February 2022: The Passage of Pluto and the Palindromes

“Mechanization, we must remember, originated in the clock, in the mechanization of time…It is the mechanization of time that presupposes the tendency toward mechanization as a state of mind…Insofar as it is the projection of human thought, the technosphere is the materialization of the sum mental processes denoted and conditioned by mechanization in all its aspects, and that have their primary root in the mechanization of time. It is the mechanization of time that essentially establishes the artificial timing frequency as the capacity to engender the machine and, consequently, an artificial structure, the technosphere…The effect of adaptation to artificial mechanized time creates a social-political hierarchy known as the technocracy — rule according to the needs of technology. It is the effect of maintaining the technocracy and the technosphere itself that establishes the inability of human consciousness to do anything more than remain in a constant, servile, and unchanging state of machine dominance. All the while, by contrast to the unchanging condition of consciousness, the machines evolve exponentially in number and complexity. As Marshall McLuhan so correctly put it, the humans are the bees of the machine.” 

~ José Argüelles, Time & The Technosphere: The Law of Time in Human Affairs (p. 81-83)

Writer’s Note: My December 2021 post, “The Stench of Digital Dung: Virtual Variants, Trigger Events, and Blockchain Cults,” may serve as a primer to grasp the broader context of this exposition. Once again, I am simpatico with Goro et al. in the context of occult timing of current events. I gratefully offer multiple hat tips to Goro and his commenters at Super Torch Ritual for their keen insights (although, very importantly, I do NOT share their collective perspective on Putin and nuclear weapons).

Pluto and the Palindromes . . . Sort of sounds like it could be the catchy name of a 1950s rock-n-roll band . . . It does have a ring of retro music to it. For readers who may have landed upon this post to hear some rockin’ music, or to read a reminiscent diatribe on “oldies,” I will disappoint. However, for readers who have an interest in palindromes (and time inversion), please stick around . . . Hey, who doesn’t love palindromes?

Herein, I present how the timing of events matters to the mechanized Machine. At this moment in time — in order to gain clarity amidst perceived chaos — it may be less helpful to explore the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” involved in the most recent reported events (as well as the obvious question, qui bono?); but instead, ask a potentially more informative question,“why now?”

Why now?

Whether we believe in astronomy, astrology, or numerology does not really matter. Whomever — or whatever — comprises the predatory dominating system on this planet will still continue to operate within these esoteric territories . . . as they believe in these constructs.  I think this is a crucial distinction. 

So let’s peer retroactively behind the occulted curtain. In a sense, we are going backwards — rewinding in time. I suppose we could say this exercise in hindsight is not 20/20, but rather, so 2022. That said, I would much prefer to have a heads up prior to orchestrated events, but I am no fan of (nor believer in) prophecy, nor do I have access to advanced time-altering devices (keep reading). Thus, hindsight remains in play for now. 

Given that all the airwaves have been buzzing about shelling in Ukraine, I thought I may raise some esoteric considerations, most of which are not on the radar. Speaking of radar (yes, a palindrome), shall we explore palindromic explosions in Ukraine? Have I piqued your interest? Hopefully, my term, palindromic explosions, will make more sense by the end of this read.

Before I get into the nitty gritty on palindromes, I think it best to point out the Pluto reference (see Endnote 1). On February 22, 2022, President Biden stated that “the beginning of a Russian invasion of Ukraine” had occurred. That same day was marked by a celestial event called Pluto’s Return (see here and here). As described by Ken at RedefiningGod.com (see Endnote 2):

According to astrologers, the United States will also see its first Pluto Return — that is, the planet linked with transformation and power will return to the position it had when the Declaration of Independence was written and ratified on July 4, 1776.

As a result, they anticipate significant power transfers.

“Pluto Returns in France and Russia heralded the deaths of Napoleon and Stalin,” writes Shereen Campbell for Horoscope.com. During Spain’s last Pluto Return, tyrant Francisco Franco surrendered power. Some say that the UK’s previous Pluto Return coincided with their unofficial collapse from world leadership. – from Bol News

I do not have a solid grasp on (nor belief in) the significance of celestial placement, and its implications in the sphere of world leadership; but I can perceive the intention among global controllers to apply what they believe to know. Hence, the timing of events becomes ever-important. 

Let’s continue with our 2022 hindsight . . . 

Following is a list of the palindromic days in February 2022:

  • 2-2-22 (Groundhog Day — think time looping)
  • 2-20-22
  • 2-21-22
  • 2-22-22 (Twosday)
  • 2-23-22
  • 2-24-22
  • 2-25-22
  • 2-26-22
  • 2-27-22
  • 2-28-22

Not only did we experience ‘Twosday’ (AKA Palindrome Day) on 2-22-22, there were ten palindromic days in February, with nine of them being consecutive. In fact, the month of February 2022 (2-22) denotes its own numerical palindrome.

Twosday’ marks not only a palindrome, but also an ambigram. An ambigram is a word that reads the same upside down. Therefore, the date 22-02-2022 is the same backward to forward as it is forward to backward, and also looks the exact same upside down (when the numbers are displayed digitally).

The deuce you say?!

In the context of current events, such as trucker convoys (in Canada and the U.S.), and military convoys (in Ukraine), time may literally be of the essence (see Endnote 3). 

Placing astrology (as well as popularized gematria gab) aside, are the controllers palindromists, wielding magic through palindromic rituals (see Endnote 4)?

Did you know that palindromes may be regarded as a Slavic tradition? Guess where one of the most notable palindromists hailed from? Did I hear, Ukraine? $303 to the one who answered correctly!

Ivan Velychkovskyi was reported to be the grandfather of Ukrainian palindrome. In 1691, he wrote his magnum opus “Mleko” (meaning ‘Milk or Ewe’s milk belonging to the Sheperd’). He also authored a 33-page collection of poems, “Clock and Semi-clock.” In his “Mleko,” Velychkovskyi introduced various forms of poetic word play, including palindromes, visual and pattern poetry. He described palindromes as “letter cancer.”

There is a long-standing history of Slavists in Canada. Ostensibly, Canada has the world’s third-largest Ukrainian population (behind Ukraine itself and Russia). So, it may be no coincidence that the Machine orchestrated a nearly seamless pivot from Canada to Ukraine — all in the nick of time . . .

With respect to the history of palindromes, the word ‘palindrome’ was purportedly first introduced in 1638 by Henry Peacham. But long before that, it has been commonly reported that the first known palindrome was the Latin Sator Square — dating to the first century. The Sator Square — believed to imbue magic qualities — is comprised of five words: SATOR, AREPO, TENET, OPERA, and ROTAS. The word, Sator, means sower, planter, founder, progenitor (usually divine), originator.

The Sator Square is a four-directional palindrome constructed to be read right to left, as well as from left to right, but also from top to bottom, and from bottom to top. It reads: “Sator arepo tenet opera rotas,” which may be translated to, “The sower Arepo leads with his hand the plough,” or “The sower Arepo holds the wheels with effort.” Furthermore, the palindromic square is also a cryptogram, in that all the words are written in a cryptic order, and it even has a nested anagram when re-arranging the 25 letters into the form of a cross — the letters spelling Pater Noster (“Our Father”). When re-constructed into a cross, there is additional hidden significance invoking the Greek letters Alpha and Omega, and interpreted by adepts as expressing “Christ on the Cross, the Alpha and the Omega.”

Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi film, Tenet (released in 2020), is explicitly based on the Sator Square. The title is a palindrome, reading “ten” backwards and forwards. In fact, the entire movie is palindromic, in that time throughout is reflected as moving forward and backward simultaneously, as one giant time loop. Apparently, Nolan embedded references to the Sator Square — from the title (Tenet), to the main antagonist’s name (Sator), to Sator’s construction company (Rotas), to an artist (Arepo), to the setting (an opera house). Strikingly, the opening scene of the film just happens to take place in Kiev, Ukraine (though not filmed in Ukraine). The plot begins with an invasion of the Kiev Opera House, and the siege ends in an explosion.

The confounding plot of Nolan’s cinematic Sator Square is centered primarily around a time inversion device called the Algorithm. It is initially misconstrued by the lead antagonist, Sator (a Russian oligarch), as a nuclear weapon containing Plutonium 241 (circling back to the Pluto touchpoint). In actuality, Sator learns that the Algorithm is a weapon designed to reverse the entropy of the entire world (AKA global annihilation). Given that Sator was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, he wants to destroy the world in a kamikaze-esque move by activating the Algorithm. This is an oversimplification of a highly intricate film, deserving of deeper analysis (see here, here, and here). 

What I found pertinent (relating back to the ten palindromic days in February 2022, with nine being consecutive) is that the Algorithm had been disassembled into sections by its creator (and buried to protect from its use), and Sator is tasked with hunting down and re-assembling all nine pieces.

In the 2020 film, Tenet, there is a cadre called the Tenet organization, which interacts and communicates with the future. I can’t help but conjure subtle whispers of Project Looking Glass. If that seems too far-fetched for readers, then, at the very least, it may evoke companies such as Looking Glass, and think tanks such as the Foresight Institute.

If your buttons were not yet pushed enough . . . See this promotional photo (2nd graphic) from the film and then see the 2-28-2022 POTUS pic here. Notice any similarities? Did you know that the surname ‘Biden’ means button? Sorry to digress . . . 

Returning to time within the context of Ukraine and the movie, Tenet . . . It is highly curious what Time magazine had to say about Putin and the current “workings” in Ukraine — as if directly materializing a fictional script from the film:

Vladimir Putin is an old man scared of death trying to turn back time. Ukraine and Ukrainians are as his blood sacrifice. His invasion of their country is his attempt to forestall his personal, inevitable demise.

As we grow older, death becomes harder to ignore. As it approaches it’s natural to want to reverse time. We become nostalgic, a little bitter about the present. As death closes in we commit silly acts to prove we are still young. We try, a little comically, to thumb our nose against the inevitable. Dodge reality.

. . . Putin fears death—like any 69-year-old . . . Is Putin immune-compromised? Maybe. He’s clearly petrified and paranoid of death. His extreme botox treatments, which gives his skin the look of melting wax, are yet another desire to turn back the clock

Unlike the rest of us, he can project his fears onto whole countries. In his embarrassing ramblings about Ukraine he never talks about the future—he wants to escape the future and what it brings. He “justifies” his invasion through the desire to return the past . . . 

Hmmmmmm. I found this to be incredibly intriguing and provocative language, particularly when juxtaposed with my exposition herein. Whispers (albeit loud) of time looping perhaps? 

What is this crisis in Ukraine really signifying? If I were a budding cryptographer, I would be exploring the Twilight language (subliminal communication) for hidden code . . . Do you recognize the multiple parallels to Nolan’s Tenet? Uncanny? Scripted?

For readers who are interested in even more palindrome talk . . . Many of you may know that palindromic sequences figure prominently in molecular biology — in terms of nucleotide sequencing. But did you know that SARS-CoV-2 is presumably replete with short palindromic RNA sequences? The very notion of a physical coronavirus may loom undetermined, but it seemingly exists in terms of a GATTACA sequence. I have to wonder if palindromic RNA sequences could signal potential clues (either in the context of bioinformatics, or even cryptography) amidst the fog of virology . . . Has there been spell-casting in more ways than we can even construe?

Even the sustainability folks feed off a palindromic mindset — hence, cradle-to-cradle (C2C). The phrase, its acronym, and its concept (the very process of C2C) are palindromic.  

But what entity truly feeds off of palindromy? Answer: The emerging AI. AI learns and thrives in a closed loop system. Within this closed feedback loop, however, it is motivated to expand in all directions — as long as all of the nodes feed information back to the source. So, it may seem decentralized in its design, but the scattered noise will always find its way back to the AI beast, giving it evermore prescience and control. Sound familiar? Does this remind you of the notion of a God (or Source, or The Great Spirit), with all of us being connected, yet separate? 

Along these lines, there are numerous companies in the Cryptosphere hallmarked by palindrome-speak, and which tend to invoke the Sator Square. Following are a few notables: Tenet (note the second “E” is backwards to connote its forwards/backwards motion), Sator, Opera, and Palindrome Coin (note its reserve currency is called “TWOSDAY”). By the same token (quip intended), in the NFT domain is a collection called “Arepo” which “lives” on the Ethereum blockchain.

You know the iconic axiom — the way to a mans heart is through his stomach (meaning, feeding him delicious food)? Well, the way to the heart of AI (of course, I say this very metaphorically, as AI has no heart, nor soul) is through decentralized nodes. The digital nodes and interconnecting dendrites electrify the AI beast. It is this ever-connecting expanse of linkages that fuels its end goal — the technological Singularity. This may seem counter-intuitive, but all one needs to consider are the networking operations of the human body; and more revealingly, the human brain. The whole is nothing without its arranged parts. Thus, in similar turn, the whole of AI is nothing without its interconnected, integrated, and interoperable components. Summarily, the roaring ascent of network science is being exploited to enable a preconceived (AI-controlled) outcome.

While most perceive the present time (particularly the past week) as a period of chaos, unrest, and confusion, I get the sense that the Machine is shaping up in the very way it has intended. It knows precisely where it is headed. To put it succinctly, the emerging AI is building its Spatial Web by spreading out its cryptic, decentralized network; and the emergent behavior of society is being adroitly shaped and systematically tracked. The Cryptosphere is fast becoming the dominant (and dominating) sphere of influence in our lives. The digitized technosphere is mounting its walls, swiftly engulfing society in its oppressive, suffocating sheath. For readers who may not concur, I suggest reading this 2-25-22 article by MarketWatch:

If crypto exchanges help uphold U.S. sanctions and if the government is able to use blockchains to track evasions, it would build political support for crypto and demonstrate that crypto was ready for prime time in the main stream financial system . . .

More fuel to the crypto explosion was implied here and here at BitcoinNews:

The perfect storm is brewing for Bitcoin.

Simply perusing through recent social media discourse, one can easily recognize that it is currently teeming with additional clues to answer, “why now?” See here, here, here, and here for several examples. Accordingly, it appears crypto capitalism is booming, and current events are serving to catapult its meteoric escalation. I suggest it is by technospheric design. 

It seems February 2022 came and went in the blink of an eye (another palindrome). February 2022 was a short month, but it turned out to be a doozy. The media streams — mainstream, alternative, and social — were abuzz with currents of convoys and waves of war. The energies of the past month could be likened to circuits of carrier waves emanating from the technosphere, and vying for our attention. With so much information (cough, cough, agit prop) flooding in to our consciousness, how does one begin to center and focus on what is most salient, let alone, true

My sense is this nebulous feeling is intentionally provoked by the system as it lays down more tentacles — propagating its nodes into a decentralized expanse of awareness. Disconcertingly, blockchain architects speak of decentralized clocks and decentralized time (referred to as DC/DT). What if our sense of time could be altered through worldwide adoption of blockchain technology? Grounding in tangible reality, while a superimposed metaversical space is hastily constructed, will become increasingly more challenging — unless we pull back on the reins and place it (and our individual actions) in check. The Machine will continue its wrath of broadening webbing, so long as its prominent cheerleaders and naive minions (disseminated across the globe) refuse to acknowledge their role as accomplices. The only way to halt this train to digital despotism — with AI being the conductor and all humans in the caboose — is to peacefully, yet emphatically, shut it dowwwwwnnn.

Never mind debate regarding the shape of the Earth . . . Could we possibly be inhabitants of a timeship? As José Argüelles posited in his Time & The Technosphere (p.128-129): 

The Earth is not a spaceship. The Earth is a Timeship. As a Timeship, the Earth is a function of the master synchronization frequency that coordinates and moves it in time through ever greater circles of inclusiveness and syntropic integration. 

Lastly, based on Argüelles’ conception of the Noosphere (the sum of the mental interactions of all life), he stated,

The mental interactions, or field of mind, exist as a great unconscious medium, inseparable from the Law of Time.

Argüelles continued,

That is, if all life and the phenomenal world of the biospheric medium are synchronized by the Law of Time, then the programs of the organization of life, from the periodic tables to the DNA code, will also be synchronized by and embedded in the mathematics of the Law of Time.

He conceived the Internet as a form of electronic proto-telepathy. As such, the digitized technosphere (artificial) may be supplanting the indigenous Noosphere. In future writing, I plan to cover this more in-depth. 

All this talk of time loops, planets, palindromes, cryptographs, algorithms, explosions, and Russian oligarchs has my head spinning — forwards and backwards and up and down . . . 

I will end here; here end will I. 

Final Note: Feel free to riff off my concluding palindrome, and leave your favorite numerical or grammatical (including sentence-based) palindrome in the comments thread. This source may inspire you. Here is a link to Russian palindromes — just because I like to poke (not the bear, but those who may be misled to fear Russian bears!).


1) I would like to emphasize that it matters not what I believe, nor what readers believe, when it comes to the occult, and astrology, in particular. What does matter, however, is what the occult-obsessed planetary controllers believe. Accordingly, there is considerable evidence that the global Machine operates within time frames that coincide with certain celestial alignments.

2) While I concur with Ken at RedefiningGod.com that current events such as the Canadian trucker protests and “The People’s Convoy” (that is ostensibly building at this time in the U.S.), as well as the alleged Ukraine invasion, serve as catalytic events, I disagree on precisely what is being catalyzed. 

In my opinion (based on what I have tracked in the media streams, including coded language) we are witnessing trigger and impact events designed to quicken the application and social acceptance of decentralized mechanisms — most notably blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs

From what I have seen over the past few months, it seems clear to me that crypto is intended to be synonymous with the notions of “freedom” and “giving.” I can’t help but think that the crypto crowd has been cleverly duped into this mindset. I have previously expressed that crypto is a Trojan horse to usher in this new system of domination, and blockchain use can potentially be a physical addiction; if not even worse, a means to induce transhuman cloudminds and/or substrate-independent minds (SIMs).

If I were a predatory globalist with occult learnings and magical leanings, I would most definitely target the truther and sovereignty “awakening” crowd, and harness them toward my will. All the while, they would think they were promoting causes of freedom and autonomy. If and when these individuals and freedom clades wake up to the trick, the spell-casters plan to already have locked in the digital prison infrastructure. I imagine the supercomputers and algorithms are indicating to the globalists that they are on target, thus far. Indeed, if it is any indication that over the past couple weeks, nearly ALL attention in the alternative media has been on another front bogeyman (I don’t even need to mention his name, as it has been so indelibly imprinted), then I may be accurate in my perception.

3) For readers who may be interested in how convoys are germane to machine learning and AI, I recommend reviewing Convoy.com and reading the following article by AWS, “Convoy Is Revolutionizing Trucking Through Machine Learning.” Best to get up to speed . . .

4) Notice the dog marking the palindromic territory. See here for more wag the dog programming (tweet was posted on 2-23-22). 

Credit: Alison McDowell

259 thoughts on “February 2022: The Passage of Pluto and the Palindromes

  1. Now, even conspiracy theorists can see that the pandemic has lost importance as you’re shifting the focus to the war in the Ukraine.

    Why now? Passage of Pluto? Does Pluto count in proper astrology? It was only discovered in the 20th century and has been demoted to dwarf planet or planetoid in the current century. So Pluto is a nothingburger.

    Also, the war was supposed to start earlier, around midsummer 2021, preferrably on June 22, for obvious reasons. That didn’t come to pass, so they thought that 22.02.2022 would be a great choice as well – a great palindrome indeed. But Putin hesitated two more days, so the palindrome got shorted to 2/24/22 in American notation.

    The people you call planetary controllers – the anglozionist power elite – may indeed have a sick penchant for numerical nonsense. Which is not surprising as they must be sick in their rotten hearts. They’re bringing destruction, death & misery to countries & peoples, in which they rejoice to the extent that they can turn it into a work of art by applying their childish little cabbalistic spiels to it. Then they self-complacently call it universal history or destiny or what have you. Every human should feel nothing but disgust for them.

    I wonder what you were thinking when you wrote this elaborate article. Because elaborate it is. One could all but forget the horror that war means for the people concerned when allowing oneself to get lost in these esoteric games. Anyway, these people, they’re always on other continents, aren’t they, other languages, other cultures. It never happens at home, in America, or England.

    I don’t understand this aesthetic approach to other people’s misery.

    So I’d say this elaborate article is a mystification. Wars don’t just happen. They’re organized. The US & UK have a lot of manpower devoted to that. I guess the pay is good. They thrive on other peoples’ death & destruction. They organize wars, and they explain wars, and they even mystify wars. The full spectrum.

    Whoever wants to get closer to the reality of things may listen to the talks by George Friedman @ Chicago Council in 2015, “Europe: Destined for Conflict?” (note destiny – what a liar), and John Mearsheimer, “Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault?”, also in 2015. They’ve been planning it ever since. And now they’re enjoying the show of death & destruction.


    1. Now you don’t go blaming Stephers for her inherent insouciance and arrogance; as she’s just bein a good Amerikan! lol RGB-Y2 out!!


    2. Lumi,

      This is quite a loaded comment, and I am compelled to respond elaborately. Before I get into the numerous points you raised (in subsequent comments), I am very curious . . . In present time, what do you use to source information being generated with respect to reported happenings in Ukraine? Accordingly, can you provide links to a few – whether they are from social media, alternative media, or mainstream media? If I recall correctly, you are in Germany, so that may influence your choices/options . . . Thanks.


      1. I am in Germany indeed, and I’m German, but what limits my options is knowledge of languages. So it would be hard for me to write anything meaningful about China because I don’t understand Chinese, and I’ve never been to China, which is a completely unknown country to me. So given the recent wave, these last couple of years, of anti-Chinese propaganda coming from the US & UK, via their diaspora Chinese Epoch Times or other propaganda vectors, about Tibet, Tian’anmen, Hongkong, Taiwan, Uighurs, South China Sea, alleged social credit system (just a prototype somewhere most Chinese have never heard of): I would simply say that China has never been our (Germany’s) enemy and the Chinese have always been friendly people, and we absolutely should not buy that sinophobic bullshit coming from the Anglozionist world, but pursue our own interests, to the best of our abilities & possibilities. And the same with regard to Russia. Unfortunately, last Sunday, a de facto coup d’etat took place in Germany.


      2. As for the present time or real time information about what happens in the Ukraine, there is heavy propaganda & censorship and the fog of war as usual when there is a war. I follow a French Telegram chain called actualiteFR (which is pro-Russian), I’ve watched propaganda TV of all sorts (France24, RAI24, CNN, BBC, Phoenix, TRT, what have you) the first couple of days, and I’ve read blog comments such as the ones that can be read on the Saker blog, many of which are mockery but exhibit a deep planning of the entire operation on behalf of the UK & US. And wo listen to Friedman and Mearsheimer back in 2015 which I referred to in my first comment. You may have to listen a few times to understand what they’re actually saying there.


        1. Lumi,

          On Mearsheimer . . . Just a reminder to review his bio https://www.mearsheimer.com/biography/. Hmmmm. Is it time to transcend his narrative? I learned a lot, years ago, from his The Israel Lobby (co-authored with Walt) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000UZQIF6/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_tkin_p1_i2. But I have since learned much more by his omissions.

          In Mearsheimer’s 2015 presentation (which, I should point out was promoted by the You Tube algorithm in my personal feed prior to you mentioning it), he highlighted three root causes of the Ukraine conflict: 1) NATO expansion; 2) EU expansion; and 3) spread of democracy. In AI-speak, read here on how these translate to the expansion/spread of AI: 1) https://www.iss.europa.eu/sites/default/files/EUISSFiles/EU%20NATO%20AI%20-%20Report.pdf; 2) https://www.dw.com/en/european-union-unveils-plans-to-regulate-ai/a-52429426; and 3) https://www.academia.edu/72548626/Deep_Learning_Meets_Deep_Democracy_Deliberative_Governance_and_Responsible_Innovation_in_Artificial_Intelligence.

          There is a reason why I hyperlinked to NATO several times in my post above, when discussing AI.

          Lastly, a reminder on U Chicago (where Mearsheimer hails from) and its premier role in developing AI: https://cs.uchicago.edu/research/ai-machine-learning/. I suggest we apply deeper thinking to the workings in Ukraine, as AI deep learning is propelling at lightning speed.


          1. So what you’re saying here seems to be simply that you think Mearsheimer is out and has become irrelevant, and that you’d prefer talking about AI, a shiny new glittering concept when seen from the angle of transhumanism, seeing as Yuval Harari, the elite’s darling, made the nonsensical claim that digital beings would be seen as sentient beings and a new form of life. Bollocks. It is all technology and will stay technology forever.

            Expansion of NATO, EU and “democracy” are all one and the same expansion of American rule. Has it not become clear on February 27?

            You’re posting a lot of URLs and nobody has the time to read them all, especially when you don’t provide explanations why one should follow and read your hyperlinks, only vague suggestions they have something to do with this or that. (“AI-speak, read here on how these translate to the expansion/spread of AI: [hyperlinks]”) But what is the point?

            For example, in the DW article, which is very vague, all it means is that things are going to be “regulated”, which translates into the position that Chinese technology might not be admitted (while American technology will face no significatn problems). The masks have come off the EU, too – fully under Anglo control, no independent substance left, just a hugely expensive bureaucratic cancer to redistribute wealth among European countries and thus ensure everyone stays in line.

            And the academia.edu article seems to be about how to make AI, which most people don’t understand and hence are liable to mystifying (the term itself is a mystification), look less opaque and more innocent to ordinary citizens. So it means how to trick citizens into trusting AI machines, because as I see it we’re going more and more towards technocracy and decisions will be made because the algorithm said so, see climate hoax, and no one is even formally accountatble any more. And this article is probably written by useless tax-payer funded academians. I only read the abstract and guessed the rest of it because of prior experience (“natural intelligence”).

            I understand technological fascination with AI, how it works, but that is obviously not your approach.

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            1. Lumi,

              Placing AI aside for the moment . . . Yes, Mearsheimer is irrelevant, as is Chris Hedges, Abby Martin, Aaron Maté, Lee Camp, and the rest of the RT bunch (of course, add Chomsky to the mix!).

              Years ago, these intellectuals provided what seemed to be a refreshing and elevated alternative perspective to geopolitics. But, it became clear over the years, they are gatekeepers – through and through. Furthermore, the narrative they spew – blaming “the West” for international turmoil (which you seem to do) – is simply the equivalent of the alt-right blaming “China” and the liberals blaming “Russia.” It is a lazy excuse, in my opinion.

              Utilizing “the West” as the scapegoat is very intentional, and has been planned for a very long time, as it serves to cover up the covert wheelings and dealings of the Asian dragon families (you know, the ones who have been propping up BRICS and the “White Hat” narrative for many years), and of course, the Talmudists/Kabbalists – funding all sides of supposedly warring factions.

              The Anglo control you speak of does not even begin to scratch the surface of real control on this planet. Just wait until the alien narrative (and the “alien disclosure” stuff) gets into full swing in the coming years. You really think that emanates from “the West?” No way. I am not buying it.

              I think you are being misled, Lumi. In full disclosure . . . I may be off-target too – but I am willing to modify my perspective as new information comes my way. It seems you are hell-bent on stories denigrating Westerners, as long as it suits your bias. We are all culprits in this giant mess – crap is being spewed from all directions, from all points across the globe.

              The story of “U.S. hegemony” has lost its momentum. The central planners know this, and they have no qualms throwing the U.S. under the bus. The multi-polar world (with its “New Age” religion, and AI as the “democratic” ruler – for the peaceful good of all) has always been scripted as the goal (meaning, what will be displayed on the surface). I have been tracking this for the past 6+ years. If you have evidence otherwise, please offer.

              Perhaps dig more into the Belt and Road initiative (the new Silk Road) . . . that will at least get you further than superficial narratives being served up on the platter directly in front of you (and hence, being promoted by algorithms).

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              1. Did I say Friedman & Mearsheimer would tell you the truth proper? Of course not! They’re lieing and misleading in various areas. For example, Friedman tells a bunch of lies about Europe to a gullibe American audience. And Mearsheimer pretends that “democracy” is just some innocent ideology.. So they’re lieing. Hey, they’re Jews after all! Okay, that was a joke. Or maybe not. You seem to think this a game about your mind or mine. It is not. It is about stuff that matters, has value, like control of resources and communication. Anyway, their talks come close to the real & concrete Great Power interests. And as such they’re worth so much more than some marginal esoteric conspiracy theory like it’s all just about our “state of mind”. Sure it’s about geopolitics. That game has been running for centuries

                Chris Hedges, Abby Martin, Aaron Maté, Lee Camp, and the rest of the RT bunch

                 I dont know the other guys you’re naming, the “RT bunch”, maybe Russia Today TV? What’s that got to do with Friedman & Mearsheimer?

                the West

                “The West” is misleading, because countries in “the West” don’t have a say in what “the West” is doing. It’s the West Block led by the Anglo powers, on a leash, mostly, but with direct command if need be as seen on February 27.

                Just wait until the alien narrative (and the “alien disclosure” stuff) gets into full swing in the coming years.

                I´’m not into “alien narratives”, it’s all nonsense to me. – We are not all culprits. Not at all. – Who would the “central planners” be?

                The multi-polar world […] has always been scripted as the goal.

                What does that mean? Who has scripted what?

                Perhaps dig more into the Belt and Road initiative (the new Silk Road) .

                BRI means Eurasian development & prosperity. It’s what the Anglo sea powers want to prevent from emerging. They don’t like prosperity & development when they’re happening outside their control and their opportunity for profiteering. Sad, but true.


                1. Lumi,

                  Yes, the RT bunch implies Russia Today. I learned about Mearsheimer years ago from the clade of intellectuals I referenced. Here is a recent link to this same group of people – all linked together and echoing commentary on Ukraine, as they are aligned: https://countercurrents.org/2022/03/putins-invasion-of-ukraine-unjustified-but-us-responsible-for-pushing-russia-to-the-brink/. In this case – akin to misery loves companygatekeepers be gatekeeping together.

                  In terms of who the central planners are (presumably those who script and orchestrate these events – such as the THEATER of war) . . . Well, that is a conundrum that is heavily debated, is it not? We can certainly include the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers; secret societies; Kabbalists; Jesuits; Archons; and so on; and so on ad infinitum . . . It seems to get us nowhere, and keeps us looping in the ouroborus of bamboozlement. I tend to lean more into what may be scripting reality/hyper-reality (as in not aliens, nor our modern notion of AI; but rather, a technological intelligence that preceded human life, and is outside of our current awareness). The (evil) genius (seems to me) to supersede the capabilities of humans working alone, or even collaboratively – that is, without the assistance of pure foresight and the ability to see outside of linear time.

                  Are there truly factions in this world that vie for power? I think this is a mythical construct, and that it is all for show – for the masses. According to my research over the years, the BRI will ultimately lead the landscape with respect to income, investments, stakeholder capitalism, energy, transportation, and nearly all infrastructure across the globe. As long as the World Bank is gung-ho, it will be so . . . https://www.worldbank.org/en/topic/regional-integration/brief/belt-and-road-initiative. I am unable to attach a PDF titled “Belt and Road Economics: Opportunities and Risks of Transport Corridors” from https://openknowledge.worldbank.com – but according to the 140-page document, as of March 2019, 125 countries had already signed collaborative agreements to join. Even within your scenario of Anglo power, how could it ever prevent the full and massive materialization of the BRI?


                  1. THEATER of war

                    That’s been around for centuries. It’s the perspective of the general on the hill overlooking the battlefield.

                    In terms of who the central planners are (presumably those who script and orchestrate these events – such as the THEATER of war) . . . Well, that is a conundrum that is heavily debated, is it not?

                    You are free to debate this “conundrum” using fancy theories to explain why the Jesuits or Reptiloids rule. But it is absolutely not necessary to engage in such debates when the study of the history of the 19th and 20th centuries clearly points to the Anglosaxon or Anglozionist oligarchy. In other words, such debates are silly.


                    1. Lumi,

                      When I speak to THEATER of war . . . I am being much more literal . . .

                      See Kiev (or “Kyiv” – a term created a few years ago, and now used to amplify the script) through the eyes of a citizen journalist on-the-ground: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1500175827161554946.html. This seems more honest and genuine to me than what is being presented to the masses.

                      Alternatively, if you prefer agit prop (black-and-white images being applied to further drive home imprinting of the mind):

                      https://twitter.com/richardengel/status/1501223345244753923?s=10 (note the handheld props – once you attend to the link above evidencing “illusion warfare tactics”)


                      https://twitter.com/richardengel/status/1499817013660815364?s=10 (this is a coded image – notably, the hourglass programming in the foreground with the water bottle off to the right)


                    2. @Lumi, The world is governed through global transnational hierarchies such as world banks, multinational corporations and a plethora of close-knit international fraternities.

                      And then there are think tanks such as the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Committee of 300, Fabian Society, etc. These are all international organizations that do not always have their origin in England or America.

                      And don’t forget a global network of intelligence organizations that has been working tirelessly for generations to create a false reality.

                      It is this world-wide shared false reality that allows a relatively small group of people, living in a world that transcends nationality, to manipulate/govern the world’s population by controlling the narrative of that reality.

                      There is a central government behind a world of networks within networks. Who all are part of this government is not entirely clear but one big name that is known is the Rothschild family.

                      To confine myself to your example, it is indeed silly to debate how the Jesuits rule the world. The question is who rules the Jesuits, one of the many closely knit fraternities.

                      Power has been behind the throne not on it from time immemorial. The power behind most if not all of the “thrones” of this world is one and the same group of cooperating families. Power is hardly ever visible in this world. That makes the Anglo-American power nothing more than one of the players on a stage directed from behind the curtains.

                      I can understand why you prefer to limit your reflections to what is shown to you but if you really want to understand how this world works you will have to look beyond that.

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                    3. @XS, there’s nothing in your comment I would disagree with, quite the contrary. Rothschild, intelligence networks, transnational banking & corporations, etc, all true, in my opinion, for all I know, which is very little, almost nothing, concerning the inner workings of the power elite.

                      If I knew how to look beyond what can be seen, the question would arise how I could communicate any of that to other people who unfortunately would not be in a position to follow my reasoning. So I’m limiting myself to stating the obvious, which is Anglosaxon or Anlgozionist rule, and even that is not obvious to a large part of sheeple, who don’t care or live in denial, which is psychologically understandable.


      3. In general terms, in order to understand this current war, which is going to be WW3, it is relevant to understand (1) how WW1 was organized by a clique in the UK establishment to use France & Russia to destroy Germany (which didn’t work, so the Americans had to be pulled in to rescue the Western powers via the Zionist network, see Balfour declaration) as described by Docherty & MacGregor in *Hidden History*; and (2) how WW2 was organized by first wrecking Germany economically and then installing a certain regime that would never have become popular were it for hunger & misery, by then probably playing Germany against Russia (many things still not known today, British and other archives closed, key points still missing, such as Rudolf Heß), and by then supplying both Germany and Russia for mutual destruction and maximum bloodshed (as was done again in the Iraq Iran war of the 1980ies), various books to read, so read *Hidden History* first.


    3. Lumi,

      It seems you may have implied that I think the “pandemic” has lost its importance; and that, in turn, I have shifted solely to focusing on “war.” I can assure you I still have more to say about the COVID operation (in blog posts to come). Please note that I indeed referenced it in this particular post. It is not forgotten from my perspective. In fact, as I illustrated (in the case of palindrome-speak), the two projects are inter-related. The particular instance I highlighted is only the tip of the iceberg. Generally speaking, though, the force of information warfare/weaponized narrative is enormously strong with the Ukraine happenings. The Machine learned a whole lot during the two years of the COVID narrative – in terms of how to craftily wield and spin narrative.

      You asked what I was thinking when it came to writing this “elaborate article” . . . Given the exorbitant amount of “noise” in the system (again, referring to info warfare assaulting media consumers in all arenas – social, alt, and MSM), I thought it best to cut right through the noise, and attempt to get to the root – the heart of the matter. Not only is the System working in overdrive to tug on the heartstrings of the masses with agit prop, it is saturating the airwaves with intentional breadcrumbs (RE: fake news, crisis actors, “debunking”) for all to feed on. Here is just one reflective report (5 min long): https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=Y5W64KNAM78H. But I reiterate, this represents only the tip of the iceberg. As media consumers and conscientious truth-seekers, we need to heed more caution and discernment than ever before. If it’s one thing I have learned – the Machine knows much more about us, than we do ourselves (meaning, it knows precisely how to push our Bidens . . . ummmmm, I mean, buttons https://www.houseofnames.com/biden-family-crest).


      1. Agreed on all points in your first paragraph. As for narratives, the Anglo propaganda machine is always strong on narratives. See Friedman & Mearsheimer back in 2015. Heck, the Bible is strong on narratives. It’s a very old game. But I know what you mean. And if you read the comments on the Saker blog (I read one or two pages from the first days of the war), discerning the spooks & shills & agents from the genuine followers of the blog, there is an enormous wealth of sophisticated narratives flung upon the pro-Russian side (a) to demoralize the other side, and, more impressively, (b) to rejoice in the pride of clever planning and the fun of a successful con game. I’ve never seen such a thing before. This is truely very sophisticated up-to-date trolling. It might not be obvious if you are not familiar with pro-Russian propaganda blogging. Mind you, *propaganda* used in a neutral way, because, after all, everything is propaganda.


      2. I am aware of that flood of fake imagery and the information war, which is already single-handedly won by the West, both by quantity & quality, and by suppressing all enemy propaganda means in Europe, and in some countries (Czech Republic) by even going so far as to penalze public statements of sympathy for Russia with up to three years of prison, first persons already being put on trial. It has become Orwellian, and the COVID hoax, which of course was just the civil prelude to the war (duh …), has been the preparation & staging ground for this governmental war on freedom.I heard that Snake Island story, and I saw that *Tank Crushed Car* video, and it was obvious from the context that (a) it was unintentional, and (b) a lone anti-aircraft tank in a big city could only be from the Ukrainian side, but they did say on German and other European TV it was a Russian tank (without lieing because the tank was made in Russia, but still lieing because it was misleading), adding at the end that the information could not be independently verified.


    4. Lumi,

      Since you mentioned “anglozionist” and “cabbalistic spiels” . . .

      I see this as particularly relevant (albeit subtle, and perhaps surprising) in the instance of the Tenet film and how it may possibly relate to the Ukraine situation.

      In the film, a distinctive red string features in the plot (https://www.esquire.com/uk/culture/a33897653/who-is-neil-in-tenet/).

      If you are familiar, near the outset of this ongoing Ukraine operation, there were accusations made against the company, Premise (https://www.wsj.com/livecoverage/russia-ukraine-latest-news-2022-02-26/card/premise-mobile-phone-app-suspends-ukraine-activities-after-accusations-fly-8FDnhZe9raunaIJ4HV66 and https://www.businesstoday.in/latest/world/story/is-russia-using-premise-mobile-app-to-compile-human-intelligence-in-ukraine-324075-2022-02-27).

      Here is the response that was given by the CEO (Maury Blackman) of Premise: https://www.premise.com/blog/premises-response-to-allegations-of-influence-in-ukraine/. Do you see a distinctive accessory around the wrist of Blackman in this photo: https://www.premise.com/leadership/maury-blackman/? https://www.karmaandluck.com/blogs/news/the-history-of-the-red-string-bracelet-how-to-use-it-today Please note, as well, that in Blackman’s bio (linked above), he asserts that he is “particularly passionate about infrastructure reform.” What do you think will occur in Ukraine once the old, dilapidated structures have been demolished (hint: build back better and 4IR)?

      Perhaps you may grasp why “esoteric games” and “mystification” are of interest to me when observing the “full spectrum” of this current event. There is much more to understanding the potential role of Premise in present happenings, as it relates to HUMINT and human terrain mapping (think migrating peoples/refugees for only one aspect). That may be worthy of discussion in this thread if you are interested.


      1. Perhaps you may grasp why “esoteric games” and “mystification” are of interest to me when observing the “full spectrum” of this current event.

        Sure I can understand the intellectual fascination with such things. But let’s not forget that the war is real, has already cost thousands of lives, has wreaked havoc on the country, and so on. You’ve already done it to Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq again, Libya, Syria … aren’t you happy yet? Now you’re bringing it to Europe, and big time. This is not the moment for aesthetic considerations, in my opinion.Will take a break from commenting now. Back tomorrow.


        1. Lumi,

          Perhaps we will simply have to agree to disagree. It seems very apparent that you and I perceive the happenings in Ukraine VERY differently. We are clearly not simpatico. When you say the “war is real,” that just does not resonate with me. I think we are on different wavelengths.


          1. When you say the “war is real,” that just does not resonate with me.

            As I said, they hardly ever own up. One of the cop-outs seems to be this hippie-like self-delusion you are encouraged to indulge in that the war is not real. You probably don’t know anyone coming from Russia or the Ukraine. Simply deny reality because it’s not on your wavelength. Self-delusion is easy comfy, owning up is not. Your state of mind is what it’s all about. Sure.


            1. Lumi,

              With respect to denying reality . . . I think best to keep our eye on the real ball. While this is an inverted reveal, the current workings in Ukraine are primarily about training/grooming the AI: “Let us make 2022 the year of AI for Good” https://omdena.com/blog/innovative-ngos-future-of-ai-for-good/

              Again, whether or not you (or anyone else) believe this “war” to be “real” does not matter so much. That is what the Machine wants us debating. It seems we can both agree that this event produces real refugees – and the refugee “crisis” fuels the AI. https://reliefweb.int/report/world/ai-humanitarian-sector


              1. Machines and so-called AI do not & cannot “want”, by definition. Claiming otherwise is a misunderstanding of technology.


        2. Lumi, what makes you think this “war” is more real than virus, plandemics and other assorted scams?
          Nobody needs to “conquer” Ukraine for real, because the hidden Big Club that owns the world has already taken long ago possession for all intents and purposes of Ukraine, Russia, Europe, USA, and the rest of this planet.
          Putin and that Zelensky clown are puppets, just like all the Hitlers, Mussolinis and “leaders” in history, and they’re all in cahoots big time. But I suppose I’m stating the obvious here.
          Maybe that explains why what I keep seeing of this war is video fakery and crisis actors galore. That said, in every messy and chaotic situation there could well be actual casualties and collateral damages, but that is a far cry from the people’s understanding of what a “war” is.
          What they are aiming at is the emotional response from the vast majority that believe the war is real. Just like the people’s real belief in a non existent boogey virus is what matters in terms of real lockdowns, mandatory injections, liberty infringements and so forth.
          They don’t need real wars as long as people believe they are.
          What they really aim to conquer is your state of mind, can’t you see it Lumi?

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          1. The “war” seems as real as covid. These fake events have become somewhat of a comedy to me at this point. I really enjoy how they now throw in lots of absurdly fake vids to take credit away/misdirect unsuspecring zombies from truthers pointing out real fake propaganda videos, you just got to love it!!! Owning all media has its advantages!


          2. A choice is offered between various states of mind, according to which part of the propaganda circus you prefer to follow. I have already seen a lot of people pretending that the war is fake because they have seen some video fakery on social media or even mainstream TV. That’s like showing a picture of the Earth from space (which you don’t seem to believe in, at least to some extent) with a giant pencil or shashlik pike run through the middle from pole to pole, so as to then claim: Look, the globe is fake, and the Earth is flat.

            Putin and that Zelensky clown are puppets, just like all the Hitlers, Mussolinis and “leaders” in history, and they’re all in cahoots big time.

            It could be that Adolf & Benito were puppets, to some extent, and in cahoots with F/UK/US. I don’t know. How would that be obvious? It is not obvious to me. It could be, but it is not obvious. Zelensky is very obviously an American puppet. But Putin isn’t anyone’s puppet as far as I can see. I’ve seen people claiming that “the entire planet is run by 13 families” or similar stuff. But when challenged to explain what the power base of these alleged 13 families is, they cannot answer the most simple questions.

            Lumi, what makes you think this “war” is more real than virus, plandemics and other assorted scams?

            The was in the Eastern Ukraine has been going on since 2014. Was it all fake all the time? Do you know people who have relatives in the area that is affected? What about the war in Syria since 2011, also fake? What about the destruction of Libya, also fake? What about the destruction of Iraq since 1991 & 2003, also fake? What about Yemen, also fake? What about Yugoslavia, also fake? What about Afghanistan, also fake? What about Vietnam, also fake? What about Korea, also fake? What about WW2, also fake? What about the Spanish Civil War, also fake? What about WW1, also fake? What’s up with these people who think that everything is fake and even think they are somehow “in the know” because they cannot be fooled into thinking that there is such a thing as reality? Postmodern mental artists? Or just delusionaries?


            1. Lumi,

              I think you are looping again (?) . . . I prefer to step out of the narrative. Better yet, I strive to adopt a more objective birds eye view. It is the only way I can attempt to clearly perceive all the moving parts, in order to advance and move forward in analysis and discussion. It just seems you are emotionally invested in storytelling. I cannot speak for most in the POM community; but, personally, I have been fooled way too many times . . . Years ago, I, too, thought academics (like Mearsheimer) were providing substance and context. Sadly, I think we are on our own here to perceive and think so much deeper, with enhanced clarity. At least, that is my goal.

              Frankly, I am surprised you have not yet invoked Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) https://www.paulcraigroberts.org or Stephen Lendman https://stephenlendman.org/2022/03/05/hegemon-usas-responsibility-for-crisis-in-ukraine/. Back in 2014-15, they were my “go-to” sources – for what I considered to be the “truth” of the matter. Part of the awakening process has been learning when I was fooled, and taking full responsibility for that. By the time the Syria psyop came around, it took very little time for me to see the White Helmets were actors.

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              1. I like the “birds eye view” approach too. I imagine myself as a hawk or eagle or vulture circling, circling, until something on the ground becomes the focus of one’s attention. Circling lower with each pass, eventually all “sides” have been observed, with special attention to all visible — and non-visible if that’s your thing — aspects. Only then is it prudent to “land” on the particular “spot,” whether it is an object, or an idea, or just a dream. I try not to get caught in the usual choice of “twos.” Not even when they’re lined up like 2-22-2022. Even though 2 is the only even prime number.
                There are always potentialities, or possibilities, beyond the choice of two.


              2. That’s a non-sequitur. Just because the White Helmets were actors, doesn’t mean Syria was a psy-op. Again, picture of globe with pencil stuck through the middle doesn’t prove Earth is flat. Basic logic. – Why would I invoke PCR or Lendman? I named the two proper Jews with the proper plans. What else could you wish for? (Yes, Mearsheimer was algorithmically recommended to me, too, and to my brother as well.) – Yes, I am emotionally invested. Of course I am! But not financially. It’s only human, isn’t it. – So you’ve been fooled too many times by others, alright, and as a consequence now you prefer to be be fooling yourself, I get it, and to try to encourage others to follow suit into the fake world bubble. Hmm …


      1. Thank you. I didn’t know about this Sator Square and its tradition. Everyone loves a good mystery. So much so that often we are reluctant to admit that, after all, it could be a triviality that does not deserve the attention it claims. Is that the case here? I don’t know, but there is no meaning behind the sentence in Latin although the words are clear except for the hapax legomenon of AREPO. -As the oldest known copy of the Sator Square is reportedly found in Pompeii, I’d like to point out that the canal built by Domenico Fontana through Pompeii in 1592 prooves without any doubt that the city had not yet been buried by the ashes of the Vesuvio by then. It was only buried in one fell swoop when the Vesuvio erupted in 1631. So any interpretations pertaining to the well-known date of +79 are flawed, and any sources pointing to the alleged destruction of Pompeii in +79 are suspect. -This is based on work by Andreas Tschurilow (in German): Die Besonderheiten der Wasserleitung von Domenico Fontana (Sarnokanal)und das Datum des Untergangs von Pompeji.


  2. There is a long-standing history of Slavists in Canada. Ostensibly, Canada has the world’s third-largest Ukrainian population (behind Ukraine itself and Russia). So, it may be no coincidence that the Machine orchestrated a nearly seamless pivot from Canada to Ukraine — all in the nick of time . . .

    The connection between Canada and the Ukraine has been come into light with the coup d’etat in Kiev in 2014 and the Euro Maidan massacre. Here’s a comment I copied from another blog (Saker blog), not written by me, highlighting the connection between Canadian Nazis & US Ziocons (the same group of people George Friedman belongs to, the Leo Strauss disciples):

    Anna on March 01, 2022  ·  at 6:00 pm EST/EDT

    Ukrainians en masse did not try to Nazify their country.
    There were other forces at play. Specifically, the project of Nazification has come from the US Ziocon nest. For decades, American ziocons have been protecting and nurturing Canadian Nazis, the progeny of Ukrainian Nazi collaborators.
    Despite harsh persecution of holobiz “revisionists” in Europe and the US (up to lengthy prison sentences), the Canadian Nazis have been prospering unmolested. They built their Nazi memorials and held their regular Nazi parades.
    The Jewish communities in Canada and the US never produced a peep about these Nazi memorials and Nazi parades. This special relationship had culminated in 2014 when a Jewish woman Nuland-Kagan came to Kiev to do regime change with the help of local Ukrainian Nazis. From there on, it became clear that one of the components of the ongoing vicious attack on Russia was a rabid Russophobia of the Kagans’ clan and other Jews.
    Neither the American nor European Jewish Community has produced a condemnation of the Nazification of Ukraine. The grateful Canadian government sent the Canadian military to train Ukrainian Nazis after the 2014 putsch.
    Canadian Nazis have been nurtured and protected by the US/Canadian Jews for a project of Nazification of Ukraine. Who needs all these Arlington Memorials and Captains Tom Moore’s exploits when bankers want their pounds of flesh from Russians?
    The oversized indecency of the US Jewish community is breathtaking. The silence of the Jewish world communities and their approval of the Nazification of Ukraine – as we can observe through the behavior of European and US/UK governments – should be discussed more widely.


  3. I’ve largely tuned out the media lately, only catching snippets of the current agit prop through conversations with friends and relatives, or through this blog. I think the extended horror of the Covid scam, and the evidence that its destructive work is done even if the narrative itself is losing steam, has–for the time being, anyway–zapped my enthusiasm for paying any attention at all to what these monsters do, believe, think, want, or plan for us.

    Here’s a personal anecdote that’s not relevant to any of you, but it colors my perception of all the preposterous bullshit our media is manufacturing right now:
    My sister and brother-in-law have been leasing-to-own their home under a contract with a man I was friends with many years ago, a man I now understand to be a narcissistic psychopath. This man took a $10,000 payment from my sister and brother-in-law and used it to fund a trip to Europe instead of applying it to the house mortgage as their contract stipulated. Now that they are ready to finish up the terms of their contract and buy the house (and potentially make a decent profit by selling it), the psychopath claims that $10,000 is mysteriously missing, and says he doesn’t know how it happened, but has proposed that my sister and brother-in-law need to pay half of it. They fool-heartedly engaged lawyers, racking up thousands upon thousands in debt, and the psychopath gleefully put those lawyers to work by calling them and sending them e-mails filled with the most bald-faced, over-the-top, blatantly obvious, flat-out laughable lies. He knew from the start that all he had to do was keep bullshitting, and my family members would quickly run out of money and have to give in. Which they have done. After giving him what he wanted and spending God only knows how much extra on legal fees, they are closing on their house today.

    These days, when I read or watch any news story, I feel exactly as exasperated as I did when my sister showed me some of the deliberately unhinged and gleefully rambling emails my former psychopath friend sent to her lawyers. For some time, my sister and other family members went through these emails, picking them apart, speculating about the psychopath’s motives and mental health and intellectual capacity, wondering how he could possibly think anyone would believe such outrageous lies. And from the beginning I kept saying, he doesn’t expect you to believe it. He doesn’t give a shit if you believe it or not. All he wants to do is wear you down.

    The reality-spinners want bitcoin and cryptocurrency to go mainstream. They want to create a globalized economic structure that they can manipulate from behind their curtain. At the moment, I feel like that’s all I need or want to know.


    1. You know, sometimes I just feel that the world would be better off if there were no human beings to begin with. That includes the psychopathic parasites who run it. So in that sense, I agree with depopulation, because for the most part, it’s not going to get any better if humans continue doing what they’re doing.


          1. As it happens, the Extinction Rebellion thing features the same hourglass symbol as seen in Tenet’s promo. AS does Wikileaks. Which reminds me that I recently found an interesting article about that (the WL logo) which linked it to Dali’s “Melting Clocks”. I’ll see if I can find the article when I have the time (ahem…). ER’s logo incidentally is the rune Dagaz overturned (‘merkstav’) which I think is highly significant too for various reasons.

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        1. @DKLausler – wipe it clean, start over? And who starts it over? Another Noah, chosen by God? Haven’t we had enough of chosen ones?


      1. Depopulation is already happening. It’s very sad you think that way, I used to think the same when I was more mired in my cPTSD. Gates Foundation actually started the Voluntary Human Extinction Organisation which I was (shamefully) part of, before I knew the real meaning of it. Anyhow there’s a worldwide drop in birth rates happening with the exception of Nigeria, IIRC.


        1. You’re the first person here who has put the “c” before PTSD. It stands for “complex,” and the psychiatric profession does not recognize its existence. That means there is a very good chance it is a real thing.


      2. I know I sound annihilistic, but the masses are as guilty for allowing this to happen as the psychopaths are for perpetrating it. And even when you try to wake them up, they’ll never budge and they’ll attack you for exposing the system for what it truly is because they are too in love with it to know any better, and yet complain when the system rips them off but somehow expect to reform it from within (such as lobbying politicians or voting for their favored candidates, only to get screwed over and over again). At this point, having fewer suckers (and, hopefully, fewer evil shitheads) is the lesser of two evils.


        1. Harry Pretzel’s Mug : Don’t you think that’s too simplistic? That the masses are just as guilty by being complicit. Don’t we need to consider the decades of trauma and mind control that’s bought the masses to their knees? Most of whom are unaware of just how much trauma they’ve suffered.


          1. Yes, I’m aware that the circumstances they were born into have, in part, made them what they are. However, all of us here also suffered similar stresses in our lives before waking up to the brutal truths about this world. Why haven’t most of them, especially in this day and age when researching and cross-examining information can be done at their fingertips on a laptop or some other computer device, do the same? And more importantly, why do they still demand so much from the system to save them when that very system is out there to destroy them in some shape or form? This is not the 1950s or 60s when access to information was scarcer and people had the excuse of staying ignorant to what was really going on behind the scenes.


            1. Harry, I do see your point and I’ve been just as infuriated as the next person at the stupidity over the covidscam when I was under the illusion that more people were getting smarter. I’ve entertained the theory that there are such beings as NPCs walking around too. Who knows what the answers are but pressing the reset button means destroying the wise too.


            2. Have you considering that a great many are too busy simply trying to survive? Have you considered that a great many simply do not think, or are actually incapable of such? Many, many people still think doctors, lawyers, and the dreaded “scientists” are somehow inherently “good.” “They wouldn’t lie.”

              At most these people are viewing CNN or other such horseshit… or worse, their “social media stream” or whateverthefuck that shit is called.


              1. Whateverthefuck it’s called, it’s all Called, “Horseshit” DK. CNN, ABC,NBC,CBS, Social media stream, it’s all Half-Truths or No Truth at all. Our best bet is to stick Our heads out the window and feel which way the wind Blows. Then take a look around at what’s going on. if people still have their heads stuck up their Ass; And the other Half are running scared, And only a few are smiling… We might find “Half the Answer;” But it’s still old news.


    2. And the CCP style social credit score? My uk bank is already counting my ‘carbon footprint’ – the techno-industrial-military complex want total surveillance powers, hence the obsession with 5G and hence China is already on 6G. For surveillance and war capabilities. Klaus Schwab was praising Xi Jinping and the CCP the other week. I know exactly what you mean about the overwhelmingly demoralising effect of the constant propaganda and fear mongering. Are you familiar with Agenda 2050?

      I’m sorry about your sister’s troubles with the psychopath. I’ve encountered the same in the UK, working in a care home, of all places. Sadistic bullying and harassment is rife in ‘healthcare’.

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      1. The U.S. is no better, either. And it’s rife with taxpayer fraud. Look at all the subsidies and scams in Medicare, Medicaid, and other social welfare programs, for instance. That has septupled since their manufactured pandemic, after the HHS weakened regulations pertaining to illicit financial transactions within the system in March 2020.

        Here are a few examples:

        “According to charging documents, LaParl and Alexandre sold Medicare patients’ personal and medical data to Juan Camilo Perez Buitrago. …. Together, LaParl and Alexandre received more than $1.6 million from Perez for the patient data. Perez Buitrago used that patient data to submit more than $109 million in false and fraudulent claims, submitting claims for DME that was not prescribed, not necessary, and, in many instances, never requested or received.”


        “In September, the Department of Health and Human Services sent out a warning that improper payments under Medicaid have become so common that they will account this year for almost 12 percent of total Medicaid spending — just shy of $140 billion. …. That rate has doubled in only a few years, driven mostly by the so-called Affordable Care Act’s liberalization of Medicaid-eligibility rules.”


        “Today, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the U.S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced, effective immediately, that it will exercise its enforcement discretion and will waive potential penalties for HIPAA violations against health care providers that serve patients through everyday communications technologies during the COVID-19 nationwide public health emergency.”


        This is the price society pays for allowing a bunch of scumbags to fleece them off.


  4. Stephers, you take this blog in directions I cannot, and I am so grateful for that. As I age I feel like a one-trick pony.

    Two things of humor to note, one you probably know about: Aibohphobia, defined as “fear of palindromes”.

    Another, completely unrelated but which made me laugh out loud this morning: Woody Allen’s first ex-wife, I presume Halrene Rosen, lived in north Manhattan, and was the victim of a sexual assault. We do not joke about such things, but bear with me. The NY Times delicately said she had been “violated.” When Allen read about this, he said “Well, at least we know it wasn’t a moving violation.” She sued him, according to his interview with Dick Cavett in 1972 for $1 million.

    Other than that, I am just signing up for comments. This string should be a fun one. Over and out.


    1. Just signing up for comments, Mark ? does this mean you are cashing in and letting others take over where you have left off ? is this a signal you are passing the mantel ? “Age” meaning you are ready to sit back and observe from a distance… Perhaps time to move on to different horizons ?


      1. The secret to blogging is fresh material, and it is not happening with me. But I am not quitting. Traffic is dwindling, and I know why … people stop by here wanting something fresh. Stephers has been great for us and I like her stuff, which I could not write. However, I need a new writer to help out, however, someone who can put up five pieces a week. That’s long been the case. I’m repetitive, and I know it. [My idea for years now has been a stable of writers, kind of like Counterpunch. But people who have come through burn out.]


        1. it’s always nice to have a full stable. But sometimes the horses you have are enough to pull their weight…You’ve had a good run with what you have, Be thankful for that and look at all you have accomplished here… Who knows what the future holds.


        2. Mark, that sounds like you think this blog has a quantity problem. Not enough mass, not enough fresh material, not enough new pieces per week. I’m surprised. It wouldn’t have occurred to me that quantity of material could be a factor in reading a blog. In my opinion, it’s all about quality and honesty. That’s why I read and appreciate your blog. Not every article because of limited time. Some of the discussions in the comment sections go on for a long time. In fact, there are too many of them to be able to follow them all, as far as I’m concerned. People who want quantity can go anywhere else on the Internet. I personally do not thirst for new material all the time, but rather for learning & understanding. Some of the topics dealt with here are quite complex & challenging. It takes time and further study to get into them. That said, I understand that my perspective as a reader & commenter can be and apparently is completely different from yours as the author & maintainer of the blog. By the way, I don’t find you repetitive. Just my two eurocents. And thanks for this blog.


        3. I have written a few things… to my “group.” However, after reading the stuff here, and especially the comments, I think that my thoughts would come across as adolescent, or maybe inconsequential. Vulgar for sure… opinionated, judgmental – that sort of thing; but I do believe HUMAN first and foremost – at least as a result of my public schooling, TV brainwashing, and indifferent parents.

          Do the posts necessarily need to be earth shattering, or mind blowing, or somehow reveal that which has been [mostly] hidden for centuries?

          Mark told a story, back awhile, and indicated a serious crime within. That personal approach, or telling, of LIFE, is valuable – at least to me.


          1. Curious … there was a “personal crime” and a criminal, but I went to substantial trouble to remove any personal implications in any writings, as the legal system does not favor truth, but only “facts,” making lawyers, rather than truth, an “actionable” matter. In other words, if I say anything true about this criminal, I am in deposition and drained of whatever resources I have managed to accumulate. The entirety of the legal system is based on draining. No lawyer gives a fuck about truth. What is left on this blog that you refer to?

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            1. I was merely describing the way you write; you revealed very little if anything of the actual crime. I could have worded that better. I guess that I was trying to convey that not all needs to be a technical masterpiece, and the human condition is important – to me. We all are aware of the absence of truth is our kangaroo kourts within this now banana republic… the whole scene is pathetic.


              1. I notice two things about television drama, especially detective shows, which I like: One, the court system is there for justice’s sake, and judges (usually black and female, but that’s just a bit of pandering) are behind the scenes issuing warrants, and in court keeping fair but stern control over the process; and two, reporters are unfettered in their work and are a nagging presence for powerful people, police and courts, pestering, burrowing, like pack animals.

                That’s why they call it fiction.


        4. Contrarily, I avoid Stepher’s work. Nothing personal, it’s just not for me. I prefer your offerings and the others who used to contribute.


    2. Hey man, just read some of your posts and they’re great. I want to recommend more sources for nutritional data corruption: Nina Teicholz (author/lectures on YT) ; Food Lies (YT channel with Dr Saladino); Weston Price; diagnosisdiet.com

      Agenda 2050 wants us all to be communitarianists (communism by another name?) and flexitarianists (veganism/1 steak per month)

      They used Moby, who told in interviews how he goes around at parties touching people with his penis, without their knowledge of consent, to propagandise the population with Agenda 2050 goals (sustainable development goals UN) on YouTube, it’s appalling.

      You probably know about all this in which case I apologise!


  5. Stephers,

    After posting my comment above, I had to go take care of some things, and realized my little rant came off as snarkily dismissive of your post and your work. I want to be clear that my current state of mind is entirely emotional and reactionary and stems from disgust with the psychopaths behind the curtain. As Mark says, you take this blog in direction he (and no one else) could, and I think you expand the possibilities for constructive dialogue in the “conspiracy” crowd more than any other blogger I’ve seen. Your riff on the origins consequences of the construct of time and the “mechanized machine” are fascinating and warrant a lot of thought and discussion. The fact that you must, of necessity, connec such ideas to the wearisome game being played globally right now makes me weary, but that’s because I’m sick to death of thinking about those assholes. But given the extent of their power over all of our lives, it is necessary to think about them, and I’m grateful for the broader view and context you provide.


    1. Don’t let it ever get you down or get the best of you, SCOTTRC. Stephers has the Mantel. He’ll help you carry it across the line.


  6. With all due respect, why is the conflict in Ukraine any different than all other ongoing conflicts in the world? Are Ukrainians and Russians any different in fighting for stupid reasons than Congoans, Somalians, Marrocans, Indonesians, etc? Wars are unacceptable in terms of devastation and human casualties regardless of the geo-position. And when you look into the conflicts, they are equally irrational and downright stupid wherever they occur. And most importantly, none of these war conflicts are casual or self-perpetuating – ever since the self-proclaimed rulers of this world have hijacked it, the MO remains the same – divide et impera. Pluto and all other celestial bodies’ movement has absolutely no meaning or relevancy to it, other than some lunatics’ belief about it, which got picked up by people still believing there’s some occult or esoteric meaning to it. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.


    1. Are you sure they’re fighting for stupid reasons? Why are they fighting at all when they used to be brotherly peoples? Could it have anything to do with foreign interference in the Ukraine since the end of the Soviet Union and the independence of the former Soviet republics? The systematic creation of an Anti-Russia on Russia’s border? The ideological weaponization of a country by foreign powers who have been hostile to Russia ever since the Crimean War in middle of the 19th century? The militarization and, indeed, nazification of this country?

      Young men are sent into battle to kill each other. They cannot be expected to understand. They simply have to try and survive in this death match organized by the US & UK.

      In fact, these two countries have weaponized almost all of Europe against Russia via their networks. Last Sunday, February 27, was like a coup d’etat in Germany.

      Most peoples on the European continent have had enough of war because of the horrible suffering it has brought on us. We know from history. People in the US completely lack that experience. They export war to other continents all the time but never have to suffer it at home. It is a kind of entertainment to them. To watch on CNN.

      Anyone interested in what this unfolding war is about can listen to the talks & (scripted) discussions by Friedman & Mearsheimer that I referenced in my first comment. Then, one might reevaluate whether the war is being fought for stupid reasons, or has been systematically & meticulously organized by foreign powers that lead from behind and won’t have to suffer on their homeland the nightmare that they’re bringing to the Ukraine & Russia.

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  7. “Young men are sent into battle to kill each other. They cannot be expected to understand.”

    Neither do they have to participate. Nobody should show up when mobilized and let the politicians fight themselves.

    “They simply have to try and survive in this death match organized by the US & UK.”

    There’s no US & UK side to this story. The world is led by crazy individuals, who’re hiding behind chosen nationalities while pretending to be on one side or the other. The stories of wars throughout the history are the stories of people butchering each other, which is brought to reality by the world “leaders”, who coincidentally happen to be related or members of the peerage. The aim of war is destruction and depopulation for the stupidest reasons ever. There’s abundance of resources and life on this Earth, the crux of the matter is that some people consider the Earth as their own property. Not the young men, these mofos should perish and save the world. 😉 It’s a radical thought, but it’s also a perfect solution for all the major issues within human race.


    1. Then please apply this radical thought and implement this radical solution in the Anglosaxon world. The rest of the planet could then live in peace. Because it is the Anglosaxon or let’s say Anglozionist elite who see themselves as master race, destined to rule the planet, perfectly obvious in 99 % of American cinematic output, in many works of literature, in the actions of their leaders, and in the opinions of their minions. And they almost always refuse to own up, and systematically so, because that’s what they’re taught in school & and by lifelong propaganda. It’s always the other peoples to blame, never themselves.


      1. No. There’s central control and ownership of the world and always has been. At least since the last Great Year. Possibly millennia of these astrological-astronomical cycles.

        Countries are fictional constructs. They exist on paper and in the minds of those who choose to believe in fictional constructs. Thus, creating a mass consensus or mass delusion.

        Much like a virus which exists only in the abstract; in silico, or on paper, represented by a set of hypothetical, genomic sequences, not a molecule in the physical world.

        Their (countries) borders are fictional – drawn and redrawn by men over the ages – and their administrations consist of agents or employees of multiple incorporated municipalities (legal fictions), but with one central ownership and control mechanism that’s hidden from view. Their flags, crests and seals represent colors and symbols signifying the real owners, who are a central cartel, uniting East and West, (and every nation – incorporated municipality – on earth) represented by many families who think of themselves as one family, brotherhood or one order.

        A country is not a land mass nor it’s residents. It’s necessary to make distinctions instead of regurgitating endless, easily refuted propaganda. Think of these countries as pawns on the Masonic chessboard. As such, they are never really at war, no matter the deaths or destruction (fabricated or real) that result in pre-planned, orchestrated, co-ordinated military maneuvers, or the evacuation and migration of populations.

        As for history, that’s fake like all the orchestrated wars.

        Unless one knows and comprehends the difference between reality and fantasy (manifested as mass delusion) through repetition and hypnosis using NLP and mis-education as indoctrination, one will unwittingly repeat the many lies of the controllers and be perpetually stuck in the matrix of illusion. Like a dog chasing its tail.

        It’s not productive or positive.

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        1. Countries are fictional constructs.

          (1) What fictional construct do you hail from? (2) What foreign languages do you speak? (3) Are they fictional constructs, too? (4) Are you prepared to live the rest of your life in the fictional construct of, say, Iraq, Libya, or Syria?


    2. Neither do they have to participate. Nobody should show up when mobilized and let the politicians fight themselves.

      You seem to be unaware that it’s not as simple as “refusing to show up” when “mobilized”. The militarization of the Ukraine has been done by first destroying the nation’s industry and means of earning your livelihood, by sawing extremist hateful ideology, by creating & financing extremist private armies (belonging to the oligarchs), by uniting them under the umbrella of the “National Guard”, by finally unleashing these extremists onto the regular army and its conscripts (just weeks ago), and by thus forcing them to fight when they would have preferred not to. The mechanics of it are much more sophisticated & cleverly planned than you claim they are.

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    3. Since MM invoked Mini-me, I will drop his 2/27/22 (last updated on 3/1/22) post here: http://mileswmathis.com/minime2.pdf.

      Any thoughts?

      As usual, he points out the obvious – war profiteering and potential genealogy connections. I see some glaring omissions . . . I will add one for now . . . It seems apparent that the System wants us to know about and focus on Zelensky being a Jewish actor/comedian (who played piano with a certain body part, as well as playing a president on TV). What I find more interesting and pertinent to my presentation, however, is that Zelensky’s father, Oleksandr Zelensky, is a professor and head of the Department of Cybernetics and Computing Hardware at the Kryvyi Rih Institute of Economics, in addition to being a mining scientist who specializes in the automation of geological and surveying support. His mother was purportedly an “engineer” (but I have been unable to identify specifics). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oleksandr_Zelensky


      1. I have asked Miles and am now asking you: Do you seriously trust the information on WikiXXX? It’s not that I don’t… or do; it just seems to me that that source is just as corruptible as all other data. It also seems to me, that the more important, or relevant [to human survival] the data content is, the more likely that it WOULD BE fraudulent – in today’s controlled InterWeb anyway.


        1. DSK,

          I may get complacent in comments threads when it comes to my links for sourcing, but rest assured I always cross-reference wiki prior to utilizing. I hope it goes without saying that I do not trust their information. This time is no different . . . Please see these links I had previously used for this purpose (as confirmation): https://www.duet.edu.ua/ua/press-center/news/254 and https://jewishchronicle.timesofisrael.com/volodymyr-zelensky-was-a-jewish-comedian-now-the-worlds-eyes-are-on-him/.


          1. After reading you, I expected no less. Miles ignored me (but hasn’t on other topics).

            I think that the last time I contacted him, it was to ask: “Why would Tom Petty fake his death?” Really, who cares? He could shave, and disappear into any city, big or small. One of your favorites here (and his)… and any thinking person for that matter: cui bono? What benefit would it be to him? Avoid relatives? I didn’t buy that, or some of his other suppositions.

            As long as I have your eye… to your post here. Are you not approaching the verboten gematria? Beside that, if all those people of numerology and the like do indeed believe IT, will it not be so? In actuality. Do they manifest their world given their belief? Many would say yes.


            1. DSK,

              Hmmm. I have nothing to add (at this time) to the Tom Petty consideration (although I assume your questions were rhetorical in that instance). In terms of gematria, that is something that is off the table for discussion here at POM (as per MT). To be succinct, though, I will say that numbers and letters do indeed carry vibration . . . and vibration manifests in reality.


              1. I would say, there is a huge difference between the chaos-magical conception whereby it is possile to load anything and everything (which is otherwise conceived of as lifeless and empty of meaning itself) with intention and meaning (i.e. meta-belief) on the one hand, and the original animistic view as all life being enchanted and meaningful in itself. It is the difference between “laws” (superimposed on reality) and nature itself which operates according to (ultimately) immutable principles. IMO all “civilization” (including its religion, language, etc etc) is based on chaos-magical notions, which have no real substance. Also, I think that this kind of ‘belief’ is an inversion of what Belief really means, as it is even etymologically deriving from the idea of relation and love.
                Yes, it may ‘work’, but … uhm… not réally…!


            2. Looks like Tom did have an Interspousal Transfer in 2017 and then a Non-reappraisable Trust Transfer in 2019 on his Malibu property. What remaining family members would want to stay there and pay those high property taxes unless his wife Dana York was from a wealth family. Tom Earl Petty shows he was 67 when he passed. Many Celebs/Actors/Musicians seem to die in their middle 60’s right around pension collecting retirement age. Not that they need that if they are worth millions of dollars, unless they are on a payroll and the songs/material were never theirs to begin with. Just like an office prairie dog or factory worker they may just want to get the hell out of there, and start taking it easy. There is a lot of fine print and many questions that after some internet sleuthing it becomes plausable that Tom may still be alive.. A family feud over his net worth does shows up on the search engines. The guitar player Mike Cambellgoing on tour with the Heartbreakers this year.

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            3. DK, you might note in the MM archive that Napoleon being sent into exile at St.Helena was merely a way to remove him from the public eye. Different hair style, maybe a beard, and he walks freely among us. Some can pull it off, and Petty surely is one that could easily sink into anonymity. John Lennon, JFK are more recognizable and probably had harder lives after their fake deaths, which is why Tyrone McCloskey suggested they might live out their lives in a Brazilian province (name eludes me) that is almost European in culture. (Santa Catarina?)

              Janis Joplin faked her death, and the manner of doing so was elaborate. There was preplanning, seeding the rumors of her wild drinking and drug use, so that when word came down of a drug overdose, people would say “Well, I saw that coming.” But there was even more to it, as there was/is, just as with McCartney, two if them. In public, “she” had big wild hair and glasses, a distraction that kept us from seeing two easily distinguishable women. Joplin received raving reviews for her music, always a personal preference, but I never saw much beyond staged gyrations and vocal projection of an ordinary voice. People are made famous by power of suggestion. (However, for me, a Karen Carpenter fan – another fake death – you can easily see I would not care for Joplin.) Anyway, fake death is a common thing in music, a way of reigniting fame and boosting sales (although I don’t see that happening with Petty).


              1. Overall, now, I read maybe a paragraph of his “faked it” death stories. I just don’t care [anymore] – even for the historic figures. Although I am somewhat forced to follow the historical as they may tie in to today’s shenanigans. The “celebrities” in particular… do they, alive or dead matter? Oh, and I DID refer to Mr. Petty’s “relatives.” I love music; I love movies… both with qualifications of course. Mark: I really tried [again] to get through The Best of the Carpenters on a road trip recently – indeed “personal preference” comes into play on that one. I suspect the formative years as well.

                To the “actors”:
                ~~ Convince me of your role
                ~~ Look good doing so
                ~~ Otherwise SHUT THE FUCK UP!
                To the “musicians”:
                ~~ LEARN your instrument(s) – including voice
                ~~ If applicable, some discernable lyrics relative to ANYTHING would be nice
                ~~ Otherwise SHUT THE FUCK UP!


                1. I used to be a classic rock guy with a strong leaning towards drummers. One guy from some group … I always have to search for this reference, said that he did not know growing up that his ten favorite drummers were all Hal Blaine. He was the Wrecking Crew drummer who played for every group in the studio recordings, from America to The Beach Boys to Zappa, just about every hit song of the 60s and 70s. Studios did not trust the regular musicians in studio, wanting only seasoned pros. Time is money. So every rock band of the era pretended the sounds on the recordings were them, with few exceptions. (I wonder how it is that the Beatles, memory muscle performers on stage, went behind the scenes and suddenly became very good on their instruments. You can bet there is a British version of the Wrecking Crew.)

                  But I was bored, did not like new music, and one day sitting listening to the Colorado Symphony and dozing off (my wife loves classical music), I was shocked to alertness by the fourth movement of Beethoven’s 9th symphony, the so-called Ode to Joy, an immense cacophony of a full symphony orchestra and 300 voices. Indescribable. I’ve been steeped in classical since then, but wanted some of my past too, and so added The Carpenters to the mix (later Charley Haden and Hank Jones). I love her voice, so genuine. Most of today’s singers are throaty and overly emotive with occasional yelps, not to my liking. But I totally understand that it does not appeal to everyone. Music speaks to our souls, bypassing our internal censors, going right to our emotional center. We all answer to a different beat, so to speak.

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                  1. “Music speaks to our souls, bypassing our internal censors, going right to our emotional center. We all answer to a different beat, so to speak.”

                    Absolutely. I cry, while others snore. I have always listened to classical, but my selection is highly activity driven – not the other way around. Consequently, I am still, lovingly so, drawn to the mighty Zep – among many other “classical” rockers. Drummers: I am still amazed at Mr. Peart – rightly named the “Professor on the drum kit.” I rarely go to live performances anymore – I dread an “off night.” I will now plug the performer that I last saw [live], in Chicago, and it was fantastic: Ludovico Einaudi. If I may be so bold: I believe that Mr. Beethoven would have applauded.


                    1. I thought that this comment, which was not in moderation, must have gone to SPAM – so I went through six pages of sex toys and reverse cowgirl to find it. WordPress has an algorithm to catch Spam and it does a good job, but sometimes we say things in comments that trigger that algorithm. No idea what that was.

                      Classical – there is so much of it, I’ll bet I’ve heard less than 1% of what is available. And my taste is pedestrian, tuneful music, and no Rite of Spring, which unbelievably got a standing O when we attended, not knowing it was 40 minutes of atonal. I will look up Ludovico Einaudi.


                    1. Thank you Stephers. I found it finally.

                      [The late] Bruce Gary, drummer for The Knack, once said he was disappointed to find that his 10 favorite drummers turned out to all be Hal Blaine.

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                  2. Bruce Gary, the late drummer of The Knack, memorably said that he was disappointed to learn his 10 favourite drummers were all Hal Blaine. Their first single “My Sharona” became an international number one hit in 1979.

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                    1. “Thank you Stephers. I found it finally.’

                      Oops, sorry, for some reason your comment wasn’t there when I replied and showed up after I posted my comment. Just like Nirvana was said to have helped put an end to radio rotation 80’s hair metal, The Knack was credited to have helped end disco. Or so they say.

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          2. On the topic of Zelensky’s father – and his DIRECT relation to emerging AI . . . He is listed here as a constituent of the “Scientific Committee” – the Society of Ambient Intelligence: https://www.isc-sai.org. Aleksandr ZELENSKY, Prof. DSc, State University of Economics and Technology (Ukraine), e-mail: zelensky@kneu.dp.ua

            V International Scientific Congress, Ukraine – Uzbekistan – Latvia – Portugal – India @ISCSAI April 4 — 8, 2022
            We invite you to take part in the Congress

            Granted, this April 2022 conference has been slated to be a Facebook live event, but I see no indication on its website that the “war” (purportedly being led by Zelensky’s son) has influenced/canceled the event. While the show goes on for the masses, AI tech will continue to thrive.

            There is much more to explore with respect to the Society of Ambient Intelligence if one is compelled. I suggest it may be important than determining which events online are real or fake. But perhaps I stand alone in this regard (?).


            1. One more tidbit on the Society of Ambient Intelligence (Zelensky’s father serves on the Scientific Committee) . . . ArcelorMittal (https://corporate.arcelormittal.com) is listed on the April 2022 program as a Partner (https://www.isc-sai.org).

              This patent for a reduced graphene oxide (rGO) coating for steel (to enable “smarter steel”) is assigned to ArcelorMittal: https://www.freepatentsonline.com/20210206991.pdf.

              Ukraine is a main player in graphene production (Graphene Plus LLC is a research and production company that specializes in carbon nanomaterials: graphene and fullerene. Our company is located in Kharkiv, the scientific capital of Ukraine. We work with well-known research institutes to achieve results in various potential uses of graphene and fullerene. https://graphene-plus.com.ua/en/).

              But it seems all eyes in the alt media (mainly “pro-Russian” slant) have been on the presumed bombing of “secret” US biolabs (https://www.sgtreport.com/2022/03/us-embassy-removes-all-evidence-of-ukraine-bioweapons-labs-here-is-all-the-data/).


            2. As a “over traditional age” student in the remedial class, it may be of interest to others to see WHAT the “Scientific Committee” – the Society of Ambient Intelligence will be discussing at their April 4 — 8, 2022 V International Scientific Congress. https://www.isc-sai.org.

              Congress Topics & Trends
              Section 1. Sustainable Development and Global Climate Change
              Section 2. Digitalization and Sustainability in Regional and Global Economic Development
              Section 3. Engineering and Technology in Sustainable Development
              Section 4. Transformation of Law in Achieving Goals for Sustainable Development ​
              Section 5. Socialization of the Individual in Conditions of Sustainable Development
              Section 6. Sustainable Education and Educational Standards of the Future

              How coincidental. United Nations sustainable (Agenda 2030) goals. This seems like a match to me.

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      2. Cybernetics is a pretty general term and a fascinating subject (which I discovered and began comprehending only recently, thanks to SMJ and the Heinz von Förster video he linked us to).The right kind of cybernetics can be used to turn people into bioweapons. This is what I think of when I hear about biolabs in places here & there, where Azov bataillons may be created, or parts of a population may be turned into bioweapons that will hammer down on others who simply want to remain free and refuse to wear a mask.


      3. One additional note . . . MM referenced ZeroHedge . . . There is an American who lives in Ukraine named Gonzalo Lira. He goes by the nickname “Coach Red Pill” (CRP). He used to write for ZeroHedge and is a filmmaker: https://www.tfmetalsreport.com/users/gonzalo-lira (see here as well: https://www.ourhairstyle.com/gonzalo-lira-popular-biography-net-worth/).

        Following is his 2/27/22 interview with The Duran: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZb1YyY9y1I&t=0s. He presents his own unique version of agit prop. He is quite the storyteller. He has a couple You Tube channels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjGGkM6TN88 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtN6C9xfzFo.

        Apparently (as revealed in the link above), he headed the Strategic Planning Group (https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/News/88825-2011-04-28-gonzalo-lira-the-strategic-planning-group.htm) – involved in analyzing and preparing for black swan events (https://securityconference.org/en/news/full/natos-strategic-foresight-navigating-between-black-swans-butterflies-and-elephants/). Significantly, this circles back to foresight (referenced in my post above). What a coincidence?! I have previously written about black swan events (https://www.investopedia.com/articles/trading/11/black-swan-events-investing.asp) – in relation to COVID: https://pieceofmindful.com/2020/12/19/part-1-a-star-is-born-ascent-of-the-techno-spore-and-the-descent-of-man/.

        Lira ostensibly “red pills” his pro-Russian audience. But no one seems to red pill his followers about him. That said, there are some “anti-Russian” individuals who are onto him, as reflected in the comments of a few of his videos. Strangely enough, here he talks about Bitcoin assassins: https://twitter.com/allunaro/status/1499335607507730434?s=10 (?!).


    4. That’s assuming there are even so many deaths and so much destruction to begin with. There’s a lot of hoaxcraft in the tax extortion scam that is the military-industrial complex, just as there is in NASA, so I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you. One example is the ridiculous Civil War photographs that we see, and then the illogical fallacies in the story about that farcical conflict.


      1. Not that nothing happens at all, but it’s probably not nearly as bad on the ground as they claim. Although from our point as taxpayers, it’s an atrocious lie to waste money on. But that’s how these financial rapists operate.


  8. This is so clever! Over my head mostly, but still really compelling and I love creative-rational minds. I just wanted to share something simple here though, that might help those who are struggling with the times. If you are feeling some despair, listen to this: https://youtu.be/wJr7awWGWAo
    We have choices. Personally, I don’t think the AI wants us all dead and wants to take over the world—I think it’s trying to push us toward our humanity. I work in nature every day and feel absolutely fulfilled doing so. Yes, I look up and see the disgusting chem-filled sky and want to cry, but also, I am trying to create an oasis for future generations who might want and need a real life to escape to once they realize how vapid is the Metaverse. A life with purpose and meaning, even a poor one, is better than all their fool’s gold to me.


  9. I do not know. That keeps me from becoming disinterested, lacking imagination and creativity, and doing stupid things. Simple.


  10. Im wondering if anybody here is familiar with The Diehold Foundation?
    I see a connection between an AI and The Theory of Multidimonsial Reality.
    Im new to this site. I found you by way of Miles Mathis’s site.


    1. I was fired once by a Mark Tobias!! Lol 🙂

      Crazy shit, at this point in life I don’t give a damn about being fired. Imagine being “fired” by a complete asshole idiot HAHAHA 🙂


  11. “Évitez tout ce qu’on appelle les médias de masse. Les images, les images animées et, dans un avenir proche, les images de réalité virtuelle. Tout cela attire l’attention et stimule vos émotions, accélérant leur manifestation. Et cela détériore considérablement la qualité de vos décisions. La meilleure façon de consommer et d’absorber l’information est l’écrit, c’est-à-dire des informations tirées de documents, de livres […].” – Rolf Dobelli (né en 1966), économiste suisse

    (Rough translation:) Avoid everything called mass media. Pictures, moving pictures and, soon, pictures of virtual reality. All that captures your attention and stimulates your emotions, provoking & exciting them. And that worsens considerably the quality of your decisions. The best way of consuming & absorbing information is the written word, i.e. information drawn from documents, from books.

    I fully agree with that, but would like to add that listening to people talking is also great, provided they have something reasonable to say. But only listening, without watchting them on a screen, so as not to get distracted or drawn in too much. – On the other hand, with essentially spectacular shows such as 9/11, any critical appraisal of what is happening absolutely has to take into account the imagery.


  12. I see that MM updated his Ukraine paper (http://mileswmathis.com/minime2.pdf) with info on the Kolomoisky connection:

    Zelensky and his company Kvartal95 are mentioned in the Pandora Papers release: “The documents show that Zelensky and his partners in a television production company, Kvartal95, set up a network of offshore firms dating back to at least 2012, the year the company began making regular content for TV stations owned by Ihor Kolomoysky, an oligarch dogged by allegations of multi-billion-dollar fraud. The offshores were also used by Zelensky associates to purchase and own three prime properties in the center of London.”

    Where did he get that much money that he had to invest it offshore back in 2012, 10 years ago? Especially given that TV stardom didn’t start till 2015?
    “Kolomoysky has a triple Ukraine-Israel-Cyprus citizenship, despite the law penalizing dual citizenship in Ukraine.[17] By way of explanation, Kolomoyskyi stated that: ‘The constitution prohibits double citizenship but triple citizenship is not forbidden.'”

    “Through PrivatBank Kolomoysky controlled Aerosvit Airlines, Dniproavia and Donbassaero.[20] Through the asset management company Mansvell Enterprises Limited, he controlled Skyways Express, City Airline, and Cimber Sterling aviation companies.[21] He also has media interests in the 1+1 Media Group, which operates eight Ukrainian TV channels.[12]”

    “After Zelensky’s inauguration most leading figures of Kvartal95 joined Zelensky’s administration as Deputy Heads of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine and one was appointed Deputy Head of the Ukrainian Secret Service.[6][7]”

    To sum up, the production company Kvartal 95 that Zelensky (partly) owned via offshore firms in 2012 made him a star via comedies, shows, etc in 2015 [you can see a history back to 2015 here.] The company wrote and made the show ‘Servant of the People’, and had him star in that. It was shown on a TV station owned by Ihor Kolomoisky. Next, the company paid for him to start the party ‘Servant of the People’ in real life, and become president for real, with speeches likely written by the staff in his production company that were now branded as political advisors. It is like a reality TV show gone live. Another drill sold as live.


    On February 27, 2022, this is what I texted to friends (directly related to Kolomoisky):

    One of the (supposed) primary aggressors/fighters over the past 8 years has been the Azov Battalion (AKA the “Neo-nazis”). These “Nazis” are fully funded/armed by Israel. Yes, Israel funds the “Nazis” – no different than during the Holocaust (when the Zionists funded/collaborated with the Nazis): https://therealnews.com/israel-is-arming-ukraines-blatantly-neo-nazi-militia-the-azov-battalion.

    This is some more context: https://www.sott.net/article/393380-What-holocaust-Ukrainian-Nazi-Banderist-Azov-Battalion-receives-arms-from-Israel. One of the founders of the Azov Battalion (so-called “Nazis”) was Andriy Biletsky. He later was embedded in the Ukrainian Parliament – the Supreme Council of Ukraine. It is crucial to note that “training” of the “Nazi” Azov Battalion also came from the US. So we have presumed “Nazis” fighting in Ukraine who were funded by Israel and the US . . .

    This is another main player of the Azov Battalion: https://avakov.com/biography.html. But the REAL players – the main funders (PrivatBank) – of the (theoretical) “Neo-Nazis” are two Jewish elite Ukrainian oligarchs: Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov. And guess what else they funded? The largest Jewish center (Chabad) in the entire world – right in the center of Ukraine. History of the 2012 opening of the Chabad center (the Menorah Center) in Ukraine (featuring Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov): https://www.chabad.org/news/article_cdo/aid/1991671/jewish/Largest-Jewish-Center-Opens.htm.

    More on Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov: https://nypost.com/2021/03/06/businessmen-accused-of-ukraine-money-laundering-gave-millions-to-ny-charities/.


    1. Essentially, Zelenksy’s financial dealings are scams that involve ripping off investors of their money so he can take more for himself. Typical. Reminds me of the Maxwells and their history of swindling millions from private (and public, look up Ghislaine Maxwell and the Carlyle Group) pension schemes.

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  13. That Masonic imagery courtesy of McDowell, is hilarious. Another wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    The war is fake, as usual. The cryptocracy are using the CIPS system and the digital Ruble and digital Yuan as a pretext, to usher in the IMF-BIS CBDC faster, while they inflate energy and fuel prices, instigate faux energy crises, faux hacking narratives, blackouts, supply chain “chaos”, carbon taxes etc, which are all goals of Agenda21-The Great Reset.

    The fake war also serves as a distraction for the public’s waning interest in the faux pandemic, and helps bury the 9 pages of adverse events of special interest, that Pfizer documented resulting from its pathogenic poison injection, after an FOI request was published.

    The faux war or invasion narrative can transition to multiple scenarios, including a larger scale, planned military operation, a potential banking freeze and orchestrated takedown, cyberpolygon pandemic, or a planned market crash.

    There’s opportunities for multiple, congruent agendas and function stacking.

    Meanwhile, the VCI (Vaccine Credential Initiative) was rolled out globally along with a health SMART card and SMARTID card, which transitions to a cashless, one digital globalID, blockchain, payment system, vax pass, biometric, social credit, depopulation, control device.

    As for the timing of all these agendas and what they really signify, is the culmination of a depopulation, bio-geotagging and control agenda, as the end of a Great Year (or its half cycle) approaches.


    1. Researcher,

      It seems I may have gotten a bit lost in this ongoing thread, so I am unable to place your comment in context. What Masonic imagery are you referencing? Who, precisely, do you claim is a wolf in sheep’s clothing?


      1. Two separate paragraphs. One doesn’t relate to the other.

        The Dandelion (sun and moon) image you credited to McDowell. It’s Masonic. Is that her image or not?


        1. Researcher,

          I can assure you what may look like a “sun” and a “moon” to you in the image was not intentionally masonic. That image was created by Alison’s friend. I am happy to share it – with no masonic intentionality whatsoever. Your assertion is like saying you know someone who is 33 years old, and for that year of his/her life that person must be a freemason. You have got to be kidding me.

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          1. I didn’t imply or state anyone was a Freemason or “must be a Freemason”, so that’s a straw man and intellectually dishonest. Also, your weak, spurious analogy, appears defensive.

            If I find more than a few reasons an image is Masonic, that’s statistically improbable. Others may believe in coincidence theory. I don’t.

            “Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.”

            Masonic references in the Image you posted include but aren’t limited to:

            “The dandelion symbolizes the sun (its golden head), the moon (the puffy white seed) and the stars (when they blow to the winds).”

            The dandelion is considered the flower of the “military” child.

            “Project Dandelion, a book published just before the pandemic, is about teenage survivors, after a nuclear war.” Nuclear being a Masonic hoax.

            “The Dandelion Project is a multiplying network of Home Churches who seek to reveal God’s Kingdom wherever we live, work and play.” Churches are Masonic institutions.

            As quoted above, the multiplying theme frequently associated with dandelions symbolizes the spread of Masonic teachings, imagery and ideology, subliminally.

            Dandelion Etymology; “a contraction of dent-de-lioun, from Old French dent de lion, literally “lion’s tooth”. “

            Lion, being an obvious, well known Masonic symbol:

            “The great significance of the Lion in all manner of symbolic associations dates from the first inception of the zodiacal system of measuring the heavens and timing the great astronomical cycles, which appointed the sign of a Lion, the fiercest and most redoubtable of beasts, as that of the summer solstice, the moment of the year’s most ardent solar vigor.”

            The trident, three pronged or triangular shape of the top of each dandelion leaf. The trident and significance of 3, explained in Masonry and Gnosticism here:


            The number of stems in the specific image posted, 9 total.

            There’s a total of 13 underline strokes in the chosen font for that phrase.

            The colors used in the image. The orange = 33 seems out of place. Surrounding the painting in a blue border, a highly significant Masonic color.

            The phrase underneath which contains 6 words, or two lots of 3, being 33.

            The phrase “The revolution will be tokenized” has been around since about 2017 in blockchain and crypto circles.

            It’s commonly known, that inserting a negative – “not” within an affirmative statement, achieves the opposite effect, psychologically. Eg: Don’t think about a pink elephant.

            The word “Masonic” is not limited to its dictionary definition of Freemasonry, since Masonic symbols, signs, practices and ideology permeate every facet of our society and world. From Secret Societies, charities, religions, monarchies, cults, sects, governments, greek letter orgs, professional associations, corporate logos, to NGOs. And even controlled opposition. Those witting or unwitting shills.

            “Masonic” and my use of the term pertains to the conglomeration of millennia old occult practices, esoteric knowledge, hidden in plain sight, for those with eyes to see.

            “When the human race learns to read the language of symbolism, a great veil will fall from the eyes of men.” Manly P. Hall

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            1. But the réál dandelion is a flower, beautiful to look at, fun to play with, also edible, and with healing powers too.
              That is what I see when I see one (depicted).

              The only thing in the artwork I don’t feel comfortable with is the idea of ‘revolution’, but to explain that would take many words – let’s just say that I am more a believer in evolution, in the sense of organic processes.

              We should not let them (re)define all our meanings, don’t you think?

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              1. This is the inspiration behind Alison’s concept: https://wrenchinthegears.com/2021/04/05/a-dandelion-manifesto-a-call-for-a-summer-of-healing-and-mending/. Dandelions have always spoken to me – and certainly not in any cryptic Masonic language – but, rather, as an expression of humble resilience. I use homeopathic dandelion – Taraxacum (https://abchomeopathy.com/r.php/Tarax) – regularly for healing, and I enjoy cooking gluten-free fried dandelion fritters (with the dandelion yellow tops). YUM! Thanks for your insights, Inguz!


                1. Dandelion root tea has an earthy taste, but supposedly is an anti-carcinogen.

                  Look it up on Amazon (and elsewhere), “Dandelion Root Tea” health benefits.

                  Thanks for reminder, will be ordering a batch soon!


                2. Please do not use “vegetable oil” to cook and/or fry.

                  It’s a misleading name to appeal to health conscious individuals. No oil comes from carrots or celery.

                  It’s a lie, and it’s literally toxic…soybean oil, cottonseed oil, canola, peanut..
                  All of it.

                  Stick to olive oil and lard and tallow.

                  There are no “refineries” involved in the 3 mentioned above


            2. @researcher, won’t you please forgive the following sarcasm 🙂

              Thank you for teaching us that the “dande-lion” is a corrupted flower, irretrievably co-opted by the forces of evil, by those who wish to enslave humankind to their own ends.

              Wishing no longer to be an unwitting “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, I hereby pledge to spread my new- found knowledge of this corrupted plant to my fellow humans. Surely, as you say, it is a “symbol” to be eschewed. I also pledge to destroy all of my photos of said plant, which I once (in my unconscious delusion), considered to be a representation of a small, but beautiful, and life-affirming force of the natural world….Thank you for the education.

              I never had as much affinity for the lion, but, dammit, I guess I’ll have to dump the lion too. Good-bye to all my lion pics.

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            3. Researcher,

              Since you noted the colors used in the image (which, just happen to be yellow/blue) . . . If you want to focus on colors being used for programming, then I suggest pointing out more apparent and sinister applications (of the yellow/blue): https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=WU8ORO8YOOHB (I suggest watching without sound).

              Relatedly, have you noticed all the cat/kitten imprinting?

              Here are only two examples (but they are plastered all over the place, once you take notice):


        2. Researcher,

          You wrote the following in one sentence: (It seems both statements were related):
          “That Masonic imagery courtesy of McDowell, is hilarious. Another wolf in sheep’s clothing.”
          So, my question is who are you implying is a wolf in sheep’s clothing?


      2. Well, there must be a sun and moon in that picture, I thought to myself. Why don’t I just go back and look….Hmmm, there’s dandelion bloomin’, and dandelion seedin’, but hey, there ain’t no sun and moon up in that sky.

        Doing a little research, however, I found out that the Stones made a song called “Dandelion” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxOpl37tysw), so I guess that proves that the dandies are masonic, after all. Darn it, I liked those ubiquitous little flowers, and have taken tons of pictures of them. Oh my God!… am I a closet mason?

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  14. Yet another well written, fabulously researched, link-laden, mind boggling post from Stephers.
    Which leads and leaves me—no where.

    Don’t take this personal, it is always—after all—simply business.


    In the scamdemic, you came out of nowhere and were a breath of fresh air in a stinking mess called “new” media. And yes, you are media, like it or not. Not specifically to me since I came from “old” media, which too, I am now deemed. Thankfully only as a designer, creative director, art director or whatever title given in lieu of a decent paycheck. Who I am matters not. What’s happening here and elsewhere else does. You, the now creating fog-ers, the so called Consensus Reality Dissidents and Tin Foil hat brigade are basically the only “humans” with functioning brains and marvelous minds, left intact. Instead…

    StrongYou are stoking the fires and pushing the agenda for the very people you say you wish to overthrow.Strong Congrats.

    Like once said to Mathis and his minions, the preponderance of evidence is overwhelming. How much more do you need? Are ya gonna fight the good fight or wait until you “out” them all? Die in the process, more than likely at their hands, via jabs or IoB or digital grim reaper(s), et al.
    Besides what’s your end game? The end?

    The earth is littered with man’s failed machines. Nature, in her infinite wisdom, sees fit to bury them in dust and dirt, though leaving some visible as a reminder and lesson. She and the Universe make the final decisions, with Mother now in her every two–three hundred year earth change cycle. So, why not attempt a new approach? Some poster here not long ago extolled the virtues of simply saying no. What an amazing piece of writing. Certainly not Pulitzer Prize material but it hit a chord. How difficult it had always been to say no. Mostly just said, maybe. Ambiguity—my friend—finally said no.

    The collapse of the Soviet Union was something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. Yet there it is—gone. How it came about is even more amazing. Where oppressed people rallied together, not to fight a force they could not defeat but to ignore them. Walk away and create Strong​​Parallel Societies_Strong_ . They had little choice but garner their humanity into a force, for their own good. Obviously it isn’t a simple process—alone. But, together we can fashion our own reality. Together we can do something useful and in the process ween ourselves off the digital stage and find life is actually analog. Much like music. Teach me homesteading. Maybe I can reciprocate with my plant knowledge. Posts based on helping and coming together. So I ask—what say ye?

    In the meantime, I continue, as Jung suggested, to explore my dark side, which, somehow, has manifested in random acts of kindness. The observed result of which is hysterical. Smile, say hello, talk and enjoy humanity. Even to the dreaded “tourists,” who have engulfed my state of sunshine. Leave ‘em laughing with a smile on their face. Then truck off into oblivion. Who was that unmasked man?

    If not, you can tell me where to go and what to do with it. Matters not, as you can always find me paddling my yak in meditative state or peddling my ass off, on one of my bikes. Or watching Nature in all her glory, with my plants or trying to make sense of the dead ant society that wanders aimlessly on a concrete substrate, known here as a patio, leaving their dead at my feet.​

    In the meantime enjoy the words and music of another sunshine stater:



    1. Wgoff,

      I read your comment twice. I am not getting what your problem is, or why you bring your problems to a small blog in the middle of nowhere.

      I have not ever had my car “keyed,” but I’m imagining a grating sound and an odd short-lived satisfaction gained to satisfy some non-specific desire, or urge. I am curious, am I misunderstanding your expression? Would you say that any of the following might apply in this instance?

      Why Do People Key Cars?
      Angry man

      Jealously is probably the key reason as to why people key cars and it’s incredibly petty. Some people are jealous of what somebody else has and unfortunately, as they can’t have it, would rather ruin it for the other person instead.

      By Accident
      It may be hard to believe, but you may find that some keying incidents are caused by accident. This could happen where somebody is holding a fairly sharp object like their keys, and are completely unaware of their surroundings and unfortunately catch a car with the sharp object.

      As we all know, being drunk leads to some situations that we all regret making a fool of yourself, name-calling, it happens.

      Unfortunately, there are people in this world who have every intention to cause damage to property and vehicles as they actually like being vandals. If a vandal keys your car it would be a mindless act.

      It has been found that keying incidents have been caused due to frustrated individuals who are annoyed by the way in which you drive or by something you have done whilst driving. Like if you were to take up two parking bays, park in a disabled space, or take a parent and child’s space, some people may take it upon themselves to inflict damage to your vehicle.

      Some people have feud’s with one another, whether it’s due to issues from your childhood or problems with a friend or neighbor; conflict is incredibly common. You may find that some people take it too far and end up keying your car in revenge or vexation.

      Bee in your bonnet?
      What gives?


    1. Thanks, Stephers. When I hear Goldman Sachs, I am surely facing evil in some form.
      It’s as simple as that. Of course, why wouldn’t Ukraine be the scene of the “drill” that goes live when the BRICS are forced to an alternative medium of foreign exchange due to sanctions and other exclusionary mechanisms. More than ever I think they’re all in on it and if global racketeering and slavery are ever to end, so too must the Crown/City of London, the Vatican and Washington, D.C. — the current triumvirate, or triarchy. I prefer four, as it represents, to me at least, a return to Nature (reality).

      I have spent a lifetime trying to create separation between me and the onslaught of machines and technology, or the “it.” The “it” pollutes our conscious in ways we can hardly imagine. Only in my appreciation for Nature have I been able to retain my spirit and regain it when events and situations become overwhelming. I find the whole social media thing more or less useless.

      Nevertheless, if you want to understand the useless blockchain, this article may help. It’s hard to understand cryptocurrency if you do not understand blockchain. https://medium.com/@aarna.arora22/what-in-the-world-is-blockchain-72bd06b7dfcb

      I still don’t fully understand it, but my attention is generally elsewhere. There’s only so much useless information one can accommodate, or the spirit is compromised. Priorities, right?

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      1. I once read this admission from a narcissist:


        Interestingly, in the hebrew language the word for ‘thought’ (or mind) comes from the same root as the word for ‘calculate’ and is also the word for ‘account’. And of course, the word for computer has also been constructed from that root.
        Sam Vaknin is jewish, so hebrew is his language.

        Technology and its devastating effects is a subject I think about a lot, and I too desperately need to be in and commune with natural surroundings regularly to stay somewhat whole.
        I feel that our forced separation from our natural environment is the biggest amputation inflicted upon us and all our fellow beings.

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        1. Inguz,

          Blowing my mind once again. Please write for us here, please . . . pretty please. Ok – no pressure, but I imagine you have much to say, and even a short guest piece may go a long way. Whaddya say? You can sit on it for a bit. If you ever feel compelled to draft an essay, you can send it to Mark, and go from there . . .


            1. MT,

              Yup, that is kind of what I meant – you as the facilitator, as I do not provide my email address publicly. Thanks for the assist (in advance) . . .


          1. Dearest Stephers,

            I think I need some time…. And some fresh air, too. Right now I have so many thoughts inside my mind, simultaneously, and the past week has been crazy anyway…. And I can’t afford to explode. Much less, implode 🙂

            Right now – at this very moment I mean- I am frustrated because a series I want to share does not have English subs, but I’ll share the page anyway because there’s still a lot to find there for English speakers. It is a series that came out 5 yrs ago here in the Netherlands and it portrays a (to me) shocking worldview on which its entire ‘science’ seems to be built. -One thing particularly stood out to me, I remember, and that is the… uhm…quantum-religion. Recently I was reminded of it because Adam Green (KMN) had a small “clip” in one of his videos which I happened to see …. well, I’ll look it up…. it will take some time to find it, so please be patient.

            Here’s the series:

            The physicist presenting the series is not just any physicist…. extremely connected and deeeeeep into the whole shit.
            And since a month or so he is the new Minster of Education here, incredibly worrisome if you ask me.

            And for the rest, I too am kinda blown away…
            I think maybe I should just go out and find some horseflowers or so….. 🙂
            See what they can tell me.


            1. Inguz,

              Understood . . . Of course. The floor is yours here whenever you want . . .

              On the physicist . . . Are you referring to Robbert Dijkgraaf? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robbert_Dijkgraaf
              It seems so . . . (from Wiki) Since 10 January 2022, he is the Education Secretary in the Dutch government.

              As you implied, I do not speak any Dutch. I found this link (in English), though, which I think should provide me with the source you are referencing: http://themindoftheuniverse.org/about.

              I will check it out in detail in the next day or two, and see how far I can get.

              It has been a few years since I have listened to Adam Green – a blast from the past, so to speak. I will check out the clip you referenced, and go from there . . .

              Thanks for the heads up!


              1. Yes! That’s the man. And the series. However, they refer to a YT channel for the international audience, but the videos are not available there as far as I can see. So, I am afraid it will be a bit too difficult and time consuming.

                However, I just saw Alison McDowell’s twitterpage online and she said something along the lines of ‘getting the sense that space research is about the inner and not the outer’ – and that is a topic I have delved into a year ago. I think she hit the nail right on the head there. So, let me share (instead!) one key article (actually 2, part 1 and 2) about thát! (I have much more). I was thinking, maybe I could even write about that subject- there’s so many topics I could write about… but which one… that question alone could keep me busy for weeks! And so much of it is in some way connected – how to separate all this? And what is really important to write – now, here? And why? For who? Etc.


                Thanks for your trust and gracious offer, I very much appreciate it and I wish I knew a way to better express that.


                1. Inguz,

                  Oh, the places we could go with all of this! It is difficult to know where to start, as this is a main topic of interest for me, and the topic is so vast.

                  First, I concur with Alison, and I seem to recall that she and I have chatted about this together (via phone conversation).

                  From Jasun’s article that you linked:
                  “The phenomenon is a meta-system, not a bunch of spacecraft. It adapts to its environment, like the cinema does. Think of the movie industry as a meta-system. We just need to find the projector.” —Jacques Vallee, quoted in excised chapter of American Cosmic

                  On this note, I have had numerous experiences (up close and personal) with what could be termed “UFOs”. With my first encounter, I did not grasp what I was witnessing; but, with each subsequent encounter, I came to my own conclusion that the phenomena were not coming from some place “out there” (as in outer space). On the contrary, they were emanating, as if from an actual projector. What I have observed seem to be holographic projections, that originate from inside this reality/matrix – as if experiencing it like a movie screen. So, that Vallee quote really hits home and resonates big-time. Funny, I have read his material over the years, and yet I do not recall this quote.

                  (Note: I should add that nearly all of my encounters with what I consider to be holographic projections – what most people would call UFOs – have been experienced collectively with other people who also were there to “bear witness.”)


                  1. I don’t think it’s an external projector, but a projection from your own mind.

                    That, I believe, is what happens:. The indoctrination via TV (Star Trek, Moon Landing footage, Lost In Space, etc) and then film (Star Trek, Independence Day, Star Wars, etc) and then, Bingo! You “see” ET in your own backyard!!!

                    You are not seeing anything but what has been seeded into your own conscious by others! One can say that’s the very essence of media, and always has been!

                    You did NOT see a UFO! You saw a projection from your own mind! No different than “Conservatives” “seeing” Trump as a hero savior.

                    Humans do not only receive information, they project it too! It’s bi-directional “information” (or should I say “communication”) flow.

                    Which is precisely why they warp one’s own sense of reality, as collectively it has a cascading effect when people project!!!

                    That’s why we are in such a fucked up mess!!


                    1. Lest one doubt what I say, take a GOOD HARD LOOK at what you carry within your wallet!!

                      Green fucking pieces of toilet paper which you slavishly work to acquire.

                      Pure unadulterated worthless SHIT!

                      But you “project” some fucked up “value” to it!!!

                      People spend their entire goddamn LIVES projecting “value” to this garbage!!

                      Met up w a longtime career “going” employee who lives basically in a ghetto slum (this area is NOT NICE to say the least!), But he claims he is “rich”!!!

                      No life experiences other than the office, but HE IS “RICH”!!


                      Absolute comical if not downright mental!!!


                    2. Rastus,

                      I think it is a bit more complex than how you explained it; but, yes, I certainly account for the mind and/or group mind (as in the numerous instances I was with a group seeing the same phenomena) as an inherent and yet intricate layer of the holographic projection scenario: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_holouniverse05.htm.
                      Numerous researchers, including Bohm and Pribram, have noted that many para-psychological phenomena become much more understandable in terms of the holographic paradigm. In a universe in which individual brains are actually indivisible portions of the greater hologram and everything is infinitely interconnected, telepathy may merely be the accessing of the holographic level. It is obviously much easier to understand how information can travel from the mind of individual ’A’ to that of individual ’B’ at a far distance point and helps to understand a number of unsolved puzzles in psychology.


                    3. Steve has touched upon this before and I agree 1000%!

                      It’s the creativity which is smothered early on. Deliberately.

                      It may be one reason why we love music and musicians…as their creativity was maintained against the conditioning.

                      It’s why my mind is blown when I see a watch which can maintain +/- 1 second accuracy PER YEAR!

                      Why? Because first one has to have creative imagination to even Dream it!!! Only then can one take action to bring it to reality.

                      This is the wicked spell most are under, I include my own self for having been reduced to “their” system.

                      Enjoy some music and creativity, even if “not your (particular) thing”:


                    4. Rastus,

                      You can see above my initial reply to your response (somewhat in agreement with you) . . . But I wanted to add one more thing . . . Interestingly, none of the “flying” figures (truly, more like floating and fleeting) I have observed resembled what has been depicted in fiction. They were very different in color and shape than what I could ever have consciously imagined. That said, any materialization/manifestation stemming from my unconscious (tapping into the superconscious/noosphere) is an entirely different matter.


                    5. Rastus,

                      Imagine you live inside a literal swamp where all the “wild” is meticulously managed (you have to imagine it!! – the real) , and where “most together” sounds like this (when it still did), lol:

                      If timetravel (heck just travel, for that matter!) were really possible I would sooooooooo lose myself in Doggerland… For starters.


              2. Inguz,

                I just listened to the Adam Green clip . . .

                Relatedly, on Kabbalah and string theory: https://www.inner.org/string/string.htm.

                Meanwhile, on Zohar cosmology . . . and yes, magic squares (that are palindromic!): https://kabbalahsecrets.com/chapter-xxxii-part-p-the-river-of-the-inner-cavern/.

                Just some light reading for the day (wink, wink). Remember, gematria dialogue is off the table here at POM, but I am happy to discuss other significant elements, as you feel compelled . . .


              3. Inguz,

                Returning for a moment to physicists from your neck of the woods . . . Are you familiar with Danish theoretical physicist Per Bak? He was referenced in this 2018 NATO/Black Swan article: https://securityconference.org/en/news/full/natos-strategic-foresight-navigating-between-black-swans-butterflies-and-elephants/.

                Following are a couple links to begin an exploration (if compelled) into Per Bak:

                https://thehonestscientist.com/per-bak/ (funny thing – this article/website actually references Miles Mathis and his photon model https://thehonestscientist.com/miles-mathis/)

                I have also passed on this information to Alison, as it pertains to current/ongoing discussion she and I are having with respect to cybernetics and the “Global Brain” (which I have previously addressed here at POM) . . .


    1. From the roundtable: “In regards to how to differentiate real fact-checkers from government “fact-checkers”, we are part of the IFCN like Rabiu. We are transparent with our methodologies. We are certified fact-checkers whose quality is ensured by the Poynter institute.”

      Like the NYTimes, Poynter knows all that’s fit to print, and what to call fake.

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    1. RM,

      Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      This is the most brilliant analysis and explanatory read I have absorbed in many months. I truly hope readers will review it in detail.

      I have referenced this site at POM multiple times since I discovered it in May 2020 (they have posts that date back to March 2020). This exposition, in particular, is beyond simpatico with my personal stance and understanding.

      Funny thing, I had just about given up on this site, as I was not seeing new material being produced in a long time. So, I would have missed this, had you not offered it in this thread.

      It not only resonates on numerous levels (some of which can be evidenced in my post above), but it is, indeed, highly relevant to the Ukraine circus we are observing. For now, I will provide one example to attempt to illustrate this: https://www.chabad.org/news/article_cdo/aid/5420576/jewish/Jewish-Man-Killed-in-Convoy-Evacuating-From-Ukraine.htm. Accordingly, do you see the season of sacrifice Twilight language on his shirt? Do you also spot the palindromic symbolism in the photo?


    2. Red Merc,


      From your link above: “You see, the parasites are incapable of beauty; they are illusionists, they belong to the orator, merchant and paper-shuffler class; they can only hijack, steer, spoil, and bastardize what others create; they must sell all their lies in a box of truth; and eventually, they will have admitted enough truths.”

      Thanks for your timely submission.

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  15. Don’t you ever deny a God-given intelligence 🙂

    You people have it in spades, just as this 4 year old! Lol


  16. Meanwhile, on convoys and capitals – note the parallels and syncing between the convoy headed towards the U.S. nation’s capital and the convoy headed towards Ukraine’s capital . . . both causing/caught up in “traffic jams.”

    (March 7, 2022)
    A massive line of trucks and vehicles dubbed the “People’s Convoy” is humming in the region of the nation’s capital . . . The convoy may jam up the already congested Capital Beltway if it approaches. – emphasis on Belt (see below)

    (March 7, 2022)
    A column of Russian forces stretching 64 kilometers, or about 40 miles, including armored vehicles, artillery and tanks, has been moving at a snail’s pace toward Kyiv. The vanguard of the massive assembled military might has halted its advance 25 kilometers (15 miles) outside of the Ukrainian capital . . . Russian convoy caught in 40-mile-long traffic jam. – emphasis on snail’s pace (see below)

    Something tells me these are synced whispers (AKA Twilight Language) hinting at the evolving Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) – the new Silk Road. (Note: This is my addition, but, for some reason, I cannot disable the italics – ???)


    The Silk Road caravans traveled at a snails pace over some of the most inhospitable land on the planet.


    1. I am desensitized to the point where I know, instinctively, that it’s all bullshit. To the point where I no longer seek out details.

      When I see a homosexual in pumps thrusting his groin around on stage, do I need to spend an ounce of effort more to “flesh out” (Homoerotica pun intended) details??

      But I’m glad you (Steph and others) do! Perhaps coming from “ya’ll” makes it more interesting…and I would agree with that. 🙂


    2. Addendum to comment above on convoys and capitals – and the BRI . . .

      The BRI and the modernization of infrastructure in Ukraine
      (December 2017):

      In early December 2017, Kiev and Beijing signed a joint action plan to develop the new Silk Roads, Ukraine officially joined the “Belt and Road” initiative. Chinese Vice Prime Minister Ma Kai and Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman have signed cooperation agreements in agriculture, energy, culture and education. Both countries hope to increase their trade. The integration of Ukraine into the new Silk Roads is a chance for this country to continue its program of transport modernization.

      The Sino-Ukrainian agreement on the new Silk Roads could encourage Chinese companies to participate in the modernization of Ukrainian transport and invest in new infrastructure.

      Other investors, particularly European investors, such as French Alstom, have announced they would be interested in this program.

      Ukraine’s participation in the “Belt and Road” initiative could favor a reconciliation between Kiev and Moscow. The two countries are facing a serious crisis since 2014 that the mediation of the United States and the European Union has not resolved. The completion of the new Silk Roads will require good relations between all participants. Chinese investments in Ukraine and Russia may encourage the two countries to overcome their differences, and seek to increase their trade to make the new infrastructure of the “Belt and Road” initiative profitable. By promoting trade along the new Silk Roads, the Chinese initiative could facilitate the appeasement of relations between Russia and Ukraine. Both states have an interest in finding a peaceful solution to be fully integrated into the “Belt and Road” initiative. One can also think that China will bring all its weight to bear in easing exchanges between Ukraine and Russia in order to secure future Chinese investments in the region. The lack of stability would baffle possible Chinese investors in Ukraine, but also in southern Russia.

      The development of transport infrastructure will not be enough for Ukraine to hope to become a major trade hub between the European Union, Russia and China. Kiev will also need to continue to fight corruption in order to attract and appease investors.

      Ukraine will also have to continue modernizing its entire energy sector to make its industries more energy efficient, and therefore more competitive. This modernization could attract new Chinese and foreign investors.

      Integration within the Belt and Road initiative will enable Ukraine to continue its reforms and better integrate into global trade flows by taking advantage of possible Chinese investments and support from multilateral development banks and other financial institutions.


  17. Read a comment from knowyouradversary.com recently where gent stated funds were granted for huge Ukranian “modernization / redevelopment” program.

    Only problem is existing “refuse” needs to be disposed of and/or demolished!!

    There you go! War Pigs get extra funding to “cleanse” the trash!! In their fucked up world view, “win win!!”.


  18. On the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and blockchain . . .

    “VeChain Foundation Co-Founds The Belt and Road Initiative Blockchain Alliance (BRIBA) Along with Other Chinese Firms”
    (December 23, 2019)


    In a blog post published on December 23, VeChain Foundation announces that it, along with other Chinese firm and government authorities, had established The Belt and Road Initiative Blockchain Alliance abbreviated as BRIBA, to bring new motivation in the project by using Blockchain technology.

    According to VeChain Foundation, it will provide “blockchain technology infrastructure, abundant localization industry experience, and technical consulting services, to achieve broader implications and success, especially overseas.

    The Belt and road initiative, formerly known as One Belt One Road (OBOR) is a global development strategy adopted by the Chinese government in 2013 involving infrastructure development and investments in 152 countries and international organizations in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas in a bid to enhance regional connectivity and embrace a brighter future.


  19. There is also mention of “Reclaiming Homeland” for the little hat persuasion!

    Ukraine is home of ancient Kazharia. Israel, while nice, is not necessarily “true homeland”.

    Besides Arbeit Macht Frei, one also needs Leibenstraum! That is, “Living Space”.


  20. Returning to the film, Tenet, and its uncanny sync with the Ukraine situation . . . Here is a new tidbit offered in the past day from a commenter (James) at STR:


    In a nutshell, the two links below indicate that the superyacht used as a prop in Nolan’s Tenet was a Nat Rothschild-owned yacht named Planet Nine (circling back to . . . PLUTO) https://www.sciencefocus.com/comment/pluto-is-a-planet/.

    But the clincher is that Rothschild’s yacht was originally named . . . wait for it . . . Project NATO.


    RE: Ukraine and NATO https://inews.co.uk/news/world/ukraine-nato-does-want-join-what-becoming-member-why-russia-stop-joining-1460557?ico=in-line_link


    1. “But the clincher is that Rothschild’s yacht was originally named . . . wait for it . . . Project NATO.”

      Surprise, surprise. Who do you think are the bastards behind that project? They are one of the people credited for financing and subverting this construct we call reality. I’m sure they bankrolled NATO.


      1. HPM,

        Of course – what you said. To clarify, though, it was not a surprise at all that Rothschild owned a boat named Project NATO. It was that the boat was used in the film, Tenet; and was named for both Pluto and NATO – both referenced in my post. Point being, these bastards are not only financiers and imprinting hyper-reality (via staged events), they seem to be deeply involved with obscure constructs having to do with time/space; and more apparently, revealing their methods/ideology in fiction. It may seem silly to most, but I enjoy identifying their occult messaging in fiction, and attempting to decode it.


  21. The first “cleansing” was / is called The Holodomor.

    Round Two for those who simply wish to live in an Ethno State amongst their kind???

    Lead to destruction by a queer in red pumps?



  22. On more consciousness imprinting from this alleged “war”. . .

    See this image of the Russian gymnast (https://people.com/sports/russian-gymnast-reprimanded-z-symbol-ukrainian-athlete/) bearing the recently iconic “Z” being worn and displayed around Ukraine to express pro-Russian sentiment (https://www.deseret.com/u-s-world/2022/3/8/22967005/ukraine-russia-war-letter-z-what-does-it-mean) – note the “Z” is an inverted/mirrored “S” (as depicted in the Sator Square image at the top of my post): https://www.nydailynews.com/resizer/cRf5DGmdb19GJbjNNmh5HFYqCXQ=/415×311/top/cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com/tronc/KNJFIT2IGNAQRNT2H4HGEHSNBM.jpg.

    Then juxtapose the gymnast photo with this Christopher Reeve Superman image: https://www.mistergoodman.fr/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Comment-adopter-le-t-shirt-superman-3.jpg.

    As potential evidence that these two photos are intentionally inter-related (as in paralleling the gymnast with the Christopher Reeve version of Superman), notice the clear “Dana” image behind the Russian gymnast . . . recall Dana Reeve: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/shock-as-dana-reeve-dies-at-44/.

    The folks at Super Torch Ritual (STR) seem to think the “Z” connotes “World War Z” (https://wwzgame.com/en/ and https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0816711/). From my perspective, if this is so, that may be intentional as well – as further traumatic imprinting (subliminal Twilight Language) on the consciousness of the masses. {As one of the lead characters in the film, Tenet, said, “We live in a Twilight World.”} If the “Z” is subliminally depicting World War Z, that would also serve as further evidence to adepts (the “initiated”) that the “war” is artificial – and hence, a game/exercise/movie set – involving tactics such as “swarm warfare” (AKA stigmergy, which I discussed here many months ago).


    1. Interesting. I recall the movie “Z,” from 1969. From Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z_(1969_film)

      More interesting: “The film’s title refers to a popular Greek protest slogan (Greek: Ζει, IPA: [ˈzi]) meaning “he lives,” in reference to Lambrakis.”

      “The film presents a thinly-fictionalized account of the events surrounding the assassination of the democratic Greek politician Grigoris Lambrakis in 1963. With its dark view of Greek politics and its downbeat ending, the film captures the director’s outrage about the junta that then ruled Greece.”

      Could this make the Ukraine spectacle just another retro performance? Mocking the goyim is such sport.

      And what if Lambrakis (like JFK, also “offed” in 1963) wasn’t assassinated at all?

      “Is it live, or is it Memorex?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZyFcJcZiaU

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      1. “And what if Lambrakis wasn’t assassinated at all?”

        You can bet on it.
        The Lambrakis hoax is one of the easiest to see through.
        Letting aside the fact that, in addition to the whole story having more holes than a swiss cheese, “Z – He lives” was the usual joke on us/revelation of the method, the real giveaway is that, according to the narrative, Lambrakis was clubbed to death by two henchmen that approached him on a speeding three wheels pickup while he was crossing the street after exiting the building where he had just given a speech.
        In other words, the greek police/intelligence, that allegedly were behind the assassination, ended up concocting a murder plan that relied entirely on the more than flimsy assumption of Lambrakis being just at the right spot, just at the right time.
        It goes without saying that a hundred things can (and most likely will) go wrong with such a sloppy arrangement placed into the highly chaotic and hence unpredictable environment that, according to Vassili Vassilikos’s book “Z”, characterized the assassination scene on that evening in Thessaloniki: Lambrakis might have just decided to not cross the street, he might have been escorted and/or surrounded by his supporters, any random moving around of the crowd that was standing outside the buildings could have blocked the way for the pickup, or all of the above, and more, in various combinations.
        It’s painfully obvious that what may well be qualified as the world’s dumbest assassination plot would have had zero chance of working unless the whole scene was a staged movie and Lambrakis was fully part of the cast.
        There’s much more to this story that seals it as a textbook assassination hoax, but no need here to delve further into it.


  23. Anyone buying the crapola this guy (Gonzalo Lira) is selling? Check out his vocal tic and body language: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mh_0LNQQYb8 Remember, he is a filmmaker, and has traveled from Kiev to Kharkiv in the past week (which just happens to be where the conflict . . . cough, cough, movie set . . . has proceeded).


      1. OM,

        I, too, had been fed that same video of the Russian citizens in my feed, and watched it. Presenting the people in this way seems to be a type of blackwashing tactic.


    1. To add to my multiple comments above (RE: Gonzalo Lira), I wanted to highlight once again Lira’s work in crisis scenario planning/exploiting:

      Gonzalo Lira’s Strategic Planning Group:

      “The Strategic Planning Group, founded by Gonzalo Lira, releases analyses to its members of crisis scenarios and black swan events, the possible causes and effects of them, how to prepare, and how to take advantage of them once they are in full swing.”


      I had forgotten to mention before . . .

      ” . . . he is a direct descendant of José Miguel Carrera and related by birth to numerous Chilean politicians diplomats and industrialists.”



  24. May as well be named “Wop Dego”…

    I mean, what kind of comedic name is “Gonzalo Lira”. Haha 🙂


    1. And on that note…

      “Don Beck of Spiral Dynamics felt very strongly that the Netherlands was a focal point for emergence, and inspired several Dutch people to start the Center for Human Emergence, NL. THC was a project of CHE/NL and two years ago became its own organizational entity.”



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    2. Fascinating article. Having “evolved” my way through and out of the JW religion, I had acquired some amount of vision that equipped me to see through the gimmicks of these new age religions. Now that I had escaped from that particular sect of my upbringing, and started to window-shop what other people and places there were out there in the whole wide world (exploration previously forbidden to me), I continuously encountered “worship” of this and that. The “thinking” people, the “aware” people, the “compassionate” people, were all finding their own religious niche wherein they could worship and feel good about themselves. But of course they would not call it worship. Like the woman I was briefly involved with who was smitten with “Amma”, the saint who gives hugs. “https://www.amritapuri.org/amma/who”…my lover and the other Amma groupies in their little gang would make all the pilgrimages to any west coast city where the dear woman happened to have a public event.

      A couple of choice moments from the article. On Deepak Chopra:
      “Deepak Chopra TM”
      “It says something about the modern spiritual market place, doesn’t it, that TM. Imagine Jesus TM, Mohammad TM, the Buddha TM.”

      And on the collective value of these “new age” evolutionary visionaries who are wanting to script our present and future:
      “a sort of cosmic Davos.”

      And, interesting tie-ins to eugenics.

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  25. Stephers, Rastus,

    Speaking about aliens…. (above), here’s something very absurd that just came up from my files. First, think about those PCR tests. I have never seen them as anything other than some sort of sadistic, ritualistic thing… I mean, if the “virus” supposedly is SO damn contagious… why would only a test hitting the back of your head be able to “detect” it? In China people even had to lower their pants (if we can believe the news reports)!

    quote -“Hopkins claims to have spoken with people who say they were anally probed in the 1970s. However these claims were made after Strieber’s, as evidenced from Hopkins’s first UFO book, Missing Time (1981), in which probing was discussed, but not up the ass. Curiously, the aliens seemed uninterested in asses between 1965 and 1987.

    Instead, Hopkins told of the hypnotic revelations of Betty Andreasson who claimed to have been abducted in 1967. She was hypnotized in the late 1970s, when she revealed the probing: “Oh! He’s putting that thing in my nose. […] He had that thing up in my head!” Sandy Larson, hypnotized in 1975, similarly reported nasal probing to Hopkins. Virginia Horton, in 1979, also claimed under hypnosis to have had a nasal probing. For what it’s worth, Horton’s nasal “probe” (it was “a nice smooth texture,” looked like “a microphone,” and hummed) seems to be the model for the anal probe of later literature. After her nasal probing, Horton was treated to a party with the aliens, complete with electronic music and gossip about dating. What she learned at the party about the aliens’ research program, she said, was “one of those things people like to deal with in science fiction themes.” ” end quote


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    1. RM,

      Brilliant offering indeed. So much food for thought, and it resonates with my instincts within the context of Saturn and Time, and of course, Saturn worship: https://zeteticzen.wordpress.com/2016/12/10/saturn-worship-the-black-cube-of-cronus/. The link I provided is not 100% over the target; but it delves into this context, and the implication that our reality is somehow locked into linear time. Another related aspect worth exploring, in my opinion, is the Hopi Time controversy: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hopi_time_controversy#Benjamin_Lee_Whorf.

      This rabbit hole of time . . . and cubes . . . (and thus, tesseracts) goes on and on and on . . . This is a starting point: https://www.reddit.com/r/quatria/comments/r9fqcg/the_saturn_time_cube_megathread/ (and here https://www.thehighersidechats.com/nick-hinton-the-saturn-time-cube-tyler-the-plasma-apocalypse/).


    2. This interpretation of the Sator Square is probably the most consistent with what I know: Saturn/cube worship, inversions, illusory world etc.
      I should note that the “earliest appearance” of the Sator Square from Pompeii is also a red flag, since Roman Pompeii is a hoax in and of itself (see for example https://stolenhistory.org/articles/pompeiigate-scandal-chronology-issues.444/ ).

      About palindromes, I have been looking into CRISPR/cas9 recently, and to my surprise, CRISPR stands for “ clustered regularly interspaced short PALINDROMIC repeats”
      If one accepted that vaccines, nuclear bombs, space technology etc are all science fiction; that it would be natural to conclude that gene editing is another fake science, that is too advanced by current technology.

      To my knowledge, CRISPR/cas9 requires what is know as “guide RNA” to instruct the cas9 where to edit the genome. But I can find zero research explaining how this “guide RNA” is manufactured – it seems the only way to obtain it is to place an order of your desired guide RNA with a “gene editing company” who owns the “patented” technology.
      The whole history of CRISPR itself is also rather suspect, since it’s mechanism is wholly dependent on the veracity of the germ/virus theory, which is unproven.
      And there is also no evidence to date that proves gene editing through CRISPR/cas9 works, save for a few publicity stunts/propaganda.
      So, coupled with the “palindromic” red flag, I think it is most likely that so called gene-editing technology is another hoax; and also circumstantial evidence that “palindromes” are red flags of psy ops.


  26. For anyone interested in additional esoteric decoding of February 2022, involving Pluto, Biden, and militarization/weaponry . . . Hat tip to commenter Webbothuman at Super Torch Ritual (STR). His comment yesterday:

    Hades has a Bident. Wtf!??? 😳😱

    A bident is a two-pronged implement resembling a pitchfork. In classical mythology, the bident is a weapon associated with Hades (Pluto), the ruler of the underworld.



    His comment resonated; so, I did a little more digging: https://military-history.fandom.com/wiki/Bident.

    In Roman agriculture, the bidens (genitive bidentis) was a double-bladed drag hoe[5] or two-pronged mattock,[6] although a modern distinction between “mattock” and “rake” should not be pressed.[7] It was used to break up and turn ground that was rocky and hard.[8] The bidens is pictured on mosaics and other forms of Roman art, as well as tombstones to mark the occupation of the deceased.[9]

    In the Renaissance, the bident became a conventional attribute of Pluto in art.

    One sentence stood out to me: “It was used to break up and turn ground that was rocky and hard.” It instantly evoked (in my mind) the rubble being created and highlighted in Ukraine: https://www.tmz.com/2022/03/26/mariupol-ukraine-russia-rubble-zelensky-putin-war-genocide/ (note the palindromic imagery on the ground in the 3rd photo, displaying the Russian word for “children” https://www.foxnews.com/world/300-dead-mariupol-theater-russian-attacks).

    Juxtaposed with the potential symbology of Biden/Bident (two-pronged instrument) is of course, the trident symbology of Ukraine which has been cemented into the minds of the masses since mid-February: http://symboldictionary.net/?p=894.

    Lastly, with regard to the “Ukrainian underworld” (further hinting at Pluto) and crypto/blockchain (with crypto now being used to help purchase weaponry) . . . https://www.newsweek.com/ukraine-embraces-crypto-supporting-fight-against-russian-invasion-1690134.

    And the success story continued, with the amount then rising to $100 million with the help of the ‘Crypto Fund for Ukraine,’ which is run by Michael Chobanian, founder of the first Bitcoin agency in Eastern Europe and among members of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

    Chobanian is the man behind the Ukrainian crypto exchange “Kuna” and was credited with bringing in 60 percent of all contributions that were received.

    He confirmed that the money was split between the two funds for different reasons. He said one was used to provide food and protective clothing, including bullet-proof vests and helmets, for people.

    The other, he said, was being used to buy weapons to support the work of the Ukrainian army.

    The early split between the funds ended when they were combined later so that all of the money could be used to support the work of the military.

    The positive benefit on this occasion is that cryptocurrency has shown it can be a force for good and has, in part, managed to assuage concerns over its role in the Ukrainian underworld, where it helps to oil the cogs of online crime, as well as tax dodging and the export of capital.

    He said that once the war was over, rebuilding Ukraine could involve using blockchain technology, which was something that the entire country had been helping to build.


  27. One key element to the film, Tenet, is the *temporal pincer movement.” See here https://www.cbr.com/tenet-temporal-pincer-movements-explained/ and here https://arnavtechbanerjee.wordpress.com/2020/12/09/temporal-pincer-movement/.

    Well, it seems the pincer movement strategy is becoming increasingly more central to the Ukraine conflict narrative – see here https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/how-a-russian-pincer-attack-could-trap-ukrainian-troops-gsgzxpq8r (March 28, 2022) and the 33 second timestamp here https://twitter.com/AJEnglish/status/1509070422645481472?s=20 (March 30, 2022) – 3/30 – another 33.


    1. Yeah, I spot the Swastika…It’s right in the “Rim” of the Tire on that overturned car.. possibly even woven into the tapestry of the blanket, but I didn’t look that far.


  28. Stephers – Holy cow, I had no clue the weeds could get so deep! I’m in waaay over my head here, but I definitely appreciate the minds who are parsing these weedy happenings… As for the “Guardians of the Looking Glass”, Frank Jacob and Jean Nolan, I was wondering whether the weed patch they are growing was for enlightenment or entrapment, and you provided me with a seasoned and valued perspective. Thanks for all your work on so many contorted, processed topics such as this. It will take me a while to wade through this post and all the commentary, but I’m glad to have your reflections and readers’ reactions as a guidepost.


    1. In answer to your question, I came upon Jean Nolan’s “Inspired” Youtube output initially through his videos that combined narratives or quotes from folks I was interested in like Dr. Mark Malone. From there, I saw his recent interview with Frank Jacob, and was off through the weeds & down the rabbit hole…
      Again, thanks for shining a light for me to find my way out of that!
      (Also, for clarification, I am both richeart and dogsnoseknows as a result of log-in/account difficulties on WordPress, and I never know which ID my password manager is going to sign me on as. I used to like computers and internet access, but not since they’ve been weaponized against normal folk like me.)


        1. This Winston Wu bio sketch reads like an implausible TV pilot outline where the hero evades capture and finds the cool underground lab headquarters.
          The claimed bitcoin profits look like the bait in a con game, set to lure in some new suckers. I’ll watch the TV show for entertainment but not if it costs a dime.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Thanks for your feedback.
            Seems that all white hat whispering these daze is a psyop produced perhaps by out of work or bored screen writers. Guess I will follow the plot and wait for the monetization or power capture move, just for the sake of entertainment/awareness.

            Liked by 1 person

        2. DNK/RICHEART,

          I am on the road today, and it is challenging to respond in detail at the moment. In the interim, I will drop a few links here that may help to provide some information (I suggest this is just the tip of the iceberg).

          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEH81KjyImY (April 12, 2022)
          https://www.bitchute.com/video/OVqi6LcKOp8u/ (April 12, 2022)
          https://www.bitchute.com/video/5xl18aPgIeaP/ (April 13, 2022)
          https://kiwifarms.net/threads/raindropdao-through-the-looking-glass.116380/ (Herein, note the ludicrous tall tale about graphene oxide – intended to completely taint authentic reporting, which has been a focus of my work. Scroll down to the comments . . . It seems a few people have caught onto this LARP – replete with delusional storytelling, promises of crypto wealth and “white hat” politicians, and predictions of false flags – all of which are scripted/simulated events.)

          Hoping to elaborate later (on DAOs, blockchain cults, and cloud minds – about which I have previously written https://pieceofmindful.com/2021/12/14/the-stench-of-digital-dung-virtual-variants-trigger-events-and-blockchain-cults/) – but I think you will get the main gist of this psyop/scam (with the crypto grift being only one superficial layer).

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Again, thanks for your scrutinizing spelunking through the dark, twisting plot turns… Hazardous duty these days of parsing delusion from discernment. Your skills and sharing are much appreciated and respected. Safe and happy trails to you.

            Liked by 1 person

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