Climate scientists threaten to go on strike!

This news in that headline falls under the heading “Oh please, don’t tantalize us!”

Two articles today from the Homewood front. Paul Homewood apparently a Brit, has been blogging since 2011, and his output is prolific. Today’s article is titled Are Our Winters Getting Warmer? The answer, no, is no surprise to me. Climate “scientists” apparently do not know how to read a graph. See below.

As anyone can see, the above graph rolling average would translate visually to a flat line, or at least one only slightly rising. The data is taken from this data set. The highs and lows are called “climate variability.” That’s an expression that Climate Alarmists never use. As Homewood says,

“Some years we get mild winters, and some are very cold. This has nothing to do with global warming, it is simply down to the vagaries of weather. When the weather is dominated by Atlantic airflow, it tends to be wet and mild. When it is anti-cyclonic, it is usually cold.”

The headline for this post is taken from Homewood’s piece called Climate Scientists Want to Go On Strike. It’s a New York Times article.

Sometimes, Bruce C. Glavovic feels so proud to be an environmental scientist, studying coastal planning and teaching future researchers, that it moves him to tears.

Other times, he wonders whether any of it has been enough. Scientists have proved beyond doubt that climate change is transforming the planet for the worse. Yet their work has mostly failed to spur governments to address the issue. When all the signs are telling scientists that their research is not being heard, it is tragic, Dr. Glavovic said, that they just keep producing more of it.

Honestly, if anything has been “proved beyond doubt,” it is that Climate Alarmists do not know how to stick their head out a window. They have “proven” absolutely nothing. Their predictions never come true. Their climate models are wrong, all of them. See below for evidence to support that statement.

As can be seen, right around 1995 the Independent Panel on Climate Change took a hiatus from reality, and has never looked back. This graph, put together by J.R. Christy of the University of Alabama, shows both blue dots and green boxes. Those represent two data sets, that collected from satellites (blue) and collected from weather balloons (green). It is the average earthly temperature from the ground up to 50,000 feet. It appears to me that from 1975-2015 we’ve experienced a temperature increase of  perhaps three tenths of a degree centigrade, or an average of .0073 degree annually. That’s nothing to worry about. Just nothing!

Below is some data I often refer back to, the Greenland Ice Sheet Project (GISP2).

I find it fascinating. It covers the last 10,000 years. Scientists pull ice cores out of the Greenland ice and analyze their content. They have done two cores now, the one above down to 3,053 meters. The initial ice core project (GRIP) went down to 3,028. It is vitally important two have two, allowing (real) scientists the ability to cross check data.

What we see is a graph covering four degrees centigrade in temperature variation during the these 10,000 years, otherwise known as the Holocene Interglacial Period. We are in the Pleistocene Epoch, which began about two million years ago. It is an ice age, and we are still in that ice age. We know this because both poles are covered with ice. That does not happen when we are not in an ice age, which is why they have found evidence of forests in the Antarctic ice sheet.

Interglacial periods have been common during the Pleistocene. There have been at least twenty of them, and they usual last 10-15,000 years. It is during these times that civilization advances. Note the peaks on this graph, the latter three labeled Minoan Warming, Roman Warming, and Medieval Warming. By the names we can see that in these periods of warmth, we thrived. Note on the far right the Little Ice Age***, a time during which Vikings had to abandon their farms in Greenland, and when Iceland lost a third of its population. Cold is our enemy, not warmth. Some time around the year 1680 the LIA bottomed, and we began the long climb back to warmth. That trend is going on to this day. Our current warm period, called the Modern, is a full 2.5 degrees centigrade cooler than the Minoan Warm Period. Further, we can tell by the arch of the green line that the Holocene is cooling off, not warming.

Climate Alarmists are not to be trusted with data. Take a look at Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick, pure science fraud.

  1. To the left is a clip from GISP2 showing the period that Mann covered with his Hockey Stick, a collection of data drawn from tree rings, ice cores (he claims), and historical records. Mann’s great trick was to eliminate both the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age. He was not on a scientific mission, but rather a propaganda mission. It can easily be seen that he is at odds with GISP2, but his political mission required that he show evidence that in the twentieth century forward, our planet heated up like crazy. Since there was no evidence to support him on this, he simply made it up.

It is clear to me that the Climate Alarmist movement is backed by powerful forces who want to introduce big changes in our way of life. They want to end the use of oil, gas and coal. They claim that these fuels, which have made our lives so much more bearable, introduce CO2 into the atmosphere and are causing the Earth to warm. After years now of looking into this matter, I am of the opinion that this is not just wrong, but a deliberate lie. Impoverishment seems their objective.

Do you want further evidence of that? The Climate Alarmists also want to shut down the nuclear power industry. Nuclear power is carbon free. How can that be? They are backed by such power that they do not have to even make sense. Jane Fonda was employed to attack the nuclear power industry in a 1979 movie called The China Syndrome. From a scientific standpoint, the movie made no sense. But at least with nuclear power there is some sense to be had – cui bono – who benefits? There is a reason why the Sierra Club was the beneficiary of millions of dollars from ExxonMobil and others … Sierra Club was employed to shut down the nuclear industry in California. They have nearly succeeded, with one plant remaining, Diablo Canyon. It is under fire. They plan to replace it with a solar panel farm. I do not make this stuff up.

Climate alarmism is unscientific, but the agenda exposed by its hostility to nuclear power paints the right picture. The oil and gas industry and climate alarmists are bedfellows, and strange ones at that.

***Most Americans will have been grilled in school about the late 18th Century American Revolution, part of which included the 1777 encampment by Washington and his troops at Valley Forge, a period of bitter cold and shortage of provisions. Maybe one in six men died.  This was during the climb-out of the LIA, a time when winter festivals were held on the frozen River Thames in Great Britain. Cold is no friend. During the Medieval Warm Period, the British were producing grapes for wine from vineyards in Northern parts of the island. No one was complaining about excessive warmth. There were no crackpot scientists telling school children to fear the future.

17 thoughts on “Climate scientists threaten to go on strike!

  1. Good stuff, MT. Seems like another pscience project…I remember the “coming ice age” magazine covers from the 70s and 80s. Being more of fan of heat, I was hoping they were wrong. Seems they were.
    If world climatists go on strike, does it make a sound?


  2. These days I’m coming to the view that, rather than “climate scientists” not speaking up, they are merely being silenced in the mass media, while “climate modelers” and IPCC are getting all the spotlight. I believe there are more climate scientists who do not agree with the mainstream narrative that most are led to believe.

    By the way, I would not take the ice cores temperature reconstruction to be indicative of anything, the general trend is likely correct, but the timeline of how many years have passed between so and so is completely arbitrary. I would at most trust up to 2000 years before current time, any data before that cannot be trusted since the dating methods rely on the assumption that the Earth’s environment has stayed stable for millennia – which is simply not true.

    The data of the last 2000 years, if not just the last 400 years is already enough to disprove anthropogenic climate change.


    1. The coincidence of advance in civilization (we can debate the fine points of that, as the Romans are not poster children for civilized behavior) coinciding with periods of warmth in the GISP2 could be labeled either coincidence or forced conclusion, maybe even science fraud, except that I do not think this amazing project was saddled with an agenda, especially one that goes head to head with what is obviously a propaganda project, global warming. The results of GISP2 are revelatory, the objective of real science, rather than propagandistic, the result of politics.


      1. Unfortunately, the current state of science is very misguided, and is often stuck in following a mainstream position despite contrary evidence; one example you would be familiar with is the “germ theory”.
        I’m sure most scientists are well-meaning, but it does not equate that their findings represent the true reality.

        And it is certainly interesting than you mention Rome; I recently came to find out the years 582 AD – 1582 AD is a fabrication by the Roman church when the Gregorian calendar was implemented, so our understanding of the timeline would in fact have to shift by at least 1000 years.


  3. I’ve been reading a lot here lately – I’m new to PoM.

    I am not unfamiliar with most of the topics, but I want to thank Mark for hosting, and all of you Commentors – whether I agree with you or not. Just fantastic.

    My comment goes somewhat astray of the subject, but I am sincere, and hope you consider it as a therapeutic mechanism. I’m just a regular guy who can comprehend the written word, and chooses to do so.

    Day after day, week after week, year after year, all this fraud – centuries even. What I find most infuriating is the fact that a great many of these current “scientists”, and “leaders” are simply stupid people, or at least ignorant… likely paid-off or laid-off in one form or another. Second to that is the pitching of all ethics and morals – zero integrity. These are not human beings like you and I – no way.

    Nothing new to You, but I cannot entirely shake the anger… moderate it a bit, yes – barely.

    Ditch this minor rant if you see fit Mark.


    1. Everything is open to question, but I reject the notion that everything is fake, often seen here. In my own writings, such as they are, I tend to focus on fakery. Reality can be boring. It is easy to turn cynical, but I maintain an underlying faith in humans, at least those I know personally. We all have an inner self and an outer self, but neither are that bad, just a lot of deceit on the outer side. We are ruled by a lawless group of charlatans, but I think the answer there is this: Honest people are not drawn to power for its own sake. The Polish psychiatrist Lobaczewski in his book Political Ponerology tried to define how this clique of monsters came to power and how they know and cooperate among themselves. Very interesting if you feel like a complicated reading experience.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. “Fakery” is far too nice… I had not heard this term until recently, but is just so apropos: FUCKERY.

        Whether or not there are decent people around, they will be further pinched as the days go on – they MUST be for the idiots-in-charge to continue their destructive, inhumane and obviously selfish “plans.” Where is the line between cynical and factual?

        Even though I have lived my life outside of Shitcago, I have ventured far and wide in this country. It is actually unfortunate, but I do not share your faith in humanity – willful ignorance prevails – in my experience.

        I will check out that book.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. There is good and bad in all of us, and I tend to lean towards good, lazy, and ignorant. Very few take the time to think about anything, automatically falling back on authority figures. That’s the way it is. (There’s also the old saying, God must love stupid people, as he made so many of them. But I find that kind of harsh, as I think mostly what we deal with is raw undeveloped intelligence.)


          1. God also made copious quantities of bugs, especially beetles. He did all his work in six days, then rested. Humans and bugs have been living in peace ever since, no?

            I mean, I am sure nothing would have changed had bugs become scientists.

            Jung says we have to explore the dark to know the light. Perhaps it’s best if the bugs never know this. We’d then have Jung Bugs to go with Wetiko. Undeveloped intelligence, notwithstanding.


          2. You’re quite the philosopher. You always say …think for yourself,and have original “Thoughts”of your own. Aristotle and Plato both Philosophers, thought along the same lines. Plato believed reality was divided into two parts…The ideal and the phenomena. Platonist school of “thought.” He believed that the physical world was not as “Real or true “as timeless,absolute unchangeable ideas, Aristotle on the other hand believed it was impossible to be really good without wisdom or to be really wise without moral virtue.


            1. If Albert Einstein was a fraud, and he was, then what to make of all these “other” so-called “father’s” of psience, philosophy, and Roman Homoerotica??

              I mean, really!

              Naked little boys captured in marble? Apparently, sex between men and boys was the thang back(side) when.

              And the clergy today carries forth the “tradition”!


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      100k miles left to go…baby 🙂

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  5. I think I have the Zika virus!! Or is that, perhaps, Ebola??

    I am the passenger!! I go to Costco in Nagoya…


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