Monday Monday

First, let me offer a nice bit of poetry from William Skink over at Reptile Dysfunction. It concerns use of Big Bird to get kids to vaccinate, as in, you know, there  is nothing these monsters will not do, no low that is too low. First Chomsky telling us to cease commingling with ordinary stooges who have not figured out the hoax, and now a popular television character engaging in child abuse.

I wish I had the right words. I do not. My outrage is indescribable.

I came across a concept over the weekend, I do not remember where, but something well known and probably better understood by readers here than by me. It is the “noble lie.” It comes from Plato, I am told, but the concept doesn’t need a deep philosopher to grasp it. It is to mislead for the greater good. An example might be telling kids there are trolls living under bridges to keep them from going down to such places. Santa Clause might be another.

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