News flash!!! It often gets hot in August

Thanks again to Dave Klausler

Those of you who took time to read Dave’s story of life and death in the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness seemed, like me, very appreciative of his efforts. One commenter even went to far as to trace Dave’s movements in the story on a map as he read. In my mind as I read it was kind of a given that Helen would survive, and yet … it was suspenseful. When at last help arrives near the trailhead, there is a sense of relief that Helen will get to a good place for care, and that she will recover. By that time I was totally invested in the story. Dave creates a sense of comradery between him and the various rescue personnel, and finally, Helen. It is a nice ending.


If often gets hot in August

Friend in California: “We have a cabin in the Sierra’s and we spend time there every summer. Usually the temperature is in the 70s. We went up there last week, and it was 88! It’s never been that hot up there before, never!”

Cousin in Wilmington: “Delaware can be very hot in the summer. We try to get out, go up to Maine, where it is cooler. This year has just been brutal. We put in a new air conditioning and heating system this year, and that’s good because it is going to be very hot in the future.”

The news media acts in concert, and every outlet is controlled. When told to bark, they do so in unison. They have no honor, no dignity, and for the most part, no critical thinking ability. In television or visual media they are chosen for appearance and the ability to convey trustworthiness as they blindly read scripts, blissfully unaware of content. I would go so far as to say they are “stupid” in the sense that they are not smart enough to be able to be self-aware, and imagine they do good work. (That is called the “Dunning-Kruger effect“.)

People who watch news are unknowingly placed in a mild hypnotic trance. They suspend critical judgment, so that the words and images pass unfiltered into their brains. Television, this long known to controllers, is the ideal medium for propaganda.

The result is the conversations above, two people I like and care about who are wholly in the throes of power of suggestion regarding Climate Change.

Ms. California has been going to that cabin for forty years if not more, and yes, over the years it has often gotten in the 80s. Her memory is defective, as in “It used to snow every Christmas up until seven years ago.”

Ms. Delaware and I grew up together in Billings, MT, and we both remember brutal summers, August especially extremely hot. In many places in August it gets hot. My cousin should know by now that Wilmington, Delaware, where she has lived for decades, in the summer is hot and muggy. This is not news.

We cancelled our trip to France, by the way. The primary reason was heat – it has been in the 90s there, Ferney Voltaire like Geneva next door at a low elevation, maybe 2,000 feet above sea level. I was OK going as I thought we would at least be in an air conditioned condo evenings and night. Not so, I learned. No AC. I bailed.

(If we look at the globe, we will see that Europe is in alignment with Canada, but has a much warmer climate. This is due to the Gulf Stream, another day I suppose.)

So in speaking to my California friend I mentioned this, and added that air conditioning is a rarity in France. It is not because they do not need it, but rather that they have not retrofitted older structures to accommodate the duct work to allow for building-wide cooling.  The place we were going to stay in Ferney is new, and I wondered why no AC? The French, I learned, are just not that way. They have leaned to live in hot weather.

Ms. California set me straight: The reason there is so little air conditioning in France is that it has never been hot there before like it is now.

No, I said. Paris in the summer is brutally hot, muggy, almost unbearable. I know. I have been there. It is the “Mediterranean Climate”, cold winters and hot summers. This year is no exception except – the news media is beating it to death.

Here in the United States in the lower 48 there has been a slight warming trend that goes all the way back to the late 1600s when the Little Ice Age bottomed out. In school we all learned about Valley Forge, where in 1777-78 the Continental Army nearly froze to death,. That was but 100 years after the LIA bottom. Winters were still very cold. It was during this time as well that Londoners held annual carnivals on the frozen River Thames.

The fact that it has gradually been warming since that time is of great benefit to us. Cold is the killer, not warm. In the last 100 years the daily average high temperature for the year for the lower 48 (usually occurring in July or August) has risen anywhere from 2-4°F, enough to register, but not in any sense harmful.

Sea level is ever so gradually rising as well. The oldest records of sea level are in New York City, the “Battery”, which shows since 1856 shows a gradual rise of 0.113 inches per year. According to another database, satellite observation since 1993, there has been no recent acceleration in the rate of sea level rise.

We are between ice ages, of course, in the “Holocene” interglacial period. If past is prelude, we will again cool down and re-enter our current Ice Age, called the Quaternary glaciation. The tropics are largely unaffected by ice ages, at least in terms of life going on as usual. It is us folks up north who benefit from the current warm temperatures. They will not last forever. When it cools off, think mass migration that will make the Covid migration look like a small town parade.

So it is easy to see, with perfect hindsight of course, that the “Climate Change” propaganda campaign was, like Covid, well thought out years, if not decades in advance. The objective for both is malevolent and insidious, to kill us off. It is all centered around eugenics, which is why Bill Gates features so prominently in Covid.

The last I read is that perhaps 50% of the American public does not buy into Climate Change, to its credit. But it does not matter. Public policy is not (and has never been) affected by public opinion. That is an illusion. The IPCC reports (the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) appear every three years or so, and have never been close to reliable or accurate, in fact have been wildly wrong about both the past and the future of our climate.

That does not matter. They are the reason why there is a world-wide move towards “net-zero,” or elimination of CO2 from all sources in the atmosphere. It’s never been proven that CO2 is dangerous, and is now easy to see that it was chosen merely as the means to attack fossil fuels. On goes the drumbeat of self-destruction. Science is so very corrupt. They are Dunning-Krugered, I suppose, weak-minded and going along to get along. They do, after all, endure severe punishment for stepping out of line.

Imagine this: Germany now pays 4-5 times the price of heating and cooling as we do in the US. They have shut down coal and nuclear, and invested heavily in solar and wind. That, coupled with the fake war in Ukraine (surely planned – like Climate Change itself), will lead to energy shortages and people freezing in winter. No matter. If people get uppity, if there are rebellions due to shortages of energy (when it is abundant and handy), those rebellions will be put down, brutally.

In the end, there will be food shortages, as crops go hand-in-hand with fossil fuels. Nitrogen fertilizer is made from fossil fuels. There will be a die-off.

That, as far as I can see, is the plan. What the vaccine does not accomplish, Climate Change will. It has always been about misanthropy.

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  1. “So it is easy to see, with perfect hindsight of course, that the “Climate Change” propaganda campaign was, like Covid, well thought out years, if not decades in advance. The objective for both is malevolent and insidious, to kill us off. It is all centered around eugenics, which is why Bill Gates features so prominently in Covid.“

    Yes, decades in advance. But how does the eugenics fit in? If they wanted us dead, we’d be dead by now. I see it as control and greed—control the weather, control the populations, fleece them, experiment on them, but keep them alive and just barely kicking, because that’s what makes the money, which makes the power.

    I just posted some insightful quotes on the topic myself, we must all have climate on the mind thanks to the newsmen. Here’s a bit you might like:

    “Climate change is an excellent subterfuge; it allows environmentalists to “get at” fossil fuel use, deforestation, perhaps even overconsumption itself– in the name of saving civilization as we know it. Geoengineering, in contrast, gets at nothing other than climate change. On the contrary, not only does sowing plots of ocean with iron filings not save the rainforest, it costs environmentalists precious leverage in their efforts to do so because some of the pressure to address the underlying causes is relieved. [FN240] One of the very strengths of geoengineering–that it requires relatively little sacrifice–is thus one of its great drawbacks to political environmentalists. Anyone who wants to use climate change as a way to “get at” some undesirable but politically popular activity will be sorely disappointed by a geoengineering project.

    Political sleight-of-hand can engender a certain ambivalence. It is somewhat dishonest, and can be counterproductive, as in the case of a hopeless but photogenic species such as the California condor being saved instead of more needy but less attractive candidates. Sleight-of-hand can also be a tremendous gamble; trying to kill two birds with one stone is often riskier than trying to kill just one. In the case of climate change, using the biosphere’s climatic integrity as a leverage point is quite a risk: if scientists are right, we may be in deep trouble if GHG emissions and deforestation (the “real targets”) are not reduced. When the nominal goal is itself important, sleight-of-hand is a high-stakes game.

    In the end, the debate about geoengineering is largely a debate about what sorts of environmental policies to pursue in an imperfect world. It seems almost preposterous to buck the trends of holistic systems management and suggest running like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice from symptom to symptom. It may also seem as though driving less or cutting fewer trees is simpler than scattering dust particles in the stratosphere. It is certainly more elegant. But when the Damocles’ sword of massive biotic disruption is hanging over our heads, we should choose what works. And the bottom line is that, though the regulatory strategies envisioned in Kyoto must continue to play out their roles, we need more than a global Marshall Plan of incentives and reductions to avert potentially disastrous climatic change.

    We need a Manhattan Project.”
    Geoengineering: A Climate Change Manhattan Project Stanford Environmental Law Journal January, 1998 Copyright © 1998 Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University; Jay Michaelson geomanhattanproj.pdf

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    1. But when the Damocles’ sword of massive biotic disruption is hanging over our heads, we should choose what works.

      If they did not have hyperbole, they would have nothing.

      The strategy, to scream the sky is falling while controlling all science and media about the underlying non-falling reality, strikes me as an overt attempt to replace a functioning energy system with one that does not, and then watch the gradual societal collapse.

      I do not see where people who already have all the money they need and do not need more, and therefore are not greedy but merely contemptuous of the masses, are anything but misanthropes. Of course, I am on the outside looking in and trying to piece the insanity together, and could, as always, be wrong.


        1. They have no need to kill all of us. Who, after all, will produce their food, watch their kids, make their flower gardens bloom? They want fewer of us, several billion fewer, but they also want their drinks mixed and cars washed. They may be wealthy, but I do not imagine, judging by Al Gore or Prince Charles for just two, that they are hardly smart enough to preserve their inheritances without a whole lot of support from people they despise. They need us, just not so many.

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  2. A global, one socialist world is their ultimate goal, not depopulation.
    Socialism is all about abandoning the concept of individual rights.
    Pandemic scams and climate change hoaxes are perfect weapons as they share a common denominator: they are aimed at dismantling your idea of individual rights, hence indirectly targeting your conscience. If they cannot get you by the balls, they’ll get you by public outrage and guilty feelings.
    When people are conditioned to perceive CO2 and fake viruses as mortal threats, the sheer fact of breathing (i.e. to be alive) or of turning out “positive” to a stupid test makes you dangerous to thy neighbor.
    Then, resisting government’s mandatory vaccinations, medical treatments, “CO2 footprint” regulations, or any other fancy restriction the experts see fit for the common good, is no more perceived as a defense of your citizen’s unalienable rights, but as a criminal infringement of other people’s liberty.
    In short, resisting the plan you’re just jeopardizing or harming other lives for your selfish interest, that’s why if you’re a good person you should feel ashamed and repent, otherwise, in the name of justice, your criminal offence will be dealt accordingly.

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    1. Yep. And apropos to the current post, manipulation of weather in all ways possible, as in creating (via aerosols, electrical interference, etc.) hotter or colder or wetter conditions on a temporary basis….accentuated drought, floods, etc…all to create the illusion of climate change.

      Deny this manufactured truth, and you become part of the selfish group who must be controlled by laws and mandates.

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      1. They don’t need to manipulate the weather. They need to manipulate our minds, and unfortunately for most humans, this seems to work. Time after time.


    2. Why did the expression “happy slaves” come to mind, as in the greatest enemy of human freedom is … a global one-socialist world is fait accompli. Did you not notice Covid, how it all came falling down at us at once in every country on the globe, and how every government in the world was lockstep?

      The virus is sterilizing and killing people, which to me looks like depopulation. An unreliable energy grid will eventually turn into despair, nowhere to turn, failed crops, and starvation. That, to me, looks like depopulation. Bill Gates’ stated goal of 1-2 billion fewer people strikes me as depopulation.


  3. we still have (and will have for another decade or so) this constellation that the 4 relevant planets are on the other side of the sun. I mean in the summer time of the northern hemisphere. That means this planets draw lots of solar energy which leads to a mild summer and also a mild winter, when the Earth gets between this planets and profits from the drawing. In Germany we have like about 30°C i the evening and about 15°C in the night. In other times we would have about 35°C in the day and 20°C in the night at this time of the year. We didn’t have any figs or khakis or even peppers in the last years. Because in average there is not enough energy for the plants to fruit. 30 years ago we had hot summers and lots of snow in the winter time here. And this will come back some time.
    In Germany some companies doubled their prices like over night but other companies didn’t which forced us to change again the suppliers but now we pay only little more than before and this was to be expected as all the absurd tests, test centers working 24/7 , vaccines and masks etc. has to be paid for. It’s much less dramatic as the media keeps telling. The mainstream as the other media. It’s the usual fear porn. They can’t switch off the gas because then all the ovens had to be checked and approved again and they can switch of the electricity only in parts and not for long because then no media can be received. So we are save here IMO. But I may be wrong. This people started world wars and won’t hesitate just because of some technicalities. We’ll see.
    As for geoengineering, it is pretty dry in Germany too, but there was some rain now and then. Our lawn is still pretty green. I don’t think they can influence weather.


    1. In our neck of the woods…July 2022 was an anomalous scorcher (anomalous as compared to the previous 10-25 years – not century). It seems August 2022 (again, in my locale) will turn out to be unseasonably cooler. Weather extremes. Weather whiplash. Having NOTHING to do with climate/climate change. The two can be mutually exclusive.

      Weather changes must be observed and considered outside of the climate change narrative. Something else is influencing the weather (TBD). All options should be placed on the table, placing biases aside, and transcending the weaponized narrative of climate change (climate change promoters vs. climate change deniers).

      Since we can all agree climate change is an intentional misdirect, read between the lines here: Key point to keep in mind – the solutions (one being climate adaptation strategies) were designed before the problem. We need to stop arguing over the “problem” that the System architected, as it is manufactured on many levels. Whether admitting or denying climate – this is a non-issue; it is a wasted effort (again, by the System’s design). From my perspective, climate deniers are pushed by the System – particularly social influencers of notoriety (ie – Michael Crichton). I think we know how this controlled opposition works. Polarization surrounding an issue (that never gets to the heart of the matter) needs to be fueled.

      Just as with every “Gate” (ie – Watergate, Pizzagate, Beergate) that preceded or followed it, my intuition tells me that Climategate was a psyop to draw in a designated crowd (conservatives). It seems it has worked its portal/gate dark magic. After all, not only was it marked with the 33 (via MM = Michael Mann), it was marked with the Crowley (c/o Tom Crowley: And, of course, it was James Delingpole (posing lately as a COVID truther) who named it Climategate: (Incidentally, it is reported that his son initiated “Beergate”: Hmmmm. ) Climategate was a clever play. Ever wonder why so many climate deniers started on the other side of the “gate?” Do they enjoy switching sides to propel faux narratives/artificial dialectic? I suggest we need to step outside of the contrived bookends that have been scripted. Each side of the false debate (akin to the flat earth vs. spherical earth psyop) only has a hammer; and thus, can only see a nail. We need all types of screwdrivers, at this point, to unscrew this hot mess of orchestrated chaos (manufactured debate) – and attempt to achieve genuine clarity.

      My husband consults online with fellow homesteaders all across the U.S. He has 4500 followers. 40 percent of them are reporting the same as our family’s experience. July 2022 was a disastrous month for growing/crop yielding. Not one has experienced this adversity in the previous 10 years (again, not tracing back 50-90-100 years). Like us, none of them believe in climate change, nor in mainstream media reporting, as his followers are overwhelmingly Christian conservatives. They exclusively permit signals from Nature (aka crop yield and such) to inform them. Many keep personal records over the past few decades – thereby not being Dunning-Kruger effected.

      Accordingly, evidential photos have been pouring in. Plant life is much more intuitive than any human could ever be, and speaks louder (and more clearly) than any human can with respect to weather changes.

      See below in my photos what our plants have to say about the recent extreme weather (placing climate discussion very far aside). With temperatures now in the 80’s (unseasonably cool for August) – and recent precipitation (on the heels of our first drought in nearly 15 years) – we can only hope we see our plant friends bounce back. We plan to re-plant crops in hopes of a fall harvest – as we have only produced tomatoes and kale this summer due to extreme weather (not climate) conditions. All of our other crops have been an epic fail. This is the first time we have experienced this since homesteading in recent years. Local farmers and homesteaders all tell the same story. The farm stands have been nearly bare. Corn is just now being harvested and sold – 4 weeks past when they ordinarily are. Corn growth may not have been completely stunted – but it was remarkably delayed.

      This recent weather phenomenon (non-climate) – and the accompanying scapegoat (humans causing climate disruption – AKA gaslighting is NOT designed for human mass die-off. Rather, it is to usher in (at an accelerated pace, as did its sister operation, COVID) the global digital transformation – such that everyone and everything is plugged in. Anyone or anything not plugged in will be made to suffer the consequences – for not playing along with the 4IR System. The social impact market engineers will reap the financial benefits (hence, why the socialist framing is also limited and not entirely correct).

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      1. When searching for Dunning-Kruger at Anthony Watts’ site (interesting last name amidst talk of polarization – and he was an electrical engineer), it seems we get 340 results: He does seem to be enamored with the term. I suggest throwing out Dunning-Kruger repeatedly may be an inversion of the “sky is falling” counter-narrative (notably represented by climate change zealots), and can potentially signal gaslighting – as it may serve to cast the person with an alternative view as being automatically invalid and irrational.

        Accordingly, Watts and his loyal followers seem to continually urge contrarians (opposing both climate change and climate change denial) to force their hand with substantiating proof – which may be nearly impossible given the parameters. Does he do this to maintain dominance over a weaponized (counterfeit) narrative? He claims his site is the most viewed site on climate change. How does he maintain this control amidst the climate change storytelling agenda (a limited hangout discussion)? It is curious. When searching for geoengineering at his site – 0 results. Why is that? If there is such a thing as geoengineering (which may have become much more precise and targeted over recent years – as compared to de-classified military operations beginning 75 years ago), the perpetrators would have 100% plausible deniability, and 0% culpability.


        1. Watts, is a meteorologist, a former TV weatherman.

          I’ve listened to him, read him, and followed his website for years. His work is straightforward, as in determining that 96% of the weather data collection stations in the lower 48 do not conform to NOAA standards, and that NOAA does not do anything about it. His blog is eclectic, that is, he is non-censorious, trusting his readers to form their own thoughts, opinions, and conclusions.

          Dunning-Kruger has explanatory power. That is why I cite it. I see it all around me. Everyone I know, including the two women I cited at the opening of this piece, think they are smarter than the average bear. The flip side, to be smart and know you are smart, generally produces humility, and the willingness not to know all the answers, or worse yet, to be wrong about something.

          Sometimes things are as they appear.


            1. More on Watts (and his fascination with broadcasting/satellites/radar and renewable energy ~ solar/electric/LEDs):

              Blogging of course is natural for me, since it allows me to “broadcast” but also to interact without needing to hear. For more on hearing loss, see the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which I support.

              While I have a skeptical view of certain climate issues, I consider myself “green” in many ways, and I promote the idea of energy savings and alternate energy generation. Unlike many who just talk about it, I’ve put a 10KW solar array on my home, a second one on my new home this past summer of 2012.

              Plus I championed a 125 KW solar array on one of our local schools when I was a local school board trustee. I’ve retrofitted my home with CFL’s LED’s and better insulation, as well as installed timer switches on many of our most commonly used lights. I also drive an electric car for my daily around town routine, but now mostly in the summer due to the battery technology not performing well in the winter. See my second electric car, which is an upgrade from the glorified golf cart in the link above, below.

              I encourage others to do the same when it comes to efficient use of energy and energy conservation. For example, I recently installed energy saving LED lighting in my home, reducing power consumption for my largest lighting use from 325 watts to 60 watts.


              Click to access IntelliWeather-Your-Way.pdf


  4. It is hard to argue with the photos. Also, last year when Seattle and Vancouver were experiencing 100+ temperatures, far beyond any norm, I noted that HAARP was up and running. I do not discount the possibility of outside interference, but chafe at mere speculation of … some-theeeeeng.

    Scathing hot weather fits the narrative. However, your husband’s reports from other homesteaders is still, unfortunately, anecdotal. 4,500 is a small number , and maybe representative, maybe not, maybe exaggerated, maybe allowed due to power of suggestion.

    Covid is now showing as a die-off, albeit with reduced birthrates evident, not outright killing as done by the vaccine.

    I do not buy that people who already have most of the money are in it for the money.

    I do not buy that the Climate agenda is benign, merely meant to divide us so that we plug into the matrix. That makes no sense to me. What I see is a very efficient wealth generating machine, our energy grid, being replaced with a very inefficient one, and imagine that thereby those in control will be able to sit back and watch us starve and die.


    1. I also do not buy that Climategate was staged. After all, it has gone down the memory hole. Further, it required the ability to think and process large volumes of information. That ability resides in a very, very few. Scams requiring reading are simply not done.


      1. MT,

        On the contrary, I sense it is becoming more front-and-center: (July 21, 2022) and (July 28, 2022). See an August 2022 update here: And the individual who “named” it is also becoming increasingly renowned . . . Welcome to Delingpole World:

        Remember Wikileaks (a psyop)? People actually LOVE to dig into volumes of information — that is, if presented as conspiratorial. The truther community eats it up like candy (or a giant pack of Twizzlers).

        Addendum: I think the most tell-tale hint of it potentially being a (militarized) psyop is with John Costella

        John Costella was born in East Melbourne in 1966. After being expelled from Xavier College Kew in 1981, he went on to be dux of St. Kevin’s College Toorak in 1984 and dux of Electrical Engineering Honours at the University of Melbourne in 1989. Having fallen in love with physics during second year, he went on to be dux of Physics Honours in 1990 and completed a PhD in theoretical physics in 1994. After spending a few years on the early rungs of the postdoctoral physics research ladder, during which time he became accustomed to distilling information from academic emails, he decided that the life of an itinerant academic was not for him, so he took up school teaching instead, at the same time keeping up his interests in sub-atomic physics. (my emphasis)

        After teaching for eight years at Mentone Grammar and The Peninsula School, he took up a position as reliability engineer with the Department of Defence in 2006, analysing statistical data for Defence equipment. (my emphasis)

        He then moved into the financial sector in April 2007, where he works as Data Manager and Senior Research Scientist for a leading investment firm.

        See his LinkedIn profile here: and his website (including extensive graphing of COVID data) here When Costella is not working as a defense data scientist, cancer researcher, stock-market trading manager, defense engineer, and theoretical particle physicist, he is a professional actor:

        If Costella’s professional background is not telling, I do not know what is. He works for META (for nearly 10 years). I think this re-affirms everything I have been suggesting. Key words are highlighted. Think weaponization of data and sentiment analysis, broadcasting (radio-eugenics), prediction/ forecasting – all crucial components of the Spatial Web/Web 3.0. This is much more than about financial gain – this is gaining access to the hearts and minds of all people (and life). What do you think happens to all of the online sentiments accrued at Anthony Watts’ site? Does it feed and fuel ongoing and future psyops – and all industrial revolutions to come (going way beyond 4IR)? Keep in mind Watts (an occult play on electromagnetics?) is a trained electrical engineer.


        9 years 11 months
        Insider Threat Engineer

        Sep 2021 – Present 1 year
        Washington, District of Columbia, United States
        Employment Law & Investigations Team
        Privacy Engineer, Incident Investigation

        Apr 2021 – Sep 2021 6 months
        Washington, District of Columbia, United States
        Privacy and Security Incident Response Team
        Security Engineer

        Jan 2021 – Apr 2021 4 months
        Washington, District of Columbia, United States
        Investigations and Intelligence
        Lead, Threat Discovery Engineering

        Jul 2019 – Jan 2021 1 year 7 months
        Washington, District of Columbia, United States
        Intelligence Collection; Threat Discovery
        Intelligence Data Scientist

        Jun 2018 – Jun 2019 1 year 1 month
        Washington, District of Columbia, United States
        Intelligence Collection; Threat Discovery
        eCrime Data Scientist

        Sep 2017 – Jun 2018 10 months
        Washington, District of Columbia, United States
        Proactive Intelligence
        Threat Infrastructure Data Scientist

        May 2016 – Sep 2017 1 year 5 months
        Menlo Park, California, United States
        Cyber defense; data science; big data; software engineering
        Sentiment Measurement Lead

        Jan 2016 – May 2016 5 months
        Menlo Park, California, United States
        Company lead for sentiment measurement: data science; software engineering
        Software Engineer

        Oct 2012 – Jan 2016 3 years 4 months
        Menlo Park, California, United States
        Data science; sentiment analysis; statistics; image processing; threat analysis
        Senior Data Scientist

        Sep 2011 – Oct 2012 1 year 2 months
        Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
        Live vehicular traffic measurement, prediction, and broadcast


        1. When I read the emails, the source of disclosure was not known. Did this guy then step forward? It was my understanding that the release was hidden in some Russian intrigue., that is, run through an untraceable computer somewhere in that country, or maybe eastern Europe.


          1. Nearly all hackers work for Intelligence. I have not yet seen one come forward (or referenced) that does not. While only anecdotal, I knew a high schooler years ago who hacked into mainframes for fun. He got in big trouble. A couple months later, he told me directly that he had just been recruited by the NSA. He had no reason to lie to me. He was excited about the new “gig,” and he told me it was in exchange for being let off for his “bad deeds.”


            1. If this was a college exam, I would quickly mark the assertion using the word “all” as false. That is how people like me came to be CPAs, good test-taking skills. “All” and “none” do not exist. “Nearly all” of an unknown quantity does not rest well either, and absent hard data, is of no meaning. As I see it.

              I suspected an internal source, a whistle blower. I just left the Wikipedia page on the scandal, and note how thorough has been the coverup and whitewash.


          2. Cover story . . . That is how these psyops operate. Please look at Costella’s background and expertise. Why would this “Gate” hacker operation be real, yet all the others are not? Does this one not deserve the same level of scrutiny as all of the others – run by Intel?


            1. Costella did not hack East Anglia. He assembled the most important emails and wrote a narrative to accompany them. It seems that since we all know that all opposition is controlled opposition, that Costella is misleading us, and that his work, to which I was once foolish enough to assign value, is useless.

              Now, I am going to remove my tongue from my cheek, and assert that Anthony Watts is an honest man, and that John Costella is an unknown quantity, but that the Climategate emails stand alone and need to be scrutinized. This idea that all sides of all controversies are contrived to trap us in a matrix is just a bit beyond my scope of knowledge.


              1. This idea that all sides of all controversies are contrived to trap us in a matrix is just a bit beyond my scope of knowledge.

                Is that really true? I give you more credit than that. In the context of COVID, have we not seen that Cowan, Kaufman, and possibly the Bailey duo could potentially be playing a System role? I seem to recall you acknowledged this possibility before I was even willing to go there. When I have the time, I plan to detail one of their newest colleagues – Eric Francis Coppolino. His history actually relates in many ways to this Climategate/climate change dialectic operation. They may take us very far in seeing one element of the psyop, but do they get us all the way there? And, if not, what could they be obscuring?

                Perhaps you are more intuitive than you admit. Could it be – like the rest of us – that every once in a while, you have a stubborn blind spot? Is that out of the question? Do we not all have to check ourselves continually in this regard? I know I have to, and I am attempting to neutralize these blind spots and biases as I continue to evolve in this truth-seeking process. I have gotten a whole lot further through the help of insightful commenters here at POM. One example, I can recall, was with the Kensington Philly post I wrote. I seem to recall it was commenter “Greg” who helped me see the light on the psyop presented before me – one that I did not perceive on my own. It turned the story upside down for me, yet led me deeper into truth. Looking back, I find it hard to believe that I even missed it. But we only know what we know at the time; and now I look back with fresh eyes and admit that I was duped by the ruse. I had been played – just as I had been time and time again before that.

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                1. “And, if not, what could they be obscuring?” That’s the fun part, right?! That’s where many of us jump too quickly, but the speculation is just so alluring, and irresistible. 🙂


                2. What gets me is you are a highly intelligent person, with postings over my head, so I’m stumped as how you couldn’t see the Philly streetbum charade. Maybe we should open a go fund me so we can afford to travel to these special events and see it with our own eyes. Is anyone doing this? I have not seen any real exposing.Maybe we would get into trouble. As of now “It’s” all on the interenet and television.

                  Meta’s blender bot is an underwhelming sample that gives wrong answers. When I call my insurance company and a few other places of business, I’m on the phone with a voice bot that wants me to reply with verbal statements and then directs the coversation accordingly.

                  Won’t be getting the winning lotto numbers here. Not one solid aha moment of discovery from this billion dollar company chatbot…hmm!

                  It seems our blog minds are getting closer to the answers on many issues, but not yet that full belly satifaction of absolutely knowing what is going on. And I think it’s that feeling that keeps many of us coming back.


              2. MT,

                To clarify, I did not claim that Costella hacked anything. Conversely, I got the sense that he potentially had the capabilities to imprint/suggest the template/narrative of hacking, based on his professional experience.


              1. MT,

                From my perspective, this reads like a movie script – akin to QAnon truth drops . . . and then there’s the spook alert: Bell is connected to Buzz Aldrin:

                Bell joined the UH faculty in 1978, founded the Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture (SICSA) at the University of Houston in 1987, and served as the director of SICSA for almost 30 years. He took SICSA to new heights by both defining and leading the field of space architecture. Bell also established the world’s only master’s degree in space architecture at UH. Professor Bell co-founded Space Industries International (SII) in 1982. The company grew to employ more than 8,000 people as a result of various mergers and acquisitions and became Veridian, a diversified advanced technology company that serves aerospace, defense and automotive industries. Veridian was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (VNX), and was purchased by General Dynamics in 2003 for $1.5 billion. He is an Fellow Emeritus of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and a Fellow of the prestigious Explorers Club. He has received numerous awards, including the Space Pioneer Award from Kyushu Sanyo University in Japan and the two highest honors awarded by the Federation of Astronautics and Cosmonautics of the former Soviet Union for his contributions to international space development. (my emphasis)


                1. MT,

                  I should add the anagram spook marker . . . Mr. FOIA = From AI. The QAnon operation was also a spooky AI-directed project (referred to as SOCI). I can’t help but see the similarities.


                    1. MT,

                      Keep in mind . . . John Costella works for Meta – a company pioneering AI chatbots: (August 5, 2022).

                      Costella worked at Intelematics prior to Meta:

                      Intelematics partners with MuleSoft – a prominent AI company (note the magenta beams, of course: and the magenta currents: ~ See and

                      Regardless of how we choose to define “AI” at this moment in time (not knowing how strong or sentient any AI representation truly is), I think you would be very surprised by how advanced the chat bots are these days. Mostly likely, many of us have already had an experience conversing online with a chat bot – without even knowing it. It seems it would have been VERY simple to develop an AI called “Mr. FOIA” (AKA – From AI?) that can have an actual conversation (with no human behind the curtain).


                    2. As far as I’m aware, they’re already using AI bots on dating platforms and the likes, at least the Chinese have absolutely no scruple in this regard. I was talking to a woman on Badoo about a year ago, seemed very weird and detached to me (well, at this point most (even supposedly real) people feel to me this way, but this was another level), so I just asked her “are you a robot” and she replied yes. I don’t think it was a joke, since that entity didn’t seem capable of humor. And they’re not gonna be using anything even half-advanced, if they can get away with something cheap. Many people just need a pretty picture in front of them and they’ll have no issues creating a (to their standards) full-fleshed human being out of it.

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  5. The first three links you cite are small potatoes, the YouTube video having 45 views. Hardly a land swell. Delingpole – I used to listen to his podcast or videos or whatever, but stopped because I thought he was boring. Like Norman Greenbaum, he may be a one-hit wonder. The emails you link to is the same link I use on my website. I was warned before the download not to go to that site, as it might be dangerous. Indeed.

    Climategate was eventually whitewashed and covered up by the University of Pennsylvania, Michael Mann’s employer. Find me anything in the last 7-8 years of any mention of it in mainstream news.


    1. (March 2019 by S. Fred Singer)

      Fred Singer was VERY mainstream: (His entire bio is CRUCIAL information, in terms of grasping the scope of this operation.)

      I suggest the recent sites “revisiting” Climategate (in the past month) are just the beginning of a seeding operation. But Singer seeded this from the get-go (spook central).


          1. None. What hope do you offer?

            I live in my own mind, find happiness in my relationships with people I love. I like you, as you are not cardboard. I have the job of deciding in my own mind if people are genuine. Often online they are not. Often in real life they disappoint me. Sometimes, as with you, they are real. You are not a bot, right? If you are, I give up.

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          1. The YouTube video destroys hope. The voice behind it is smarmy and annoying. What is your point? I have a brain. At every point where I reference anyone I might like, you quickly step in and assert that they are AI or disinfo. In your dystopian universe, is anyone real? (And remember, your friend Alison strapped me to a chair and went on for five hours, me retaining nothing.) It has to be better.


            1. MT,

              My main takeaway is that most of the personas on the screen (including popularized web sites) are networked to British intelligence:
     (note the names that may seem familiar, as most, if not all, hail from the conservative camp). As depicted in this representation, you can see how their Intel nodes branch out. If and when we absorb information online, it is useful to have this type of map in front of us. I think it really helps to have a concrete map to remind us how their game is played – and how we get played. Ultimately, their aim is to disempower us (among other objectives).

              In my real life, I do not perceive dystopia. Granted, I do make significant attachments, and at times, I can feel dejected if perhaps I feel that I have placed trust in someone (again, a real live person in the flesh) who ends up being disingenuous. Conversely, learning that I have been duped by “reel” life characters/personas does not destroy my hope – not in the least bit – as they never earned my emotional investment to begin with. They are names and people on a screen (flat, in 2D) – playing pied piper roles -* precisely* to generate false hope in them, cultivating belief and trust in the notion that they will somehow take down the System on our behalf. I need to know someone very personally (again, in the flesh) to ever achieve that level of attachment that I would feel a proportionate level of disappointment, if I came to understand that person was deceptive.

              So, in a nutshell . .. As I move about and evolve in my truth seeking journey (placing the notion of false hope or genuine hope aside), I am willing to forego my egoic tendencies if rattled by discovering that a persona I was “following” is not who I thought he/she was. This comes with the territory. Yes, for many, it can be a painful process, and it can lead to a feeling of abandonment and isolation. Loneliness is a core archetypal feeling that is exploited in this game. The game designers know that when we feel lonely in real life we have a tendency to cling to characters in reel life. Certain web sites are designed to broadcast certain signals that keep people coming back day after day for more of the same (in fact, the story/narrative/revelatory information rarely changes). It can become like an addiction, and followers of these sites can tend to echo the same language and tone exhibited by the creators of these sites.

              About 10 years ago, I made a list of all of the individuals online whom I was following – ones who I had identified to be “messengers” of truth. It was fairly long – about three typed pages. Over the last 4 or 5 years, I have gone back to that list and crossed off names whom I subsequently determined to be controlled opposition, gatekeepers, limited hangout, or simply fraudulent. More recently, I checked back on my “list” – and would you believe, that list has dwindled so significantly – down to only a few names, if that? I won’t embarrass myself here by listing all of the original names (it is kind of funny when I look back), but I will be transparent (placing my ego in check here) in linking to a graphic that depicts a couple of these individuals: (namely, David Icke and Max Igan – and I have met Igan in real life too).

              Meanwhile, one of my closest friends in real life is very enamored with one of the individuals represented on the linked map – Katie Hopkins. My friend continually sends me clips of Hopkins, because it seems she is delivering so much truth. It took me only a few minutes to determine there may be some ruse with this very popularized woman; and sure enough, her professional background (including being overtly funded by the British Army Intelligence Corp) was highly revealing (also, her dad was an electrical engineer – which seems to be a common denominator). I suggest she is playing a character – a role on the screen for a much greater agenda.

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              1. I’ve never heard of Katie Hopkins. She could be Brad Pitt’s sister, strong resemblance. As to the Twitter image with all the lines, I will add a few more names: King’s Soopers, Ted’s Montana Grill, Jerry Seinfeld, Carrot Top, Beavis. As long as we have random names thrown like spaghetti on a wall, I am adding my own favorites. I only know a few of those names, but imagine this: Take all of the sand on every beach in California, and put it in a giant pile. Now, imagine one grain of sand, alone, by itself. You still don’t know how little I care about this stuff!

                Howdie Mickowski is an odd duck. Because I know him does not mean I “follow” him. You seem to think I am searching for hope. I am not. I know all the people around me, and am not deluded. There is no hope, there will be no uprising or enlightenment. Humanity, for all it is, is not a place to place hope. People are good, kind, caring, and incredibly stupid. I cannot change that. Want to know why I write? Why not? It doesn’t change anything, cannot change anything. People who come to this blog are searching for answers, sometimes. I don’t have any. I think Alex Jones, who surely has his own line on that graph, calls his program “Prison Planet.” I don’t know that, as I never go to his program. I do not follow him. But that phrase, Prison Planet, describes my outlook. This place is f***** crazy.

                Anyway, Mickowski made a point in a recent video that had never occurred to me, and that was surprising, a genuinely new thought, a rarity. It was about reincarnation. I like to say I believe in it because 1) If it is real, I get to experience a new life in a new body with a new mind, perhaps re-encountering people I know and love in this one, and 2) If not real, if it does not happen, I will not know it, as I will not exist anymore. Mickowski was wondering about mind-wiping, starting all over again knowing nothing. Why? What is the point? We learn from our mistakes. Why are we not allowed to learn from past lives?

                I’d never thought about that before. He’s right, it is an endless circle, complete and with total futility. His assertion is that when we die we are given opportunity to leave this place and move on to better existences, but that we are diverted by dark forces and turned back, damned to repeat another life on this planet that is run by insane maniacs and which cannot be fixed or improved.

                That resonates with me. There’s nothing I can do about anything around me. I observe, and how often have I thought how much better it would be to be a mindless follower, like everyone I know. There would be contentment. It is no accident that Christians are portrayed as sheep, animals that have no clue what is to follow. Is that a better existence than to be aware of what is going on, how it is being done, or who is doing it (the Twitter graph)? Yes! There is no empowerment, no escape, no awakening beyond our own private minds. That is at once debilitating and fulfilling. It is hopeless, but I am relieved of any obligation to “make a difference.” I get to just live and write and do stuff I enjoy.

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                1. MT,

                  To be clear, the notion of hope originated with you (two times):

                  Everyone is a spook? Then what hope is there?

                  The YouTube video destroys hope.

                  That is the only reason I leaned into it. Otherwise, I would never have implied that hope (or rather, the lack thereof) was a potential factor for you, or anyone else. That is not an issue that I naturally discuss, whereas you frequently reference the notion of “killing hope.” Alternatively, my framing is typically one of empowerment vs. disempowerment.

                  The reason I linked to that map was to highlight the central node of Robert Mercer – leading us straight back to the Heartland Institute. It is very easy for most to unpack and reveal the dirty deeds of “liberals” – but when it comes to doing the same with conservatives, the pushback in the truther/conspiracy realm community is intensely defensive. It is designed to be this way. (BTW, “Hugo Talks” is currently getting hammered in social media with mean-spirited pushback, because he is boldly calling out some sacred cows, which is the very same thing that I do here at POM.) The conservative crowd can be brutal in its retaliation, and has amassed the electrical engineers and subatomic scientists – who know a whole lot about programming, signaling, predicting, circuitry, polarization/dialectics, and broadcasting.

                  Lastly, in the context of hopelessness/doomsaying/hyperbole, my framing is contrary to yours (The virus is sterilizing and killing people, which to me looks like depopulation. An unreliable energy grid will eventually turn into despair, nowhere to turn, failed crops, and starvation). It is not (and never was) one of intentional sterilization/depopulation/death and planned starvation (clearly, quite a hopeless and alarmist scenario). Rather, my theoretical premise is that the earth and all of its inhabitants are being modified/altered (very significantly) – eventually resulting in a Human 2.0/ Humanity+ scenario, which is most likely something that has previously occurred (on this wide scale) many millennia ago (a discussion for another day). My stance is that this is occurring without our knowledge and consent. It is not a doomsday scenario. Instead, it reflects the notion that most humans and life on this planet survive this transition; but, ultimately, will exhibit vastly different characteristics. It represents eugenics (more specifically, radio-eugenics in a precisely controlled manner (sans mass death and mayhem), and in accord with its purest definition:

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                  1. I’ve picked up on this from you and Alison, but frankly do not understand it. I view climate change as it unfolds before my eyes as a means of containing the human population, saddling us with an energy grid that cannot sustain us. I see declining birth rates in the wake of the vaccine, its major impact.

                    In terms of altering the human species, AI, all of that, maybe it is cause for optimism, as what we have ain’t all that great.

                    I subscribe to the Mathis outlook on controlled opposition, which is all about and around us: Take what is good, leave the rest. With Heartland, much is good.


                    1. MT,

                      When it comes to (presumed) controlled opposition figures/organizations, I agree that there is much we can glean from the truth nuggets they offer.


                    2. MT,

                      For enhanced clarity (for both of us) in this regard . . . We may find some clues in this document by the World Future Council (based in Germany):


                      Click to access GRC_Policy_Brief_Renewables_in_COVID19.pdf

                      We can start with p. 3:

                      1. The Corona Crisis: An Opportunity to Fast-Track the Global Energy Transition

                      As homework, I will plan to dig into this document further in the next couple days – reading between the lines, of course . . .


                    3. Ah yes, Covid and Climate Crisis, both fake, working hand-in-hand to reduce population. At age 72 I don’t have a lot of skin in the game, but it is nice to understand what they are up to.


              2. They do reveal themselves in different ways and once I’m confirmed on a character, I go back only for entertainment purposes or to see what’s currently being promoted. I never trust them again, even if that means I end up missing some decent info. That’s the price I must pay I guess for eschewing any ‘known’ poisoned well. Maybe they are all poisoned. To take your obvious examples of Icke and Igan, and adding Alex Jones, how can it not be more obvious? I think they are there to keep folks lost in the weeds indefinitely.

                I turned on Igan yesterday, out of lack of material only (I like to listen to podcasts while I do physical work, and the more podcasts there are, it seems the harder it is to find good ones) and I think you will appreciate this Stephers, as an herbalist. He said that “chitosan” is like poison to humans. He was referring to the pushing of crickets and other insects as food. Maybe I’m wrong here, please do correct me as I am not an herbalist, but isn’t that actually an age-old folk remedy? I know in Russia “Podmore” is an herbal remedy of supposedly high-value, and that is thanks to its high chitosan content, as I’ve read. Just one more of many confirmations I’ve had about his lack of legitimacy.

                The problem with this process on my part is, then when I hear someone else I like, and even trust to some degree, who then openly supports someone who to me is clearly in my ‘poisoned well’ category, then I doubt that person, too. This just happened when Jon Rappaport openly supported and praised Alex Jones. Off he goes from my listening list immediately, even though I’ve been following and appreciating his work for many years. I often hear that ‘take the good, leave the rest’ but it doesn’t work for me. It’s an ethical issue. Someone who is willing to lie for a living is demonstrating a lack of moral compass. These folks age dangerous. And it’s why acting and politics used to be widely considered to be disreputable professions. Now we put them on pedestals. Craziness defined.

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                1. Kensho,

                  On Max Igan and chitin . . .





                  Regardless, moving forward, I do have concerns with respect to the applications of chitosan in bioengineering (as scaffolding and a constituent of composites containing graphene and other toxic nanoparticles). My sense is that as far as safety/toxicity is concerned – since chitosan will be increasingly utilized – I would lean more into its potential (less hazardous?) use in wound healing and tissue engineering, and away from drug delivery. Even so, I am not convinced that chitosan is toxic on its own, but, rather, the engineered nanoparticles being adjoined to it will be the source of toxicity. Perhaps chitosan is being set up as a “fall guy,” and that is where Max Igan comes into play (???).


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                  1. Thank you for this! I’m very intrigued and appreciate your effort so much. I hadn’t looked into it at all, but just in pondering had wondered if it was being farmed, or manufactured. Like farmed salmon is supposed to be very toxic, for example, not at all healthy like wild caught. And a lot of the cheese folks buy is made with manufactured chemical-based rennet, supposedly so it can be called ‘vegan’, and yet so many now have problems with cheese and they blame lactose and other issues when it could be the processing. I’ll be checking those links, you are a treasure! 🙂

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                    1. Kensho,

                      It seems you were more perceptive about this than I was. This manufactured chitosan (contrary to naturally occurring chitosan) seems to be a militarized project (see below as evidence). Accordingly, I suspect it has no place in our bodies, nor in our food. I will need to explore this further – as it does seem to connect directly to engineered nanotech and synthetic biology.




                      Mr. DeMarco, the founder of AgraTech, has been a leader in the New Jersey business community for over 40 years. He is experienced in corporate management and has an extensive background in marketing and sales. Mr. DeMarco’s background has been highlighted with many successful entrepreneurial business ventures such as publisher of the Clifton News Journal, a weekly publication (now Dateline News). Mr. DeMarco is a retired Colonel in the United States Army and former paratrooper having earned numerous service ribbons including the Meritorious Service Metal with Oak Leaf Cluster. Mr. DeMarco was also a candidate for The United States Congress. Mr. DeMarco has served as a Director of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and was a founding Director and Treasurer of the Allegro School for autistic children. He has also served as National Director and Chairman for Governmental Affairs for The United States Jaycees. He is a Rotarian and Paul Harris Fellow. Mr. DeMarco is a graduate of The United States Army Command and General Staff College as well as The Industrial College of the Armed Forces, and serves as a Field Admissions Representative at The United States Military Academy at West Point.

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            2. MT,

              With respect to Alison, real people with genuine objectives, and being better . . . I encourage you to check out our new collaborative site – presenting information in a way that can be very easily retained. You can watch an 8-minute introduction to our working group here: We are just getting started in curating resources and material . . . It is a great place to visit and explore for those with sound brains, who wish to avoid disinformation.

              Direct link to our forum: (FYI – I have not yet contributed much, given the tenuous situation with my cat over the past few weeks. Just yesterday, we were in the ER with her for 7 hours. Her condition was improving in the past week, but then boomeranged on her a couple days ago – resulting in a very high fever, a super swollen paw, excruciating pain, and systemic bacterial overgrowth (note, I did not say “infection”.)

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              1. MT and Stephers: One of the things I enjoy about this site is exchanges such as the one above. Mature discourse between adult thinkers is wonderful. Both make excellent points; yes, the shots program/energy policy promoted by known liars/felons/self-professed depopulationists is nefarious and deadly, and yes, humans are being reprogrammed on many levels to conform to a new soma-like happy slave reality that may not necessarily be murderous, but perhaps murderous-by-omission (sterility). Such radical changes have always been promoted by the owners. And we know how much of the “promotion” and “public demand” is also pure invention.

                I would provide evidence for both views as follows: Increased mortality, decreased natality/fertility (an on-going process) and marked decrease in emotional/mental/cognitive/physical health. Despite all the advances in science, blah blah blah, are ostensible adults smarter/faster/better/wiser than before in your lived reality? The endless promotion of the self, the lack of need to mature (eat cereal for breakfast forever, it’s cool), the curated empire of the individual is allowing the real empire to work us over as never before. The stupified hypnotic looks of most smartphone users/gamers should be proof enough, the still-masked scurrying about with bugged-out eyes are an even more dramatic example. These are programmed people, this was not an organic process.

                Indeed, the hope provided by the contra-doomsayers is easy to gobble up without question, a balm for a fevered mind; who wants slow desiccation of all life, sentient or otherwise? Who wants to see a generation grow up without children? But connections to powerful networks exist, and if those promoting your “opium” are from these leviathans, and heavily promoted, they are suspect…how many have truly repented? Actors, all the way down.

                My wife likes to say the ratio is “Two truths, one lie.”

                KENSHO: I caught the Rappaport defense of Jones and have not gone back. In fact, I liked Jon’s message during these wasteland years, but rarely read him, especially his dreadful fictional scenes, as he gave off a vibe. Vibe confirmed. 😉

                About that Hope thing: Seems about 25% or more have rejected the church of the needle, (maybe more if counting those who stopped before they were supposed to), despite an unprecedented nearly worldwide lockstep propaganda campaign across all media that dwarfs all others in history. Many have said those immortal words, “Never again.” That gives me some hope. Tiny percentages of kids getting the jab; maybe the uselessness/harm has finally overcome the “flight” response? Hopeful. But the real hope I get is the spiritual energy I know I can radiate and receive from other humans, other animals, nature and life itself. I know it exists because I have felt it since I was young, and have shared it countless times in countless places. Watch the dawn, watch the sunset and you will see.

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  6. Re the paper posted by Stephers above (which I have linked to again), it is fascinating to see the weasel-wording in this propaganda document. Here it is basically admitted that toxicity (in this case referring to air pollution) is the cause of disease, but for the sake of their narrative the fictional virus must be inserted as a first cause, creating the “pandemic”, which is then aided and abetted by the ever present toxicity, especially in industrial areas. A simple but brilliant sleight-of-hand trick.

    Click to access GRC_Policy_Brief_Renewables_in_COVID19.pdf

    “3.1 Less Air Pollution and Unburdening the Health Systems Billions of people have experienced reduced air pollution due to the lockdown in large parts of the world. In China, air pollution levels fell by 25%. Human beings in many cities where able to see the sky and the surrounding landscapes again. The energy sector is the major contributor to air pollution world-wide. Energy-related fossil-fuel combustion in high- and middle-income countries and biomass burning in low-income countries accounts for most of the global air pollution, generating 85% of airborne respirable particulate pollution and almost all sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions to the atmosphere (IEA 2016). Research even suggest that existing air pollution may be a key contributor to the Covid-19 death toll. In four countries 80% of deaths occurred in the most polluted regions across (Germany, Italy, Spain and France), suggesting that long-term exposure to air pollution may be one of the most important contributors to fatality caused by the Covid-19 virus (Ogen 2020). The combustion of fossil fuels and it’s increased pollution levels are causing damage to the immune system of our societies. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that ambient air pollution is responsible for about 4.2 million premature deaths annually at the global level. By changing our energy system, clear skies and less air 9pollution could become the new normal.”

    Weather manipulation to help create the climate change illusion, combined with the constant propaganda message of same, and then cozied up to our “renewable” energy future, is the solution. What’s more, commitment to renewable energy will mean more jobs worldwide!….seeing is believing, just read the document.

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