Friday flatulence

NASA: Not A Superstitious Agency?

The authors of the book Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers, Mary Bennett and David Percy, think that Apollo 13, the failed mission that spawned the Ron Howard movie by the name, never left low earth orbit and that all the excitement was staged by NASA and the astronauts  from inside a space capsule that really did contain astronauts.

That could well be the case, and those two certainly have the chops to make that case. I’ve long thought that all those launches in the period 1969-1972 served some purpose (except Apollo 11, which I think merely took off and dumped in the Atlantic). I do not know that purpose, and have speculated that it could have been a joint effort with the Soviets to install spy satellites and weaponry in space, later to be called “Star Wars”.

NASA, probably up to its eyeballs with Freemasons, was certainly superstitious. Here’s a short tract from Dark Moon:

The number 13 motif with its attended superstitious connotations was deliberately seeded into the original script. The date of departure from Houston was April 11, 1970. Liftoff was scheduled for 1:13 p.m. Houston time, which was 13:13 hours. The region where the ‘accident’ occurred – the equigravisphere which, as we shall see, is an all important factor in the Apollo missions – would be reached on Monday 13. We know of course that only means ‘the day of the Moon’.

A knowledgeable researcher in the field of electronics and stored gases informed us that: “the alleged explosion would have blown the CSM/LM combo to smithereens.”

… It is another coincidence, surely, that it was the unfortunate Jack Swigert, who was the switched astronaut who toggled the switch that caused the explosion and was, to boot, the 13th astronaut on the Apollo program.

The Monarchs are back!

The 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 migrations of Monarch butterflies were historically low, so much so that alarmists were saying that we would no longer have Monarch butterflies in the Western US. In fact, they said, the species is going extinct! Reports of that extinction, as the graph above shows, are greatly exaggerated. I do not know why the three years before were so low – well, it could be that the Covid nonsense had something to do with it, as California was especially harsh with its lockdown. Maybe people forgot to count.

Of course, the reasons given for the non-existent extinction were pesticides, habitat destruction, and climate change. The first two, habitat and pesticides are real enough, and a danger to all animal life. Climate change is just something they throw in, almost as if required. They don’t say how a changing climate is affecting butterfly populations, they don’t have to. It is ritualistic thinking.

However, with a rebound that now rests over 100x last year, I think it safe to say that climate change is helping the Monarchs. By the way, the counting goes on until December, so the count is 100x over last year at this time.

A moosk?

You cannot make this stuff up. A British startup company is marketing masks for cows. It’s not what you might think, that the masks would keep them safe from viruses, you know, like they do us. It is because cows exhale methane, a greenhouse gas.

As can be seen by this quote from Dr. Tom Sheahan, it is much ado about nothing. But here is how the moosks work:

“The 100-gram rubber masks with solar-powered fans are designed to direct the animals’ exhalations into a small chamber and then use chemical processes to convert methane into carbon dioxide.” (Emphasis added)

Wait a minute now. Isn’t carbon dioxide the boogeyman gas in all of this? And they want to make more of it?

Click here to read the article. I swear, that link will not take you to The Onion.

India reopening 100 coal mines

In terms of energy generation, compressed fuel is much better than fuel that is not – think of wood as being very inefficient, and coal incredibly efficient. That explains why climate alarmists support the burning of wood to generate electricity in Britain, and have slimed the coal industry as a huge source of pollution and greenhouse gases. And indeed, without scrubbers that filter out pollution, as in the USA and other developed countries, coal generation plants are a source of pollution. Carbon dioxide? Meh. Who cares. That’s just propaganda.

In the economic recovery that has ensued in the wake of the Covid nonsense, India is having trouble keeping up with electrical demand. As a result, they are turning to coal. This fills my heart with joy. India will no doubt, like China, clean up its act in terms of coal-fired pollution. But for right now, they need the energy, and solar and wind do not get it done.

Think of it this way: Fossil fuels are wealth generation tools. India is pulling itself out of poverty by their use. If confined to wind and solar, as much of Africa is, they will not escape poverty. It appears to me that climate alarmists know this, and want this. Their motives appear malevolent.

Paul Homewood wrote about this yesterday. Homewood, in case you are not familiar, is in the Links on this blog under the title Not A Lot of People Know That. I signed on to his daily emails months ago. His output is prolific. Read here about the India coal mine story.

10 thoughts on “Friday flatulence

  1. Don’t cows need masks on both ends? Climate change is serious stuff.

    “safe to say that climate change is helping the Monarchs” Right on!


      1. Our propaganda friends at NPR lay out the convoluted story of cows and methane (a seriously bad “greenhouse gas”, right?)

        “Smith says that the generous subsidies for dairy-derived methane might lead to a paradoxical and unwelcome result. It could persuade dairies to expand, adding more cows, and producing more manure. This is particularly worrisome because cows also release methane by burping it out as they digest grass, and those emissions can’t be captured.”

        Just sell your cows flatulence to Shell. Win-win for all!…the burped methane needs it’s own solution, though, but they’ll figure it out….or eliminate cows altogether.


      2. According to the patent for the moo mask (developed by Zelp), there are indeed embodiments of the smart wearable device that account for methane conversion from the back end – so we are talking burps and farts!

        In other embodiments, the device may be configured to be attached, for example clipped, to the animal’s tail, to allow the device to process gasses emitted through flatulence.

        All kidding aside . . . These smart wearable devices may have very little to do with methane conversion/climate change (AKA the cover story), and much more to do with ubiquitous biosensors, data mining, and machine learning/AI:

        From the patent (linked above):

        Devices according to the first aspect of the invention may provide a means for obtaining data about the methane exhalation of animals such as bovines, which may be of importance to farmers, as well as pharmaceutical companies, nutritional/feed companies, and government organisations.

        From the company

        The technology precisely tracks methane reduction and key data for farmers, like welfare, efficiency, and fertility metrics.

        ZELP’s team of scientists, engineers, and veterinarians developed the most advanced technology in methane oxidation and data processing.

        From another Zelp link

        Our hardware is equipped with sensors that continuously collect millions of data points on the animals, which are processed in real time by our proprietary machine learning algorithms. Our AI is trained to detect heat, flag welfare conditions, and identify the most efficient animals with a high-level of accuracy.

        We have developed a world class livestock monitoring tool because we want to make sure the data we collect on the animals can be used by farmers to increase returns. Our easy-to-use mobile app allows users to monitor animals, manage tasks, gather insights, and receive alerts about welfare conditions at their fingertips.

        From their partner, Cargill

        Beyond its environmental benefits, the ZELP wearable device drives animal welfare by giving dairy farmers new insights into the health and performance of their livestock. The technology captures a range of behavioral and physiological data, in addition to monitoring animals’ breath and methane emissions. This data feature could allow farmers to increase productivity, help detect if an animal is overheating, anticipate diseases and prevent outbreaks, and provide deeper insights of digestion, feed optimization, and feed conversion efficiency.

        Of course, what Zelp and Cargill do not reveal (nor does the patent, from what I could see) is that the sensors utilized for the presumed methane conversion and smart monitoring/data processing/machine learning are most likely graphene-based: and

        Additional links about the moo moo masks:


          1. MT,

            On Zelp’s website (, it says the following: “Funding for the devices is supported by companies and governments’ environmental initiatives.” I get the sense this project will be heavily subsidized, and that the farmers won’t end up paying much, if anything, for these devices. Instead, the farmers will most likely be incentivized to sign up for the program, if registrations are not forthcoming.


            1. By the way, as a sophomore in high school in an electronics class, I had a project, and developed a fishing pole for night time that had a light bulb on it that would light up when a fish bit on it and completed the circuit by bending the pole down to make contact with a wire. My teacher said it was “a Rube.” I had no idea what he meant. I later learned that Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist who designed amazingly complicated machines to achieve very simple tasks.

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  2. Hang on, I’ll get to the point(s).

    Beyond reading for knowledge (?), I also read for entertainment – many genre; several recurring authors. I think that King’s Gunslinger series is one of my favorites, I also still like his Stand (as inaccurate as it may now be). I mention him because I just wrapped up two of his most recent books. Overt Climate Dogshit, overt Virus Horseshit, and absolutely unbearable political BULLSHIT. ALL unnecessary to the plot & characters. Never is a long time – but I will never read him again.

    I watched a [Danish] series a while back called Borgen on Netflix; I recall liking it. I tried to watch the latest “season”… yeah, Climate Dogshit. WORSE, they actually inserted (I’m presuming post-production) “Russia is Evil ” BUILLSHIT (referencing Ukraine).


    On a positive note: my wackback is lined with Goldenrod on one side and Milkweed patches on one other. My patio has one side lined with Butterfly Milkweed (blooms almost the same color as its namesake). No shortage of the beautiful butterflies for any of the last few years.


  3. I’m in London ATM. We visited the science museum. There’s a Lunar module on display. Full size, not flown of course, but I didn’t find a label if it’s supposed to be from production or an overall model. Whatever, this thing is shown sitting on the moon, with it’s giant nozzle only 2 inches appart from the surface. Actual photos from the moon depicted some more space. I know the narrative well, this thing is supposed to have landed using the nozzle mentioned. //
    If course they got a section on carbon too, where I finally found out why this museum is free. Displays featuring masked up scientists explaining their mechanical trees (sic). A device, sized like a little tree, supposed to collect carbon, to save the planet.


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