The psychiatry of virology

I have a habit I’ve long practiced of, after reading a book and highlighting with 3M flags various passages, returning to those passages and transcribing them to Word files. My theory is that anything worthwhile in a book will catch my attention but not sink in, as too much information passes before my eyes while reading. On second visit, and reading the flagged passages aloud (using Dragon Naturally Speaking, a software program), I feel I have a better grasp and memory of it.

I started doing this years ago by hand, a tedious process that would leave me drained. Then a commenter in a private email mentioned the software. It is a godsend.

I read Political Ponerology by Andrew Lobaczewski, flagged many passages, and then set it aside as I went off for my various surgeries, now complete. I set about to transcribe those passages some time back, and then yesterday sat down to complete the process. I had it in mind that Lobaczewski could explain the nature of the forces that have taken control of our world now, both via the Climatistas and Covidians. I think he does that, but his writing can be dense-packed, and even on second reading and transcription, I am not sure I grasped it.

Nonetheless, I am offering the rather long passage below the fold as something that really caught my eye today. I am thinking that if you read it and then insert “virologist” for “psychiatrist” and “virology” for “psychiatry”, that we will have a good notion of how that profession ended up being so corrupt. This would also apply to “climatology,” but that field is comprised of so many different disciplines (none of which are grasped by Climatistas) that it is better just to stick to virology.

(And anyway, Lobaczewski’s talk about how psychopaths are not, usually, the brightest lights on the Christmas tree, reminded me of Al Gore, whose two weakest subjects at Harvard (where he was a legacy) were science and math. Nonetheless, we are told by Wikipedia, Gore became and avid reader who “fell in love with scientific and mathematical theories.” I have no idea what that means, but have the impression on reading that passage and about his educational years that people were covering for his sorry ass. This would fit in with Lobaczewski’s thesis below,)

I warn you, Lobaczewski does not write for casual readers. Nonetheless, enjoy his writing below. (His first paragraph refers to his time in Poland when it was under domination by the Soviet Union. Thus references to meetings and’ the party.’)

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Blue and Yellow make Green

‘Green’ billionaires behind professional activist network that led suppression of ‘Planet of the Humans’ documentary

Green New Deal

Wall Street Democrats (“Blue”) and “Environmental NGOs” who act green in name only (“Yellow”) have been conspiring to kick-start the 4th Industrial Revolution for decades now. Nothing has changed. Global mega-banks continue to trade “green stocks” just like any other stock, bond, commodity or synthetic instrument.

A pic is worth 1,000 words.

Any organization with a large annual budget — let’s use $1 million as a rough figure — is in on the scam. Most, if not all, of these fake environmental corporations, fake hunting advocacy groups, fake “conservation” organizations, are extensions of the Democratic Party. They all collaborate with the destroyers of planet earth. They all have made their “deal with the Devil.”

Climate is the umbrella under which most of the new propaganda is generated. Fear is the emotional touch-tone used to dupe the goyim into another frenzy, another round of consumer purchases that will end up in the landfill just like the last newer, better models that are now outdated and cast aside for the latest in technology and “science.”

Anyway, not much of this is new to most of our savvy readers. The article linked above is comprehensive in that it links the faces and major players in the latest global roundup and con — going green. Bigger the mass number of duped souls, the bigger the ecological catastrophe when the wrapper comes off and things go to shit, yet once again. Nothing changes but the sales pitch.

ps. Stephers (thank you) sent me this:

Cory Morningstar, IMO, is the most informed journalist/writer on this (faux-green) subject. Her reflections on the article I posted are more important to understanding all the twists and turns in the “Green” stampede than all of Blumenthal’s. His focus on Moore’s movie LIMITS (limited hangout) our view.

Protection from illusory viruses

I can prove or disprove nothing here – just passing along an odd event. Last July a friend sent me (and others) a link to this article by Sol Luckman called More Truth Pills to Cure the Germ Theory Blind Spot at the website Snooze 2 Awaken. It is a remarkable article and a good resource to have on hand. I was most impressed by this Facebook post repeated therein from Dr. Andy Kaufman:

Notice to all who are trying to debunk my assertion that viruses have not been proven to cause disease:

The burden of proof that viruses cause disease is on those who propose that theory. There is no burden of proof for me to defend my criticism of that theory. This is known as Hitchen’s Razor, which states, “What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.”

Thus, if you would like to debunk me then provide the proof that viruses, especially the current one, have been purified and isolated from only sick individuals and when inserted in a healthy host cause the same disease. (Please don’t send the papers I have already shown not to provide this proof in my presentation on Koch’s Postulates, found at:

I was unaware of Hitcher’s Razor, but I loved that guy and miss his intelligence and acerbic wit. MM claimed at some point that he was probably, like Chomsky, a gatekeeper, but still, you can’t let gems of wisdom like that go unnoticed.

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Hunter Biden Deepfake Somehow Worse Than Kamala Harris Deepfake

Left: Hunter Biden, Right: Not Hunter Biden

This is not going to be a full post. Or at least it doesn’t need to be. That is how bad the fakery involved here is.

Previously, I postulated that the scary Kamala Harris lookalike with the black eyes from MSNBC last month was most likely a Deepfake. Well, it turns out the Democratic Party is not finished using Deepfakes…

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