On hating people, punishing goodness, you know, Fauci-type stuff

“Evil will always triumph over good, because good is dumb.” (Dark Helmet, Spaceballs (1987 Mel Brooks movie)

Beneath the fold here, for those of that kind of bent, is a musical piece, Opus 84 by Ludwig Van Beethoven, otherwise known as Egmont. It is the overture only, about eleven minutes. We were just listening to it today as we traveled up into the hills to view the change of colors.

Egmont is based on a play by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe of the same name. The reason I bring it here is not to go all hoity toity on you, but rather because I read the play some time back, and can only now place it in perspective.

In the play, Lamoral, Count of Egmont, is introduced to us via his aides, making decisions that affect the people he governs. He is eminently generous, kind, and fair. When it is suggested to him, for instance, that he can raise additional needed revenue by taxing pensioners, he notes that pensioners probably have more need for the money than him. These words, to my knowledge, have never been uttered in real life by any taxing authority anywhere.

That kind of goodness in a public leader sends off messages, and plotting begins probably immediately to end his life. Egmont is called to a meeting with the Grand Duke of Alba, which is really just a trap. He is arrested and imprisoned. His mistress, Klärchen, tries desperately to rescue him. Silly me, as with Ned in Game of Thrones, I thought there would be some last-minute intervention to save poor Egmont, but no, he hangs, and Klärchen commits suicide. It’s not a happy ending.

The reason I am playing with this topic is because I am currently reading Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski (1921-2007). “Ponerology” is a term coined by him and certain Polish acquaintances, and is defined as the study of evil in human society. I’ve noted that with Covid and with Climate Change we are dealing with evil people, unhinged and able to do almost anything they please without repercussion. Lobaczewski optimistically wants to know better what makes people evil so that we can understand them and contain them. He knows he is dealing with psychopaths, and if you, dear reader, do not see psychopathy behind Climate Change and Covid, then it is time to smell the coffee. These are evil people, and they intend to do us great harm. I do not know if it can be reduced to mere misanthropy, or if they are so infused with agitation and rage that suggesting they merely hate humanity just doesn’t cover it. They loathe us. They want us dead and gone.

Egmont is about good versus evil, and how evil usually triumphs. For Egmont, no good deed, no sense of justice, no sacrifice made for his people goes unpunished. There is a sense of despondency I feel when I look around and see how bought in most people are, and I only offer that I do not want to harm, much less kill anyone. I am a good person, as are most people, even if hopelessly naive.

There is no fitting end to this blog post. I just have to stop writing. Enjoy the music, if classical music is your bent!

20 thoughts on “On hating people, punishing goodness, you know, Fauci-type stuff

  1. Goethe gives us a peek and lets the implicit warning and attending demoralization do the rest to the audience. This is the guy who penned The Sorrows of Young Werther, thus apparently setting off a wave of suicides in young men.
    Nice way to trim the herd of potential rivals. Literate, idealistic young men die for love, not revolution. Literacy is great if you have something worth reading.
    Today we have Joker copycats for the Twitts.


    1. They control all public outlets and perceptions. Nobel is no exception. I just mentioned that in a comment yesterday, regarding the 1954 Nobel to Enders for “isolating” the measles virus, that he did no such thing, but the fix was on. I attributed it to pressure from the Rockefeller Foundation, as they needed viruses to be real to sell drugs and vaccines.


      1. Nobel prize is being given to people who were somehow helpful for The Firm. The Firm is the world government or as I call it now “The Vatican”. It’s the place where TPTB work and it’s actually three Vaticans or Three Roms. Just look for the “third Rom” on Wiki, the term is being acknowledged but the explanation there is wrong of course. It’s not Moscow or Istanbul but The City of London and Washington DC. Back to the topic. Enders got his Nobel not for the “fake” isolation but for the “fake” cultivation of a virus which he did years before he “isolated” it. They give the Nobel to people to give them meaning, so their later work won’t be questioned anymore. They did the same with Einstein btw.
        Goethe revealed to us in his Faust about how they created a pandemic in his time, which was the treatment of pestilence. In my book it’s on the page 41 and it is a short passage about using a sweet syrup (Latwergen) to cover the bitterness of the poison which kills people believing it cures them. He writes about how the people are still grateful to the “doctors” if they don’t get killed and survive their treatment. Goethe wrote this first in the 4-th issue of Faust to deceive censorship. Stefan Lanka found this out.
        I posted a link to a current English interview with Lanka and Cowan and others in your previous paper Mark.


      1. Swede, I ran your comment by a small group I communicate with privately, and the feedback I got was that this death is fake, as are the participants at the funeral, one a professional actor.


          1. Here’s something interesting I found from Jessica’s obituary:

            “Jessica was born on October 29, 1983 to Arthur and Gwen Berg in Portland, OR. She attended Riverdale Grade School, graduated from Jesuit High School in 2002, and earned a B.A. from Oregon State University in 2007.”

            So she was Jesuit-trained and came from parents with a shared Ashkenazic Jewish name. Berg is German for “mountain” or “hill”. The original family that held that name came from the Rhineland, and many crypto-Jewish aristocrats hail from that region in Germany.



            The pyramid symbol is shaped like a mountain or hilltop, but with sharp points on all ends. I suspect the esoteric (that is, true) meaning of the name refers to the pyramid of power (think of the pyramid on the $1 Federal Reserve Note (FRN)), or the Families’ neo-feudalist hegemony over the whole world.

            Another interesting fact about the $1 note: it was first printed in 1963.

            “The first $1 Federal Reserve notes were issued in 1963. The design, featuring George Washington on the face and the Great Seal on the back, has not changed.”


            That same year, JFK faked his assassination on 11/22 (33). Five months before his “death”, he passed Executive Order 11110, which actually gave the Federal Reserve more monetary power and which gradually phased-out the use of silver to back U.S. currency, contrary to “conspiracy theories” that say it was passed to hinder the FED’s power.




  2. That is one of my favorite Beethoven pieces, but I did not know about the play as tragedy. It always inspired me before soccer games.

    In line with breeding/forming psychopathy, I offer this story from a former student. He was in the washroom of an exclusive athletic club of a major metropolis, wherein worked an old black man as attendant. A father and his son of 8 or so are exiting when the boy says “Bye” to the worker. The father stops, takes his son’s shoulders, and loudly says, “I told you, never speak to the help!”

    Is that breeding?


    1. So, the path leading to the Nobel prize had a “dynamite” beginning. Thanks, Steve. Good thing they added a “peace” prize along the way, to balance out the explosive origins, plus the rewards given to those who helped weaponize the Rockefeller “health” system (viruses, etc.).

      And now, nicely complementing the 120 year-old virus hoax, and since fake science must be richly rewarded, we have among the 2021 winners Syukuro Manabe and Klaus Hasselmann, “for their work in developing forecast models of Earth’s climate and “reliably predicting global warming.”



  3. Let’s say the elites are psychopathic/ evil… They would not get anywhere without the social conditions Desmet describes – a fertile soil to plant their totalitarian seed.

    In a sense one could say the public demanded this – given how eagerly they embrace it. These “options” are always on offer in one form or another – the Enemy Other. the Invisible Enemy. The psychic release valve – heroism, unity, solidarity. The satisfaction of venting spleen on dissidents.


    Yes, a lot of planning behind coronavirus – but still, would it get anywhere without a hardcore of 30% true believers, damaged and fearful people who need just what it offers. Another 40% who can swing either way the wind blows, and 30% who could stop it if they opposed it as strongly as cultists support it. (These estimates of typical mass dynamics taken from a Desmet clip the No Agenda guys played – at least I think it was Desmet.)

    So the public evidently “needs” this, just as it has historically with other mass delusions. And if that is the case – put yourself in the King’s position – don’t they (“elites”) need it, too?

    The conditions Desmet describes as fertile soil for totalitarianism, if accurate, suggest that absent “coronavirus” (or other demonic placeholder) the King is in a precarious position. Maybe he almost has no choice in the matter? He’s trapped in a symbiotic relationship with the socially atomized, ever-disintegrating, fearful herd… Fill that void, or they may turn on him! Or simply break down, fall apart.

    He sees the indicators building and is always trying out demons (maybe.) When the dials seem about to spin into the red zone, steam building, he manufactures a Big Demon – and sighs with relief when the mob embraces it as their own.

    He’s trapped himself further now, because he can’t back down, or else risk returning to the same crisis conditions. It will have to play out, dynamically, and he must try to guide it (to his own psychopathic ends, perhaps… but restrained (or encouraged) by the conditions of the herd.)

    This is probably incorrect, if only in terms of over-simplifying. I just push back a little against the idea of giving the governors so much “credit.” In light of Desmet’s analysis, how much of what they do is constrained by their historical circumstances, in symbiosis/ dual bondage with the public.


    1. TIMR,
      Something along those lines. You might like this.

      “Most readers will be aware of genocide, the destruction of a genus or group, and of homicide, the killing of a body. We know the many ways a group or a person can be eliminated: slowly through torture and poisoning, quickly through cuts, holes and strangling – murder! What remains a taboo in literature and the news though, is the various ways we are able to kill reason, logic and sanity – menticide!

      This concise text will introduce to our distinguished readers the most deadly ways to subvert, to demoralize, to lobotomize and finally to liquidize someone‘s brains… until they are reduced to nothing more than another helpless Schizo Fran or Mona Loser ready for suicide or the local madhouse.”

      What to do with all the old (unproductive) baby boomers. Would the King/Queen/Royal in Charge do all they could to pay out maximum retirement benefits, or keep that cash and accumulate ever more wealth? Or perhaps a plan to maximize profit on an actively managed mass “pandemic” — milking it — until the bitter end, when the host/victim gives up, quits eating, or resorts to some other more grizzly form of suicide. I dunno’.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It looks like a hazing/ culling at the moment… Separating out all the non-conformists for exclusion from the next phase – a more purified technocracy. Where their vassals will be merged with tech and “medicine” more fully, brave new world style…

        Thanks for the link, I’ll check that out.


        1. A fine read, Steve! I look forward to the next installment. I had not been to the Saker in some time. I was reflecting on the psychodramas of families the other day, and how media has left us misshapen with cognitive dissonance and rampant materialism, which leads to wetiko. Some nice insights also, Tim, re: people getting a sense of purpose in “fighting” the plague, helping to defeat death.

          If people would step away from “society’s” judgement and see themselves as the embodiment of the miracle of life, it would add needed perspective. But that’s crazy talk.


          1. Baja Az,

            Not crazy at all, IMO. The limitation I noticed in the Saker’s guest article is the lack of a “vertical line” of thinking to compliment the focus on “…the various ways we are able to kill reason, logic and sanity.” We seem to have lost that innate ability to stand in one place and examine/experience what’s above and below. We — I’m strictly thinking of “Americans” here — also lack that history (Greek, Middle Ages, Romanticism) of mysticism, magic and myth ( and the importance of symbols) that got wiped out of our consciousness with The Enlightenment. “It’s just superstition.”
            Yet, it (wetiko, for lack of a better word) lives, and grows ever stronger, in our internal psychic workings, undetected by most. I’m trying to put something together on this, but struggle with my own cognitive limitations. Be well.


            1. Yeah, many of these articles stop short of making the needed connections, but I am glad more are reading about these phenomena, and may see that we are subjected to psychic warfare almost everywhere and at all times.

              Actually, we “Americans” know history, “our” history, which is all wrong: We saved Europe twice, We flew the first plane (paging Santos Dumont!), We are the exceptional nation, We eliminated slavery, We stopped Saddam, We went to the moon, etc. I recently had a “conservative” tell me “we” invented the car and the motorcycle too. No wonder we’re so tired! This leads to the insouciant attitude (h/t to Cold Warrior Reagan-obssessed PCR) which most have, and which will be hard to reconcile with the hard times that are ahead.

              Your work on wetiko so far has been stellar, so no pressure! 😉

              P.S.: In my series of updates re: high school football, none of the cheerleaders at the game were wearing face-rags, they are now all free to breathe! There was 2-3% masked in a crowd ranging from babies to great-grandparents. Most wearing them exhibited signs of emotional or physical (morbid obesity) disturbance. I wanted to tell one youngish guy in a black neck gaiter, “Now you know how I felt six months ago being barefaced in the grocery. YOU are the crazy one now.”


  4. Thank you for the article!
    My 50 cents

    Lamoral Egmont; a general and statesman in the Spanish Netherlands just before the start of the Eighty Years’ War, whose execution helped spark the national uprising that eventually led to the independence of the Netherlands.

    1572 the start of the birth of the 7 provinces of the Netherlands.
    Den Brielle was the first on the 1st of April
    Still some cities were occupied by the Spanish
    Leiden till the 3rd of October which was celebrated last weekend incl Monday. Alkmaar is celebrating the 8 of October.

    Strife for Freedom…

    450 years lie between 1572 and 2022, and the values ​​that were fought for then are still at play today: freedom, tolerance, solidarity, diversity.


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