Agent before, honest man now

It was 2008 or so, not sure when. I could look it up, as I signed a contract, a “NDA”, or nondisclosure agreement. A large Lincoln Continental pulled in our driveway in Bozeman, and I sat inside with a man named Dell. I had been blogging for a few years, nothing really interesting, party politics and the like, and a very small following.

Dell said that blogging was seen as a tool for his people, a way to influence people. He thought my writing was crisp, but could serve a better purpose. Partisan politics was good, he thought, a nice way to keep people divided without affecting any outcomes, but blogging could serve a larger purpose.

Dell wanted bigger divisions, more fiery topics, more divisiveness. He saw blogging as a way to capture small but smarter audiences. There was, developing due to the Internet, a passionate and highly informed segment of society that could see through the hoaxes that drove the masses. His agency, which he never named, wanted to bring this societal segment into line, let it roam freely and have its say, but keep it contained.

“What would be my job”, I asked? The pay was modest, but I needed money.

“You are to take the real events of our time, and write about them, but lie. Distort. Get creative, make them into giant hoaxes”.

“Like what?”

“Well take just one. The Moon landings. It all happened, just like they said. Six landings, twelve people walked about up there. Say it wasn’t so. Say it was all a hoax, a lie.”


“This is how we govern. We do not care what people think. We only want them to be divided and arguing amongst themselves.”

He actually used the word “amongst”.

It sounded like fun. I like that kind of writing. Dell said that if I worked for his agency, I could keep my name, but would need a new birth date. I would henceforth have been born on April 20. He said that date sends a as message to insiders. They use numerical signals, one of which is 11. April 20 is the 110th day of the year. See the embedded 11? Me and Adolf Hitler would share that birthday. (My real, non-spooky birthday, by the way, is March 3rd.)

I started writing not about Moon landings, but 911. I was looking for an edge, a way to broach the topic. Jet aircraft really did plow into the Twin Towers, and thousands of people really did die. I woke up one morning with Isaac Newton on the brain, and wrote that what we saw on TV, holes in the side of the Towers, could not be. Aluminum aircraft, when flying into steel and concrete buildings, cannot penetrate them leaving clean holes.

Of course they can! All they need do is fly really, really fast! But I wrote that Newton said no, not so, that iron and steel prevail, and that what we saw on TV could not be.

It was my first foray into professional lying, and the agency was impressed. I woke up one morning with a new idea. I said that Mohamed Atta, one of the pilots that day, had a sinister face meant to scare people, but that he was not real! His photo was just a composite, that no such man ever existed.

Oh, Atta was real. He indeed piloted a jet aircraft into a tower, killing thousands of people. He did us all a favor by committing suicide. The agency was impressed. They had anticipated that I would invoke Newton, but the “composite” Atta was a twist they had not expected. It caught their collective eyes.

Next, indeed, I took on the Moon landings. Back from 1969 to 1972, the United States of America landed six spacecraft on the Moon, and twelve men walked its surface. They had assembled the brightest engineers and scientists of the time, and it was indeed an amazing accomplishment. I was to knock it down.

“Cannot be!” I wrote. Too many obstacles. Under-powered rockets, not enough fuel. Van Allen belts, solar flares, Playtex space suits, cosmic radiation, temperature extremes, fake photos. Why no stars in the sky? Why the same horizons? The Earth is too small in those (fake) photos! The sun is just a flood lamp!

It took, and a following developed that exists to this day. Dell contacted me, and said I was doing good work, but that I needed to be careful not to be too convincing. Remember, he said, that they do not want a lopsided debate. The object, as always, is to keep people divided. But it never does well when one side wins a debate. Division is the key.

I was off! I began writing about off-the-wall topics. I claimed that the then-FOX newsman, Bill O’Reilly, was really a man named Bobby Fuller, who had faked his death years before. Agency people chuckled at the creativity, as O’Reilly always was just O’Reilly. But I used photo sleuthing to make the two look alike.

“What’s up with that?” they asked. “It gets better,” I said. Next I said that Janis Joplin had not died, and was also working in the news business. But wait, I said. “She’s twins! There are two of them! She’s ‘Amy Goodman’!”

Howls and shrieks of joy ensued. I was on a tear. Liking the idea of twins, I also claimed that Anderson Cooper’s brother, Carter Vanderbilt Cooper, had faked his death, and that the two of them, like the Joplin twins, were working news. Anderson was kind of bright, Carter kind of dumb, and they stepped in and out of each other’s shoes.

It was pure creative writing, and I was having a blast. Anderson did not take it well, and I felt some guilt for ridiculing his brother’s very real death. “I still miss my bro,” he is said to have said after reading the piece.

Next, liking the idea of twins, I claimed that Paul McCartney was really a set of twins, naming them Paul and Mike. The other twin, the one we do not see anymore, was a short guy, a crooner, not a rock star. He sang Yesterday on the Ed Sullivan show, I claimed.

“But which one wrote Yesterday?,” I was asked. “Neither!” was my answer. The agency was impressed. Macca, of course, is one man and one man only, an amazing man. He is, as Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night Live fame claims, a “fucking Mozart”. Twins, my ass, but man could I create and write. Not like Macca, of course.

Howls of laughter ensued, my pay increased, and I was encouraged to do more of the same. On a tear, not really thinking things through, I next claimed that the famous JFK autopsy photos were fake, and that they had taken his face and superimposed it over someone else’s body.

That did not set well, as JFK is a god of sorts in the agency. His tragic death on 11/22/63 was not to be toyed with, and I was severely reprimanded. “Keep it light,” I told. “Go after less important people. Leave JFK alone. Also JFK Jr.” They were not to be touched.

That stung. Up until that time, I was having good clean fun. So I went after lesser lights. We took a trip to Argentina, and in Buenos Aires I saw the crypt said to hold the body of Eva Peron, who died in 1953. Bored in a big city, I woke up one morning thinking that perhaps (ha ha) she did not die, but lived on, and went to Michigan in the US, and raised a family. One of her daughters turned out to be Madonna, the pop sensation! I juked it around.

I giggled all the way through. I said that the only reason Madonna got the part of Eva Peron in the 1996 movie Evita was because she was playing her mother! Other better actresses and singers were available, but they gave the part to her lesser talents for that reason.

The agency was in tears of laughter, but some within were offended, as they thought I had gone too far in minimizing Madonna’s talents. I was taken aback, and wondered that even in this powerful propaganda outlet there were some who thought Madonna was real and talented. Tread carefully, I thought.

John Denver was a talented singer/and maybe also probably not a songwriter. He died (for real) on October 12, 1997, near Pacifica, California, crashing in the ocean in a Long EZ experimental aircraft. I put a lot of time into a 13,000 word piece claiming that the death was a hoax, that Denver lived on, moving to New Zealand to be with his adopted daughter. The agency loved it.

Bigger events awaited. I wrote that the Jonestown Kool-Aid massacre was a hoax. I also wrote that Tienanmen Square, where the Chinese massacred 10,000 protesters, never happened. I was unhinged. Nothing was real. I claimed that Jane Fonda was a government agent, and that she never went to Hanoi! Then I went back in time and claimed that John Brown, whose body lies a’mouldering in the grave, was an agent provovateur used to start the Civil War, and who was not hanged.

The agency loved it all. I continued to get pay raises, but on the horizon was an event so large that even I could not bear to lie about it. Covid was real, the virus was a real thing, and the PCR test was a technical miracle. Millions of people died. I was told to write that it was all fake.

Well, it was my job.

I swallowed hard, and claimed that Sars-Cov-2, the virus behind the pandemic, had never been isolated. I wrote that the PCR test merely churned out random results, none real. I wrote that the “Covid-19” deaths were hyped, merely regular deaths caused by influenza and pneumonia and other normal stuff, the regular causes. I said that CDC lied about excess deaths.

It was hard writing. I ached with each word, as millions were indeed dying. When the miracle vaccine arrived, I was told that it too was to be ridiculed as fake, or worse yet, intended for some other unstated purpose.

I got vaccinated myself, and urged all my family members to do the same. I took the initial vax, and three boosters too. While I urged that others avoid it, I took care of myself. I was a giant hypocrite.

All things pass, and my days as a counter-cultural rebel were numbered. I had crossed a line. With Covid, my conscience finally stepped in and said “Enough!” I can ridicule celebrities and events, minimizing their importance. But when it came to a worldwide pandemic that killed millions, I had to resign.

What about my non-disclosure agreement? Does it have teeth? Will the agency sue me, take back all of the lucrative pay I have enjoyed? Will I go to jail? Will I have to fake my death? Will they kill me for real? I have bargained with the devil.

We will see. Today, April 1, 2023, is my last blog post. I am done. I will never write again, I will never again taint factual history. I will leave reality alone. We did walk on the Moon, John Denver is dead, and Covid was the God’s honest truth.

Mea Culpa.

13 thoughts on “Agent before, honest man now

    1. Mark, you’re much more transparent as an agent/shill (History was all faked!) than this, whether this “background” story of yours is fake or not. Clearly this is all about demoralization and no “Normal” Boomer man would spend his time writing about all this stuff without some kind of payrate.


  1. Wow Mark! That took guts.
    Happy belated birthday, since we all missed 3.3.

    I would recommend New Zealand as a hideout; hook up with John Denver, and enjoy a south of the equator mountain high. (When you lay the globe out flat, like it really is, it’s not all that far away!) Plus, you will be a lot closer to Petra, whom I assume is taking over POM. Please keep in touch, as you’ll be a day ahead of most of the readership here. You’ll have a days head start on the latest scary Covid variants, as well as info pertaining to new, life-saving boosters!

    I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m really hoping that POM, as of today, is changing its mission to that of debunking Climate Change deniers!!

    March came in like a lamb, but went out a-lyin’.
    No fooling’.


  2. Mark, I have been following your blog since April 2018, and I know that you mentioned the 9/11 hoax by citing CluesForum. However, I do not recall any of your own additional research on the subject. I went back through your old articles five years ago, but I don’t remember reading anything about 9/11. Did I miss something ?


  3. You did not miss a thing. I decided long ago that 911 was too big for a single researcher to take on, so I followed CF. If I took undue credit in this post, remember, it was dated 4/1.


  4. I just hope your recent dig at The Eiger Sanction does not represent your actual views – I thought it was a terrific movie! Entertaining anyway, which is not nothing. But to each their own :’)

    Here’s an interesting comment hoisted from NC – they’ve been having lively discussion about trans promotion from time to time – in general they find it delusional, harmful, distracting, and not to their taste – and VT Farm Woman (or something like that) weighed in about the medical profiteering angle:

    “Without being so specific that I accidentally identify the person in question, I have a very close relative, PhD in biochemistry and microbiology, who worked for decades as head of a research lab for one of the country’s biggest pharma companies. The stories this individual – widely respected for his honesty and integrity – told about what went on at pharma companies even in the 1970’s and 1980’s (before the Prescription Drug User Fee Act), have put me off taking any drug unless it is absolutely, unavoidably necessary. It’s entirely, completely, about the money, and if you doubt that one of the prime movers behind this recent explosion of confused gender identities that must be addressed with drugs and surgery is the pharma industrial complex, well, you’re awfully naive.

    On a number of occasions in his career this person refused to sign off on one or another piece of research, because he knew the work behind it to be faulty or insufficient, so the company would move him to another department in order to get the desired approval. He was never fired for such insubordination, probably because he was a stellar scientist and his work made and/or saved this company millions of $. No exaggeration.

    Sadly, this individual passed away in 2020; were he still alive, he’d have immediately suspected pharma companies of having a (large) hand in the current push for medicalizing all conditions, including gender confusion.”
    . . . .
    I wish she’d been more specific about the stories she heard, but it’s still interesting.

    On this topic of meds, I finally have a hypothesis about the nonstop pharma commercials with their lists of side effects, that everyone wonders at and laughs about. It is this: maybe the ulterior motive is to create a “cultural wallpaper” of illness and disease. TVs are everywhere now, and always blathering a long list of horrible maladies – supposedly for legal reasons lol. But the net effect is that many people can’t go a whole day, or less, without being implanted with “nocebo” programming in all the death and destruction the human body is prey to. It’s just a downer, man. And that, may be the whole point.


    1. TimR; thanks for the NC update. I’ve been afeared to go there for, oh, um, three years or so.
      You are on to something with the nocebo angle. Take millions of isolated/alienated folks and remind them constantly what might be wrong with them. Show these lost people that $cience cares, when no one else does…except for the medical profession, of course, they are highly compensated to do so. Ze/zem cares/care! (apologies for any new grammar mistakes)

      How ’bout them “paxcovid” ads, eh? Equal time for side effects seems fair.

      and also thanks for the shout-out to Eiger Sanction; it was the movie that was on TV during my first kiss, so it will always be ranked for me.

      MT: so the “retired accountant” backstory was just a ruse, eh?


      1. Thanks for expanding on my point. I’ve just been trying for a long time to wrap my head around those long lists of side effects, and how that can benefit these evil (or just mediocre of character) PR geniuses.

        There’s also the theory, I heard once, that awful drug side effects at least convey the “potency” of the thing.. people think “damn, I need me some of that, if it’s such mighty strong snake oil as all that..”


  5. Listening to the No Agenda show, they were saying because of the internet April Fool’s jokes don’t work anymore.
    I am reading this on 4/3.
    You had me for a few paragraphs – overall, good piece of writing as usual!


  6. You failed to mention your connection to MM in Taos back in 2013 or so. but good piece overall. Not that I am the most qualified of critics of course… for what it’s worth.


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