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First, let me offer a nice bit of poetry from William Skink over at Reptile Dysfunction. It concerns use of Big Bird to get kids to vaccinate, as in, you know, there  is nothing these monsters will not do, no low that is too low. First Chomsky telling us to cease commingling with ordinary stooges who have not figured out the hoax, and now a popular television character engaging in child abuse.

I wish I had the right words. I do not. My outrage is indescribable.

I came across a concept over the weekend, I do not remember where, but something well known and probably better understood by readers here than by me. It is the “noble lie.” It comes from Plato, I am told, but the concept doesn’t need a deep philosopher to grasp it. It is to mislead for the greater good. An example might be telling kids there are trolls living under bridges to keep them from going down to such places. Santa Clause might be another.

As a society, we are held together by lies. That is one purpose of propaganda, the regular type in false histories, fake heroes, tall tales of valor in our nation’s past. It binds us together. With trolls and Mr. Clause, it is understood that kids become adults and understand that they were lied to with love. With national pride propaganda, we are never to become adults.

I really don’t have a problem with that. But what is going on now with Climate Alarmism and Covid is not done with anything remotely resembling love. They mean to harm us, maybe even kill us by freezing us in the dark or starving us for lack of fertilizer and tractors, or to inject us with a poison of unknown content which might well be something that can be activated later, killing us. Surely with kids and young adults the thought has to have occurred to them that they can sterilize them without anyone’s knowledge.

If it is about population control, and I’ve no doubt it is, the best way to get it under control is generation of wealth. But I suspect that people behind Climate and Covid know this, and do not want people to be wealthier and as a result, producing fewer offspring. They want people who are poor to remain poor, and the rest of us to become poorer.

It’s all a lie, a big lie, and there is nothing noble about it. These are empty shells, human on the outside, empty vessels on the inside. They have no sense of spirituality, place no value on anything other than command and control of the herd for their own benefit. If there are too many of us, then mass murder is in order. If we are becoming too wealthy, remove the means of wealth accumulation, fossil fuels. If they are threatened by too many people of color, prevent whole continents from developing. Incite warfare, give them windmills and solar panels, but nothing more. That will keep them in their place.

I once was Facebook friends with an aging television journalist, a very nice and considerate man who tolerated opposing views. Once I criticized George W. Bush for something, I don’t remember what, as I was just getting over voting and party politics. He reminded me of the concept of noblisse oblige, or the idea that nobility has a greater duty to serve humankind than ordinary people.

I am not seeing it anywhere. The only noble motives I am seeing, and forgive me if this is self serving, are people who took it upon themselves to understand the true nature of viruses and the PCR. We are suffering increased isolation to pressure us allow ourselves to be injected with something that cannot fix a virus that does not even exist. It takes higher levels of moral courage as we go along.

Anyway, it’s Monday and I guess I am feeling Mondays blues. In my workaday life, Monday was my favorite day, as the business world came alive again, my mailbox was stuffed (there was a thing known as “first class mail” in those days). Today I am just feeling blue as I watch the world around me sink deeper and deeper into insanity.

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  1. Monday is a day to marvel at nature. A walk in the woods is cathartic for the mind and body — it never disappoints. Screw the ass-hats with their elaborate mumbo jumbo. They are exposed for all (those not possessed) to see. More will see as the reality gap widens. Have a great week.


    1. I went out after writing this and stocked firewood for an hour or so, very hard work (I have to first cart it up the hill from the sawing stand) … not a walk in the woods, but at the same time, relaxing. We are lucky to have a woods to walk and that also provides us firewood.


  2. Here’s a random thought: Could we ever have a female president while the nuke hoax still has legs? Honestly, is there anything further removed from maternal instinct than firing huge phallic rockets with a nuclear payload in the tip, killing more collaterals than actual soldiers/installations? No. Kackala Harris doesn’t scare ANYONE so Bo Biden will likely keep his job portraying his late father in the rubber mask for this reason alone.


    1. It’s been a long time since I have thought in terms of nuclear weapon threats, but I grew up in the shadow of “the bomb”, and the idea of a female riding a rocket in Dr. Strangelove, note the name, is perfect.


  3. Skink nailed it in the poem. The Sesame Street characters and the manipulated fizer kids thanking the superhero “trial participants” (those that are still conscious) for making the shot a grim reality for 5-11 years olds are obscenity personified. Now SF, a former playground for libertines turned into the hell of hells, is demanding the jab for kids to have “indoor access”.

    Meanwhile, the district kapos have cracked down on my daughter’s high school, forcing her to make the move to virtual. Of course, there is no mechanism in place at the moment for kids to transfer, as the quarter started a few weeks back, so she is in a limbo. As I watched the bus come and go this morning without her, I felt a quick pang, thinking, “my daughter has been excluded”, which then transformed into “I am so proud of her. Who would want to attend a school full of masked people, with teachers as informants?” Thankfully, not her.

    Friday and Saturday my wife had two phone calls from contacts she has not seen for months or years. Both women kept pestering her gently with things like, “Why not, it’s free and easy to get?”, or slightly menacing “What if your daughter gets it?”, not knowing she has “been exposed” for some 12 weeks and is better than ever, capped by my mother saying to her yesterday, “It could be expensive if you get it.” All of these women are overweight and on meds, apparently living in mirror-free homes.

    Give me strength!

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  4. The philosopher Giorgio Agamben recently said something like: those who obeyed, will pay the prize. It’s not like people don’t get it. Two years ago only very few people would dare to question the existence of viruses or the usefulness of vaccines. Now there are millions of people aware of the absurdity of the entire western medicine, even more who are at the edge and can tip over any time and for all this people there is no way back. Perception is a one way street. You can only improve your perception, you cannot go back to the previous state. I know, the majority will stick to their old believe for a long time as there still are many people wearing crosses or other things and praying to God but the word is out and soon even the main stream will adapt and change its lies to new ones. I’m still convinced this all was planned, the end will come as scripted and as usual the majority will not even realize when it is over. All we know comes from this very people who orchestrate the show. They give us movies like The Matrix, The Truman Show, They live, etc. They could easily keep us in the dark but they don’t. It seems to me, there are at least two parties within the elite. One party was responsible for the last NWO and somehow failed, the other Anti-NWO party is now taking over. The world will never be the same again and this is a good thing. I’ve spend my life working from Monday to Friday and even remember the time when the Saturday was a working day. Now people complain because there are no jobs like in the past but the truth is, the life gets better even when one can’t find a job and has to live from welfare. Don’t get me wrong, I see homeless people in Frankfurt every day but they wanted it that way. It’s not easy in Germany to fall of the grid that way. There still is real poverty but not in western countries. And I’m convinced TPTB have exactly this on their agenda. I’ve seen poverty in Cairo, where really poor people travel every day to the other side of the Nil river to Giza to work and earn some meager money and then spend the half of the night to come back to Cairo and feed their families and things like that cannot be fixed without big changes. I’ve also witnessed such big changes in countries like Turkey where a once Arabic country became westernized within two decades. 20 years ago Antalya (a pretty popular touristic city in Turkey) was like Cairo, lots of beggars on the streets, people mostly dressed Arabic, old ugly houses everywhere and now (we’ve been there on Xmas 2019) it looks like a suburb of Frankfurt. I’m optimistic that the world gets better not worse and that my children’s life will look different but better. They will not have to work every day from Monday to Friday like I did. They probably will make less money but the importance of money also changes. We just don’t see it yet due to lack of proper perspective. Or do you really think that your parents had a better life than you have?


    1. Way back in the 1990s, I took it upon myself to sit my aging parents down and interview them, get them to talk about their lives. They were reluctant, but as you might guess the dam bursted and I ended up with hours of their words on tape. We love talking about ourselves. Eventually I transcribed everything, which took days. I gave the cassette tapes to my older brother, and he actually sat down and listened to them. He came away with this reflection: Man, the poverty they experienced! We were a working class family, small house, bills to pay and never a ray of sunshine, money wise. But that was nothing compared to the lives Mom and Dad experienced, a house that burned down, no insurance (“it wasn’t done back then” said Mom), ten people living in a three room shack doing dry land farming. On Dad’s side he had to rise before dawn to drive a milk wagon into town, and then do school, and all of his family had to contribute to a large garden on land they did not own to put food on the table. Mom said of our little stucco house that it may not seem like much, but was so much more than she had growing up.

      Things have gotten immensely better, but I do not imagine for a second that the Climate zealots want anything more than to take us back to pre-modern life, dirt poor and no prospects. These are monsters. They have targeted oil, gas, coal and nuclear because they do not want us to have cheap energy. They want to bring back the good old days, unrelenting poverty.


      1. ‘They have targeted oil, gas, coal and nuclear”
        I have wondered sometimes whether one of the reasons for the conoravirus shamdemic was because of the rise of electric cars. The future loss of revenue from oil must hit the oil producers, so as to compensate for this they initiated the convid hoax to boost the sales of their other oil based products and also make vaccines seem a necessity and science the chief religion.

        Click to access Products%20Made%20From%20Oil%20and%20Natural%20Gas%20Infographic.pdf

        (Funnily enough, there was a Detroit Electric Model 64 car that date from 1917 in an episode of Perry Mason on telly recently.)


    2. Here’s what was featured today on a Dutch news site:

      “German health authorities reported a record 50,196 new corona cases on Thursday. Never before in the pandemic has the country recorded so many infections in a single day. The total number of confirmed corona infections in the country now comes to 4.89 million.”

      The corona hoax is far from over…


  5. Thanks for the link, Mark. I’m compiling my latest collection of poetry now, of which this one will be a part. It will be called BABYLON BY GASLIGHT.

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  6. Are you working with the possibility that the vaccines are part of the alternative health psyop? They want two sides, both intransigent, both sure the other is going to kill them (non-vaxxed are worried about shedding) and a collapse of social services and the economy is inevitable with the mandates. This is my preferred hypothesis as I watch more and more loved ones fall victim to the economic pressure being applied.

    Love your writing. I come here often for the amazing content after being linked the Boganovsky Brats thesis. So much craziness in Hollywood. I can’t believe I grew up thinking what I saw on TV was what I should be comparing myself against. Ah to be young again.


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