Spiritual awakening

The above video is at the center of my spiritual awakening in the early 1990s. Typical of me at that time, I was not aware of the song even three or four years after its release nor had I heard of the band called U2. I was busy working and being a dad to five kids, and growing away from my wife. In fact, I had already left her mentally, or as Kramer famously said in a Seinfeld episode, “George, in my mind I am already gone.” George’s look at Kramer after that remark was a classic deadpan. I still laugh.

By the way, I have not been kind to people who put up their favorite videos here, just out of the blue, as if saying “You must like what I like.” Music is personal. I am writing about this particular video because it represented an awakening, a turning point, a point in my life when I had a future that was going to be very different from my past. I will write first about my experience, and then about the song, the instrumentation, the video and the lyrics after. Rolling Stone places it at number 93 in its list of 500 best rock songs.

I invite others to use this post to recount similar experiences. Please limit yourself to one song or video.

We had a house full of kids, four girls and a boy. I am going to place the date that I heard the video as 1990, when my oldest would have been 14, and my youngest two perhaps seven. I would work at my office all day, and then come home and take them to the park or perhaps out for an ice cream treat. I tried to be active in their lives. I would also walk the dog, tend to chores, and maybe even read.

Each night the house would settle down, and I would lay back in my chair and watch TV. I am not clear if I stayed up until 11:30 to watch David Letterman, or if he was in his 10:30 slot, but I was a big Letterman fan, and would have stayed up very late to watch him no matter the time. We, us, my family, had no means of recording TV shows. My big treat for the day was a dish of ice cream and a glass of cherry cola. I looked forward to those every night after quiet settled in. Then I would settle in and fall asleep, not in a bed, but in my chair or on the couch.

The song opens with an arpeggio, that is, a fingering of a chord on a guitar, with the bass strings E and A left out. It creates a nice effect that is repeated throughout the song. At a certain point the bass kicks in, and repeats throughout. And then Bono begins to sing.

I do not care for Bono’s voice, as it is just trained projection. Since it was 1987 there was no Autotune, he had to learn to sing on key, but he has no vibrato to speak of, that is, the better singers will hit a note and then vary the pitch at during  and at the end of a sequence. A perfect example of this would be Karen Carpenter in this Wings of Pegasus video. Bono, who has obviously had extensive vocal training, merely sings on key and very loud, but the overall quality is not great. (In my mind. Remember, music is personal.)

Since we are talking about a rock band, let’s stipulate that we don’t really know authorship of the song (it is credited to the four band members of U2) and we really don’t know that the instrumentation is the band or studio musicians. But however it was assembled, it is a very good piece of music. I will stipulate that The Edge in the video had to be, in my mind that night, the coolest guy on the planet.

There must have been a music video show after Letterman in those days, as I was sound asleep on our couch when the arpeggio entered my brain. I woke up to see Bono and The Edge on Fremont Street in Las Vegas (I later found out), an appropriate location for a song of this nature. I listened through it in a somewhat groggy state, and was moved by the sound and the words. The next day I set out on a quest to remember the name of the song, find out who the band was, and get hold of the tape.

I did finally find the information, and bought the Joshua Tree album. I must have played it (the entire cassette) a thousand times, usually while driving. (See the full lyrics at this page.)

I have climbed highest mountains
I have run through the fields
Only to be with you
Only to be with you
I have run
I have crawled
I have scaled these city walls
These city walls
Only to be with you

It haunted me. The song has a gospel quality about it, and spiritual depth. “Only to be with you”. Who are “you”? It certainly was not my wife. I was quite lonely in those days, and longed for what I would later find in July of 1995 on a hike in the Castle Mountains of Montana – a life partner.

I had not heard the song in years, and last night watched the video again. I’m a little more savvy now than then, and realize that in the video, the studio version of the song is probably playing on a loudspeaker so that the band members can lip sync. After filming was done, what the producers had was a silent movie. The actual song had to be synced into the video along with splicing and God only knows how many retakes. I would imagine they kept Fremont street alive and active for several days filming this video.

I don’t recall being so moved by a piece of music as I was by that one, before or since. There’s lots of good music out there – Creep by Radiohead has a fuzz guitar chorus that blows me away. The drum beat in One Headlight by the Wallflowers is riveting. I was always moved by Old Flame by Alabama. Beethoven’s Ninth is said by some to be the greatest piece of music ever written. (I’ll take their word for it.) The Ode to Joy chorus is stunning. I love all of those and many more, but that night I was riveted in place and becoming aware that it was time for a change in my life. I did not know that night that I was awakening spiritually, and would, in short order, have a divorce and a new sense of freedom and optimism about the future. I still have that inside me. U2 got it done for me.

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  1. I had a lot of ‘teenage angst’ moments to U2, the entire War cassette, which I was addicted to when I got my first car, a ‘66 Comet, gifted by my grandpa. Would we call that a spiritual awakening? I find that term to be nebulous. The never-ending quest seems to be a masculine spiritual drive, whereas the never-ending recycling is a feminine one. I was never as moved by a song to such a degree as you write about, but I can relate to being that moved by poetry. In particular, the French ‘enfants terribles’, like Verlaine and Rimbaud, and the romantics poets. One struck so deep a chord with me I memorized it for no other reason except that I loved it. “Sous le Pont Mirabeau” by Apollinaire. I never heard it set to music before, but I just looked it up, as it French it is exquisite in its rhyme, even if you don’t understand the words.

    But it is very much about this ‘feminine’ spiritual eternal recycling, preceded by a letting go, which I do take as the quintessential spiritual challenge of the feminine as opposed to the masculine spiritual quest.

    I have never felt any translation could do it justice, but such is the nature of translation. Here is a more famous one: https://www.writing.upenn.edu/library/Apollinaire_Mirabeau.html

    It is quite a powerful thing when a work of art can speak to us so memorably. I’m glad you found your life partner after that awakening. And, 5 kids, WOW! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. My spiritual awakening was at a rather early age.

    I watched Sally Strothers on TV with starving African babies with flies in their face. We can change it… for just 50 cents per day.

    Then there was Live Aid and Band Aid. I soon learned it was all just a load of bollocks.

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  3. I would say producer Steve Lillywhite was the actual band or mastermind. Just like many other bands that either didn’t write their songs or had alot of help. U2 started as a college radio market band and within a few years The War album in 83 put them on the map in a very big way.

    Not to take away from the song or the image in our heads of the band from back in the day,as I was a fan of the band too. However Paul David Hewson is pro mask, pro vaccine and made multiple appearances at WEF, he may even be a paying member. So here we are again with a cool awesume band with some great songs, yet they have mega success within a small time frame, and the band members are not who we think they are.

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  4. MT,

    My spiritual awakening occurred at a very young age – around age 8 or 9. The impetus was my traumatic upbringing in which I was still immersed. Somehow, I just knew I would climb up and out, and look down from above, and choose to live my life so differently than I was being taught (mis-taught). It was Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac) who lit a fire within me, with her lyrics and her tone. In fact, around that time I changed my name to “Stevie,” but it did not stick with friends and family – so I went back to “Stephie.”

    This song still overcomes me – my spiritual awakening still ongoing . . . The lyrics and rhythm simmer deep inside me just as much – if not more – than when I was young: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WM7-PYtXtJM


    Landslide (lyrics):

    I took my love, I took it down
    I climbed a mountain and I turned around
    And I saw my reflection in the snow-covered hills
    ‘Till the landslide brought me down

    Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love?
    Can the child within my heart rise above?
    Can I sail through the changing ocean tides?
    Can I handle the seasons of my life?

    Well, I’ve been afraid of changing
    ‘Cause I’ve built my life around you
    But time makes you bolder
    Even children get older
    And I’m getting older too

    Well, I’ve been afraid of changing
    ‘Cause I’ve built my life around you
    But time makes you bolder
    Even children get older
    And I’m getting older too
    Oh, I’m getting older too

    Oh, take my love, take it down
    Oh, climb a mountain and turn around
    And if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills
    Well the landslide will bring it down
    And if you see my reflection in the snow-covered hills
    Well the landslide will bring it down, oh oh
    The landslide will bring it down

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    1. Thank you, nice reflection and at such a young age! The emotional key for me in this song is “Cause I’ve built my life around you.” I tend to be harsh about my first wife, but that might be her point of view about me, as I pulled away. She lost me. No one ever said life would be easy.

      I first heard this song as done by the Dixie Chicks.


      1. MT,

        On emotional keys and lyrics . . . I know you said to limit to one song, but the one song that I used to constantly play on my turntable (it was a 33 vinyl record) was “All By Myself” by Eric Carmen. I would not say that it supported any spiritual awakening – it simply provided cathartic relief for me. (I did not know until now that the song incorporated Rachmaninoff’s 2nd piano concerto. I assumed it was all original.) I no longer feel an emotional charge when listening to the song (as I did as a child who was in emotional pain). That must be a good sign! Nonetheless, it is a pretty melody.



        1. I cannot get my silly iPad to play anything and I am too relaxed to get up and go to my desktop. I’ll catch it later today, after we hike, but Rach 2 is on my list of favorites, so I cannot be more interested. At our wedding we danced to Billy Joel’s This Night, the chorus of which is taken from Beethoven’s Pathetique sonata, a beautiful melody, and Joel dutifully gives credit on the album to LvB.


          1. It says at Wiki that Carmen ended up turning 12% of his royalties from All By Myself over to the Rachmaninoff Estate, that the music he knowingly borrowed was in the public domain in the US but not elsewhere, so he and the Estate reached an agreement. Also the song Never Gonna Fall In Love Again is a tune borrowed from Rach.


  5. I’ve never had a spiritual awakening, but I did have a near worthless father who left a collection of nice mental scars. Like Mark, I am moved by a large swath of music over various genre. I am certain that this track hits home deep within my psyche due to that unforgettable childhood.

    Scott Stapp, the purported writer, had issues of his own – that Old Demon for one, and worse (in my opinion): organized religion. I think these are all summarized now [for him] as “childhood trauma” – I could be wrong.

    I know little of musical terminology, but the man sings with power, authority, and truth. Of course it helps to have such a fantastic supporting crew. [They do play]. Many have said “cheesy” of this tune – not to me. Sorry about the “official” video – it seems to have little bearing on the song (I honestly don’t know how “the band” would agree to such a messterpiece).

    Creed; With Arms Wide Open
    [Verse 1]
    Well, I just heard the news today
    It seems my life is gonna change
    I closed my eyes, begin to pray
    Then tears of joy stream down my face

    With arms wide open under the sunlight
    Welcome to this place, I’ll show you everything
    With arms wide open
    With arms wide open
    [Verse 2]
    Well, I don’t know if I’m ready
    To be the man I have to be
    I’ll take a breath, I’ll take her by my side
    We stand in awe, we’ve created life

    With arms wide open under the sunlight
    Welcome to this place, I’ll show you everything
    With arms wide open, now everything has changed
    I’ll show you love, I’ll show you everything
    With arms wide open
    With arms wide open
    I’ll show you everything, ah, yeah
    With arms wide open
    Wide open

    [Guitar Solo: Mark Tremonti]

    [Verse 3]
    If I had just one wish, only one demand
    I hope he’s not like me, I hope he understands
    That he can take this life and hold it by the hand
    And he can greet the world with arms wide open

    With arms wide open under the sunlight
    Welcome to this place, I’ll show you everything
    With arms wide open, now everything has changed
    I’ll show you love, I’ll show you everything
    With arms wide open
    With arms wide open
    I’ll show you everything, ah, yeah
    With arms wide open
    Wide open

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    1. I should have mentioned that I am a father – a real one. I give myself a gold star as well. My children are happy, healthy and prosperous.

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  6. I’ve never been that spiritual, whatever that means, because my moral elders were such naïve hypocrites that there wasn’t any firm ground to stand on and trust. I had to slog through as best I could and live with the damage. This ditty is fatalistic in the extreme but is so damn catchy it illustrates what I’m trying to say. The end is unavoidable but that slogging is the reward. Jes’ keep a’goin’…

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    1. I guess “spiritual” is undefined for most, but for me it has to do with a guiding hand in the middle of my back. I am occasionally given opportunity to do something wrong or harmful to others, and I will mindlessly do the right thing, and I think of that as spiritual guidance. I do believe in a higher power.

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  7. Two rock songs are bookends to a 7-year romance in the late ’60s and ’70s that ended badly, but as I suspected from the beginning. I had nothing, wanted for nothing. She loved the “rebel life,” but as we approached the magic number (30), pressure out
    of nowhere, from seemingly every direction, began to complicate our simple existence in a small rental cabin across the river from Glacier National Park. Money, “security issues” and that hidden timetable became insurmountable obstacles. She went to U.S. Virgin Islands — took the dog — and married her (veterinarian) boss 6 months later. I never saw it coming, but should have followed my instincts from day one. Today, it’s all good, we can talk, reminisce, but it’s all water over the dam.

    In the beginning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbI_awR4CKE
    The aftermath: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WUdlaLWSVM

    Live and learn.


    1. Steve said, “pressure out of nowhere, from seemingly every direction, and …hidden timetable became insurmountable obstacles.” Those are perfect words to describe a time, the skyclock calls the “Saturn return.” For most people, the approx ages 29 – 32 finds limitation and pressure appear, seemingly out of nowhere. If married young, possible divorce, or a child is born. If single,
      a painful breakup or a previously absent desire to settle down, suddenly looms large. This period signifies a deepening, a walk to “real adulthood” forcing a commitment to build or to dissolve, while branches of lofty ideals are pruned. Often, the first deep loss/failure in life is felt and faced. Have never met anyone who wasn’t in some major way affected by this period; which occurs again, often less profoundly, around age 58ish. As a student of cycles, music surely becomes a marker, as this breakup song will attest:


  8. I was 13 years old in the summer of 1969 when I first heard the song “Can’t find my way Home” by Blind Faith. The song has been living in my head off and on ever since.

    Another song living rent free in my head is “Cup of Kindness” by Emmylou Harris. I suspect it is because of the following lyrics:

    Are you reaching for the Sacred and Divine
    She was standing right beside you all the time

    As a devout Luddite I have no clue how to attach a video to this comment…..and I kind of like it that way.

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    1. Great song. Always loved it, and felt it. Here are two more ways to hear it.

      A young Bonnie Raitt, with some excellent support from John Hammond on guitar. Start at the 2:50 mark, no songs before that.

      And this next one, she’s in your face a bit, but can really sing it.

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  9. Bono on the brain?
    “Since his first major foray into activism at the 1984 Live Aid concert (where much of the money raised reportedly went to buy weapons for the Ethiopian military), Bono has become an almost ubiquitous face in the halls of power, being invited to speak at a host of elite events on poverty, including the Munich Security Conference, the G8 summit, the World Bank and at the World Economic Forum. There, he is usually treated as the voice of Africa and an intellectual and moral powerhouse helping to solve the world’s most pressing humanitarian problems.”

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    1. Sounds like another controlled opposition character. And I love how he attended “elite events” to talk about poverty, events which were arranged by the very people responsible for the mass poverty and inequality that exists in this world. What a joke.


    2. Now this part pretty much sums up what he stands for, and it’s not to the benefit of the “common” man:

      “Bono has been, more often than not, amplifying elite discourses, advocating ineffective solutions, patronizing the poor, and kissing the arses of the rich and powerful. He has been generating and reproducing ways of seeing the developing world, especially Africa, that are no more than a slick mix of traditional missionary and commercial colonialism, in which the poor world exists as a task for the rich world to complete.”

      Essentially, he is there to be a limited hangout conduit that serves the interests of our enemies – the uber-rich and powerful thieves running the world – meanwhile manipulating us to take dead-end paths or to do nothing at all but to comply at our expense. No different than Lenin or Marx and their brand of (corporate) socialism, who also came from wealthy families that wanted to destroy any real progressive movements (if any) that were threatening their ill-gotten political & economic gains. Or our more recent example, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

      If we look into his genealogy, that may explain Bono’s friendliness to the ruling class (as well as his success in mainstream music). Here’s what I found:



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        1. Isn’t Bono an irish Jew?

          According to the group’s autobiography, “U2 By U2”, Bono thinks that his mother’s family MIGHT have been Jewish. He’s not sure. But it is absolutely clear that his mother was a Protestant, as mother and son attended Church of Ireland services.


          Why Bono (officially protestant) is visiting (officially catholic) ‘pope’ John Paul 2 (Karol Wojtyla)?


          Isn’t ( anticatholic ) John Paul 2 (Karol Wojtyla) a polish-lithuanian Jew? Family reunion?

          Natus _ 18, V, 1920 _Carolus Josephus Wojtyla, Catholic, male, legitimate child. Parents, Carolus _father, military functionary; mother, Kaczorowska, Emilia, daughter of Feliks and Maria Szolc.

          Let us first explode the lie that Karol Wojtyla _ by his own mouth _ stated that he was “Lithuanian” on his mother’s side. There is no such Lithuanian name as “Kaczorowska” nor “Szolc”.
          The Anglicized pronunciation of these two family names would be, respectively, “Katz” and “Schultz.”
          F r . L u i g i V i l l a
          Who is Karol Wojtyla / John Paul 2?

          Click to access 430%20mensile%20ing.pdf

          How catholic father can let bringing his children anticatholic? That’s false ecumenism for catholic.

          Bono was born Paul David Hewson in the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin on 10 May 1960,[20] the second child of Iris (née Rankin) and Brendan Robert “Bob” Hewson.

          The Hewson household was an interdenominational Christian one; Bono’s mother was a member of the Church of Ireland, and his father was a Roman Catholic.[23][2]

          His parents initially agreed that the first child would be raised Anglican and the second Catholic.[24]
          Although Bono was the second child, he also attended Church of Ireland services with his mother and brother.[24] Bono’s teenage musical idols were jew Bob Dylan, jew Leonard Cohen, jewphile David Bowie and jew Marc Bolan of T. Rex.[25]

          ‘pope’ John Paul 2 (Karol Wojtyla) and Jews:
          Bob Dylan Robert Allen Zimmerman (Hebrew: שבתאי זיסל בן אברהם Shabtai Zisl ben Avraham)


          1. Bono’s mother was a Rankin? That’s a peerage name no doubt, 162 entries at that site. But in my home state (US) of Montana, Jeanette Rankin was the first woman to hold federal office in the US, a State Representative who served two terms, one during WWI and a second during WWII. In each she cast votes against entry into the wars, in the wake of Pearl Harbor, the only member of Congress to vote against entry into that war. She was said to be a pacifist. She was also a suffragette and women’s rights advocate. I long ago intended to write about her, as she smells of controlled opposition. But I have not done so as she comes off as genuine at times, so I just don’t have a good angle on her. Her father was a wealthy mill owner. On her mother’s side, she is a Pickering, good for 101 entries in the Peerage. She’s juiced!


          2. There are plenty of Jews (known as conversos) in the Catholic and Protestant religions, so the reported details of his religious background hardly proves otherwise. Look at the Medicis or British royalty as examples. Both were/are crypto-Jews.


          3. Bowie’s father’s mother was Zillah Blackburn, Zillah is not a common name for a Gentile being of Hebrew derivation.

            Coincidence, Bowie’s wife Iman has a daughter with her former husband, American basketball player Spencer Haywood, and a daughter with David. Bowie’s father was Haywood Stenton Jones.


      1. His paternal side stops with Robert Hewson, b. 1819 – d. 1849. He was marries to Anne Duggan, b. 1812 – d. 1889. Both were Dublin natives.


        His maternal side ends with a William Rankin, who’s birth year is estimated between 1684-1744.


        According to the below website, the Hewson family is a prominent Norman bloodline that’s named after St. Hugh. That was also the surname of Howard Hughs, who’s of the Families, as well as French laureate Victor Hugo. Their family shield has the notorious Phoenix on its crest. Says plenty of who we’re dealing with here. If any of you from team Mathis has additional info (e.g., MiniMe), don’t be afraid to share.


        Rankin is also a prestigious name, originating from a knight named Jacob de Rankine, according to the House of Names website. So we’re not looking at peasants here, if Bono’s Rankin bloodline is of the bloodline of the abovementioned noble.


        At 4Crests, they say that Rankin was a “nickname for a person with dark hair or a swarthy complexion, originally rendered in the Old German RAM (soot).” That may be a clue to his Semitic or Jewish royal roots, as typically they have such features. (Keep in mind that during the Middle Ages, there was also a preponderance of dark-skinned nobility running Europe, such as the Moors in Spain, so he might be related to them, too. Not to mention that in Britain, they had Queen Charlotte, said by some to be a mulatto. The ancient Hebrews were also black or dark-skinned before they were subverted by the Ashkenazis.)

        Among the famous members of this family is German historian Leopold von Ranke, b. 1765 – d. 1886, who was allegedly born in Thuringia. The Germanic principality was also home to prominent crypto-Jewish families such as the Saxe-Altenburgs, the Saxe-Gothas, and the Saxe-Gothas (the latter two became one dynasty later on, before moving to the U.K. and assuming the pseudonym Windsor. The Altenburgs married the British Hanovers beforehand.) The Altenburgs played a direct role in the formation of the notorious Bavarian Illuminati, so they were controlling the Enlightenment movement, too. Birds of a feather flock together.


        “With the division of the house of Wettin in 1485, Thuringia went to the senior Ernestine branch of the family, which subsequently subdivided the area into a number of smaller states, according to the Saxon tradition of dividing inheritance amongst male heirs. These were the “Saxon duchies”, consisting, among others, of the states of Saxe-Weimar, Saxe-Eisenach, Saxe-Jena, Saxe-Meiningen, Saxe-Altenburg, Saxe-Coburg, and Saxe-Gotha.”


        To be continued….


    3. RE: Bono (and the Edge)

      (I had posted this as part of a reply in MT’s “Sunday Stuff” piece)

      May 9, 2022 at 9:27 am

      Here is the Edge with Bono performing in the Kyiv subway (May 8, 2022): https://www.newsweek.com/u2s-bono-edge-perform-kyiv-bomb-shelter-after-zelensky-invitation-1704578 and https://nypost.com/2022/05/08/u2s-bono-the-edge-perform-in-kyiv-subway-station-in-show-of-solidarity-with-ukraine/. They were joined by the Ukrainian music group, Antytila (AKA Antitila), who performed previously in a music video with Zelensky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koYzo2QCQL0 and https://ru.euronews.com/culture/2022/03/21/ukraine-antitila-group-defense.

      . . . The father of the Edge (Garvin Evans https://buildingservicesengineering.ie/garvin-evans-an-appreciation/) was employed by British electronics, defense, and telecommunications company Plessey: https://www.britishtelephones.com/histples.htm. As I have repeatedly suggested – based on my collaborative findings . . . these psyops (including COVID and the ongoing Ukraine happenings) involve radio-eugenics . . .

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        1. Brian,

          For depth and breadth on radio-eugenics, review this analysis by Drew Hempel (2003) https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_matrix43.htm:

          In 1936, Dr. Reiser, introduced and promoted the concept of “radio-eugenics” in the scientific Journal of Heredity. This entails applications of radiation for evolution. In 1945 Dr. Reiser was impressed by think tank founder Julius Stulman’s article called “Applied Energy to Social Relations.” In the 1965 publication of “Cosmic Humanism” that is highly praised by Stulman’s Institute for Integrative Education, the concept of radio-eugenics is promoted in synthesis with the concept of nondual harmonic resonance. Dr. Reiser states that we learned from Hiroshima and Nagasaki that not only does radiation cause massive destruction but that even those who survive “the baptism by fire” have children with severe birth defects. He then states that unfortunately that is how evolution works and that hopefully with the proper applied harmonic resonance of radiation then a new human society and a new “World Sensorium” will be achieved. The “World Sensorium” of Dr. Reiser is based on utilizing the radiation of the ionosphere, amplifying it with high technology, and applying it globally to cause mutations. The effect is to achieve not only a higher dimensional reality but to harness the zero-point energy.

          Engineered nanotech is tangentially related . . . From this 2012 piece by Zen Gardner (which links to Drew Hempel’s 2003 analysis above): https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_matrix41.htm.

          This explains once again the mutative effects of nano particles in chemtrails, the deliberately released radiation and the proliferation of radioactive devices, EMF bombardment from cell phones, power lines, Wi-Fi and smart meters to HAARP, GWEN towers and satellite electro-radiation, never mind poisoned water, vaccines, drugs and genetically modified food.


          1. In one form or another I meet these ideas and of course live a world that is in some sense coloured or framed by them.

            There is a true foundation within our being, from which only truth extends.
            Releasing the false allows acceptance of truth revealed, that was covered over or masked by self image set in conflict, by which ideals rise as if archetypal to our experience as its effect of a pale copy of a world unworthy of love, such that we seek to abuse or control it so as to remake it to our images of order.
            This is all backwards.
            But investment in self image is deeply defended against awareness of reality.
            We attune to and receive according to what we teach and learn, so while I can recognise the matrix of control or predation as an active them, I also regard it like covid, as a complex construct by which to maintain a covert identity, seeking or struggling within a world of fear, pain and loss. IF we buy into its premises.


            1. I might add that I found the issue percolates a sense of ‘answers’ or at least perspective that offer release to the mind from its attempt to control – by which it suffers to be controlled. The proof of course in in the pudding.
              The demonic fuses both fear of love with hate of fear set in conflict.
              The mind is a receiver/transmitter that can be said to be locked down to specific frequencies as a sense of ‘survival’ by the very thing it hates. That is by denial of love as threat to a split sense of self creation that experiences its mind as if reality, through the lens of unconscious or internalised denials.

              The development of ego as a system of allegiance to false principles, can be repurposed to serve the true, by the opening of the true Receptive in place of the stamp of the past as the mindset by which we think we think alone.
              This is a change of perspective arising from a wholeness of being.
              Old habits die hard. Perhaps we expect to die with them?
              Self illusions running with all the force of reality are only released from a mind restored, not by the dreamer who merely shifts within them as if to reset or boost their game.
              Core agreements to the Game are its principles and laws that proceed.
              I might think I have my own mind in the game (world) but it is predicated within a ‘script’ that I am not free to change, but may come to a freedom to release to a mind of Christ – of receiving and giving as one.
              Yielding to true Cause will pass through the reliving of a false to expanded perspective. Opposing the false may die in polarised will, that serves a basis for reframing further exploration of its themes. Giving up a living will to a false will die to escape pain of a life set unacceptable to its current conditions.
              The mindset of a false sense of self is a radio-eugenic or telepathic deceiver.
              The belief you are your brain or a programmed result of a past are active miscreations.
              The capacity to notice or watch thought process, is innate to the root of awareness, if not to the consciousness of the themes of their development as a consciousness.


      1. Mine too, btw in one interview Amy said that Evanescence’s ‘Everybody’s fool’ was inspired by Britney Spears and in another by her sister, still a great song mind.


    1. Reminds me of when Prince Charles knighted one of his fellows at GlaxoSmithKline for his involvement in the H1N1 scare. Just like now, billions in tax revenues were spent by “governments” worldwide to buy the vaccine for the virus. This video goes into deeper detail about that:

      When there are no war profits to be made for the ruling elite, pandemic profits are guaranteed. They go hand-in-hand. Pandemics, just like warfare, are a gigantic racket.


  10. Bono is a fraud – at least insofar as his ´charity´ organization is concerned. not saying this hyperbolically. a direct family member of mine had direct experience ( not with him but with elevation partners ) and shared some info years ago about one of their deals. lot of shadiness all around. and she WAS a fan.

    that said, i remember going into a little dive bar one afternoon and hearing Sunday Bloody Sunday on the juke box. for some reason, it made me think of We are the World and other group efforts from mainstream musicians. and i thought to myself…´why hasnt there been some big song about 911? at the time i was a little skeptical, US going into Iraq and whatnot, but it stayed on my mind the following day while driving to a wedding. I called a friend who at the time trying to get into the film business and was far more in the know with pop culture et al. i shared with him the tingling feeling i had with the song and if there was in fact anything i wasnt aware of. and if not, why not.

    he then started raising some questions, and emailed me the David Ray Griffen + A&E 4 911 lectures / videos.

    I´d previously been exposed to of some of the ´conspiracy theories´ but dismissed them out of hand cus ´muh popular mechanics´ / ´muh nat geo´.. had ´debunked´ said claims.

    *years earlier, the boeing vid into the pentagon was pushed into the cellar of my psyche, but the stench resurfaced after genuinely engaging with the information.

    so not too long after the Sunday Bloody Sunday experience, i stared at the MetLife building in Midtown Manhattan – which looked similar to wtc7 – and had this moment of clarity. ´no fín way did that just come down like that.´

    and my life has never been the same since.


  11. “Bono is a fraud” ? No shit Sherlock. Which one isn’t? All the famous work for the firm and do what they are told. Bono was in Ukraine lately, together with Edge playing in some subway for a couple of reporters. Mick Jagger does not claim to be sick, he just claims he was positively tested, which means as much as that he was taking a pee. The firm wants to play the show a little longer, that’s why now some VIP’s have to get “infected” What I observe in Germany is a kind of high level looting. Our prime politicians spend billions on useless stuff, like not approved vaccines for the monkey pox or not existing weapons or not existing replacements for Russian gas or oil. That way tax payers money is being washed into private hands as long as it is possible, which may not be for long. The Germany as we know it is being dissolved and maybe the Germans will finally get their own state again. Because the Federal Republic was not a state but some kind of unified economic territory. That’s why our ID is being called Stuff ID. We don’t have a constitution but only a “basic law FOR the FRG” made by the allies after WW2. What we have now in Germany is what the Russians had when Boris Jelzin was selling Russia out to the hand of so called Oligarchs. Once the Germans become Germans again, the world will become a better place as it was before some well known Adolf was installed as the Führer.


    1. your comments following ´no shit sherlock´ leave much to be desired. surely you could have offered SOME addition color or insight other than the tired tropes of ´taxman taketh´…. how disappointing.


      1. Dante,

        While you spoke of color figuratively . . . In a literal sense, with respect to Bono and the Edge performing in the subway, what color do you see featured prominently here – permeating the underground atmosphere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWIWQgJY1VQ? Then read this piece published today by my friend, Alison, at wrenchinthegears.com: https://wrenchinthegears.com/2022/06/23/magenta-at-dusk-and-the-royal-beacon-of-decarbonization-synthetic-pretenders-part-10/. Moving forward – in a hyper-connected sensor laden world – the application of color/light programming (more specifically, magenta) and weaponized photonics is actually very important material to understand.

        https://giphy.com/gifs/filmeditor-horror-1980s-poltergeist-xT9KVHloEUHBDhkRR6 (injecting just a bit of light-heartedness amidst this heavy subject)


  12. Allan Bloom had some provocative thoughts on music in his 1987 book “The Closing of the American Mind.” In the short chapter linked below, he discusses how “rock music” is the real inner life of young people in modern times, and a shortcut to the ecstasy that (he says) was formerly considered more appropriate to great life achievements.

    The entire book is very intriguing – strange salvo in the culture wars – but especially this chapter raises some interesting points and places our present time in historical and philosophical context:



  13. U2 had a big impact on me too, in the early to mid 1980’s. I think I was a senior in high school when I discovered their music. Many of their songs felt like they penetrated to my core, and brought up deep emotions. Indeed, it was a spiritual experience that no other rock band ever duplicated for me.
    After Joshua Tree, whatever that spiritual power was was gone. They seemed hollow from then on. The video from Kiev made my skin crawl. Sad.
    As U2 faded into nothingness for me, so too did rock music generally. The money & power ruined it, and it seemed to become just another consumer product.
    Lately I’ve been inspired by acoustic guitarist Marcin Patrzalek, a Polish kid who blows my mind like no other musician ever has. If you haven’t seen his ‘Paganini’s Caprice No 24 on One Guitar’, it’s worth a look. The devils don’t have their hooks into him yet, and he’s playing from the soul.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. The U2 song was catchy enough and hit the spot with ‘be with you’ as the nature ad fulfilment of love BUT this was discarded or framed by the main headline/payload of “& I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”.
    In my current awareness of how PR works, I see this pattern everywhere.
    Seem to align with love, while keeping a bit on the side.
    That the lyric FOR love – being WITH You – is a resonance OF love is simply felt true.

    The capacity of a piece of music to Call our Name – to literally embody a synchronicity by which to feel utterly known and embraced – is a gift of God within a mind set for getting, or seeking OUTSIDE itself from a sense of lack and conflict within. So of course love’s fulfilment will not be recognised, or accepted until the futility of a self-reinforcing egocentricity is recognised and released rather than boosted or doubled down in.

    A breakdown of self-identity and world to a deeper quality of being coincided with the Album Home by Home. If I took one track it would be Baby Friend of Mine.


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