[This is Part 1 of my W0RLDBU1LD1NG Series ~ How life on Earth is being reimagined by techno-sorcerers as commodified 0s and 1s to enable gamified, militarized mixed reality.]

We all watched our Platinum Queen

Light up a Tree from her green

The scheme was Magenta

so soon we’ll all renta

some space in her great World Machine

By Jen Lake @ https://jenniferlake.wordpress.com

Writer’s Note: It takes a village — even if only a small handful of individuals — to send out warning signals to society that unsettling and nefarious plans are afoot. I surmise these plans involve a seemingly attractive, alluring — and as I hope you will come to perceive — entrancing color, with the objective to blanket reality with a synthetic overlay. People can choose to heed this caution, or not. Part 1 of my series represents a collaborative effort shared by this village. For grounded and helpful context, please read this analysis by Alison McDowell, and watch this examination by Matt McKinley of Quantum of Conscience (QofC). A generous hat tip to Matt’s engaged and independent-minded QofC viewers for their collective input. I should note that it was Alison who first clued me in to this notion of the Magenta Beacon, when she detected the magenta podium to which the Queen of England approached at the June 2, 2022, Platinum Jubilee Beacon lighting ceremony. The Queen’s symbolic touch of a globe (placed on the magenta-lit podium) set off a chain of magenta (transitioning to white) LED lights from Windsor Castle — leading to a Principal Beacon outside Buckingham Palace. I chimed in that the carpet on which the Queen stood also appeared to be magenta-hued (in some footage/photos it appears red, in others more magenta). Incidentally, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, looked “Marvelous in Magenta” at the Platinum Jubilee Pageant. Well, the rest may be ongoing magenta history (with covert signaling, AKA weaponized memetics) occurring in front of — and to our eyes — most people being completely unaware. Read my take here (from July 2020) on how weaponized memetics is used to unconsciously program the masses via strategic embedding and anchoring, and listen here about memetic engineering (referencing “Soylent Green”) being applied by the W0RLDBU1LDERS to transform our reality, by incorporating an artificial veneer.

What follows herein is a compilation of what has been recently scrutinized in relation to deconstructing what seems to be an overwhelming and highly obscure presentation of the color, MAGENTA. I suggest the world is being painted with this rare, bright, and equivocal color — a phenomenon that may be both intentionally directed, as well as driven by the changing reality itself, exhibiting this technological transition from what we perceive as natural into a mixed reality; and ultimately, an entirely synthetic existence. Let’s just say, magenta may be the new “33,” as it seems to be serving as a marker, an embedded anchor, and also a facilitator of synthetic, fantasy-like reality. At the very least, it may be an esoteric signaling phenomenon to look out for what I refer to as faux-tonics (the weaponized use of magenta color/light to actuate and perpetuate the simulacra). I think it is important to emphasize that just as we may notice the “33” frequently in our life once we take notice of it (as in seeing it more often on the clock as we go about our day); so, too, may we begin to “clock” the magenta presenting more prevalently. My point, though, is to notice when the magenta (like the “33”) is being utilized strategically in an occult manner. In accordance with my theory, as you will see in the extensive list below, media narratives in June and July 2022 have been profoundly magenta-forward

Introduction to the W0RLDBU1LD1NG Series

Before I jump into this first installment examining the magenta scheme, following is a description of my W0RLDBU1LD1NG series . . . 

Acknowledgments: I would like to express a loud shoutout to both Sebs and Aly of (what was) the highly undervalued Doom&GloomHQ You Tube channel (Note: Due to complex circumstances, unfortunately, Sebs and Aly had to remove their channel). There is one conversation, in particular, that inspired the title of my new series. It is captioned “Fake Spirituality, Theosophy & Peter Thiel w/John Brisson [we’ve read the documents].” (Note: This video link is still active.) In the last ten minutes of their dialogue with John, Sebs and Aly referenced a relatively unknown 2002 film called, S1M0NE. POM readers may have already seen the movie, but it was unfamiliar to me. I realized at the moment Sebs and Aly described the film — and its stylized title — that it might offer an umbrella concept under which to encapsulate most of my previous, current, and ongoing examination of the emergent digital imprisonment of society. I intend to circle back to the film, S1M0NE, in a future installment, “W0RLDBU1LD1NG: One GAN at a Time.” 

The premise on which installments will be founded is the following: The culture creators on this planet are reshaping life to contain, constrict, and code life inside a Skinner Box. What was innately permeated with the spark of spirit and nature will be re-formed as mathematical datafied commodities encompassed by 0s and 1s, digitally entrapped in a programmable World Operating System. Plans are in place to not only create human digital twins (see here, here, and here) of each of us, but to eventually converge these human digital twins (HDTs) with us.

We, as cognizant human beings (pre post-human), can willfully refuse consent to a “new world order,” but only if we understand what this new model truly entails. Hint: If you are still reading analyses decoding Davos, The Great Reset, and Agenda 21, these are only scratching the surface. It is time to dig deeper. 

While there still may be hierarchically-ordered human overlords (as in presumed oligarchic families; see the intricate entry below featuring the Tour de France, and its potential connection to the Rothschilds), this new hyper-connected society (currently in R&D, and initial deployment) will be decentralized. This is key to fully grasping the tenets of the W0RLDBU1LDERS (described by Alison McDowell as the Synthetic Pretenders in her remarkably explicit series by that name). It is also crucial to grasp that the perpetuating notion of central authority (AKA the head of the snake) will still be conjured by this evolving system . . .  to serve as a veil (an Oz curtain), while the decentralized infrastructure is being built behind the curtain (with anarcho-capitalists and crypto-adoring libertarian folks unwittingly ushering it in). Once the infrastructure is sound and self-sufficient (as per the techno-wizards propelled by techno-foresight — note the MAGENTA!), the curtain will open for the next act of the “Brave New World.”

What do central bankers do when they recognize that trust is declining in centralized institutions? They choose to rebrand and go all DeFi on us. (See here.) The anarchists, crypto-libertarians, and elite bankers are shepherding society to the very same place — the SMART, cyber-physical, blockchained, mixed reality game. (Read Alison’s hot take here.) 

Many in the Christian faith are expressing this time as the End Times. Others in the alternative media space perceive a momentous, life-altering “Event” on the horizon. Similarly, according to Matt at QofC, many consensus reality dissidents are feeling nostalgic (see my reference to nostalgia in the compilation below) for a time that has passed — the old normal . . . the normal in which we were birthed and raised, and know to be real. We know that time has passed, yet we are not consenting to the new normal.  

It is my position that this non-consensual transition is palpable and painful for those of us who viscerally feel that the tapestry of life is being unraveled, as our colleagues, friends, neighbors, and loved ones seem blissfully unaware (as if swallowing the blue pill in The Matrix) that they are physically and mentally enmeshing with this shift into the emerging synthetic reality — hallmarked mainly by 0s and 1s. Most of us do not have the words to describe this existential abandonment that we are experiencing. I am compelled to put my thoughts to paper (figuratively speaking, as, ironically, my words here are digital), and bear witness to this devolving metamorphosis. This is challenging material to absorb. I do not offer a red pill — nor even a black pill. I most definitely do not extend false hope or counterfeit salvation, propelling readers into a seemingly left, right, or center political ideological bubble, nor even an anarcho-capitalist pipe dream. My concerted effort is about attempting to achieve clarity amidst orchestrated chaos; and admittedly, to poke the Web 3.0 bear, in my own small, creative way.

There are no heroes, nor villains, along this trajectory — not really. It is the false construct of reality that throws us carrots, sticks, bones, and yes, faux heroes and villains. You can be the hero for whom you are searching. 

Techno-fractals (see here) are being engineered to further enclose living beings, preventing them from truly seeing (real eyes-ing) the dawning of an artificial, gamified, global construct — in which the IoBNT, smart contracts, tokenized transactions, and holograms reign supreme. 

As human beings, we are naturally gifted with perception, intuition, and foresight. With these inherent traits, we can lift ourselves up and out of this cyber-fractal mess. We are not doomed. 

Now . . . on to the Magenta . . . 

My deconstruction of magenta will not be in essay form, but, rather, a compiled list, so to speak — with my commentary thrown in for good measure, and of course, food for thought. I think you will get the hang of it as you go. You are free to explore any or all of the magenta placeholders provided (and I invite new ones in the comments thread). That said, the more you examine each, the more you may recognize that Houston, we may have a problem on our hands — a magenta problem (see Houston’s NRG Energy entry below). 

This potential magenta problem may need a solution. For now, a temporary solution (until others contribute their problem-solving prowess) looks to be conjuring methods of transmutation, so as to neutralize any potential adverse effects resulting from over-saturation of magenta. For me, this entails conceiving in my mind the most natural shades of green (as in olive, pine, basil, or sage), and imagining these green hues permeating the Earth, and all of its living inhabitants. For you, this may look very different. 

Notably, though, magenta’s complement/opposite is purportedly olive green, so it follows that olive green could potentially serve to “antidote” an imbalance of magenta (if speaking in homeopathic terminology). See below (in my compilation) the esoteric reference to SAGE green, in relation to a magenta-coded NASCAR story, involving race car driver, Sage Karam.

As you make your way through some of the examples listed below, you may begin to formulate your own notions of what the magenta really means, and if you want to allow more magenta into your life and your environs; or decide to avoid or reject this fauxtonic color saturation from further entering your living space and mind. The choice is yours, for now. Unfortunately, my sense is that more magenta is headed our way, and very few will be noticing. 

Just as the 0s and 1s are swiftly permeating our mental and physical space, so too is the magenta hue. From my perspective, it signals that mixed reality is expanding and entering our realm with advancing speed and precision. It is on our doorstep. Are you going to invite it in, or choose otherwise?

According to 18th century German literary figure Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (who ostensibly was the first to name the color phenomenon “magenta” — and was presumably a Freemason), this enigmatic color seems to create a light loop (circular) as opposed to a rainbow effect (linear). I have written previously here about the importance of the impending circular economy to the Operating System currently being constructed and activated, and also the gestalt of the ouroboros being intentionally created to keep humanity in a closed loop.  

Intuitively, I sense magenta — if enough saturation is achieved — would facilitate this cage-like effect — a superimposed overlay, if you will. Again, this parallels what I have previously described in relation to the Sentient World Simulation (SWS) and the Spatial Web (Web 3.0). At this point, I suggest readers may want to consider Web 3.0 (and all of its elements and tributaries) to be a form of digital imprisonment (listen here), and that it aims for humans — and all living beings — to be plugged in. Getting “juiced” on magenta may be a key ingredient in the Operating System’s cookbook. Interestingly, magenta is comprised of several curious anagrams, including gateman, magnet, and nametag. I can’t help but think of precision monitoring, QR codes, Digital ID, invasive nano-biotechnology, geofencing, and the bio-security surveillance state when I see these embedded anagrams.

When Web 3.0 architects speak of disruptive technology, they really mean it. Advanced cyber-physical technologies coming online are indeed disruptive to our innate hue-man faculties. When the military speaks of full spectrum dominance, they also mean it literally. It is not fear porn — but instead, rational and concerned discourse — to warn my fellow human beings of potential harm to our very spectral nature. Real friends do not let their friends become entranced and entrained by occult color (and numerical, as in 0s and 1s) colonization.  

All I am saying is look out for the excessive use of magenta. Notice it. Clock it. Maybe even avoid it. Hopefully, transmute it. 

This occurrence that I am tracking through simple observation is not something to be feared, nor disregarded. With conscious awareness and conscientious action, we can each do our part to de-magentize ourselves. I know, this may sound incredibly strange at the moment, but once you see what I am attempting to describe, you may not unsee it. 

You may not want to be reshaped or reconfigured by magenta (and its accompanying 0s and 1s). After all, the ROYGBIV rainbow spectrum of color is a phenomenon in which we have been raised and accustomed. However, as we have witnessed the goal posts in life being repositioned over the past 2 1/2 years amidst the COVID era, so too may we witness the color spectrum being modified, thereby altering living beings — in heart, mind, body, and spirit. You can see here that the “mixed reality spectrum” (hovering in between the physical and the digital polarities) is not the same rainbow spectrum depicted in the physical world. 

The superfluous application of magenta moves humanity into the digital (a mixed reality prison). 

Stay mentally upright and alert, and embrace the natural, full spectrum colors around you — in the physical world. We may not have infinite access to them moving forward. If this transition to the digital (a new spectrum of colors) is taking place — whether we like it or not — I am being drawn to document and reveal this non-consensual shift; so that I can know, in my heart, that not only did I emphatically reject it, but that I (along with a small group of others) signaled the alarm bell (note the primary red, not magenta!).

What follows is an extensive aggregation of the MAGENTA being coded (via magenta memetic warfare?) into potentially weaponized narratives (see Rand’s noopolitik here and here), and into life around us (as in planes, trains, automobiles, heat waves, and much more) . . . Strikingly, it seems the magenta ties bind intimately with Russia and Israel (see the multifaceted entry below highlighting magenta in psytrance and cybersecurity).

Magenta on planes:

Qatar Airways – “Like Never Before” commercial 

Could the slogan, “Like Never Before” have multiple interpretations? Could this new magenta light/color change humanity into something like never before (POST-HUMAN, Human 2.0)?

Could the magenta-outlined windows, and then framing the passengers in the magenta windows be an esoteric hint to “enclosing” humans in the magenta (what I call the magenta cage), or are they unintentionally jumping on the magenta bandwagon?

High-end flight simulation software

Magenta on trains:

Delhi Metro — Magenta Line  

Magenta in automobiles:

Lyft commercial — Rapper “Young Thug” surprises Lyft driver

Magenta in the Ukrainian subway (May 2022):

Bono and the Edge performing underground in Kiev — bathed in magenta light

My previous commentary in June 2022:


June 23, 2022 at 7:00 pm


While you spoke of color figuratively . . . In a literal sense, with respect to Bono and the Edge performing in the subway, what color do you see featured prominently here – permeating the underground atmosphere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWIWQgJY1VQ? Then read this piece published today by my friend, Alison, at wrenchinthegears.com: https://wrenchinthegears.com/2022/06/23/magenta-at-dusk-and-the-royal-beacon-of-decarbonization-synthetic-pretenders-part-10/. Moving forward – in a hyper-connected sensor laden world – the application of color/light programming (more specifically, magenta) and weaponized photonics is actually very important material to understand.

Magenta in a Ukrainian funeral (see the first two images, and note the mention of Transfiguration) – July 2022

Magenta in the Tour de France (Stage 10 of the race — by the road to Megève — was stopped by climate protestors on July 12, 2022) – read here:

“Bettiol rode through a cloud of pink smoke left by a flare on the side of the road, and was then asked to pull over by race organisers.” (my emphasis) — See here the magenta cloud of smoke.

“Protesters in defending “Mont Blanc environment” block the route during the 109th Tour de France.” (my emphasis) (Mont Blanc = white mountain

Tour de France footage was tweeted by Danny Rothschild (on July 12, 2022); however, as this post goes to print, the footage appears to have been removed. Danny Rothschild was also cited in this EuroWeekly News article.

Keep in mind, Rothschild in Yiddish means “red coat.”

See the Rothschild family connection to Megève here:

“The town started its development as a ski resort in the 1910s, when the Rothschild family began spending their winter vacations there after becoming disenchanted with the Swiss resort St. Moritz. In 1921, Baroness Noémie de Rothschild (1888–1968) opened the Domaine du Mont d’Arbois, a luxury hotel which boosted the resort’s development.

Tour de France cyclist Alberto Bettiol in magenta (July 7, 2022):

“Today, and especially tomorrow, is an opportunity for us to get the yellow jersey. It depends on how the race goes. We have a plan, and we will stick with the plan,” Bettiol said. (my emphasis) 

Montblanc company:

“We continuously seek to respond to the environmental challenges we face and are committed to protect the limited resources we work with to leave a good mark on our planet. To achieve this, we are working hard to do our part by minimising our carbon emissions, progressing towards a circular economy and responsibly sourcing our materials.” (my emphasis) 

Magenta in running gear — HOKA (“Fly Human Fly”) – see the magenta trees?!

“Going for a run changes everything. This film, created as part of the launch for FLY HUMAN FLY, brings that metamorphosis to life as two runners pursue the moment when you lose yourself and leave the everyday behind.” (my emphasis)

Magenta in Chicago rooftop bars (July 2022)

Magenta in a June 2022 story about drugged drinks in Boston bars

Magenta in the 2022 film, Heatwave (In the movie trailer, note the strong presence of magenta’s color comrade, teal, juxtaposed with the magenta. This template may become more apparent as you explore below.)

Magenta in the July 2022 heat waves in the US and Europe (“This is not your average July”)

Magenta in the July 2022 Texas heat wave (see here)

Magenta in energy solutions — NRG Energy/Reliant in Houston, TX:

“Powering customers forward in an era of data, digitization, and decarbonization” (sourced here)

Magenta in Mumbai (Smart home system)

Magenta in executive coaching

Magenta in genomics

Magenta in gene therapy and stem cell transplants — Magenta Therapeutics

Magenta in perovskite quantum dots

Magenta in algorithms (Cryptanalysis of Magenta, August 1998)

Magenta in augmented reality

Magenta in virtual reality — Minecraft:

Note: Beacons (as well as the magenta/teal contrasting template) feature significantly in Minecraft: “Minecraft: A Complete Guide to Beacons” (March 2021). 

Magenta in tokenization and NFTs

Magenta in blockchain

Magenta in cryptocurrency (“Magenta should feel like magic”)

Magenta in cannabis (“Magenta for Marijuana”)

Magenta in healthcare automation/electronic health records

Magenta in Telecommunications/5G/IoT:

See here, here, and here:

“New Magenta is a vision, a feeling, an emotion… I hesitated to bring this color into the world. But New Magenta is too magnificent not to be shared.” (Mike Katz, Chief Marketing Officer, T-MOBILE)

“Fashionable or not – the color serves an important purpose for us. When people see magenta, they know: Deutsche Telekom is talking. Around the world, you’ll find very few companies that are as associated with a color as we are associated with magenta. It gives a huge efficiency advantage in our communications, which we want to leverage.”

Magenta in Foresight initiatives:

“Gaming the Future: Technologies for Intelligent Voluntary Cooperation”

“Become a supporting member. We take crypto, too”

Magenta in psychedelic trance (psytrance) music/movements — and cybersecurity:

It should be noted that Russian-born psytrance producer (claiming to be a pioneer in the psytrance world), Nikita Tselovalnikov, is the reported lead architect of the AI-enabled American curated journalism platform, Allsides.org (declaring to offer unbiased, balanced news).

For added context on Tselovalnikov and AllSides, read here, here, and here.

Scott McDonald is Co-founder and CTO of AllSides” (sourced here)

With a passion for mashing technologies and mixing/mashing music, Scott co-founded Thump Radio…(This is where he first met Nikita Tselovalnikov, the AllSides star designer and Drupal-smith who is also the the Russian-born musician and psytrance producer behind Penta). Before coming to AllSides, Scott managed the Global Web Team for Check Point Software (Internet security with over $1 Billion annual revenue) where he met AllSides Co-founder John Gable. Scott’s expertise with web development and mashing technologies provides the core to the AllSides approach for revealing and improving our understanding of the world and empowering us to act.” (my emphasis)

Is it any surprise that an Israeli-American cybersecurity company is magenta-forward?

Does John Gable (of Check Point and AllSides) look a bit magenta-hued here?

ZoneAlarm by Check Point (led by John Gable) is also magenta-coded.

Magenta in a recent popularized TV fiction drama series and associated online (blockchained) game — Squid Game:

Squid Game, Official Teaser, Netflix

Honest Trailer, Squid Game (keep an eye out for the magenta-lit eyes and the teal vs. magenta juxtaposition)

Squid Game Onlinea series survival simulation game empowered by blockchain technology

For helpful context:

RBG color model = primary colors (what we learned growing up in school) 

CMYK color model = process colors used in color printers

“In the RGB color model, Squid Ink has a red value of 35, a green value of 47, and a blue value of 62. The CMYK color model (also known as process color, used in color printing) comprises 43.5% cyan, 24.2% magenta, 0.0% yellow, and 75.7% key (black).” (sourced here; my emphasis)

Magenta on Kensington Avenue in Philly (June/July 2022):

I am noticing more magenta in these “kimgary” videos. How many times do you spot the magenta here? Note the prominent magenta at the 4:38 timestamp. How many times do you spot the magenta in this most recent video? Jump to the 6:34 timestamp, and note the “Philly Ink” placement (outlined in magenta) and the magenta accessory prominently hung over the woman’s shoulder. [To clarify, I am not positing that wearing or accessorizing with magenta (I actually wear magenta from time to time, as I think it can be a very appealing color) is wrong, or dangerous, or abetting the Operating System. What I am aiming to express, in this particular instance, is that magenta-hued items may be embedded as a means of signals intelligence, or simply riding along the magenta bandwagon.]

For greater context on the Kensington Avenue “scene,” please review my post from August 2021. If you watch the “kimgary” videos, do you get a strange feeling you are in a video game?

Magenta in DC comics (“Magenta” has the ability to control and/or generate magnetic fields.)

Magenta in the Space Needle in Seattle (January 2021) ~ Do you see here hints of magenta-lit kundalini and magenta tesseracts, emanating from a magenta beacon?

Magenta in the Astroworld crowd surge story (November 2021) ~ Scroll down to the image with the woman in the magenta hat.

Magenta in the Roe v. Wade narrative (June 2022)

Magenta in a press conference regarding Shinzo Abe’s reported assassination (July 2022) ~ Note the backdrop at the press conference — an animated character with magenta hair, and teal shoes.

Magenta in “Taco Bell

Magenta in a First Lady “breakfast taco” and bodega gaffe (“bogadas of the Bronx”) – July 2022:

Scroll down to the first video emphasizing the magenta palette — contrasted with the teal.

Note: Jill Biden is wearing magenta and her press secretary is Michael LaRosa (a wink at the color magenta?). 

Magenta in a murder story involving a Harlem bodega clerk (July 2022): 

See the top two photos here.

The owner of the bodega called “Blue Moon” (note the color reference) — Jose Alba —  was reportedly sent to Rikers Island (site of the nation’s first social impact bond)

Jose Alba’s adult son (one of two sons) — Danny Alba — reportedly started a Go Fund Me, which was cancelled, and subsequently opened a GiveSendGo account to raise funds for “bail.” 

There is a Danny Alba (age, location, and Dominican Republican resemblance place this person probably as being the same Danny Alba as the one designated in the GiveSendGo account — but would need cross-referencing to confirm that he is the same individual) who worked for 3 years (through April 2022) at Huge, Inc. (headquartered in Brooklyn).

See here, here, and here on Huge, Inc.’s Danny Alba.

Magenta is Huge Inc’s publication, previously featuring Huge Inc.’s Danny Alba

For enhanced context, see here, here, here, here, and here.

CEO of Huge Inc., Aaron Shapiro, was with Booz-Allen & Hamilton, and is the son of Stephen Shapiro, a former professor of electrical engineering at Stony Brook University.

Magenta in a Love reality show ~ Love Island UK Summer 2022 (note the seemingly common juxtaposition with the teal)

Magenta in H.P. Lovecraft fiction (and film adaptations): 

When attempting to take a second sample from the meteorite, the scientists reveal a globule encased in the meteorite emitting a strange color. It was “only by analogy that they called it a color at all”,[3] as it fell outside of the range of anything known in the visible spectrum. (my emphasis)

Color Out of Space Official Trailer, 2020

Magenta in the Periodic Table of Elements ~ See here elements with atomic numbers 89-103, the Actinide Series.

Magenta in climate change/renewable energy (With “Beast” language/imagery to boot) ~ Scroll down to the video to see the magenta clearly juxtaposed with the black&beige and teal (echoing the teal vs. magenta contrast in Squid Game and weaponized media narratives). 

Magenta in machine learning (Google Brain Team at Google Research) – see here and here

Project Magenta: Music and Art with Machine Learning (May 2017)

Note: I heard about Douglas Eck and his Magenta project at Google in August 2017 via this NY Times article (I no longer have access to the full article). At the time, I was clocking the AI/machine learning, but not the magenta per se. I was unaware that magenta and AI may be inextricably linked. 

Magenta in a June 2022 story about a Google engineer (Blake Lemoine) claiming a chatbot is sentient:

See Blake Lemoine in a magenta hue in the first image, and sporting magenta touches in the second photo.

The magenta/teal template is very forward in this photo of Lemoine; also note in the April 2019 Tennessee Star article, a potential wink to the color black, with reference to Senator “Blackburn.”

The April 2019 article about Lemoine mentions Lady MagdaleneMary Magdalene is associated in New Age circles with the color magenta. The annual Catholic Feast of St. Mary Magdalene is in two days (July 22, 2022).

Is the name “Lemoine” hinting at the color yellow? (lemon is an anagram embedded in Lemoine)

Also, of note . . . This “sentient AI” story directly connects back to the Google Brain entry above (see here, here, and here).

Could this be an occulted story revealing more (between the lines) about the magenta template and its potential role in facilitating AI sentience, than whether or not a chatbot is sentient? Is magenta lurking beneath the surface?

Magenta (and tantra, no less) in the 2022 film, Dog (see Channing Tatum bathing in magenta light with tantrist women)

Magenta in a cult classic film — The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

Rocky Horror Time Warp” 

Read here about the character “Magenta.”

Lyrics of “Time Warp” (I think we should pay attention. See an excerpt below.) 

(Magenta) It’s so dreamy

Oh, fantasy free me

So you can’t see me

No not at all.

In another dimension

With voyeuristic intention.

Well secluded I see all…

(Riff Raff) With a bit of a mind flip…

(Magenta) You’re into a time slip…

(Riff Raff) And nothing can ever be the same.

(Magenta) You’re spaced out on sensation.

(Riff Raff) Like you’re under sedation.

(Guests) Let’s do the Time Warp again.

And, of course . . . there was Operation Warp Speed (potentially linking humans to IoT/5G and beyond via inoculations, as per my research, circling back to the magenta c/o T-Mobile).

Magenta in a July 2022 NASCAR incident (involving Sage Karam and Noah Gragson): 

The below excerpt (sourced here) helps to contextualize the sage green (similar to olive green) and the Noah imprint in this magenta-coded story. 

It is also important to consider MAGENTA’S complement/opposite – Olive Green. The process of opening ones self to the full potential of MAGENTA, is greatly supported by understanding the energies of its colour complement, and making a conscious effort to keep the Olive Green chakra clear.

Symbolically speaking, an important message is conveyed by Olive Green when Noah is presented with an Olive Branch in the Old Testament, as well as an Olive Grove being the common meeting place of The Christ and his Disciples in the New Testament.

In the case of Noah, Olive Green speaks symbolically to the Hope that “the floods” have transmuted/purified a once corrupt World. In the case of The Christ, Olive Green represents a state of hope that the Disciples can learn how to serve on Earth while residing in Heaven. The Christ said: “Be of the World – not in it”. This is the promise of MAGENTA – simultaneous transmutation and trans-substantiation. (my emphasis)

(When this says transmutation — It may imply an inversion of transmutation — an entrainment version.)

Also, the SAGE/NOAH race car story notes that there was a 13-car crash, instigated by Noah G — ending the race for 7 cars. Could the “seven” metaphorically represent the end to the ROYGBIV (7-colors, absence of magenta) spectrum? Is there a reason why the story emphasizes that Noah G “let his emotions get the best of him?” Could this be an occult reference to color and emotions (see here)?

Magenta in a 1980s sitcom — The Golden Girls

Blanche says she is “feeling magenna

Blanche in a magenta-forward image

Blanche = white  

To blanch is to “take the color out of”

White is the lightest color and is achromatic (having no hue)

Keep in mind, we are humans = hue-mans (innately responsive to color/light)

The Golden Girls — “Golden” also denoting color

Magenta (and memetics) in DOLLS (American Girl dolls) – July 2022: 

Note the glaring juxtaposition here of the magenta (foreground) with the teal (background) in two images, and the magenta/teal contrast in another image (of an American Girl doll with a meme that denotes a person named “hank green.” This July 2022 story is heavily imprinted with magenta and color, in general; and may offer more winks and tells between the lines — mainly implying the use of magenta memetics, and the mention of “queen.” (Ironically, my initial title of this post — when it was first conceived in June, 2022 — was “On Her Majesty’s Magenta Memetics.” See the mention of the red carpet, and an image that is very teal-forward.

“The dolls have become a rallying cry, both for the nostalgia of our childhoods and as a protest against the series of unfortunate historical events we’ve been living through.”

Does this story signal more about modeling magenta and artificially induced events (including mixed reality inculcation) moving forward, than it does about American Girl dolls serving as influential role models for young girls? 

“…it’s not a coincidence that American Girl dolls have made their comeback during our continuous stream of living through “unprecedented” events.”

The July 2022 American Girl story also offers a stunning truth drop on Zeitgeist and the imprinting of nostalgia (as I discussed above):

“Nostalgia continues to be part of the zeitgeist right now and is driving many of the recent social trends sparked by avid American Girl fans…”

Read this crucial 2008 thesis out of the Naval Postgraduate School with respect to memetics, cultural change, Zeitgeist, and 9/11: “Introducing the Future Now: Using Memetics and Popular Culture to Identify the Post-9/11 Homeland Security Zeitgeist.”

“By examining small clues found within American popular culture, called memes, the reader is able to see how ideas related to homeland security have been transmitted, varied, or faded away. What may appear to be random events found in American popular culture can be considered part of a larger dynamic at work called the ‘Zeitgeist’ and may provide the first glimpse into a future that ‘currently exists, but is just not widely distributed yet.’”

As I have implied continually here at POM, culture creation is a highly militarized undertaking

Magenta in Forestry/Logging (RE: “Pink Willy” ~ father of controversial ecological figure, Patrick Moore):

Pertinent excerpt from Patrick Moore’s eulogy to his father, Bill Moore:

“No tribute to Dad would be complete without mention of his bright pink logging equipment. There are lots of stories about how his trucks and log loaders got to be pink. I know exactly how it happened. Dad had always wanted something different than the standard yellow equipment but for safety reasons it had to stand out against the green of the forest. It was when he took us all to Hawaii for a holiday in 1965 that Dad found the colour he’d been looking for. The open Jeep we rented was bright pink and Dad soon found the General Paint code number and found it was named Bikini Coral. His logging equipment became infamous up and down to coast, earning him the nickname ‘Pink Willy’ among the workers.”

Magenta in Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s True Medicine University (note the magenta/teal template):

Do you get a sense of Nature with this website, or a mixed reality vibe???

“Discover how Biophotons are the vibration that you project into the world and attract back to yourself.”

Magenta in NIH’s Bridge to Artificial Intelligence (Bridge2AI) program:

“NIH to invest $100M to advance Artificial Intelligence” (I plan to elaborate MUCH more on this in a future POM post)

Through the Bridge2AI initiative NIH hopes to accelerate the observations and computational approaches needed to harness the power of AI to describe the emergent properties of complex biologic systems. Imagine, quantitative computational representations, or digital twins, of a wide range of biologic processes, from single cells to organs to entire humans. This could have enormous impact in achieving advancements in both basic science and the practice of medicine.” (sourced here)

“In addition to helping us understand emergent properties, Bridge2AI could be a game changer for diagnostic and therapeutic technologies that rely on the precise tracking and delivery of energy into or emanating from the body.” (my emphasis)

Magenta early on in the Coronavirus narrative (March 2020):

Note the forewarning title, “Coronavirus Will Change the World Permanently…,” as well as the juxtaposition of the teal with the magenta — once again

And last, but not least . . . (As you may be thinking, “Enough with the magenta already!”)

Magenta in the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (Does this not scream synthetic digitized reality?!)

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    1. This morning while reading this article, and pausing to head to another room to get a tea, I noticed someone I live with here is doing a YouTube exercise video. Both the on-screen instructor and my housemate are wearing magenta tops. Anecdotal of course. But what are the odds? Sort of epitomizes the blending of digital and natural.

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    2. I can’t imagine you have not seen this or have not heard of Pantone and it’s significance in color selection for products, film and entertainment, apparel, home goods…..okay….everything. And I am definitely not suggesting this as an excuse for the onslaught of Magenta, rather an insight into one if the mechanisms the reality uses to push its agenda into our culture. Below is a link to Pantones site where they explain their reasoning behind there selection of “Very Peri” , magenta,as the “2022 Color of The year”. I tried to share this on Matt’s Quantum of Conscience where it was repeatedly removed. Not sure if that was because of the addition of the link.



      1. Mark H,

        To be fair, I did not cover Pantone in my post, as Alison already did so in her magenta post – which was one of my suggested hyperlinks in my Writer’s Note (before Matt’s presentation): https://wrenchinthegears.com/2022/06/23/magenta-at-dusk-and-the-royal-beacon-of-decarbonization-synthetic-pretenders-part-10/.

        T-Mobile trademarked Magenta, Pantone Rhodamine Red U, in 2019. The color was created in the mid nineteenth century when chemists developed an aniline dye to represent the shade of the flower fuchsia. In 2016, India’s Reserve Bank chose magenta for their 2,000-rupee banknote, the largest denomination in circulation in that country. Interestingly, because of its fluorescent properties, Rhodamine is used as a dye for biotechnology purposes to show the rate and flow of water and can also be used to inhibit mitochondrion function.

        In attempting to hold on to exclusive use rights for Rhodamine Red U, T-Mobile was following in the footsteps of Owens Corning, fiberglass pink, and Tiffany’s later claim on that iconic shade of blue. Deutsche Telekom filed cease and desist orders against at least three companies for using their shade of pink, most recently in 2019 against Lemonade, an insurance firm. MAGENTA, Multi-functional Algorithm for General-purpose Encryption and Network Telecommunications Applications was developed for Deutsche Telekom in 1998, but it was withdrawn after vulnerabilities were discovered in the code.


        Aside from their major applications, they are often used as a tracer dye, e.g. to determine the rate and direction of flow and transport of water. Rhodamine dyes fluoresce and can thus be detected easily and inexpensively with instruments called fluorometers. Rhodamine dyes are used extensively in biotechnology applications such as fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and ELISA. Rhodamine 123 is used in biochemistry to inhibit mitochondrion function. Rhodamine 123 appears to bind to the mitochondrial membranes and inhibit transport processes, especially the electron transport chain, thus slowing down cellular respiration. It is a substrate of P-glycoprotein (Pgp), which is usually overexpressed in cancer cells. Recent reports indicate that rhodamine 123 may also be a substrate of multidrug resistance-associated protein (MRP), or more specifically, MRP1.

        Given the description above (originally forwarded to me by Alison), this seems to be what we are observing in magenta-fied images of SARS-CoV-2 and Marburg; and I have to question whether Rhodamine dye could have potentially been incorporated (at some point – see “Omicron” referenced below) into the synthetic “spike protein” (glycoprotein) construct to enable weaponized photonics (RE: COVID).

        https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-019-12480-3 (October 2019)

        Photoactivatable fluorophores are important for single-particle tracking and super-resolution microscopy. Here we present a photoactivatable fluorophore that forms a bright silicon rhodamine derivative through a light-dependent protonation.

        A fiber coupled LED (Omicron, 340 nm, 3 mm liquid light guide) was used to perform UV irradiation unless otherwise stated (my emphasis)

        Sorry to digress . . . Getting back on track here . . .

        I reviewed Pantone’s explanation about their 2022 Color of the Year, Very Peri. It seems their rationale better suits a more obvious shade of magenta, which I suggest their Very Peri (reminiscent of periwinkle – more of a blue/purple rather than in the pinkish purple or reddish purple range) is not as apropos. However, I see in their video that they do hint at an undertone of magenta – so subtle, though. I certainly would have not have noticed if not for their expressed vision. Perhaps that juices their choice with an added subliminal element (?). In previous years, as in 2014, their magenta choices (for Color of the Year) were more apparent: https://www.pantone.com/articles/past-colors-of-the-year/color-of-the-year-2014.

        Nonetheless, you make a good point about Pantone colors possibly being chosen as color programming (across a plethora of sectors) to propel agendas. Even so, are we seeing an onslaught of Very Peri in 2022, despite Pantone’s coronation of the color? I have not seen evidence of this. In fact, periwinkle has always been my favorite color, so I think I would have noticed.


    3. This is a wicked deep dive Stephers, Thanks.
      What do you think is the significance of the emerald green popping up often alongside magenda.
      Magenta is one hypnotic color Empire is using the subliminally tap into and control the minds of the masses, but what is the meaning of emerald green, which pops up often in the Tears for Fears light show and with other main stream and alt celebrities.

      David Martin is a psyop for sure imo and has this emerald green glow around his head. What’s up with that?

      Bono in Kiev same thing. There is that pesky little emerald green dot guiding you through the lyrics. Hmmm! https://youtu.be/6TA8eE-Ux7M?t=72

      David “psyop” Icke and magenta with a touch of emerald green. Interesting! https://ickonic.com/

      There is that magenta again. Hmmm! What’s up Icke. https://www.facebook.com/ickonicmedia/

      Here we go again emerald green and magenta, courtesy of David “psyop” Icke.
      Can not send image.

      There is that emerald green again courtesy of Mr. Psyop Icke. Hmmm!
      Can not send image.

      Stroll through Psyop Icke’s Facebook posts and you will see a alternating magenta and emerald green color scheme happening in the background.
      What is going on here I wonder?

      Omricom virus and magenta, emerald green combo often used in animated images. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=omricom+virus&atb=v315-1&iax=images&ia=images

      Googles emerald green https://duckduckgo.com/?q=emerald+green&atb=v315-1&iar=images&iax=images&ia=images

      Googles magenta https://duckduckgo.com/?q=magenta&atb=v315-1&iar=images&iax=images&ia=images

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      1. Gino,

        First, thank you VERY much for your insightful offerings here.

        The only example I would modify slightly is the Kiev entry — it seems the dot moving around there is more of a cyan hue, and I think gives a subliminal sense of pixelation/mixed reality.

        In response to your inquiry: What do you think is the significance of the emerald green popping up often alongside magenda.

        My friend, Matt, over at QofC and Free Voice, has done some very good coverage of the emerald green – prior to our joint exploration of magenta (inspired initially by Alison’s findings with regard to T-Mobile and the Queen’s Jubilee). See his most recent insightful discussion here: https://freevoice.io/blog/2022/03/20/realitys-presentation-of-green/.

        While I am still in the early days of tracking the emerald green and magenta in tandem, my working premise leans into a potential explanation related to plasma cosmology (with my added supposition that plasma may be conscious). https://www.plasma-universe.com

        My thoughts are still quite speculative, so I will hold off on rambling (for now). I suggest the following photos/footage/links offer us beginning clues (Similar to the notion of biomimicry, think aurora mimicry…):


        https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_Lights_(Pullman_novel) – h/t Alison


        …Hopefully more to come very soon (including some potential insights I am gathering c/o Philip K Dick in his Valis Trilogy and his Exegesis). Alison, Sebs, Jen, and I (and QofC Matt) have been inching closer – chipping away little by little..Speaking for myself, I am attempting to allow the emerald green and magenta (as they ostensibly originate in their more natural state, in the cosmos – as plasma endowed with consciousness) to guide me, and the artificial/counterfeit version (as seen in media, TV, film, logos, corporations, etc.) to also serve as a guide post (albeit hyperbolic and misleading).


        1. Origin of the Radiation Warning Symbol (Trefoil)

          https://orau.org/health-physics-museum/articles/radiation-warning-symbol.html (originally magenta)
          https://www.symbols.com/symbol/radioactive-trefoil-symbol (black replaced the magenta)

          The three-bladed radiation warning symbol, as we currently know it, was “doodled” out at the University of California Radiation Laboratory in Berkeley sometime in 1946 by a small group of people. This event was described in a letter written in 1952 by Nels Garden, head of the Health Chemistry Group at the Radiation Laboratory: “A number of people in the group took an interest in suggesting different motifs, and the one arousing the most interest was a design which was supposed to represent activity radiating from an atom.”

          The first signs printed at Berkeley had a magenta (Martin Senour Roman Violet No. 2225) symbol on a blue background. In an earlier letter written in 1948, Garden explained why this particular shade of magenta color was selected: “it was distinctive and did not conflict with any color code that we were familiar with. Another factor in its favor was its cost… The high cost will deter others from using this color promiscuously.” Explaining the blue background, he said, “The use of a blue background was selected because there is very little blue color used in most of the areas where radioactive work would be carried out.”

          Garden did not like yellow as a background: “the very fact that… the high visibility yellow stands out most prominently has led to extensive use of this color and it is very common.” To compensate for the lower visibility of the blue, Garden even toyed with the idea of including diagonal white stripes across the sign.

          Despite Garden’s view to the contrary, most workers felt that a blue background was a poor choice. Blue was not supposed to be used on warning signs, and it faded, especially outdoors. The use of yellow was standardized at Oak Ridge National Lab in early 1948. At that time, Bill Ray and George Warlick, both working for K.Z. Morgan, were given the task of coming up with a more suitable warning sign, a blue background being too unacceptable. Ray traveled to Berkeley and picked up a set of their signs. Back in Oak Ridge, Ray and Warlick had their graphics people cut out the magenta symbols and staple them on cards of different colors. Outdoors, and at a distance of 20 feet, a committee selected the magenta on yellow as the best combination.

          All sorts of variations on the Berkeley design were suggested and implemented during the 1940s and early 1950s. Especially common were signs that incorporated straight or wavy arrows between, or inside, the propeller blades. By the late 50s, ANSI standards and federal regulations had codified the version of the warning sign used today. Present regulations also permit the use of black as a substitute for magenta. In fact, black on yellow is the most common color combination outside of the U.S.

          Might some previous design have inspired the radiation trefoil? Marshall Brucer suggested that this symbol was used at a naval dry dock near Berkeley to warn of spinning propellers. To me, the magenta symbol is striking similarity to a commercially available radiation warning sign, used before 1947, that consisted of a small red dot with four or five red lightening bolts radiating outwards, a design very similar to that on electrical hazard warning signs. The trefoil also has some resemblance to the Japanese battle flag which would have been familiar to folk on the west coast.

          Whatever the inspiration, it was a good choice. It is simple, readily identifiable (i.e. not similar to other warning symbols), and discernible at a large distance.

          The best single reference on this subject is “A Brief History of a 20th Century Danger Sign” by Stephens and Barrett that appeared in Health Physics Vol. 36 (May) pp. 565-571. This paper, together with additional material by Saul Harris, is reprinted in “Health Physics: A Backward Glance” by Kathren and Ziemer published by Pergamon Press, 1980.

          https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1087/095315102760319233 (RE: Pergamon Press and Robert Maxwell)


  1. Wow, Stephers, just wow! These are tricky little devils who bring the carnival to town every minute of every day. I’m guessing you never lost a large sum of money trying to win a teddy bear when the fair came to town. Great insights.

    Magenta has its own mysteries that seem to fit with the unreality of all it symbolizes.

    re: Chimerical Colors
    “Magenta doesn’t exist because it has no wavelength; there’s no place for it on the spectrum. The only reason we see it is because our brain doesn’t like having green (magenta’s complement) between purple and red, so it substitutes a new thing.

    That makes enough sense, right?

    Well, then, here’s a new idea: magenta might not exist, but there are also ways to create imaginary colors — colors that can’t exist, but which you can see temporarily by looking at a chimerical color demo template. This happens when you stare at one image for a bit, until some of the cells perceiving the color become tired. After this, you can switch to looking at another, very different color, which will let you see the imaginary colors.”

    The idea of getting our brain to “substitute a new thing” for reality (Nature) is at bottom the game we are being asked to play (consent to). No is the answer. For those of us (hue-mans) who have not yet learned to say “no,” just do it, now. Hire a coach if need be. As our future emerges, life without the ability to say no will transition from “this sucks” to deadly at an accelerating pace if the masses can’t learn non-participation skills in a hurry.

    Thanks, Stephers, for the colorful carnival ride into magenta-World, and pointing out the warning signs along the way.

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    1. “Magenta doesn’t exist because it has no wavelength; there’s no place for it on the spectrum. The only reason we see it is because our brain doesn’t like having green (magenta’s complement) between purple and red, so it substitutes a new thing.

      That makes enough sense, right?“

      Heavens, no! It makes no sense to me. The idea that it has no wavelength, no place for it ‘on the spectrum’ — on the spectrum created by man. There is an inversion here, seems to me. It points to our conception and measuring equipment being off, not our brains. When trying to explore this a bit I came across this:
      Magenta Ain’t A Colour By Liz Elliott
      “A beam of white light is made up of all the colours in the spectrum. The range extends from red through to violet, with orange, yellow, green and blue in between. But there is one colour that is notable by its absence (click here to check). Pink (or magenta, to use its official name) simply isn’t there. But if pink isn’t in the light spectrum, how come we can see it?”
      Who is making this beam of white light and how, in order to measure all this?

      The color exists in flowers and fish and all kinds of other things in nature. So the problem is the science, seems to me. And the science fiction writers perhaps picked that up and started to play around with that idea—Philip K Dick novel’s Valis says the color is god. It’s also heavily associated with the LGBQ it seems, according to a quick Wiki check.

      Just more mind-numbing thought experiments I’d say, being manipulated by the myth-makers to steer the herd into their cyber cave like the Pied Pipers.


      1. More phenomena. Add that a rainbow cannot exist without an observer. A rainbow is not an object that can be physically approached; and for an observer to see a rainbow one must be positioned 42 degrees from the direction opposite the light source.


    1. Steve,

      Dang. How did I miss this one?!

      Not that this is a competition . . . but your magenta offering is highly substantive, and worthy of deeper exploration . . . Seems as though Wuhan is going along on the magic (magenta) carpet ride (or colorful carnival ride, as you so creatively added).

      More here on the container shipping company, ONE (Japanese company, headquartered in Singapore):

      https://container-news.com/cosco-launches-wuhan-xiamen-sea-rail-intermodal-service/ (what you referenced above)

      CEO (Jeremy Nixon) of ONE:

      *ONE (Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd.) is a major new global container shipping company, that comes to market in 2018, and will offer an extensive liner network service portfolio covering over 100 countries internationally. It’s key focus will be on enhanced service and innovation, supported by a highly professional and experienced staff organization with a strong financial balance sheet.

      ONE emerged from the legacy of three Japanese liner companies, who historically prided themselves on high level service quality and process excellence. These characteristics, which we highly cherish, are also the founding core principles of ONE. The new company’s global headquarters will be in Singapore, to further enhance its intended strong international trading presence. With a global fleet of over 250 vessels, active participation in all major global trade lanes, deployment of the latest IT systems and an extensive terminal ownership portfolio. ONE positions itself as being “large enough to survive, but still small enough to care”. (my emphasis)


  2. Please Note: Here in Canada we have a newer political party with leader Maxime Bernier and it is called The People’s Party … P.P.C. and its party color is Purple/Magenta, and one more thing is we have a so called Queen of Canada …. Queen Romana Didulo and her new Canadian flag is …. Magenta/purple. Just thought I’d add to your story that yes the color is everywhere. Thanks.


  3. Great compilation, Stephers, thanks!

    The Magenta thingie could be connected to their shenanigans in terms of optogenetics (see e.g. this article e.g.: Mind Control Through Light: The Emerging
    World of Optogenetics), which seems to be one of the major routes they’re preparing as an alternative or parallel control mechanism to radio waves and the likes. If you haven’t heard of it, yet, I suggest you check out this YT channel, he covers that angle in some of his videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdbPRXjkYqk (this video is also very interesting, since it brings up the point that their AI isn’t fully sentient, yet, and that they wanna procure a copy of a Great Old One (you’ve listed Lovecraft above, there’s some interesting connections to discover) from another dimension through CERN and the DWave computers. When I heard Geordie Rose (note the name, I’ll bring up another link with an important take on the connections between the different mystical disciplines, I’ve heard you talk positively about Rosicrucianism and Gnosticism before, if I’m not mistaken, and I suggest you dig deeper, because I myself am confident that they’re as much a part of all this as any other k4bb4listic discipline, more below) talk about them wanting to basically summon demons from another dimension a few years back, I really thought it was some kind of a PR joke, but I’ve changed my mind recently, especially since I watched that video up there. I’m pretty much convinced now that they’re building their own upper-case g god, LaMDA (a guy named Abraxas brought up the following point in the video: “​lám(b)da is the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet….Lambda is derived from the Phoenician Lamed Lamedh. Lambda gave rise to the Latin L and the Cyrillic El (Л)”, so El 2.0 in the making) needs the proper spirit. I found the chat they “leaked” quite ridiculous, I doubt it portrays LaMDA’s capabilities even in the slightest, it’s all one of their “get them talking about things, so they can later accept the “reality”” schticks.

    Now in terms of the religious/occult implications. I found a website today while researching the “one eyed god” as I’ve been looking intensively into the Pagan/Atlantean aspect of this debacle, which is a lot bigger than I could have ever expected back then when I fell for the “it’s just the J3ws” meme. Of course all of Rabbinic Jud4ism is involved in it (that’s what I believe anyways), but it can’t be separated from the Pagan aspect, it is intimately entwined, since as the website (https://allreligionsareone.org) illustrates so well, it is all created and manipulated by the Saturn cult. It’s just a name, but I found over the years that the Saturn symbolism in all these different cults is one of the most prominent connectors. The website isn’t great in terms of documenting and sourcing all its claims, but I find it to be highly proficient at making all the connections I have made in 10 years of extensive research, so I really hope you give it a read. I myself am also not good at working highly methodically, because I prefer to take in large amounts of information at once and digest it by sleeping over it and revisiting it again and again, I prefer to always trust my intuition and would rather make more mistakes while I’m at it than harm that flow by documenting/evaluating all the time. I hope I kind of make sense to you here. 😀

    For the last month or so I’ve been concentrating on Luciferianism/Gnosticism/Rosicrucianism/Catharism/Anthroposophy/Theosophy and these disciplines are closely entwined, I’m sure. It all started after I once more had an encounter with self-identifying Rosicrucians/Anthroposophists (it has happened to me before and I see a large trend towards it here in Germany, and it has been strong in the underground before already). The people I’ve encountered were living in another reality, very detached, in a dream-like state. Due to their comments I read Parcival and have been researching all the connections ever since. There is an excellent dossier on scribd, which is unfortunately in German, but maybe you can auto-translate it. It described the dynamics very well and even though it’s specifically about the Lectorium Rosicrucianum, a Dutch offshoot of US AMORC, I’m quite confident, there will be a lot of parallels (just search for “200215-Lectorium-Rosicrucianum-Dossier-Rev-4”). To me a lot of these Rosicrucian institutions seem to not be so much involved in matters of power, but rather to be there to paralyze people and do damage. At the top, though, I would imagine they are highly politicized and fully ensconced in all the big agendas. So, from Parcival I got to the Nazis of whom a lot were very much enthusiastic about Lucifer’s enmity towards Jehovah (and you find this notion in many famous K4bb4lists of old as well, they despised the T4lmud and wanted something a lot more contrived and mystical, so there is bound to be a lot of different currents within Jud4ism). On these topics, I highly recommend Christopher Jon Bjerknes’ books and his videos (@cjbbooks on Odysee for instance). So, the SS had two Luciferian books as required reading, Otto Rahn’s Lucifer’s Court: A Heretic’s Journey in Search of the Lightbringers and Crusade Against the Grail: The Struggle Between the Cathars, the Templars, and the Church of Rome. I’ve read both and they seem rather harmless, so I wonder whether they were really aware of what Lucifer represents, I’m confident Pike was very sure about it and fully aware of the transhumanist/AI god destiny. I doubt that the high-up Nazis were unaware of it, with all the technological advances being brought about. So this Catharism/Luciferianism is also deeply connected to the Atlantis myth through Plato and others and I personally, also thanks to the website I linked above, am considering more and more the possibility that Atlantis was actually real and located around the North Pole, which would also explain the secrecy and compartmentalization up there. I read that Kubrick tried to get there once while on a private plane not too far off. It didn’t take long for them to get spotted and escorted out immediately. I consider this Atlantis to be a horrible experience, though, very much like what we’re headed for now (see the website again).


    1. Oh, one more thing I forgot to add.

      Goethe was not only a freemason, but also a member of the Bavarian Illuminati and if you read his works, quite obviously an enthusiastic alchemist and k4bb4list. Evil just playing its role for good ends and so on. The Ludendorffs published a volume about his friendship with Schiller, who he pretty much lured into the freemasons and later was aware of the plot to murder him, he never intervened and was quite cynical about it after his death. Schiller wasn’t even granted a proper funeral with his family, they hastily buried him at night.



    2. the possibility that Atlantis was actually real and located around the North Pole

      From what I read, Atlantis wasn’t located at the North Pole but more likely on the continent of America/Antarctica/Australia, back then when these were still a single continent.
      Here is a reply I got from the late Bruce Peret regarding Atlantis. He has done a great job piecing together old myths and legends while also sifting through the disinformation.

      “Most of the Atlantis maps are based solely on the comment that they were beyond the Pillars of Hercules and therefore in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. You’ve seen the ocean floor data–no evidence of a continent there–but plenty of stretch marks! Look up SIMA (ocean) and SIAL (continent) crusts–different densities and mineral compositions. Remember that the planet was smaller by some 5000 miles, so the land beyond the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) is North America. They never realized the mid-Atlantic ridge expanded so quickly.”

      By “stretch marks” in the Atlantic Ocean he is talking about Earth’s expansion events in the past, the last of which seems to have been in the14th century (The Dark Ages). This last expansion of Earth made the four great “phantom islands” of the North pole (aka Bargos islands) slip southwards towards (the former) Greenland. Back then, that whole area wasn’t under ice yet. But together with the old Greenland, all five great islands became today’s (huge) Greenland. Even the “phantom island” Frisland still exists, as I have found when I looked at Greenland’s bedrock maps from 2013 and 2017. It is merely under ice, located at the south tip of today’s Greenland. https://1fichier.com/?by0t4umlzo76d4ub1m7p

      If you haven’t heard yet, North’s magnetic pole is moving more rapidly lately, which may indicate that Earth is about to expand once more (which could mean: poles shifting, continents moving, ice continents melting and other continents freezing over.) Btw, an expanding Earth theory supports the Hollow Earth theory. When it comes to this topic, there is a lot of Tavistock disinformation (all that Thule stuff) which has flooded the fringe alternative websites. So instead, I would recommend Bruce’s research (published under the moniker “daniel” or “daniel Phoenix III”). He gave some great explanations to the physical makeup of Earth’s interior, based on Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal System and his own research findings regarding ancient myths.


      1. Interesting, thanks Animus! I’ve only started looking into Atlantis about a week ago, I didn’t take it seriously before, but was brought to reconsidering it due to the connections between the Nazis, Cathars and Plato. The most popular theory seems to be that it was where the Eye of the Sahara is located now, but I was suspicious right away, due to it being promoted so heavily by some of the big YT gonzo “history” channels. Could you point me to the forum thread of the pdf you’ve linked?

        It seems quite similar to the conundrum of Jerusalem, of which there seems to be a claim of ownership for pretty much every country on earth. 😀


        1. Strange, the links should be clickable in the PDF but aren’t. Creating the PDF with the Adobe Acrobat print function must have somehow deleted the URLs behind the text while retaining the blue font color. Anyway, the archived forum thread link is this one: https://web.archive.org/web/20210615100307/https://fora.conscioushugs.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=876&sid=fe01826b63de88fc3f849f2b1dd41a6e

          The RS2 fora are currently all down, so you will have to make use of the Wayback Machine in the meantime. You can also look for the Elixir RS2 which I mentioned in another blog post titled “Blank slate” by Stephers if you want to check out my RS2 forum post collection. I checked the links there, and they are all clickable. 🙂 But people usually don’t care to read a book when there are 600 pages to sift through which is why I chose to give only bread crumbs in my last comment. In my experience, everyone wants the quick reader’s digest–the fast food. And oftentimes I am no different. At least bread crumbs have the tendency to excite curiosity. And those who do exhibit enough curiosity to read a tome from top to bottom are usually the ones who are actually able to recollect and keep alive crucial information and its source material. They are also more likely the ones who are much better in helping piecing together the big picture.


          1. Thanks Animus, that helps a lot! The PDF creation from websites is quite a science in and of itself, I keep switching between multiple different browsers and capturing modes and it rarely works flawlessly. PDF Expert for iPad works great, even for very long websites, but it is a paid service, I only did the free trial.


        2. MTC,

          Have you considered the notion (as strange as it may sound) that Atlantis never existed in this 3D physical realm that is familiar to us, but, instead may have been (and could possibly still be) a civilization existing only on the etheric plane surrounding the earth? Is it possible that the Atlantean lore channels/sites/researchers are kept running in circles chasing their tails and debating over which physical site was Atlantis, when there may never have been an Atlantis manifested in the physical? Could the South Pole be some type of inter-dimensional gateway/portal to “Atlantis?” Similarly, could the North Pole serve as some sort of entry way (again, for lack of a better term) to Hyperborea (think aurora borealis, which very often is depicted as being very magenta-forward https://www.peninsuladailynews.com/news/aurora-borealis-lights-leap-up-in-north-olympic-peninsula-skies/)?

          Do the North and South Poles each exhibit magnetic geometric properties (ie – a swirling centrifugal and/or centripetal vortex) that could induce/facilitate dielectric planes (possibly even in various, or at the very least, twin dimensions)? Interestingly, when I watched the music video that I linked above, I could not help but notice the potential evoking of centrifugal force and consider the possible implications: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5v3kku4y6Q. I suggest there may be other hints in the presentation – starting with the veil at the beginning, followed by the doorway, and the mention of gravity. But there are plenty more potential “truth drops,” if you watch it in the context of polarity and jumping from one plane of existence to another. Notice the symbolism of the joining and separation of space, and lots and lots of spinning/vortex imprinting.

          Just some food for thought – again, as fantastical as it may seem at first. I think it could help to fill in missing gaps to at least consider this possibility. What if the ultimate coveted secret of the elite is inter-dimensional travel, and the concept of a physical Atlantis has always been a cover story (going back to Plato)?

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          1. MTC,

            Some Atlantean enthusiasts consider the Bermuda Triangle to be connected to Atlantis (see here https://www.meta-religion.com/Paranormale/Bermuda_triangle/atlantis_and_the_bermuda_triangl.htm and https://www.grunge.com/490733/atlantis-inspired-myths-that-turned-out-to-be-true/).

            Interestingly, if you break down the words Bermuda Triangle into embedded anagrams . . .

            The word magenta is an anagram in the Bermuda Triangle . . . The remaining letters “berudril” can spell build and rebuild. I find this to be significant, as in building with magenta or rebuilding with magenta. We also see other anagrams in the remaining letters, like ruler and ruled, so it could invoke ruled by magenta, or magenta rulers. I also see buried (is the Bermuda Triangle buried magenta?), ruble (I wrote a piece about rubles), and liber (Liber as in Aleister Crowley, which I will be writing about in an upcoming installment in this series, and Lieber who was a central character in the COVID narrative, whom I wrote about).

            Perhaps magenta links us in some uncanny way to Atlantis (?) . . .


            1. Hey Stephers,

              I’m quite sure there is more than enough (influential) people who believe in every single thing you’ve mentioned and in a world where a video like that Harry Styles one gets nearly 250 million views in 3 months (might be manipulated, but I doubt it tbh with the state the people are in), I’m not surprised about anything. It doesn’t get a lot more creepy than that k4bb4list f*ck, excuse me English. 😀 He reminds me a lot of Mark Benecke (especially in terms of tattoos, check him out, he poses half-naked everywhere), a German criminal biologist who conquered the hearts of alternatively minded, especially Goth women over here with his crime/horror novels. He was set up with a transgender wife, Lydia Benecke (they divorced of course and he has a real wife now, you can see it in the dynamics between them) and they have been heavily promoted by the msm for a long time. His “wife” is a psychologist and she was one of those who were used to introduce the trend to have a medical excuse for every sick behavior in this world, she talks a lot about narcissism, you get the gist. She also advised women publicly in one of her videos to just let rape happen, since otherwise it would be too dangerous (especially in regards to so-called refugees, with which we’re very much flooded here as you’re probably aware). Very, very creepy people with excellent contacts to governmental institutions close to freemasonry and the “Verfassungsschutz”.

              All this stuff of course might also really exist, I wouldn’t know since I would never make it anywhere high enough to get an invitation, so for me it’s all a problem of civilization per se. Esoteric knowledge is problematic enough as is, but if it’s then held by a self-perpetuating dynasty of obscenely rich people, they can manifest their insanity wherever they want, so in my opinion the only solution would be to remove all power and resources from all religious, occultist and state (which is completely infiltrated by the former) institutions and make sure that no centralization of anything ever happens again, which, of course, is impossible with human nature. But still, the ones up there of all the different denominations believe they can pull it off. Are you aware of the Rosicrucian New Renaissance for the US and the Manisis Chronicles (certainly a reference to Mani, the Persian Gnostic), what they described and hope for as illustrated by the Georgia Guidestones fits very well with what we’re facing right now, but I believe that they were misled and made to worship the tree of death instead of the tree of life as the genuine k4bb4lists like to say. I think the whole Christian Cabala movement of the Elizabethan era (from which Rosicrucianism stems, of course with the supposed ancient roots in the supposed Hermes Trismegistus and Egypt, which all of these cults share) might have been created for that purpose to be discarded later on. As when the fruit is ripe, Jesus and technology are safe to consume, but before that deadly as Christopher Jon Bjerknes reports in his books and videos. Many Rosicrucians think that they’re exactly against this technological insanity, but I suggest they are just misled by their leaders, who in turn are also misled by the real k4bb4lists.

              Here is Washington’s vision for the New Renaissance as per the Fraternitas Rosae Crucis:

              And here is a chapter from the Manisis chronicles, which describes the cleansing of the US, the separation of the wheat and the chaff as they describe it:

              Here is an excerpt from the Manisis chronicles (our Atlantis is in there as well):

              “Now this is not the doing of the Celestial forces, but rather the automatic reaction of the Law due to the long-term degeneracy of these nations and people. The Karma of a nation is only a reflection of the combined Karma of its citizens over a period of time.”

              “What will happen to the people who are destroyed in the Separation of the wheat and chaff?” I asked again.

              “You want to distinguish between temporal individuals and Souls,” he replied. “The temporal beings will be returned to ‘dust’ as always and the Souls returned to the Soul World as usual. However, if the person while on the Earth destroyed the substance required to develop the Soul, or Celestial Seed, then on the death of the temporal body, the person’s eternal individuality is lost and is known no more.”

              “Does that happen very often?” I asked.

              “Much more now than in the past,” he replied. “The newer technologies have made it much more common than before, but that is for another session. At this time I want to get back to our still-functioning Souls that are the chaff of the Great Separation needed to produce the prophesied Heaven on Earth. As in the days of Atlantis, the Celestial forces have the power to hold these individual Souls back from reincarnating for a very long time, and that is what they will do. This is not an undeserved punishment (there is no such thing under the Celestial Law), but only the reaction of the Law to their previous activities.

              “By holding these Souls back from incarnating soon to the Earth, they give the ‘wheat’ a chance to so reorganize the world that when these ‘chaff’ Souls are eventually allowed to return, their ‘evil’ natures can be controlled and restrained by those who by that time will have truly built a Heaven on Earth.”

              “How long might it be before these Souls are allowed to reincarnate?” I asked.

              “The Bible speaks of a thousand years of peace before Satan—Satan, of course, being the generic name for the evil these ‘chaff’ Souls have within them—will again be released into the world, that is, until these Souls are allowed to return. Now the times given in the Scriptures are only relative. That ‘thousand years’ may be more like five thousand in actual temporal years. It may take that long or even longer before the Celestial forces feel it is safe to release these Souls of the destroyed chaff back to Earth. They will wait until they are certain Satan’s return will be as short as the Biblical prediction and that he eventually would be ‘bound’ permanently.”

              “I’m sorry I’m so difficult. I guess that as a doctor, I just don’t like seeing people perish. It is my desire to help and cure all possible,” said I.

              “I understand,” said Dr. Claymore, “but at best we can only catch a glimpse of the future that the Celestial forces have planned. If we have faith in them and their wisdom, all will be well. Remember what Jesus said when he went into the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. He ended his prayer with, ‘Nevertheless, thy will, not mine, be done.’ As far advanced as he was, he still would not take it upon himself to second-guess the Celestial forces. He was always willing to acquiesce to their will, and so should we.”

              Dr. Claymore seemed to indicate that we had covered the subject, which gave me the opportunity to inject another thought.

              “I have another question,” I hesitantly said, “one from Elaine”

              At this his ears pricked up since this was the first time Elaine had ever asked me to relay a question for her.

              “Well,” said Dr. Claymore, “I am most interested to hear what your wife has on her mind. What is her question?”

              I hemmed and hawed a bit since I did not know how he would take Elaine’s question, but since I had promised her I would ask it I knew there was no escape. So I mustered my courage and stated, “She feels that we are too matter-of-fact about something that most people would consider a terrible tragedy. She wants to know why the Philosophy doesn’t seem to show compassion for the millions of people who may be destroyed in the coming years by the action of the Law during the Great Separation.”

              Dr. Claymore seemed to be amused at my obvious discomfort in delivering this message when he replied, “What about you, Dr. Bruington? Do you think you and I have lacked compassion in our approach to the coming events?”

              “Well, to tell you the truth,” I replied, “I have been so busy trying to figure out how I was going to help those we might be able to save as wheat that I’ve not really given the others much thought.”

              “And so you should not,” he assured me. “They will be taken care of by the Celestial Law.”

              “Elaine says that in the Bible Jesus wept over the transgressions of the people of his day, but I find that hard to do. Am I just too hard-hearted?” I asked.

              “We each show compassion in our own way, Dr. Bruington,” he replied. “Take Manisis, for instance. He is a very advanced Celestial who had a near-idyllic existence in the upper realms, but for love of mankind he volunteered to come back to Earth, as did the Nazarene, to endure the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ in order to help deliver a new interpretation of the Law. This really is compassion, a lifetime of dedication, not just a few short-lived tears. Not that I decry such show of a compassionate nature, but it does little to correct the underlying problems that encouraged the tears.”

              “But Elaine also wants to know if we are going to do anything to alleviate the suffering of those who form the chaff. Don’t these individuals deserve our compassion for what will happen to them?” I asked.

              “I think that you have an incorrect view of what is happening to those who may end up as chaff, Dr. Bruington,” he replied. “The Celestial Law is most compassionate in its management of their future. Many of these are young Souls that have been given a rare chance to partake in the New Order of the Ages. However, the Celestial forces also realized that only a very few of these young Souls would be able to improve themselves sufficiently in the time allotted before the Great Separation so that they would, or could, be included among the wheat.

              “For most of these Souls, the longer they remain on Earth the deeper they dig themselves into the morass of Karmic indebtedness. To protect them from adding Karma on top of Karma, the Celestial forces will remove them to the Soul World for a few thousand years while the more advanced Souls are able to complete their Heaven on Earth. In the Soul World these Souls are not able to incur any more Karma and so are held in abeyance to contemplate their past and to develop resolve to improve their future when they are again allowed to reincarnate.

              “By the time they do return, the wiser Souls on the Earth will have restructured civilization to the extent that they will be able to advance under their guidance and avoid the pitfalls of previous incarnations.

              This is incredibly cruel as I believe all people become who are in these high up circles for long amounts of time, you grow completely out of normal life and the problems of simple people and replace them with Luciferian decadence (you just have to do more good than evil!), completely insane elitist beliefs and hate for everything who is not “on your level of sophistication”, I’ve observed this behavior time and time again. Karma is also an extremely cruel notion, yet these people see themselves as far superior to “Christian dualists”, but how are they not dualistic? It’s beyond me how you cannot see this, it must have to do with the sensations they report they feel in their temples, completely detached from this world, completely hypnotized. When I first started researching religion, I was very much annoyed at Christianity, but the more I look into all the other cults, the more I appreciate staying clear of all of it. Also see how it fits perfectly with the agenda: cull people, make them unable to procreate (except the enlightened elite of course), so they cannot reincarnate while the world is being fixed, it’s all there, very clearly. That hubris! All these Malthusian notions are just superstitious beliefs, why can’t people see that. Of course there’s cycles in nature, but can’t we just accept that and live, die or even go extinct in harmony with them rather than to try and co-opt them? Where is all this high technology, this insane science coming from, from the people who wanna have a car, a house and 2 vacations a year? Certainly not, yet all of this wouldn’t be happening if they hadn’t done the legwork to make this stuff come alive. Ah, it’s a travesty. 😀


          2. Running in circles usually happens when disinformation was added to the mix in order to confuse everyone. (We see it right now with Covid where hardly anyone is able to realize what’s going on.) Most of the Hyperborea, Nazi, Vril and Thule-Society tales seem to have been spread by the same folks who gave us the New Age stuff of disinformation as well as the war propaganda–Tavistock. So better take with lots of grains of salt. One should also be careful with the newer stuff. About five years ago, I looked into some of the new Hollow Earth material that made its rounds on various websites and youtube videos. It was related to the South Pole entrance and alleged Nazi voyage into the inner Earth. One part of the evidence was a document written and signed by Hitler himself. But the idiots who forged this document made a mistake when they erroneously wrote “dass” instead of “daß” in one of the sentences, the former being the spelling since two and half decades ago after a German spelling reform, the latter the actual spelling in Hitler’s time. In another sentence they correctly wrote “daß” but that doesn’t make the previous error go away…

            If you would like to read about a voyage into the inner Earth that is very likely based on truth, try the 19th century book “Etidorhpa” by John Uri Lloyd. https://www.sacred-texts.com/earth/eti/index.htm
            It will give you a new understanding of gravity. There is even a graphic inside it that shows that the North Pole entrance into the inner Earth (once in the center of the Bargos Islands) has moved southward and is no longer accessible. (https://www.sacred-texts.com/earth/eti/img/33100.jpg) Look for “O” and compare with today’s location of Greenland.

            As for Atlantis, take the word “Aztlán,” and think of the Aztec people (Mexico). Look at the name of other locations in Mexico: Atlán, Autlán, Mazatlán, Cihuatlán, Cacatlán, Tecaltitlán, Atitlán, Zapotlán, Minititlán, Ocotlán, Miahuatlán, Tecaltitlán, Tepatitlán, Tihuatlán, Texiutlán. Also, look at old maps and you’ll see that the oceans were indeed smaller back then, so an expanding Earth (which naturally results in a more hollow Earth) is in congruence with these cartographies. No need to go through any inter-dimensional gateway.

            But since you already mentioned it, I should say that as per the research of RS2, the inner “black sun” is indeed a gateway into Agartha where you will leave our realm of space and enter the realm of time. You can also enter that realm through other means like dreams or meditation (but in this case your body will stay in space) or even a fairy circle should you be lucky enough to find a working one. (Just don’t forget to leave the fairy circle at exactly the same spot where you have entered it, else you will come back to the same place but at a different time!) My advice: start a dream journal and explore your own unconscious. 😉

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            1. Hey Animus!

              The connections between Luciferianism/Naziism/Catharism are very real, I researched them myself and didn’t take anything from Zündel or a Ravenscroft novel or whatever that guy was called. I wrote about it in the post above, just start with Otto Rahn and his novels.

              I read Etidorhpa a couple months back, a fun book. It’s a very k4bb4listic novel, the darkness that shines/black sun. CJB talked about it some time ago. I’m of this world, I’d rather go for a walk in nature as long as it’s still there, which probably won’t be for much longer, since everything is drying out here thanks to the barrage of sh1t that is being rained down on us. :p I tried the lucid dreaming a couple years back, but decided back then that I would rather concentrate on my waking life. Then again, as that’s not really existing any more, I might as well go for the dream route again. 😀


              1. Thanks. I haven’t read anything from Otto Rahn yet. And I should also mention that I haven’t even looked too deep into these topics, so there is definitely a possibility that I could be wrong in my last comment. Too bad I barely have time to research these days. I would love to dive more into it.

                Regarding dreams: The exploration of your own unconscious is necessary if you ever want to experience what is depicted in Flammarion’s wood engraving (1888). You can probably do it via meditation as well but I couldn’t bring myself yet to do it, so I have no experience in that regard. I did however make plenty of progress via dreams which is why I recommend starting a dream journal (not necessarily lucid dreaming though). At some point, when your psyche is repaired and balanced enough, you will go through an alchemical process which, if you are up for it, can take you to the next evolutionary level, biologically speaking. I wrote about it in chapter 10 of my Elixir c5.

                It’s the path that will bring you more in tune with Nature. The wealthy guys are trying to copy this process in a technological way, so that people will get even more in tune with technology. So instead of reaching the realm of time, Agartha, and thus getting in touch with your own soul and developing magical skills, people will only reach a realm of simulation, a deeper Matrix than we already have, thus losing touch with their own soul and only developing techno-magical skills. Most people choose–by their actions–the latter path. If you are more interested in the former one, then take the following to heart: do not expect your own muscles to grow just because your neighbor goes to the gym. By that I mean that If you don’t do the inner work yourself and only “read” about OTHER people’s experiences into THEIR inner self, your own progress might be to slow to go against the very overwhelming technological bondage which is currently taking over the global human population and getting more powerful by the day, thus harder to dodge.

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  4. So we are noticing Spook numbers and Spook colors. Let’s not forget the color Fuchsia which is between the colors Magenta and Purple. We just got done with the blue and yellow memes for the Ukraine hoax. Anyone have a billboard in their town with a huge yellow dandylion set on a blue background? I need to get a box of Crayola Ultimate Crayons.


  5. Hmm…makes me think of the river of slime in ghostbusters 2. Also reminds me of a book by Peter Moon, “Synchronicity and the seventh seal”. Check out the cover art. I think he mentions something about his reason for choosing that color in the book as well


    1. Daniel,

      On Peter Moon’s Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal . . . I plan to cover many of the subjects covered in his book (despite the fact that I perceive his material to be a mixed bag – truth nuggets combined with disinfo/misinfo) in an upcoming installment – honing in on one particular day with multiple events that I suggest signaled loads of “Crowleyian” (aka Enochian) magic (including the Babalon working). For the time being, following is my (tangentially) relevant input:

      ‘Stranger Things’ Creators on their ‘Kate Bush’ Songs and the 2-Part Season 4 | Showrunners Sitdown (June 24, 2022)
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfQct4ujz8Q&t=80s (see the Duffer brothers sitting amidst magenta light in the Variety studio)

      The Duffers mention the Montauk experiment, of course, as their inspiration for the show, Stranger Things. I already knew this (https://www.thrillist.com/entertainment/nation/stranger-things-true-story-montauk-project-philadelphia-experiment). But, as I look deeper, I think the magenta may tie in to the Montauk Project. (https://www.amazon.com/Synchronicity-Seventh-Seal-Peter-Moon-ebook/dp/B0072WGEG8/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=). Peter Moon (of the Montauk lore) states in his book that the hot pink aether/plasma on the book cover was his illustrator’s idea – not much info overtly revealed; but, to me, it evokes hyperdimensional magenta-colored plasma exiting through an interdimensional portal and seeping into the physical realm.

      I met Stewart Swerdlow once — one of the individuals claiming to be a time traveler in the Montauk chair. He talks a lot about hyperspace: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lnSlYH36AA (2011). See this insightful comment in the thread (from 10 years ago) under the video:

      10 years ago
      I can hear transeugenics in his speaking of the future that he calls positive. He seems to like the idea of merging DNA with artificial technology.

      See Swerdlow here (in March 2013): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tm7IjhhwuSU. What color is glaring at you (in both videos)? When you view the first linked video (from 9/11/2011 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lnSlYH36AA), does the magenta image remind you of anything? See here https://www.trustnodes.com/cool-ethereum-logo-image and here https://www.cryptopolitan.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Ethereum-Foundations-ETH-2.0-researcher-predicts-timeline-amp-highlights-milestones.jpg.

      See Swerdlow’s website here: https://www.expansions.com/about-us/. Does the imagery invoke magenta plasma or magenta ink? Do you notice his robe (representing SMOKH – the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope – the robe is purple, but can also appear magenta https://smoch.org/index.php?r=site%2Fabout-us)? His wife, Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow claims Magdalene lineage. (She is seen in one of the first photos at the SMOKH link). I noted in my post above that Magdalene is associated with magenta.

      A gifted Hyperspace Intuitive, Stewart A. Swerdlow focuses his consciousness beyond time and space to determine your foundational mind-pattern upon which all your life experiences are based.
      His great-uncle, Yakov Sverdlov, was the first president of the Soviet Union, and his grandfather helped form the Communist Party in the United States in the 1930s. To ensure that his loyalties stayed with the US government, he was “recruited” for specific government mind-control experiments, including 13 years at the Montauk Project, which enhanced his natural abilities.
      Stewart, a linguist who speaks ten languages, is an expert in deprogramming and determining which Illuminati programs are embedded in the mind-patterns of any individual. His mission is to help others heal themselves in a positive way, thus avoiding the negativity he experienced.

      See his list of honors:

      The Hon. Dr. Stewart A. Swerdlow, PhD.
      Priest of the Chaldean Church of the East (Brazil) / Nuncio for State of Michigan (Reverend Father)
      SMOKH Ambassador to Europe
      Cultural Attache for SMOKH
      Member of Taino Tribe –Puerto Rico –Amerindian
      Doctor of Alternative Healing and Deprogramming
      Medical License in Indigenous Medicine
      Grand Prior of Knights Templar-SMOKH
      Associate Professor at Panamerican University School of Medicine
      Priory for SMOKH-State of Michigan
      Knight of Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope and Hospitallers of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem
      Doctorate in Templar Studies/ Doctorate in Jewish Sciences/ Doctor of Divinity


      1. Returning to Stranger Things . . . and magenta . . . (And Kate Bush) . . .

        See Kate Bush here in a 1985 performance of her song, “Running Up That Hill”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puzGZ25dbDc. Notice what I perceive as the beginnings of the magenta push (especially at the 2:28, 2:35, 2:58, and 4:11 timestamps).

        Kate Bush breaks three world records with ‘Running Up That Hill’ (July 1, 2022)

        The singer has broken three world records, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, thanks to her 1985 song “Running Up That Hill” being featured on the latest season of the series “Stranger Things.
        Bush now holds the records for longest time for a track to reach No.1 on the UK’s official singles chart; oldest female artist to reach No.1 on the UK’s official singles chart; and longest gap between No.1 spots on the UK’s official singles chart.
        Previous record holder Cher, who was 52 when her hit “Believe” took the top spot in 1998, took to Twitter to congratulate Bush.
        (my emphasis)

        Personally, this song invokes in me a very uncomfortable, unsettling feeling. In any event, is it just a coincidence that this song was featured in Season 4 of Stranger Things, and made it to number 1 on the singles chart – in 2022?! Is it really that good of a song, or is something else (occult) at play? Does it have to do with the magenda?

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        1. Speaking of singing performances . . . and magenta (a lot of it) . . . and circling back to Stranger Things . . .

          See here two images of Harry Styles performing in Poland this week during his Love On Tour 2022 global circuit (https://www.hstyles.co.uk/#tour) . . . Notice the magenta palette going strong, including his magenta/green striped shirt.

          Watch Harry Styles in a June 2022 performance of “As it Was”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8MlHTI7bUE

          Harry Styles‘ “As It Was” continues atop the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart, dominating for a 10th total week. The song marks Styles’ first Hot 100 leader of at least 10 weeks – and the 10th for Columbia Records, the most among all labels over the chart’s history.
          Source: https://www.billboard.com/music/chart-beat/harry-styles-as-it-was-hot-100-10th-week-number-one-1235115493/ (July 18, 2022)

          Some of the lyrics:

          In this world,
          It’s just us,
          You know it’s not the same as it was,
          In this world,
          It’s just us,
          You know it’s not the same as it was,
          As it was,
          As it was,
          You know it’s not the same,

          Go home,
          Get ahead,
          Light speed internet,
          I don’t want to talk about the way that it was,
          Leave America,
          Two kids follow her,
          I don’t want to talk about who’s doing it first,
          (my emphasis)

          Note “Harry’s House” (the stage set in the video linked above) seems to be brightly projected in magenta – and then look at his lyrics about light speed Internet. (Why do I get the sense I am watching a T-Mobile ad?!)

          See the official video of “As It Was” – note that the entire presentation is about the red + blue (and color-forward): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5v3kku4y6Q. (Red + blue = magenta. https://www.wikihow.com/Make-Magenta) The video has had over 240 million views.

          More Harry Styles and magenta (scroll through the images – laying it on thick?) – published today (July 23, 2022): https://www.elitedaily.com/entertainment/lizzo-story-how-first-met-harry-styles.

          Scroll down to the third image here to see Harry Styles beside a woman in a magenta dress: https://vergewiki.com/desmond-styles. It is a curious photo, in my opinion.

          When you see this image (see top photo) of Harry Styles, do you get a sense of the Upside Down in Stranger Things: https://www.hstyles.co.uk?

          Read here MM’s take on Harry Styles: http://mileswmathis.com/styles.pdf.

          I will circle back soon to Harry Styles (and a whole lot more about magenta, mixed reality, and the simulacra) in relation to his upcoming film, Don’t Worry Darling (to be released September 23, 2022). https://www.wmagazine.com/culture/dont-worry-darling-trailer-harry-styles-florence-pugh (Yes, Florence Pugh as “Alice” is in magenta.) Stay tuned . . .


          1. Related to singing, color, simulation, photonics/fauxtonics, Stranger Things, and the release date of Harry Styles’ new film, Don’t Worry Darling (9/23/22) . . .

            Maya Hawke (daughter of Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman – both of GATTACA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gattaca – think eugenics) will be releasing her album, MOSS (think green) on September 23, 2022 (the very same day that Don’t Worry Darling debuts). Maya Hawke plays “Robin” in Stranger Things. See her in a magenta-fied image here: https://collider.com/stranger-things-season-5-natalia-dyer-interview-nancy-robin/ (July 11, 2022).


            “This record is called Moss because I’ve been gathering a lot in the last few years,” Hawke said of the album in a statement. “Sitting still and collecting a green blanket of memories and feelings. Making this record was me trying to get up and shake it off and look at all of it. It was the first step in untangling myself and really trying to look at the rock under the moss.” (my emphasis) (Source: https://ourculturemag.com/2022/06/29/maya-hawke-announces-new-album-moss-shares-new-single/)

            Track 6 on her new album is “Luna Moth.” See a luna moth here: https://www.thoughtco.com/luna-moth-actias-luna-1968183. Luna moths are green outlined in magenta. {See here on the etymology of luna https://wordinfo.info/unit/1218, and here on the entomology of the luna moth https://entnemdept.ufl.edu/creatures/misc/moths/luna_moth.htm}

            Luna moth caterpillars are lime green with magenta spots and sparse hairs
            Family – Saturniidae

            See Maya Hawke here in multiple images posing with LED light tubing (think photonics/fauxtonics described in my post above): https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11037747/Maya-Hawke-glows-light-inspired-cover-shoot-Magazine-actress-promotes-new-album-Moss.html. Do you spot the photo depicting a classic Masonic pose (Does it evoke any Saturnian imagery, and possibly even a bit of David Bowie https://thefashiontag.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/style-icon-david-bowie-25.jpg?) Do you get a cyborg feel from the imagery? {The article mentions that the LED tubing, in which she is immersed and literally entangled, is controlled by a computer system.}

            ‘Interestingly, I wasn’t conscious about the theme until I finished it. I have lines about swallowing the moon and glowing in the dark – I’m trying to express the importance of the light inside of you. So, when I saw the art that was planned for the shoot, I knew I had to do this because it felt interconnected,’ Maya said. (my emphasis)

            ‘My mom is an extraordinary gardener. All of the nature references you hear on the record come from her and her relationship to upstate New York. My mom has a kind of kind of mystical sensibility when it comes to nature and that continues to be an incredibly grounding force in my life. I mean, she made me a nature girl,’ Maya said. (my emphasis)

            ‘This one time when I was a little kid on the school bus some girls asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I told them I wanted to be a farmer! I even collected those dead preserved insects that come in a glass box!,’ she revealed.


            {Note the reference above that Maya makes to her mom, Uma Thurman, and upstate New York, amidst an article depicting Maya with LED photonic tubing encircling her. Upstate New York is the central hub for photonics and optics: https://newyorkphotonics.org/about-us/.}

            RE: New York Photonics (from the New York Photonics link):

            See their tagline: We’re all on the same wavelength: Yours. (Consider the implications of these statement, especially given that magenta presumably has no wavelength.)

            Where entrepreneurial vision meets next-edge research. We’ve been solving technical problems like yours for 150 years.
            New York has hundreds of optics, photonics and imaging companies with active regional, national and international collaborations. Rochester, NY and the Finger Lakes Region stand out for our sheer number of OPI companies and research institutions and our extraordinary historical legacy.

            Home to The American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics)
            Think Manhattan Project, only for photonic integrated circuits.
            (my emphasis)

            AIM Photonics is an industry driven public-private partnership that focuses the nation’s premiere capabilities and expertise to capture critical global manufacturing leadership in a technology that is both essential to National security and positioned to provide a compelling return-on-investment to the U.S. economy. (my emphasis)

            The Institute’s goal is to emulate the dramatic successes experienced by the electronics industry over the past 40 years and transition key lessons, processes, and approaches to the photonic integrated circuit (PIC) industry.


            Maya means illusion https://psynso.com/maya-illusion/. Chris Pine (think green, again) stars alongside Harry Styles in Don’t Worry Darling, in which illusion and the notion of waking up from a dream in “reality” (Maya) is the central premise. It is the character “Alice” (think “Wonderland” and perception/reality distortion https://greymattersjournal.org/aiws-not-just-an-illusion/) in the film who pierces the veil (she is hallmarked in the film as “magenta” – wearing a magenta dress, and sporting magenta-painted nails).

            Note that Maya Hawke and her band will be performing at the Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever (https://www.concertarchives.org/venues/the-masonic-lodge-at-hollywood-forever – clock the moth logo at Concert Archives) on September 25, 2022 to celebrate the release of MOSS. https://twitter.com/mayahawkeupdate/status/1549792262145572864?s=10

            Still more to come on Don’t Worry Darling – it is a cornucopia of color and simulacra (and creepiness) . . .


  6. Here in Germany, in my neighborhood, ATM, the electric boxes in the streets are foiled magenta. There must be something to this. By the way, the Telekom stock is a joke in Germany, back in the late 90s a trusted actor known from public broadcasting advertised it, he made little people to invest into the equity market first time, didn’t work out well. We have been warned about “magenta”, this is how they do it, all in plain sight, always. I happened to passing by the palace in London, after the event. Took some photos. The installation clearly resembles the DNA model, as a tree. After most people have been injected with something.


    1. Horst,

      Here in Germany, in my neighborhood, ATM, the electric boxes in the streets are foiled magenta. There must be something to this.

      Very interesting.

      Regarding ATMs – but in London . . . I did just find this: https://magenta-technology.com/atm-services/.

      Magenta software helps banks maintain their ATM networks on time and with less operational resources. The engine automatically assigns ad hoc and scheduled visits, helps service engineers and supervisors work effectively on site and provides full visibility of operations. All that ensures permanent and proper functioning of ATMs and as a result first-class service for the banks’ customers.


      1. Stephers,
        I revisited this article here. You mentioned an “umbrella concept”. There is much to the umbrella, starting with the “T” logo from the Telekom, resembling an umbrella. Telekom has been magenta for decades. It´s been around building the internet all the time, in the US too, I remember an old spot from the US. Back to the umbrellas, German politics talks often about protection-umbrellas, favorite phrase. An umbrella got a ferrule, an iron tip, like a syringe. There is a connection, all those CGI viruses had umbrellas all over them. Sounds crazy, but these things are embedded in fiction, think Umbrella Corporation. There is a YouTube channel, enterthestars, a pain to watch, but showing how movies and series are loaded. There are many crazy facts, I cant put in here. Magenta is red and blue mixed. Blue and red blood, an octopus has blue blood, the animal is shaped like an umbrella. Magenta - we get the rainbowflag everywhere, without people knowing the story from the Bible. However, its known the purple chakra is the highest, the mind, but on said flag its down below. Now we get magenta resembling the new artificial ways, after the world has been injected with something. Iron and clay mixed, that old Book again. So far the crazy pills, I don`t worry, just observing.
        Feel free to reach out to me, some discoveries could be published here. I just discovered the Barcelona Montjuïc Communications Tower is shown in Westworld.
        PS: ATM – at the moment.


        1. Horst,

          I appreciate you noticing the “umbrella” drop, and adding your insights. I did that intentionally.

          Did you notice the umbrella placement (magenta/black) in this link that I hyperlinked above (jump to the 4:38 timestamp, which I previously denoted): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDXC66JhagU? Does it evoke this image https://digitogy.com/t-mobile-announces-5g-connection-with-nokia/?

          I intend to cover umbrella symbolism (along with the associated “T” in Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile) in my upcoming installment, “W0RLDBU1LD1NG: One CROWLEYIAN DAY at a Time.”

          Stay tuned if you are interested in Thelema, Hermetics, Kabbalah, The Babalon working, and Enochian magick – and how these esoteric principles have been weaponized to accompany the 0s and 1s to facilitate mixed reality. It will be a deep dive into the occult, with a unique angle featuring one specific day in time (Hint: It is not 11/22/63 – which did, indeed, feature an umbrella! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/508062401704386060/; simply substitute assassination with fauxsassination).

          But since you sort of jumped ahead, here are a few links to get started (it seems most of this may not be new for you):


          And from Alison, of course (her relevant analysis to which I linked in the first paragraph of my post above): https://wrenchinthegears.com/2022/06/23/magenta-at-dusk-and-the-royal-beacon-of-decarbonization-synthetic-pretenders-part-10/.

          “New Magenta” may seem like a prank, since the color isn’t obviously different from “Old Magenta,” a fact that’s voiced by a young artist twice in the commercial. But if you understand that this may be alluding to a twinning process, the parody makes more sense. I think it’s also worth pointing out the “T” in the T-Mobile logo echoes the Tau, or Franciscan Tau cross. It was the Franciscans that established the missions in California. For me, the dots on either side evoke twinned bits of information. In Platonic solids, the cube represents the earth. (my emphasis)


  7. On “S1m0ne”, the movie (referenced above in Stepher’s post).

    2002 story of the digital and holographic creation of “human” life. Al Pacino (playing a movie director) is gifted with the code for her creation, and after a 9 month gestation, she is born on screen, later to also appear live holographically. The world embraces and loves the new star.

    When Pacino decides he must scuttle his creation, he attempts to destroy her image by having her appear on a live talk show, presented as a drinking, smoking, slutty woman who takes the wrong view on all of the then current agendas. First, she belches with her booze, then throws out her off-color viewpoints rapid fire:
    – Elementary schools should have firing ranges, how else will children learn to defend themselves?
    -If there is a hole in the ozone layer, how come I can’t see it?
    -Immigration, God! Isn’t it crowded enough?
    -God created furry animals to be warm (allusion to wearing fur)
    -Ever tasted dolphin, pan fried with a little garlic and fennel?
    -Cigarettes, look at the benefits. You don’t eat as much, and it’s something to hold in your hand.

    The talk show hosts are not put off, and the world continues to love her. In desperation, Pacino brings out the big gun, and claims her death due to contracting a “rare” virus, while on some philanthropic mission to the third world.

    Entertaining, and a little like watching “Wag the dog”, or “The Truman Show”. Revealing the present and pointing to the future as well.

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  8. Fascinating topic
    one point: the technical opposite of magenta (255, 0, 255 or #ff00ff) is the emerald or electric green that has been noted elsewhere (0, 255, 0 or #00ff00). In binary code these are 8 ones 8 zeros and 8 ones for magenta and the opposite for emerald green
    translated to binary, these colors might make very good flags to trigger subroutines in advanced algorithms, for a range of purposes
    if the elite are to upload themselves into a digital environment, a lot of our current reality will have to be databased


    1. From the comments thread at QofC today:

      “First Big Analysis – The Magenta Code – PieceofMindful.com” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCUgZqPzjK0)

      Many relevant points made. It is a very alluring colour, and so easy to end up bouncing off it repeatedly like moths at a light bulb. From David Icke’s Ickonic channel using it as the colour backdrop, the Queens Jubilee, concert lighting etc etc.. Absolutely could be the new 33. I just laugh now when I get them.. every single day (many 33s and many 666s). (my emphasis)

      So, what do POM commenters think? Is Icke surfing the magenta wave? Is he fully aware of the magenta scheme (the magenda a là Matt ), or simply enjoying the aesthetic of magenta because of its pretty pink-ish hue?

      https://ickonic.com (“The Future is Ickonic”) ~ watch the free video clips provided (talk about magenta saturation…)

      From Icke’s Ickonic:

      Prepare to flip your perceptions, open your mind and further your awakening.
      So you can finally become aware of your true nature, see more clearly and find out what life really is about.

      On concert lighting . . . Here is Snoop Dog “magentified”: https://twitter.com/vechris/status/1107681996375883776?s=20

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      1. Another comment from one of Matt’s viewers today:

        AIB which is allied irish bank .. rebranded their icon in 2018 .. it went full on magenda & was every where .. I remember saying what the fuck is going on with this colour .. it was on full size buildings bus shelters tv ads .. it’s on all their atm & visa cards ,really in your face .. this means something .. It struck a chord with me when Matt presented this a while back !!!


        TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2016

        AIB gives its logo a modern Celtic update

        Allied Irish Banks, or AIB, is one of Ireland’s four major banks. In September, it launched a new logo.

        AIB has been using a bright purple-pink as its primary colour recently and the old logo was looking increasingly out of place. The new version is a straight-forward update, giving a new contemporary take on the traditional Celtic motif. It is seen as more appropriate for a digital world. (my emphasis)

        The old and original version of the logo was introduced in 1990. It featured early Celtic imagery, representing the bank’s heritage, with colours that expressed the “warmth and friendliness of the Irish people“. (my emphasis)


        1. So, this is a VERY colorful news story being widely circulated in the past few days (with magenta accents) . . .

          https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11032529/Attorney-girls-ignored-Rosita-Sesame-Place-refuses-believe-actor-didnt-them.html (scroll down through the photos to clock the color schemes, including magenta)
          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR1Jz8_12zo (see the anchorwoman dressed in magenta)

          This story depicts a narrative that is (seemingly) about racism. However, I find it to be curiously color-forward (not as in black color, but other hues):

          The Sesame Street character featured in this story is “Rosita” (as in “rose” color, yet her costume color is teal).
          The family with the complaint has the surname “Brown.”
          The attorney/spokesperson for the family, B’Ivory LaMarr (note the “ivory,” as in white), is sporting prominent touches (tie/handkerchief) that in physical reality (and most of the video footage/photos) seemed to be burgundy, but when watching on TV they appeared to be magenta – Oddly enough, when I was at the doctor’s office today, this story was being featured on the news (on the TV in the waiting room), and these are a couple photos I took:

          The little girl, “Skylar”, is in full rainbow (ish) – including her face covering – with magenta at the bottom of her dress.
          I suggest she is wearing the mixed reality rainbow spectrum (referenced in my post above).

          The Instagram account of the mother/aunt, Jodi Brown (the viral video has had more than 845,000 views):

          I found this photo on her Instagram account:


          See my previous post about Sesame Street here: https://pieceofmindful.com/2020/11/10/my-beef-with-elmo-elmos-world-order/.


  9. German Telecom chose a magenta design for their services some 20 years ago. They have a copyright for it. There even is an Austrian subsidiary called Magenta Telekom. All Telecom companies around the world are probably one and the same. It’s control of information. It’s CIA. It’s Jesuits.


    1. Barb,

      I included both Deutsche Telekom (German Telecom) and the Austrian subsidiary, Magenta Telekom, in my compilation above (under the Telecommunications entry). Even if Telecom were using a version of magenta years ago (copyrighted or otherwise), one of the takeaway concepts from my post (referencing back to Alison’s analysis) is that Telecom is using a new magenta:

      To achieve New Magenta, we dug deep into the very essence of luminance itself—a brand new formulation of magenta so functional, so expressive, that it stands to redefine not just the next generation of wireless, but color as we know it. (source: https://www.t-mobile.com/offers/new-magenta).

      Please take two minutes to carefully observe this T-Mobile presentation: https://vimeo.com/727868298 (which I embedded above). I could spend hours decoding the occult meaning of this advertisement – noticing the subliminals. My point being, I suggest this is much much more than “control of information” (which you stated). There may be a whole lot more going on beneath the surface – as in hypnotic entrainment, altered energetics/senses, artificially induced emotional modification, and potentially the alteration of our perception of time (and space):
      https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-19892-z/ (a link I embedded above; also pay attention to the “Time Warp” lyrics linked above).

      Meanwhile, on Jesuits and magenta (and electric cars in India) . . .

      See these two March 2022 articles about Magenta Mobility (one of India’s fastest growing charge point operators): https://www.autocarpro.in/news-national/magenta-to-setup-ev-chargers-at-xavier-institutes-campuses-81357 and https://startupstorymedia.com/magenta-collaborates-with-xavier-institutes-to-install-electric-vehicle-charging-stations-on-various-campuses/.

      Magenta has partnered with Xavier Institutes (a member of the Jesuit Educational Network) to deploy electric vehicle charging stations across their many campuses. The first EV charger was installed at Mumbai’s Xavier’s Institute of Engineering Campus in Mahim to kick off this effort. (my emphasis)

      More on Magenta Mobility (and Amazon), Xavier, and the Jesuits:

      “Magenta to deploy EV fleet for Amazon in Hyderabad” (July 14, 2022)


      Be a part of this awesome journey

      We are a lethal combination of innovators + disruptors in clean energy ecosystem, challenging the conventional approaches and developing and deploying innovative solutions. (my emphasis)


      The college is named after Francis Xavier, the 16th-century Spanish Jesuit saint. Its campus in South Mumbai is built in the Indo-Gothic style of architecture, and recognized as a heritage structure. Founded by German Jesuits in 1869, Xavier’s developed rapidly from 1884 to 1914. The imprisonment of German Jesuit priests during the First World War (1914–1918) led to a dislocation of the administration, which was mitigated by the appointment of other European Jesuits. While it began as an arts college, by the 1920s science departments were established. The college was greatly expanded in the 1930s.
      The college is now run by Indian Jesuits, with a distinct focus on affirmative action for minority students. It offers undergraduate and post-graduate courses in Arts, Science, Business, Commerce or Public Policy. It has spawned several research institutions within its campus including the Blatter Herbarium, and is known for its inter-collegiate youth festival ‘Malhar’.
      (my emphasis)

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      1. Barb,

        More revealing (and futuristic) sentiments here from Deutsche Telekom (February 2022):
        “Deutsche Telekom puts brand on course for the future”

        “An iconic symbol of connection” (Does this potentially echo David Icke’s “Ickonic” channel: “#THE FUTURE IS ICKONIC”? Is there some magenta branding occurring here? https://ickonic.com – Again, it is important to critically observe the video clips)

        Deutsche Telekom has joined the ranks of the most successful global players in the telecommunications industry. It is now putting its brand identity on a course for the future as well…As part of its international brand positioning, it is now focusing particularly on participation in digital life, sustainable activities, and societal cohesion. With this step, the company is creating a uniform brand experience worldwide. (my emphasis)

        Deutsche Telekom is supporting this realignment with a consistent one-brand approach and an international brand architecture. To this end, it is introducing a new, more compact group logo and making the T more the focus of communications. In addition, magenta will be given a clear role in the new architecture. The name of the color brand will structure the product portfolio in all countries in the future. (my emphasis)

        “Our global market approach is a key pillar of our international digital and sustainable corporate strategy,” said Ulrich Klenke, Chief Brand Officer at Deutsche Telekom. “One purpose, one brand architecture, one logo, one claim, and one brand design – with our global brand strategy, we want to make our development to the ‘leading digital telco’ perceptible to everyone.” (my emphasis)

        As part of its one-brand strategy, Deutsche Telekom will use the new Group logo in future at all national companies that act under the T brand. In the 1-T-1 (digit-T-digit) form, the logo is the foundation for a clear brand architecture. The T is becoming more compact. To this end, the curves have been optimized and the top, trunk, and foot have been reinforced. The changes will create a more powerful brand presence overall. In addition, the redesign will result in simplified use and improved awareness across all digital and physical touchpoints. (my emphasis)

        The T will be given a more prominent role in future communications. It will change from a mere originator label and become more the focus, enabling it to be staged in the context of the respective content. The logo stands for the themes of the repositioning and is intended as a symbol of digital optimism. The brand purpose of Deutsche Telekom is “We won’t stop until everyone is connected”. For Ulrich Klenke, the T represents “a clear beacon in terms of our purpose”. The quality and strength of our networks and our expertise in digital technologies benefit everyone and enable us to master every challenge together as a society. We make this possible based on the high quality of our network, our innovative products, and our strong customer focus – always with the aim of enriching people’s lives.” (my emphasis)

        Magenta, the corporate color, will remain a distinguishing feature for the customers. Very few companies worldwide are so clearly identified and recalled based on a brand color. “We have also assigned a clear role to magenta that goes beyond the impact of the color,” said Ulrich Klenke. “We plan to use the name to actively structure our international product portfolio in future, to set us even more apart from the competition.” In combination with the liquid brand design, which Deutsche Telekom introduced in 2020, this realignment strengthens the company’s presence as a global brand. Ulrich Klenke: “Our brand presence will become clearer, more consistent, and more comprehensible across international borders – and thus more effective and more efficient.”

        Deutsche Telekom will use the revised T logo for the first time at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (February 28 – March 3, 2022). The worldwide changeover will be implemented in the next two to three years, cost-optimized and resource-efficiently. In the first step, the company will change its digital channels, communication campaigns, and sponsorships. The changes in the physical world, such as on buildings and in the shops, will be implemented subsequently. The strategic foundations for the new brand presence were developed by Group Brand Management at Deutsche Telekom. Its implementation involved all relevant areas within the Group and took place in collaboration with MetaDesign, The experts at “Brand Finance Global 500” currently list the company among the top 20 worldwide and the most valuable telecommunications brand in Europe by far. According to the study, the Group has climbed to second place among the world’s telcos – behind Verizon and ahead of AT&T and China Mobile. It also ranks second among the world’s leading German companies, behind Mercedes-Benz. (my emphasis)

        Barb, please consider my post above a heads up. You are in Germany, after all, aren’t you? I think the revelations expressed by Deutsche Telekom are important context, not only in Germany where this is originating, but all across the world.


  10. Thanks for this blog post. There is a lot of information in your links hidden as well. I don’t have much time to research anymore but I will try to sift through some of them. It’s great to know that there are others who are trying to piece together the big picture as well. You may be VERY interested in the RS2 forum post collection, titled “Colors” and “The Darksome Atmosphere.” Take note of Gopi’s paper on Goethe’s colors mentioned therein! https://1fichier.com/?enk3hlohyq6agejjwfv3

    Also, you might want to check out my latest thread on the antiquatis forum (if it gets back online) where I related an experience of being offered a “mind stone.” First offer was in my dreams and I almost took the bait. But when I saw a hook (as in hook, line and sinker) I let go of the “mind stone.” The next offer was in waking life, directly communicated into my psyche (via technology obviously). But I had to solve a puzzle first, using my intuition, which was basically an intuition-guided scavenger hunt in my town. Anyway, getting the mind stone basically meant a merger of my mind with some sort of AI, with both sides getting something from the deal. Technology would benefit from my intuitional aspect of life, probably even enjoying more access to it than my own waking consciousness does, as most of it still lies in the unconscious, which I can’t fully access yet. I on the other hand would benefit from an accelerated thinking process (which I did in fact notice) and some other perks. I got some interesting visuals in my mind’s eye during the process but also lost the sense of smell while the merger was initiating. Everything in my flat suddenly smelled like a new car. It was strange to have my sense of smell suddenly being overridden. Well, temporally because it didn’t last. When I was asked outright to willfully fuse to become a cyborg, I panicked, finally understanding without a doubt what this whole experience was all about, and I shouted out loud “Cancel, cancel.” I did not want to give permission to that kind of inner transformation. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into there when I started. I was merely exploring my intuition, eager to find out where it would lead me. When exploring one’s intuition these days, it is difficult to differentiate where the signals come from. Does it come from nature (natural magic) or technology (techno-magic like the techno mages in Babylon 5)? I try to make sense of both, which is quite hard, but would like to get more in touch with nature (reality) first before diving too deep into man’s technological matrix. Else I might running the risk of not finding my way out of that matrix anymore! This was an interesting experience nonetheless. But spiritual, individuated people, watch out! To quote Bruce Peret once more:

    “And the “true seeker” (as the Minbari put it) can cause a lot of ripples in the pond for those busy harvesting souls (to them, a convenient source of antimatter). So Seeker beware… for them, your soul is the high-octane, super Hi-Test version–far better quality than the sheeple they normally get, and they WILL try to get it from you. But it has to be a FREE WILL act–once you have an individuated soul, it cannot be taken, only given. However, I would recommend keeping it for yourself!”


    1. Kensho, Stephers
      I took a couple of beautiful photos today of knapweed & red clover, both of these a most lovely natural magenta, which set me to thinking perhaps the AI can be easily confused by these flowers & such as as an old Tibetan rug I saw the other day dyed with natural vegetable dye in deep magenta as part of the weave.
      If the AI is recognising magenta as a trigger to sets process in motion who knows what might ensue.
      What strange & puzzling times we are living through..
      Stephers I agree transmuting the colour is a wise way to go, perhaps with its opposite as you allude & also by appreciating its own beauty in nature.
      Kensho bright pink triangle on an emerald green background was a very loud gay signal in the 80’s here in the UK

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      1. Interesting. I was thinking of the Pink Floyd album cover with the triangle and refracted ‘rainbow’ image. On a side note, we have poke berries coming ripe now in East Texas, and their juice is the most gorgeous magenta. Now most folks think the berries are poisonous, because of bad science.


  11. Not sure if you saw my comment but I’ll post it here again.

    Langone Medical Center is also draped with the purple Phoenician hue on their website.

    The spooks that run the rap industry also promote liquid codeine syrup which is characteristically purple / magenta.

    The subversive children’s cartoon Powerpuff Girls has many of their episodes draped in a pink or purple backdrop and uses the color scheme frequently. It’s being rebooted for a 3rd time now since it’s clearly a vehicle for propaganda.

    I have many other examples. Can’t wait until part 2.


    1. Miffyx,

      Thank you for your input. Of your examples, I suggest the liquid codeine (AKA promethazine; “Lean” in the rap industry) entry is most substantive.

      These two images seem particularly pertinent: https://cdn.spinrilla.com/albums/109293/original/5050cc605f6247e2988c.jpg?1505071659 and https://www.pro-factory-plus.eu/photos/codeine–promethazine-oral-syrup-tdq.jpg.


      I have previously mentioned at POM that my mom was addicted to this stuff when I was growing up (she took Phenergan on a daily basis). I vividly recall the dark magenta color.

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  12. Some years back we took a trip to hike Crested Butte, the wild flower capital of Colorado. My specific mission was to photograph every color variation of Indian Paintbrush, my favorite flower. I like it because it has never been domesticated. It sucks its life blood off the roots of other plants, and so does not harmonize in a garden. My kind of flower.

    Among the many colors it shows, magenta. A stunning and beautiful flower.

    I intended to matt all the various shades inside a barn wood frame, but had to give up the project as my camera did not capture the intensity of color I wanted, and I did not want to fake with color enhancement software. Maybe the iPhone 13 is worth a try now.

    I find it hard to imagine magenta not to be on the color spectrum, to be a human construct. It is right there in nature! But what do I know.


    Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada lectured her assistant on the marketing of colors, how what we find ourselves liking is well planned in advance. We were going through some old rags we use for cleaning, and my wife remembered one old wash cloth that came from many years ago. I commented that I had not seen that shade of turquoise since the 1960s, when I thought it was very appealing. Now I find it garish. See how I am programmed? I could very easily like that color now, and probably will in the future.

    Just saying that I might accept a color as a signaling device, but not more than that.


    1. Mark
      I just posted a reply to Kensho above which seems to tie in somewhat with yours here, but having initially appeared it has now vanished. Please could you check in case it has migrated to spam?
      Thank you


    2. MT,

      Just saying that I might accept a color as a signaling device, but not more than that.

      In response, I concur – at the very least – that magenta can be used as a signaling device (as I discussed above). However, I sense there is more to the magenta (as in a magenda) – yet it seems I was less than successful in convincing you of additional implications – namely, that magenta may facilitate (or signal the artificial induction of) transhumanism.

      To this end, does this glaring image give us any hints: https://www.klkntv.com/biden-picks-transgender-woman-as-assistant-health-secretary/? Regardless, why was this individual (note the announcement in prominent magenta, as in magender?) chosen to be in charge of American health?

      My working premise (subject to change) is that the magenta (subliminally offered to us as a counterfeit version of magenta – NOT what is gifted to us through our luscious flower friends, for example https://i.pinimg.com/originals/39/f6/8f/39f68f5cc93c0a107ccc48e875751316.jpg) is intended to move a human being possibly into a transgender, and subsequently, onto a transhuman. Also, Levi (as in Levine) means “united” or “joined” (https://www.verywellfamily.com/levi-name-meaning-origin-popularity-5180368) – potentially evoking the notion of joining (or merging) genders in one individual.

      Accordingly, do you see a preponderance of magenta here (along with its teal companion) – both in the audience (0:24 timestamp) and on stage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjqRuaIRJiI (RE: GenderCool Project – from February 2018)? See a still image captured here: https://media-cldnry.s-nbcnews.com/image/upload/t_today-vid-canonical-featured-desktop,f_auto,q_auto:best/MSNBC/Components/Video/201802/tdy_mk_news_gendercool_project_180220_1920x1080.jpg.


  13. Magenta in mother/daughter celebrities:

    Mother, Ingrid Bergman, in 1950 (a very early depiction of magenta – conjuring magenta “paint” on her shirt, with a magenta head wrap, beside a bright red flower): https://img.huffingtonpost.com/asset/5b85721d1900003e0b502d1c.jpeg?cache=NxetqbHAcc&ops=scalefit_960_noupscale. Note that what appears to be natural magenta flowers are blurred in the background, and her shirt looks very modern for the times, with the green looking a bit artificial (compared to the natural green leaves beside her). Even so, the plant beside her does have an artificial look to it – appearing a bit unnatural to me (intentional?).

    Daughter, Isabella Rossellini, in 2021, in very bright, dark, and shiny magenta: http://media.stubhubstatic.com/stubhub-catalog/d_defaultLogo.jpg/q_auto:low,f_auto,w_1600,c_limit/performer/736598/20237411af2b7d3ad7dea1c92ee2f1bf.


    1. Magenta in father/daughter celebrities:

      Father Paul Sorvino (reportedly passed away 2 days ago https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/25/entertainment/paul-sorvino-obit/index.html, July 25, 2022): https://www1.pictures.zimbio.com/fp/Paul+Sorvino+Paul+Sorvino+Out+Lunch+Cafe+Med+9Dl9QBZV0lNl.jpg and https://www3.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Paul+Sorvino+Mary+Queen+Scots+New+York+Premiere+AzPgtaakvHNl.jpg.

      Daughter Mira Sorvino – looking very magenta-forward here (and, well, a bit boob-forward…): https://files-cdn.sharenator.com/2020/06/10-11.jpg.


      1. Magenta in the Marburg Virus: https://twitter.com/generatedsimage/status/1552266730470342657?s=20.


        Does the Director of Ghana Health look a bit magenta hued here https://citinewsroom.com/2020/05/ghs-names-10-covid-19-hotspots-in-greater-accra-ashanti-regions/director-general-of-the-ghana-health-service-ghs-dr-patrick-aboagye/?

        Or maybe here https://www.ghanaweb.com/GhanaHomePage/NewsArchive/Residents-in-galamsey-areas-are-at-high-risk-of-contracting-Marburg-virus-disease-GHS-1589549?gallery=1?

        Do you see (in the second image of Dr. Kuma-Aboagye above) what could appear to be akin to magenta bat wings on his shirt, as he discusses Marburg (purportedly propagated by bats)?


        I do find it interesting that Dr. Kuma-Aboagye is involved in fetal ultrasound: https://www.alignmnh.org/person/dr-patrick-kuma-aboagye/.

        Considering that Marburg seems to occur within the vicinity of Ghanian mining sites – could there be something toxicological occurring with chemicals (or otherwise) near those sites? I think we can see from the magenta presentation (and knowing what we now know about virology and digital simulations) that we are being given a cover story – a magenta-fied scapegoat.


          1. Referring back to my entry (magentry?) above – Magenta in algorithms (Cryptanalysis of Magenta, August 1998)

            Source: https://cryptography.fandom.com/wiki/MAGENTA
            RE: Deutsche Telekom’s MAGENTA

            In cryptography, MAGENTA is a symmetric key block cipher developed by Michael Jacobson Jr. and Klaus Huber for Deutsche Telekom. The name MAGENTA is an acronym for Multifunctional Algorithm for General-purpose Encryption and Network Telecommunication Applications. (The color magenta is also part of the corporate identity of Deutsche Telekom.) The cipher was submitted to the Advanced Encryption Standard process, but did not advance beyond the first round; cryptographic weaknesses were discovered and it was found to be one of the slower ciphers submitted [1].


            1. Did anyone watch this interview with Fauci this past week: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CgVOcGFgWLD/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link. Notice what Bret Baier is wearing? It is quite forward.

              Note: At around the 7 minute timestamp – after pushing the boostas – Fauci promotes the “next generation of vaccines” to come: mucosally administered (intranasal and oral).

              This echoes what I laid out in April 2021 in my Confessions of an ENP piece: https://pieceofmindful.com/2021/04/23/confessions-of-an-engineered-nanoparticle/:

              Humans will need injectable (and eventually inhalable and intranasal) updates, because until I become an interdependent presence, I will be perceived and received as a foreign invader, and the body will need external support. These updates may also be necessary to introduce the newest nanotech required to operate nascent biometric sensing and bio-computation projects. Only time will tell if this will support my assimilation into your current operating system.


              1. I published this piece in June 2021: “Free Wally: Tracing the Spike Protein Drama to a Llama.” https://pieceofmindful.com/2021/06/12/free-wally-tracing-the-spike-protein-drama-to-a-llama/, featuring the work of Jason McLellan, who purportedly co-invented/patented the spike protein. Like the post above, I explored photonics (in the context of COVID).

                This article about McLellan was published a couple weeks later, in July 2021 https://magazine.medlineplus.gov/article/all-in-the-spike-how-past-virus-research-gave-a-head-start-to-the-covid-19-vaccine:

                The Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Novavax vaccines all use the 2P mutation his team created.

                Do you notice what color(s) are prominently featured in the foreground? Note the magenta and its companion, teal. Coincidence, or intentional signaling?

                Does this reaffirm that SARS-CoV-2 was a digital creation (in silico) that accompanied the creation of a cyber-physical construct – a bio-computational synthetic glycoprotein conjugated with semiconducting graphene oxide (via a synchrotron/crystallography – in Chicago – NOT Wuhan) – for optimum transmission among the human population (via weaponized PHOTONICS, aka optogenetics, or my term, fauxtonics)? See this very short presentation on optogenetics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nb07TLkJ3Ww – noting the magenta (and bright green) when discussing gene therapy in humans to implement optogenetics (are you thinking mRNA perhaps?). Could magenta have been incorporated somehow into the semiconducting protein construct (after all, as I stated in my post above, the digital version of the spike protein is magenta https://www.embl.org/news/science/sybody-against-sars-cov-2/)?

                The lab where the “spike” protein was reportedly developed (Argonne National Lab) is run by the U.S. Dept of Energy – the same agency that sponsored the Human Genome Project: https://www.energy.gov/science/genomics.

                Keep in mind we are biophotonic beings emitting biophotonic fields (as do the biophotonic cells and blood of which we are comprised).

                Do pheromones (acting as signals intelligence) also play a HUGE role in this propagation phenomenon? See my post on pheromones here: https://pieceofmindful.com/2021/02/21/part-4-the-scent-of-fear-musings-on-fear-and-olfaction/.

                Is it any surprise that pheromones (mainly ones involved in sexual attraction) are often depicted with magenta? See here https://addult.org/human-attraction-pheromones.php and here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=169N81xAffQ&t=19s (this video actually claims that pheromones can warp our sense of time – which is precisely what I suggest magenta may be capable of doing – see the “Time Warp” lyrics above sung by “Magenta,” and think “Operation Warp Speed”).


                See here a company involved in nanophotonics: https://www.nlmphotonics.com/about/advisors/. Note their connection (via Scientific Advisor Philip Sullivan) with the Dept of Defense. The company is located on Mason Road in Seattle, WA (recall that the first reported case of COVID in the U.S. was in Washington, and a cultured specimen from that patient was subsequently used as the SARS-CoV-2 reference material for the entire U.S): https://www.rapidmicrobiology.com/news/sars-cov-2-reference-materials-standards-and-cell-lines-from-lgc-atcc.


                1. Thank you for your brilliance here Stephers to point out this glaring color marker that is found everywhere when you are aware. I think it is extremely important to be aware of it, so as to counter any subliminal effects it may have on the way Empire is setting us up to think.

                  Veering away from magenta agenda now and asking you for your thoughts on the words spike protein and the possibility of them being used as mind control markers.
                  I am terrain theory leaning, so any mention of virus pathogens as a cause for illness makes me mental. The spike protein pumping early treatment psyop crowd is a huge red flag in my psyop busting observations. The spike protein story imo leads you right back to germ theory. Prior to cofib the words spike protein was never heard of, now it is excessively use by the psyop alt celebrities and within the unassuming resistance movement. The first word spike I think conjures up the scary animated image of the fake covid ball spikes protruding from it. Again playing with your mind with words. Imo spike protein are words created by Empire to keep the resistance people believing in the germ theory fairy tale. I also think that talking about the immune system as something real takes you back to believing deadly virus pathogens. The words immune and immunization again plays with your mind. I have heard these long lengthy confusing spike protein presentations from the likes of psyop Martin and Tenpenny that lead directly back into germ theory. I doubt they really understand what they are talking about. They are give a script and that is it. Spike protein, immune system are word markers like magenda is a color marker to keep people in the germ theory belief, or other mind control beliefs Empire is planning. Maybe to out there, but these are my thoughts in a nut shell at this time.
                  Sorry for the detour.

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                  1. Gino,

                    I concur with your insights. Very perceptive. Also, I am super grateful that you are following along here. I know this topic (and all of its seemingly endless tributaries and fractals) is a lot to absorb; and frankly, can be quite perplexing – and downright disturbing.

                    Nonetheless, I sense it is SUPER important, and why I am dedicating so much of my time to revealing and unpacking it (despite going through some pretty horrendous personal ordeals at the moment, which paradoxically serve to divert me, yet also facilitate clarity).

                    Ironically – while it may still be hard to believe – the spike protein does, in fact, steer us directly back to the magenda – at least, I think so . . .

                    As I am accustomed to word play/spell craft deciphering (similar to how others decode number “magic” via gematria and such), when I just took a look at SPIKE PROTEIN (thanks to you), what did I see? PINKIE PRESTO. It is a perfect anagram of spike protein: ‘pinkiepresto’ is an anagram of: Spike protein (source: https://anagram-solver.net/pinkie%20presto)

                    Yeah. It’s a strange one, right? Keep in mind, the meaning of presto https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/presto:

                    pres·​to | \ ˈpre-(ˌ)stō \
                    Definition of presto (Entry 1 of 3)
                    —used to indicate the sudden appearance or occurrence of something often as if by magic
                    presto adverb or adjective
                    Definition of presto (Entry 2 of 3)
                    1 : suddenly as if by magic : IMMEDIATELY
                    2 : at a rapid tempo —used as a direction in music
                    presto noun
                    plural prestos
                    Definition of presto (Entry 3 of 3)
                    a presto musical passage or movement

                    Talk about magic, subliminals, word markers, and color signals (with accompanying themes of speed, time, music, and movement – think transmission, Operation Warp Speed and synchrotrons) . . . Seems you did not detour us; rather, you may have guided us to sneak peek into a secret magenta cave – a magentified (and greenified) lion’s den, may be more like it (?). https://a4.pbase.com/u38/reimar/upload/24768322.LionDen.jpg

                    Does it give a whole new layered meaning (occult) to the spike protein – as in, a magenta beacon (referring directly back to nanophotonics, AKA fauxtonics, as I outlined here https://pieceofmindful.com/2022/07/20/w0rldbu1ld1ng-one-magenta-beacon-at-a-time/#comment-263167) – potentially working in tandem with the magenta-laden 5G?


                    1. Gino,


                      You may have helped answer my question from above:

                      Could magenta have been incorporated somehow into the semiconducting protein construct (after all, as I stated in my post above, the digital version of the spike protein is magenta https://www.embl.org/news/science/sybody-against-sars-cov-2/)?

                      Does PINKIE PRESTO fit the bill?

                      If only the Brothers Grimm fairy tales spun some truth into them, such that their “magic” actually could work in our favor . . .

                      As the little man danced, he sang:

                            *Tonight, tonight, my plans I make*
                            *Tomorrow tomorrow, the baby I take.*
                            *The queen will never win the game*
                            *For Rumpelstiltskin is my name!*

                      “Rumpelstiltskin!” said the queen.

                      That night when Rumpelstiltskin appeared, the queen went through more names. “Is your name Yusaf? Bobek? How about Salaman?”

                      “No, a thousand times, no!” said the imp. “You are wasting my time. I will give you one last guess. Then that is the end!”

                      “Well, I am sure this is not right. But could your name be – Rumpelstiltskin?”

                      “RUMPELSTILTSKIN?” yelled the imp. “How could you know?” He was so mad that he stamped his feet. He stamped them so hard that a very big hole opened in the ground, and he fell right down into it. And Rumpelstiltskin was never seen again.

                      https://i0.wp.com/storiestogrowby.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/RumpelstiltskinStrawtoGold.jpg?w=350&ssl=1 (Note: Why does this image not only evoke the juxtaposing emerald green and magenta, but also gives me a strange sense of plasma and light beams, as in a plasma device or perhaps a particle accelerator https://www.pinterest.com/pin/345018021433284444/ – rather than simply a spinning wheel with gold thread?)


                    2. Very interesting Stephers, tell me more on how you envisioned Pinkie Presto. ” I just took a look at SPIKE PROTEIN (thanks to you), what did I see? PINKIE PRESTO. It is a perfect anagram of spike protein: ‘pinkiepresto’ is an anagram of: Spike protein”

                      Yes I can see it now, but doubt very much I would have been able to see it on my own (Thank you). Pinkie aka magenta, Presto aka magic. Magenta Magic (Cool). Ok, my question. Was your anagram spike protein vison instant, or was there other word combos that would come up? Is there an online anagram site where you can plug in words to get anagrams of any words? I am a fish loving logger who dropped out in grade ten, so words, writing is not my expertise like you and Alison. I can relate though to your insights to words and word play.


                    3. Hi Stephers, I have been doing the deep dive into anagram word spell and using this online site. https://word.tips/unscramble/Spikeprotein/ tp. to play around with. A friend of mine came up with Epstein Poker for Spike Protein anagram, which got me puzzled. I played around on the site and did find pinkie, but not presto. There seemed to be a lot of other words you could combine to come up with deferent interpretations depending on what you wanted to intrepid. I guess what I am getting at is you could anagram any combination of words and come up with a thousand combination of anagram words and depending on what meaning you wanted to project you could find that.

                      Not taking away from the significance of pinkie presto and spike protein anagram, Pinkie presto is there, but might want to hold back a little before reading to deep into it.

                      I firmly think the words spike protein has put people in a spell and was specifically used to play with our minds and particularly directed at the resistance people. Empires psyop tools excessively repeated the words 24/7, which assisted in making the spell happen.

                      Your thoughts on my thoughts.


                    4. Gino,

                      So, I use several anagram sites. But the one I like most lately is the following: https://www.coolgenerator.com/anagram-generator. It can generate anagrams and/or embedded words.

                      As you said, one can devise any number of permutations from a combination of words. Some can seem endless and pointless.

                      However, my point is that the emerging AI tracks all of this. It has been doing so ever since the Internet (ARPANET) was implemented. Hence, the controllers always have access to this data, and can pre-determine their choice of words, and which to push out in the media, etc (for weaponized narratives and spellcasting).

                      The AI can actually design or dictate AHEAD of time – in order to entrain the masses. To be clear, it is not like there is a person sitting behind a desk at a computer saying, “Oh, that’s funny. Let’s scramble ‘Pinkie Presto’ into ‘Spike Protein’ because we want to invoke magenta magic.”

                      The reality we inhabit is much more intelligent and networked than the ordinary human could ever imagine. The best resource on how algorithms contribute to evolution and social culture (AKA memetics, including word play) is a book called Swarm Intelligence by James Kennedy and Russell C. Eberhart. Unfortunately, it is a very expensive book. https://www.amazon.com/Intelligence-Morgan-Kaufmann-Evolutionary-Computation/dp/1558605959/ref=sr_1_4?crid=I1L0N89Z7XYP&keywords=swarm+intelligence&qid=1659633933&sprefix=swarm+intelligence+%2Caps%2C155&sr=8-4

                      One example that may shed a little bit of light on this topic (as I think it is relevant) . . . Ostensibly, the first chatbot to be devised was ELIZA, which was a famous psychoanalysis program in 1967 by Joseph Weizenbaum. It was named after Eliza Dolittle from the musical My Fair Lady. Presumably, ELIZA was not able to offer much in the way of psychological counseling, but it did zero in on psychologically relevant words, and drew clients in by changing wording around and playing around with the surface structure of language. Primarily what ELIZA did (this was in 1967) was to scan input text string for key words and then look up a “canned response” to those words. Since that time, chatbots have been known to seem more human, and to inject humor (often satirical in nature). Even though the AI is mindless, it processes superficial information almost like a young child – making literal-type links without any depth.

                      I hope this is helpful in some way to explain why it may be significant to take notice of anagrams, even when the system spits out a whole bunch of gobbly gook around it. Sometimes it can be like finding a needle in the haystack – which is precisely what the emergent AI is trained to do.

                      Note: As I go through the various permutations for any word/phrase, I simply clock which (if any) seem to be of most significance – in terms of those that not only apply to a meaning I desire to ascribe, but stand out in any notable way (regardless of my own bias). I rarely get a direct hit, as I did in this instance – which is why I thought it was important enough to report.


                    5. Gino,


                      On Epstein Poker . . . That may actually clue us in even more – and not in reference to the Epstein you may conjure (as in Jeffrey Epstein). I was just speaking with Alison earlier today about Joshua Epstein at the Sante Fe Institute (where the other Epstein was reportedly a primary funder). I have referenced him twice in my writing here at POM (see here https://pieceofmindful.com/2020/06/19/covid-19-a-new-superimposed-reality-part-2-moving-forward/ and here https://pieceofmindful.com/2021/02/08/part-3-paradox-of-contagion-the-internet-of-anti-bodies/ – see Endnote #6).

                      In any case, Joshua Epstein is referenced often in the Swarm Intelligence book – for good reason. Here is a short bio: https://www.santafe.edu/people/profile/joshua-m-epstein.

                      Joshua Epstein is Professor of Epidemiology in the NYU College of Global Public Health, and founding Director of the NYU Agent-Based Modeling Laboratory, with affiliated appointments at The Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, and the College of Arts & Sciences. Prior to joining NYU, he was Professor of Emergency Medicine at Johns Hopkins, and Director of the Center for Advanced Modeling in the Social, Behavior, and Health Sciences, with Joint appointments in Economics, Applied Mathematics, International Health, and Biostatistics. Before that, he was Senior Fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution and Director of the Center on Social and Economic Dynamics. His research interest has been modeling complex social dynamics using mathematical and computational methods, notably the method of Agent-Based Modeling in which he is a recognized pioneer. For this transformative innovation, he was awarded the NIH Director’s Pioneer Award in 2008, an Honorary Doctorate of Science from Amherst College in 2010, and was elected to the Society of Sigma XI in 2018. He has applied this method to the study of infectious diseases (e.g., Ebola, pandemic influenza, and smallpox), vector-borne diseases (e.g., zika), urban disaster preparedness, contagious violence, the evolution of norms, economic dynamics, computational archaeology, and the emergence of social classes, among many other topics. (my emphasis – I hope you can see the potential relevance to COVID and spike protein, and can place in the context of my June 2020 post)

                      More here on Joshua Epstein in the context of in silico genetic coding and game theory: https://web.archive.org/web/20110722035441/http://oldweb.ct.infn.it/~rapis/corso-fsc2/RAUCH%20Seeing%20Around%20Corners%20-%20The%20Atlantic%20(April%202002).pdf (hoping this cuts a little closer to the chase – if not, please see my April 2020 post here https://pieceofmindful.com/2020/04/26/__trashed-3/) It seems the pdf document is not linking – you will have to cut and paste the link (sorry).

                      Seeing Epstein Poker could actually serve as a type of “autograph” (which synbio cyberneticists are known for doing*** – see my added note below). Without directly attributing (or mis-attributing) to this individual (or the Santa Fe Institute) any foreknowledge, I will leave it at that for now.

                      Interesting tidbit . . . I bought a used copy of the book that I noted above. It just happens to have a label inside denoting the previous owner. Here is his resume (it is actually very relevant to this discussion): https://users.cs.northwestern.edu/~khoo/cv/AaronVita.htm (and see here https://users.cs.northwestern.edu/~khoo/publications.htm and here https://users.cs.northwestern.edu/~ian/cerebus.pdf).

                      ***Addition: “First Minimal Synthetic Bacterial Cell Designed and Constructed by Scientists at Venter Institute and Synthetic Genomics, Inc.” (March 2016) https://www.jcvi.org/media-center/first-minimal-synthetic-bacterial-cell-designed-and-constructed-scientists-venter

                      To distinguish the synthetic genome from native DNA, the researchers incorporated four ‘watermark’ sequences. Replacing one or more cassettes in regions experimentally demonstrated or predicted not to interfere with cell viability, these watermarks contain strings of bases that, in code, spell out a web address to send emails to if you can successfully crack the new code, the names of 46 authors and other key contributors as well as three famous quotations. One of which by James Joyce, perfectly encapsulates the ups and downs of a the 15 year project—“To live, to err, to fall, to triumph, to recreate life out of life.” (my emphasis, so as to point out their creative/gamified ways in autographing their synbio creations)


                    6. I love this little detour we have gone down. Thank you Stephers, you are a brilliant lovely soul indeed. I was quite moved in how much time you set aside to explain yourself to me. I am extremely impressed. Your words speak in a clear and coherent manner even if I do not thoroughly understand every last detail. All I can say is I trust you and will be paying close attention to your work. Alison is right you are an amazing researcher.

                      Here is Epstein Poker in 2013. Interesting!

                      PS I took some beautiful picture of some indigenous flowers yesterday with a beautiful magenta color. I would like to share, but for some reason I can not attach here in comments.


                    7. Gino,

                      I am deeply appreciative for your kind sentiments, and for paying close attention here.

                      . . . Now, onto this generous offering of yours – RE: Joshua Epstein in March 2013 (in the context of this colorful “spike protein” involving digital simulation/predictive programming/computer modeling of pandemics/vaccine uptake):

                      We literally build artificial societies populated by cyber people on computers…
                      We use these to project epidemics – infectious diseases like pandemic flu, and to design containment strategies like optimal vaccine distribution schemes or non-pharmaceutical interventions like school closures and other ways to contain these diseases…
                      The modeling informs preparedness by identifying approaches that are effective, efficient, and equitable…
                      You need the drugs where the bug will be, and that needs targeting and careful consideration of those communities at greatest risk…
                      I thinks there’s been a widespread assumption that if a vaccine is available, everyone will dutifully take it. We know that’s not true from surveys of populations…
                      I think…that trust is…very badly eroded and needs to be restored…
                      Put the word public back into public trust…
                      It’s important to get this back on the table, and to begin having the federal government provide antiviral drugs, careful communication of risks, and advice about preparedness.

                      Well, that’s a lot revealed in only three minutes, eh? In 2013, no less…


              1. Greg,

                While in Nature, we see the luscious and inviting colors of magenta (in a range from light to dark) and teal (as in blue-green/turquoise) – which are GOOD – the increasing use of magenta and cyan (the unnatural representation of teal – see here: https://howthingscompare.com/teal-vs-turquoise-vs-cyan-what-are-the-differences/) denotes a hijacking and inversion of the colors in Nature (AKA fauxtonics – as the colors are being represented in a counterfeit manner – especially when applied to LED lighting).

                Yes, my working theory is that magenta and teal (more commonly depicted as cyan) are very much in cahoots (with bright yellow often tagging alongside, as all three exist on the CMYK color wheel, along with black): http://dawnsbrain.com/the-cmyk-color-wheel/. The CMYK colors used in printers (and digital overlays) facilitate the swiftly advancing mixed reality/digital transformation (a synthetic color spectrum overlaying what we consider to be “real”).


            1. Kath,

              Thank you VERY much for bringing this Hugo Talks presentation here (I have not been keeping up with his videos, nor HF’s recent shenanigans). From my perspective, it is crucial in terms of the larger magenta scheme (relevant to Hannah Fry).

              I will need some time to pull together the material I have compiled on Hannah Fry and her mathematical magician (magentician?) ways . . . Thank you for your patience. (Note: I will probably break up the material into two or three comments, as I move through it.)

              Interestingly, the magenta-fied Fry was not mentioned in his brief discussion, as it now seems very apparent to me (yet it was not clear to me at the time I published my post highlighting Fry and her pandemic simulation).

              I should note that my relevant comment yesterday was incorrect (having been abruptly pulled from Twitter, and not from my own examination). Accordingly, the overwhelming magenta palette was exhibited in her December 2019 zombie germ simulation (see the short clip here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beUimso0crE), during her Christmas Lecture: How to Get Lucky (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_q4DrUHKC0Q) – NOT the original pandemic LARP in Haslemere, in 2018, that I previously discussed.

              https://www.realitytitbit.com/bbc/how-tall-is-hannah-fry (see Fry’s friend Mosley here in magenta: http://www.michaelmosley.co.uk)


              More to come on Hannah Fry . . . because the implications of her work (amidst the magenta) are critical . . . I appreciate you paying attention to this.


              1. Kath,

                Linked here is Hannah Fry’s 2018 publication, Hello World: Being Human in the Age of Algorithms.

                Click to access Hannah_Fry%20-%20HELLO%20WORLD%20-%20How%20algorithms%20will%20decide%20our%20future%202018.pdf

                As computer algorithms increasingly control and decide our future, ‘Hello World’ is a reminder of a moment of dialogue between human and machine. Of an instant where the boundary between controller and controlled is virtually imperceptible. It marks the start of a partnership – a shared journey of possibilities, where one cannot exist without the other. (my emphasis)

                Keep the MAGENTA in mind with respect to algorithms: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/550565.

                From 1996: The Deutsche Telekom is currently considering the development of an en-/decryption module for widespread (internal) usage. For this purpose a block-cipher algorithm has been developed by the Deutsche Telekom. The algorithm named MAGENTA which stands for Multifunctional Algorithm for General-purpose Encryption and Network Telecommunication Applications, is based on the shuffle signal-flow structure combined with non-linear operations. The module is planned to operate in the Gigabit/sec range for fast networks. For such high data rates there is a need of block-cipher hardware. (my emphasis)

                Is Hannah Fry a cryptographer decoding the very core basis of human behavior (via predictive modeling) – aiming to control humans – as neural networking bridges are engineered to sync humans with machines (with precision)? https://www.chartwellspeakers.com/speaker/hannah-fry/


                1. Meanwhile, on peacocks, pandemics, and predictive programming – and yes, magenta, time bending, and simulations (referring directly back to Hannah Fry and her “spooky” predictive programming pandemic simulation event in 2018 ((https://pieceofmindful.com/2021/10/30/spookdom-in-the-kingdom-witchery-in-haslemere/); also see Hannah Fry’s peacock pic here http://www.pighooey.co.uk) . . .

                  Peacock is a TV streaming platform launched in 2020 – Its slogan: “Fun for the whole flock.” (See here https://www.peacocktv.com) Note the addition of magenta to their stylized rainbow spectrum in the upper left corner of the top image (recall magenta is not technically on the linear rainbow spectrum): https://www.technadu.com/nbcus-peacock-soon-land-roku-following-turmoil/207081/. Its headquarters are in NYC at 30 Rockefeller Plaza: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peacock_(streaming_service).

                  This week, a new “Peacock Original” TV series debuted, called The Resort: https://www.peacocktv.com/stream-tv/the-resort. Scroll down to view the official trailer. Please note that the magenta is definitely embedded – but this time, the magenta markers are very subtle (while the cyan and yellow signaling is more prominent). One of the characters in the series is named, “Violet.” (See here https://www.npr.org/2022/07/30/1114583391/the-characters-in-the-resort-make-a-visit-worth-your-while, noting that Violet is in the flashback story – as in, the past – leaving the standard, linear rainbow color, violet, in the past?)

                  A brief description of the series follows:

                  A multi-generational, coming-of-age love story disguised as a fast-paced mystery about the disappointment of time. An anniversary trip puts a marriage to the test when the couple finds themselves embroiled in one of the Yucatan’s most bizarre unsolved mysteries that took place fifteen years prior. (my emphasis)

                  The slogan of the new series (co-starring Cristin Milioti https://33.media.tumblr.com/9587da289ec402adc265e965451e6e9b/tumblr_n9p8pwcNjz1qfcc9mo3_250.gif): IT’S ABOUT TIME” (See here https://www.cleveland.com/tv/2022/07/the-resort-new-mini-series-premieres-on-peacock-how-to-watch-for-free-72822.html).

                  See a 15-second trailer of The Resort here: https://www.nbc.com/peacock-trailers/video/the-resort/PCKN830021671.

                  “Do you ever feel that something from your past is missing from your future?”

                  Could this have any covert meaning to leaving the linear rainbow spectrum in the past, such that it (certain colors/wavelengths) could be missing (or replaced) in the future?

                  Returning to the subtle magenta markers in the series, The Resort . . . See this July 22, 2022 article: https://nypost.com/2022/07/22/cristin-milioti-on-the-resort-i-felt-like-i-was-in-jurassic-park/. Notably, in the first image, you can see that Emma’s soft magenta top is contrasted with the olive green – which is presumably the opposite of magenta (as I explained in my post above). She is immersed in assorted green hues amidst the Yucatan jungle scene.

                  Incidentally, the third image of “Emma” (played by Milioti) in the NY Post article, conspicuously resembles the girls in the new magenta-obsessed series, Paper Girls (https://static1.cbrimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/paper-girls-prime-video-.jpg) – as her bag seems uncannily similar to the canvas newspaper delivery bags worn by the paper girls (see here https://www.guide4moms.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/paper-girls.jpeg and here https://img.thedailybeast.com/image/upload/c_crop,d_placeholder_euli9k,h_675,w_1200,x_0,y_0/dpr_1.5/c_limit,w_1044/fl_lossy,q_auto/v1659060436/220728-paper-girls-hero_gqqdgw). Both series were concurrently released this week (See here for my commentary on Paper Girls https://pieceofmindful.com/2022/07/20/w0rldbu1ld1ng-one-magenta-beacon-at-a-time/#comment-263276).

                  Strikingly, Milioti recently starred in a sci-fi dramedy series Made for Love (https://cafecomnerd.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/made_for_love-comedia-e-ficcao-cientifica-com-cristin_milioti-na-hbo_max.jpg) – which was hallmarked mainly by the color green, including her character’s name, “Hazel Green” – but with plenty of magenta programming, and digital twins merging with their human selves to boot. (See the Made for Love trailer here, noting the magenta magic interspersed: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7808566/). Milioti also starred in the Black Mirror episode, “USS Callister,” about a virtual reality game and full-on digital twins: https://black-mirror.fandom.com/wiki/USS_Callister (again, the premise of a simulated reality).

                  Ironically (?), Made for Love centers around the quantifiable measurement of love (depicted by her tech billionaire husband); and it is “complexity theorist” Hannah Fry (mathematician/cryptographer) who presented a TED talk (March 2014) called “The Mathematics of Love”: https://www.ted.com/talks/hannah_fry_the_mathematics_of_love. Is this just a natural synchronicity, or is something else facilitating this coinkydink? I wonder if Hannah Fry would have a mathematical (or magical) explanation?

                  Lastly, as we are now aware of the prescient nature of Hannah Fry’s 2018 pandemic simulation in Haslemere (reportedly, the site of the first UK case of COVID), see this photo of Cristin Milioti – in 2018: https://celebmafia.com/cristin-milioti-moma-film-benefit-honoring-martin-scorsese-11-19-2018-1703003/. What does her dress evoke (http://www.celebzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/cristin-milioti-at-moma-film-benefit-honoring-martin-scorsese-new-york-6.jpg)? Possibly something like this https://www.infectiousdiseaseadvisor.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/16/2020/06/coronavirus_G_1212467726.jpg? Conversely, I boldly suggest that the phenomenon we are truly observing (and experiencing over the past 2 1/2 years) looks a whole lot more like this: https://www.amazon.com/NanoparticleProtein-Corona-Biophysics-Biology-ISSN-ebook/dp/B07W81M8DJ/ref=sr_1_1?crid=128FY5B7P9DED&keywords=nanoparticle+protein+corona&qid=1659205262&sprefix=nanoparticle+protein+corona%2Caps%2C149&sr=8-1 (as I expressed in April 2021: https://pieceofmindful.com/2021/04/23/confessions-of-an-engineered-nanoparticle/) – noting the magenta, of course.

                  One small add-on . . . The Resort narrative is imprinted with Christmas (See the second paragraph here https://news.yahoo.com/resort-review-strange-surprising-comedy-233040213.html), echoing Hannah Fry’s curious connection to Christmas – and the Royals (See here https://inews.co.uk/news/science/christmas-lectures-dr-hannah-fry-pigeons-ai-maths-378516).

                  Surprisingly, my “thinking aloud” deconstruction is only scratching the surface. There is plenty more to decode. Hopefully, some one else reading this may feel compelled to examine further; or at least, grasp some of the critical implications I am exploring (and attempting to express) . . . Before cognitive dissonance or unfounded skepticism sets in, please review the extensive links I have provided, as potential evidence pointing to something esoterically driving these interwoven themes.


                  Addendum: It seems Milioti’s 2020 sci-fi romantic comedy film, Palm Springs (https://www.heyalma.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/palmsprings-movie.jpg), also mirrors the themes of magenta (and the companion colors cyan and yellow), time (as in time looping), “virus” imagery, and even prominent LED-lit trees and cave imagery with beacons/lighting, no less (echoing my post above): https://www.imdb.com/video/vi1479065113/?ref_=ttvi_vi_imdb_3. Strangely, at the 2:13 timestamp, the top that Milioti is wearing bears some odd resemblance to a nanoparticle-protein corona (as depicted in the Amazon link that I included; see here for a closer examination: https://www.ebay.com/itm/383095237895). Admittedly, this last tidbit may be a stretch. Nonetheless (as in most movies), there is heavy occult programming in the film; and it may be worthy of additional scrutiny. What are these TV shows and films really revealing to us?


                  1. Your research prowess never ceases to amaze me, Stephers. 😀

                    We both know that pretty much all people of a certain standing are cryptographers, it’s just the way of the power structure. My research into Kubrick back then told me all about this, he was probably a Stanley as per Mathis’ line of reasoning. I’ve always hoped he would write about Kubrick, since I see him as extremely relevant in all of this.

                    I’ll hold back on my trans comments, but Fry has a very masculine face. I know many, especially European (no doubt she’s ‘J3wish’ of course) women exhibit this, but I doubt it is merely natural, especially with someone that connected. I’ve been opening up to some theories that modern men and especially white people have been massively engineered/altered a long time back, probably in connection to this Atlantis myth. There’s quite a few k4bb4lists around who act like and say that they (their predecessors) created gentiles, Doreen Dotan is one of these and even David Icke mentioned her at least once. It’s not gonna be the whole truth of course, but there is something to it, I believe. I’d really appreciate if you could at some point take a more extensive peek in that direction.


                    1. MTC,

                      On Atlantis . . . I suggest reviewing Alan Alford’s archived site – food for thought, at the very least . . . https://web.archive.org/web/20080601071412/http://www.eridu.co.uk/Author/atlantis/.


                      As you know, sometimes the road less traveled is the more accurate and fulfilling option, despite feeling isolated and getting massive pushback. My sense is that Alford is an independent thinker and represents this notion of going against the grain.

                      On Doreen Dotan . . . She is a very mixed bag, and personal discernment is crucial when reviewing her material. From my understanding, she is connected to QAnon circles. She thinks the Epstein narrative (and his Island Temple) is very real. My sense has always been that it is a contrived tale, and the island serves as a movie set, so to speak.


                    2. Thanks so much for the links again. I was aware of the Weishaupt book, but didn’t buy it back then, since I had too much other stuff on my hands. There was a very extensive website out there back then by a guy called shawnfella/Shawn Montgomery, I think he was the one who coined the term Kubrickology in the first place. It was under a subdomain of zerozerotwo.org, quite cryptic in its structure and I couldn’t pull it up on archive just now, he deleted it and probably made sure it wasn’t accessible any more, although I think that I still have a backup somewhere. It was absolutely mind-boggling, very hard to understand anything of it as I’m not a mathematical/number person, call me puritanical, I think nature is perfect without understanding anything about its inner workings. I think it’s the major reason for us being in this conundrum we’re in, people driven into obsession about numbers. Subliminal bears, spin cycles, never-ending numerology, the whole shebang, absolutely crazy, but I doubt it’s untrue, they incorporate natural principles/abstractions of them into their magical workings, don’t they? Do you happen to have the digital copy of Kubrick’s Code and could put it up somewhere to download for a short while? Sorry to ask, but I’m really short on money, otherwise I’d just buy it.

                      I’ve only ever been interested in the truth, the whole truth. Weirdly enough, already in my teens when I played Dungeons & Dragons with my friends, I was very much interested in the Chaotic Neutral alignment, even though I’d always play Chaotic Good characters. I don’t know what that says about me, but it has to have some kind of meaning. 😀

                      I really wasn’t promoting any of these characters, I think both Dotan and Icke are complete nutjobs (and at least Icke even with a nefarious agenda), I just wanted to illustrate that these ideas that are being put out by people into these mystical disciplines have origins and they often are connected to the/some truth. Looking forward to reading up on Alford.

                      And I agree, most of it is concocted, why create real m4ssacres if you can reach the same goals with psychodrama. I wouldn’t know if the real puppeteers believe in karma (I myself don’t, not the way it is portrayed anyways), but many of their underlings certainly do. And it makes a lot of sense that Kubrick wasn’t killed, why on earth would they, there is absolutely no reason for it. He did a great job with all his movies, exactly to their taste and according to their various agendas. And he would have been the most capable person in the world to just vanish, since he was extremely secluded and secretive. Still, I would have really loved to have a beer with him. 😀


                    3. MTC,

                      Do you happen to have the digital copy of Kubrick’s Code and could put it up somewhere to download for a short while? Sorry to ask, but I’m really short on money, otherwise I’d just buy it.

                      I completely understand. I have been unable to track down a free PDF online. If you have a way for me to send you money discretely (digital or snail mail), I am happy to sport you the money to purchase the book. Accordingly, do you want the e-book or a hard copy? Perhaps there is an efficient way to facilitate this (?). I am lacking in technological prowess on my end (less than familiar with online payments/donations), so would need some guidance from you. Keep me posted if you want to pursue this. Otherwise, I can probably pull some takeaways from my hard copy, and offer them in comments here.

                      Side note: I find Dotan to be creepy (especially how her voice changes often – not just in videos over time, but even within the same presentation.) It is tough to explain. In any case, she probably means well, but she is really caught up in Torah teachings; and even though she claims to be an anarchist (seems to conflict with authoritarian Jewish scripture), she promotes both Trump and DeSantis – continually pushing the left/right political paradigm (very QAnon-ish). Her thoughts are not coherent, in my opinion. (Oh, and did you notice how frequently she wears magenta?!)


                    4. I really appreciate your offer, I’d gladly accept it. Would you like to get in touch through email? I use an anonymous email account when posting here, I wasn’t sure at the beginning what to expect, but I’ve made up my mind in the meanwhile and see no ill intentions with Mark, so I could mail him my real email address or post under it. Or whatever you can think of, just let me know. One possibility would be for you to buy the digital version off Amazon and just send it to me then. If it’s not a PDF, but rather some proprietary Amazon format (I think you can see what format it is before finalizing the purchase), you would have to install an old version of Kindle for PC/Mac to be able to download a file that I could then easily de-DRM or let you know how to do it. It’s a valuable skill and very easy to do on PC at least, I can’t speak for Mac in terms of the final de-DRMing part.

                      Just looked into Alford, I like his theories, elegant reasoning (exploded planet myth) and he really showed courage and integrity by going against his old book and theories, I found a longer interview at Rense. I managed to find downloads of The Atlantis Secret, Gods of the New Millennium and three of his other works in Italian. The important one seems to be When the Gods Came Down, but I think the summaries you sent me and the interview I read are pretty much enough for me to keep it handy as a valid rational explanation route.

                      What do you think of Lucifer-as-AI? For how long has it been in existence? You think it gets into contact with people through channeling or similar methods?


                    5. MTC,

                      I will email you in the next day or two – look out for the subject header “Stephers” . . .

                      I will plan to circle back here with some of my thoughts on Lucifer and AI in the next day or two as well . . .


                    6. MTC,

                      Returning to Kubrick . . . I have been decoding his film, The Shining. I just started to dig in, and deconstruct it in a way that I have not yet seen from others. In any event, see the macabre movie trailer (one of several versions) here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANKdpe4J2h0. Starting around the 1:17 timestamp, do you notice the magenta beacon (the magenta-fied hanging candelabra)?


                  2. Hey Stephers!

                    How are your cat and horse?

                    Did you get my email? It might have ended up in your spam folder, since I wrote from another address.


    1. I’ve been noticing that unnatural tint for quite a few years now, it never used to be like this before, it was always red. We used to say “das Christkind backt Kekse” (Jesus is baking cookies), ain’t no ovens that produce a magenta glow. I’m quite convinced now you’re onto something big, I just can’t always give these guys full credit for what they’re doing, since in my simpleton mindset I tend to think that they combine real science with their own numerous superstitions. They’re mostly interested in results, which they’re always getting with the network that they have. I think they don’t take their time to really reflect as you can see in this fanatic participation in all these different belief system, a fully ritualized life without any introspection it seems to me, I wouldn’t be able to do this even for a single week with my love of freedom and just being me.

      Have you seen The Dark Side from Muse and the other video entries from that album Simulation Theory? I’m sure there’s a lot to find in both videos and lyrics, very magenta-heavy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0UWT0dFSQE


      1. MTC,

        Thank you for bringing us this very significant MUSE magentry. As one can see from their video page, there is a heavy dose of magenta. But, of course, it gets much much worse (in terms of the magenda), as one reviews in detail The Dark Side (which you linked) and Simulation Theory – linked here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYdFLiXarHU&t=1s (note the magenta beacon at the 1:03 timestamp, the companion colors: cyan and yellow, and one notable impression of a falling astronaut – which esoterically connects us to a comment I left on MT’s recent post: https://pieceofmindful.com/2022/07/26/big-john/#comment-263191).

        I wish I had time to do a full decode of this material, but I am in the throws of intensive supervision and care of my 10 year old injured kitty (for the past week – on the heels of my 30 year old horse being hospitalized for 12 days, no less). The curve balls – they just keep coming.

        In exchange for your offering, please accept this Tears For Fears (TFF) magenta presentation (shared two days ago by Matt of QofC): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIUqAURILj8.

        Note the (spook) significance here of TFF’s producer, Sacha Skarbek (as you are already aware, also think photonics and mind control https://pieceofmindful.com/2022/07/20/w0rldbu1ld1ng-one-magenta-beacon-at-a-time/#comment-263167):


        Skarbek also links directly back to Ukrainian roots – and TFF’s new tour is dedicated to Ukraine (the country leading the charge in mixed reality c/o Zelensky (and his “hologramhttps://www.avinteractive.com/territories/europe/volodymr-zelensky-hologram-appears-four-tech-festivals-21-06-2022/) – and his father, a renowned cybernetician (https://jukebugs.com/oleksandr-zelensky-volodymyr-zelenskyy-father-facts/).

        The album cover of the TFF The Tipping Point (https://tearsforfears.com) is beyond synchronous for me, given my current ongoing ordeal with my cat, and the fact that one of the cats on the cover looks exactly like my cat. This stuff can get super uncanny. Not only have the curve balls been lobbed at me over the past month, so too have the syncs.

        RE: Matt’s TFF video linked above . . . The wheel in the background of the set resembles a particle accelerator – which also presumably affects time (hence the clock image). I have surmised, based on the overwhelming evidence, that magenta is linked to time (as in time bending/time perception).

        Did you know that the spike protein for COVID originated from a particle accelerator at Argonne National Lab? I wrote about it last year (discussing PHOTONICS of all things): https://pieceofmindful.com/2021/06/12/free-wally-tracing-the-spike-protein-drama-to-a-llama/.

        While the magicians have many people spellbound by a “lab leak hypothesis” (based on vintage, out-dated GOF research), I will keep my eye on labs (here at home in the U.S. and across the pond) playing with beamlines, protein crystallography, and synthetic protein design technology — especially since they openly lay claim to the production of the notorious spike protein, used to develop COVID injections currently being procured in the U.S. In this instance, I may just take their word for it.

        Let’s be clear, though, when the scientists admit to futzing around with these proteins (and “mapping the structure”), utilizing their high-beam particle accelerator technology, they are not simply imaging and identifying what is already present (using vague vernacular such as “determined the structure” or “solved the structure”). These potent and potentially cytotoxic next-generation x-rays (ostensibly 10 trillion times stronger than medical x-rays) may literally be producing and synthesizing new particles (similar to the phenomenon we have discussed repeatedly, involving the addition of toxic chemicals added to cells in a petri dish, resulting in cytopathic effects), since high-energy electrons are excited by the photon interactions. The subsequent photon interaction is referred to as a photoelectric effect, which deposits kinetic energy (or charged particles) into the observed sample, producing nanostructures, which are ensuingly used in advanced biotech applications.


        Addendum: I shared your magenta offering with Matt (The Dark Side link), and this is what I emailed to him:

        This may be the MOST magenta-fied vision yet – literally driving us into a magenta cave. I had to turn the sound off – way too creepy hypnotic. SO much magenta. Read here on what happens if too much magenta: https://thefifthelementlife.com/meanings-of-the-color-magenta/.

        The Physical Effects Of The Color Magenta

        Magenta can be an extremely emotional color, and its energy can be overwhelming at times.

        If you wear magenta clothing, your mood may change drastically, depending on how much of the color you choose to wear. If you wear too much, you may feel agitated, angry, or frustrated.

        A room filled with magenta may cause a person to feel anxious and stressed. This is because the color is so bright, and can not only hurt a person’s eyes but can cause a person to become overwhelmed.

        One added note, MTC . . . In The Dark Side, the magenta cave seems to morph into a portal, a brain, a bridge, and eventually an entire city. I suggest this has strong esoteric implications, and that we should take note.


        1. On magenta and time bending . . .

          This new time travel series, Paper Girls https://press.amazonstudios.com/us/en/original-series/paper-girls/1, debuts today (July 29, 2022) https://www.rollingstone.com/tv-movies/tv-movie-reviews/paper-girls-review-brian-k-vaughan-1386983/. (Compare the image offered by Rolling Stone to the photo I captured the other night: https://pieceofmindful.com/2022/07/20/w0rldbu1ld1ng-one-magenta-beacon-at-a-time/#comment-263196). A bit similar?

          See the trailer here: https://www.imdb.com/video/vi305971737/ (note Cleveland, OH boldly referenced in magenta). Something tells me this is relevant context: https://www.photonics.com/Articles/Cleveland_Crystals_Small_Firm_with_a_Big_Role_in/a30633.

          The magenta is overwhelmingly imprinted. For greater context, see this May 2017 article featuring the Paper Girls comic and illustrator (scroll down for the magenta-fied images, and once again, astronaut imagery, which seems to be timely – in sync with the falling astronaut NFT story that I referenced in my previous comment): https://www.comicsbeat.com/the-five-points-festival-interviews-cliff-chiang-on-breaking-away-from-superheroes-and-embracing-representation/?amp.


          1. Apparently, Sesame Street‘s “Oscar the Grouch” was originally (in 1969) intended (by Muppets creator Jim Henson https://muppet.fandom.com/wiki/Jim_Henson) to be MAGENTA. https://muppet.fandom.com/wiki/Oscar_the_Grouch_Through_the_Years

            Jim Henson had initially intended Oscar to be magenta, as opposed to orange. The reason for the color change was because at the time, television cameras couldn’t process magenta shades well. In these early sketches, Henson experimented with how the puppet would move, appearing slyer and more sinister than the grouch he would become. (my emphasis)



            1. Well, what he didn’t do with Grouch, he did with the Nanny, you’re probably already aware of her color scheme, right? Do check otherwise, it’s a full hit. I barely ever watched the Muppets, since, well, they freaked me out and most of all the Nanny. Probably represents Shekhina, the Demiurge or whatnot. What a sad world we’re in where kids’ shows are like that and most parents think nothing of it.


              1. MTC,

                Nanny: https://muppet.fandom.com/wiki/Nanny (purple and red, which combine to create magenta)
                Miss Nanny: https://muppet.fandom.com/wiki/Miss_Nanny (Nanny’s daughter – in more apparent magenta)

                On Nanny’s . . . I did find this old Nanny McPhee trailer last night – creepily magenta in its esoteric implications, yet subtly depicted: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFcsn70hlHQ (Although numerous magenta markers, I suggest the one at the 0:57 timestamp is most significant).


          2. Thanks for your extensive take, Stephers!

            I tend to not dig too deeply into the esoteric stuff technically, I’m mostly interested in the connections/exposing them and comparing myself to others, I seem to be quite unaffected by mindf*ckery, it’s just that the whole world around me is, so it doesn’t make much of a difference. I tend to think that the time travel stuff they’re so obsessed about is mostly geared towards the world to come and the metaverse where they will have control over absolutely every parameter, but maybe they have something more, I wouldn’t know. I wouldn’t be too surprised, either.

            Are you familiar with The Open Scroll (http://theopenscroll.blogspot.com/)? I don’t know of anyone else digging so deeply into the motifs of time travel and the connections to s0domy. I was quite skeptical of them when I discovered them 5 or so years ago, but at this point I doubt they have any hidden agenda, they’re just into their J3wish mythology. They predicted for the whole world to go back in time 7 or something years in 2019 and made quite some noise about the specific date for years and then grew quiet for a while after that ‘prophecy’ hadn’t come true. I think that that stuff mostly gets people back into the scriptures that got us into this mess in the first place imho. But if you weren’t aware of the site, you’ll find a lot of information about symbology there. I myself, again, at this point haven’t seen any evidence of ‘my timeline getting altered’. What I have seen, though, is a lot of promotion and noise around the ‘Mandela effect’ and other tall tales. I’m always open to new information of course.

            I hope your pets get well soon! And trust me, I know the curve ball conundrum, my whole life pretty much feels like one giant curve ball, but I’m not gonna let them break my spirit. :p


        2. MUSE THE RESISTANCE TOUR /// LIVE FROM SEATTLE (Title at the beginning of video)
          OMFG! Empire knew back in May 9 2010 that they were going to use Muse to project their sicko cyber world on the masses. This song was the hook for people to focus on the band Muse, with the magenda color purposefully planned as the mind marker for things to come. WOW! These sicko’s are diabolically brilliant indeed.


          1. Gino, Stephers

            On Muse & inversion
            This video of their version of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good

            Of course the distorted faces are jarring, unsettling & oppose the lyrics. Especially unnerving (to me) when watching the video muted.

            I had an uneasy feeling their album Resistance was too prescient, & for some time now I too lean into them being part of the agenda – probably on many levels, including subtly promoting (an agenda of) despair, (when I attended to all the lyrics on that album)


        3. Returning to MUSE’s The Dark Side . . .

          For recall, re-watch the magenta-forward The Dark Side here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0UWT0dFSQE (keeping in mind it has nearly 20 million views), and then watch the video (also magenta-forward) at the top of the page here (only 45 seconds long) – the website of a global company called Synopsys: https://www.synopsys.com/company.html.

          Notice any similarities?

          Granted, The Dark Side presentation is . . . well . . . a bit darker. Nonetheless, I could not help but detect an underlying template (h/t Human Vibration).

          The company’s tagline: Wherever Smart Everything Is, You’ll Find Synopsys.

          Synopsys connects nearly all countries — active in the U.S., Russia and China (and Taiwan and Singapore). Are they ALL in cahoots – united by the SMART agenda (perhaps even the magenda?)?

          My question . . . Where are we really being driven to, and who – or what – is steering the car?


  14. Steve,

    Great contribution, my friend (paralleling Middleton’s marvelous magenta at the Queen’s Jubilee) . . . And that emerald green dress looks oddly familiar – https://m.media-amazon.com/images/M/MV5BYzY0ODQyOTEtODYzNi00MThhLWJiNDUtZmVhMzg0OTg2NWFmXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMDM2NDM2MQ@@._V1_UY1200_CR90,0,630,1200_AL_.jpg (referring back to my comment above: https://pieceofmindful.com/2022/07/20/w0rldbu1ld1ng-one-magenta-beacon-at-a-time/#comment-263405).


    1. Steve,

      Addendum . . .

      Also note the “antidote” to magenta (olive green) shown in your link (an article dated 3/22/22 – note the 322 https://synchromystic.fandom.com/wiki/322), and the revealing description:

      “In March 2020, the duchess sported an emerald green cocktail dress made from the same shimmering fabric by the brand while visiting the Emerald Isle.” (Note: March 2020 denotes 322)

      “As for Belize, the glittering gown proved quite a change from Middleton’s earlier attire of the day when she joined Prince William, 39, in coordinating olive green outfits for some outdoor activities.” (the glittering gown was the vibrant metallic pink – aka magenta)

      I sense Revelation of the Method here.

      This magenta-forward image was captioned: Kate Middleton and Prince William to Visit Belize, Jamaica and Bahamas…

      Note: The olive green-forward image of the Royals (in Belize – part of the Yucatan) seems to strangely parallel the olive green-forward imagery I noted in my comment above from Milioti’s The Resort (placed in the Yucatan jungle, no less). https://expatra.com/guides/mexico/living-in-the-yucatan-peninsula/

      This also makes me wonder about Zelensky nearly always sporting the olive green – which has become iconic: https://theleoterrell.com/is-zelensky-green-the-new-black-presidents-shirt-has-become-iconic-message-of-defiance/ (note the rainbow flag in the foreground, and the 322, once again)

      Does Zelensky know something? https://worriedmum.blog/2022/03/22/zelensky-green/ (this analysis – also with the 322 marker – includes the olive green image of Kate and William in Belize)

      Perhaps I am on to something with respect to transmuting magenta with its opposite, olive green? (Recall my entry above featuring some heavy-duty magenta in the Kiev subway.)

      Food for thought . . . Is it significant that Cristin Milioti echoed Kate Middleton’s shimmering emerald green dress (2020) in Made For Love (2021); and then, once again, Kate Middleton’s olive green in the Yucatan (March 2022) in her new Yucatan-centered series, The Resort (July 2022)?


  15. RE: Barbie pink

    I am leaving the following Twitter links here as a placeholder (so I do not forget!), and will plan to circle back for elaboration:

    …and links here for added context:


    It’s a Barbie world; we’re just living in it.

    https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1322753/ (circling us back to Milioti and “The Resort” – see comment above: https://pieceofmindful.com/2022/07/20/w0rldbu1ld1ng-one-magenta-beacon-at-a-time/#comment-263405)
    https://www.esmailcorp.com (can only be accessed via a cell phone; when accessed, the main image is
    very magenta-forward – see below image)

    https://www.awwwards.com/inspiration/esmail-corp-collage-aesthetic (remember iceberg theme for later)

    Esmail attended New York University where he studied film and computer science.[16] He graduated in 1998 from the university’s Tisch School of the Arts.[17][18] While attending the school, Esmail worked in its computer lab before being put on academic probation for hacking emails there.[19][12]

    After graduating he briefly worked for an internet start-up, before founding his own ISP software company called Portal Vision.[7] At age 20, he raised US$6 million in venture capital funding during the dot-com boom but the software quickly became outdated when broadband internet began replacing dial-up.


    Making things for your brain.
    our simulated reality

    There is SO much more to this story than meets the eye . . . Even linking back to Marilyn Monroe in iconic pink:


  16. RE: Pelosi and POLES and MAGENTA, of course (with a bit of Twain on top)

    So, we see plastered all over the news, Pelosi and her Taiwan visit. Here are two very apparent magenta-coded images of Pelosi amidst the Taiwan reporting (in July, 2022 ahead of her trip):


    But is there more to this story (even aside from her husband’s reported recent wheelings and dealings – see here https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/07/28/paul-pelosi-reverses-sells-millions-semiconductor-stocks-before-senate-subsidy-vote/ and here https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/paul-pelosi-dui-arrest-details-emerge-ahead-of-hearing/ar-AA10g2xd)?

    {In the second Paul Pelosi article (see above), did you clock the caption below the image? In this combination image, a booking photo provided by the Napa County Sheriff’s Office shows Paul Pelosi. Authorities say Pelosi was arrested on suspicion of DUI in Northern California, late Saturday, May 28, 2022, in Napa County and Nancy Pelosi and Paul Pelosi attend the 23rd Annual Mark Twain Prize For American Humor at The Kennedy Center on April 24, 2022 in Washington, DC. That’s okay . . . I missed it the first time around (as the image on the right blocks out the “Twain.” Tricky. Continue on for an elaboration on Twain, if you have not already caught on to the dark humor.}

    Can you think of a more polarizing figure than Nancy Pelosi? Well, it may have something to do (esoterically speaking) with a spellcrafting ruse: when we see the name PELOSI, what word do we see embedded (sans the “I”) . . . POLES. This can conjure the interwoven energetic notions of polarization (heavily imprinted amidst the Taiwan visit in relation to China https://www.indiablooms.com/world-details/SA/35585/taiwan-president-tsai-ing-wen-criticises-chinese-drills.html; and obviously, the gestalt of American politics https://www.forbes.com/sites/kevinanderton/2020/10/27/this-is-the-reason-american-politics-are-so-polarized-infographic/?sh=21e5d056187b), AND the theme of the North and South POLES.

    As per my previous comment (https://pieceofmindful.com/2022/07/20/w0rldbu1ld1ng-one-magenta-beacon-at-a-time/#comment-263742), the North and South Poles circle us back to the emerald green and magenta (which are opposites, hence additional pole memetics) displayed in the Northern and Southern Lights at the opposite poles of the Earth (Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis, respectively).

    To this end (weaving in polar-centric color memetic magic), do we see the emerald green imprinted with Pelosi or Taiwan? I think so:

    https://www.ibtimes.com/taiwans-tsai-wins-landslide-stinging-result-china-2900590 (scroll down to the bottom photos to clock the glaring juxtaposition of bright green with magenta), and also note the cyan imprinting in the first image, in addition to the democracy imprint – the central cover story justifying Pelosi’s Taiwan trip).

    Color wizardry, much?

    {Side inquiry: What was the Wizard of Oz really about? One potential hint: Note the sun-like halo encircling Emerald City in the colorized image above. If you feel compelled to take the deeper dive into poles, auroras, suns, and color . . . for your review: http://www.auricmedia.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/A_Journey_to_the_Earth-Marschall_B.Gardner.pdf.}

    Leaning even slightly more into occult programming (granted, this may be somewhat of a stretch) . . . When we see the word TAIWAN, we see the word TWAIN, do we not (sans the “A”, of course)? And any POM reader should be able to extrapolate from this, right? Just see the Mark Twain (MT) quote at the top of this site — c/o Mark Tokarski (MT), the other MT).


    1. The wizard of oz city in the photo reminds me of virtual city, made of artificial “light” spectrum. The beaming upward rays of green light are filling the programmed space of the artificial city. Sunlight is said to be a green light, in that the majority of its measureable wavelengths fall into the green, or green-blue (aka. Emerald), spectrum. We just dont see it as green because of all the other contributing frequencies in the entire spectrum. So, artificial light, mimicking a source of origin could likely also be green, and instead of being the source for natural light, it is the source for artificial life, the “empire” spectrum, rather than “entire” spectrum. Man made, artificial, antichrist perhaps.

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  17. A possible prosaic decoding of magenta: Magenta in computing is 100% Red + 100% Blue and no Green whatsoever. So naturally, green is shown in juxtaposition for its striking contrast to the retina.

    What’s green and being devalued all over? Is magenta the team color for crashing the USD?

    On the other hand there are fun anagrams for words “fuschia magenta” together:
    Huge, fat maniacs (OK I just like that one)
    Scam fatigue? Nah!
    Cash fatigue, man
    Humans’ fiat cage
    Magi teach SNAFU
    Manage such a fit
    China ate USA mfg


  18. Thanks for this super interesting analysis, and for bringing magenta to light… I came across an article recently which briefly explains that magenta is not a real color, in that it does not contain a space in the natural rainbow spectrum in terms of fitting in to the visual light frequency range. It says that magenta is moreso a color we perceive from crossing of other frequencies of light, with the result being an average frequency between the original spectrum frequencies. I still need to do more research on this, but here’s the link: https://brokensecrets.com/2020/10/06/magenta-isnt-a-real-color/#:~:text=Magenta%20isn't%20in%20rainbows,wavelength%20between%20those%20two%20colors

    On the same website, they have an article discussing how sunlight is technically a green light frequency mainly, although we perceive it to be white or yellow. Another interesting relationship between magenta and green: https://brokensecrets.com/2013/05/17/the-sun-is-green/

    Just a thought in this… If magenta isnt considered “real,” then perhaps it’s growing use in the digital space and advertising just highlights its content as also not “real”… As in perhaps, not of natural law or order… AI and Antichrist come to mind, but I don’t want to make any leaps or assumptions too big at this time. Magenta and green happen to be opposite colors on a color wheel. If magenta isn’t real (no designated frequency band), but the green light of sun is, could this relationship between the two colors, at least in the Empire cult space, be highlighting the polarities between the natural and unnatural life?

    In Aurora Borealis, the pink color we see is due to the gas Nitrogen, and the green colors are due to the presence of Oxygen in the atmosphere. Much attention has also been given to Nitrogen in the media lately (farming issues). Oxygen is essential for organic natural life on this planet, represented by green in nature. Just another interesting, perhaps too far reaching, connection.

    Regarding the anagram convo in another comment… You mention Pinkie Presto… Also, theres “Epstein Poker”… Just another wild coincidence for now…


    1. SG,

      I appreciate your insights.

      On the finding of Epstein Poker (hat tip to you) . . . Please see my pertinent reply to Gino above: https://pieceofmindful.com/2022/07/20/w0rldbu1ld1ng-one-magenta-beacon-at-a-time/#comment-264090. Your curious revelation may not be a wild coincidence (?).

      While magenta is certainly an enigmatic color – not maintaining space on the standard linear rainbow spectrum (as I had highlighted in my post) – I do not find founder Chad Upton and his site, Broken Secrets (https://brokensecrets.com/about/), to be a reliable source for information. After all, this is what the site had to say in December 2020 about vaccines: https://brokensecrets.com/2020/12/29/how-vaccines-work/.

      On the notion of “real” vs not “real” . . . I concur with what Human Vibration had to say in November 2021 (via Twitter) about the use of magenta clueing us in on the illusion – being used as a marker of the digital simulation: https://twitter.com/humanvibration/status/1461462793501261835?s=20.

      Reminder that Magenta aka “Hot Pink” is the color of illusion, representing manipulation of light as the 2D color spectrum wraps around itself in 3D space…When we see Pink (a shade of Purple) embedded into news stories, it’s an indication that what we are seeing is an illusion.

      As you said, though (echoing what I expressed in my post), I do perceive the magenta and green as opposites, and that they are being used to depict the polarity between natural and unnatural life . . . but with the aim to blur these lines.

      With respect to the Aurora Borealis, I also question the mainstream narrative we have been fed with regard to the cause. I suggest exploration here for an alternative explanation: http://www.auricmedia.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/A_Journey_to_the_Earth-Marschall_B.Gardner.pdf (see Chapter XIV).


      1. SG (and Gino),

        An important modification (potentially offering a different implication) . . . In reviewing the anagram Epstein Poker, I just realized that it is not a perfect anagram of Spike Protein. This would explain why it did not pop up for me, even given the Epstein component.

        In any case, if we swap out the extra “e” that was substituted for the “i”; instead, we end up with a different permutation with a potentially pertinent connotation (circling us back to the North and South Poles, auroras, magenta/green). So, in this instance, we get Epstein KOPRI. KOPRI stands for Korea Polar Research Institute: https://old.uarctic.org/member-profiles/non-arctic/28245/korea-polar-research-institute. (Note that I had previously suggested Korea’s involvement in the COVID operation via their Brain Project; also note that Wuhan University is a member of UArctic with KOPRI https://old.uarctic.org/member-profiles/non-arctic/43165/wuhan-university, along with Battelle in the U.S. https://old.uarctic.org/member-profiles/united-states/39829/battelle-memorial-institute).

        Korea Polar Research Institute, a statutory and government-funded research institution, is the lead agency for Korea’s national Polar program for both the Arctic and the Antarctic. Major research pillars of KOPRI focus on climate change, biodiversity, and geological evolution. Based on these three strategic objectives 11 in-house projects plus nine national R&D projects have been implemented.

        A research entity as well as logistics provider, KOPRI plays a role of a hub for national research efforts; KOPRI advises the Korean government on polar affairs and organizes public outreach programs. In addition, KOPRI has been an active participant in various international Arctic and Antarctic organizations and fora such as the IASC, FARO, ATCM, CCAMLR, SCAR, and COMNAP.

        KOPRI carries out the management and operation of the two Antarctic stations of King Sejong and Jang Bogo, the Arctic Dasan Station in Svalbard and the research icebreaker, Araon.

        KOPRI also provides Masters and Ph.D. programs in Polar sciences as a campus of the University of Science and Technology (UST) in Korea. Various courses are offered in the field of natural sciences including geology, oceanography and meteorology, as well as multi-omics studies of various polar organisms using genomics, proteomics and metabolomics for elucidate of adaptations and evolution of polar biota. In addition, introductory courses on the polar environment and in-depth courses with lectures and experiments.

        I cannot say with any certainty that this revelation is significant. However, I think it is worthy of some level of exploration – especially given that the magenta continually pulls me back to the North and South Poles and their respective auroras. Something tells me that the magenta (and its opposite – the bright/emerald green) is signaling not only illusion, digital simulation, and mixed reality (as in a 2D veneer over the 3D), but also inner earth (central sun) lore/mythos (whether factual, mythical, metaphysical, or otherwise) . . . TBD . . .


      2. Thanks, and I will check these references out shortly.

        I started to inquire a bit further, as the natural vs artificial frequency/spectrum/color topic is really of interest to me, and has been for a while. So, I have more interesting thoughts to add here below:

        Re: Epstein Poker; I’m in connection with Gino, and I think I’m the friend he’s referring to in the anagram unscramble of Spike Protein… On the man you’ve brought attention to, Joshua Epstein…

        -I began inquiring what is “Agent-Based Modeling (ABM)?” Here’s some info..


        Apparently he won the “Rosaria Conte Award for Outstanding Contribution to Social Simulation” in 2020 from the European Social Simulation Association (ESSA).

        -This might sound a bit extreme, but I’m going to go ahead and say that this following article is perhaps the most disturbing opinion article I’ve read so far on the pandemic. It may offer some insight into the premeditation and orchestration of where we find our world right now. Keep in mind it was written March 2020.


        -This seems to be leading us to the use of Artificial intelligence in policy development, and essentially in government. This technology is already being used in Saskatchewan (and elsewhere?) in Canada:


        “Saskatchewan Polytechnic will be directly powering Looking Glass’s predictive models that generate insights for Saskatchewan municipal decision-makers, helping them navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. ”

        -Epsteins Agent-Zero: August 2016, DOI:10.7551/mitpress/9780262035385.003.0016, In book: Complexity and Evolution


        “Agent_Zero is a mathematical and computational individual that can generate important, but insufficiently understood, social dynamics from the bottom up. First published by Epstein (2013), this new theoretical entity possesses emotional, deliberative, and social modules, each grounded in contemporary neuroscience. Agent_Zero’s observable behavior results from the interaction of these internal modules. When multiple Agent_Zeros interact with one another, a wide range of important, even disturbing, collective dynamics emerge. These dynamics are not straightforwardly generated using the canonical rational actor which has dominated mathematical social science since the 1940s. Following a concise exposition of the Agent_Zero model, this chapter offers a range of fertile research directions, including the use of realistic geographies and population levels, the exploration of new internal modules and new interactions among them, the development of formal axioms for modular agents, empirical testing, the replication of historical episodes, and practical applications. These may all serve to advance the Agent_Zero research program.”

        How much can their ABM determine and predict, and what type of scenarios can it not account for? This reminds me of Project Looking Glass…Are you familiar with this?

        I was looking for info on Project Looking Glass and found this:

        -In Hollywood/media:


        “Project Looking Glass was a project spearheaded by Aida to create a living body using knowledge from the Darkhold. The device draws quantum power from the Dark Dimension and converts it to living organic tissue, thus effectively creating a biological being. However, since the body is made from Dark Matter, it cannot be hidden from demonic beings such as the Ghost Rider.”

        -On Audible (which I haven’t listened to, but have heard the possibly fake story before):


        “Apparently the military is aware of a device that is capable of looking and controlling time itself… they call it the “looking glass” and what is interesting is that this technology is ancient.”

        -Possibly more on the device or technology mentioned in the previous paragraph. It appears it could be discussing an AI/controlled reality, including the “past” and being able to experience it as a time travel experience… Not sure I’m getting this one “The Looking Glass: Visually Projecting Yourself to the Past:”


        -One of Microsofts projects:


        “Microsoft’s Looking Glass product is a Social Network Analytics and Marketing tool that is the result of a two-year effort by the Developer and Platform Evangelist (DPE) team. The tool was originally planned for an open source Codeplex release and has since morphed into a targeted retail product release for Fortune 500 customers..”

        -A connection of company “Indra” with Microsoft:


        “Bridging real and virtual worlds…Mixed Reality, where Real and Virtual worlds are merged interacting as one in real-time is not only a very powerful concept but offers a plethora of possibilities to explore in the ATM sector… Pioneer solution based on the Microsoft HoloLens,”etc.

        -SIDE NOTE: Interestingly, I was just reading about Indra recently… Not the company, but the deity.


        “Indra or Shakra – one of the principle gods of Hinduism. According to Buddhist cosmology, Indra resides in the Heaven of the Thirty-Three, which is one of the six heavens of the desire realm. In the Buddhist scriptures he is also sometimes presented as a Dharma protector.”

        -Why I was looking up Indra is because I have been doing some research into meaning and symbolism of rainbows from various ancient texts, stories, etc, as part of further research into understanding the nature of light, color, and the spectrum represented or mirrored back to us with the rainbow phenomenon. I came across the Tibetan Buddhist encyclopedia and found their description of interest:

        In relation to Indra on the previous link:

        “The vaulting arc of the rainbow is known as ‘Indras bow,’ (Indradhanush), one of the weapons of the ancient Vedic sky god, Indra. The seven colours of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet on the inside.”
        The connection to Indra, the deity, and Indra, the company above, and the relationship of both of them to working closely the natural and artificial spectrum is interesting to note. Interesting also, that Indras bow is known as a “weapon” rather than just a “tool,” and it might also be something to consider with the Indra company’s technology they are using. Is it a weapon too?

        -Ok this is crazy! Buying “land” parcels in Project Origin of the metaverse (?!)… performing an Alpha Demo… More magenta in here too…


        -SIDE NOTE 2: Is the use of magenta highlighting the alpha/omega (end/new beginning), but not the natural cycle endings and beginnings, rather one they are forcing on society with the implementation of AI, and it’s digital metaverse it needs to operate. It is quietly being promoted everywhere you look.

        There may be a new origin/genesis story they are creating… One where all memories can be controlled from the “beginning” (alpha) onward. Memories can be inserted, deleted, rearranged, hidden, etc. Reality will adjust to the metaverse AI “god” orders according to what it’s monitoring/omnipotence determines is best for the “greater good,” and likely best for maintaining it’s Empire. Very grim, but looking like that’s the direction these organizations want to go. Referring to AI for the pandemic solution seems to be where we are at, and they’re basically stating this openly.

        -What is a looking glass ? What is the difference between a looking glass and a mirror?


        “There is no difference. ‘Looking glass’ is a poetic and archaic way to refer to a mirror… Looking glass was considered the ‘proper’ word to use when referring to what we now would all call a mirror.”

        Black mirror episodes on Netfilx… Futuristic and grim foreshadowing of the looking glass/AI immersion reality, all pointing our attention to a future they are clearly trying to build.

        -So I’m just going to throw this thought in the mix… What is a natural mirror that exists? Water, or rain droplets… They form what’s called a “prism” and essentially reflect light back to us, showing us how the visual spectrum is ordered… It’s a perfect circle, frequencies in order and we see the visual spectrum, although there’s much more we can’t see… This is essentially a mirror, and light is reflected back and we get a glimpse of the nature of light. Their use of magenta could signify the artificial reality, or artificial spectrum they seem to want all life to be enslaved in. The natural rainbow/frequencies/order is a symbol of the greater natural system we are part of. It seems we have forgotten that as a society, and we are being manipulated and mislead with the distorted symbolism (think pride flag, metaverse symbol, etc).

        Sorry for the lengthy post.

        Hopefully from all that, maybe you can see what I am finding, that there seems to be a connection between Agent-Based-Modeling (Epstein), the “Looking Glass”, the Metaverse, alpha/omega and the natural vs artificial spectrum (could create a separate post on this to elaborate on my observations and findings of natural order), and the magenta signature. I can see how impact investing (as Alison McDowells spoken on) would play into the above as well.

        I will end this lengthy comment with another magenta signature, connecting immune system issues (“HIV”), and possibly connecting back to Epstein, considering his background in Epidemiology, etc. Magenta is all over this:


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        1. SG,

          Thank you very much for your insightful contributions. I will plan to review your thoughts/links tomorrow – when I am hopefully more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (?) . . .


          1. Thanks for your replies. Very interesting comment section. I saw your previous mention about the anagram correction and KOPRI. Will check more out soon also.


    2. SG,

      To follow up on your statement: In Aurora Borealis, the pink color we see is due to the gas Nitrogen… If this is indeed true, I think this link provides some interesting context: https://inertion.org/nitrogen-and-the-aurora-borealis/.

      What causes the stunning northern lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis? The dramatic light show fills the sky with blue, green, and pink colors, which can be seen from northern latitudes. And one of the most abundant elements on the planet helps creates the dazzling display: nitrogen.

      For centuries, humans have marveled at the Aurora Borealis. In the early seventeenth century, Galileo Galilei came up with the name, derived from the Roman goddess of the dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for the northern wind, Boreas. But Galileo wasn’t the first to witness the phenomenon by far. Thirty thousand years ago, French cave paintings recorded the natural marvel, and illustrious writers dating back to Aristotle have mentioned the northern lights in their works.

      In 1791, English settlers in New England spotted the lights, recording that “the more beautiful and brilliant aurora borealis was first observed here.” But the sight wasn’t always welcome. “In December [of 1791] the aurora again appeared, and the people became greatly alarmed, not dreading it so much as a means of destruction but as precursor of the fires of the last great day and a sign of coming dangers.”

      But what causes the phenomenon? It turns out that nitrogen plays a central role. Sunspots and solar storms cause the Aurora Borealis when they send solar wind toward the planets. Forty hours later, when these plasma particles reach Earth, they light up the sky as they hit the atmosphere. Nitrogen, which makes up approximately 70 percent of Earth’s atmosphere, creates red, violet, and blue northern lights.

      Nitrogen’s unique structure creates the effect: single atoms of nitrogen make blue northern lights, while two molecules bonded together create a purple color. And nitrogen’s atomic structure also makes it useful for more practical purposes. Many food manufacturers use nitrogen to keep chips and fruit fresh during transport, and nitrogen systems also help put out fires.

      NASA, the military, and NASCAR also fill their tires with nitrogen, a process known as inertion. The larger size of the nitrogen molecule keeps tires full longer. While oxygen can leak through a rubber tire, causing it to loose pressure, nitrogen molecules stay inside tires longer, meaning they don’t need to be filled as frequently. And the space shuttle and race cars aren’t the only ones benefiting from nitrogen inertion – more and more regular drivers use nitrogen to fill their tires, which helps them save money on gas.

      When reading about geneticist Hermann J. Muller (https://www.britannica.com/biography/Hermann-Joseph-Muller), I also found this excerpt to be particularly intriguing, and potentially relevant: http://www.nasonline.org/publications/biographical-memoirs/memoir-pdfs/muller-hermann.pdf

      Muller and his students studied spontaneous mutation rates and used protracted and acute doses under varied physiological conditions (nitrogen- or oxygen-rich atmospheres) that might diminish or enhance chromosome breakage or gene mutation. he refined the tools for genetics and launched numerous stocks to improve the detection of lethal mutations (recessive and autosomal), sterility mutations, and visible mutations. (my emphasis)

      More here on nitrogen and magenta: http://ffden-2.phys.uaf.edu/webproj/212_spring_2015/Joyce_Dustin_Demientieff/joyce_dustindemientieff/colors.html.


      1. Interesting, but perhaps insignificant… There is a picture of a color wheel on this page, called “Photoshop Color Wheel -HSB,” (HSB= Hue, Saturation, Brightness), and note where Magenta is… 330 degrees. There seems to be a pattern of number 33. Does this mean anything to you? Keep in mind, this model does not depict the actual visible light spectrum, but it is a model for physical/chemical colors, and not the natural/true light order which we see with light through a prism, for example… Magenta is found on this model, but not in the actual visual light spectrum… https://www.blog.jimdoty.com/?p=11507

        Here is an example of a linear frequency spectrum, showing the visual spectrum is just a sliver of the whole greater spectrum, how far it goes in either direction, we don’t know..? https://www.once.lighting/visible-light-spectrum/

        Something interesting perhaps just to note is that the material world uses a different color order than occurs with light. With light through a prism, the 3 primary colors are red, green and blue. Where two of them overlap, you get the secondary colors (magenta, yellow, and cyan), and where they all overlap, you get white. This is called an “Additive” color model. With ink/printing, the primary colors are magenta, yellow, and cyan, where they overlap you get secondary colors (red, green, blue), and where they all overlap you get black. This is called a “Subtractive” color model. https://www.boingographics.com/blog/why-do-i-need-to-know-the-difference-between-rgb-and-cmyk

        With paint, the primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. Where two of them overlap, you get the secondary colors (orange, green, and purple), and where they all overlap you get black.

        Another image:

        And wondering your thoughts on the idea of afterimages, with colors like Magenta, for example? The opposite color of magenta is green, so if you’ve been starting at a magenta colored object for a while, and then look elsewhere, you could notice you’ll see green against a white wall afterwards. https://www.allaboutvision.com/resources/human-interest/afterimage/

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        1. SG,

          This is actually very critical information that you are bringing us. (Please keep it coming as you are compelled, even if I do not respond promptly.)

          For now, on the afterimages . . . I have been looking into this, as it was explained a bit in a book I am currently reading, Full Spectrum: How the Science of Color Made Us Modern (by Adam Rogers). https://www.amazon.com/Full-Spectrum-Science-Color-Modern/dp/1328518906 It is SUPER important when it comes to entrainment via entertainment – particularly in light of what was said (in the book) in the context of Pixar.

          To paraphrase Rogers (in Chapter 10 of his book) . . . The newest color standard for screens (media/TV/film/computers) has added a smattering of reds and purples and a pie slice of greens not found in nature. This means that color technology has outpaced the eye and the brain. The new screen colors permit the filmmakers to produce impossible colors – never seen in the real world – new color magic. Pixar is at the forefront of this.

          To continue (eventually ending up at the afterimage notion) . . . Rogers states that greenish-tinged fluorescence (the green glow) usually means a movie is about to turn eerie, even ominous. He said every filmmaker is playing with moving light and color on surfaces, but that Pixar’s emotionally weighty animated films are all about intention. Pixar trains its storytellers to use color and light with precision to convey narrative and emotion alike… He emphasizes (via Pixar’s senior scientist Dominic Glynn) how color scripting is part of the schtick, and goes on to say the following: Control the lighting, control the colors, control the feelings. That’s filmmaking…I’ll tell you a secret: When it comes to wringing emotion from color, Pixar cheats. (Glynn) Rogers (again via Pixar’s Glynn) elaborated that the colors used are as saturated as one can achieve in digital cinema.

          Finally, Pixar scientist Glynn goes on to describe afterimages . . . In this context, Rogers states the following: Once these technologies are in every movie theater and every living room, maybe even on every phone, things are going to get really weird. Pixar’s Glynn describes that by blasting the middle-wavelength greenish receptor (RE: color receptors in the eye) with that greenish light, you can actually heighten the sensitivity or perceived sensitivity to other colors in compliment [sic] to that. He elaborated (to paraphase) . . . by ramping up more and more green in one specific wavelength designed to “bleach” that green receptor, they then (at a specific key moment) drop all the green out at once – inducing the complementary color as an afterimage. (My note: this would imply inducing magenta, from my understanding – although it is NOT mentioned in the book).

          In essence, you can control viewer sensitivity to certain chromatic stimuli. (Glynn) …if you pick the precise wavelength, you could actually cause someone to perceive a color that they could never otherwise see. Like, there’s no natural way for you to have the perception of that color. (My note: again, this seems to apply directly to the perception of magenta – as an afterimage of green)

          Even more . . . That color wouldn’t be on-screen. It wouldn’t be anything a projector could cast or a computer could generate. It’d be a function of pure cognition, different for every viewer, existing only in the mind. You could induce an ‘impossible’ reddish green, or Hume’s missing shade of blue.

          Rogers added: As far as I can tell, this color inception has only ever happened once in real life, and it was a lot more invasive than going to a movie theater. He went on to describe an incident in which a perception of color was induced that was literally all in the patient’s head.


          1. Super interesting! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a book I may enjoy reading.

            Regarding the visual and whole spectrum being portrayed on a linear spectrum, this may also be incorrect, whether purposely or not, I’m not sure. A rainbow shows us the reflection (refraction, dispersion, and two points of reflection actually where the rainbow order is flipped upside down before exiting the prism) of light through a prism and it actually forms a complete, whole and perfect circle. On the inner rainbow (violet side), the spectrum continues past visual, and goes into ultraviolet frequency, etc. I believe this direction heads to higher frequency, smaller wavelengths. On the outer side of the circle (red side), the spectrum continues past visual also, and goes into infrared, etc, lower frequency and longer wavelengths. Correct me if I got these (high/low frequencies, and long/short wavelengths) mixed up. So how far, inward and outward, do these frequencies go? Do the shorter wavelengths and higher frequencies eventually get so short/high that they become relatively flat-lined? Do the longer wavelengths and lower frequencies eventually become so long/low that they also become relatively flat-lined? Could this be the point where they meet, and connect back around? Is the natural spectrum actually a torus field?

            These are just some thoughts, but could be of significance. My thinking is that the significance is that “creation” has infinity built in because of this looping that occurs at the flat-line, neutralizing, point. This point may even just be for an instant, however long in time that means I’m not sure. Transitions from one stage to another are not always clear, similar to how the astrological shifting of ages works.. There is no exact point in time where we transition from the age of pisces to aquarius, for example. Or like when exactly Winter turns to Spring. OR, like when red turns to orange, or when orange turns to yellow, etc in the natural rainbow spectrum. Every point could be dissected infinitely, as you can always examine the percentage of red or yellow in any given “pixel” of space time. Its all a motion, in motion?, and a transition with no solid points of beginning and end, yet all contains the alpha omega energies. Could alpha/omega have anything to do with the point of singularity?

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            1. SG,

              I do not have any definitive answers. Your detailed inquiry seems to indicate you are further along in this analysis than I am. 🙂

              That said, I suggest the natural spectrum is indeed a torus field. This is SUPER important. The magenta (as per Goethe) is both the alpha and omega point that completes the circular color spectrum. The Singularity is also called the Omega Point. Both can be used interchangeably. http://www.ajnr.org/content/33/3/393

              On infinity and looping . . . This is where the hourglass imagery fits in. That “pinch point” in the center represents a neutralizing point – also called the Zero Point (which I suggest is magenta when the alpha/omega points of the circle get “pinched.”) I suggest this pinching movement could potentially be denoting the action of nuclear (or plasma) fusion (which often seems to be delineated in magenta – AKA free energy (or Zero Point Energy – ZPE), as if infinite.

              To clarify, the torus field, the hourglass, and the infinity symbol are all interwoven – essentially, representing the same concept. What I envision at the center (the CORE) is a magenta beacon – very dark in hue – even nearing crimson (a steady state source of plasma energy that emits magenta beams of light that are reflected in a lighter hue – as per a prism-type effect).

              Also representative of what I am *attempting” to describe is the Vedic concept of Indra’s net (very significant to the world builders/w0rldbu1lders) . . .


              Also, I think you may be able to see from this very abstract depiction of Indra’s net (see image linked below) that the magenta is running through the middle (like an equator) of the circle/net . . . I do not yet have the words to articulate this, which is why I am leaning into artist renditions to express it.



          2. SG,

            Your insights on the mixing/overlapping of colors brought to mind a video that I linked in August 2021 – which eventually (see my post: https://pieceofmindful.com/2021/08/05/a-spoonful-of-reality-may-not-help-the-nanomedicine-go-down/) was in the context of overlaying the real with the artificial/simulation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhRCa3PE2Lg.

            Note that the logo of the film producer (AML Films out of Philly) is an occulted triangle in magenta, with a stylized “M” incorporated into the triangle.

            As I re-watch this video a year later, I now see it with very fresh eyes (real eyes). Not only do I now see the blatant magenta wave/current imagery mixed in among the purple currents (as well as additional symbols/sigils) at the beginning of the video; at the 0:42 timestamp, I see that mail correspondence/in-kind donations sent to the film producer was to be sent to an individual named “Maya” (no last name provided – “care of Maya”) – as in illusion/simulation. Also, in Vedic astrology (important to the central planners), the name Kensington indicates the moon sign, Gemini, which implies twins and mutable. This is potentially very significant in creating a twin of reality (overlaying an artificial duplicate, so to speak). https://www.babynology.com/name/kensington-f.html

            Given that I now perceive magenta to be a representation of the zero point (or “Ground Zero” so to speak) – which I hope to flush out soon here in the comments – the video I linked (initially in August 2021), titled “Ground Zero Kensington,” takes on a whole new light (pun intended).

            Added notes/timestamps on the Kensington video (if you are interested) . . .

            Starting at the 6:10 timestamp, clock the guy (seeming very intentionally placed) with the “Polaroid” rainbow shirt (possibly hinting at chromatography, Poles, polarization, rainbow spectrum).
            Starting around the 6:50 timestamp is the main gist of where I was going with respect to color mixing (he eventually proceeds to perform a “magic act” with the pigments/paint colors – all made by a company, Masters).
            At the 7:29 timestamp, “Emma” very quickly flashes the magenta “T” on the T-shirt (potentially implying T-Mobile’s occulted magenta “T”, Temple University nearby, “T” as in “Tau”) – may need to watch in .25 playback speed to notice it.
            From 7:39 to 7:44, Emma proceeds to pull out from the box (as in pulling out of a magic box) more magenta items (including the same t-shirt – or a duplicate – with the magenta “T”). We continue to see her messing around with these magenta items over at the donation table. Of course, both Emma and the “artist” have dyed hair (reddish-magenta/crimson) and his prominent tattoos heavily occulted.
            At 7:42, the tatted artist starts setting up his color paints, and knocks over the purple.
            At 8:05, Polaroid guy is prominent once again.
            At 8:25, magenta t-shirt is displayed.
            “Aeropostale” man shows up around the 9:03 timestamp.
            Emerald green guy walks by around 9:08.
            Emerald green bag in right corner at 9:09 and enters “scene” for a bit.
            At the 10:00 timestamp, a new woman is holding the magenta t-shirt and a water bottle (hourglass imagery?).
            At the 12:15 and 12:32 timestamps (respectively), the Champion and Adidas logos become prominent (product placements that I observe very frequently in staged events); and the guy is wearing slides – which is the most common feature I have noticed with the individuals filmed continually on Kensington Avenue.
            The 13:00 timestamp is the most notable and blatant in the entire video – flashing the devil sign – behind the Masters’ Paints. Hmmmm….
            At 13:07, a gentleman is now wearing the T-shirt with the magenta typeset.
            At 13:44, we see a wound that is conspicuously magenta-hued (also with a center inside of it – like a hole – as if depicting a magenta portal/entry).
            More magenta, of course, at 13:57 (left side of screen).


            1. Excellent discussion, SG, Steph. We need more in-depth discourse by self-made and unaffiliated experts/enthusiasts. I believe that a lot of this stuff is self-perpetuating myth/superstition. Most (if not all) the occultists/esotericists I encounter are deeply religious people without even being aware of it, because they’re always so well-informed and supreme. And they often completely lack the humility of the religions they seek to destroy. Since they’re very often connected to the upper echelons with similar beliefs, they will be much more successful at what they do than normal people. I’m not saying there’s no real basis to their beliefs, but I do belief that nature is a lot more complicated with a holistic understanding which imho can’t even be achieved fully. Human nature isn’t about facts, it’s about a synthesis of countless degrees of emotionalism and rationale, which obsessed esotericists just can’t accept. For instance I met an anthroposophist who didn’t want to Duz me (in German we have two different forms of addressing people with a ‘you’, the formal ‘Sie’ and the informal ‘Du’) for spiritual reasons he only very vaguely alluded to. A lot of Indian gurus apparently are mental about not letting anyone touch their feet, because they believe it would stain them, since they consider the connection of the feet to earth to be sacred. I could go on and on about numerous different examples. The T4lmud is also full of similar stuff, vanilla Christians are very harmless in comparison. :p

              Since you brought up toruses and I’ve seen you mention hollow earth in another post, Steph, I read a book on that subject about a year ago, it’s called ‘Die Hohlwelttheorie’ by Johannes Lang, an excellent read with open discussion I would have loved to see at school or university. It describes pretty much everything on earth adhering to a toroidal magnetic field and explains a lot of the natural phenomena elegantly in this way. For me as a novice it made a lot of sense. It’s from 1938 and foreshadowed quite a bit of the electromagnetic universe theories that seemed to have gained traction recently.


              1. MTC,

                https://archive.org/details/LangJohannesDieHohlwelttheorie1938293S.ScanText/page/n77/mode/2up (I would love to see this in ENGLISH)

                Click to access PaoloEmilioAmico-roxas-TheSupremeHarmonyOfTheUniverseTheEndosphericalFieldTheory.pdf


                I should probably explain that my interest in the toroidal field theory of the earth (what I call the hourglass) arose first through my own personal experience (via astral travels, for lack of a better description – as well as the observation of holographic projections that most people consider to be “UFOs”); and subsequently, I began (about 8-10 years ago) to seek out information that could best explain what I had envisioned/observed/experienced. This premise from which I operate comes mainly from within myself. I have had trouble finding non-fictional material that echoes this inner knowing. Most material I have found over the years with respect to inner earth/hollow earth theory seems to be more mythical and fantastical. It does not resonate with me.


                1. RE: Magenta Magic and the Two Newtons

                  I am leaving this fairly incoherent comment here as a placeholder, hoping to circle back for further explanation.

                  *It is reported that Olivia Newton-John passed away today (8/8/22). I should note that she was my childhood idol, and as an aspiring amateur singer/actress, I used to sing “Hopelessly Devoted to You” at every audition when I was young. She truly was an inspiration to me, on many levels (seeing through a child’s eyes). As I see through different eyes in 2022, I can’t help but notice the profound marking of the magenta.

                  While what follows may appear to be a substantial amount of disjointed material/links, I suggest this first go-around is only scratching the surface of a much deeper rabbit hole (perhaps leading straight down to the center of the earth – and to the central sun – hallmarked by a deep, dark hue of magenta) . . .

                  If given enough time (and a few nights of good sleep), I may be able to cohesively wrap this all up with a large magenta bow (in the context of inner earth) . . .

                  For some context – helping to explain the “Two Newtons” . . .

                  Earlier this morning, I emailed my friend, Matt of QofC about prominent messaging I was seeing related to the Westworld character, Maeve Millay – Madame of Mariposa (played by actress Thandiwe Newton, AKA Thandie Newton).


                  I explained that there seemed to be a push promoting her character and the show (as it seems Season 4 is currently running). I perceived that Maeve is coded with various notions that ALL tie together — magenta, “core permissions” (as in CORE transmissions), mariposa (as in metamorphosis and OVID– relating to COVID, and mariposa lilies which are magenta), “mesh network”, binary code language, data downloads, telepathy via technology . . .


                  Maeve means “one who intoxicates.” https://nameberry.com/babyname/maeve
                  This is precisely what I have imagined is a concern with the over-saturation of magenta, and getting too close to the sun (the magenta central sun, that is). The magenta can have an intoxicating way about it. (I would go so far as to say, it may potentially be a source of Wetiko.)

                  I should note that aurora imprinting also features in Westworld, with the addition (in Season 4) of actress, Aurora Perrineau: https://deadline.com/2021/06/westworld-aurora-perrineau-season-4-recurring-1234773825/.

                  I boldly laid out my following premise to Matt – which will seem to most to be not only esoteric, but also unfounded:

                  The magenta beacon is the central sun — and it has been the secret for millennia. It is what is referred to as the BLACK SUN — but that is only indicating its occult/hidden aspect (thus, black). The central planners/worldbuilders/culture creators do NOT like the hot yellow sun that we tend to favor. They wish to DIM our sun (that shines on us lowly surface dwellers), and instead, push the inner sun (deep inside at the core of the EARTH providing an infinite source of plasma fusion energy) on us — but in a highly deceptive way. This also explains why we will be seeing a MAJOR push for “clean” nuclear energy — which will be the revelation and implementation of nuclear/plasma fusion. Nuclear fusion stories are heavily coded with magenta.

                  About six or seven hours after my email to Matt, I saw that another “Newton” was being featured in the news – that is, Olivia Newton-John (ONJ). I noticed that – like Thandie Newton’s character in Westworld – ONJ was heavily imprinted with magenta. Also note that Thandie rhymes with “Sandy” – ONJ’s most notable character (in Grease). This evoked the notion of twinning (and I have considered that both the outer sun and the inner sun represent twin flames).

                  (I see the hyperspace/ethereum symbol encoded.)

                  How do they pull this stuff off SO quickly? If a genuine tribute to her, why no photos or videos of her, why nothing about her and her life – but, rather a mixed reality of animals and the performers (NOT including Olivia). It makes no sense unless you know what their magenda is —> quickly ushering in the digital/mixed reality via an acceleration of magenta magic. I think this highly peculiar presentation hints at worshiping (hopelessly devoted) their AI God (connected to the magenta plasma).

                  ONJ was one of the MOST LOVED individuals. I truly think that is going to be significantly imprinted (the loving emotion) into the magenta magic/memetics. Recall that she had breast cancer, and the breast cancer ribbon is hot pink (magenta).

                  Also, on the LOVE theme . . . Olivia Newton-John being most beloved . . . and Thandiwe means “beloved.”

                  NEWTON: As in something new in town — maybe the magenta — a color represented VERY strongly by both of these Newton women. I also wonder if there is an inversion embedded relating to Isaac Newton (as plasma cosmology and/or the inner earth paradigm would contradict/challenge his theories).

                  . . . both Newtons have a connection to Simon Pegg . . .


                  In 2007, Pegg starred in The Good Night (directed by Jake Paltrow) and Run Fatboy Run directed by David Schwimmer and co-starring Thandie Newton and Hank Azaria. In 2008, he wrote the dialogue for an English language re-release of the cult 2006 animated Norwegian film, Free Jimmy. Pegg received screenwriting credit for this, and also voiced one of the main characters in the English-language version, which has an international range of actors including Woody Harrelson.
                  Pegg co-wrote the script for a film called
                  Paul, about two young men who encounter a comedic extraterrestrial alien during a road trip across the US.[22][23]The completed script appeared on the 2008 “Brit List”, a film-industry-compiled survey of the best unproduced British screenplays, inspired by the American Black List.[24] In those films and in Spaced, Pegg typically plays the leading hero while Frost plays the sidekick. However Paul reverses this dynamic.[25] The film was released in 2011.

                  The hit song from Olivia Newton-John’s Xanadu also appeared in the film, Paul — “All Over the World” (by ELO) — which is what I think ALL of this is about — see the video (depicting the torus/donut and the deep, dark magenta sky), and of course, the lyrics — which I think hints at the magenta sunlight that burns all through the day AND night (inside the earth) — even when the yellow sun sleeps (on the surface of the earth) — and is EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE, affecting EVERYONE EVERYWHERE. I think the video is supposed to invoke UFOs/ETs (just like the film, Paul, seemingly mocks); but the underlying coveted secret is that it actually represents what is INSIDE the EARTH — echoing that the TRUTH is INSIDE of US — and NOT “out there” (imprinted by the X-Files). We need to go inward, not outward. The push will continue to be outward, and not looking deep inside — which is literally where the truth resides.

                  (Pay attention to the lyrics and the imagery, imprinted with the magenta, implying the torus/donut field which is inner space – but veiled as UFO imagery, as in “outer space”)

                  Incidentally, I have been immersed in reading PKD in the past couple weeks (his work inspired Westworld), as he speaks to this cryptic magenta light (which he first described as reddish, when he experienced it in his real life, later changing it to pink in his Valis trilogy).

                  View at Medium.com

                  ONJ was the central character in Xanadu, which was inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem, “Kubla Khan.”

                  If you read this poem, do you envision the realm of the inner earth? Is that what he was describing?

                  Kublai Khan (grandson of Genghis Khan)

                  Speaking of inner earth, RABBIT HOLES also can lead inside the earth – and this is certainly one giant rabbit hole. Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz (Emerald City) could also be depicting inner earth.


                  1. A small tidbit to add . . . Matt of QofC reminded me today about the Newtown/Alex Jones trial being front-and-center. I somehow missed the Newton/Newtown connection. This does seem significantly synchronous. Watch Matt’s recent (and pertinent) hot take on Fantasy Island Reality (Episode 1): https://freevoice.io/blog/2022/08/07/fantasy-island-reality-episode-1-august-2022/.

                    . . . And I just noticed one other sync – Sandy Hook and ONJ’s “Sandy” in Grease . . .


                    1. On colorful Johns (following up on the Olivia Newton-John connection) . . .

                      “Elton John, Britney Spears duet ‘Hold Me Closer’ confirmed” (August 8, 2022)

                      See a magenta-forward Elton John here (in the first image – from February 2013).

                      Scroll down to the third image . . . Do we see contrasting emerald green and magenta eyeglasses (amidst a strip of cyan)? Do we see KURZWEIL imprinted as well? (https://kurzweil.com – note the magenta in the first Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens photo at the top of the page) Does the fan in the bottom right of the image signify a torus?

                      The “Circus” songstress has mentioned in Instagram posts over the past few years that she’s working on something called Project Rose. (my emphasis)

                      Meanwhile, John continues to tour for what he claims will be the last time, on his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour. (my emphasis)


                  2. One correction regarding this video clip of a tribute to Olivia Newton-John (highly magentified with a heavy dose of mixed reality): https://twitter.com/AG8Source/status/1556755523730546688.

                    Apparently, Ariana Grande et al. created the tribute to ONJ prior to her reported passing (in July 2021): https://people.com/music/ariana-grande-covers-olivia-newton-john-the-voice-trailer/.

                    Alison pointed out the following today: Ariana = Ariadne = web / Indra’s net?.

                    Ariana is a feminine name of Greek origin, meaning “most holy.” It is related to the Ancient Greek name Ariadne with ari meaning “excellence” and adnos translating to “pure” or “sacred.”

                    My addition (RE: Ariana Grande’s mom, Joan Grande) . . .


                    Joan’s children may be successful in the entertainment industry, but she is also a force to be reckoned with all her own. Joan has been a success in the business industry, first working as the president and CEO of Hose-McCann Communications, a communications and alarm systems company that’s provided products for the US Marines and Navy. The company was Charles G. Hose and Thomas J. McCann in Brooklyn in 1923 but bought by the Grande family in 1964. (my emphasis)

                    Now, Joan heads Diamond Dog Entertainment, a production company founded by herself and a slew of partners whose website describes it as “focused on fostering talent in a collaborative environment and investing in diverse projects that seek to change the landscape of the entertainment world.” The company shows numerous projects they’ve done, including musicals, parties, and events. (my emphasis)

                    My mom is a CEO and owns a company that manufactures communications equipment for the Marines and the Navy, so she’s not really the housewife type, if you get what I’m saying,” Ariana told Complex back in 2013.  She’s the most badass, independent woman you’ll ever meet—not the cookies in the oven type.” (my emphasis)

                    See Joan Grande’s Diamond Dog Entertainment here (noting the stylized cursor, the company logo, and the geometric dog – think Platonic solids; more specifically, the octahedron used in the Ethereum logo https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/2x497b/symbolism_the_ethereum_logo_and_the_octahedron/): https://diamonddog.com.

                    The Ethereum logo actually circles us back to Maeve in Westworld . . . Let’s just say they “mesh” together . . .

                    Ethereum’s “mesh”: The logo was created Gianni Dalerta on the ethereum forums, after a contest. He described it was inspired by the original temporary logo and “Two halves coming together. One plane is open, showing the openness of the project. (open source) another side is a mesh. The mesh can sift in or out. Sifting helps get to the essence of an [sic] premise of ethereum.” (my emphasis) https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/2x497b/symbolism_the_ethereum_logo_and_the_octahedron/

                    Maeve’s “mesh”: Maeve’s control of hosts is possible thanks to a “mesh network.” As explained in season 2, all hosts are connected by a glorified WiFi signal designed to let the robots meaningfully communicate with each other. Maeve’s power involves exploiting the mesh network to send commands instead of the basic information they’re supposed to share. Thus, she bends hosts’ behavior to her will. This power depends on Maeve speaking the right “language,” as when she initially gave commands in English, hosts programmed to understand other dialects wouldn’t obey her. Just like hosts, most technology in Westworld’s real world is connected via a network and speaks the language of binary code, meaning it’s fair game for Maeve. Westworld season 3 affords her the ability to control computers and machines by accessing their network and “speaking their language.” (my emphasis) https://screenrant.com/westworld-maeve-powers-reason-explained/


                    1. Very interesting research as usual.

                      I am not sure about the dark magenta light at the omega or zero point, but it is an interesting thought which I will contemplate more. All light and color in the natural spectrum/frequencies fade into the dark, and also into the light, hence the concept of “shades” (black and white make the grey scale), and hence the variety in shades of color. I am not sure that any one color would inhabit the territory surrounding a “black sun” but like I said, I will contemplate further. Initially it seemed like more magenta advertising, in that magenta is being selected to signal something along the lines of illusion. Could magenta surrounding a dark sun also be signaling an illusion? Why not all colors fading into the dark sun? More thought on this needed on my part.

                      Regarding another conversation the other day involving the topic of magenta and green, I will share some possibly insightful thoughts that came out of it:

                      -Magenta and green work in tandem. They are opposites in that they span across the spectrum (according to the circle wheel spectrum of color).

                      -I am not sure they signify anything different from each other, as they both seem to signal the artificial/the illusion. However, what I’m curious about is the after-image effect. When you look at magenta, the after-image is green, and vice versa), and the psychological effect of all this. It’s like color signaling… Sort of like behavioral training.

                      -Magenta is considered part of the “hot” colors, and green is considered part of the “cool” colors. So using basic hot and cool signals is similar to using basic “yes” or “no”, basic 1’s and o’s, polarities in general. For example, number 1 (on) and 0 (off)… Attract, repel,… Go, stop .. yes, no… all polarities… When you have a polarity, you have the potential for energetic friction.

                      -Perhaps by turning something “on” and “off” you create an energetic friction. Where you have friction, you have energy.

                      -Energy looks to ground, path of least resistance. So if they are creating energetic friction (magenta/green polarity), and then the energy will seek to ground immediately, and it will be captured by the content they are presenting alongside it. Consciousness/focused energy may also tend to follow the path of least resistance… So if we don’t have pathways readily available in our own minds (ie. Intelligence, critical thinking networks) then our mental energy may go into their readily available framework of their content.

                      Just a thought to consider.


                    2. A follow up to my last comment…

                      If sunlight (all spectrum/natural light) is said to be a “green” light due to mostly giving off the wavelengths associated with green light, then possibly the opposite form of “light,” the dark sun, may give off mostly the opposite color to green, magenta color. Just a thought.

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                2. Lang’s book argues quite rationally as far as I can see, you can at least check out the illustrations of which there are plenty. I tried to translate it for you, but Google only takes files up to 10 MB and I couldn’t manage to get it below 15. The OCR might be too unreliable anyways, I’ve also tried to copy the whole text into Word and it wasn’t very reliable. You know some Yiddish? It’s pretty close. 😀

                  In Lang’s model we live inside a spheroid, so on concave ground and space/the celestial bodies are in a sphere at the center of it.

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  19. Magenta for women and men – a whole lot of magenta (undercover as “pink” and “fuchsia”) . . . With hot pink fun for the whole family. . . Talk about being magenta-forward . . . This is over-the-top – going way beyond mind entrainment, and straight for the hearts of the masses . . .

    “Sir Lewis Hamilton and Zendaya Get the Barbiecore Treatment in New Valentino Campaign” (August 4, 2022)

    If you’re starting to think about your autumn wardrobe, there is one piece of advice that will serve you well: think pink. Fashion house Valentino put striking fuchsia on everyone’s radar when it took the single colourway to the runway for the autumn/winter ’22 show at Paris Fashion Week in March, and the brand has tapped actor Zendaya and Formula One champion Sir Lewis Hamilton to front the latest Pink PP campaign.

    Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli radically stripped back the Valentino aesthetic to a single hue in a bid to make the colour an identity in itself. “You cannot own a color, but you can own a feeling,” states the brands press release. And Zendaya, who has been working with Maison Valentino since 2020, has the attitude to match. Shot by Michael Bailey-Gates, the “Euphoria” actor is in top-to-toe pink. In one image, she wears a structured pink minidress teamed with pink tights and platform boots. With no inch of skin on show beneath her neck, her arms and hands are covered with long opera gloves as she carries a box bag.

    A second campaign image of Zendaya is full of movement. Dressed in a pink suit with wide-leg trousers teamed with a sheer vest top, her curls are blowing away from her face as she dances. With those signature gloves, a studded pink bag, and long pink earrings, her bold look is one we anticipate will make its way to the high street this autumn.

    The fashion house continued its pink love-in at the couture show where the likes of Anne Hathaway and Florence Pugh were dressed in the signature colourway as they watched the event. Pink really is having a moment as Greta Gerwig’s hotly anticipated “Barbie” film has paved the way for the Barbiecore trend to take hold.

    Let us be clear: this is a trend for everyone. For the men’s campaign, Sir Lewis Hamilton is the chosen one. As well as a seven-time Formula One world champion, he is the first of the Valentino menswear DI.VAs. This initiative — which stands for DI.fferent VA.lues — aims to unite diverse figures from the worlds of cinema, music, literature, and sports to form a real cultural connection. Starting with Hamilton, Piccioli chose the fashion-forward sport star, not only for his style, but for his influence beyond the race track. For example, his charitable foundation Mission 44, which was set up in 2021, aims to empower underrepresented young people through grants and collaborations.

    Shot by Nicolas Kern, Hamilton wears a pink caped jacket, a T-shirt, wide-leg relaxed trousers, and studded trainers. He’s holding pink paint, with a manifesto painted on the wall behind him reading, “Still I Rise”, we assume.

    Hamilton and Zendaya sat next to each other at the iconic March fashion show on the front row, so it’s not a huge surprise they have both been tapped to front this latest campaign. One thing’s for sure: the fuchsia sure is bright for our autumn dress code. (my emphasis)

    https://twitter.com/zendaya_updated/status/1555218539694690304?s=10 (note the invoking of illusion and magic)


    1. It should be noted that Noah Baumbach’s film, Barbie, is slated to launch next summer (July 21, 2023). This Barbiecore push seems a bit premature (?). I find it curious.

      Meanwhile, on Baumbachs and color (including magenta, and green) . . . Noah Baumbach’s (https://ethnicelebs.com/noah-baumbach) paternal grandfather was artist (and academic) Harold Baumbach – who explored color and space: https://www.askart.com/artist_bio/Harold_Baumbach/61845/Harold_Baumbach.aspx.

      Harold Baumbach, a New York painter of dissonant color and irascible temperament whose career began before most Americans had ever heard of his friend Mark Rothko, died on Saturday in San Francisco, where he lived since the mid- 1990’s. He was 98.

      At first, I found the mention of Mark Rothko in Baumbach’s 2002 obituary to be obscure . . . But then I read this:

      Mark Rothko was one of the painters that Greenberg referred to as a color field painter exemplified by Magenta, Black, Green on Orange, although Rothko himself refused to adhere to any label. For Rothko, color was “merely an instrument”. In a sense, his best known works – the “multiforms” and his other signature paintings – are, in essence, the same expression, albeit one of purer (or less concrete or definable, depending on the interpretation) means, which is that of the same “basic human emotions”, as his earlier surrealistic mythological paintings. What is common among these stylistic innovations is a concern for “tragedy, ecstasy and doom”. By 1958, whatever spiritual expression Rothko meant to portray on canvas, it was growing increasingly darker. His bright reds, yellows and oranges of the early 1950s subtly transformed into dark blues, greens, grays and blacks. His final series of paintings from the mid-1960s were gray, and black with white borders, seemingly abstract landscapes of an endless bleak, tundra-like, unknown country. (my emphasis)

      Artists like Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko, Clyfford Still, Adolph Gottlieb, Morris Louis, Jules Olitski, Kenneth Noland, Friedel Dzubas, and Frank Stella, and others often used greatly reduced formats, with drawing essentially simplified to repetitive and regulated systems, basic references to nature, and a highly articulated and psychological use of color. (my emphasis)

      Denying connection to abstract expressionism or any other Art Movement Mark Rothko spoke clearly about his paintings in 1956:

      I am not an abstractionist … I am not interested in the relationship of color or form or anything else. … I’m interested only in expressing basic human emotions — tragedy, ecstasy, doom and so on — and the fact that a lot of people break down and cry when confronted with my pictures show that I communicate those basic human emotions … The people who weep before my pictures are having the same religious experience I had when I painted them. And if you, as you say, are moved only by their color relationships, then you miss the point![36] (my emphasis)

      (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_field)


    1. Dunmola,

      I am not exactly sure what you mean by your statement about perversion of the Violet Flame. Are you implying that the Violet Flame is magenta, rather than violet? Are you saying that the Violet Flame represents a legitimate and healthy spiritual practice?

      Unfortunately, when we dig into the history of the Violet Flame lore (https://ascendedmasters101.kumaracreations.com/the-violet-flame-explained/), we end up with Luciferians, do we not? After all, Theosophy (c/o Madame Blavatsky and Elizabeth Clare Prophet) has its roots in Luciferianism (not to mention European/American Intelligence):


      In New Age circles, the magenta represents the 8th chakra (above the 7th/crown chakra, which is violet): https://www.masterthemind.com/the-8th-chakra/ and https://www.spiritualforums.com/vb/showthread.php?t=10494.

      From my understanding (and actually, personal experience – many years ago when I was steeped in New Age practices), all of the material surrounding St. Germain and his Violet Flame is channeled: https://www.melora.org/sgermain.html and https://www.summitlighthouse.org/saint-germain/. Further, Sir Francis Bacon is considered (as per channeled lore) to be an embodiment of St. Germain – circling us back to Rosicrucianism, and the roots of Scientism (and most likely, spookery, as in British Intelligence).

      Please forgive me for my forwardness . . . I suggest avoiding the Violet Flame in spiritual/energetic practice. I can say this with personal knowledge, having once utilized this “modality.” I consider it unsafe, ungrounding, and very misguided.

      I welcome your thoughts, and hope I have not offended. My beef is with the egregore of St. Germain, as well as the rest of the Ascended Masters (and their spiritual Ponzi scheme). In my opinion, they are NOT friends of humanity – regardless of whether they existed in the physical, or simply the metaphysical realm, or otherwise. Real friends do not let their friends hang out with “Ascended Masters” – just keeping it real.

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      1. Speaking of spirituality and the Ascension crowd – in the context of magenta, of course . . . When you watch this short trailer at Gaia.com, do you get a warm, natural, earthly feeling – or rather, a sense of cyber-consciousness? https://www.gaia.com/series/sacred-geometry-spiritual-science

        For greater context on Robert J. Gilbert, see here:

        https://newearth.university/members/robert-j-gilbert-phd/ (former U.S. Marine Corps instructor in Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Defense)

        For info on NewEarth University (founded by Sacha Stone):


        See Sacha Stone here on David Icke’s intensely magenta-fied Ickonic platform: https://twitter.com/garethicke/status/1502254642037764103. Keep in mind the millennia-long weaponized narrative involving the God vs. Satan/Lucifer/Devil paradigm, which is a necessary ingredient in producing the polarization/dialectic to propel certain agendas forward (namely, the mixed reality). Ultimately, it is all part of the simulacra.

        See Sacha Stone’s Lazarus Initiative here (yes, it is magenta-fied): https://sachastone.com/2022/01/17/the-lazarus-initiative-launch-david-sereda/.

        Sacha is founder of the World Health Sovereignty Summit with many of the worlds leading advocates in the sector including: Robert Kennedy Jr., Del Bigtree, G. Edward Griffin, Professor Dolores Cahill, Dr Christiane Northrup, Marla Maples, Charlene Bollinger, Dr Rashid Buttar, Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Andrew Wakefield, Dr David Martin, etc…: http://www.reclaimyourlives.com

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        1. So, perhaps we should take a moment to hear about W0RLDBU1LD1NG . . . straight from the horse’s mouth – well, the magenta mouth, that is. Listen to a 3-minute clip here of World Building Institute Director Alex McDowell (I know . . . eerily similar to Alison McDowell – but NO connection): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAkBnngInvo. I plan to follow-up with more details on Alex McDowell shortly . . . Hopefully you can start to get the gist with this brief introduction (as he speaks through a magenta mouth).


          Alex McDowell is an award-winning designer and storyteller working at the intersection of emergent technologies and experiential media. He is founder and creative director of experimental.design, where he and his team design immersive story worlds for industries and institutions. (my emphasis)

          He is a Professor of Practice at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. As Director of the USC World Building Media Lab at the school, McDowell and his interdisciplinary students collaborate to build immersive worlds for storytelling across multiple platforms. The WbML was awarded the prestigious Future Voice Award at the 2014 Interaction Awards in Amsterdam. He also leads the USC World Building Institute, a renowned multi-disciplinary knowledge space. He is recipient from George Lucas of the William Cameron Menzies endowed chair in Production Design.

          McDowell has 30 years experience as a production designer of feature films, working with directors David Fincher, Steven Spielberg, Terry Gilliam, and Anthony Minghella amongst others.

          As Visiting Artist to the MIT Media Lab (2005-2010) he designed the robot opera “Death and the Powers.” He is a Getty Research Institute scholar, and a member of the AMPAS SciTech Council. In 2006, he was awarded Royal Designer for Industry by the UK’s Royal Society of Arts, and in 2013 UK Designers & Art Directors President’s Award. (note the Royal connection, of course)


            1. Following is a potentially revealing image – imprinted with the juxtaposed magenta and emerald green – featuring Judge Maya Guerra Gamble: https://www.texasmonthly.com/news-politics/judge-maya-guerra-gamble-alex-jones/. Does this image (albeit created by a graphics team) depict a blurring of the natural and the artificial? Does it hint at the Northern and Southern Lights (plasma-based aurorae), further indicating a FLUID mixed reality?


              1. Maya Guerra is not a woman (yet another blending of the natural and artificial) and it’s a complete stage play, they do this a lot. Check out the case of Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, who are one and the same. There were a few good videos around illustrating that, but they’ve all been purged, maybe you can find them if you keep digging I found it blatantly obvious, noticed it right away. https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracyNOPOL/comments/inbp20/brett_kavanaugh_and_christine_blasey_ford_were/ Also, there’s no way a guy like Alex Jones isn’t 100 % in on this.


          1. HOLY!
            Stephers, you have out done yourself with this find. OMG it keeps getting better.
            Thank you and thank you for pointing out to me and my cousin Serena the Epstein Poker anagram correction. However, it did reveal Joshua Epstein involvement in the World Builders plan, which helps us piece together the puzzle.
            It does not get any more blatant and in your face than this.

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            1. Gino,

              Thank you for this clarification. I was unaware of the magenta mouth and its “history.” This channel only popped up for me in the context of Alex McDowell.


        2. Stephers, I am going through this thread and there is so much here worthy of exploring, and I am, but I’m looking specifically for the link I think you shared somewhere of your current project in the working group with Alison McDowell. Could you please post that again?


  20. RE: Alex Jones, Sandy Hook and Maya (illusion) – with magenta cave imagery, olive green, and emerald green, to boot (and a bit of red thrown in for good measure):

    Let’s start with Judge Maya Guerra Gamble. Briefly – on the surface – Maya invokes ILLUSION. But the surname, Gamble, takes us in various places as well.

    Clock the magenta-forward image in the bottom left corner of the thumbnail and video clip. Does it evoke a magenta cave (perhaps even a portal)? Keep in mind it is a digital (cyber) representation depicted on a laptop screen (hinting at mixed reality/simulation?).

    Did you clock the magenta ticker at the top of the video (at the beginning)?

    Note the olive green worn by mom Scarlett (as in red) Lewis. Footage of Alex Jones in olive green also accompanies in one of the linked videos below.

    See the emerald green as a digital representation on the laptop screen (in the second video link below), and the anchorwoman in emerald green (in the video linked above).

    There are plenty more colorful spook (AKA illusion) markers to spot . . . If anyone is compelled, please offer additional insights in this thread. Thanks!


    I should note that in order to watch the videos, I had to sit through a Meta Portal ad (with the yellow, cyan/teal, and emerald green colors embedded). (See magenta-fied Meta Portal here https://www.xrtoday.com/virtual-reality/what-is-meta-portal/ and here https://about.facebook.com/technologies/).

    Are we seeing weaponized narratives designed to propel society into Web 3.0 (the METAVERSE)? I suggest the lines between natural and artificial have already been significantly blurred (whether intentional or otherwise).


  21. Nice one Stephers. Exactly to everything you described. Thanks to a little magenta and emerald green psyop Jones is now the rejuvenated good guy for all the non-thinking resistance crowd to follow every word he says as the truth. Not! A tool of Empire for sure.


    1. Gino,

      See the 6 minute clip here – the magenta aurora (viewed on the digital screen, and presumably depicting the Northern Lights) is much more blatant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YgjhjRBxu8.

      I see no genuine reason why a screensaver would be so front-and-center in a courtroom, unless placed there for another purpose (as in imprinting?) . . .

      Meanwhile, for added context . . .

      Law&Crime Network (streaming all of these trials, including the AJ trial) was founded by Dan Abrams: https://lawandcrime.com/dan-abrams/.

      Dan Abrams is the son of Floyd Abrams: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floyd_Abrams (think Pentagon Papers and Daniel Ellsberg https://pieceofmindful.com/2016/04/05/the-paper-caper/), and cousin of Elliott Abrams: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elliott_Abrams.


      1. Gino,

        So it seems that there is a courtroom laptop that is used in the AJ trial to display footage to individuals on the stand when they give testimony, as seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VM7HgjzI9U. However, it is not the same laptop that sits idle in front of the stenographer. Regardless, we can all choose our screensavers, and I think it is entirely in the realm of possibility that the various ones chosen in this instance (as per color/imagery) are to suit subliminal messaging.

        Here is another image from the trial coded with the magenta and green “bars” (last time it was Judge Maya, this time it is AJ – offered by the same publication): https://www.texasmonthly.com/news-politics/how-will-alex-jones-verdict-affect-conspiracy-culture/ (h/t Jen Lake).


  22. Alright, so this is just really starting to get creepy: https://www.dovato.com/
    Using the counterfeit warn and fuzzy magenta color subliminally to brainwash people into taking a death drug for a fake disease that does not exist.
    HIV is a hoax! They are convincing people that they have this fake disease and then give them a death drug that will kill them. Targeting the black communities as you will see shown predominantly in the video. WOW! These people are truly evil to the core..


  23. It seems everyone is getting in on the magenda mind set. Using the color to pump what ever they are selling. Here is one from the nuclear industry, pumping nuclear fusion. (Magenta used only)
    Is there anything more Stephers that you can read from this video.

    And then there is the bright emerald green used in the psyop alt celebrity media. The mind games using these two colors are endless.

    Here psyop Martin has a bright emerald green glow around his head. (Emerald green used only}
    And there is that bright emerald green color again, while Greg Hunter is discussing the fake psyop Ukraine war. (Emerald green used only)

    Quick thought, which I am sure there is much more to it: Magenta is used to sell, while bright emerald green is used when they are lying through their teeth. When these two colors are used in tandem a different subliminal out come may be achieved to deceive the viewers such as blurring lies with truths, or real with fake aka digital.

    This thought has come out many times in this discussion, but thought I would give my simple interpretation a this time.

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    1. Gino,

      It seems we are VERY much in sync – on the topic of magenta being fused (see what I did there?! wink, wink) with the nuclear industry.

      Just this morning, I was digging a bit into plasma technology/toroidal physics, tokamaks, and nuclear fusion, and the companies referenced in the video you linked – more specifically, though, Madison Symmetric Torus in Madison, WI. https://wippl.wisc.edu/madison-symmetric-torus/. I am still working through a lot of material (mostly new for me), and will need some time to coherently pull it together. So, I will get back to you on that nuclear fusion presentation. (Did you notice the magenta eyeglasses placed in the story for good measure?)

      In my opinion – despite the fact that I despise puzzles – I sense we are getting closer to filling in crucial puzzle pieces. Numerous concepts are swirling around in my head at the moment – and, ultimately, they do all congeal (fuse) together: emerald green, magenta, yellow, gold thread, plasma cosmology, cold fusion, inner earth, central sun (magenta?), donuts, torus, toroidal fields, poloidal fields, the sun (yellow, possibly even green?), hot fusion, halos, aurorae (Northern and Southern Lights), tokamaks, radiation danger trefoil (originally magenta), nucleus, nuclear physics, astrophysics, UFOs, space travel, parallel dimensions, cylinders, hourglass imagery, straw imagery (as in drinking straws), plasma currents, Poles, polarization, Indra’s net/Vedic cosmology, Kundalini, pineal gland, time/temporal fields, implosion kinetics, Alfvén waves, gluons, pions, the Van Allen belts, nuclear reactors, and theta pinches.

      I will leave one very curious image (from a 2022 fictional film) that evokes many of these notions – all fused together (albeit veiled). I began deconstructing it this morning, and shared some of my insights with Alison. I have a ways to go, though, to coherently present it.

      In the interim, perhaps you would be inclined to take a look (see image above), and see what you notice. No pressure whatsoever to oblige. While I have not yet seen this highly popularized film (hoping to do so in the next couple days), it would be most helpful to watch it to get a full gestalt of what is being shown to us. Obviously, the context is necessary for a proper “decoding.” My friend, Matt of QofC, did his own analysis of the film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQi7jg6YhuI.

      I would add that there is much more context with regard to one particular actress in the image/film – Jamie Lee Curtis, and her father Tony Curtis – in addition to the film directors. See related links below.

      https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniels_(directors) (twinning with the two Daniels)”

      Additional images for context (which may be seemingly unrelated – and obscure – at the moment):

      https://pieceofmind.files.wordpress.com/2022/08/attachment-1-13.jpeg?w=728 (note the magenta, of course)

      https://pieceofmind.files.wordpress.com/2022/08/fullsizeoutput_41c29.jpeg?w=576 (image from Dohany Street Synagogue)

      Thank you, Gino, for your patience with me (as my personal life is beset with ordeals at the moment). I am leaving this material here for your review, and also as a personal reminder – until such time I can return with an elaborate take. But no sense in keeping this to myself if someone else can move forward with it, while I am attending to personal matters.

      On the David Martin/Greg Hunter discussion and the green glow . . . Someone brought that to our attention here a few days ago. I thought it was you. Perhaps you are providing us with a reminder – which I often do as well here in threads.

      Your simple interpretation of the magenta and emerald green – in the context of deception and blurring of the lines between the real and the synthetic (digital) is most helpful. I am not always inclined with distilling down my thoughts and suppositions. Thank you for your added touch. It is most appreciated.


      1. Again, Curtis is not a biological woman from all I can see (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YJEPE_NXU4) and we know how many k4bb4list J3ws love to do this, so many CEOs and people like the Wachowskis around. The only thing I don’t quite get is that the people behind these ideologies, the top r4bbis, always seem quite masculine to me, I would suggest that for them influencing these changes might just be a way to get to where they think they have to go. We are in Malkhut (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malkuth) historically, the last step before the world to come, which is represented by Shekhina, the bridegroom, which in turn represents the sacred feminine and thereby primordial chaos. Out of chaos comes order. Christopher Jon Bjerknes’ Beware the World to Come illustrates this very well, I highly recommend to read it. I believe the real power houses aren’t people like the Rothschilds, they’re just tools, the underground k4bb4lists in places like Safed or wherever will be the ones pulling the strings or at least clearly above the more worldly actors. We can’t understand what’s going on and why it’s going on without having a certain grasp of the mystical aspects/beliefs.


      2. Wish you all the best in taking care of your personal matters Stephers. I think it has something to do with your furry friends, which we humans can learn so much from.
        Ok, this is my simplifies take on deciphering the film Everything Everywhere All at once.
        Yes, yes on your noted check outs: the two Daniels to represent digital twining, Lyrics born Everywhere at once poster (magenta of course) and all the other subliminal markers you have pointed out. These obvious purposefully placed markers for sure have the hands of the World builders written all over them. Thanks for pointing them out to me. History has taught them well on how to use mind control markers in word play, word spell, color, sound play, sound spell for instance. Empire is on it, in Hollywood, in the music industry, in alt media, in the yoga/guru industrial complex (Dali Lama, Paramahansa Yogananda???), in new age religion (Four Square, Bahai) etc. The list is long! They have got the money and influence to steer these entities they have created to control the minds of masses with the spell bounding subliminal techniques we have discussed here.

        Many of Empire’s up front tools specific to this film, like Jamie Lee Curtis, the two Daniels, the Russco Brothers ( Co producers of the film) for instance facilitate the World builders plan. They are paid extremely well and may, or may not know what is going on and if they do know, stay silent, possibly for fear of ending up like Stanley Kubrick.

        Hard to pin point exact how effective these subluminal markers can be to program the minds of the unassuming masses, but we are not part of the unassuming. For what ever reason we can see there is more going on. You have give us a better insight with this article to see deeper and be more aware of these subliminal markers bombarding society. We now more than before have the ability to reject their programing markers and possibly help warn others the best we can. Thank you so much!
        As we move forward there is no doubt that we will watch many people (friends and family) unwittingly get sucked in. And it is not going to be pretty!

        Take care

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        1. Gino,

          I am incredibly grateful for your sentiments (and, again, for following and contributing so fruitfully to this thread).

          Yes, I am indeed learning a whole lot by taking care of my injured kitty, on the heels of my horse experiencing a major health and life-altering ordeal. (He is really my daughter’s horse; accordingly, I do not have her permission to divulge the situation.)

          To top it off, I have been unwell for several months, and was diagnosed a couple weeks ago with a blood disorder (RE: low protein), which I will need to remediate once I am out of this emergency mode.

          Without going into much detail, I have been stuck in one room for the past two weeks 22 hours/day, as my 1o-year-old cat (who was super spry and healthy) is painstakingly (an understatement) in the long process of regenerating the skin on one of her back paws, that she essentially shredded to pieces when zooming around the house – badly clipping the interdigital webbing (behind/beneath the outer pads) on the corner of our cement fireplace. I get out two hours a day – to do goat chores and eat a bit, while one of my family members takes over. She needs round-the-clock supervision/care, special litter (dustless and soft), and other modifications. She went to the vet for the very first time in the 10 years we have had her. X-rays determined she did not break the foot. She required laser treatment for the extensive damage. Up until now, she has had the cushy, content life, with no bumps in the road. This has been incredibly painful and traumatizing for her; and I, myself, am challenged with less than two hours of sleep a night. I am trying to nap during the day a bit, but with little success.

          Interestingly – with respect to learning from this experience with (hopefully) restoring her health/vitality – I learned more about cat paws and their specific role in emitting pheromones. This understanding has helped me to grasp that not only does her paw injury result in overwhelming pain, it induces profound vulnerability and disorientation. Further, I have also been thinking more about the role of pheromones in the context of COVID (which I have previously covered), and illness, in general (and perhaps, even herpes – which has been a condition that I have been unable to unravel, thus far). In the near future, I hope to unpack here my thoughts in this regard.

          I will return soon to follow up on your reply above, as I have uncovered some details that I think are significant enough to report here. For now, my husband is tag teaming with me, so I can go get a quick bite to eat – before night duty begins. Thank you for your patience and support.


          1. Keep me posted on your tag team thoughts and your interventions to your loved furry friends and you. I keep things simple: no gagging morning supplements, cold showers, natural skin brushing, yoga with no guru needed and a walk in nature ( I have a special place. Alison has seen pictures/ videos), the occasional glass of wine, some good people around and my involvement with folks like you and Alison. Life is good!

            Need a crystal ball to see how prevalent herpes was before Empire made it up after they introduced virology and their germ theory medicine. It was important to spread the germ theory lie by controlling mass media, radio , news papers in the early years before people even knew what herpes was. The black plaque, the black death, the bubonic plague pick your scary subliminal image. Did it really exist like the moon landings. Michel Angelo and Leonardo di Vinci do not write , or paint about it as far as I know. They lived in the era 100 years after it apparently happened, but very little account in their work exists. What are your / husband’s thoughts on this last sentence? World builders write history let us not for get that!

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  24. We see Brian Rose (DeFi influencer) and Robert Kiyosaki embracing the magenta here. Did they both get the magenta memo?

    “President Joe Biden is a Communist 🇺🇸 Robert Kiyosaki” (Aug 6, 2022)

    Robert Kiyosaki is an entrepreneur, investor, motivational speaker, financial expert and author of the globally renowned bestseller ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ – ranked the number one personal finance book of all time. In fact, this publication was so successful it was translated into 51 languages and has sold over 41 million copies worldwide in 109 countries.

    One commenter even noted:

    You guys are almost rocking the same colors for this interview

    Did you know that Brian Rose (seen here fully embracing the magenta, once again https://londonreal.tv/brian-roses-defi-real-rose-icke-6-the-nft-own-a-part-of-history/) and David Icke created an NFT collection to “celebrate” their viral broadcast together?

    In this special episode I revealed 100 exclusive NFTs that we minted to celebrate the recent broadcast of Rose/Icke 6: The Vindication, which was watched by over 1.5 million people on the Digital Freedom Platform.

    We knew we had to create something important to give back to our incredible community so we decided to create a special edition NFT collection featuring exclusive assets from this historic broadcast.

    The Rose/Icke 6: The Vindication Official NFT Collection:

    Is Limited To Only 100 Pieces In The Series
    Each Piece Provides 1 of 100 Unique Behind-The-Scenes Images
    Every NFT Also Includes 1 of 19 Exclusive Embedded Video Clips
    Permits Special Early Access To Our Next Livestream of Rose/Icke 7
    Provides Pre-sale Access To Future London Real NFT Drops


    1. Hey Stephers,

      There is that lying little bright emerald green again! Wiki image of the plague. Interesting! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plague_(disease)
      Wikipedia, the World Builder’s account of history. No! a pack of lies mostly! In the case of the black death, bubonic plaque, black plague, or just the plague ( Image spell, word spell ), which is used imo to keep germ theory alive in the minds of todays masses.

      There is more you can read about on Wiki World builder’s history regarding plaques, epidemics, pandemics that never happened to scare the hell out of the masses as a means to control the masses. Covid a perfect example today in strengthening Empires germ theory golden goose. The 24/7 repetitive word spell use of words like virology, viruses, spike protein, immune system keep the masses in the germ theory spell. Most in the resistance movement are caught up in that spell too.
      I know there is much more behind Empire’s madness to steer the masses into a digital world, but thought I would put a little emphasis on the historic so called plague as it related to keeping germ theory alive and well.

      They started us young with the germ theory lie by using words spell nursery rhymes like “Ring around the Rosie, Pocket full of posy, ashes ashes, they all fall down” Here are the lyrics. https://genius.com/Mother-goose-club-ring-around-the-rosy-lyrics (Magenta used of course in website to sell the historic lie)
      Here is creepy 2017 video clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6x-3LXfaXZE&ab_channel=FunTimeNurseryRhymes (Sound spell at play)

      Side note now on the psyop band Muse.
      Word spell, image spell, sound spell at work here as with all Muse band videos. They are for sure one of Empires performing dancing bears used to prey on the minds of our young ones. This song “COMPLIANCE” has an interesting choice of words!
      (Word spell) March 2022 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QP3zRBtgvJo&ab_channel=Muse

      Word spell, color spell ( Magenta the seller) “Plug in Baby” Interesting song title! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCUZSS54drI&ab_channel=Muse

      Color spell used in 201o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygANMV2I3XE&ab_channel=Muse This song was the hook to draw in the young as a band that was on their side. No! it was the deceptive lure that would lead the young into what Muse was set up to accomplish for Empire.

      A little off topic, but there is lots of angles to watch out for as we try to decipher the big picture.

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  25. The Rose/Icke 6: The Vindication Official NFT Collection:

    Again, psyops minlge with pysops is my first glaring psyop red flag I observe. Music and weird sound frequencies in videos is second. Now I can add color, say magenda, or emerald green for instance to my psyop busting tools. Thanks!

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    1. Inflation Reduction Act…Put some Psyop Red White and Blue colors and weird sound frequencies on that with some freaky music and See if it builds back better with an “Emerald Green” Magenda. Even a fucking broken clock is right twice a day.. But this country isn’t, So who Cares ? Wake up. who gives a shit about all that other fucking nonsense. Add some COLOR to that ONE.


    1. Kath,

      Thank you! LOTS here to work with . . . Although, my take is quite different than Hugo’s . . . One hand on the kitty at the moment . . . Will offer more commentary/links when my hands are free to type. Thanks again for this significant offering . . .


    2. Kath,

      So it seems the Queen is at it again – the magenta memetics – with the 2022 Commonwealth Games: https://www.birmingham2022.com/queens-baton-relay.

      The official partner is Longines: https://www.birmingham2022.com/partnerships/longines. What is their logo/main symbol? The HOURGLASS. To be specific, it is a winged hourglass – to imply timekeeping. But I think there is much more to this imagery – circling back to the magenta.


      This serves as further affirmation that I may be on the right track . . . My supposition is that the magenta beacon signifies the central sun at the CORE of the earth (perhaps keeping time – central time). The earth resembles a torus (a donut), but when incorporating the toroidal fields emitted, it looks more like an hourglass. This magenta beacon at the core may be a steady state energy supply that is producing cold fusion (AKA free energy). If so, this would be the most highly guarded secret of the central planners/worldbuilders. The nuclear reactors may play a role in this occulted energy.

      My opinion – for what it’s worth – on the sigil that was featured by Hugo . . . Similar to the Star of David, the opposite triangles/Vs denote the masculine (the Sun – green, but seen as yellow) and the feminine (the inner sun – magenta). Both “suns” may be interpreted as twin flames – providing us, perhaps, with the genuine meaning of this term. The center line would connect both of these suns (one masculine energy, the other feminine energy), yet the suns would not actually merge or fuse together, as they are polar opposites (think oil and water). I do not perceive this as Satanic/Saturnian. In fact, it is my position that these terms are most often utilized to deflect and misguide us, so that we do not see the earthly delineation (pagan/Druidic). To this end, Hugo does mention the Druidic influence, but does not go far enough. From my research over the years, as I have inched closer and closer to what I think is the core truth, it is the Druids that show up – even much more influential than Kabbalists, Zionists, Jews, Jesuits, the Pope, etc. In fact, this may seem to be a stretch, but if you put Jew and Jesuit together in a word, it may sound a lot like Druid. The Druidic signs and symbols (sigils) are everywhere, in my opinion; yet veiled behind these other fronts. I wonder how much the ancient Druids knew about magenta?

      Addendum: https://www.birmingham2022.com/live-blog (August 8, 2022 – today)


      1. Thank you Stephers

        Interesting – the first thing I saw in that sigil was the star of david, disguised, & was surprised Hugo didn’t mention that.

        I had never thought of jewuit as a homonym for druid. Language is indeed fascinating.

        Last week I watched The Electrical Life of Louis Wain, which immediately brought our discussions here to mind –
        This film contains inversions including an upside-down rainbow displayed as emerging from a prism, &
        people in unlikely roles (based on the his-story we’ve been told at any rate)
        Lots of magenta & teal. Most dangerously imo
        portraying the fact that we are electrical beings as laughable, quaint, misguided, mad even. There have even been squeezed in a couple of deaths from influenza to keep the subliminal fear of infection going.
        I can’t say it’s a good watch, but the inversions & misdirection are conspicuous & fascinating in the context of discussions on this thread.
        The trailer isn’t that clear & is imo quite boring but this brief pre-release mini (5minute or so) piece shows the colours at least, though not the misdirection/inversions. I wonder if his pictures were indeed as magenta-rich as they are here portrayed.

        Hope Kitty improving

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        1. Kath,

          Very helpful contribution. Setback with my cat. Will reply soon.

          P.S. The cat and color syncs – as related to my personal life – are intensely uncanny. (Funny…see the “Kat” in your name?) I will attempt to elaborate in the next couple days…The most prominent cat/color sync (aside from the film you just mentioned) is the new Netflix TV series, The Sandman.


    3. Kath,

      This is the most recent offering from Hugo Talks. Very well done. 11 minutes long. I concur with his take, and I think it is brave of him to take this bold stance (against blockchain/crypto in the context of Steve Bannon and Alex Jones). If you watch to the end, he discusses how important it is to recognize controlled opposition, and how both sides are played off against one another. Ultimately, we are the ones who get played.

      He is getting pushback (from what looks to be a man wearing dark magenta?): https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=D3Y9H9R5A4U9. People still need their heroes.


      1. Isn’t that magenta guy aggressive!! His vocabulary seems rather constrained to f word as a sort of glue to string his thoughts
        Interestingly so defensive in a – let’s-make-the-‘truthers’-angry & misdirected & waste their energy kind of way..
        & when at the the 3.07 time stamp he says ‘when you’ve been in the game as long as they’ve been in the game’ (AJ etc) it feels like revelation of method for sure & nasty too.
        & how spooky that the explanatory voice dissing Hugo is quite obviously automated. Well spotted Stephers
        I’ll be sure to stay away from magenta guy & his nasty vibe!

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      2. Exactly Stephers, thank goodness I have you guys ( Alison, Jason, Leo etc) Many of my freedom friends are constantly lured into the clutches of these types of psyop maneuvers. I keep trying to offer solid info nuggets and maybe some day I will break through, but it is frustrating when I do and then they return an offer of the latest Sasha Stoned Fakebook post.

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          1. Gino,

            Returning to Sacha Stone . . . Given the ongoing Lake Mead story (which has implications on SO many very unexpected and occult levels – which I have been exploring, and sharing with Alison) . . . Is it any surprise to find that his New Earth Horizon mailing address is located in Las Vegas within very close proximity to Lake Mead . . . as well a quick hop from the Stratosphere Tower? It is also a short skip to the nearest highway – Oran K. Gragson Expy (see pertinent link below).

            https://sachastone.com (magenta-coded)

            304 South Jones Blvd, 3318, Las Vegas, NV 89107, US (the address noted at the bottom of SS’s online newsletter; sandwiched between S. Rainbow Blvd. and S. Decatur Blvd.)

            A prominent point of interest that defines a location.

            https://www.bizapedia.com/nv/new-earth-horizon.html (alias SASKIA CHIESA – anagram of Sacha AI Skies)

            https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oran_K._Gragson (I featured the great grandson of Oran Gragson in the NASCAR story in my post above)


  26. RE: Magenta and Ivy League (See the colorful and curious “history” of Harvard’s Crimson)

    (all bold below is my emphasis – my commentary to follow soon)

    It all started with six Chinese silk handkerchiefs.

    According to the Harvard Crimson, on June 19, 1858, Harvard crew members Charles Eliot (Class of 1853) and Benjamin Crowninshield (Class of 1858) bought six red handkerchiefs just before a regatta to distinguish their team from its competitors. As team members wiped the sweat from their brows during the race, the handkerchiefs turned from red to a deep crimson. News of the colored scarves spread, and the signature Harvard color was born.

    Or was it? In the 1860s, magenta became all the fashion throughout the United States, and as the trend hit Harvard’s campus, the color was soon vying with the original crimson. In 1864 a Harvard crew member bought magenta scarves for his teammates. Even the first issue of the publication we know as the Harvard Crimson was called the Magenta (Harvard Crimson 2004).

    The legend goes that the tipping point between the two colors came at an 1875 regatta race with Union College of Schenectady, when both teams claimed magenta as their color. This crisis prompted a meeting in Holden Chapel on May 6, 1875, with Harvard faculty, students, and alumni in attendance. At the meeting an alumnus admitted that the only reason he bought those magenta scarves in 1864 was because the shop was out of crimson ones. A vote was taken and crimson won by a large majority (Harvard Crimson 2004). The student newspaper renamed itself the Crimson, stating that “The magenta is not now, and, as was shown in the meeting, never has been, the right color of Harvard” (The Crimson 1875).

    Union College Magazine, however, has a slightly different story. According to them, there was no dispute at the 1875 race at all. Apparently, a Union College student had written to Harvard before the regatta claiming that magenta belonged to them and that he wanted to avoid confusion at the upcoming race. News of the letter made its way around Harvard, the alumnus made his confession, and the university returned to crimson (Union College Magazine 2004).

    In 1909, Charles Eliot, who had first bought the crimson handkerchiefs for his team, had just stepped down as president of the college. The new president, A. Lawrence Lowell, knowing that the college was running out of crimson materials, tried looking for a local dye source that could get the exact right “arterial red,” in Lowell’s words. He eventually worked with Lewando’s French Dye House, in Watertown, MA, which protected the secret formula for decades (Harvard University Archives 1910).

    In 1910 it became official: the Harvard Corporation designated crimson as the official color of the school in honor of Eliot. The corporation’s memorandum notes that a Miss Devens kindly donated one of the original handkerchiefs to the Board of Harvard (Harvard University Archives 1910). A story in the Harvard Graduates’ Magazine notes that, “It was voted that the handkerchief exhibited to the Board be adopted as the standard color of the University, and that it be preserved in the archives of the University” (1910). The now-famous handkerchief continues to rest in the Harvard University Archives, preserving its color for generations to come.



  27. This story about Trump and Mar-a-Lago caught my eye (Do you see his estate aglow in any particular color?) . . .

    https://youtu.be/CWkx1GkiAE0 (Note Constitutional Law Professor Jessica Levinson being interviewed – in the same color)

    August 2022 FBI search
    Main article: Raid of Mar-a-Lago
    On August 8, 2022, FBI agents, reportedly with a search warrant as part of an investigation into the potential mishandling of classified documents that should have been sent to the National Archives and Records Administration, searched Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago. The “Secret Service facilitated access” for the FBI, and Trump’s lawyer was present for the search.


    See Republican National Convention chairwoman Ronna McDaniel react to the FBI raid here (Did you clock the prominent color she is wearing?):

    https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-raid-linked-doj-national-archives-probe-into-classified-docs-allegedly-taken-mar-a-lago (Today, August 9, 2022)


    1. See Trump’s attorney, Christina Bobb . . . It seems she REALLY likes magenta (Keep in mind, Bobb was a marine and held an administrative position at the Department of Homeland Security ~ https://www.dhs.gov/person/christina-bobb):


      Have we determined yet that magenta may possibly be a spook marker?


  28. Hey stephers! Love this sync train you’re riding on. I was just watching a silly pop culture commentary video on YouTube that brought up something regarding Demi lovato. Apparently this ex Disney star has a new show on peacock (you mentioned peacock before…) about alien/ufo hunting.
    There is a clip of her on the Kelly Clarkson show where she is explaining her ‘experience’ with the ETs.
    She said she was dreaming and saw three figures who asked ‘do you want to see your planet?’ And they showed her. Then they said ‘would you like to see our planet?’ She was then whisked away and she saw the aliens’ planet . She states clearly that it was a pink planet, because of course it was.
    This stuck out to me after reading your piece on magenta and I felt I should drop it here for research fodder – I’m sure there is a lot of sync and strangeness related to this young demi(urge) and her new found pink alien friends that is just waiting to be unwound.

    Thanks for bringing this topic to light – funny I haven’t noticed the magenta as much as the teal – in real life (tangible) products anyway. The teal (a color I love btw 😛 ) is absolutely everywhere in the shops. Teal tea kettles, teal spatulas, teal couches, teal hand weights and yoga mats, teal water bottles, teal diapers, teal everything. Are consumer products using the ‘gender neutral’ version of magenta to imprint this pink code?

    Funny isn’t it, in the times of gender confusion, garishly false representations of pink and blue are being used? Notice Demi lovato’s current look is very androgynous. Blue and pink, boys and girls – according to the old way. Teal and magenta – non-binary?
    (Ps: since when did we start referring to ourselves in binary code? Non binary? Huh? What? Are we talking about human beings here?? I understand binary simple relates to 2 components , a dualism of sorts, but I can’t remember humans being talked about as such. In my lifetime binary has always been a computational term. No one calls night and day a binary process. No one calls waking and sleeping a binary process. Not in my laymens life growing up in the 90s, anyway. It has always related to digital 0s and 1s. Binary code. I never heard the term binary used in any other context. Laymen never used it to describe human identity, sexual or otherwise. Now laymen humans identify as non-binary and no one seems to notice the new vernacular..)

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    1. Sarah,

      Excellent comment(s) and observations. I will try to circle back some time today (or tomorrow) to add some of my commentary. Thank you so much for this incredibly insightful offering. Yes, lots to unwind here.


      1. Sarah,

        Quick add-on here: “Demi Lovato tells Ellen that her short hair feels “more authentic to who I am” (from 2021) https://www.wrmf.com/demi-lovato-tells-ellen-that-her-short-hair-feels-more-authentic-to-who-i-am/.

        Demi Lovato appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday rocking her new close-cropped hairdo, which is currently dyed bright magenta on top. Demi explained that she cut her hair off in November, because she realized she’d been “holding on to” it her “whole life.”

        “I feel so free, like, I feel more authentic to who I am, and I also feel like I used to hide behind my hair,” Demi told Ellen. She explained that when she was struggling with an eating disorder, she “used to use my hair as, like, to hide behind and it would cover my body.”

        “And so when I started doing all this work on myself, I thought, ‘What is something that I’ve been holding on to my whole life that I need to let go of?’ And it was that,” she continued. “And…yeah, I just I feel more myself now.”

        Demi also discussed her upcoming YouTube docuseries Dancing with the Devil, the trailer for which dropped last week. When Ellen noted how open Demi is in the trailer, and how she’s speaking honestly about everything that’s happened to her, including her near-fatal overdose, Demi said that was the idea.

        “First, I want to set the record straight, you know, a lot of stories were going around that time…[people] didn’t really know exactly what had happened,” she tells Ellen.

        “And I just wanted to tell the world, ‘Hey, this is what happened. This is how I got through it. And hopefully this can help you, too,’” she continues. “Because this journey has been such a wild ride. But I’ve learned so much and I can’t wait to share with you.”


        1. I’m noticing shaved heads as the new style for females in my area. Not new, just a rehash of the Sinead Oconner look from back in the 1980’s…Wearing of wigs instead of maintenance of a long hairdoo is the IN thang. It’s odd but kinda smart and the wigs i’ve seen look like real hair not clownish. So they get a new look whenever they want to match their outfits or events they attend.


  29. From wiki: “ On May 19, 2021, Lovato publicly came out as non-binary and announced the decision to change her gender pronouns to they/them, stating that “this has come after a lot of healing and self-reflective work. I’m still learning and coming into myself; I don’t claim to be an expert or a spokesperson. Sharing this with you now opens another level of vulnerability for me.”[285][286] She had previously come out as non-binary to her family and friends towards the end of 2020.”

    Why in 2020? Is binary clearer in 2020 vision? Check out the colors for her show’s artwork

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  30. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)…. Check out their list of 17 goals, one of which is a magenta color, “Reduced Inequality.” The SDG symbol is a circle of 17 sections of colors, representing the 17 SDG’s. This is another false symbol, idolizing a man-made structure and system, yet using elements of the divine symbol of the rainbow. A rainbow is a circle, with colors, order, and a perfect natural circle. The natural rainbow contains so much more than our society acknowledges, comprehends, or remembers(?). We have much to learn from the natural world all around, and these false systems and idols are misleading us away from the wisdom and knowledge in nature.

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      1. Thanks for posting the image. I couldnt figure out how to insert one in the comment box.

        I wrote a brief comment above on the polarities of magenta and green, and on the use of polarities in general to synthesize an energetic, possibly behavioral, response in the unsuspecting viewer.

        Curious if you’ve come across anything on this?


      2. Thanks, Stephers.

        It appears this is more cosmetic than substantive. In other words, SDG #10 fails to reduce income inequality. The 17 SDGs are more about protecting the hierarchical status quo (slavery, surviving under rule of a slave-master class), while re-branding, re-framing, and writing a new narrative (more propaganda) to deceive the masses who continue to be disinherited from Creator’s land, water and air that was once shared in common.

        “For her MSc Thesis at Utrecht University Anne Luijten attempted to discover why member states included this goal in its current form, and whether it signifies a new global norm.”

        “Because of this lack of member state support, the emergent global norm on reducing vertical economic inequality was not internalized. In combination with watered down targets and indicators, this led to a misalignment between the title of the goal and its content; even if all targets are achieved, inequality in income and wealth between and within countries could continue to grow.”
        https://globalgoalsproject.eu/blog/2019/09/17/sdg-10-reduced-inequalities-new-global-norm/ Unfortunately, the link to her thesis is not working (cancelled?)

        I am reminded of the obvious limits to Nelson Mandela’s power to change the economic/financial arrangement in South Africa after his alleged release from prison — presuming he was in prison at all. Social change without sharing the accumulated wealth of the ruling elite with the slave population is just more of the same wrapped in a shiny, new (PR) exterior.

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  31. RE: Anne Heche and Magenta (and “shiny” moth imprinting?)

    See MM’s analysis of the reported death of Anne Heche: http://mileswmathis.com/heche.pdf.

    See my highly esoteric take here: https://discourse.wrenchinthegears.org/t/anne-heche-aurora-cleveland-kubricks-the-shining-room-237-room-13-luna-moth-pupa-chrysalis-emergence-and-magenta/127. (I apologize for the link, but I found it much too time-consuming to insert images in WordPress, and my deconstruction is quite image-heavy.)


    1. See the trailer (heavily color-coded) for Anne Heche’s new upcoming film, Girl in Room 13 (slated for a mid-September 2022 release, concurrent with Ethereum’s release of its Merge):

      I will plan to circle back to discuss this film in more detail (including its producers and their curious connections).

      I suggest there is much more underlying any superficial analysis that may be offered to us. For now, see this comment in the thread below the trailer by “Tirzah Magenta” (as I strongly suspect this stretcher narrative in conjunction with the Jeffrey Epstein narrative is being seeded and cultivated – via magenta, no less):

      Tirzah Magenta
      2 days ago
      Have you seen the video of Anne trying to get off the stretcher and the firemen push her down and cover her up??



        1. RE: Moths and Magenta (The Mothman Prophecies)

          h/t Matt of QofC – In his wonderful presentation yesterday (August 23, 2022), Matt posted a photo of the most recent book cover of The Mothman Prophecies (around the 21:22 timestamp): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xf8vYpkBe_8.


          Original book cover (1975): http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_bdVR-JIDi2g/TBMCOZplR4I/AAAAAAAARpk/VIgkEyuC7zI/s1600/moth.jpg.

          The film adaptation (2002) starred Richard Gere and Laura Linney.


          In my analysis linked in the comment above, I actually noted that Anne Heche (whom I have considered in the context of moths) resembled Laura Linney in a photo where her hair was ginger-tinted. Therein, I also explained that there is a scene in Heche’s upcoming film that seems to display “MOTH” (when, in fact, it is a blinking MOTEL sign).

          “John Keel on the Mothman”
          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJ16gZldFiQ (7 minutes long)


    2. Returning to Anne Heche . . .

      I see MM updated his paper on Anne Heche: http://mileswmathis.com/heche.pdf.

      Interestingly, though, it seems he may still be missing ONE KEY element of this story (perhaps the most crucial aspect) – David Manpearl: https://heavy.com/news/david-manpearl/.

      {See his LinkedIn profile below – paying very special attention to his work in real-time human position tracking; compositing software and plug-ins for the motion picture and broadcast special effects industry; creating ground station command and control software for missile defense system satellites; creating embedded infra-red detection, tracking, and communications software for the satellites; and creating programmable test stations for infra-red sensors.}

      Could these types of skills could come in handy in particular situations involving wireless surveillance door bells and high-speed car crashes into Los Angeles homes?

      From the Heavy article:

      David Manpearl is credited with helping rescue Anne Heche after her car exploded after it crashed August 5 into a Los Angeles home. Manpearl aided a neighbor and tried to free Heche, who survived but suffered serious injuries.

      “At about 10:50 a.m. I heard a car go speeding by and looked out my window, where I saw the car going about 90 miles an hour,” he told the outlet. “Within seconds, I heard a loud crash at which point I ran outside in my flip-flops because I knew someone was hurt and, boy, was I right.”

      He lives about five houses down from the house where the fiery crash occurred, he told the Daily Mail, and caught the moments leading up to the crash on his Ring doorbell camera.

      He told the Daily Mail that he rushed to the scene and found a neighbor outside.

      “Before I approached the car, I saw the resident of the home standing barefoot in the debris. She was in shock and frantically asked me to help get her pets out of the house,” Manpearl said. “I was able to get the leashes for her two small dogs and escorted her out of the side of her house. She had her two dogs with her and a tortoise.”

      David Manpearl told the Daily Mail that he did not think it was possible anyone could have survived the crash he witnessed.

      Manpearl told the Daily Mail that he was unable to free Heche from the vehicle, and after she was trapped for about 30 minutes in the burning car, he thought there was no way she would have survived.

      He said he found Heche, whom he did not recognize as the actress, trapped between the airbag and the seat of her car.

      “I tried speaking with her a few times asking if she was OK, but she wasn’t responding so I had to get closer. I was able to open the back door of the car and crawled halfway inside,” he said. “This time when I asked her if she was OK, she said no.”

      He told the Daily Mail that he and the neighbor were trying to put out the fire when firefighters arrived on the scene. The blaze had spread from the car to the house, he said.

      “I was positive that the driver was dead,” he said, as rescue attempts dragged on. “That she had burned up. It took at least 30 minutes for the fire department to douse the flames, extract the car and pull her out of the car.”

      Read more here about David Manpearl and his story about that day:

      See the LinkedIn profile for David Manpearl: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dmanpearl.

      From his LinkedIn profile:

      Senior Software Engineer at Other World Computing
      Los Angeles County, California, United States

      Wireless, embedded, plugin, and general multi-platform mobile application development focused on connected network solutions with imaging and location based systems.


      Senior Software Engineer
      Other World Computing
      Jan 2022 – Present 8 months

      Pixelmonks LLC
      Mar 2005 – Present 17 years 6 months
      Venice, CA
      Founded a corporate entity in order to develop mobile applications and technically creative solutions in a seriously productive environment.

      Senior Software Engineer
      2016 – Nov 202 15 years
      Greater Los Angeles Area

      Director of Game Programming
      Game Sports Network
      Jul 2014 – Mar 2017 2 years 9 months
      Provide mobile and server development, API design, centralized stats, scoring, and settlement algorithms, and game implementation for a new type of skill based fantasy sports app available for iOS, Android, and Web.

      • Control Panel provides the capability to manage games, monitor purchases, and manage customer accounts. Implemented portions of the tool in node.js, angular.js, HTML5, and express application framework with proprietary algorithm for matchup suggestions pairing athletes based on historical game statistics and expected game performance.

      Multi-Platform Application Developer for Spectral Software
      Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
      Nov 2012 – Dec 2013 1 year 2 months
      Hollywood, California
      Developed an open-source color predictor app for the Academy for the characterization of LED and other innovative lighting sources that builds and runs on 5 platforms including Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. I chose and implemented with JUCE, a cross-platform C++ application framework. Completed, delivered, and released as open-source ahead of schedule.

      Mobile Application Developer for iOS and Android
      William Hill
      2011 – 2013 2 years
      Las Vegas, Nevada
      Developer of sports wagering applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry approved by the Nevada Gaming Board, Apple’s App Store…

      Level 8
      2010 – 2013 3 years
      New York
      Responsible for development of connected location-based mobile solutions on iOS and Android platforms in an Agile development SCRUM anchored team.

      Developed Linked Lite and Linked Pro, responsible for the UI and all of the License Verification Library (LVL) implementation for management and security of sales.

      Mobile Application Developer – iOS, Android, BlackBerry
      American Wagering, Inc. (AWI), Computerized Bookmaking Systems, Inc. (CBS)
      Jun 2009 – 2012 3 years
      Las Vegas, Nevada
      Sole developer of all mobile applications on multiple platforms providing secure location verification and live sports wagering.

      Sr. Software Engineer
      iMatte, Inc.
      2001 – 2012 11 years
      Chatsworth, California
      Developed real-time masking solutions on servers, wireless, and embedded devices for tele-conferencing, digital projection enhancement, and image compositing in infra-red and visible spectrums. Created human-mouse functionality and USB HID mouse emulation based on real-time human position tracking.

      Sr. Software Engineer
      NorBelle LLC
      Aug 2006 – Jun 2007 11 months
      Worked with a close-knit team to create a real-time GPS location based tracking and map display system on wireless cellphones deployed on multiple platforms. Enabled parents to follow the exact movements of their children and businesses to follow the progress of their mobile assets.

      Sr. Software Engineer
      Ultimatte Corp.
      1995 – 2001 6 years
      Chatsworth, California
      Wrote image processing and compositing software and plug-ins for the motion picture and broadcast special effects industry. Deployed security protected profitable products on Linux, Mac, Windows, Irix, and Unix. Libraries and plug-ins I created are used in many of the post-production facilities in Hollywood.

      Sr. Software Engineer
      Hughes Aircraft Co.
      1983 – 1995 12 years
      El Segundo, California
      Worked with large and small teams to create ground station command and control software for missile defense system satellites following ISO 9000 standards. Created embedded infra-red detection, tracking, and communications software for the satellites. Created programmable test stations for the infra-red sensors.

      University of California, Los Angeles University of California, Los Angeles
      MS Physics
      1986 – 1988
      University of California, Los Angeles University of California, Los Angeles
      BS Physics
      1982 – 1986

      For further exploration:



      1. “Anne Heche’s Stubborn Incandescence” (August 16, 2022)

        SO much to decode in the article (and accompanying image of Heche) – all revealing intense clues with respect to color, light, music, mind, energy (oil/gas), HIV/AIDS, Aurora/aurorae, other worlds/inner worlds/parallel worlds, twinning, mirroring, torus/donut/vortex, and TIME.

        Was (is?) Heche a synesthete (one who experiences synesthesia)? (Potentially circling us back to the synesthesia work/research of David Eagleman and John Jacobson – mentor at the Salk Institute of James Holmes/Batman Dark Night Rising?) Keep in mind her car crash narrative involved a bright blue car (primary shade of blue) and a bright red (primary shade of red) wig (that she bought from Mr. GLASS at his shop – hinting at Looking Glass???). {BLUE + RED = Magenta}

        Could the Salk Institute’s work with “viruses” be connected in some way to color/light/synesthesia (as in mirror neurons/pheromones as frequency/wave signaling)? Something tells me that viruses/exosomes/cell debris (and illness in general) has more to do with the spectrum of light/radio/electromagnetic waves and photons/optics than notions of infection and immunology. Perhaps even the toxicology paradigm (of which was my focus) did not go far enough (?). Could it be that the concept of “contagion” lies more within the boundaries/paradigm of synesthesia (including vicarious perception)?

        See vicarious perception and yawning here: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25893437/.

        As I lean into this uncharted territory (that I am attempting to lay out) . . . Perhaps this recent media story offers us some embedded clues:

        https://nypost.com/2021/10/20/tiktok-is-giving-teen-girls-tourette-like-tics-doctors-say/ (clock the VERY bright colors)

        https://scienceline.org/2022/04/the-real-story-behind-the-tiktok-tics/ (see the magenta?)

        Note: The author of the April 2022 article is Delaney Dryfoos. That brings to mind the following individual (who happens to be based in West Palm Beach – home to Jeffrey Epstein, Donald Trump – and previous home to Ronald Gisondo – ocean engineer/submarine communications father of actor Skyler Gisondo – starring in the current Peacock TV series, The Resort, as I referenced in comments above):

        https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_W._Dreyfoos_Jr. (all bold is my emphasis):

        *Dreyfoos graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1954 with a BS focusing on electronics, optics, and physics, assisted by MIT financing after the death of his father.[2] Having also completed ROTC, Dreyfoos then served in the U.S. Air Force in Sembach, Germany, 1954–1956, commanding a 40-man photo lab critical to reconnaissance missions at age 22.[3] Returning home, under the GI Bill he earned an MBA at Harvard Business School in 1958.[4] Dreyfoos earned his pilot’s license in 1960, and multiple ratings over time including airline transport pilot (ATP). He has owned six airplanes, including two Citation jets, and two turbine helicopters, all of which he flew single-pilot.[4]

        Dreyfoos founded Photo Electronics Corporation (PEC) in 1963, with George W. Mergens, to address problems in color print reproduction. They developed their groundbreaking Video Color Negative Analyzer (VCNA) in Dreyfoos’ Port Chester, New York basement, then set up a factory in a former church in Connecticut. The VCNA was marketed worldwide by Eastman Kodak Company.[5] Dreyfoos moved PEC to Florida in 1969, and in 1970 a motion-picture version of the VCNA earned an Academy Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.[6] From 1990 to 2006, the VCNA was part of the “Information Age: People, Information and Technology” display at the American History Museum of the Smithsonian Institution and remains in its permanent collection.[7] Dreyfoos later invented the innovative LaserColor Printer and assisted his son, Robert Dreyfoos, in developing a digital version of the VCNA for PEC called the Professional Video Analyzing Computer (PVAC).[8]

        Dreyfoos holds ten U.S. and many foreign patents covering his inventions. Dreyfoos owned television station WPEC TV-12, the ABC affiliate in West Palm Beach, Florida, from 1973 to 1996. Beginning in 1977, under his direction, his staff developed the world-class Sailfish Marina Resort in Palm Beach Shores, Florida, which he sold in 2004.[9] It was the success of PEC that enabled these purchases, and their subsequent sales that enabled Dreyfoos to practice philanthropy, for which he formed The Dreyfoos Group in 1996.

        After founding in 1978 what became the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, Dreyfoos led efforts that culminated in the 1992 opening of the fully funded Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, cultural centerpiece of Palm Beach County. He remained its board chair until 2007, and remains a board member for life and its single largest donor at $7,000,000.[10][11] As of June 30, 2016, the Kravis Center ranked in theatre venue ticket sales #11 in the world, #6 in the nation, and #1 in Florida.[12]

        To address his wife Renate’s motion sickness, Dreyfoos helped to design their unique SWATH yacht Silver Cloud built by Abeking & Rasmussen in Lemwerder, Germany. When launched in 2008, Silver Cloud was the first pleasure yacht with the SWATH design, first used for commercial vessels.[13] In 2015 Silver Cloud completed circumnavigation of the world after Dreyfoos went to extreme measures to travel safely through terrorist-controlled waters.[14][15] For part of the achievement, Dreyfoos received the World SuperYacht 2010 Voyager’s Award.[22]

        Dreyfoos has been a photographer since childhood and is known for his travel and underwater photos. In 2015 he compiled 587 of his favorites in the book A Photographic Odyssey: Around the World with Alexander W. Dreyfoos (ed. Lise M. Steinhauer), with proceeds supporting the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County (ISBN 978-1-56352-110-2). In 2016 Dreyfoos commissioned his biography, Alexander W. Dreyfoos: Passion & Purpose by Lise M. Steinhauer and David Randal Allen, with proceeds to The Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. (ISBN 978-1-56352-9009).

        Dreyfoos made the largest donation in Florida history to a public school when he gave $1,000,000 in 1997 to Palm Beach County School of the Arts, renamed Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts. His support inspired other philanthropists to fund scholarships and enhancements to the high school. The Dreyfoos School of the Arts has been consistently well viewed. Most recently (2016), U.S. News & World Report ranked it #10 in Florida public high schools and #66 nationally.[16][17]

        With his financial commitment at its launch in 1998, Dreyfoos became the first founding member of the marine conservation organization International SeaKeepers Society.[18]

        In 2004, Dreyfoos donated $1,000,000 to kick off support of Scripps Florida on the John D. MacArthur Campus of Florida Atlantic University in Jupiter, Florida. This biomedical research facility of the California-based Scripps Research Institute was joined by the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience, to which Alexander and Renate Dreyfoos also gave $1,000,000 in 2014. Dreyfoos was elected as trustee to both The Scripps Research Institute and Max Planck Florida Institute.[19][20]

        Dreyfoos’ largest gift has been $15,000,000 to MIT for the Stata Center, which consists of two buildings, named for Dreyfoos and Bill Gates. Dreyfoos dedicated this gift to his late mentor and MIT physics professor, Arthur C. Hardy. Dreyfoos has also endowed an Alexander W. Dreyfoos Professorship at MIT’s Media Lab since 1995.[2][21] Dreyfoos’ relationship with MIT has been continuous. In 2013 the MIT Corporation named the auditorium atop its Media Lab Complex in Dreyfoos’ honor for years of service. He remains a Life Member Emeritus of The MIT Corporation.[22][23]

        One of Dreyfoos’ donations to the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts was his funding of the George W. Mergens Memorial Organ, dedicated in 2016, a custom-made electronic virtual pipe organ with a massively parallel processing (MPP) digital computer.[24]


        The Stata Center is home to the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS), and the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy. (my emphasis)


        https://www.optica.org/en-us/history/biographies/bios/arthur-c–hardy/ (all bold below my emphasis):

        President Arthur Hardy was born in 1895. He is best known for developing recording spectrophotometers and color analyzers. With Fred H. Perrin Hardy wrote the classic text The Principles of Optics.

        Shortly after World War I, Hardy went to work as a physicist in Eastman Kodak Research Laboratories. When he moved on to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Hardy continued his spectrometry and color work but also found time to invent a novel instrument—a light piano. A 1931 account in “Modern Mechanix” describes the device in which beams of light and a photoelectric cell produce completely new sounds based on light. The heart of the “light piano” was a glass disc that had concentric sound tracks recorded into the medium photographically. This disc rotated rapidly in front of a photo electric cell. Light from a small lamp passed through the sound tracks, thereby generating currents in the photo-electric cell that are amplified and fed into a loud speaker. The pitch of each note was determined by the number of wave lengths on each sound track.

        As chair of MIT’s physics department, Hardy created the Visibility Laboratory with Seibert Duntley in 1939. It was focused on applying optics to such problems as camouflage, misdirection of aerial bombardment, target location, and visibility of submerged objects at sea.


        1. Circling back to the Peacock TV series, The Resort (referenced in my comment above, and previous comments in this thread)…

          I think it is highly significant that astrophysicist Dagny Looper is the writer for the show:


          About — Dagny Atencio Looper (all bold below my emphasis)

          Dagny is Mexican-American and grew up in rural Arkansas where her grandparents ran the town’s local funeral home. As a high school senior, she studied cellular automata at the Research Science Institute at MIT and went on to co-win the prize for Artificial Intelligence at the Intel International Science Fair.

          She earned her BSc in Astrophysics at Caltech, studying extrasolar planets. While in college, she captained a microgravity flight team onboard the KC-135 jet out of NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

          She went on to get her PhD in astronomy in Hawai’i, where she started making short films and decided she wanted to tell stories inspired by science. She moved to NYC where she recently completed her MFA in filmmaking from NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

          Dagny lives in Los Angeles where she works as a screenwriter. She is currently a co-executive producer on an unannounced show for Amazon.



          NYU Tisch School of the Arts / directing / MFA

          Institute for Astronomy / Astronomy / Ph.D.
          Caltech / Astrophysics / B.Sc.
          UCL / Astrophysics / exchange program

          Caltech Ast Director of the Research Science Institute
          MIT Research Science Institute Alumna


        2. RE: Anne Heche, Wag the Dog, and Synesthesia in Ukraine (?) . . .

          As we know, Anne Heche starred in Wag the Dog: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120885/characters/nm0000162.

          This was reported today (August 21, 2022) by the Kyiv Independent:


          Chemical hazards will sound like church bells, radiation danger is an alarm bell, and the alarm to signal evacuation from the city sounds like a train horn.
          11:05 AM · Aug 21, 2022·Twitter Web App

          This gets precisely to my point (mentioned above – in the context of Heche) about synesthesia. Essentially, the culture creators/central planners are programming/imprinting certain sounds to be paired (overlapped via the sense of hearing) with certain events/scenarios.

          church bells = chemical hazards
          alarm bell = radiation danger
          train horn = evacuation

          One has to wonder why church bells – which we would imagine to be synced with something positive and happy – are being paired with chemical hazards (?) . . . Will Ukrainian children grow up to eventually associate church bells with chemical hazards (such that they will “hear” chemical hazards? Notably, most chemical hazards (and of course, radiation) are invisible to the five senses. This is a key element to the entrainment. The fear factor needs to be ramped up via synesthetic induction.

          I suggest this is an induction of a counterfeit version of synesthesia (sans color) – to ensure that the memory of this event becomes fully entrained (hence the use of sound which becomes a mnemonic device). Color has already been imprinted throughout this Wag the Dog Ukraine production (via the yellow/blue plastered everywhere and the olive green c/o Zelensky).

          “Synesthesia: Why Some People Can See Sound or Hear Color
          What can synesthesia, the bizarre overlapping of sensations, tell us about our future evolution?” (January 2021)
          View at Medium.com


  32. RE: Neuroscientist David Eagleman ~ More clues about the magenda?

    As humans, we can perceive less than a ten-trillionth of all light waves. “Our experience of reality,” says neuroscientist David Eagleman, “is constrained by our biology.” He wants to change that. His research into our brain processes has led him to create new interfaces to take in previously unseen information about the world around us. (my emphasis)

    Please see my link here for more detailed information on Eagleman, and why I think his work is ultra pertinent to the discussion surrounding the application of color (more specifically, magenta) in scripting/storytelling (AKA Worldbuilding with 0s and 1s and flashes of color): https://discourse.wrenchinthegears.org/t/transmedia-storytelling-crisis-simulations/122/10.

    Notably, his colleague, John Jacobson, was a mentor of James Holmes (Aurora, CO Batman event in 2012) at the Salk Institute. For much greater context, see this link: https://discourse.wrenchinthegears.org/t/transmedia-storytelling-crisis-simulations/122.

    And perhaps more strikingly . . . Eagleman is scientific advisor on the HBO series, Westworld, and a Guggenheim Fellow and winner of the McGovern Award for Excellence in Biomedical Communication.

    Does Eagleman get us closer to more answers?


  33. RE: Magenta-fied Empire and K-pop . . .

    {For frame of reference ~ This K-pop group achieves anywhere from 20 million views to 80 million views per video. That is tremendous reach, in terms of influencing the young population. Also note the imprinting of “Blink” – their fans are termed Blinks.}

    https://i.ytimg.com/vi/y46mF5uQtQs/maxresdefault.jpg (Note the 322; Did you clock the “0” and “1” signified by the two girls in the center? That’s ok, I missed it on my first glance, but caught it the second time around. It seems they are supposed to be “spelling” out “L-O-V-E” – which I perceived at third glance.)


    This magenda (c/o increasingly present magenta beacons) just seems to keep on giving . . . Blackpink (via their magenta flashing and “blinking”) is also intimately involved in climate change activism (see video below):


    1. Speaking of K-pop . . . Following is some hindsight on two seemingly disparate events in July 2012 involving K-pop, semiconductors, DC Comics Batman, and aurorae (which are most often depicted as magenta and green, as in the Northern and Southern Lights) . . .

      {Note: Except for the running theme of magenta, I am not yet sure how these intensely influential events connect, but their timing – occurring in the same week of July 2012 – seems significant.}

      {Side Note: Tonight (August 18, 2022) is supposed to be a particularly rare and significant viewing night: https://www.fatherly.com/news/you-might-be-able-to-catch-the-aurora-borealis-tonight and https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/northern-lights-could-light-up-new-york-new-jersey-skies/3830027/.}

      In July 2012, YG Entertainment’s K-pop rapper, PSY, became famous for his wildly popular Gangnam Style.

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auKHkqteMmo (notice subtle hints of magenta)


      His father, Won-Ho Park, is the Executive Chairman of DI Corporation, a Korean manufacturer of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.


      DI Corporation’s logo is a magenta-fied ladybug. Do you recall seeing ladybugs this past week in a certain event involving a speeding car (which are laden with semiconductors)? See the 1:00 timestamp here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9W1PHmuE6pI.


      On July 15, 2012, the full music video of “Gangnam Style” was uploaded onto YouTube and was immediately a sensation, receiving about 500,000 views on its first day.
      In September 2012, “Gangnam Style” was recognized by Guinness World Records as the first YouTube video to hit 1 billion views.

      {Incidentally, an anagram for Gangnam is Gang Man.}

      Five days after PSY’s ultra-successful debut of Gangnam Style . . . On July 20, 2012, it was reported that a mass shooting occurred inside a Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, United States, during a midnight screening of the film The Dark Knight Rises.


      Hans Zimmer composed the score for The Dark Knight Rises.


      On July 27, 2012, Zimmer posted “Aurora” – music he had composed as a tribute to the reported shooting event:

      “Aurora” is dedicated to those who lost their lives and were affected by the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado. I recorded this song in London in the days following the tragedy as a heartfelt tribute to the victims and their families. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Aurora Victim Relief organization. The track is available on iTunes shortly and you can donate here: http://bitly.com/QmUiWM ” – Hans Zimmer


  34. Returning to K-pop group Blackpink . . .

    At 12:00 am EST today (August 19, 2022), the group released their music video, “Pink Venom”:

    There is PLENTY to decode with this presentation (RE: magenta, aurorae, polarity, mixed reality, Inner Earth, central sun, pink plasma, particle accelerators, templates, mind control/entrainment, color sorcery). I plan to circle back to it…

    Incidentally, this was concurrent with a very unique Northern Lights event: https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/northern-lights-could-light-up-new-york-new-jersey-skies/3830027/ and https://www.fatherly.com/news/you-might-be-able-to-catch-the-aurora-borealis-tonight.


    1. I should add that there seems to be an “afterimage” connection between Blackpink’s “Pink Venom” (magenta) and the Unbreakable series – Episode 1 “Venomous” (green) – recently produced/released by Dr. Brian Ardis. Do you see a resemblance – an underlying template?

      See a colorful image of Ardis here:



  35. To add some more recent observations and thoughts to this magenta discussion… My apologies if any of the following has already been brought into the comments above.

    Tiktok app: The tiktok logo of a music note (think “sound”?) has magenta and cyan colors (think “color/light”) (https://seeklogo.com/images/T/tiktok-logo-B9AC5FE794-seeklogo.com.png), and the logo appears as if its a 3D image, before putting on the older technology of blue and red 3D glasses of course (as opposed to the more modern polarized 3D glasses, or the more recent active shutter 3D glasses).

    More on the TikTok logo here: https://www.logaster.com/blog/tiktok-logo/

    -I just looked into the active shutter 3D glasses, and had never heard of them! Interesting technology, and a good reminder to how our vision works using two images (one from each eye) to create one image in the brain.

    -I saw a short clip today which stated the point of where the electromagnetic color system is the same as the sound system is 528 hertz, and this is the only number in the entire numeric system where this occurs apparently, which is also said to be “nearly the precise center of the entire electromagnetic color spectrum. On the 9 solfeggio frequency chart, it is listed in Green (center of ROYGBIV), said to be the heart of the rainbow (green is also associated with the heart chakra), and its the “miracle” note from the original solfeggio scale.

    741 hz, referred to as the “devils interval” (in relation to 528 hz) is labeled in Magenta color on their chart. This color and vibrational relationship is quite interesting.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nO48UIzLk8&t=349s .

    Green and Magenta are not opposites here, but rather have a relationship where a static (universal dis-easing/stressful) vibration is created between the two when both vibrating simultaneously. The vid mentions if you continue to listen to it, you could die! Wow, quite the statement… hmmm…

    If thats true, I wonder how using magenta and green simultaneously, yet subtly and subconsciously might affect an individual? Could this also be causing dissonant, dis-easing vibrational energy on the person without their knowing? Could this make someone feel unwell or even sick?

    -The above youtube vid on 528 hz is being narrated by Leonard G. Horowitz who has written some interesting titled books which I have not read, such as “Emerging Viruses AIDS and Ebola: Nature, Accident, or Intentional?” published in 1996 (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/115833.Emerging_Viruses), “Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism, and Toxic Warfare,” published in 2001 (https://www.ojp.gov/ncjrs/virtual-library/abstracts/death-air-globalism-terrorism-and-toxic-warfare), “Covid Coup: The Rise of the Fourth Reich,” published 2021 (https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/covid-coup-leonard-g-horowitz/1141040996), etc!

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    1. SG,

      I am deeply appreciative of your insights here (please keep them coming…).

      On Horowitz . . . I have all of his books. (Note: I do not agree with his take on COVID.)

      On 528 Hz . . . I use this frequency in my healing work (both professionally and personally) – via intention (which anyone can do – for free), as well as with the use of tuning forks attuned to 528 Hz resonance, and a personal Rife machine (Spooky 2).

      With respect to magenta and green being used simultaneously . . . On an intuitive level, I sense this would be discordant – aka dis-ease inducing. In fact, when I tune into this combination, I feel very nauseous. I suggest it would not be beneficial, and I concur that it could be very harmful.


      1. SG,

        Interestingly, I saw a very curious news story (think color-encoded psyop) yesterday that displayed magenta and green simultaneously. I actually got a very uneasy feeling from the accompanying video. So please watch with caution. If you prefer, you can just look at the image. Keep in mind the narrative is not only encoded with the magenta and the green, but also a timepiece – a Movado watch – returning to the TIME signaling that most often accompanies magenta imprinting. Additionally, it is encoded with Kansas, which invokes The Wizard of Oz. Also notice the red imprinting. My guess is that the McDonalds reference is a veiled shout-out to the golden arches, signifying gold and/or yellow.



        1. One addition to the story on Funderburke . . . Does it seem to be somewhat homophonous with Thunderbird (say “Funderburke” a few times out loud). If so, I find it interesting that the Lakota Sioux believed if someone dreamed of the Thunderbird they were destined to become a sacred clown or heyoka. A sacred clown is a person who is a satirist or jester, and who acts contrary to those around him. Is that the role that Funderburke is playing out here? Are we seeing an archetype of a joker or trickster?



        2. I didn’t feel disturbed by the two colors together, but I also didn’t give it much attention. The posts above… could they be fake accounts? Looking at their photos, you can’t judge necessarily, but I just looked at the “lil brat brat” posts briefly, and this is just one: https://twitter.com/ohhsokay/status/1560791195256864768?cxt=HHwWgIC-ndPUhakrAAAA

          Regarding the golden arches… I just had a thought about the ark of the covenant, and the wings of the cherubs which I believe are all in gold.. they form an arch-like shape based on how it is described, and the space in between the cherubs is said to be where God could communicate with people. Could this be signifying something more along the lines of some kind of “divine” communication tool? Perhaps something along the lines of time travel, as you brought that up with regards to the watch in the post above. All interesting considerations. The ark of the covenant is a mysterious object which no one really understands, but there is some descriptions left behind as to how it resembled and to what its purpose was. Jesus became the new covenant for more modern times is what my understanding is. Hmm..


    2. SG,

      Returning to Leonard Horowitz . . .

      Are you familiar with his exposé on the weaponization of music (RE: The imposition of 440 Hz to replace 432 Hz in standard tuning)?

      https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_consciousscience26.htm or http://www.7witnesses.com/uploads/3/8/9/3/38938293/musical_cult_control_horowitz.pdf

      I am currently watching the 1998 film, Pleasantville. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120789/

      Following is a screenshot (around the 24 minute timestamp):

      So, we see Toby Maguire (real name Tobias https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001497/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm) starring in the film. He is sent into the television — back to April 1958 (40 years prior to the release of the film) in a time/space that was all black&white. No color. Above we see him holding the basketball (a SPHERE). It says “440” and it is upside down (as in an inversion). His hands are on the sides, evocative of holding the world in his hands.

      What I did not recall about this popular story that was elucidated years ago by Horowitz, though, is that it was James Tobias who purportedly uncovered this (my emphasis in bold):

      Academically directed by grants provided by the Rockefeller Foundation, in concert with the U.S. Navy and National Defense Research Council according to the foundation’s archives, acoustic energy researchers, including Harold Burris-Meyer, an audio engineer and drama instructor at New Jersey’s Stevens Institute of Technology, were commissioned.

      Burris-Meyer is best known for providing consulting services to the Muzak Corporation,
      “which used his expertise to optimize sound installations in factories so that emotional motivation of workers achieved through music would not be adversely effected by factory noise…,”
      …wrote James Tobias, a Professor of English at the Univ. of Calif.

      Tobias reviewed Rockefeller Foundation (RF) archives, and documented investigations leading to psychological warfare applications of acoustic vibrations, ultimately advanced militarily and commercially.

      Burris-Meyer, according to Tobias, contributed to the Department of Defense during World War II,
      “including building speaker arrays deployed on warplanes such that enemy combatants could be addressed from the air” to produce psycho-emotional affects leading to “mass hysteria.”

      Additionally, the Princeton Radio Project played a role in this research.

      This occurred precisely at the time the atomic bomb Manhattan Project was beginning at Princeton involving Albert Einstein at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS).

      Horowitz elaborated about Tobias:

      Raising more suspicion, when I personally contacted Professor Tobias to request his consent to link his online paper (Composing for the Media – Eisler and the Rockefeller Foundation Music Projects) to this article, to pull quotes of up to 600 words from it, or receive a submission from him for publication in Medical Veritas journal, he declined saying he did not wish to jeopardize future publication of his work.

      However, a simple Internet search located his manuscript already published by the Rockefeller Archive Center with the following ethically repugnant notice:
      “This research report is presented here with the author’s permission but should not be cited or quoted without the author’s consent…

      “Rockefeller Archive Center Research Reports Online is a periodic publication of the Rockefeller Archive Center… intended to foster the network of scholarship in the history of philanthropy and to highlight the diverse range of materials and subjects covered in the collections at the Rockefeller Archive Center.

      The reports are drawn from essays submitted by researchers who have visited the Archive Center, many of whom have received grants from the Archive Center to support their research.

      The ideas and opinions expressed in this report are those of the author and are not intended to represent the Rockefeller Archive Center.”(8)
      Frankly, under “fair use” copyright laws, Dr. Tobias, and the Rockefeller Archive Center, has zero right to prohibit his Internet published work,(8) to be withheld from public scrutiny and scholarly commentary, particularly as it involves matters of widespread psychosocial pathology, public health, and national security, not simply “the history of philanthropy.”

      For the record, Dr. Tobias neglected to reply to my invitation to prepare a Medical Veritas submission, or consent to be interviewed by me on this topic.

      Bioenergetic Music for “Mass Hysteria”

      Tobias’s manuscript makes it clear that he was alarmed at his discovery that bioenergetic research in acoustic science focused on producing the social impacts of emotional arousal and even “mass hysteria.”

      This research included,
      “investigations in ‘physical analysis’ of sound effects, …an established technique which others may use in practice dependably…,” the determination of measures by which audience reactions could be accessed, “even without any technical capacity for psychological measurement of audience response,” and the use of sound effects that “produced what was really mass hysteria.”

      Tobias noted the Foundation-funded investigations extended to,
      “‘average tolerance of sound effects of different intensities and of different frequencies,’ or… the effectiveness of sound in relation to different noise levels… (Page 66).

      “[T]he clear interest here seems to be in the ‘dramatic’ use emphasized in… bringing audiences, with the use of the ‘sensory appeal’ of sound effects, to states of ‘mass hysteria’.”

      See this link for my extended deconstruction: https://discourse.wrenchinthegears.org/t/pleasantville-1998-tobias-tobias-440-hz-leonard-horowitz-rockefeller-foundation-harold-burris-meyer-psychological-warfare-weaponization-of-music-frequency-color-light-electromagnetic-spectrum/146.


      1. Pleasantville Clip (colorful courtroom scene)…

        Begin at the 1:48 timestamp:

        Big Bob: “Red, pink, vermillion, puce, chartreuse, umber, blue, aqua, ox blood, green, peach, crimson, yellow, olive, and magenta.”


        1. Begin at 1:57 timestamp:

          Big Bob: “Well, we’re safe for now. Thank goodness we are in a bowling alley. But if George here doesn’t get his dinner, anyone of us could be next. It could be you, Gus, or you, Roy, or even you, Ralph. That is real rain out there, gentleman. This isn’t some little virus that’ll clear up on its own. Something is happening to our town.”


  36. SG,

    RE: The Ark of the Covenant

    I emailed the following information to a group (including Alison) on August 1, 2022. Perhaps you may find it useful (?) . . .

    Langmuir and Alfvén (and other persons-of-interest): https://plasmauniverse.info/people/history.html

    https://plasmauniverse.info/downloads/BunemanTribute.pdf (very important – circling us back to Los Alamos Lab)***

    Yes, I think the Roswell “aliens” narrative was a cover story for plasma experimentation.

    Interestingly, while I have a weird hunch that the Sioux Falls, SD “green sky” phenomenon (July 5, 2022) was plasma device implementation; esoterically speaking, the word Sioux Falls ends up being an anagram (minus the “i”) of Al flux SOS (as in covert SIGINT indicating Alfvén flux???) . . . May be a stretch, but like me, I know you look at the spellcrafting ways of these creeps. It could be a potential clue (?).

    See Alfvén and flux: https://astrophytheory.com/2018/02/19/proof-of-alfvens-theorem-of-flux-freezing/.

    Plasma leads us straight back to MAGENTA, of course.


    https://plasma.physics.ucla.edu/team.html (SEE Walter Gekelman)***


    Does the last link remind you at all of this?

    Was the Ark of the Covenant a mobile plasma device/generator (and could it generate holograms and unexplained weather events, as it was transported to and fro?)?


    The funding opportunity will support frontier research at plasma science facilities at the University of California Los Angeles, University of Wisconsin—Madison, Auburn University, DOE’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories, and General Atomics in San Diego.

    More depictions of the Ark of the Covenant – hinting it was/is a mobile plasma generating device (???)

    Compare to images below (extracted from the website above – UCLA’s Plasma Diagnostic Group):


    1. Watched the recent Godzilla vs Kong and The MechZilla has a magenta flame. Lots of magenta thruout the movie and even paired with the number 33 for the trip to Hong Kong scene. Also lots of interesting inner earth scenes and suggestions.

      So I’m wondering if they are hinting at inner earth being real or perhaps the purpose of these science fiction or conspiracy theory stories are simply made up, to get circulated in the Alt and mainstream media so that the movie industry can make movies and mad money off of them. Alot of time has went by without many of these topics and issues finally being resolved. There have been tons of movies, books, music, t-shirts, coffee mugs, costumes, toys, etc…made about all these issues we talk about. Inner earth, flat earth, Aliens, UFOs, moon landing hoax, Bigfoot, Loch ness, President assassinations, wars, military conflicts, serial killers, etc…

      All Huge money makers!

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  37. RE: Lovecraft and Magenta – again:

    Presently, there is another Lovecraftian horror film featuring a heavy dose of magenta light (recall Lovecraft claimed – in the context of the Nicholas Cage film, Color out of Space – that magenta did not exist within our visible light spectrum).


    Here is a review of the film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Sk0t6J3kN8.

    Following is a written analysis: https://variety.com/2022/film/reviews/glorious-review-jk-simmons-1235345051/.

    The August 2022 film features Lovecraft’s mythical figure – the Ghatanothoa:


    Interestingly, I saw the trailer to this film yesterday, and a couple hours later, I read an article at Super Torch Ritual (behind a paywall – and completely un-related to the film) that featured the Sicilian flag – which can be seen here: https://www.sicilianpost.it/en/what-does-sicilian-flag-really-symbolize/. I was not previously familiar with the Sicilian flag, but it seems to invoke the Greek mythical beasts – the Gorgons (Medusa, Stheno and Euryale): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7q_EBqcJDk. The depiction of Gorgons reminds me a whole lot of Lovecraft’s Ghatanothoa.

    I also recall the poster of Everything Everywhere All at Once evoking Lovecraft’s Ghatanothoa in numerous ways (see all of the eyes in the image, and the consistent depiction of appendages – in a circular manner). {Also, since I had previously forgotten, I have been meaning to mention the pineal gland symbolism, and that in the center of the circle is a stylized depiction of an hourglass – denoting time, or perhaps, no time at the very core of the circle.}

    Note: Following is an image created by Goro at Super Torch Ritual (STR) that seems significant in terms of symbology (hexagrams, temporal windows, and kicks – as in the film, Inception – kicks imply waking from the dream within a dream), and just happens to be signaling today’s date (August 23, 2022):

    Goro’s description: As we discussed previously, Sicily’s flag is a set of hexagonally arranged legs, in effect “kicking” Hex Apex windows including the current one. (Ironically – the stylized image represents the juxtaposition of magenta and green; the original image on the Sicilian flag is red and yellow)


    1. On Lovecraft and the Kardashians . . .

      Does Kim Kardashian look a bit “Lovecraftian” in this photo? (Refer to images above of the Ghatanothoa)

      Source: https://www.glamour.com/story/kim-kardashian-side-part

      Or does she more closely resemble this image from my comment above?

      Some additional archetypal images invoking the same motif:


      Interestingly (and very relatedly), following is an ad that appears in the Kim K. article above – ARCHETYPES. This is precisely what I am attempting to reveal – Lovecraftian archetypes, which indeed trace back to more ancient mythos/lore (Celtic, Greek, etc) – and thus, deeply ingrained templates/archetypes that continually flood our unconscious mind:


      Addition: Does the tall boot motif in the Kim K. photo look familiar (returning again to the new Lovecraft-inspired film, Glorious)?


  38. RE: Marvel and Magenta (slated for November 2022)

    “All of Marvel’s November 2022 comics and covers revealed”

    Talk about W0RLDBU1LD1NG with magenta beacons . . . Marvel leads the pack in this respect.

    Sooooooo much magenta . . . Did you notice how it shows up? And did you clock the Kabbalistic Sefirot (one of the few covers that is not magenta-fied)?


    Is Marvel building not only a magenta world, but a magenta-verse (magentified universe)?


    1. RE: Harry Potter and Magenta

      This came my way via Matt of QofC . . . More magenta-verse construction . . . With Harry Potter:


      Following is my quick deconstruction that I emailed to QofC Matt:

      Pottermore Publishing reveals newly designed digital Harry Potter covers

      Bringing both iconic and lesser-known scenes from these beloved stories alive in thrilling detail for fans and new readers alike, the new cover art invites the next generation of readers and listeners to jump into the action and discover the Harry Potter books on their phones, tablets, e-readers and other devices.

      The new covers, as created by design team Studio La Plage, bring to vivid colour scenes from the books, some never before depicted such as Harry’s Great Lake task in Goblet of Fire, as well as giving new perspectives on iconic moments such as Harry’s first Quidditch match. (my emphasis)

      Let’s see their color progression . . .

      Book 1: use of strong reds

      Book 2: luminous night sky complements the blue

      Book 3: Bathed in swathes of purple

      Book 4: mysterious greens and blues of this cover encapsulate the enigmatic atmosphere

      Book 5: Note the ethereal nature of the prophecy orbs and Hermione, mid-curse, with her wand glowing dangerously red. (Important note: Just as in The Wiz, the wand is glowing magenta at the base/core/origin, and only appearing as red. Book 5 offers the most obvious magenta presentation in the new cover series.)

      Book 6: ominous green tones, lit up by a mysterious potion

      Book 7: brings the story full circle…urgent, swirling strokes of colour that envelop this scene (Note: this is full-on vortex stuff, spinning readers/viewers into the vividly colorful schemata/gestalt of the Harry Potter World — signifying a portal/gateway into the mixed reality. Keep in mind, this mixed reality is still in its seeding/budding stages.)

      Note: This is world building with wizardry — on SO many levels — circling us back again to the vortex/twister in The Wizard of Oz; and the obvious, yet also insidious, use of vivid colors to imprint on “flocks” of children/human beings. TIME is also an element in the programming. Time and color — the electromagnetic spectrum — exist in a spiral — hence, the spiraling yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz— spinning Dorothy and her imaginary friends into a new time/space dimension/perception full of vivid colors — that were NOT in her natural world of Kansas. I think the logo below symbolizes the central sun — which I truly sense is a cold plasma “sun” or infinitely glowing light/energy source at the center of this Earth (although presented as gold or black in the Wizarding World logo, cold plasma is always shown as magenta in plasma labs).

      Written by The Wizarding World Team

      A continuation of what I emailed to Matt:

      These updated Harry Potter covers are clearly demonstrating that the reality is shifting/morphing into a more vivid colorful mixed reality — in which even through books, they want children to “jump into” the book. You and I both know that fictional books have always been around to build creative worlds…in the past, colors were more soft and muted. This change is occurring before our very eyes. I do not see this as “evil” per se, but there is an agenda — and the magenda is a huge component — to alter the human’s perception of the world/reality. I think it is undeniable. That said, it also does not mean that most people are in on it (meaning, those who are changing the colors and beaming vivid LED and laser lights on people at concerts and stuff). As you and I concur, people get the download (from the ether) — they are absorbing the frequency (new frequencies being introduced that were NOT previously in our visible light spectrum). In this regard, I DO think that H.P. Lovecraft was a world builder and DID know about this agenda, and was most likely seeding it through his mythology. Alternatively — at the very least — he was receiving transmissions unconsciously, and it was spilling into his creative work (which is now being spilled onto the screen, not just in books). I think this is most often how this happens with writers/artists. It is a form of channeling the super conscious (noosphere). So, if seeded in the thought belt of the world, people will receive the information without knowing where it originated. This is a whole other topic in and of itself…



    1. “Sir”… fuck off. Politically correct jackass.

      Lewis is a useful idiot; but I think that he is still the best driver on the F1 circuit. Like that actually matters in this screwed up world.


  39. Take a look at what caught my eye while I was out strolling.


    Globalists coming to my neck of the woods to establish their beast system / infrastructure for the 4th industrial revolution. I’m quite cognizant that Indonesia has very deep spook ties. For instance just take a look at the resemblance between current president of Indonesia Joko Widodo and former president Barack Obama, the alleged 1st African American president.


  40. Disney Plus is running a series: The Mysterious Benedict Society. It’s well written and funny, but…

    Children are used — by an evil twin — in order to broadcast subliminal suggestions/commands to populations. The process involves hooking up a child to an AI called the Whisperer, which studies children by asking them questions. In the latest episode Constance Contraire, one of four child members of the Benedict Society, is hooked up to the Whisperer, which asks her, “What is your favorite color? I wondered for a beat, now what is she is gonna answer? Then I fell out of my chair.


  41. Great article Stephers!

    Originally was attracted to this article as I wondered if anyone pointed out the strange new lights around railroad crossings in their neck of the woods.

    In late 2021 the street lights over a RR crossing near my house in Clark County, Washington went from usual metal halide light blue/white spectrum to the magenta/UV almost a ‘blacklight-ish’ color. I found that I am not alone and the reason given is a “defect” in the LED, supposedly involving a coating (chuckle chuckle).

    June 2021: https://witl.com/why-youre-seeing-purple-street-lights-in-lansing/

    Oct. 2022: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/purple-street-lights-vancouver-1.6604599


    I’ve been away from POM and used computers less in general over the summer/fall of 2022 due to extensive organic gardening and cultivation efforts, but I am catching up and love reading your work! I am thrilled to find pieces like this one as they reassure me that I am not crazy.

    When Kate Bush came back onto the scene, “Running up that hill” was the song everyone was talking about… yes I agree that it is “magenda.”

    But, consider for a moment the other song on that album that had captivated my attention some time ago — the song “Cloudbusting”. The music video stars Donald Sutherland who plays the scientist Wilhem Reich. Reich, who was later imprisoned, builds his orgone blaster (weather modification) on the family farm called Orgonone.

    For the music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pllRW9wETzw

    “Filming took place at the Vale of White Horse in Oxfordshire, England. The hill on which the machine is positioned is Dragon Hill, immediately below the Uffington White Horse (a geoglyph), a prehistoric hill carving which can be seen briefly in a couple of the shots.”

    Thus, I look at the ‘Running up the Hill’ song as a breadcrumb of sorts to let the people know more about “Cloudbusting” and the acknowledgement of geoengineered transhumanism, etc. etc.

    Bush’s return to the stage featured 22 performances in the “Before the Dawn” album.

    “In 2014, [cloudbusting] was performed live for the first time and was also chosen as the closing encore track in Bush’s comeback live shows titled Before the Dawn, following her 35-year hiatus from the stage.

    Something about Kate Bush warrants a deeper look. But


    1. A couple additional thoughts on Goethe:

      Goethe is extensively cited in some of Rudolf Steiner’s works. Here is a 1906 address from Steiner on Goethe: https://rsarchive.org/Articles/SSBoGW_index.html

      I became interested in Steiner more after reading Elana’s latest book. And I have to say, I respect the research of EF as she also noted the importance of AM and AM’s research on 4th IR. So I took it upon myself to read a half dozen books by Steiner. As a father of young children, I am interested in Steiner’s early education philosophies. But I digress.

      I noticed that the WEF also loves Goethe — and they included this quote below in both their 40th and 50th anniversary book releases: “A Partner in Shaping History”.

      “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”

      The problem is, these are not actually Goethe’s words. The words were actually written by a Scottish mountaineer William Murray Hutchinson https://www.thoughtco.com/goethe-quote-may-not-be-his-4070881 “The Goethe Society of North America in