The curious case of the smirking cop


Photo analysis is tricky, as I have seen family photos that I know to be real that look fake. So I offer this up with that cautionary note – this photo could be real.

That said, it’s an odd photo. Much has been made of the book Assange is apparently holding, Gore Vidal’s History of the National Security State. That comes off as misdirection. If Assange is, as I suspect, controlled opposition, then any book he sports will be chosen to enhance his stature as opposition. Vidal, a close friend of the Kennedy’s and himself part of the families (the name “Gore” a hint?), surely knew that the JFK Assassination was a hoax, but spent his public life telling us it was real, and that Oswald did it. So Gore Vidal was also controlled opposition. The book, then, is put there deliberately. (Its sales on have spiked, by the way.)

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The Bradley Manning saga

Mannings 3

Above are three photos of Bradley Manning. I was suspicious at one time that they were pulling a body switch on us, but there is not enough evidence to make that assertion. However, I was very suspicious that his arrest, torture, and of course sex change operation, were not real. Now, after doing research for this piece, I am not certain that they were fake, although he was, I believe, merely used as a tool.

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The true art of lying

One of the most ink-consuming episodes in recent American history involved a man named Daniel Ellsberg and a 7,000 page document called the “Pentagon Papers.” The entire affair was highly instructive.

ellsbergEllsberg was an insider, and is to this day called out to perform in public when other rebels, like Edward Snowden, need an imprimatur of genuineness. His role as an actor was readily apparent when, faced with a prison sentence, he was remarkably set free due to “bungling” by the Nixon Administration group called the “White House Plumbers, who left a driver’s license … excuse me, left easily discovered evidence of the burglary of the office of Ellsberg’s psychiatrist. This in turn caused the court to set Ellsberg free. This sort of play-acting is sometimes called a “Kabuki Dance,” or an ” … event that is designed to create the appearance of conflict or of an uncertain outcome, when in fact the actors have worked together to determine the outcome beforehand.” (Wikipedia, my favorite source of lies.)

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