Tipping one’s hand

Home Run Derby was a television show that aired for one season back in 1960, ending abruptly when the announcer died of a heart attack. The show pitted two major league sluggers against each other for a chance to win 2 g’s. Two grand in that era was perhaps 5 to 10 percent of a ballplayer’s salary so the best and the biggest participated. Mickey, Willie, Hank etc. In that arrangement, the pitcher, a retread former hash slinger from the minors, tossed eat me lobs at these hall of famers and in all of the couple dozen or more contests that aired into the summer, no one really went crazy, as Aaron Judge did in this year’s derby at the all star game in wherever the hell it was held. In an hour plus, Judge hit something like fifty homers to win by a wide margin. In 1960, Jackie Jensen, a real piece of work that guy, managed a show best total of only 14 taters in his contest. Continue reading “Tipping one’s hand”

Frisco gets another turn on the hoax wheel-

On Wednesday afternoon, 12:20pm, October 18th, 2017, a San Francisco police officer on bicycle patrol was hit by a suspect driving a stolen vehicle. I believe the assailant was under investigation for illegal firearms possession. (No private guns allowed in SF after the Milk/Moscone hoax) He was later apprehended at 3:30pm (of course).

Facebook and Twitter spread the word as this happened and a friend of mine found herself and her entire neighborhood under a “shelter in place” order from the SFPD. To my knowledge, this is the first time that order has been issued in Frisco. That got my antennae up. Continue reading “Frisco gets another turn on the hoax wheel-“


I know I’m walking right into the trap they have set, but what the hell…

I spent the weekend trying to make sense of the public immolation of the persona of Harvey Weinstein. I looked at it from several economic angles and nothing made sense. Film, streaming, gaming, they are all chugging along at record profits. What’s Harvey Weinstein to all of that? His crap wins awards. Prestige is a thing in Hollywood and he delivers. He’s a valuable asset to the propaganda machine. Continue reading “Auto-da-fé”

Controlling the Aftermath

(In an effort to provide more manageable comment space for this very Clues Forum style debate over what happened in Vegas, I offer a few thoughts on some of the topics raised.. and yes, ‘Troll’ is right there in the headline…)

I walk in and out of a hospital almost every workday. During a crisis, beyond the private security in the building, local police help with crowd control. My hospital is part of a state university so the campus has its own full time police department. When needed in the building, officers are stationed in the public pathways, not in the ICU or convalescent areas. To secure a portion of a hospital for phantom vicsims beyond public scrutiny would not be difficult. The police are certainly not going to ask inconvenient questions when so deployed. Continue reading “Controlling the Aftermath”

Harry Dean is trying to tell me something

Harry Dean Stanton, venerable character actor, slipped the guards and went on his merry way yesterday. My old man knew him long before he established a name for himself, and allegedly HDS would watch us toddlers from time to time. I have no recollection of those early years but Harry would always bring his guitar, sez the old man, and serenade anyone within earshot. Continue reading “Harry Dean is trying to tell me something”

Who would do such a thing?

In the comments for Maarten’s recent post regarding the flying Yugo, the conversation turned towards the inevitable question of who would participate in such a ruse?

My immediate guess is military personnel. No big headline, that, but it should be stated once again to ward off the suspicion that actual criminals may be involved. The people used in hoaxes have to be reliable, and the notion of a criminal being reliable long term doesn’t really add up, in my opinion. Continue reading “Who would do such a thing?”

Old Show Biz: TV Mikels


(While Mark takes a breather, I offer, for amusement purposes only, this reminiscence of a day spent with my old man while he was still working the Hollywood beat, circa 1979. It concerns our encounter with the late Ted V Mikels, grind-house cineaste. I had hoped to post this on Father’s Day but life as I know it is not mine to control. I’ll cop to 90+% of this being “factual”. The rest is poor recall.)


Ext: wide aerial shot of downtown Los Angeles.

Cut to Grauman’s Chinese Theater exterior: Tourists and super heroes milling about, looking at the hand and footprints in the cement.

Voice over: This is the city. Los Angeles, California- Home to some of the most famous and creative talents anywhere in the world. On any given day, new hopefuls arrive from the four corners of the country, hoping to catch the eye of a producer and land a contract on their way to stardom.

Ext: Main bus terminal: A strawberry blonde girl, sixteen if a day, buoyantly hops off the Greyhound bus and is immediately followed by a swarthy looking man with a pencil thin mustache and tortoise shell glasses. Continue reading “Old Show Biz: TV Mikels”