The Largest Land Grab in History

The strategies and tactics directing human health systems and forest health management exhibit striking similarities. 

Religious believers in the “active forest management” cult have declared that we need more vegetation manipulation — prescribed burning, logging, and thinning — to control large blazes.  Cultist ignore the numerous examples around the American West where burning/thinning/logging did nothing to halt fire ignition and spread.  

These proposals are based on the idea that due to fire suppression a build-up of fuels is the problem, and hence a reduction in fuels will solve the issue. There are reasons to believe fuel build-up due to fire suppression is greatly exaggerated.  Most of the West’s vegetative communities including higher elevation pines like west-side Douglas fir, lodgepole pine, aspen, most fir and spruce species, sagebrush, juniper, and chaparral to name a few plant types that naturally have long fire rotations of decades to hundreds of years. Fire suppression has not influenced these communities with long fire rotations.  There are no forest problems to “fix.”   “Fuel reduction” will fail to fix the drivers of large blazes: extreme drought, low humidity, high temperatures, and wind. 

How on earth have our forested lands survived before there were humans to come to the rescue and save them from wildfire, bark beetles, root rot, and a dozen other (real or imagined) ailments.

Everything is being gobbled up by what Stephers described in her latest (Halloween) entry as “a rapidly expanding digital panopticon.”   

It’s all about technocratically managing the health of the population, where health can be defined as whatever equilibrium state that is most profitable to the controllers – it does not mean keeping the population in optimal health, free of poisons and unnecessary environmental stressors. Jim West notes, citing the Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology by Hayes and Laws, that small doses of toxic substances can increase biological metabolism and increase productive yield of farm animals (egg laying, meat production) at the cost of increased morbidity and mortality. The situation is the same with humans and human production. One recalls the legions of software developers in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street taking Adderall, Modafinil, or microdosing LSD. So while it may reduce productivity overall if an individual has diabetes (there are already social impact bonds for it), a chronically poisoned population may actually be more productive. Impact investing creates another means of profiting from an ailing population, by preemptively ‘curing’ people and profiting by doing so. And of course, the underlying cause of the poisoning can never be addressed, because it would destroy the billion-dollar impact markets altogether.”  

Ailing forests, ailing people, mean higher profits.  There’s no money in healthy forests or people.  Now, all of nature is in the crosshairs. 

“Last month, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) announced it had developed a new asset class and accompanying listing vehicle meant “to preserve and restore the natural assets that ultimately underpin the ability for there to be life on Earth.” Called a natural asset company, or NAC, the vehicle will allow for the formation of specialized corporations “that hold the rights to the ecosystem services produced on a given chunk of land, services like carbon sequestration or clean water.” These NACs will then maintain, manage and grow the natural assets they commodify, with the end of goal of maximizing the aspects of that natural asset that are deemed by the company to be profitable.” – Whitney Webb.

“The ultimate goal of NACs is not sustainability or conservation – it is the financialization of nature, i.e. turning nature into a commodity that can be used to keep the current, corrupt Wall Street economy booming under the guise of protecting the environment and preventing its further degradation. Indeed, IEG makes this clear when they note that “the opportunity” of NACs lies not in their potential to improve environmental well-being or sustainability, but in the size of this new asset class, which they term “Nature’s Economy.”

Source: IEG

“Indeed, while the asset classes of the current economy are value at approximately $512 trillion, the asset classes unlocked by NACs are significantly larger at $4,000 trillion (i.e. $4 quadrillion). Thus, NACs open up a new feeding ground for predatory Wall Street banks and financial institutions that will allow them to not just dominate the human economy, but the entire natural world. In the world currently being constructed by these and related entities, where even freedom is being re-framed not as a right but “a service,” the natural processes on which life depends are similarly being re-framed as assets, which will have owners. Those “owners” will ultimately have the right, in this system, to dictate who gets access to clean water, to clean air, to nature itself and at what cost.”  -Id.

“The public launch of NACs strategically preceded the fifteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, the biggest biodiversity conference in a decade. Under the pretext of turning 30% of the globe into “protected areas”, the largest global land grab in history is underway. Built on a foundation of white supremacy, this proposal will displace hundreds of millions, furthering the ongoing genocide of Indigenous peoples. The tragic irony is this: while Indigenous peoples represent less than 5% of the global population, they support approximately 80% of all biodiversity.“  – Whitney Webb, quoting Cory Morningstar.

And where is government, if not playing handmaiden to Wall Street raiders donning silk suits?  Or, perhaps a better question is: “What government?” And to all those gun-collecting, gun-toting “patriots” out there, fly your flags, recite your constitutions and sing your anthems all you want, but the reality is an almost inaudible tune being whistled as the last patriot saunters through the graveyard of the Great American Fantasy.  There’s nothing left but a steaming pile of sand, rubble and dog poop.  There is no “society,” just data.   The next round of toxic poisoning begins without a peep from the peanut gallery.  God save the Queen (and The Crown).

14 thoughts on “The Largest Land Grab in History

  1. Wow! Excellent work Steve, thank you that short post was very informative

    “The next round of toxic poisoning begins without a peep from the peanut gallery. God save the Queen (and The Crown)”. Not a peep, largely oblivious in fact

    Wash, rinse, repeat


  2. Pete, great to hear from you. Just yesterday, I was pondering the possibility of Charles and Camilla stepping up if the queen falters. On many levels it seemed like a disaster waiting in the wings. Seems there should be a plan to avoid all that even though I cannot imagine what that might be. Obviously, not something of great import, just musing. Be well.


    1. The royals themselves are simply fronts for the real Crown – that is the City of London, a financial behemoth that is controlled by the big wigs of commerce. That is why the Queen has to ask permission to enter the confines of the “city within a city”. It is it’s own principality – like the Vatican in Rome – albeit it isn’t recognized by international law as such.


    2. Thanks Steve, yes I agree. Little Bald Willie is the next front man I think. His papa is almost certainly Juan Carlos of Spain, a Bourbon and NOT Charlie. Mom is Diana Spencer, from a senior Brit aristocratic line including Marlboroughs and Churchills. So a double bloodline in Willie’s case. The Windsor line is so inbred [the current Queen had a few hidden halfwits in her immediate line] so maybe that is a factor in all this too

      I’ve no idea how they will do that either tbh, maybe Charlie will succeed for a short spell before stepping down for Willie. Charlie is seen as a bit of a nutter here, that’s been promoted for years, on and off. Talking to his plants, organic food [actually decent stuff under his “Dutchy” label, Dutchy of Cornwall], homeopathy [actually very effective for certain things in my experience] etc etc. My guess is that he will be sidelined somehow before, or just after, the old oligarch [the first among equals] shuffles off her mortal coil

      But of course, as HarryPM points out, the usual confusing wordplay is apparent. Brits think that “The Crown” is the sovereign, currently the Queen, but in fact the sovereign does NOT reign over the square mile [City of London] which is outside the UK and NOT subject to Parliamentary legalisms. The sovereign goes there without regalia, without all that Venetian symbolism, she goes in her civvies. The City of London is the ONLY place in Great Britain where where she walks BEHIND anybody, in this case the Mayor who outranks her in the City. The City is of course the Crown which is in effect the sovereign, not the Monarch [who is sovereign of the UK only, not of the City]. Perfidious Albion at its most nefarious, most Brits are entirely oblivious to all that

      Best wishes to you too Steve


      1. I second Pete’s “excellent work”, Steve. This is a compact and clear summary of the present reality, something a slumberer might even understand.

        The fight is spiritual vs. virtual, and is on-going for centuries/millenia. Only sentient beings know which is better. Thanks to all for the other comments also. A quick glance at photos/video of the Windsors should be adequate for those with eyes to suss.

        The City is a whole ‘nother scene. Mordor?

        Surreality? We’re soaking in it!


      2. I saw that video on City of London Gog and Magog celebration.

        Queen actually walks BEHIND COL Mayor and indeed “asks for permission” to enter his city!!

        “If I had a rocket launcher, some sonofabitch would die”!!


      3. Pete,

        I JUST purchased Hyland’s #2 Calc Phos 6X yesterday!

        I’m giving Homeopathy a try…with some backing/understanding behind it. Wish me luck, please!!


        1. Good luck Rastus!

          Thanks for those old vids too. And yes the Queen walks behind the City honcho when in there. In fact the City have a permanent flunky sat next to the UK Parliament’s “Speaker”, the guy who chairs all the debates in the so called democratic chamber. He is called the “Remembrancer” and, if he hears something in the chamber that is counter to City requirements then, he has a word in the Speakers ear and makes sure that he gets his mind right!

          Wikipaedo says:
          “There is the City Remembrancer, one of the City of London Corporation’s[1] law officers, its parliamentary agent, and its head of ceremony and protocol” And if you believe that then I’ve got a bridge in London to sell you…

          Tissue salts are a good start. I use a small basic remedy kit which I have found very useful for comparatively minor issues. Homeopathy is not expensive, much lower cost than pharma poison. I would consult a holistic homeopathic practitioner if I were you for anything that is more important to you [costs about £60 a session here, about $80]

          Homeopathy doesn’t make a lot of modern “scientific” sense but who cares about that, not me that’s for sure, it is what works that counts, and it certainly has for me. It is counter intuitive if you think about it, the more dilute then, the more effective….

          But I’ve recently had a a very successful recovery from my post viral fatigue [called long covid by the medics, ha ha] using diet and homeopathy. The final treatment was a very very dilute pill that the practitioner warned me would be powerful. It was too

          Best wishes to all at PoM


  3. So Monique Morrow (she/her) thinks proof of legal identity is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity today? Yawwwwwn. She/her is just another grain of “sand, rubble, and dog poop” if you ask me/him.


  4. “How on earth have our forested lands survived before there were humans to come to the rescue and save them from wildfire, bark beetles, root rot, and a dozen other (real or imagined) ailments.’!!?!?

    Beautiful, just beautiful! 🙂

    Everything ties together, huh? Just How On EARTH can people survive without “their protection!?” 🙂

    Hahaha, what a F’d Up world we inhabit ;(

    Love that you have your mental faculties about you. Please don’t let “them” take it away from you.


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