Debunking debunking

I was thinking this morning, rather angrily I might add, that this is my blog, and I can make rules and insist that commenters follow them. And the rule that right away came to mind was “no more links to debunking sites.”I will refine that a little bit here in a minute.

First, what is “debunking”? A few examples, the first rather hilarious. I still lived in Bozeman, and we were now and then discussing 9/11 on the blog, with miles to go before we slept. But I had mentioned Newton’s Second Law of motion, generally stated to be that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That in mind, when an aluminum jet aircraft slams into a steel and concrete building at (we are told) 500mph, it is no different than if the building is traveling that fast and slams into the jet aircraft. The aircraft are crushed. There are no Roadrunner holes in the building, and debris falls to the earth, tons of it.

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News flash!!! It often gets hot in August

Thanks again to Dave Klausler

Those of you who took time to read Dave’s story of life and death in the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness seemed, like me, very appreciative of his efforts. One commenter even went to far as to trace Dave’s movements in the story on a map as he read. In my mind as I read it was kind of a given that Helen would survive, and yet … it was suspenseful. When at last help arrives near the trailhead, there is a sense of relief that Helen will get to a good place for care, and that she will recover. By that time I was totally invested in the story. Dave creates a sense of comradery between him and the various rescue personnel, and finally, Helen. It is a nice ending.


If often gets hot in August

Friend in California: “We have a cabin in the Sierra’s and we spend time there every summer. Usually the temperature is in the 70s. We went up there last week, and it was 88! It’s never been that hot up there before, never!”

Cousin in Wilmington: “Delaware can be very hot in the summer. We try to get out, go up to Maine, where it is cooler. This year has just been brutal. We put in a new air conditioning and heating system this year, and that’s good because it is going to be very hot in the future.”

The news media acts in concert, and every outlet is controlled. When told to bark, they do so in unison. They have no honor, no dignity, and for the most part, no critical thinking ability. In television or visual media they are chosen for appearance and the ability to convey trustworthiness as they blindly read scripts, blissfully unaware of content. I would go so far as to say they are “stupid” in the sense that they are not smart enough to be able to be self-aware, and imagine they do good work. (That is called the “Dunning-Kruger effect“.)

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