Tales from the crypt

My purpose here is to rewrite three posts from the spring of 2018, condensing them into one post, the upshot from which will be that Eva Perón (Evita) did not die in 1952 at age 33, but rather faked her death, moved to the United States and raised a family. Among her (alleged) six children, one was Madonna Louise Ciccone, known to us as the singer Madonna.

However, initially I am going to introduce the players. Eva Peron, said to have died in 1952, lived her life long before most readers here, and unless there is some vague familiarity due to the Andrew Lloyd Weber Broadway musical Evita, or the 1995 movie by that same name, people simply will not understand that Eva Perón was a worldwide sensation, much like a more modern Princess Diana (fake death 1997).

Said to be a rags-to riches tale, Marie Eva Duarte de Perón (aka Evita) made her way out of poverty, and was noticed by a powerful politician in Argentina who would take her on as his mistress, and eventually marry her, making her the First Lady of that country. In that position, much like Lady Di, she immersed herself in populist causes, and became a working class hero. Her death from cervical cancer at age 33 shocked the world, and essentially canonized her as the patron saint of Argentina.

President of Argentina from 1946 to 1955, and then again in 1973 until his probable real death in 1976 at age 80 Juan Perón had a habit of choosing mates who were destined to die young, his first two wives of cervical cancer. His third wife, Isabel Perón, became the first female head of state in the Western world after Juan’s death. Juan reminds me in a way of Prince Charless, now King Charles III, unable to produce offspring. Perhaps his wives were meant for that purpose, and then failing, had to be replaced, each failing, as far as we know, until his death.

María Estela Martínez Cartas, Isabel Peron, said to be a dance hall singer/grade school dropout, whom Juan met in Panama, became Juan’s third wife, and president of Argentina for two years after Juan’s death in 1976. She was ‘exiled’ to Spain (one never knows for real the actions of oligarchs) in 1981, and currently resides there, age 91.

Madonna Louise Ciccone, known to us as the Madonna, features heavily in this tale. For the time being, understand that posing nude sensationalizes the career of an otherwise lightly talented pop singer.

Richard Juckes: I had more fun with this particular blog post than any other in my sixteen years of doing this. I have never met Richard, we’ve never spoken. When he saw what I was doing, exposing the fake death of Evita in 1952, he decided to spice up the piece, as you will see.

From the post dated March 20, 2018: Eva Peron – a fairy tale life

Don’t cry for me Argentina, the truth is I never left you …

We are in Buenos Aires and soon to return home. I don’t normally use the blog for travelogue purposes, but this seems appropriate. While here we visited the La Recoleta Cemetery, a place where wealthy people are entombed. It is perhaps a thousand crypts, all elaborate beyond the pale. One of them is for the Duarte family and is said to house the body of Eva Perón, or Evita. The words from the song above are oddly a statement of fact, truth hidden in plain sight. Eva Perón did not die in 1952.


As the story goes, Eva, a child of wealth, was given a background of abject poverty.  Her father, Juan Duarte, had two families, his official one, and Eva’s by Juana Ibargure. We are told that when he abandoned the Ibargure’s the only thing he left them was the legal right to use the name Duarte. The photo to the left is Eva at age 20.

In 1944 after an earthquake devastated San Juan, Argentina, killing some 10,000, Eva attended a gala event to benefit earthquake victims. There she met Juan Perón, and immediately took up with him, becoming his mistress. He was 48, she 24.

He was Labor Minister, but was considered the most powerful man in the government. In a startling move, the two married on October 18 (aces and eights) and in a formal church setting on December 9, 1945.

Juan ran for President in 1946 and won handily, Eva became his First Lady. It was in that capacity that she embarked on her Rainbow Tour, visiting heads of state in Europe without her husband.  She became a world celebrity.


Later, we learn, she suffered from cervical cancer. She was said to be emaciated and weak, hardly able to stand, weighing 79 pounds at death. A miracle worker of sorts, a man able to bring the dead to life, Dr. Pedro Ara, injected her corpse with glycerine, which gave it lifelike qualities. This officially explains the photo to the right.

Eva’s body was on display for two years in her former office while public-style crypt was being built in the manner of Vladimir Lenin. But Juan Peron was removed from power in 1955 and had to flee the country.  Peronism was outlawed in Argentina, and photos , even mention of the name, were forbidden. Eva’s body disappeared. It was rediscovered in 1971 in a tomb labeled María Maggi in Milan, Italy. Because it sat upright, the corpse had deformed, and face compressed and a foot deformed. Juan Perón had the body moved to his home in Spain where he and his wife Isabel kept it on a platform in their dining room. So we are told. Corpses in the eating area. Goodness. What is wrong with these people?

In 1973 Juan Perón returned to Argentina and became president, Isabel (more later on her – this tale is intricate) Vice President. He died in 1974 and Isabel became the first female head of state in the Western Hemisphere. After a mafia-like body kidnapping and swap, Eva was returned to Argentina, put on display briefly, and then laid to final rest at La Recoleta cemetery, where we encountered her two days ago.


As we stood near her crypt, a man devoutly approached it and kissed the door, as Eva Perón is regarded as a saint in Argentina. She represents hope for a better country, a better government, a better life.

Gee whiz, what a fairy tale! Her life became a major motion picture and Broadway play with music by Andrew Lloyd Weber.

“Also included are allegations that many wax copies had been made, that the corpse had been damaged with a hammer, and that one of the wax copies was the object of an officer’s sexual attentions.[61]” (Wikipedia)

Wax copies of her body? Necrophilia? Nah. If it is wax, it is not that, but Hmmm. What creepiness. My suspicion, the corpses of Eva Perón, all fake, were of wax, stored under glass, and have now been made into candles. The photo to the left contains one of those wax duplicates


From a post dated April 2, 2018: Eva Peron: The rest of the story

Evita lived on in the material world

On a trip to South America, we ended our stay with several days in Buenos Aires, where I learned finally that big cities can be boring. There is only so much walking around, hop-on-hop-off to be done before I was longing for the trip back to Colorado.

DSCN16935FBA7736-804C-4B63-B6E4-5C7CF15875A8My wife suggested we visit La Recoleta Cemetery while in Buenos Aires with two crypts in mind: That of Liliana Crociati de Szaszak, a young woman killed in an avalanche in Switzerland (left), and Eva Perón, or Evita (right).

I knew very little about Evita other than that movie from 1995 and the Weber/Rice Broadway musical with its associated ear worms. I did not care for most of the movie but enjoyed the opening number in which Madonna sang Buenos Aires, train providing the percussion. The rest was not memorable for me, and anyway, what the hell was Che Guevara doing in the stage play? He seemed to be an anachronism. [Footnote, added later: Che was an Argentine doctor whose death was faked in 1967. Could he be included in the Weber stage show because Evita foreshadowed him, faking her own death 15 years earlier?]

While in our hotel room, I read a piece about Eva Perón in Wikipedia, and quickly realized her death had been faked. That led to more research, and then a blog piece (recapped above) shortly before our return home. It drew some interest, but failed to answer the question that needs to be asked about all these fake deaths – what then? What became of her?

I speculated, along with Tyrone, that her Rainbow Tour, on which she visited General Franco in Spain, might have been done to scout a post-“death” home. Finding these people in real life after fake death is a challenge. What if they just disappear and go on to lead quiet lives? So with the Eva Perón post, I put it to rest. Then last week I received the following email from occasional commenter Richard Juckes:

Hi Mark,
So where did Eva Perón go? A major asset into retirement at 30? Here’s my guess, which I’ve uploaded to a hosting site so as not to sway your judgment:

That photo linked to a photo of a woman who very much resembled Eva Perón, seen below and right. I was in a sleep-deprived state and told him I would get to it the following day. But it bugged me, so I ran a comparison that very day using the following two photos.

In the photo on the right there is a much more pronounced downward point on the  nose that is not evident in the doctored image to the left. However, even as the photo is doctored, they did not move the eyes, nose, mouth or eyebrows, and the facial creases on either side of the nose and mouth appeared alike, pronounced on her left, less so on the right. I saw enough resemblance to think he might be on to something, so I squared the eyes at common distance and did a face split seen below.

“It’s her!” I thought. It’s Eva! The upper lips can vary like that, depending on the enthusiasm behind the smile, but the rest is a match. I excitedly emailed Richard back. Where did you find her? He answered …Madonna’s mother. He gave me this link showing her at various ages. I was floored! Richard had done a free association technique that cannot be taught. It is instinctual. He asked a question no one else had asked, and looked outside the box for the answer. He connected the dots, freestyle.

(For the balance of this post, Evita Peron will be referred to as “Madonna, or by her full name, Madonna Fortin Ciccone, and her daughter, Madonna Louise Ciccone, aka the singer Madonna, as “Little Nonni”, her nickname as a child.)

Quickly I realized that he had explained something that needed explaining, which is how the lightly talented and over-hyped singer Little Nonni got the part of Evita in that 1995 movie. It was a high budget undertaking. Why risk such a project on a B-level talent?

Why indeed? Little Nonni was portraying her mother! Little Nonni is Eva Perón‘s daughter.

Here again is Wiki, the source of all lies, on why Little Nonni was chosen for the part:

In December 1994, [Little Nonni] sent Parker a four-page letter explaining that she was the best person to portray Eva and would be fully committed to the role.[5] She also sent him a copy of her “Take a Bow” music video as a way of “auditioning”.[26] Rice believed that [Little Nonni] suited the title role since she could “act so beautifully through music”.[27] Lloyd Webber was wary about her singing. Since the film required the actors to sing their own parts, [Little Nonni] underwent vocal training with coach Joan Lader to increase her own confidence in singing the unusual songs, and project her voice in a much more cohesive manner.[27][28] Lader noted that the singer “had to use her voice in a way she’s never used it before. Evita is real musical theater — it’s operatic, in a sense. [Little Nonni] developed an upper register that she didn’t know she had.”[29][30]

In January 1996, [Little Nonni] traveled to Buenos Aires to research Eva’s life, and met with several people who had known her before her death.[30] During filming, she fell sick many times due to the intense emotional effort required,[31] and midway through production, she discovered she was pregnant. Her daughter Lourdes was born on October 14, 1996. Little Nonni published a diary of the film shoot in Vanity Fair.[32] She said of the experience, “This is the role I was born to play. I put everything of me into this because it was much more than a role in a movie. It was exhilarating and intimidating at the same time … And I am prouder of Evita than anything else I have done.”[33]

It is interesting that the then-famous singer had to undergo vocal training. But note that they are telling us that even though Little Nonni was not suitable for the part, did not possess a good enough singing voice, they gave her the part, and she worked really hard. More likely, she was given the part of her mother due to being her daughter. No matter how hard he works, an ordinary baseball player will not become Hank Aaron.

Little Nonni was the image in the movie, but her voice was surely assisted by means I can only imagine, the same type of software that augments and corrects so many others of low talent as they perform. [Autotune was not yet invented.] Note, however, that Little Nonni did not have to beg for the part. It was written for her. She won a Golden Globe for the performance, a testament to the phoniness of the award system too.

The plot thickens. Below is a photo of the Ciccone family from which Madonna Fortin Ciccone’s photo was cropped:

Ciccone Family Portrait

That is Tony and Madonna Ciccone (her maiden name is Fortin) surrounded by their brood, which I think to be in clockwise order Anthony, to Tony’s right, (born in 1957), Martin (57), Little Nonni (58), Christopher (60), and Melanie (62). It’s confusing because there should be three boys and two girls,  and the child sitting in Madonna’s lap appears to be the youngest, but it is not Melanie, who is officially the youngest.  I overlooked that discrepancy, always a mistake. Details matter, and that is a big one. Below is a Geni.com summary of the Ciccone family:

Family tree

Only two of their children are named, the rest “private.” There’s a reason for that, as we will discover.

Richard wondered about that photo. I thought it was genuine. But he was right. After a cautionary email from him saying me that the photo did not look right, I viewed it some more. I looked at Tony’s head, and from there, everything around it dissembled before my eyes. It is way too big, and what is with that smudged ear? If this is a true family portrait, I hope they got a refund.

Ciccone Family Portrait 5

There are so many things wrong. Tony  and the two children he is with have different lighting, his shadows suggesting lighting from above, the kids a softer professional illumination. He is much darker, and stares off at some distant point of reference, different from the rest. Madonna and the two children she is holding have different lighting too. The body of the young boy in the background seems to belong, but the head looks off, as if it has been superimposed. It appears they want his right arm to extend over to Tony’s right shoulder, a reach. The arrow points at his fingertips, too far away from his corpus. Madonna’s hair looks pasted. Kids are looking off in different directions. It’s a mess.

It’s a blend of several photos, a big paste-up job, professionally done. It explains why three of the children at Geni.com are “private.” They either don’t exist, or are of someone else’s family. That’s why we are only given birth years, and not birth dates.

Mother daughter

But I suggest that Little Nonni and Christopher are her kids, nonetheless, even as the above photo does not prove this. There is a strong resemblance between Little Nonni and Eva – I can see it in the nose, eyes and head shape and facial creases. Further, I doubt that Eva Perón was ever expected to be revealed as Madonna Fortin Ciccone, so that this photo, a professional paste-up, was meant to enhance Little Nonni’s bio, to assert that she had a normal family. They just didn’t have enough of the right kinds of photos to blend into one. These had to do. That is all I can make of that photo, a loose assembly not meant for close scrutiny.

The two children with Madonna then would be Christopher (born 11/22/1960), and Madonna Louise Ciccone (Little Nonni) (August 16, 1958). The other three children are “private,” and we don’t have birth dates, just birth years for them. Little Nonni, it appears,  has only one true sibling, her brother Christopher. (He is a research project all by himself, a fiery and antagonizing source of discomfort for Little Nonni. I am bypassing that rabbit hole.)

Thus far, we know (or assert) that Madonna once went by the name “Eva Perón.” Tyrone and I discussed in the comments of the first Eva Perón post what might have become of Eva after her fake death in 1952. I suggested her landing in Spain, which might have been the reason for her visit with General Franco on the Rainbow Tour. I tossed that idea aside when I learned that the Ciccone family lived in Bay City, Michigan, 3,953 miles away from Madrid. But since we now know the Ciccone family as presented to us is fiction, perhaps it is fair to speculate again.

Little Nonni is said to have graduated from Rochester Adams High School, a public school on the outskirts of Detroit. She received a scholarship to the University of Michigan School of Music, Theater & Dance, but dropped out of college in 1978 at age 20, and went to New York City to launch her career. That is the official bio. Here’s Richard once more:

“Do you remember another story, of how Lennon gave her $50 when she was busking in New York? The rags-to-riches theme, again and again, when in reality they’re all from one or other of the families. The challenge here is that the set of South American families might not be Anglo-Saxon, although I remember that Miles linked Che Guevara to the Lynches of Ireland.”

I do suspect that power in Latin and South America is of European descent.

Back to Little Nonni, she was not very talented, she was not going to excel in college. That she stumbled into worldwide fame is an anomaly, but readers of this blog know that fame is given, not earned to those of the bloodlines. So I wondered, does Little Nonni perhaps speak … Spanish?

Yes! From this source we learn that Little Nonni speaks three languages, English, French, and Spanish. That is unusual for an American with a public school education, most of whom barely manage English. We are told she learned French because that is what her children speak (she has six children, four adopted, two her own by two separate husbands). I am sensing something more here, a European education. There, multilingualism is not unusual. I am wondering if Little Nonni got her formal schooling in, perhaps. Spain?


(Sidestep for a moment before we move on: Above is a photo of Tony Ciccone, then and now. This is just a footnote, another rabbit hole I am bypassing. It’s very difficult to tell them apart due to the age difference, but it seems plausible they are the same man, the noses very similar. The only noteworthy difference is the Tony on the left parts his hair on the left. Most men don’t switch sides. Photo-flipping is not unusual, too.)

What do we know so far? Little Nonni is the daughter of Eva Perón, and has far better education than her public schooling would allow. She lacks talent but skyrocketed to fame. ($50 from John Lennon certainly helped!) Eva Perón faked her death in 1952. As Richard reminded me,

“I can see no reason to assume the 1963 death was genuine, or for that matter that a woman from the nobility would consent to five pregnancies.”

We are told that Madonna Fortin Ciccone died in 1963 at age 30 of breast cancer after giving birth to five children. We are told that Eva Perón died in 1952 of cervical cancer, also at age 30. There is really only eleven years difference in the timeline, and the woman in the family photo above could easily be 30 or 41, assuming Eva’s real birth date was 5/7/1922. I suspect that age 30 was chosen as the death of Madonna Fortin Ciccone for symbolic reasons, a sublime reminder of Eva’s death at the same age. Madonna died twice, both times at age 30. Both times fake.

Surely by now, Eva Perón/Madonna Fortin Ciccone has passed away, or she is 96 years old. What became of her after her second fake death in 1963? I need another email from an occasional commenter. I don’t have a clue.

Here is a timeline I constructed to see if the career of Eva Duarte Perón synced with that of Madonna Fortin Ciccone. Indeed it does. That is from Excel, and if you have trouble reading it, ignore it. Everything will be explained, as there is more to come. Just note that the yellow in the timeline of Madonna Fortin exactly coincides with the time that Eva Peron lived and then died in Argentina.


We know nothing about Madonna during that yellow time. It is perfect alignment. (I tossed in Isabel Perón on the bottom for a reason I will discuss later.)

Juan PeronAt this point I want to switch to Argentina and Juan Perón. He married three times. Here’s a comment from Tyrone McCloskey from the original Eva Perón post:

“Aurelia Tizon, Perón’s first wife, allegedly died of the exact same thing- cervical cancer. To me this indicates that both wives were spooks and retired, but for different reasons. Tizon reads like Perón’s tutor, translating English language military texts for him. They adopted, indicating a likely beard marriage. She was listed as 17 and a school teacher when they met but that doesn’t add up. She was likely from a pool of bi-lingual assets and they matched well for expanding Perón’s acting skills. Once finished with polishing his image, she “died”. Evita then enters, stage right, and takes on the role of arm candy/Madonna of the poor…of course-”

Juan was unlucky, it seems, marrying cancer victims who died at very young ages. As the word “beard” indicates, he was probably gay, which seems so common in the peerage. His marriage to Evita and her rise to near sainthood in Argentina was orchestrated, and probably done for distraction. During that era Argentina was busy collecting ex-Nazis, and misdirection is the best and most common form of lying. So Evita was used to distract Argentinians, and the whole world, from the massive transfer of former Nazi assets to that country.

Juan served as president of Argentina three times, two terms of office between 1946 and 1955, and again from 1973 to 1974, at which point he supposedly died in office. He was said to have been overthrown and forced into exile in 1955. From Richard, citing Wiki:

“The Bombing of Plaza de Mayo was a massacre which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 16 June 1955. On that day, 30 aircraft from the Argentine Navy and Air Force strafed and bombed Plaza de Mayo square in Buenos Aires, in what remains to this day the largest aerial bombing ever on the Argentine mainland.”

(There is the number 30 once more … perhaps it has symbolic significance in Argentina just as 33 does in our country.) Is it possible a few bombs were set off and the newspapers reported a massacre? That happens frequently these days, so why not then? Juan was a player, and surely no enemy of the bloodliners, otherwise he would not have held office. So his return to power in 1973 was but another ruse, and this time his arm candy was yet another floozy, this one pulled from a nightclub in Panama, María Estela Martínez Cartas de Perón, or Isabel.

Isabella PeronOn return to office, Juan brought Isabel with her, and made her Vice President. It seems that an acting/singing career is part of the necessary CV to rise to power in Argentina. But let’s not monkey around. She was brought to Argentina to be president, and Jaun’s death was most likely faked, but if real, who cares? I had a flight of fancy, and imagined the Madonna Fortin Ciccone had returned to Argentina again, which is why I included her on the timeline above. But no, this is a separate person, born in 1931.

But in comparing the two faces, I did see a strong resemblance, almost familial. Above the mouth they line up very well. Argentina has had a succession of female leaders. Could it be that they are drawn from the same well, a family of cousins, maybe even sisters, mothers and then daughters who are given high office to act as a front behind which real power is nested? That is, after all, what the presidency in the United States is, a mere front.

Here are some other notable female figures from the ranks of Argentine leadership:

CFKCristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner, president from 2007-2015. She was the second woman to serve as President of Argentina, the first to be directly elected, and was then re-elected. She was said to be a “Perónist,” which loosely translates to something ideologically left of center, though Juan Perón himself more resembled a Nazi. Her political aura is described as “Kirchnerism,” equally misleading, I am sure.

CarroElisa María Avelina “Lilita” Carrió, lawyer, professor and politician, and Argentine National Deputy for Buenos Aires. She was the founder of the Argentine political party Civic Coalition ARI. Though a little heavier in features, I am seeing similar eyes and eyebrows.

VidalEvaMaría Eugenia Vidal is currently the governor of the Buenos Aires province, the largest and most heavily populated area of that country. My, but I am seeing a resemblance here … are you catching it too? (Interesting last name.)

The ranks of the powerful in Argentina, just like in our country or any other, represent the most powerful families in that country, the Bloodliners. Here’s Richard, once more, this time after he has done some genealogical research:

“I’ve just clicked back on Madonna Fortin’s male line all the way to 1518, by that time in France. In Quebec from November 17, 1656 (78). I’m not sure that I trust Geni, but it does contrast to Juan Perón‘s, which only goes back 1803 Genoa. But there is an interesting wife there – Ann Hughes MacKenzie. Miles has her in his paper on Hitler’s genealogy.”

I am not surprised … I also noted in the previous post on Salvador Allende that his mother came from the Castro line of Spain, which might be the same one that yielded Fidel. In other words, we are looking at an incestuous interlocking web of leadership going back centuries, and acting as the real power behind fake leaders all over the world. The blood lines include all nationalities and races. With Eva Perón, I stumbled on just one, and look where it led.

Little Nonni is just a whelp, not a person of much interest. But her stardom typifies the ease with which bloodliners rise to fame. No doubt she trained in her youth to be a singer and dancer, but all the training in the world will not make an ordinary baseball player into Hank Aaron. There needs to be real talent there as well. I am not the first one to notice that our landscape is littered with politicians, singers, actors and executives who lack real talent. It is kind of boring out there.

Judging by facial resemblance, timeline, and the fact that Little Nonni was given the part of Evita in a major motion picture, I assert here that Madonna Fortin Ciccone and Eva Duartes Perón were one and the same person, and that her daughter is Little Nonni, aka Madonna Ciccone, the mediocre singer and failed actress.

Final note: below is a video done by Little Nonni in memory of her mother:

This video was released in 2010, when her mother would have been 88 years old. Of course, it is 90% about Little Nonni, the daughter. Could it be, however, that Madonna Fortin Ciccone/Eva Duarte Perón finally died for real that year? [Footnote added later: Madonna’s early work always reminded me of a weak singer, little resonance, certainly no vibrato, words I have learned later in life and did not know then. In this video, her voice is strong, though still no vibrato. I suspect the singing lessons she took for her part in Evita paid off to a degree.]

Anyway, now we know the rest of the story, that is, unless I get another email from a commenter.

We are not done yet. There is more to follow.

María Estela Martínez Cartas was born in La Rioja, Argentina, daughter of María Josefa Cartas Olguín and Carmelo Martínez.[6] She dropped out of school after the fifth grade.[7] In the early 1950s she became a nightclub dancer adopting the name Isabel, the saint’s name (the Spanish form of that of Saint Elizabeth of Portugal) that she had chosen as a confirmation name. (Source: Wikipedia)

From the post Eva Peron: Another Shoe Drops, April 18, 2018

This post was written to accomplish three objectives.

  1. I needed to satisfy myself that the actor known as “Eva Perón” was indeed one person, and not a composite. I went looking for twins and body doubles.
  2. I needed to understand who the second “mother” was in the Ciccone family photographs. It took a second set of eyes, those of Richard once more, to solve that mystery.
  3. I needed to put this project to bed and get on with my life. Here’s hoping.

As to the use of names like “Eva Perón, “Silvio Ciccone,” “Madonna Fortin,” and of course, the singer known as “Madonna,” we have no idea who they are or what their real names are. I use those labels for convenience, nothing more. All the world’s a stage.

This was a long post, and I used overlays rather than face chops, a practice I stopped once I realized that the overlays were not convincing to anyone but me. But do understand that I accomplished two of the three objectives.

First, the two-mother problem. In the 3-child photo we see one Madonna Fortin, and in the 5-child photo, another. Here they are for comparison.

It does not take a face chop to easily see two different women. The width of the face on the right is at odds with the left, who we know to be Eva. These are two different women, yet in the official “Ciccone” family photos, we are told they are the same woman. Fraud!

A few nights ago I was given a new photo, the 6-child one, for review.

6 child family

My own mother had a habit of closing her eyes right when a photo was taken, as Eva above, as I see it. Here again we see not just Silvio, but the exact same photo of Silvio as seen in the 3 and 5-child photos. See below. [Footnote added later: It appears that Madonna Fortin had two children, and perhaps raised four others from other parentage, some of them Isabel’s. Madonna, the singer, has two natural children, and has adopted four.]

Silvio comp

We now know that photo exists somewhere in color and decent resolution, as it has been used now in three instances to construct the fake family photos of the Ciccone’s. The one on the left is of such poor quality because it is a photo of a photo that rests on a table.

I am going to move forward with the new information here. If that is all I had to say, I would not bother with this post. Eva was not a set of twins, and Madonna Fortin Ciccone was Eva Perón. But this story gets weirder by the minute.

María Estela Martínez Cartas was a professional dancer in Panama when Juan Perón, president-in-exile of Argentina, met her. Though 35 years her senior,  he married her. When he was restored to power in 1973, he made her his Vice President. He died in 1974, and Maria Estela, better known as Isabel Perón, became president. She lasted in power for 21 months before being removed by military junta. That is what we are given on the public stage.

Those of you who have been with me from the beginning will know that this is Richard at work again. We were stumped by the 3-child mother seen in the photo below.

3 child family

This is a picture of a picture laying flat on a table. This is not the same woman as seen in the five and six-child photos. Based on one image, again, a large conclusion, but what coincidence! That has to factor in as well, the incredible odds of finding the matchup to follow in such a small cast of actors.

Here is the woman above, and the person we know too be Isabel Peron, for comparison.

And here is a face chop of the two.

This confirms my suspicion that Marie Eva Duarte de Perón (aka Evita) and María Estela Martínez Carta (Isabel Perón) are sisters or cousins, and between them had six children, one of Evita’s the pop singer Madonna. Each was recruited by Juan Perón, perhaps in a quest for offspring, as in royal circles, sterility is not unusual (as King Charles III exhibits. Diana was brought in to give him sons, the paternity of each in question, but neither resembling Charles. Once done, she faked her death and went on to live a more normal life somewhere). Eva and Isabel certainly provided fertile wombs, but it was all done offstage, and by different men, perhaps genuine husbands and fathers.

Who are the kids? There are perhaps six to eight of them total. Officially, six are said to be Madonna Fortin’s by Silvio, and two more by Silvio and Joan. But Isabel sits with three of them.

I can only guess – the kids are all cousins, brats, orphans, siblings of smaller families. They were never all in the same place at the same time, as the five and six-child “family” photographs are paste-ups. It’s a modern family of mixed parentage, and a noble family with false names and biographies and fake photos and parentage. Madonna, the singer, just like “Eva Perón,” is a real person with perhaps a fake name and background, probably descended from Argentine or Spanish royalty. And that is why she rose to fame. Sure, growing up wealthy, she had time for voice and dance and acting training. But none of it took. It was lineage alone that brought her to fame. That’s an old story.

Finally, we know that Silvio and Madonna Fortin’s photo have been pasted over the heads of other people. The question is – who are those other people? I don’t know. Maybe an interested commenter will fill me in.

Richard Juckes, I thank you for taking me on this journey. I hope you are still around, and still in the hunt.

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  1. Really appreciated this unravel, great work. I’m also am inspired to reveal the production/construct/lie reality of the matrix. How it keeps us trapped in it by believing the lies it produces/spews, as distractions that keep us from seeing the reality as it truly is.

    I know what it’s like to be compelled to produce these investigative reveals/mind control deprograms… what it takes to create them.. when you wrote ‘finally put this to bed’ – So get that.

    My current reveal/deprogram is through the Mysteries of the Natural world, specifically petrified organs and the event horizon/Creational/Planetary ‘seasons’.

    I hope to see more from you like this. Thanks and best.


      1. Hi Mark.. didn’t see your reply until now. (don’t get notifications will do something about that.) Thank you for your interest. My current research is in the reveal of the Mysteries of Creation, which takes me out of the matrix entirely, a much more pleasant bandwidth/way of navigating, vast potential. I’ve just put up a group page on GAB titled BREAKING THE SPELL: PETRIFIED ORGANS AND THE EVENT HORIZON https://gab.com/groups/68267/members


  2. “I can see no reason to assume the 1963 death was genuine, or for that matter that a woman from the nobility would consent to five pregnancies.”

    Fertility is paramount with royals. Fortin whelping several kids in, say, 20 years would raise her stakes considerably within the bloodlines. A prolific royal womb is relatively rare and even rarer is a potent prince, given the inbreeding. A fertile womb will have no choice but to have many cousins attempt an offspring, thus making commoner monogamous coupling impossible.
    Fortin/Evita may have had even more kids than they admit. Or, there were more pregnancies that simply didn’t come to fruition.
    Fortin was Evita’s age, given they are the same person, and was done breeding by age forty. I’m certain restrictions were imposed on these women given that defects were always a threat, especially with older wombs. Or, they breed until an imbecile drops and they take the womb out of circulation regardless of age. (This may be why the cancer signal was used- “This window is closed”)
    Impotence does one thing for an otherwise healthy prince: He is used for public roles. I will default that Juan Peron was installed because he had no other use- not as a breeder, and ‘gay’ doesn’t matter. With IVF tech available, the gay angle is irrelevant. A paper cup and a copy of Playgirl will keep the lines moving. But, if sterile, then take acting lessons, as Peron/Hitler/ IL Duce/King Chuckie etc. we’re compelled to do.

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    1. Please excuse me for asking such a daft question, but I am so curious your thoughts (anyone’s here really, who knows, or thinks they know!)

      What about all the other offspring—the one’s who don’t go on to be lifetime actors or official breeders? I know this is so off-topic, but don’t some of them go on to become say, great inventors, or breeders of the next sublime rose or orchid variety, or world-class vintages of cognac, or something really useful to civilization? They can’t ALL be parasites and live in exclusive social bubbles figuring out how to kill or control us all us plebes and rule the world, can they??

      Part of me likes to believe there are those who feel trapped in that life, ‘prisoners of infinity’ and slaves to status who would want to undermine that world and break those chains.


      1. The Rothschilds pay top dollar for experts to make wine and raise honey bees and racehorses with their brand stamped on. One of Princess Di’s cousins is the worlds foremost expert on bananas. I heard him on Fresh Air. There’s a member of the House of Lords who knows more about the films of Sergio Leone than any man living. So, yeah, they do stuff. Madonna blew the hinges off the gay closet door, if that’s a thing.


        1. Do you think some of them go on to undermine their own families?
          If you had to put a number on it, the ‘whistleblower’ types who write the books that freak us all out, the ‘legitimate-sounding’ ones, not the Manson-Waco-Uni-bomber stuff, but say like Jasun Horsley as one example, since I just used the title of one of his books, might as well give him credit. What percentage of those types would you guess are legit and telling the truth?


          1. The way they are raised it probably would never occur to them to leave the reservation. Even if they did, they’d have to have some control over the media otherwise they would be blacked out completely. And what would they gain if their value system does not include telling the polloi the truth? As I said, it’s the way they are raised.


  3. As a bonus side story to the main narrative, in those cervical and breast cancer deaths I happen to see the seeding of the great next to come “war on cancer” propaganda, with all its boosting of “preventive tests”, mammography, chemotherapy and other wonders of the modern medicine.
    Also notice that cervical cancer was for long associated, and still is, with the non existent (like all viruses) “papillomavirus”.
    Big subliminal advertisements for preventive testing, oncology and virology, all huge long lasting money makers.
    Or, how to kill three birds with one (fake) stone.


    1. Worth a blog post on its own, HPV (Human papillomavirus) is a cruel hoax, another vaccine scam with $$$ at its core and complete disregard for human suffering acting out in consequence. Another virus never proven to exist, tested randomly and sometimes said to exist in cervical cancer cases, most times not, and in all cases the test used fake, fake, fake. Young girls are scared and herded into the vaccination regime, the only good thing I can see about it being that the vax does not seem to do permanent damage.

      I could be wrong about that, of course.

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      1. They all do permanent damage, even if the physical damage heals, the spiritual damage remains. She goes on thinking vaccines are harmless and she should readily submit her bodily autonomy, and that of her children, to the Lords of Science.


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