A fun podcast with Ab and Gaia

Ab at Fakeologist contacted me and offered me three dates this week to do a podcast with him. I chose last night, Tuesday. Participants were Ab, Gaia (speaking from Colombia), and me.

The podcast can be found here. It is 90 minutes, all free. Below is a short list of things I learned last night.

  • I need to listen to and read Matt at Canadian Patriot.
  • I need to understand camelistic Kabbalistic Androgenim androgyny? I think that is what I heard.
  • Castrato is the word used to describe any singer boy who is castrated before puberty, thereby preserving his/her childlike singing voice. Thus did we have a Vienna Boys’ Choir.
  • Andrew Wakefield has a new movie out called Infertility, A Diabolical Agenda. Here is a podcast about it at a website called Against the Wind. You can watch the movie itself here and for free. [I watched the movie … someone noticed a ’33’ lodged in it, and it is co-produced by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Just sayin’.]
  • We talked about nuclear power. Neither Ab nor Gaia think it is real. They gave me insight into it that I consider enlightening, so to speak. I had heard before that it is fake, but drifted back to my old beliefs as a result of my exposure to right wing websites like Heartland and Cato.

As you can intuit, I took away more than I brought. We did discuss this blog and our writers, and some of the things we have done over the years, including face splitting, Brats, and major posts on Columbine, Jonestown, John Denver, and Tiananmen Square. It was all very cordial, all of us polite and good listeners. I did not realize that I was supposed to hang on to the signoff, and when I listened to it again today heard Ab say “Well, Mark’s gone. You can hear he put down his headset.” Technically inept, I am, whereas Ab is very ept.

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  1. You are too humble about the quality of your contribution, which made up for its comparative lack of airtime by the intelligence you displayed. But I know you aren’t particularly interested in fans’ compliments, so I’ll correct some of your notes. 1. A castrato ALWAYS starts out as a boy — the word and practice has never historically been applied to girls, and as far as I know it could not possibly be. (As for the Vienna Boys Choir, or any boys choir, I also fail to grasp your point, since they are boys who leave the choir when their voices change, as I did myself after having performed in the Texas Boys Choir.) 2. I believe Tim was saying “Kabbalistic” when you heard “camelistic.” (I have never heard the word “androgenim,” and I am unconvinced it was not just a malapropism, apparently meaning “androgyne.”)


    1. Thanks, nice comment, I am really not that withdrawing, but when in an environment when the information is new I back off, let them make their case. I have no case to make.,Regarding castrato, all new to me. Always a boy, so if you say so. I grew up with a mindset that the VBC were castrated boys. Received information, never researched. Just a kid.


      1. MT,

        I thought your conversation with Ab and Gaia was very natural and engaging – the casual tone suiting you so well. I sure hope you will oblige more regularly, as Ab implied.

        I do not have a solid handle on all of the topics discussed, but when it comes to Canadian Patriot Matt Ehret (https://canadianpatriot.org) – having followed him for some time (at Strategic Culture https://www.strategic-culture.org/contributors/matthew-ehret/), and observing his “testimony” to Fuellmich and the “Corona Committee” (https://brandnewtube.com/watch/mathew-ehret-dr-reiner-fuellmich_ePYC2XMIKjpJ5pr.html) – I suggest he is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

        Matt is a BRICS and BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) sycophant. He also seems to be over-the-moon giddy on Vernadsky (noosphere/global brain agenda/hive mind): https://risingtidefoundation.net/2022/06/02/vladimir-vernadskys-scientific-thought-as-a-planetary-phenomenon-a-new-rtf-workshop-begins/ – directly tying into my world brain research.

        This analysis best explains this faux/controlled opposition (Eastern Alliance ~ multi-polar world narrative) to the Western block (represented presently as The Great Reset), and the rationale driving this manufactured polarization. http://redefininggod.com/the-rockefeller-plan-for-the-brics-new-world-order-in-their-own-words/.

        In a nutshell, both the BRI and The Great Reset are two seemingly disparate and opposing avenues, driving humanity to the very same place (an AI-controlled, blockchained, cyber-physical, hive-minded reality). These globalists (working from both the East and the West fronts) play the long chess game, and have all of the pieces and pawn moves strategically planned out. Matt – having all the proper intellectual flair – seems to be an ideal spokesperson/front man to propel the weaponized narrative. Be cautious, be very cautious . . .

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        1. Stephers,

          Thank you (1000 x). The trick being played seems to be about shifting one dependency for another, all controlled by the same powers that failed to deliver what they have promised numerous times (paradigm shifts) in the past. What you have just said cannot be repeated enough times, IMO.

          “In closing, I’d simply say that any global solution offered to us in the coming years is, in fact, a globalist solution. If you do not get together with your neighbors to start exercising self-sufficiency and control over your life, you will fall into globalist dependency and control by default. And if you do not get together with those in your local community to devise a currency (or other method of trade/barter) of your own, you will end up using bankster currency by default. Power that is not taken into your own hands is left to the predators who grasp for it.” http://redefininggod.com/the-rockefeller-plan-for-the-brics-new-world-order-in-their-own-words/

          Misunderstanding the nature of the top-down power hierarchy has been a constant source of society’s unabated high level of pain and suffering. New forms of colonialism, enclosure, exploitation and austerity are being shaped right in our faces, yet few can “see.” There is a 99.9% chance any “new savior” will be wearing a mask to conceal its real identity and its mission: a new form of (full-spectrum) dependency. Vassal states dissolve into vassal regions under the same bloodlines controlling the “joy stick.”

          Is the AI ever going to become a real entity? IMO, never!

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          1. Circling back to Canadian Patriot Matt Ehret and his intriguing connections (including Whitney Webb at her Unlimited Hangout https://unlimitedhangout.com/2022/03/podcasts/fabians-and-fascists-with-matthew-ehret/) . . .

            Ironically, he links us directly back to the nuclear narrative (and even tangentially to the Cato Institute, and the libertarian crowd).

            On the Advisory Board of Ehret’s Rising Tide Foundation (of which Ehret is the Director https://risingtidefoundation.net/about-us/) sits Dr. Edward Lozansky.

            From a May 2017 detailed analysis (https://thesternfacts.com/the-gops-favorite-russian-professor-spent-decades-building-conservative-ties-to-moscow-e6012ddaa873): Dr. Lozansky is the President of the American University in Moscow, Professor of National Research Nuclear University and Moscow State University. He also founded the U.S.-Russia Forum, an annual event held in the U.S. Congress since 1981 that features leading American and Russian political and business leaders, scholars, and foreign policy experts. He worked at the Laser Fusion Lab at the University of Rochester, NY and the American University in Washington, DC.

            (Read here on nuclear fusion and the University of Rochester’s Laboratory for Laser Energetics: https://www.rochester.edu/newscenter/controlled-nuclear-fusion-lle-laser-lab-361132/.)

            Lozansky formed the Andrei Sakharov Institute in 1983, to “advocate” for quarantined Soviet nuclear physicist Andrei Sakharov: https://thesternfacts.com/the-gops-favorite-russian-professor-spent-decades-building-conservative-ties-to-moscow-e6012ddaa873. Read here on Sakharov: https://www.atomicheritage.org/profile/andrei-d-sakharov.

            It should be noted that Ehret is Senior Fellow at Lozansky’s American University in Moscow: https://covertactionmagazine.com/author/matthewehret/ and https://muckrack.com/matthew-ehret-1/bio.

            Read here about this curious entity: https://thesternfacts.com/american-university-in-moscow-linked-to-russian-state-but-fake-like-trumpu-14d157fa234f.

            Also, from the first article I linked above:

            According to his early 2004 biography, Dr. Lozansky is a native of Kiev, Ukraine. Interestingly, Lozansky deleted his Ukrainian-roots from his own official biography shortly after the Orange Revolution later that year, according to a review of saved pages over time from Archive.org.

            In the context of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war narrative (psyop) – and underlying covert agendas – this information becomes ever more important.

            Lozansky is also known for being a chess player: https://prabook.com/web/edward_dmitry.lozansky/11068. (wink, wink)

            Read more on Lozansky here:

            https://thesternfacts.com/heres-lozansky-introducing-republicans-to-the-father-of-russian-foreign-intelligence-and-putin-s-93679e1e6c92 (references the Cato Institute)




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            1. Interestingly, Ehret posted this analysis (previously linked to us at POM via commenter KenshoHomestead) by John Klyczek – originally published on Whitney Webb’s Unlimited Hangout: https://canadianpatriot.org/2022/05/20/barbara-marx-hubbard-godmother-of-transhumanism-and-synthetic-spirituality/.

              While offering us a great deal of crucial information (some of which I had intended – even prior to Klycek’s reveal – to publish here at POM), the one missing link not provided was Vladimir Vernadsky: https://www.famousscientists.org/vladimir-vernadsky/. How he was omitted from the story is beyond me. However, seeing now that Ehret has vigorously presented on Vernadsky (in a seemingly glowing light), it starts to make a little more sense.


        2. Vaguely on the subject of imbuing intellectual flair with trust, & having listened to Andrew Wakefield on the podcast & watched the movie: I’ve trusted & respected Andrew Wakefield for a long time & find it hard to believe he would have anything but an honourable agenda, however I couldn’t help hearing him say 33 pregnancies when referring to some research & the number jarred, why say 33? & can’t help noting RFK is involved in the movie & that Andrew W works with Children’s Health Defense, RFK’s working group. I’m interested in what you all think.


  2. castration before puberty prevents the larynx from growing (missing hormones) and therefore voice mutation. It works only in boys of course. It was popular in Europe in the 17-th and 18-th century except in France, where it was forbidden. Arabs supposedly did it too but for different reasons. They needed castrats as workers in their harems.
    As for production of electrical power I’m not sure what’s going on there. The windmills still spread everywhere, right? And they are not cheap. They also require a huge foundation, lots of concrete,etc. And except for see regions, they work only part time . But still, they make them around the world. On the other side there is no lack of power. And no lack of batteries. Now you can have a lawn mower, a chainsaw, anything powered by a battery. Not to mention cars and rollers of all kind. Electrical energy is a kind of free energy in itself. You just need to move two coils against each other to produce electricity.
    I’ve seen a small nuclear reactor when I was studying electrical engineering back then. The size of a small house. There was this illuminated pool for cooling the rods. It produced lot’s of heat for sure. Therefore I’m still “believing” in nuclear plants. Haven’t seen any convincing proof that this does not work yet. Nukes are fake for sure since I’ve never seen any convincing proof for a nuclear explosion. Maybe they invented nukes when there was nuclear energy available as they invented EMP (electromagnetic pulse) after electricity was available. I’m trying to say, I don’t believe in EMP’s either. Electricity needs a wire. Last year a lightning during a storm burned two houses maybe 200m from our house. It was huge, very loud and then the fire broke and there was lots of smoke and we had to close all windows. But other than that nothing happened to our devices. I was at the computer all the time.


    1. As always, above my pay grade, but as explained to me, it could well be that uranium is used to generate heat, the only hoaxy thing about it being the nuclear chain reaction. If indeed there are no nuclear bombs, as so many have claimed, then we’ve been given just another thing to fear. Do they generate electricity in nuclear plants? France claims to get 70% of its power that way. If they are just boiling off excess in those plants, then where does France get its energy?

      It’s all troubling to me, too many questions, answers that don’t make sense. If nuclear power plants are a source of cheap energy, there is no earthly reason to dismantle them unless there is another agenda, the same having to do with abandoning coal, oil and gas, which are not harming us in any way and which we have in abundance and which have produced untold wealth and prosperity. It appears to be madness, insanity, the science behind climate change fraudulent, the reasons for taking us down this path unstated. Al Gore, Michael Mann and the others are clowns, in the “It” sense of the word, malevolent liars wanting to do great harm and possessed of no consciences.

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      1. that’s pretty much what I’m thinking too. The energy is there, we use more of it than before. We obviously can even afford to waste it. Which takes me back to the “old world” and the theory that there was some different source of energy back then and we just don’t know anything about that. As I said, electricity is a free energy in itself. you move two coils and it creates current. Nothing gets wasted or burned. Mechanical energy creates electrical energy. Nuclear plants as I know them create heat to produce steam which drives engines which creates electricity. I don’t know anything about getting “nuclear” energy direct from “atoms”


      2. Just listened to the podcast. I’ve been away for a while, busy laying down some sound tracks. I enjoyed listening to you guys, Gaia had a little distortion in the mic or problem with the headset, But aside from that, it all went well. I hope you follow up and go on again. it would be nice if stephers and steve went on too. you all have a lot to offer. if it’s all true about nuclear power and indeed there are no nuclear bombs. Then let’s blow off some steam, boil-up some water, put the coffee on…and let’s get on with the show.


        1. Ha, glad you liked it.

          Laying down sound tracks? tellmemoreplease

          and oh yes, I suffer still from a bad mic, but thanks to the increase in Matronage over the last weeks, and Ab’s call to support me at Patreon (which he, true to his words, is doing) hopefully leads to much better and more professional equipment…

          I am still living a very modest life with no room to spare what is here 90 USD for the same headset as you guys buy for 45….

          And translating the purchase of the Logitech headset that I desire into hol – hours of labor:

          for you ‘Mericans, you make at least 15 USD an hour (minimum salary before state theft – “taxes”), so you have to work 3 hours to get that headset there.

          While we estrato 3 Colombians, camellando for 2-3 USD / hour if lucky, would have to work 30 to 45 hours (so a full week!) to get simply the same “luxury” as you guys.

          You see why I push so much to make use of this insane ged (global economic discrepancy) to our advantage and growth?


            1. Ha Mark, no I don’t.

              PayPal requires a credit card which is among the last carrots I’d accept from an intrinsically immoral System. It is a pain to get the Patreon money to me all the time because of that too. There is only 1 alternative called Payoneer, but that is ridiculously expensive, especially with Colombian banks. Normal bank transfers from outside also have been complicated, it is fecking 2022, but yes.

              If you would be willing to spread out your donation and become a Patron? Then I reap the benefits of your support over time and not in one go, but thanks to the earlier matronage I have next month enough for the headset I need to make proper and good podcasts and mixes (saves a LOT of editing time also).

              That also gives you access to most of my materials (last non-audio upload is Ukrainy Days, a selection of photos I took in Kiev in 2007 and 08), because I put literally more than a hundred hours in a mix sometimes, they are for matrons only. That way they get value for their support and I work for all of us instead for Animal Farmers who abuse me for 48 hours a week and “pay” me 125 USD for that “pleasure” (you can check the call center ads here)….

              What did you think of the 4:20 Pieces of Mindful Fakeologists who are aLOUD. mix?

              Mark 4:20 in your Agendas everyone. There is so much more truth to share in concise and easy to grasp form.

              Tomorrow you (free for everyone available here) hear Ab debunking that Unclear Power to some in just 1 beautiful undeniable sentence.

              Unplanned, so GAIA speaking here through her serendicity, on the anniversary of the first so-called nuclear power plant, June 26th 1954, the only entry for that day at Fakeopedia.

              I uploaded the mix already to Patreon BEFORE knowing that
              on the day of my NUCLEAR POWER release
              the 68th anniversary of that “power” happens.

              everything has meaning

              Thát is what I am about. We have so much expotential. Just let it SHINE.



          1. Gaia, Soundtrack: as you know is a compilation of songs. a friend asked me to work on a film score. it’s part of a film soundtrack that refers to any musical composition ranging from “climatic moments to background music”…after the composition is written, the composer will work with instrumentalists to record the final product. Hey, if you need a headset, I have plenty of them laying around the studio. just let me know and I’ll mail a set out to you,

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            1. Working on film scores, wow, that is quite the professionalism. Sounds like a great project. You should be leading in teaching us (good, truthful, just) people in those areas!

              I very much appreciate the offer for the headset and if we can make it happen I would be delighted, but there are some barriers in the chain. With Ab at his site I had a podcast the week before Mark and we checked the postal service prices from Canada and even the slowest snail mail, cheapest weight (below 0.5 kg/1.1 lb) already costs CAD 55.

              Hence my call out for anyone to come and visit Colombia and bring goods with them.

              I have had packages sent in the past that didn’t arrive, if it is not via the Amazons and Mercadolibres who go for the internet of things, it can be hard to get here (at all).

              But let’s connect if you want via Discord and we can talk about it.

              My audio or other struggles shouldn’t take over the blog.


              I am releasing more and longer mixes with each a different focus from the rich conversation Mark and Ab had. There is so much in there that it takes a while to extract, but polishing only makes the GEMz shine more.

              what I wanted to expand on was a point from the podcast with Ab and Mark. In my simplified historical understanding of the Monkey Stream Media, and especially Hollywood movies, they stem from the many vaudeville actors and actresses of the late 19th century, making the transition from

              live entertainment for the masses
              to the screens being installed all around the world after the invention of film

              and why would the organizers of those freaqshows (wakestyle spelling) refrain from their winning model of selecting those individual human beings that have highly unnatural characteristics.

              “The Woman with the Beard” was perhaps the dramatized version of the underlying phenomenon of freakology; looking up to/embracing freaks.

              And I don’t mean misfits, or outcasts, those regarded as weird/atypical/abnormal, i.e. us, truthful anti-established Animal Farm speech human beings, I mean real freaks, people with severe mental or physical malformities that should not be put on display like pieces of human flesh to be awed or laughed at by hoi polloi.

              Consequently in my reasoning ; spending time on figuring out which of those freaks is which and whatnot I find just as freakish, especially now that the narrative has revealed the open and obvious conspiracy over two YEARS ago….

              In short, they are all puppets, and if one puppet replaced the other (Gaga vs Winehouse, Goodman vs Joplin, whatever other case) should literally have ZERO meaning in our lives…

              I grew out of puppetology some decades ago.

              And I am hopeful others can follow that same maturation example.


              1. GAIA, I checked on sending items to Columbia, and now I see what you mean . it takes an act of congress just to do what “should be” a simple thing. I’d have to fill out international papers etc. I don’t care about the cost, but there’s no guarantee the package would even get there. Hey Listen, you don’t need to have a credit card. all you need is to have a bank account. do you have a cashapp or venmo ? I could send you the cash through the app and you could have it deposited right into your account.


            2. Triggerman

              now I know that YOU are the expert, certainly between the two of us, because I am not, can you please put your ears to my productions and give me some valuable feedback to improve ?

              the only background I have in doing this is

              1 – doing funnily what I do now but with cassette tapes in the 1990s, when it was still custom to call into radio stations and come on air that way, so my sister and me did that and I cut and edit those and other segments (the GEMz of now) with the radio music and dj
              2 – my mother was a music teacher, at secondary education (my sister was one of her students) and also gave flamenco guitar and djembé sessions, my father also was musical so I have that in me

              but in the area of audio editing and all the tricks, bells and whistles that one cán do, I probably don’t know 0.1 %. I just use what I figure out, completely autodidact.

              But normally I am the teacher and in this case YOU are.

              please help me improve man. Then I can grow my audience and hopefully gain more of that fake stuff (money) to get us off of it as safe as possible !



              1. Gaia, I am no expert in doing talk shows. My whole life has revolved around music in one way or another, But I can say this..Not everyone is cut out to do talk show radio or interviews. Everybody has something to say, until it’s time to say it and then they freeze-up behind the mic. I’ve listened to you and Mark. You both pulled it off well without any sense of nervousness. You were both very natural and relaxed, it’s a talent and a gift in itself not just anyone can possess… Just keep doing what you’re doing.


                1. P.S. The little bit of work I’ve done as far as soundtrack scores. I just laid down the music and the technicians did the rest…”You” probably have more experience than I do in the field of audio, edit and overdub.


                2. It’s not my talks with Ab and Mark I ask feedback about.

                  It is the tremendous amount of WORK (=valuable effort over time) into especially the RAGE mix I linked that tries to contextualize a lot of message with meaningful music.

                  Can I ask you to spend 29 minutes and 1 second

                  For the about 40 hours I put into it?


                  1. I listened to 2207 rage. Who did the intro: That’s me, That’s you…Drops of water,and you’re on top of the mountain of success..But one day you start sliding down the mountain and you think, wait a minute..I’m a “Mountaintop Water Drop”, I don’t belong in this valley ? I loved that. everything flowed nicely and all of the music was perfect. You did an excellent job with the background music as well. You lowered the music so the voices could be heard and everything tied in smoothly. I appreciate your asking my opinion and feedback, Gaia. But I think you’re doing fine and on the right track. it’s obvious you have put a great deal of time and effort into this. I think you’d make a great host. you’re a smart guy. you just need to lay out your format and topics and gain some traction with viewers. it would be awesome if you could start getting some callers. I think you could gain some popularity once you got the ball rolling…”I Need My Molly” could be your calling…Everybody needs a daily dose of Molly. Like one of the lines in 2207 rage said; Boundaries are to be broken…For new adventures to begin. Now I’m gonna go and listen to 2206 time 111 no stress with timelessness is a free for all. Rick-N-Rollo thighbute, and Trival Truth Trailer, Music For Misfits.


                    1. ahhhhhh WOW, thank you SO much for your beautiful words and extensive dedicated feedback !

                      Do you have any idea how rare you are ? Most people don’t say anything, if anything… with any creativity around…

                      The first song I thought was from a movie (quite common in hardcore and hardstyle), but it’s not, it is an own lyric by Tha Playah:


                      “I appreciate your asking my opinion and feedback, Gaia. But I think you’re doing fine and on the right track. it’s obvious you have put a great deal of time and effort into this. I think you’d make a great host. you’re a smart guy. you just need to lay out your format and topics and gain some traction with viewers.”

                      Ah thank you so much. It is indeed that format and topics that I try to get to, but that is where POM and Fakeologist and other platforms come in. The success is in the fusion, the synthesis of things, I think.

                      ” it would be awesome if you could start getting some callers. I think you could gain some popularity once you got the ball rolling…”

                      Yeah that is my intention and hopefully I can get more Patrons to help me doing this.

                      what I make is pretty unique I think, which makes it harder for myself getting supporters. People who typically like podcasts don’t like what I do, because too much music, or whatever.

                      But I am sure there is that niche market of insightful (your detailed feedback proves your insights) misfits and pariahs that drives us further!

                      Thank you so much again, and what about YOU coming on air?

                      You see how I try to polish the GEMz, because you have heard both the raw version with Ab and Mark, but now in GEM format Ab’s spontaneous SYNERGY comes out better.

                      Gracias por la extra motivación!!


              2. Gaia, The only possible valuable feedback I can offer you other than what you’re already doing is…if people who typically like podcast, but don’t like what you’re doing because of too much music in them. perhaps you can try to scale the music back just a tad and fill them in with a bit more dialogue. it’s just a thought.


                1. If I would be accomodative beyond what my methods and message is, I would do that, and sometimes I do, when I mix the Hardstyle Pianist, another Dutchie and a tad bigger than me, both taller and more known, he is more than welcome to perform here in the Palace and in the Chicamocha Canyon….

                  but I suffer the consequences of my choices, even if they work against me but not really because they don’t hurt me.

                  My philosophy is: anyone else is nice and welcome, but no must and no dependencies, so I cannot be harmed by the mass popularity I never gained…

                  But in the areas where I want and can improve in, I need others.

                  Because you guys listening to me saying things is never
                  as powerful
                  or as true
                  as many voices seeing the same phenomena
                  and describing them in their OWN beautiful words, with the essential pauses, hiccups and ehms, but you don’t hear what I cut out of course…

                  because aSHIFT.
                  is and should be
                  as little gaia
                  and thus as much GAIA
                  as possible.


                2. I will explain a bit better why I do what I do and in the way that I do.

                  And because you’ve heard it, you recognize it, doesn’t matter how many mixes you’ve listen to, cause it is something I do in all.

                  But it is only in hindsight that I realize that I do these things

                  that is self reflection that only repetitive hearing yourself and others in combination with wakestyle and wisecore music can bring one

                  and would do to anyone doing what I do, it is the result of the activity.

                  chopping up my madleys into

                  hard wisdoms
                  music with hard wisdoms in them

                  veinz the longer samples of conversation, like Mark and Ab in the (sorry, matrons only) CAGE production
                  GEMZ the shorter cut outs of longer conversations
                  and the hard wisdoms the lyrics in the music

                  If I would only combine the first 3, so without music

                  there is no backbone, it loses its meaning. It is the flow of the music, together with the cliffhangers in the chats (veinz or GEMZ or the smart combination of them) that keeps it exciting and you want to keep listening.

                  That effect is lost without music and I love the music myself, hence why I use it.

                  and the importance of wakestyle and wisecore I will write about, either here or at Ab’s forum. On top of audio explanation, because it is all, like life is



                  1. @ Gaia, I understand what you’re saying and it makes perfect sense. of course you don’t want to cut any of the music out because it’s part of the vibe and meaning of what you’re aiming to express. You cannot please all listeners without the compromise or sacrifice of one thing for the other without losing meaning in the translation. it’s nearly impossible to get a mutual concession on anything. So the next best thing is to find a happy medium with the music. find your peaks and valleys, Learn when to “keep it high” and learn when to keep it “low in the back ground”… And then blow their fucking minds with the dialogue.


      3. We don’t even have any certainty that the “nuclear atom” actually exists, let alone “nuclear power”.

        “At this point, then, we can say that the nuclear atom, as currently conceived, is impossible.
        It has been shown that the two items which are relied upon to furnish proof of the validity of the basic assumptions on which the nuclear theory rests not only do not supply any such proof, when they are carefully analyzed, but actually furnish strong evidence to the contrary. It has also been shown that without the proof which these two items, radioactivity and Rutherford’s scattering experiments, are supposed to furnish, the entire structure of the nuclear theory collapses.
        The conclusion that the nuclear theory of the atom is erroneous and that in reality there is no such thing as an atomic nucleus will be difficult for the present generation of scientists to accept. The individual who has from childhood visualized the atom in the manner pictured by Bohr, who has participated in the great debates over the use of “nuclear” energy, who reads Nucleonics and the Annual Review of Nuclear Science, and who has perhaps taught classes in “nuclear physics” cannot be expected to look with enthusiasm on the prospect of life without a nucleus. We can, of course, remind him that the Bohr atom has long since vanished from the scene and that the “official” atom of modern physics cannot even be imagined, so the experts say, much less pictured. We can also point out that
        “atomic energy” and “atomic physics,” the terms that will have to be substituted when the nucleus is discarded, are already in common use. Most of the “nuclear physicists” in the United States work, directly or indirectly, for the Atomic Energy Commission. But this will probably be cold comfort. One is not easily reconciled to the loss of an old friend in the world of ideas.”

        Dewey B. Larson. The Case Against the Nuclear Atom, 1963.


        1. Yes. This uncomfortable existance seems hinged on this neverending fluctuation between…

          The CARTOON vs The ACTUAL.

          The CONCEPTUAL Intangible World vs The ACTUAL Tangible Life.

          The “atom,” just as the “virus,” is a concept that exists only in the conceptual minds of men, forced into “existance” by the magick of repetition of propoganda.

          It’s called “Manifestation” in some circles.

          Even living men can be used as Conceptual Cartoons to manifest unreality into reality.

          These human living cartoons are the flimsy veil between the Authors of these harmful Concepts and the false reality the Believers bring into “existance” through belief, by hook or crook.

          And festivis for the rest of us.

          Atoms, Viruses, Dinosaurs, etc ad nauseum. All Cartoon Concepts forced into “existance.”


    2. “Electricity needs a wire.”

      And then you go on to describe lightning, which of course, means heavy electric current traversing without any wires. You can be so dense it’s unbelievable.

      No, electricity does NOT need a wire. Period.


  3. Ha Mark, I didn’t see this post.

    It was a nice conversation with so many wisdoms in them, that I have weeks of extra work, which I love doing in my life that is always holidays, always working (meaning ; I choose what I do with my TIME but I make it VALUABLE).

    Based on our conversation behind the screens, scenes and smoke seams of the crumbling Building of the Beast, I started a daily series of a meaningful and manageable 4:20 length, released at 4:20 PM Bogotá (Central summer, Eastern winter) time….

    With as first installment in the series Pieces of Mindful Fakeologists who are aLOUD. the hot topic of Climate Change.

    Here you hear Mark and Ab shine with some of their polished GEMz accompanied as always by meaningful music with epic lyrics ; wakestyle and wisecore (later mixes):


    Thanks to Mark, Ab (also for sharing it on Fakeotube!) and everyone involved in
    building a better world

    For a Fair & Fertile Future

    follow our advancements in concise and conscious truth sharing @


    have a great weekend, saludos desde un Bogotá soleado


  4. I found it surprisingly odd and offputting the “Ab” character treating you so curtly from the beginning. Considering the friendly and engaging conversation you two shared previously, I expected him to fan your flames more than throw a wet blanket on your every match. He really had no recollection of that conversation? And if so, fine, but his demeanor was unprofessional at best. I usually reserve the word “rude” for


  5. I found it surprisingly odd and offputting the “Ab” character treating you so curtly from the beginning. Considering the friendly and engaging conversation you two shared previously, I expected him to fan your flames this time, rather than throw a wet blanket on your every lit match. He really had no recollection of that conversation? And if so, fine, but his demeanor was unprofessional at best. I usually reserve the word “rude” for such terseness. The “Gaia” character has always been a mystery as he adds only an open window for random breezes to blow through and knock delicious pies off windowsills. From the luxury off my outside perspective, I’d say the cartoons are designed to discourage, denegrate, and dead-end true honest conversation. Judging the tree by its fruit… patooey. Steer clear of the fakeologist forest, friend. Or next time bring your chainsaw and have a little fun. I very much appreciate your work, Mike. Swine and pearls. You’ve no need for such company. But you said it was fun and I only have these 2¢. They’re all yours. Carry on.


    1. The “Gaia” character has always been a mystery…

      I am an open book
      whose pages are written
      in invisible ink

      … who talks about “characters” when referring to human voices in a podcast…


  6. I have been working hard over the last weeks and today a new mix for everybody released, AFRIKA, and tomorrow another mix, BEEFRIKA, and Saturday morning at my time 1:29 I release the full 29:01 production CAGE from the conversation between Ab and Mark, with added material from other podcasts.

    And the next madley, RAGE, is already almost finished too.

    Lots of motivation and hope you enjoy the mixes…



  7. Like my message goes,
    I am ALL for working together

    and encourage more mentalversity
    more bouncing bright brains
    and more cross pollinization of
    valuable ideas and thoughts.

    On the Fakeologist Forum I created a thread Piece of Mindful in the Recommended Sites section

    and also started there what I aspire to expand on here, the Holistic Lessons of Fakeology


    only 2 links allowed, so 2 topics per post max, clogging up the recent comments, and especially the good one by Rasputin even more….

    Mark, let me help you with whatever I can, and else Ab can help you out with WordPress.

    user friendliness is a sign of respact.


  8. JOIN the Livestream @ Fakeologist.com

    Today it is Independence Day and Ab and me at least and hoperfully as many of you guys and gals as possible will go over that essential topic of


    what are YOUR perspectives on it?

    Mine and Ab’s are guaranteed, but the mentalversity only works with more diversity of minds to ponder about life ; loving wisdom ; philos sophos

    you will also hear my unique DREAM like experience (no, no shrooms or LSD) at the Hip Hop al Parque festival here in Bogotá yesterday with my true friends.

    and much more, like Ab’s beautiful forum, and Piece of Mindful and my blog experiences here. Make them also yours !

    psychos logos
    philos sophos
    ecos nomos


    Muisca somos

    Ab and me hope to hear from you, especially non-yousamericans (love that one now) !

    Discord is incredibly easy to install and get going, evidence on air by others in the past (that you don’t listen to my mixes don’t make them disappear!), so come on air and bounce brains with us !



    1. please note that those who

      read this
      have time
      and a mic

      and DO NOT come on air

      are responsible for the dead internet

      don’t be a zombie
      if you hate zombies


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