The Bradley Manning saga

Mannings 3

Above are three photos of Bradley Manning. I was suspicious at one time that they were pulling a body switch on us, but there is not enough evidence to make that assertion. However, I was very suspicious that his arrest, torture, and of course sex change operation, were not real. Now, after doing research for this piece, I am not certain that they were fake, although he was, I believe, merely used as a tool.

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Trivial by association

False leaders need to be believable, and so usually say things that are true – in fact, it does not matter if 90% of their words hit on the truth, as the 10% that is withheld is usually critical. Jane Fonda was often spot-on in her fake opposition to the Vietnam War.

If the real purpose of a false leader is to lead people down a dead-end street, the truth will serve as well as lies in getting us there. Thus do false leaders often speak the truth in service of lies and liars.

To repeat: False leaders are usually easy to spot. They 1) do not suffer consequences for their actions, and 2) receive wide mainstream publicity.

As a negative example, take Bradley Manning (now Chelsea, we are told, but who really knows? That whole transgender routine seems ginned up in order to discredit the man*). He was imprisoned, deprived of the basics of life, tortured, tried, found guilty and is still in prison. (So we are told, but have no way of knowing. Habeas corpus is a dead letter.)  He serves as an example to others. The government does not tolerate true whistle blowers.

So Bradley Manning paid a price, and did not profit in any way for his actions, in fact, has suffered immensely.

Bradley Manning: The real deal.
JennyThat is all just to lay groundwork for the next false leader I want to expose, Jenny McCarthy.

Our overlords are clever and wise, and do not reason with us. Rather, they undermine us in every way possible. The pharmaceutical industry is among the most corrupt institutions that has ever existed in human history, completely at odds with its own stated purpose. It needs to make people sick and keep them that way to ensure sale of their monopolized and overpriced products. They have invented diseases, all of which share a common characteristic: They cannot be cured. They can only be managed. And management requires daily ingestion of a pill. As I view the landscape,  PhRMA will not let loose a pill for less than $10 per unit.

In addition to the psychotropic drug phenomenon we are witnessing, where between ten and twenty percent of the the population is on antidepressants and millions of normal bright kids are taking a drug to treat a disorder that does not even exist – ADD …

… it is never enough for PhRMA. They are also attacking us via the vaccine route. They are now pushing hundreds of them world wide, and as with ADD, school children are the most lucrative market segment, because using kids as a shield can induce taxpayers to foot the bill.

In so doing, they need legal protection, and so demanded and got from Congress (yes, “demand” is the proper word in our system) protection from liability should the vaccines not serve their purpose or have untoward side effects. It is a crime against humanity, and for that … they need protection on the upside from government, which they have, but also on the downside from false leaders.

Jenny McCarthy fills that role.

Jenny is compromised from the start, as she was a Playboy Bunny, and has spent more time in front of cameras naked than clothed. Who takes such a person seriously? But thrust in the role of leader of the anti-vaccination movement, she serves to discredit all behind her. Once people have it firmly in mind that Jenny McCarthy, Playboy Bunny, is leading the charge, they easily dismiss the vaccination problem as trivial.

And who takes vaccine poisoning seriously? Explore this for yourself. Ask random acquaintances about the vaccine problems like autism, brain damage, and gauge the response. It will run from clueless to “Oh, yeah, that’s that thing with the Playboy Bunny – I don’t pay much attention.”

It is no accident.

And what has become of Jenny since she took on this courageous challenge? Was she imprisoned? Tortured? Marginalized? Did her career hit the toilet? No. Not hardly. Her career has gotten important inhancements at critical points, from doing a long gig on the sitcom Two and a Half Men, having her own syndicated talk show, and now occupying a slot on The View. She has thrived.

Jenny McCarthy: False leader.
*Think about it – are his captors going to finance such bizarre elective surgery? They might indeed cut off his penis, but would only do so for sake of recreational mutilation. Perhaps more likely, Manning has been mind-f******, and is a barely functioning human now.