Inlaws and Outlaws

Mark asked me if I had seen ‘The Outlaw Josie Wales’ and what I thought of it had I seen it. To get a running start, l need to talk about Vaxageddon.

The Good

I take care of my nonagenarian, bedridden, spoon fed mother who lives in an assisted living* facility. She is also attended to by the living saints who work there; bathing her, changing her, and feeding her. I don’t know how they do it, but these women who would not be given a second thought on the bus, the street, at the mall, the laundromat, are clearly higher life forms.

But wherever Good is found, Evil is sure to be lurking. Sometime ago, Sept. ‘21(?) California Governor Gruesome decreed that no one shall pass through the entrance of any assisted living facility without proof of vaccination. The alternative was proof of a negative test every 24 hours (this was the house rule- more stringent than Gov. Ghoul’s 72 hour cycle)

Obviously, getting tested every day was untenable, so with no more moves available, I submitted to the Pfizer double-tap. Result: Nothing. No symptoms, no growths, no third ear or second nose mutations- nada.

My mother, now 95 and on oxygen, suffering from asthma, arthritis, urinary tract issues and a weak heart, decided she too would face the music even though it wasn’t required. She got the 2 taps- Results: Nothing. No symptoms, no instant death. Zilch.

I suspected as much. No virus, no vaccine. Just sugar water or some such. 99% of the aged residents there got the same, none of them died, at least from the sugar water. Aggregated Geriatric Entropy, aka, AGE, takes residents here every few weeks/months, but that’s life with the extremely old.

(I know what you’re thinking: Whither VAERS? In my learned opinion, that is just another weapon in the fear wars- Another manufactured split, another bunch of numbers impossible to vaerify. Why Miles buys into it is beyond me, but power of persuasion is an understudied phenomenon that we so-called truthers would be well advised to give serious study to. Having suffered from a panic disorder twenty plus years ago, I know first hand what phantom ailments can do to a mind. Not pretty.)

Spending my days with Mom, I have exposed myself to a lot of cable TV and movies I had no intention of ever seeing. I’ve been delighted to find that recent commercial cinema is rolling a lot of dice to try and find some semblance of a core audience in the wake of the world coming to an end.

There seems to be two discernible trends developing: Genre mixing, and what I call ‘ellipsism’.

‘The Batman’ was the first time I thought of this term. An ellipses in linguistics terms is basically leaving out unnecessary words. In elliptical cinema, as I see it, scenes appear to begin before they have actually started on screen and end before any expected resolution, the implication being the audience can fill in the blanks as the film unspools, no one allowed to sit and ponder what they just saw and threatening the suspension of disbelief.

Two films I knew nothing about until recently are extremes of the former: ‘Colossal’ 2015 and ‘Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon’ 2021. And then there came along the indescribable ‘Everything, Everywhere, All At Once’, 2022, which combines everything a movie could possibly fit into it (swapping western tropes for asian cinema tropes, tho’) and being sanctified by multiple Oscars, thus assuring that single file narrative, and the coherence it brings, is terminal.

The Bad

That’s a long way around the barn to get to Mark’s question. I have only seen snippets when channel surfing over the years. Yesterday I watched a couple of clips online (The river barge scene was clever) and went to Wackytedium to get the plot. It read like the revenge porn of the John Wick blood-squib baths I’ve allowed my eyes to wallow in over the last few months.

(Cable channels, I now know, play movies like old radio playlists- heavy rotation with only a few exceptions, probably to test the demographics if the AI detects a quiver of change. That and cross promotion-ie, a new series on Showtime based on the film ‘Let the Right One In’ 2008, put that film, and its underrated American remake, on the playlist.)

Clint Eastwood is well represented on cable. One: Cable demos probably skew heavily to seniors and his style of film is far from elliptical. They are easy to follow. Old people don’t like challenges. Two: He’s O.L.D. himself, so here at Mom’s his core demographic owns the place.

Basic cable, the channels that show movies with commercials, confirm this by the commercials themselves. A lot of drugs, and insurance scams that will pay for the drugs.

The Ugly

My father was a failure as a father, and as a youth I longed for a father figure to believe in. At the movies, that was John Wayne. On TV, it was Jack Webb. None of this “do as I say, not as I do”, hypocrisy my moral elders justified their bad behavior with.

As the youngest, I didn’t know how to joke or work scams because as the smallest mammal, I needed to appeal to the letter of the law for protection. That’s what pulled me to Sgt. Friday when he read some miscreant the riot act, or when The Duke put a bullet in some irredeemable scumbag who wasn’t playing by the rules.

Clint Eastwood/ Clint Eastwood’s endlessly repeated screen persona, doesn’t do that. He was the lone wolf who played by his own rules. That’s not what I wanted in gunslinging heroes. You could bag the anti-hero revisionism. I’ll take The Man Who Shot Lee Marvin or George C. Scott as Patton, warts and all, any day over brooding, razor challenged beady eyed mumblers like The Man With No Name.

Now, I must admit, I’m a lone nut myself, but that’s from acclimation, not what my oldest fantasies are still fueled by: The absence of a real DAD!

My mother’s second husband was worse on several fronts, but his younger brother, Uncle Gene, was the bee’s knees. He was a juvenile parol officer and knew how to negotiate with kids of all stripes. He was the closest to what I was seeking, but the marriage failed and we never saw any of that family again. I was 15 at the time.

At this point, I can’t watch old movies with any real interest, unless I’m too tired to reach for the remote and I let myself get dragged by the tide. These fossils have become too slow to my damaged eyes. The modern audience has been prepped for years into following along without being spoon fed, and now I need that rapid fire pace to keep me in stasis and watching.

But, a long time ago, I gave up on Hollywood giving me any insight into the real world. We now know that the people who make them, and especially the actors, are all inbred tools and I can’t often get away from that. I have to compartmentalize my reactions, playing along to see where this fractured plot thing is going next, and suppressing my contempt for the wack jobs trying to sell me this fertilizer. It’s the same with sports. Spin me a good yarn and maybe I’ll take my mind off real world misery for awhile. Sports has scriptwriting, too, but the narratives abide by its rules. Clint, without rules I recognize, doesn’t do that for me.


*Assisted Living is not a Nursing Home. If you need to get someone to a care facility, get them into assisted living. They assist the elderly who can come and go as they please, visitors the same, for the most part. Nursing homes are similar to hospitals and there are restrictions and visiting hours. We found out the hard way during the clampdown. I was not able to direct traffic and get Mom home from the hospital after a scare and she spent three weeks in near isolation in a nursing home. No more. She’ll pass at her apartment here, or at the hospital if it gets beyond serious. No dying alone, out of contact.

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  1. Thank you for these reflections Ty. Just a couple of my own:

    The worst Clint Eastwood movie ever, IMO, was called The Eiger Sanction. It did not play well, and Eastwood blamed the studio for that, saying they did not promote it well enough. Eastwood played a college professor and art collector and mountain climber who easily dismissed women who naturally wanted him, including Sacheen Littlefeather, who when he failed to follow her closely enough on a run, disrobed to entice him. When a fellow climber dies on the Eiger, it is Eastwood who demands that the body be carried down, the others wanting to leave it. What a guy. That was the message I got. What a guy.

    My own mother died at age 95 in a nursing home. She was a longtime sufferer of Alzheimer’s. We moved to Colorado when my two older brothers were there to visit her, and then they died, and my only contact with her was occasional visits to Montana, and telephone chats with nursing home personnel, caring people like you say. Tremendous guilt to dole out with that situation. Typical conversation with her: “Hi, Mom. I am your youngest son, Mark. Your favorite.” She would laugh.

    I am reading a well-reviewed book (Malcolm Gladwell and Steven Pinker liked it) called The Nurture Assumption: Why Children Turn Out the Way They Do by Judith Rich Harris. She overturns every assumption we have about child rearing, including the need for role models. We Americans overlove our kids, but kids for the most part are formed by genes and the environment, which at a certain age turns over to outside influences, mostly friends and schooling. In other words, you are who you are due to matters beyond your control, and not having a father figure (I also lacked one) matters little in the long run. Just her opinion, but she is well-placed to have it, and she is a smart and sassy writer too.


    1. Mark, to your three paragraphs, I respond.


      I am still able to set aside what I think is truth and view Clint’s (acting) movies and enjoy them. I mentioned quoting Josey Wales; Kelly’s Heroes has some ridiculously funny qutables too.


      A benefit of having truly shit parents is that I disowned them and their ways long ago… I watch now as my siblings deal with that whole mental deterioration scene. As I said in my writing: “Good fucking riddance.”


      I believe that I have read at least parts of “The Nurture Assumption” (Blank Slate by Pinker as well). Tough to accept that I have such little bearing on my own children. I think both of mine would reflect postively on me – but did that effect who and what they are? Scary to think that they may have been formed by their peers. Also relating to my parents – my father: I most certainly DO have lasting effects from him. The clarity remains on what NOT to do.


      1. She is not so harsh as to say parents have no influence. Obviously they do and she says as much. She merely think that it is an overstated relationship, and that so many other things factor in. Our grandson sat in the car with us and his Mom and confessed that the most important thing in his life is his Dad’s approval. If he thinks he is (silently) not getting it, he turns to glue. That’s profound, in my view. But most homes are not like that. [Age 16.]


  2. I am a bit disheartened to read this post Mark.

    If a person chose to keep their child in public school and subjected them to compulsory masking (the legal definition of child abuse on several fronts) it is on par with leaving your mother or father in Assisted Living (the legal definition of elder abuse on several fronts). But that was a personal choice and everyone had to make hard decisions about what level of abuse and state violence we are all capable of performing at request of our masters — right?

    And despite your “sugar water” dismissal, that is not what irks me most about this post. It is the lack of understanding about the “continuum of care” that you have made evident regarding what I have come to call “the senior housing industrial complex”. Your mom is 95 so that is also quite awesome and suggests you have longevity in your genetic history, so my rebuttal to this post is more for you and your readers benefit than a callous attempt to tell you what you did wrong. Hopefully, it will inspire you and others to make decisions that move us away from sending our seniors down the river (sans basket of reeds). I worked in the long-term care industry for over 10 years before I was “politely” asked never to set foot in an LTC building again (because, unlike so many other weak sucks – I have a spine and integrity and will not abuse my loved ones because a state told me too).

    First of all, the term “nursing home” is a slang term. We don’t use that in the industry. There are three types of “senior care communities” (community is the PC way to talk about how we hide our old people). There are Independent Living Communities (IL), Assisted Living Communities (AL) and Alzheimers/Dementia Care Communities (Alz/DC). (There are also facilities that are known as CCRC’s since they offerce all three levels of care for a senior on the same campus and won’t have to be relocated or moved to another facility, but we will set CCRC’s aside for this dialogue, buy in for a typical CCRC usually starts around $350-500k).

    What you might be thinking of as a ‘nursing home’ is actually called a “Skilled Nursing Facility or a ‘SNF’ for short. SNF’s are like little hospitals and the average stay is 20-35 days. (Sometimes really poor people and really sick people end up spending a long time in a SNF because SNF’s are bound by different Medicaid rules than AL or IL, but that is an exception, not the rule.) Costs are huge and SNF’s are usually where someone goes for rehab after they are discharged from a hospital. Think of the hospital as a Humvee, the SNF is like a Suburban or a Tahoe. If MPG and fuel efficiency were an analogy to health care dollars spent, the hospital is the most expensive, followed by SNF, Alz. Care, Assisted Living and Independent Living.
    Independent Living is basically a glorified 55+ senior community whereby the Administrator decides on the “intake assessment” that the care needs do not exceed the individuals ability to take care of themselves. However, at the AL level of care, the care needs of the resident are determined upon entrance, as well as on an ongoing basis while they live there. This is like “loco parentis” for your parent instead of your child and the facility is the guardian instead of the school – and when you or one of your siblings signed that paperwork, you gave up a certain amount of power to the State, unless you work to take back that power, you essentially sent your mom to live in a state run prison. I’m sorry to put it like that, but it is the truth. After the mandates and EO’s, this is glaringly obvious to any discerning mind, but shaking off that dissonance can be a tricky move.

    Assisted Living typically includes “3 hots and a cot” along with med-aides and regular visits from CNA’s and other care professionals. Some AL’s have PT’s and OT’s and do Tai-Chi, Yoga, and all kinds of other activities. A RN is required to oversee the facility. So, in a sense, all AL facilities are “nursing homes light” – not a full blown Skilled Nursing Facility, but not independent living either.

    When I first entered the LTC industry in 2010, I quickly learned that ‘nursing home’ is a term that the baby boomers associate with the forerunner to the moderrn LTC system. When your mom’s mom was getting old, the “nursing homes” of the 1950’s were often horrid places that grossly lacked the standards we have today. (Something similar could be said for the entire profession of psychiatric care but I digress). The term ‘nursing home’ is only used by those outside the industry. Another way to think of this is like the Student Housing Industrial Complex. It is a requirement on almost every State run college campus that the incoming freshman spend ONE year in a residence hall. Like “nursing homes” we don’t call residence halls “DORMS” because, well, as parents we all remember what happens at Dorms don’t we? The term dorm conjures up keg stands and wild orgies doesn’t it? So too does the term ‘nursing home’ work on your preprogramming to conjure up drab halls with beige carpet and the smell of urine permeating everywhere.

    Except, that is what an AL facility is. After visiting hours are over, what do you think goes on around there? I’m not saying that there aren’t some really, really good old folks communities out there. I’m just saying that it is a business like anything else and the people that work in businesses (employees) don’t really care about the people they are responsible for any more than a public school teacher cares for a student as he forces the child to pull his mask up or the way a prison guard might gently nudge an inmate with his baton to get back in line).

    Well, the folks in the State Violence department have overcome those old stereotypes and now we have “truthers” telling us what they think an assisted living facility is and parents sending their kids to “residence halls” so they can get a “higher education.”
    When we send our old folks off to AL facilities, most people do not first to think: “What is the census?” let alone ask about staffing ratios, employee history (many low-level aides have criminal records), ask about the parent company or any other potential red flags that may come up. Understanding how Medicare and Medicaid and how the “individual Spend Down” is perceived when placing a senior is also largely not understood.

    My last point, and I’ll make it brief, is that the care aides, the ones who are changing your moms diapers and doing the dirties of jobs at the AL’s, IL’s and Alz/DC communities — they make very low pay, hence staffing shortages have been rampant for years. The lowest level of worker in these facilities was very clearly not going to take the mandated juice as they are heavily comprised of immigrants and as many immigrants bring with them skepticism of state power and violence, they know best not to trust the needle (be is magic juice or something more sinister). You can verify this in your own research but CA, OR and WA were all very lenient (behind the scenes ofc) in how the mandate was directed at the care workers versus that of the actual nurses and administrative staff.

    Another blog (WrenchInTheGears) features an article that a colleague wrote suggests the whole thing was a ruse for the “test/trace/track” matrix as the 2020 pandy could be viewed as a giant data grab to enable 4th IR and sensor enabled technology.

    The Giraf is a personal care aide that has been used in Germany for over a decade but the FDA has been slow walking the release of robot nurses in the U.S. until the crisis of care reaches a fever pitch. For now, Americans accept this into neonatal care. For now, the LTC industry and the REIT’s that run them are able to exploit the cheap and abundant human labor for not just ‘taking care of the elderly’ but also to mine an incredible amount of biometric and personal health data.

    Anyone working in the LTC industry after the purge and installment of the medical apartheid is compromised.

    Typically, I enjoy reading your posts but this one irked me. I’m happy to engage with you and your readers on this subject further if you see a benefit. I have lots of other feedback and resources for those interested in LTC as now I am now longer using my knowledge to generate income I am happy to pass it along to those who need or want it.


      1. Yes, I see that at the beginning line it was noted Mark is not the author. My comment is more visceral and a gut reaction to what was written and is not directed at any specific person.

        Just because I did not personally take the juice or have to rationalize why I masked up, I am no better than those who did. I personally believe that I too am guilty of committing much ‘state violence’ — that is, that we all concede we are tools of a greater design, and finding ways to live outside of that is why we come to blogs — for the free exchange of information and a mutual ‘awakening process’ through debate and dialogue in hopes we can reduce the ways in which our physical and cognitive liberties are exploited by those that rule over us.

        Come, let us leave the ad hominem approach to our arguments exclusively with the lunar landing discussion.

        Re: appearing on your podcast — I’d be interested in that. I hadn’t familiarized myself with yours site but a precursory look suggests it is quite impressive and we will have at least a few worthy topics of discussion. Do you have an email as a means for me to reach out with my contact info and we can move the conversation off this blog?


        1. The piece was written by Tyrone, but he is having computer difficulties and asked me to publish it. I neglected to flip the author switch to him.

          My mother lived out her days in an Alzheimer’s facility. She survived over ten years with it. Initially we put both her and Dad in an assisted living facility with just a few residents and full time cooking, cleaning and care. Called Willowbrook, the two nurses who want it pledged to us that it was also an end of life facility. Dad died while there, and Mom was alone, and Willowbroook broke their promise and made her leave – as I recall, they shut down the operation. We began a search for an alternative AL, my brothers and I, and found that none would take her due to the Alzheimer’s. She ended up in an Alz/Dem facility.

          I do not like being judged in this manner, as I lived in Colorado, my brother who was a priest was very busy, and my other brothers worked full time just to get by. We didn’t like doing what we did, but if you say the choice was for one of us to exit our life to attend to the 24/7 needs of my mother, then your judgement is ill conceived, and needs to be revisited when your time comes.

          Tyrone, as far as I can tell, attends daily to his mobile Mom, who is in AL.

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          1. it is not a matter of judgement against any individual, as i can understand how many people must feel that they “had no other choice” and the feeling from that decision leaves them with guilt and resentment that can manifest as trauma and effect your own (not you ‘you’, but us, me, all of us) physiological profile leading to our own stress, anxiety increasing and negatively effecting our own health, which can then manifest as disease, furthering the cycle. It is more a collective judgement on all of “you” who believe this is the way forward. Using the long term care industry is NOT a solution to our systemic problems. I no longer consent to the legitimacy of the long term care industry. But I also understand how so many are forced into it.

            Like so many other things we discuss as truthers, we must recognize the simple fact that the ‘senior care industry’ was invented out of whole cloth… it is a uniquely American creation that got going in the early 1970’s (shortly after the 1969 escapades) and it has been refined into an industry that American capitalists see fit for export to other cultures and economies (such as China and Japan) that typically would have laughed at the suggestion of NOT quitting our jobs in Colorado and moving to attend to our moms 24/7 needs. This again, is a distinctly American character trait that I believe was programmed into our psyches as legitimate. The Long Term care Industry was “rebranded” as the creation of the trade association that allowed the industry to slowly move away from the ‘dirty nursing homes’ reputation. Nursing homes were the standard around the same time women were ok with the “twilight Sleep hospitals.” Peoples subservience to the medical system in the 1950’s and 1960’s was next level, and psychiatric facilities were still running full bore. in the 1970’s major healthcare reform took place on several fronts with the passage of the LPS act, thus the need for massive prescriptions for SSRI’s, with around 15% of the us population taking a “reversible lobotomy” in pill form.

            Your brother, however, I will directly pass judgement on as he as put himself before us as more virtuous, by his own uniform, as man of the cloth, whom you say is a priest, and should have been prepared for his most important role in God’s Eyes as the bible gives us many lessons on how to care for our parents and what to expect as we age. Thus, between the two of you, you are not unlike so many others of this time as the LTC Industry continues to expand (and even expanded during a ‘global pandemic) as the various REIT’s and and ever diminishing number of private operators average 25-30% net margins in one of the greatest back door wealth transfers of all time.


            I’m not claiming to have the answers on how to deal with our aging relatives, especially those afflicted with Alzheimer’s or various dementias, as the care required for many of those individuals eclipses the abilities of any one child (or even multiple children) , especially when the adult children are still forced to work in the same system that their parents contributed to, and the care needs of those afflicted with Alz/Dementia are often literally, 24/7. This is another example of the intentionality of this form of state violence and government wealth transfer — the system is designed to keep us so tired and poor that we cannot even attend to the most basic needs such as raising and educating our own children and taking care of our aging relatives. The lobby for Medicare/Medicaid dollars to provide resources for people to retrofit their homes and have individual care aides attend to their parents is simply not there. Even getting a medical care aid for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week is a HUGE hurdle (usually not approved) by Medicare/Medicaid.

            The At-Home Care Industry Lobby (often at odds with the more powerful LTC lobby) has been pressuring lawmakers for decades to increase funding and spending allowances for both medical and non-medical care reimbursement so that aging relatives can stay in their homes (or move into the home of an adult child) as long as possible. But lobbying is a powerful force isn’t it? Thus, the LTC PAC’s are almost always some of the biggest donors to politicians (along with nurses PACs and hospital PACs) so the real pressure to change the way people can spend THEIR OWN MEDICARE DOLLARS is forever handicapped by satanic sock puppets in washington DC.

            I don’t have the answers. But I do have some ideas on these subjects. Ideas and experience. I also have a keyboard and outside of the debate on what is and is not moral or fair treatment of the elderly, we also have another topic that I hope to raise awareness about, specifically regarding PRIONS, and Prion Diseases. As it slowly becomes common knowledge that alzheimer’s and most other dementias such as CJD, Huntington’s Disease, and Frontal temporal Dementia (FTD) are actually PRION diseases, what do you think the sum total of society’s reaction is going to be? This is the topic that we should be discussing in greater detail.

            Has anyone done a Prion blog post on POM?

            Doesn’t anyone wonder why alzheimer’s and dementias are the 5th leading cause of death (and rising) for those over 65 and 7th leading cause for ALL adults?

            FTD, as I’m sure you’ve seen in the headlines a lot lately, has recently afflicted our dear hero Bruce Willis at the young age of 61.

            If FTD is a prion disease, and you can’t kill prions (because they are not alive), what are they really programming us with about FTD? Haven’t you also noticed all the other hype about the recently approved Alz drugs? Another thing they don’t tell you is how hard it is to actually get diagnosed with Alz or even a dementia, since it is a legal classification and allows the senior higher levels of care. And why do hospitals have strict incineration and contimination protocols for the known prion diseases but send people with alzheimers back home to live with family and caregivers? Yippie Ky Yay MF… we are all gonna Die Hard!

            Where is that “bougie Redneck Gal” when you need here to ride in here and give us an artful, but thoroughly drenching education on Prions and the coming zombie apocalypse?


    1. There was, as far as I can see, a spike in deaths in April 2020 caused by hospitals putting every old person with the sniffles on ventilation, effectively killing them.

      But no, despite the CDC lying through their teeth, according to a UN source that kept records independently of CDC, there were no excess deaths in the period 3/20 to 12/22. In fact, shortly before the supposed pandemic, WHO changed the definition of a pandemic to eliminate the excess death factor. Confidential, I suppose.


      1. US mortality data is transmitted to the federal database by the states. So the people responsible in each state would have to either be falsifying death certificates, or ignoring the fact that the federal numbers for their state are falsified.

        Each submission of a false death cert or VAERS report would be a criminal act–which would put these among the most massive organized criminal enterprises in history. But I haven’t seen any evidence of that–unless UN numbers are considered evidence.


        1. You’re right, the pandemic was one of the most massive organized criminal enterprises in history. There is no transparency, and the CDC has it well within its power to falsify data, and does so. The link below is to a piece I wrote regarding Macrotrends, a market research analysis group working within the UN, and CDC, whose data did not match with Macrotrends. The key to understanding is that Macrotrends deliberately ignored all CDC data regarding Covid deaths, which told me that they knew it to be false, but also knew to STFU.


          1. I checked out the Macrotrends site and the only data available is deaths per 1000 and % change. The disclaimer says “NOTE: All death rate data after 2019 are United Nations projections and therefore DO NOT include any impacts from COVID-19. ”

            It’s vague, but they seem to be saying they ignored so-called “COVID19 deaths” in their calculations. Hard to say without the full data set–but in any case, “UN projections” aren’t actual US mortality data anyway.

            Of course the “COVID19” cause of death is a fraud, but if they ignored a lot of US deaths in their calculations that explains why they show no excess deaths, and doesn’t mean the deaths didn’t occur.

            The death data in the CDC WONDER database is available by state and county. So it would be possible for an investigator to compare it to local records, obituaries, etc. An inconsistency would be big news re fakery, but I’m not aware anyone has evidence like that.


            1. No one has looked into it, and there is no news media to report “big news.” Complete control of news was a major factor in their ability to pull off the hoax. It was a remarkable display of centralized power.

              Take the task upon yourself, as it is the only way it will be done. Don’t rely on anyone else.


              1. I’m not claiming the CDC WONDER and VAERS databases are filled with fabricated data, so I don’t have a reason to take on that task. Just pointing out the evidence is there re deaths, if someone wants to make a case for it.


                1. I think its amusing how the CDC doesn’t list ‘medical malpractice’ as a leading cause of death on their website at all, but several mainstream news sources call it out as anywhere between the 3rd to 5th leading cause.

                  In other words, these numbers are designed to have us tripping over ourselves.


              2. Depends on who controls the evidence. There are many layers to this hoax, and I do not expect that you will know of them. I express no disrespect, just miles between us in what we have come to realize.


  3. My mother asked to be put in assisted living because she knew I could not handle giving her the numerous meds she’s been kept alive by, nor cleaning her every day, nor give her what physical therapy she could handle. I’m not apologizing because of the remarks of a disgruntled individual asked to hit the road. She needed the “industry” as WS so humanely labels it. Where she lives now is as upscale as there is. There’s also an Alzheimer’s wing- Memory Care is the euphemism applied. There is no neglect here. She’s been frugal and hard working all her life and has the insurance, now when she needs it, to keep herself relatively comfortable and alive. Those [low paid immigrants, aka, individual human beings] are incredible to be able to help old ladies and gentlemen, almost all white, who complain bitterly because of their reduced physical abilities and cognitive decay. I often apologize to members of the staff for my mother’s increasingly candid remarks and they each say in some form of English and their native tongue that they are used to it. Sure, the turn over rate is high, but there are many attendants who have been here for years because this is what they are good at, and who doesn’t find solace in being good at something this important?
    BTW, the staff of attendants for personal needs of the residents are all female. So are the Med Techs and the resident nurses. I don’t know how many men can do this effectively for any length of time. And I’m not going ten rounds with anyone advocating that biology should be susceptible to legislation. Men and women are just different.

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    1. Ah, says Jordan Peterson, there is a reason why the caring professions are overwhelming staffed by women.

      I am pissed that WS laid into my brother sight unseen, and that while not judging me, judged me good and hard. I’ll let it rest for now. The guy has layers upon layers of attitude.

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      1. WS seems to have knowledge about Long term care. I would not be mad, as I’m sure WS understands people have to make decisions based on what they know at the time, and most times those type of decisions need to be made quickly. I was around the LTC scene and know that there are staffing issues, lots of drama and false implications that employees have to deal with, management mainly puts an emphasis on their annual bonuses. Most of the residents of these facilities at least in my area were vaccinated and fully boosted. All of them, except a few that passed for usual reasons, are still alive. The “died suddenly” or “died unexpectedly” seems to be a controlled media meme. All sides of the timeline(covid outbreak, toilet paper shortage, lockdown, mask mandates, covid deaths, vaccines, vaccine deaths) are revealed as pre written scripts. And all the major mainstream media events since 2020 seem to be scripted with the China balloon story, and banking fiasco being the most recent. The Senate voted on Wednesday this week, to terminate the COVID-19 pandemic national emergency order. IMO…It really was a one off, there won’t be another pandemic emergency with a lockdown. The PTB have turned the page to the next chapter in their playbook, and most that post here can probably forsee what it may be.

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  4. The vaxx not affecting your mother is to be expected. Her immune system is defunct, her body has little or no reaction to the vaxx. It is, however, killing people with functioning immune systems and if not killing them destroying their fertility. The coof + vaxx is a bioweapon, a binary agent and it’s intended not to kill people outright but to destroy fertility. The vaxx or coof, either together or separately, killing a significant number of people would render the weapon ineffective. The excess death showing from the coof + vaxx combination is inconvenient for the globalist parasites but thanks to their control of the media and government they’re on top of it and it’s only of interest to conspiracy theorists. The real prize they will garner is the population crash due to destroyed fertility. Old people are neither here nor there, if anything they’re useful to the globalist parasites as stick to beat the taxpayer with. There’s plenty of money to made in care of the elderly and a lot of it comes from the taxpayer.

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    1. It’s also thanks to blood thinners that all old people take these days. Many however die, 3 or 4 shots are lethal anyway.
      This “vaccine” causes blood clots that lead to a sudden death, especially amongst young people.
      We’ll witness the real effects of all this by 2025.
      In the meantime people are dying suddenly like flies in my country.
      Their choice, their fate.


  5. @Tyrone

    Ok, so you and your mother had 2 shots of Pfizer each (in my country old people in nursing homes or whatever you call them had 3-4, many died after a while, of course it was Covid officially) and you’re both doing ok, which I’m really happy about, and that to you means that you were injected sugar water?
    Basically you think this “vaccine” is manufactured to kill instantly otherwise it’s just some water with a pinch of salt?
    Oh well.

    In Europe there’s been 30% more deaths between 2021 and now, of which many are sudden deaths, including children, all vaccinated by their parents’ admission. In my area a few people died suddenly in the last months, they were all pretty young and with no relevant or deadly health issues. All vaccinated with 2/3 shots. Of all families who requested an autopsy, most were denied one and the few who got the autopsy done on the deceased, couldn’t get the doctor do the tests you’re supposed to do in case of blood clots.
    Why is that in your opinion?
    You see, Miles “bought” into this thing because he knows exactly what’s going on, but we’ll talk about all this again within a coupla years.


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