Censor culture

Climate change

Contemporary climate change includes both global warming caused by humans and its impacts on Earth’s weather patterns. There have been previous periods of climate change, but the current changes are more rapid than any known events in Earth’s history.

The above words appear at YouTube under any video (that is allowed to air) that mentions climate change, either believing it to be real (allowed) or being mildly skeptical, also allowed but surely monitored. The link, of course, is to Wikipedia. The text is a big lie.

The above banner appears below any YouTube video that discusses Covid-19 in any manner, those believing it to be a real thing (allowed) or being mildly skeptical of certain aspects (also allowed, but surely monitored). That link, of course, is to Centers for Disease Control and all of its lies and urging vaccination for all.

Of course, we all know about Facebook, the most censorious organization on the planet –  and I know about that place called North Korea. With all of these gigantic organizations that have developed since the Internet went live – Facebook, YouTube, Google, Yahoo – and many more, the practice of censorship is pervasive. People imagine search engines are uncensored. They are not. Try, some time, searching for anything a tad controversial first on Google, and then DuckDuckGo, and compare the results.

However, prior to being in a position to censor us so well, the organizations had to be built, and that required an ancient practice called “enclosure”. The audiences all had to be in one place. Facebook had to get rid of MySpace, Google, Bing and Yahoo had to squeeze out a whole host of other search outlets. Google, say in 1995, was said to be the best because it did not allow advertising. Imagine that. If you ask most people if the Chinese Internet is censored, the answer is “Yes, we all know that.” They do not imagine that our own Internet is as censorious, if not more, than China’s. Or North Korea’s.

I once belonged to a forum called “Next Door”, a place where neighbors exchanged news on things like missing pets, stuff for sale, and happenings. When the Scamdemic was declared on 3/11/20, Next Door immediately put up a warning on the top of the page that no one was allowed to criticize the WHO or CDC. I did so and my post immediately disappeared. I vamoosed, of course, but marveled that the planning was so well done in advance that every little outlet for dissent was closed.

Around that time I subscribed to a small local newspaper, the Canyon Courier, circulation mostly among people living up here in the foothills. It was mostly local news and sports. I wrote a letter to the editor about the Scamdemic, not sure what I said, but that letter never saw light of day. With the Courier I do not know if the editor was acting on orders from above, or was just a censorious bastard who didn’t like what I wrote, but even down at the the tiniest newspaper imaginable, we have extreme censorship.

Has it always been like this? I think so, at least among regular people who claim to believe in free speech. Very few of us actually do believe in that. Free speech is an illusion. I’ve long known that we are allowed to utter things in public that are not controversial. But saying things that are true and offensive about any subject, in the past, was only barely tolerated.

I really did this once, years ago – I called one of the C-SPAN morning talk shows, and amazingly got through. They were talking about taxes, and my point was going to be that the Payroll/Self Employment tax had the effect of creating a flat tax, as when combined with regular income tax it put most people in the 30+ percent bracket (no math today, readers – just trust me). I was also going to say that the Social Security Trust Fund was just an illusion, and could never “go broke.” I waited for the longest time, and finally came on line, and I got maybe halfway through my first point, oddly, there was noise, interference, and I was unable to finish. I went to the TV, and found my call never made it through.

C-SPAN, even little old wonky unimportant C-SPAN, censors.

Of course, we all know that sitting around a family dinner table is a heavily censored environment. I spoke up once, when the discussion was about Muslim women covering their faces in public, saying that face covering looked pretty damned common to me, and that I was the only one I knew who didn’t do it. The silence was unnerving.

Many comedians refuse to do college campuses these days due to vocal uprisings if any spacial group is offended. Below is a video with several comedians expressing their views on cancel culture:

It is like that everywhere, so much yelling, so little listening. Facts and evidence don’t matter. The one yelling the loudest wins.

We all know about this. What does it mean? We’ve never had a real news media, so hearkening back to the past is pointless. Noam Chomsky, prominent dissenting voice (and controlled opposition anyway) was never allowed on a major news forum. Ralph Nader, third party candidate (and controlled opposition anyway) was never allowed in a presidential debate. We’ve always been up to our neck in censorship.

But two harsh additives to the culture have virtually slammed the door on free exchange of any kind: Climate Alarmism and Covid. There is plenty of dissent within the sciences to Climate Change “science,” but as with Covid, anyone who speaks out will be de-funded, fired, banned, and demonized. So critics lay low. There is no media voice anywhere that speaks freely and honestly on these matters. We are no longer just censored, but tyrannized. We are in hell. We are under complete domination of psychopaths.

Andrew Lobaczewski, the late Polish psychologist, in his book Political Ponerology, says that regimes such as the one we currently suffer always, in the end, self-destruct. Our very bright commenter BarbM repeatedly says that Covid is coming to an end, even in Germany. I think those sentiments might be reasonable, and even suggest that the people running these scams know they cannot win forever. But they are achieving two very important ends in the meantime: Climate Alarmism is replacing cheap energy with unreliable expensive energy, so that cold winters as the one approaching will be contributing to depopulation. Cold is a killer, not warm. Covid is trying to vaccinate everyone, and while we cannot know why, there is suspicion around that vaxxing will lead as well to depopulation, though the Georgia Guidestone ideal of 500,000,000 seems extraordinarily optimistic for them.

The point is that while these regimes last, before they dissipate, before people recover normality in any sense, the monsters behind the schemes are attempting to do as much harm to us as possible. The lingering damage from Climate Alarmism and Covid will be with us for many decades, perhaps permanently. Extreme censorship is but a small part of our problem.


PS: Michael Shellenberger wrote the book Apocalypse Never. I’ve listened to him speak, and think he is a very bright man who doesn’t write so much about people as instead to respectfully engage them, and then write about them, and without rancor. Even as he and I don’t see the same circumstances in things like danger from CO2 or the existence of HIV, even as he says that the Climate Alarmists are right in some or many of of their predictions, but so what, as we will adapt is his suggested response, I find his work compelling and recommend the book to all, as it is very readable. He put on his Facebook page what appears to me to be a notice or an ad about some event to promote his book. Facebook put a warning on his post saying that much of the book’s contents was wrong and poorly researched. That, in my view, is incredibly presumptuous by the Facebook censors, perhaps even libelous. Facebook censors, like Climate Alarmists, seems to be able to say any damned thing they want, true or false or stupid, without sanction.

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  1. So much for freedom of speech. Even the “Founding Fathers” weren’t its biggest fans, so censorship has always been an unsung “American” tradition. (Read the Sedition Act of 1798, which made criticism of government officials illegal until the law expired three years later due to public backlash).

    “In one of the first tests of freedom of speech, the House passed the Sedition Act, permitting the deportation, fine, or imprisonment of anyone deemed a threat or publishing “false, scandalous, or malicious writing” against the government of the United States. The 5th Congress (1797–1799), narrowly divided between the majority Federalists and minority Jeffersonian Republicans, voted 44 to 41 in favor of the Senate-passed bill.”

    “Signed into law by Adams on July 14, the law proved immensely unpopular with the public and the President lost re-election to Thomas Jefferson in 1800. Under the incoming Republican administration, the Sedition Act eventually expired on March 3, 1801; however, arguments made for and against it shaped subsequent debate about constitutional protections of free speech.”


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  2. Indeed, there’s not only censorship. On the other hand, influencer are employed to pick people up, who abandoned main stream media, to get them back to the screen. This is how they call it in Germany, “abholen”. Those guys who are kicked off YouTube, but are back soon, even more popular because the incident has been reported on MSM. Same game with the big demonstrations in Germany, forbidden, allowed by court order, all reported in the media. The resistance is staged too, new faces are built up. So I don’t think it will be as dark as it seems now. This is Hegelian dialectic, big time. It’s a crime, people suffered, children too. There will be scapegoats at some point. The change done will remain, including digital IDs, laws. Some relief will be allowed. But not yet, the Corona OP is under full steam again here ATM, it’s not over. They want to get the last people vaxxed. They did a big survey by the Fo**a institute, to find out how to convince those people. The study found it’s impossible, but they try anyway. Let’s see where this goes. PS Chinese style censorship can be experienced here at McD***. You can’t even load the UNZ by WLAN.

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  3. I don’t know how to insert video into the comment section, but I thought I would try to beat Rastus to the punch. Fun Boy Three, “The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum.”

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    1. Overall, the song is pretty on point, as it addresses the (organized) insanity that is human society. But even it is deceptive, as it also pushes the nuclear bomb scam in its lyrics:

      “No nuclear the cowboy told us

      And who am I to disagree

      ‘Cause when the madman flips the switch

      The nuclear will go for me

      The best lies or deceptions are ones that are mixed with a little (or a lot) of truth.

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      1. Well done, Mr. Pretzel Mug! I had actually written, “Please forgive their misdirection of the nuclear thing” before deleting it. I guess I was giving them the benefit of the doubt because it was “way back in the 80s”. Thank you for calling me out…misdirection is misdirection. You nailed it!


        1. You’re welcome! I know that nukes were the craze back then – and not everyone would’ve known or realized readily that it was all fake – but as this band was famous, no doubt they would’ve known to some degree it was fake (or they should’ve).


    1. I have to wonder, as so many people my age do, what ever happened to melody. I think it left music in the 1980s, I think it is why Karen Carpenter was forced to fake her death, as she brought musical relaxation to people. Music as we know it incites, aggravates, excites people. I found this piece just another annoying work of agitation, no value. I confess I like classical music and the Carpenters, as the music enhances my relaxed state. My question, what is so great about agitation propaganda when expressed in music? I find it abhorrent. Get out of my head, now!


      1. Subjectivity: the quality of being based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions:

        Perhaps it’s the elixir that separates souls.


      2. The modern music landscape is all part of what Mathis calls “Operation Chaos”. Hence the frequent promotion of jarring, vitriolic songs. It’s another way to keep people in a constant state of anxiety and rage, which destroys people’s emotional and psychological health, thereby making them more vulnerable to mass manipulation and turning them to consumerism/materialism for solace (which generates huge profits for Big Business. More paying customers, more money.)


  4. Since Noam is surely unvaxxed, I hope he follows his own advice. I had an email exchange with him just in the past few days, as he’s always been an odd duck that way, answering emails from strangers, I suppose to put forth the man of the people notion. He’s in Arizona now, escaping the cold. I congratulated him on his age, 92, and wished no harm on him, of course. I suggested that longevity is in part a product of not suffering vaccinations. He quickly responded that he had been vaxxed all his life and surely for Covid, and also attacked the president of Brazil, Bolsonaro, don’t know what that’s all about, but that’s a sign the guy is targeted or CO, on his way out. Look for Bolsonaro to fall.

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        1. I’m not asking to show me the emails. I am asking if you can remember anything else that he said. I don’t care to see them myself, as I am not interested to know his email address or anything like that. Just a clarification.


        2. I was about to say, he must consider non-personal email exchanges like that as “public” – de facto likely to be published, since he’s a “public intellectual.”

          And who knows, maybe he is vaxxed? Maybe he drinks fluoridated water and eats GMO food… Maybe there are worlds behind this world we don’t understand


            1. By the way,, I won’t put it here, but Chomsky’s email address is public. Anyone can contact him, and he usually answers.

              I started out asking about his role in the Pentagon Papers caper, and then addressed vaxxing. He did not answer my query about the Papers, in which he and Howard Zinn supposedly engaged in spy like behavior, running around at night trying to find a Xerox machine that could handle a large volume of work, not many around in those days. But he did no such thing, in my view, all a hoax. The purpose was to cement in place a false history of the Vietnam War, as contained in the Papers, reverse psychology to make it seem as though something secret and important was there.

              Daniel Ellsberg supposedly illegally released the papers while working for Rand, and faced jail time. However, the White House plumbers broke into his psychiatrist’s office, leaving a trail that Detective Frank Drebin could have discovered. However, it took me years to understand that it was a setup.


          1. “Sorry to disappoint you, but I’ve been fully vaccinated since childhood. Includes regular flu vaccines — just had one along with two modernas, and a booster coming up.

            I read the literature. It makes it clear why health officials around the world all recommend it. No exceptions that I know of, apart from Brazil under Bolsonaro, and they’re now under parliamentary investigation for crimes against humanity.” (Chomsky’s response to me.)

            Of course he could be telling the truth. He is right that Bolsonaro will be taken down, for failure to commit crimes against humanity.

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            1. I stopped giving Chomsky a second thought when I found out he refused to entertain questions about the official 911 narrative. At that point, he might as well have just tattooed “I’M A TOTAL FAKE” on his forehead.

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            2. “Just had one along with two modernas, and a booster coming up.”
              Considering the two original jabs are supposed to be 3 months apart and the booster 6 months after the second one this reads more like he’s trying to include all the doses in his story rather than describe something that’s really going on. In the UK the flu jab is given alongside the booster not the first two covids.


  5. “even down at the the tiniest newspaper imaginable, we have extreme censorship.”

    Same here in Germany. (Our post-war media system was installed by the Americans.) It’s the mindset of the people admitted into the media system. They already know what to think and what not to think.

    As you mention North Korea, it is one of only four countries not to have recorded a single case of Covid-19, the others being Turkmenistan, and minuscule Tuvalu and Nauru – which in a way makes North Korea the Leader of the Free World.

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    1. While no corona infections are reported, they do not deny the pandemic and that does have serious negative implications for North Korea.

      North Korea has closed its borders because it fears the (nonexistent) coronavirus. Now that the border is closed, trade is no longer possible with all the consequences that entails.

      Kim Jong-un convinced the North Korean people that they are being protected from the virus by his government. Not reporting infections and refusing vaccines serve no purpose other than to perpetuate a godlike status.

      In North Korea, if you don’t clap hard enough for Kim Jung-un during parades, you are being arrested, literally.

      North Koreans suffer from the corona hoax just as much as the rest of the world if not more. They suffer from the fear of a non-existent virus, on top of the fear of a dictatorship that enforces a devotion bordering on madness and rules with an iron fist.

      Even if there were such a thing as a free world, North Korea is anything but the leader of it.

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      1. You’re probably mostly right (I’ve never been to North Korea and don’t understand their language), and my comment was a bit tongue-in-cheek. Refusing vaccines, at least, saves the population from unnecessary hassle and health damage. So even if the sole or main purpose of not going the Covid way were to perpetuate the supreme status of the leader (godlike is probably exaggerated), the side effects wouldn’t be too bad.

        The few documentaries I’ve seen on North Korea showed people that didn’t strike me as fear-driven. Sure, there is propaganda from their side as well as from the Western side, but people-wise it didn’t appear as bad as it’s made out to be in Western media.

        “a dictatorship that enforces a devotion bordering on madness and rules with an iron fist”

        A devotion to the Corona hoax not only bordering on madness, but located smack dab in the middle of hitherto uncharted asylum territory is what is being called the New Normal in the Western World (Germany, Italy, France for example; not in Northern and Eastern Europe, though). And yes, it is enforced, by many means, some subtle, some bold, and there is the iron fist as well if need arises, which is rare as sheeple are mostly compliant thanks, no doubt, to their love of freedom.


  6. I wonder if the Alec Baldwin story that’s now lighting up the Internet is relevant to the topic of this post.

    It’s funny how conditioned we are to be credulous. Despite everything I’ve learned about the way the media operates, my first thought when I heard about Baldwin accidentally shooting a cinematographer during an on-set rehearsal was that it must be true. When I did a Google search of Alec Baldwin and the first items that popped up were Fox News stories that appeared to be salivating with glee over the misfortune of a notoriously Liberal Democrat movie star, my first thought was that it was just assholes being assholes. But at some point, as I surfed idly through stories (hey, I was killing time at work, all right?), I started to smell bullshit. The cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, posted an awful lot of beautiful, glamorous, alluring photographs of her beautiful blonde self looking transcendent, ethereal, almost angelic. One of her IG photos shows herself posing in front of a vast canyon (the Grand Canyon?) with her eyes closed, as if she’s floating above the background, and her caption was, “I believe I can fly.” Her Wikipedia page tells me that she’s from the Ukraine, she grew up as an “Army brat” and her first career was as an “investigative journalist in Eastern Europe.” Since investigative journalists do not exist in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, I assume they are equally non-existent in Eastern Europe. When she moved to America and became interested in film, her bio states she was aided and inspired by two Directors of Photography–Stephen Lighthill and Robert Primes–who, according to IMDB, both got their starts working as camera operators on the George-Lucas-directed Rolling Stones documentary Gimme Shelter. This is the film that “documented” the fake killing of a black man at the Stones’ Altamont concert, making it appear that the killing occurred while the band was performing “Sympathy for the Devil.” That whole incident was before my time, but if it were to happen today, my first reaction would probably be credulity. Why would they lie about that?

    Anyway, though I have many doubts about the reality of the Baldwin shooting, it really doesn’t matter if it’s fake or not. It’s now being used to demonize “conservatives” and “Republicans” who have already been painted as the main resistance to the Good Liberals’ noble battle against Covid-19. Those dirty anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers are now showing just how inhumane and vile they are by saying the most vicious, horrible things about poor Alec Baldwin during what must be the lowest, most horrific period of his life. And he was married to Kim Basinger! These are the same evil people who claim to be fighting for freedom and liberty in their deranged opposition to the idea that pharmaceutical companies are humanity’s only hope for survival. If we didn’t already think those anti-vaxxers should lose all their freedoms, well, here’s more evidence.

    So is anyone else curious to see how this Baldwin story plays out? It doesn’t sound like he’s going to be “cancelled” any time soon. Sure, he supposedly fired a gun that killed a woman, and supposedly might bear responsibility for the dangerous, cost-cutting, safety-protocol-ignoring set because he was a producer of the film. But even if he deserves some of the blame for the unsafe conditions that led to manslaughter, he’s still a victim… of evil, Covid-denying, vax-refusing conservatives.

    Media propaganda is such a well-oiled machine that I suppose this narrative could have evolved this way spontaneously, in the aftermath of a real shooting, just as easily as it could have been planned.

    Has anyone else looked into this at all? Any thoughts on it?


    1. Scott, I posted what’s below somewhere else, sounds like it might fit here:

      For those seeking closure on the Alec Baldwin / Halyna Hutchins incident, I offer these tidbits. I’m just passing them on, I am not the sleuth who made the connects.

      “…and the fact that Halyna is reportedly the daughter of a Soviet Navy captain — who just happened to be the captain of a nuclear submarine. https://bluzz.org/who-is-halyna-hutchins-father-anatoly-androsovych-1643481.html Where have you heard about a Soviet Navy captain of a nuclear submarine — ummmm, “The Hunt for Red October” — starring none other than Alec Baldwin!!! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0099810/plotsummary Why has no one else mentioned any of this? A coincidence — really?! Not to mention that “Rust” is indicative of “red.” This Halyna looks to be a Soviet Intel asset who staged her death to go even deeper under cover.”

      “and the most obvious that I missed . . . it’s OCTOBER! So, they are definitely mocking.”

      “Nearly every story about Halyna Hutchins mentions her growing up on a Soviet base in the Arctic Circle — among reindeer and submarines. Where is the Bonanza movie set where they were filming “Rust”? Santa Fe, of course. Does the AI write this script?”

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      1. OM,

        I hesitated to make a big deal out of her military family, since practically everyone who works in Hollywood comes from a military family. If a movie star’s going to accidentally shoot someone on set, odds are that the person will be from a military family, no? The Hunt for Red October connection seems strained to me, but as I said above, I have this persistent credulity/gullibility problem. Talk to me tomorrow and I could be like, “Oh yeah, Hunt for Red October! God, that was so obvious!”

        There’s probably a lot to find in that rabbit hole. To me, it just rings false that Alec Baldwin can’t just accidentally shoot a Director of Photography–he has to accidentally shoot the most beautiful, glamorous, angelic-looking Director of Photography in the history of Directors of Photography. (Oh, I forgot to mention–between her careers as investigative journalist and cinematographer, she worked in the fashion industry for a while, because of course she did.)

        I’m mildly curious to see how Alec Baldwin’s arc in this narrative plays out in comparison with the arc of the Good Liberal New Normals. It feels like a juicy little propaganda subplot.


        1. “We’re Good Liberals! We always mean well! All the death we cause is totally by accident! You should love us anyway and trust that we have the best intentions, no matter how many dead bodies we leave in our wake!”

          If the Reality-Makers are paving the way for the inevitable fall of their deadly Covid lies, I can see how the Baldwin story would make a nice little sidebar for whatever other bullshit they come up with.

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      2. OM,

        It just occurred to me that there’s also a “pacing and leading” feel to the reporting of the story. Early reports included the outrageous assertion that members of the crew were using the movie’s prop guns for target practice during their time off, and then, I guess, just casually tossing the guns back in the props safe. Now they are walking that story back and saying it was just a rumor. But they made sure to put that mental image in our heads. To me, it’s a mental image meant to drive home the idea that everyone has to follow the rules all the time, and people who don’t are not only reckless, they are possibly brain-damaged and/or completely insane. I can’t imagine one person on a professional or even an amateur film set–much less a group of people–being deranged enough to load the movie’s prop guns with live rounds in order to shoot soda cans in the desert. It didn’t happen, just like people spontaneously falling over dead in China because of Covid didn’t happen, or dead bodies lining the streets of NYC and being tossed into freezer trucks didn’t happen. But outrageous, utterly ridiculous stories like that get under people’s skin and stay there even after you tell them they weren’t true. The fact that this film crew was painted in such a cartoonishly reckless way suggests fakery and agenda to me.

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        1. For myself, I was inclined to take it as a bit of theater right from the drop – and everything I’ve heard since tends to confirm that bias, though admittedly I can’t point to any, er, smoking gun…

          Just loaded with the usual jokey, trolling, scripted-feeling elements. Plus it’s not Baldwin’s first rodeo, he’s a long-time star of the “lifies”.

          Ab posted a Tweet w Baldwin’s roadside “interview” – the poster points out that Baldwin puts blame on America’s gun culture, so that’s part of it. Aside from the juicy gossipy soap opera entertainment.

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          1. Stephers, since my comment on this felt like a blog post while I was writing it, I think I’ll answer Mark’s call for writers by reworking my take on the Baldwin story as a guest post, and will include thoughts on JLB’s post. I’ve been mean to him in the past, and am not interested in being mean anymore. He admits that many of the connections he makes could be cherry-picking. My own interest in stories like this lies solely with what their intended effect is as propaganda. JLB’s analysis seems almost like literary analysis to me—the kind of analysis I might make of a story written by an author I admire and respect as I try to understand his influences and inspirations. The Hunt for Red October, “Rust”=“red”, “red”=Russkies… this kind of analysis reminds me of Mathis’s genealogy papers, and strikes me as flattering to the authors of this mind poison. It’s the kind of analysis fanboys do on their comic book movies. When JLB mentioned the ubiquity of the photo where Baldwin’s crying on the phone, I was surprised he didn’t comment on the face mask in Baldwin’s hand, and how all the Baldwin imagery supports the idea of Baldwin as a leading light of the New Normal Liberals. But I guess I’ll save any other thoughts I have on it for a guest blog post.


  7. Re “psychopaths”…

    Yes, they are very real yet Hollywood flicks and the entertainment industry at large have presented a deliberately erroneous picture of psychopaths which keeps the public misinformed about what and who psychopaths really are and what the TRUE state of the world is — study “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” at https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html

    Movies, novels, comics, etc as essential lies, as deceivers of the public.


  8. Gentlemen and ladies, for years I have struggled to recruit additional writers for this site, my only success thus far Stephers. (Steve Kelly came aboard propelled by other circumstances, that he was ousted from any platforms in the Montana media. Of course he is a welcome addition, adding a different twist to what goes on here.) My objective has been personal and selfish, to relieve pressure on me to constantly churn out new material – you might notice it in posts I put up that are repetitive and not terribly enlightening, best I can do. I am not as productive as I once was. The Baldwin matter is a perfect example, as it needs deep scrutiny, and you would be surprised that when you do that, unexpected angles and revelations pop up. It takes time, effort, creativity and an open mind. In 2016 I decided to look into John Denver’s death … months later I published a very long and well researched piece claiming it was fake. Same with Columbine, Jonestown, Tiananmen, Joplin’s, McCartney’s, many other topics. I was not a natural … with the McCartney twins, Miles Mathis was accommodating, but the piece I wrote for him was not up to standards, and I knew it, and had to get better. But he offered me encouragement on Denver, which I needed. I was grateful for that and pushed forward.

    This may seem off subject, but is not. I recently had hernia surgery, and as a consequence my Medicare supplement high deductible insurance is maxed out, meaning that anything more I do this year is 100% covered. I have decided as a result to have surgery on my hands, as I am afflicted by Dupuytren’s Contracture, an ailment where both my hands are gradually forming a fist. I will have two surgeries, and each will require a splint for a period of one to two weeks, meaning that keyboarding will be difficult, if not impossible. So my well will dry up. I do have software that allows me to speak instead of punch keys, but the errors it produces are many and annoying, and will be hard to correct with splints on my hands.

    For this reason, I am asking you who comment so well and so frequently, Scott RC, TimR, Harvey’s Pretzel Mug (I’ve asked him privately already), Oregon Matt, Baja Az, Grahamsdiffusion, BarbM, Mineme – if I have left you out and you think it is judgment, it is not – come on board as writers. It is intimidating at first, as ideas may be hard to come by, and you may be shy to put forth and open up to criticism. But eventually the spigots release, and ideas and prose flow, and if not, you can simply stop or limit your output. Stephers, if I may speak out of school a little, at first wanted me to oversee and edit her pieces, but she quickly found her own voice, and publishes without any oversight or interference. I am not an editor, and do not like having power over other people.

    That’s my nature, to let you develop on your own, make a few mistakes and learn from them, as these are our best teachers. I invite each of you to come aboard, as you will find a family here, supportive and nurturing, not a pack of critics. My coming period of disability means the blog will otherwise go dry, as blogs only survive on fresh material on a regular basis.

    Please contact me privately about this, and I will show you the ropes. You are each far more capable than you might know, and there being a number of you would relieve pressure to put something out regularly. CrankyYanky has, to me, been a godsend, offering not just material, but fresh material from a brand new perspective. Each of you can do as well.

    By the way, I include Mineme knowing that he might be a dissenting voice to the normal script … I would treasure that. Light can result from heat and friction.

    Please give it thought. I first set out in this path in 2006, and have been productive and prolific. I’ve seen scores of bloggers just fade away, including my son. But I am unusual in this regard, and maybe you are as well. I’ve slowed down considerably. but you might well light up the place. We never know, do we.

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    1. Thanks for the offer.. I occasionally think of topics I’d like to write about, I’ll try to keep it in mind to submit some for the blog. Sorry to hear your posts will be sidelined for a bit though.


      1. “t’s just that 99.9% of common people have no desire of learning anything past wiping their asses.”

        Yep. 🙂 But by posting thoughts on Mark’s blog, you’re sure to reach the 0.1% of common people. 🙂

        Thanks for this blog, Mark, and best wishes to you to recover from those health issues.


        1. Yes, true, but 0.1% are already aware. We differ in nuances and most likely we agree on who our real enemy is. Once this point of awareness is reached, digging out more lies doesn’t help a single bit. Writing and talking about it also doesn’t help a bit in resolving the frustration coming with realisation of what’s really going on in reality. If anything, this knowledge is kind of depressing and I don’t resent the commoners for not wanting to deal with it. Actually, it seems we’re kind of outcasts by our own decision.

          I’m not trying to push the idea that blogging about the truth is useless practice. It’s just that I see my time as being better spent by doing something which can and does help ME in the first place. As Mark said below, to each his own (piece of mind). I already found an efficient way of relieving my troubled mind – I’ve learned how NOT to succumb to lies and liars and it’s a bulletproof method actually – you just stop consuming them.

          Also, think about zillion of hours spent on debating the obvious globally by the 0.1%. To what end, what’s the purpose of it? Finding solace in talking about the gargantuan mess we’re in? To each his own, I guess.

          I wish you all good luck. You’ll need it.


          1. minime you know already that we see eye to eye here…..discussing the obvious, and focusing on it…in the name of “support group” therapy…..

            …..but i love the psychology behind it and it is one reason i think that i keep checking in here..
            ….the people on these truther sites think they are not deceiving themselves and on the surface they aren’t since they are closer to the truth than the common man;
            their self deception is much more subtle, and subterranean, and qualitatively no less insidious, in the end, than the controllers and “common man” they despise and pity by turns…(and perhaps envy abit?)

            and even all that is just below the surface…the whole psychology …can read addiction here…. to all that they claim to hate is layered and layered and down at the deepest darkest layer is their own self hatred . feeling of powerlessness
            and terror of the void and fear to confront the intrinsic meaninglessness of life which they have to fill up with computer time..

            you might say i am exaggerating or being melodramatic but i mean what i say…it runs that deep.
            how do i know? Because i fight the same issues. we all do.
            we are broken little modern men…we rarely sense this because our vision of what it is to be a man has been cropped for generations


    2. Me, a dissenting voice? Not a chance… 😉

      Thanks for your invitation, but I have to respectfully decline it. I’m not really into sharing my thoughts with anonymous readers nor do I seek any recognition in such regard. I actually couldn’t care less what most people think about pretty much anything. If I chose to write, I’d probably write a book about the subject.

      I got to my current state of awareness by reading all that was already written by now. There’s more than enough written and known out there for anybody willing to learn and read. It’s just that 99.9% of common people have no desire of learning anything past wiping their asses. Which than makes me think they don’t deserve any of my own thoughts, attention or time.

      When I feel like it, I go studying and researching on my own. I don’t feel the need to share my findings too often and even then it’s mostly talking, not writing. I understand where you’re coming from and I’m grateful for giving us a place where we can chat about mostly everything. But it’s as far as I’m prepared to go with participating in the blogger realm.


        1. Mark, I hope your recovery from the hernia is going well. I wish I were in JeffCo to help with the shoveling that is coming, as have good friends in Golden and Denver. Your hands issue is one my mother has too, but I am confident you will return to the keyboard in due course.

          I am humbled by your offer to post something, and am inspired to think of something I might present in an original way, (Tho I totally get minime’s “it’s all been written, it’s just no one reads it.”) because many of the posters and many of the commentators here have helped me form a better understanding of the unreality that has “suddenly” descended. You all have helped me express myself better about the perils that hound us, and to feel better as well. No one wants to hear an angry person rant. (Except me oftentimes; I get the anger, and it needs an outlet! Kind of like chopping wood, or taking a strenuous hike. There are some pro-level ranters here, thankfully. It’s a safe space for ranting.) 🙂

          The art of putting such diverse elements into a succinct explanation is needed more than ever, as discourse has degraded to simple boxed-in name calling, with a minefield of trigger words to negotiate to avoid wrongspeak. I will need this calm art this afternoon when I go to transfer my daughter back to virtual, as the District Stasi have identified her high school as a bad actor for not enforcing the mask mandate. Now it’s Zero Tolerance as of Monday, which public education has been pretty much since its inception, so it was a nice run while it lasted. This is fully her decision; “I don’t want to play along.” She sees it as a chance to grow. It’s a spur to eventually have her finish high school without any help from the delusional narcissists in the district offices. (You should see the rogue’s gallery of the board; I would not trust any of them to feed my goldfish) More later, and thanks to all.


          1. Here’s how it will work for now – merely email your written piece to me, and I will published it as a guest post with your desired moniker on it. Include pictures if you want, and do it in Microsoft Word or something compatible, as that easily translates to HTML. The photos you use do not travel with the text, but I can easily screen cap them. Cranky Yanky’s Loretta Lynn piece took about ten minutes for me to process and publish.


          2. “There are some pro-level ranters here, thankfully.”

            Haven’t read any Gaia comments in a while. Maybe his cooldown time has been effective and he could be allowed back on?


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