses.”


  32. “Multifunctional Graphene Hair Dye””

    Guys, we are way past trying to determine if graphene is in current COVID injections, as open plans have been laid out for graphene/graphene oxide (GO) to be an adjuvant in forthcoming “vaccines.” Furthermore, “vaccines” (either injected or inhaled) would be only one way to administer this carbonaceous nanomaterial. They have plans to embed GO in nearly all medical PPE: and (please note in the second linked article, it is asserted that GO has an affinity to ACE2 receptors, just as their purported “virus” does).

    As you may continue to see in marketing materials and scientific literature, researchers and companies may claim graphene-enhanced consumer products are “non-toxic” – as they (currently) define toxic as molecular toxins. As graphene is nanoscale, and technically not molecular, they can spin their definition of toxicity.

    Moving forward, I would suggest that companies who embed graphene/GO in their products, be required to label as such.

    I can imagine (unfortunately, 5-10 years down the road, when it is way too late) that there will be companies with a special label designating their products as “graphene-free.” I can visualize what a symbol of that would look like – a big G with an angled line crossed through it (?).

    In any case, it will be too late to say “NO to GO” or “GO is our Foe.” The time is NOW. Point being . . . they should have never let the graphene genie out of its bottle. The potential implications on natural life are beyond what I have already revealed here at POM. I am still uncovering the adverse consequences and hidden agendas. It’s a lot to absorb.

    That said, if one understands the nature of nano (which operates VERY differently than molecular atoms, of which we are inherently familiar), one can grasp that any product claiming to be “graphene-free” would be a paradox or misnomer in a graphenated world.


    1. For those who may not have seen these value-added analyses on graphene and its plethora of emerging applications, I hope readers will take the time to view them. Thanks guys!

      “From Graphene, Nano, Morgellons to Bionic Man” (54 minutes long)


      “The Rise of Graphene in our coatings – What’s in it, and how safe is it for you? Take precautions!” (only 5 minutes long, with an interesting comments thread)


    2. From the 2018 paper I referenced above (
      “The Bigger Picture
      Replacing toxic molecular ingredients with graphene-based sheets can lead to safer hair dyes. Multifunctional hair dyes that leverage graphene’s high surface area, flexibility, electrical and thermal conductivity, and antibacterial and barrier properties can be created to render tunable hair color as well as enhanced human comfort, health, and aesthetics. The waste from graphene-coated hair can be recycled and repurposed for the creation of functional materials for other electronic or energy storage devices. Other than fashion and aesthetics, graphene-based hair dyes could also potentially benefit the development of electronics interfacing with the body, as well as livestock farming and the development of humanoid robots.”

      Commentary (all from 2018) on the 2018 paper (note that not one of the articles mentions the claim by the graphene researchers that graphene-based hair dyes can be used for electronics interfacing for the “development of humanoid robots.” I imagine it sounded a bit too sci-fi and outlandish for their taste):
      “While this does all sound great, one important thing to realize is that there‘s a lot we don‘t know about graphene, and how it works as a nanoparticle like the ones needed to create a spray-on hair dye . . . There is still the potential for lung damage in a spray form. We also don‘t know the environmental impact of graphene in that form and what happens when some of it goes into the water supply.”


  33. While commercialized graphene-enabled hair dyes may not have (openly) hit the market, here is a company already selling graphene-enhanced hair brushes and combs, etc.:

    “Our solution…we’ve developed the most impactful technology to hit the hair tool market in decades and we are literally putting it in your hands. We’ve created the first hair tools ever made with the Nobel Prize winning material, graphene and its being delivered to your clients with your name on it. It is our industry’s first private label hair tool solution that allows finer salons, spas, and independent hair practitioners to sell undoubtably the world’s best hair tools at a retail price that is highly profitable.

    Take a few minutes to learn more about graphene, how it is going to shape our industry, and how you can become part of the revolution.”


  34. From April 2021 . . . “Companies respond to graphene masks ‘health hazard’ scare” (

    “From our point of view, it is important to note that this whole issue seems to have started following the use of a specific brand of graphene masks. Remember there are many types of graphene materials and processes, and not all graphene masks are the same. While Graphene-Info fully supports adhering to health guidelines and recommendations, we also know how easy it is to create a bad reputation for an entire industry. We feel that if it is indeed just a specific brand or product that is problematic – then it should not adversely affect the rest of the industry.

    It is not for us to declare other masks as safe or unsafe, but this is at least noteworthy.

    We feel that the panic may be a bit too general, and of course further inquiries are in order, but health concerns should be taken seriously – and we will continue to monitor this issue.”

    Does this sentiment re-assure you that potential harms from graphene-embedded materials are being monitored and that graphenated products are being regulated properly?

    Incidentally, it was reported on July 21, 2021 that sales of the graphene-enabled masks that were removed from the market (in Canada) have resumed: “Health Canada decides Shandong’s graphene face masks pose no health risk, still does not permit the sale of other graphene masks”


  35. From July 16, 2021: “Graphene Flagship partner Graphmatech raises €8.4M investment”

    To be clear, within the 4IR paradigm, a sustainable world is one that is 2D. To translate, for those who think that carbon means life (and three-dimensional life, for that matter – pun intended!), carbon NANOmaterials reflect a decomposition or regression of life. Imagine life being compressed into a zip hard drive.

    Graphene (a carbonaceous nanomaterial, and in this case, synthesized with technology) enables (or rather, disables) enriched physical life to be reverted back to a “Flatland” existence; and ultimately, compressed even further into a digital Singularity.

    Why are we allowing this to proceed? We need to get really clear on what these nanotinkerers mean when they say they are driving society via graphene electronics (and bioelectronics) into a sustainable future. The 2D revolution is NOT for humanity, and it is definitely NOT intended to support Mother Nature.

    Moving forward, when you see “graphene-enhanced”, think “life reduction”; when you see “graphene-enabled”, think “nature demotion.” The quickest and surefire way to degrade a human being or a physical object is to graphenate it. Is this what we want? #NatureNotNano


    “elefun® is a registered brand since 2019 in US, we want to bring “electric” + “fun” to the people all over the world. And we go far beyond what we physically create. elefun is driven by an insatiable curiosity, a desire to explore and refine the space where digital technology and human sensation intersect. That’s what makes us unique, different, and uniquely different.
    “Graphene electric toilet seat warmer available at


  37. Stephers, thank you. You are one of the very few voices of truth and sources of inspiration in this hell we have allowed ourselves to be led towards. I thank you with all my soul for your seemingly inexhaustible energy you expend to warn us of the imminent dangers we face. As I have a deep appreciation for the similarly courageous work of Whitney Webb and Alison McDowell, I have read your posts with the same great apprehension for the information conveyed as well as a genuine admiration for the obvious heroism you personify in dragging these deformed monsters and their subhuman aspirations to light for all to witness. I never have stood up and been counted in this way, but I want you to know your efforts are not in vain as your research has enlightened and inspired me, and so must have countless others. Please know the light you shine in our world is illuminating, indeed. Thank you.


  38. Have readers considered why there seems to have been a fierce promotional push for medical cannabis in the past couple years? Does anyone find it interesting that Adrian Nixon of Nixene Publishing (AKA Captain Graphene; Nixon+Graphene = Nixene) claims to be embedding graphene (as “invisible” bar-coding) in medical (aka “legal”) cannabis – purportedly to track and trace it through the supply chain and verify its “legality.”

    “Graphene, Quantum Dots and Cannabis (Short Version)”:

    Here is a response from “Captain Graphene” to some concerned commenters: Do you feel reassured when you hear his replies. Why does he seem to think this is a laughing matter? Why does he seem so sure that graphene quantum dots are “non-toxic”?

    See here for more info on Adrian Nixon: Following is Adrian Nixon’s LinkedIn profile:
    “Graphene and 2D Materials Scientist. Editor in Chief of the Nixene Journal. International Space Elevator Consortium Board Member. Changing the world one atomic layer at a time.”

    Does Captain Graphene remind you of the animated Mr. G? Inspiration, perhaps?


  39. From 2017: “Graphene electronic tattoos can be applied to the skin with water”
    “Graphene electronic tattoos are most promising for potential applications in mobile health care, assisted technologies, and human machine interfaces,” Kabiri Ameri said. “In the area of human machine interfaces, electrophysiological signals recorded from the brain and muscles can be classified and assigned for specific action in a machine. This area of research can have applications for the internet of things, smart houses and cities, human computer interaction, smart wheelchairs, speech assistance technology, monitoring of distracted driving, and human-robot control. Recently we have demonstrated the application of graphene tattoos for sensing human signals to wirelessly control flying objects. That demonstration will be reported in the near future.”


    1. Speaking of “human machine interfaces” how about the WHO’s latest on genome editing:

      It’s called “flooding the zone.” Zone-flooding seeks to disorient audiences with an avalanche of competing stories, which produces a certain nihilism in which people are so skeptical about the possibility of finding the truth that they give up the search — trusting nothing/no one.

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  40. From 2013, research on graphene and carbon nanotubes at Imperial College London: “Scientists untangle nanotubes to release their ‘potential’ in the electronics industry” (less than 5 minutes). Here is a bio of Professor Milo Shaffer who is featured in the linked video:

    If readers recall, following is the dire (and now infamous; and thus far, woefully inaccurate) “prediction” that Imperial College London proclaimed in March 2020:


    1. Oh goody, “transparent conductors” (@timestamp 3:00) that could be used to fill in the “spaces” between concrete 5G transformers/transmitters, which currently have a very limited range. WE will be the antennae of the (near?) future. The jab and 5G are connected, working in tandem, IMO. Remote-control commands from the “back room” will pollute our brains the way tv and social media ads bombard us 24/7. Turn it off!

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  41. Here is “Captain Graphene”, Adrian Nixon (Editor of the Nixene Journal), at the American Graphene Summit in Washington DC (May 2019) talking about the ‘killer application’ for graphene (spoiler alert: it’s the “space elevator”):


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