The Bradley Manning saga

Mannings 3

Above are three photos of Bradley Manning. I was suspicious at one time that they were pulling a body switch on us, but there is not enough evidence to make that assertion. However, I was very suspicious that his arrest, torture, and of course sex change operation, were not real. Now, after doing research for this piece, I am not certain that they were fake, although he was, I believe, merely used as a tool.

Generally, public hoaxes are hard to uncover. They are done with full knowledge of the gullibility of the public, but also in such a way as to use jujutsu on us, especially those of us called “the left.” The idea of jujutsu is to use your opponent’s force to your own advantage. The people who run these psy-ops know that the left generally distrusts the military and Intelligence, and has nightmares about use of brutal force against innocents. So in setting up a psyop, they play that card. They allow themselves to look like monsters to stoke fear and to divide and conquer. We found this, for instance, in the famous Napalm Girl photo, where a horrible photo of a young girl running from a napalm attack on her city was staged, perhaps not even shot in Vietnam.

Consequently, there was a great uproar over the treatment of Bradley Manning while he was confined at Quantico military base. The treatment was painted as barbaric, and large protests were organized around him. Wikipedia’s account of the torture describes sensory deprivation while the young man was on a suicide watch, but later when (if) he was moved to medium security at For Leavenworth, all off that stopped and he became a normal prisoner.(I say “if” because we who are outside prison can never know who is in prison for sure.)

Opposition to the treatment of Manning rose to a fever pitch. This too is most likely part of the psyop, the protests filmed (first clue) and probably instigated and led by controlled opposition. Contrary to popular belief, the government likes and encourages protests, as 1) they are nice distractions that never lead to anything unless the government was planning to do something anyway; and 2) they seal the impression that we have representative government and that the voice of the people is heeded.

(Are you listening, women who marched against Trump? I laughed heartily at the recent marches in defense of science. How clueless can we be?)

I have just concluded reading the rather long Wikipedia post on Manning, and found it devoid of the usual insider cues and numerical signals. It reads as if Manning is the real deal. Perhaps he is. What does stand out is this: His rank while working with classified material was Specialist E-4. That is a low rank, in essence a non-commissioned officer. He surely went through a security clearance, a thorough study of his background, so his inner desire to be a woman, known as early as 2009, and his homosexuality, known as a youth were known. His height 5’2″ makes his eligibility for the military questionable, as the Army minimum is 5’10”. [I am misreading this, bad math: Army minimum is actually 4’10”.]  His weight exceeds the minimum, but at 105 pounds, was very low.

Given all of that, I am going to speculate here that Manning was set up by his superiors to take the fall for the release of materials to Wikileaks. I also speculate that all of the material released was deemed to be of little consequence.

Why then the charade? That answer is obvious, to me anyway. Wikileaks is a psy-op. The whole Bradley Manning affair was used to give Wikileaks credibility, along with Julian Assange’s legal troubles in Sweden and subsequent confinement to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. More likely Assange appears at the embassy for interviews and photo-ops, but otherwise freely wanders the globe. Remove his shock of white hair, who will recognize him?

Does this mean that the Ecuadorians are players too? Maybe. They could be fooled, but if Assange, as I suspect, is not really confined to their embassy, then they are definitely players. This would then make Rafael Correa an American agent.

Manning will be released from prison in one week, his sentence having been commuted by President Obama, another sign that no harm was done. This even though Manning supposedly released the gruesome film footage the came to be known as Collateral Murder. Here’s what’s odd about that film:

It is simply this – it is available and has been widely viewed on YouTube, though I do not trust the number of views they stick on any given work. I can freely download and republish it. YouTube is famous for shutting down video outlets for the most indefensible reasons, usually having to do with publishing materials that are offensive to people of  power. As a rule of thumb, if you can see something on YouTube, you are meant to see it.


That in mind, I watched it again, first time in several years, and am now suspicious that it was … not so much fake as professionally staged. There’s a military helicopter flying over a neighborhood, and yet it twice manages to surprise them with gunfire, as if it operated in stealthy silence. It fires what on the soundtrack sound like machine guns, but what on the ground appear to be small bomblets, perhaps like the smoke bombs used for the fake Boston Marathon attack.  A man is writhing in pain on a sidewalk, and a van comes to pick him up. They fire on the van, but it oddly looks like it was bombed, and not hit with machine gun fire. See above – I see no bullet holes except in the front windshield where a large round hole appears on a later passing. And the man writhing in pain on the sidewalk, unable to move himself to safety, left no blood stains. There are said to be two children in the van (nice touch), but I cannot make them out.

The chatter back and forth of soldiers is provocative, soldiers with itchy trigger fingers and indifferent to suffering, even blaming the kids for being in harm’s way. They make what is obviously camera out to be a weapon, and what appear to be guns merely hanging down pointed at the ground as a threat. We are never shown closeups of victims. The men who are supposedly victims are oddly exposed and available to be seen on camera, and are indifferent about the helicopter flying overhead, odd for a country supposedly under military attack and occupation.

After watching it with new eyes, I began to get that Napalm Girl sense, that this too is part of the psy-op meant to entrench Wikileaks as a viable source of whistleblower documents. I urge you do the same and share your thoughts in the comment section, as I am only one set of eyes.

If the film is fake and if indeed Manning got hold of it, he was either meant to or is himself a player, merely an actor. If the film is fake and worldwide viewing was allowed via Wikipedia, we have two outcomes: 1) suspicion that Wikileaks itself is fake, and 2) suspicion that Wikileaks was set up as a propaganda outlet to stage various “leaks” that are in fact  controlled and designed to achieve propaganda objectives.

As to the treatment of Bradley Manning, now Chelsea, he looks like a classic pawn.

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  1. Another possible benefit may to establish Wikileaks as either a safe connection — a sting operation — for would-be leakers, or a tool to aid agents engaged in entrapment of potential leakers who need more than a little prodding. Snowden and Manning both in 2013? None since. Fishy.


  2. The Manning on the left in the beret reminds me of a F to M transgender person I used to work with moonlighting in a movie multi-plex. “Bennet” was about 5’2” and 90 pounds soaking wet.
    My guess is that “Bradley” has been “Chelsea” all along, no sex change needed; an asset simply assigned to the role of dissident, and whose public persona will evaporate within a few months of release, after stops on Ellen and the rest.
    Snowden, another phantom, is a little more manly than Manning, but not by much, but is all CGI in my view (A view held by many others- see Clues Forum) and Assange completes the androgynous circle of cellophane thin ghosts that whoop and whistle their scary emanations without need of substantiation. The white hair should clue-in the public: Assange is Casper, the friendly ghost.


  3. I believe Manning was just another actor and Intelligence agent. His/her role was played out in the media to 1) Bring to light the dark and evil machinations of the military ala Abu Ghraib, which further discredits and bring more shame to the US (the ultimate goal which is to facilitate the US government’s eminent collapse and replacement); 2) To further divide the liberal vs conservative polarities as they argue among themselves–driven by media pundits–whether he was a noble and brave whistleblower or traitor to “USA, freedom and democracy”; and 3) Place the LGBTQ+ agenda in the public eye and mind, especially to rally support from the liberal/SJW faction which largely views Manning as a “hero”. Snowden and Assange are also actors/spooks with the same agendas listed in 1 & 2 above. It took me awhile to come to this conclusion, as I had spent time in the <<Manning-Snowden-Assange are “heroes”/US Gov’t is “evil” camp>>…until I stopped watching all news and started to see the Big Picture. Anyone plastered all over the media is an actor in a scripted and staged Reality Show.

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    1. Interesting point about Abu Ghraib, now that I have arrived at the opinion that anything that makes it public on the news is meant to be public. Such sideshows, however, also have the effect of reimforcing the view that we have an adversarial media.

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      1. Perhaps one important point yet to come.
        The Manning and Snowden “affairs” might have been introductory story for post-change heros. You know, they had been so brave facing the “old, evil regime”, you can trust them now, were everything is fine. Like the “brave communist” fighting tsarist (Russian), “fascist” (East German) or “imperialist” regime. Every new regime needs some adored figureheads.
        Only the “change” has yet to come. I don’t expect any good, the brave socialists / communists managed to murder 100+ millions of people in a few decades.


    2. PS: Your comment went through moderation as a first time commenter, a routine procedure here as we get many trolls and disinfo agents. Once through the first time, there is no more oversight.


      1. Thanks. I’ve been lurking for months without comment–mostly due to not wanting to argue or defend myself (surprised?)–but decided to start voicing my opinions, FWIW. “All the world’s a stage…”, and the media stages a non-stop Punch and Judy show for the believers.

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  4. The middle Manning photo has been monkeyed with. The hat appears photoshopped (possibly the glasses too). I see some resemblance to Lee Harvey Oswald, particularly the eyes in the first photo (wearing the beret) and the mouth and chin in the middle photo.


    1. Lee Harvey Oswald comes to mind here as well, but more in the third picture.It might be the glasses. In the same way as there appears to be an A-list hunk template, I can imagine they have a untrustworthy-pinko-scum template, to which is now linked geek and gender-freak.


  5. I think the evidence for psy-op is right in the naming of these guys. Take Snowden. Edward Snowden = edWARd sNOWden = WAR NOW. <– that was not mine, i found that out on line scrolling through the comments. Bradley Manning is a bit trickier, but i figured it out. Bradley Manning = Brad Man = Nailed Man = Jesus Christ… he’s a martyr for mankind. Just my two cents… lol


  6. the real purpose of those things is to give credibility to all the war stories. There are no wars anymore. Countries like Lebanon or Syria are empty, maybe except for some mining outfits. The German mainstream writer Jürgen Todenhöfer claims to have visited the core of ISIS together with his son (yeah right) and made a book out of the story how the ISIS leaders agreed to be interviewed and showed him their daily routines instead of beheading first his son then him and put it on Youtube. I’m convinced the first world war was a mistake and got out of hand. The old generals really led many thousands (I don’t believe in the millions numbers there) of young soldiers to kill each other and the real perpetrators decided to stop it for two decades, improve communication (transportable radio devices) and then restarted again as WW2. Most of what we know of WW2 seems to be as fake as the stories about Vietnam, or Serbia, or Afganistan or whatever. War creates fear and fear allows changes. Without WW2, the old structures of bourgeois cities and disconnected feudal villages would not change in what we have now: A modern structure of cities concentrating working people and big farms effectively producing food. The same goes for the modern wars. Their purpose is to move people from less effective areas on our globe to the so called western countries. At the same time, the world population seems to be effectively reduced so there is no real overcrowding visible. When I watch the people in Germany, it seems to be like 60-70% of them have no German roots. That means that the German population was somehow reduced to maybe a third of itself and refilled with the poor folks from abroad. Similar relations I can see in Spain or other European countries. There are no 7 billions of people, we are being reduced to those 500 millions the Georgia Guidestones told us about. It is already happening and nobody sees it.


    1. Excellent, excellent observation. My thoughts exactly. There were never billions of people here. I took the Georgia Guidestones as a little nugget of truth for those ready to receive it. The Guidestones never said, Reduce the population to 500,000. The Guidestones say, MAINTAIN the population to 500,000. I brought this up on another conspiracy site and was permanently banned. Definitely hit a nerve.

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    2. Personally this is something that I cannot believe (right now). I also consider the possibility that the world population is smaller but the smallest number I would expect to be around 5 billions. Countries like Syria are mostly empty because they have dessert. Also I believe you meant Libya, not Lebanon (which has relatively advanced and diversified economy). In many countries people moved to big cities (China wants to move millions of people to cities in the next years). But I know that there are European countries with large small town or village populations (the globalist probably don’t like that, but not necessary a big problem). The village population is probably bigger in countries like Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia etc (see In Western Europe, non-Europeans and other European immigrants are concentrated in big cities, so the native population often seems to be a minority. The same thing in USA with Hispanics, Blacks and Asians. A diverse population is easy to control due to the lack of unity (easy to create fake controversies). I also believe they see the white people more dangerous despite the fact that whites are probably the most domesticated (in competition with East Asians). But I do believe that whites had more revolts during the history (European whites but also whites from other continents).


      1. If whites are being targeted, it’s because they (we) have the most disposable income and that will be taken from them (us) eventually.


      2. I have trouble with the 500 million figure too. Problem is that it, like seven billion, is too big for my mind to grasp. I cannot visualize either number. We cannot count heads. I think I will just set it aside as unknowable.


  7. I too believe “he” was a girl all along.

    Btw, minimum height for males in the army is 5′, not 5’10”.


    1. You could be right, as I am relying on a Google search, but twice now I get 58 inches … ah, I see it now … bad math on my part. I stand corrected. That is 4’10” … I read it as 5’8″ … I’ll make a correction above.


      1. A couple of notes: Back in the 70’s, Johnny Carson had a Japanese American man on to explain his amusing struggles to grow a couple of inches in order to reach 5’8″, which was then the minimum height to join the LAPD. Today, like the Army, 5 feet is the minimum for Jack Webb’s Army. That said, the integration of different ethnicities and the varying heights of “average” males (and adding broader opportunities for females) from different gene pools has required radical changes in physical requirements. With 80+% of LA County being Latino, the days of Reed and Malloy representing the force have long since vanished.
        And, let’s be honest, the armed forces are a hard sell for strapping white boys, unless dirt poor or super patriots, so recruitment would demand all shapes and sizes just to appease the Congressional appropriations committees.
        And that said, I’ll stand by my suspicion that Bradley Manning has always been a woman. The name Chelsea has obviously been picked to allude to the father of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.


        1. That argument, that she has always been she, has weight. It means that as with Bruce/Caitlyn, they can pretend that sex change can change a boy into a girl for real when it might not even be a real operation.


          1. If you are a girl, just take testosterone for a few weeks, and you you pass as male on superficial glance. Then discontinue it, and morph back into a girl. Or estrogen for boys to achieve the same.
            Just take a closer look at the next track and field event, especially female participants at shot-put, javelin throwing, and sprint competitions. Isn’t it amazing what simple endogenous hormones can do (beside a few other complex chemicals…) ?


        2. back then American people were much higher in comparison to say Europeans. It was due to better food in the 19-th century. While Europa was starving USA had the best corn, beef, huge choice of fruits and vegetables, etc. After the wars (1. and 2. WW) fast food took over and the consequence is that the average high came down to European standards. Nonetheless you don’t think BM was a real person, do you? It’s a character invented to play the role of a wiki-leaker who later was enhanced into a transgender entity. It’s all scripted. The face is as fake as the story. Discussing its being a woman or a small man makes as much sense as discussing if John Rambo was gay.


          1. I meant Bradley Manning previously not myself.

            Well, I guessed so at least.

            It’s all scripted. The face is as fake as the story.

            I don’t know if we deal with a live-time actor here (like many entries in Mark’s fake-section), or with a totally artificial personality. The lines are blurred, and hard to make out. IMHO a rather unproductive discussion, the PR results are the same.


  8. I can’t believe this person is not from the families , so hermaphroditism could be possible .
    Easy to pass a female gender test if you can tuck your penis into your vagina , or expose to become male .
    Having read the novel Middlesex years ago ,I know that inbreeding increases this.
    also I thought about this old folk song:

    Female Drummer

    I was brought up in Yorkshire and when I was sixteen
    Oh I ran away to London and a soldier I became

    With me fine cap and feather, likewise me rattling drum
    They learned me to play upon the rub-a-dub-a-dum
    With me gentle waist so slender, me fingers long and small
    And to play upon the rub-a-dub the best of them all

    And so many were the pranks that I saw among the french
    And so boldly did I fight me boys although I’m but a wench
    And in buttoning up me trousers so often have I smiled
    To think I lay with a thousand men and a maiden all the while

    And they never found my secret out until this very hour
    When they sent me off to London to keep sentry o’er the Tower
    When a young girl fell in love with me and she found that I was a maid
    She went up to me officer me secret she betrayed

    He unbuttoned then my red tunic and he found that it was true
    ‘It’s a shame, he says, ‘to lose a pretty drummer boy like you
    So now I must return to me mum and dad at home
    And along with me bold comrades it’s no longer can I roam


  9. well I think all that gender surgery is not possible. It is not possible to change from a man to a woman and vice versa, I don’t even believe in organ transplants. Blood transfusions are a dangerous thing and done only to already bad damaged people, like old persons or dying crash victims. All cases of blood transfusions I know of are of this kind and after that the people got worse not better. They can add some fluid of course if you’ve lost blood but its only saltwater and biologically inactive. I consider western medicine to be a big hoax and doctors to be in the same crook ranking as bankers or lawyers.


    1. I think it’s all an issue of perception. Of course a real gender change is not possible. But with plastic surgery and hormone treatment, you can make a derailed person look and behave like the other gender.
      And at the same time, confound the unaware public with such stunts, in order to destroy their worldview, their perception of reality, their communities, and their free will. And that’s what it is all about.
      That’s also why feminists and leftist egalitarians cheered the mass arrival of ISIS soldiers and rapists in Germany, throwing flowers and plush toys. Not because being raped by a muslim lowlife feels so much better than being raped by an European lowlife.
      The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan is still followed.


      1. i don’t believe in those rapes also. It was purely invented by media. Police didn’t know about that and was later accused of not paying attention and not protecting citizens. It was a hoax. Muslims are not different to Catholics or others. That’s my experience. My kids play with many Muslim kids together. I have many Arabic and Turkish neighbors. They eat different things, prefer different clothes and usually keep to themselves but other than that? No difference. There are no Muslim terrorists as there weren’t any bad communists (or bad capitalists from the view on the other side) in the cold war. It’s all part of a play. War against terror is a hoax which replaced the Cold War hoax. Of course there is a process of unification going on. That’s why they mix the cultures and religions. And all the terror hoaxes are just to deceive us and hide it from us. My Muslim neighbors are as afraid of possible terror events as my German neighbors are. They believe it is real too. Fear porn works for everyone.


        1. i don’t believe in those rapes also.

          Believe is the opposite of knowledge.

          I personally know people who where harassed by those “poor muslim refugees”, and shops that got demolished. Last year, a gang broke into the 9-appartment house I used to live in, including our cellar and my car. Take a guess who might have done it …

          There are no Muslim terrorists …

          Coincidently true, because they are CIA/Mossad mercenaries, knowingly or not.

          … as there weren’t any bad communists (or bad capitalists from the view on the other side) in the cold war.

          Be careful when talking about thing you don’t know.
          Growing up under your “harmless communists”, I had school teachers permanently bragging about breaking into other people’s houses, beating them up, and destroying their property – just for not being on the party line. And I saw a few people being political prisoners. Their scars and (psychic) traumas didn’t look fake to me.

          My Muslim neighbors are as afraid of possible terror events as my German neighbors are. They believe it is real too.

          If you get killed or blown up by a muslim pawn, it becomes VERY real for you. Doesn’t matter if it was his own idea, or that of his agent handler. And read the quran carefully (I believe it is a forgery too, or at least heavily messed with), to see which “Muslims” follow that Book to the letter.
          These people are being set up as scapegoats for something evil, true, but that is no excuse for their violent behaviour.


          1. fm, shops get demolished on every bigger demonstration when the so called black block starts acting. On New Years Eve people sometimes throw empty champagne bottles away causing some damage. Nothing more happend in Cologne 2016. So you know people who were sexually molested by refugees in Cologne on the New Years Eve 2016? What exactly happened to them? Do you think there was a mass rape in Cologne and nobody took notice and did anything to stop it? Why did nobody sue anybody? There wasn’t any real trials. I grow up in Eastern Germany myself and it wasn’t that dramatic. A friend got in jail for printing and distributing pamphlets but he did what was officially forbidden. Another friend got badly beaten by some policemen but if you say bad words to a cop you can get beaten everywhere even today. You may say, that was injustice but it is also injustice to sue people for not believing in Holocaust and it is injustice to force people to take vaccines against their wishes. Communism was an experiment which maybe got out of control somehow and got stopped and replaced by another hoax. The people weren’t different in this system than they are in our system now.
            And you are an eager quran reader, right? Mashallah! (say my turkish frieds) Unbelievable.


    2. BM, your “everything is fake” twitch needs to be tranquilized. I work in the medical industry to a degree and have on occasion assisted one of the world’s most renown gender reassignment surgeons with research materials, and I used to work in a milieu that catered to all types of people and identities and I can tell you that the physical and psychological reinvention of a transgender person is very real and comprehensive. One may split hairs on semantics, but these transgender people are utterly immersed in their identities, physically and mentally, and in my experience, they are as complete a man or woman as anyone else. What they individually mean to the outside world is for them to comprehend. I do agree that the whole transgender phenomenon is being deliberately oversold as propaganda, but for actual transgender (surgery and all) people I’ve encountered, they are who they say they are.


      1. what exactly means “to a degree?” Do you believe, it is possible to create a penis from a vagina and vice versa? It is possible to put some silicon under the skin to create the impression if a titty but that probably hurts a lot. Other than that? I know people who like to wear weird clothes. I know a couple homosexuals. Males always being much nicer than females, btw. Just wearing female clothes and some makeup doesn’t make you a transgender. It only makes you a clown. Injecting hormones doesn’t work very good either. I know parents with small children who tried to get them bigger with growth hormones. Poor kids had to take unnecessary injections for many years without any convincing results except later liver-problems. Such things don’t work. Surgery can only amputate something successfully. Even artificial hips cause more problems than the bad one you had before. I have a doctor in my family and he applies acupuncture without believing in it himself only because healthcare pays and the patients ask for that. Do you believe in heart transplants? Even bone marrow transplant sound so absurd. It’s a scam.


        1. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I know I can’t reach everyone on every subject so I’ll leave you to learn about this on your own. Much of the information regarding hoaxes and the like require an internal transformation. I learned from hard experience that one must accept these changes of perception on their own. No preacher is going to truly persuade. Conversion is internal.


          1. you saw a penis created from a vagina or the other way? Or was it just a clown in female cloths with fake tits? What’s internal that’s subjective. So you have no way to know what somebody’s internal conversion is, what ever that “internal conversion” means. What hard experience was it? You dated a girl and found out she had a willy? Why is it, every time I ask for details they back up?


  10. Perhaps B./C. Manning gets a reassignment soon, like this guy:
    A jewish guy, named “Seth” and “Rich”, working for DNC, and being in contact with Wikileaks, really ? And a “Voter Expansion Data Director”, who “worked on a computer application to help voters locate polling stations” ?
    I guess he was just bored.

    BTW, being bored sometimes as well, where can I apply for that kind of job at the ‘family’ ? 😉


  11. fm, shops get demolished on every bigger demonstration when the so called black block starts acting.

    No, said “foreign friends” used to demolish shops on a regular basis, just because something was not to their picky liking during shopping.

    Do you think there was a mass rape in Cologne and nobody took notice and did anything to stop it?

    I don’t talk about MSM events like Cologne. It happens in small cities and communities. All the time. I personally know a woman who barely escaped.

    Why did nobody sue anybody?

    Are you kidding, aren’t you ?
    The politicians and police tells you to dress in an “unprovoking” manner. Well a Burka would be best. Police has a stand-down order, as a matter of fact.
    Do you know that every action of the Oh-So-Evil Nazi regime 1933-45 in Germany was legal, i.e. covered by existing and valid law ? Those law texts mean nothing.

    I grow up in Eastern Germany myself and it wasn’t that dramatic. A friend got in jail for printing and distributing pamphlets …

    Well, not everybody was that lucky.

    Communism was an experiment which maybe got out of control somehow …

    I don’t think it got out of control. Read that article from Marx in the “Rheinischer Bote”, where he called for a genozid of some “underdeveloped” people like the Serbs, Hungarians, Albanians, etc.
    Tsugashwili, Mao and Pol Pot were no exception, they lived the Marxist philosophy to the letter.

    And you are an eager quran reader, right?

    I read any of those things myself, before I allow myself to comment on it. That includes some Marx/Engels stuff, and the Bible (OT and NT), the Edda, Talmudic texts, the Vedas, and others. That doesn’t mean I believe any of it.
    In general, I can only recommend this approach.

    BTW, search up the Quran, if you find rules for the Faithful on how to deal with Jews …


    1. which translation of quran exactly did you study? You know, every translation is different and the Arabic versions also differ in different editions and if you talk to Muslims, they will explain to you the errors in translations. I suppose you only read some internet crap, where they take sentences out of context to create a wrong impression. You could easily do the same with the bible you know? You seem to believe in all those hoaxes. I consider all the news being scripted. Yes all of them. And all the dramatic events also only happen in the media. What exactly happened to your friend? Was she raped and hurt? Did she sue? What did the police say? Where was it? Did it make to the news? Do you have any links? I consider Quran and the Bible to be but a collection of some ancient and boring horror stories. You should meet some real Muslims and see how they really live instead of repeating some mainstream fear porn. I assure you Muslims in Germany live no different than other ethnic groups. They work hard to make a living, try to have some fun on weekends, make plans for holidays, pay taxes and as all other humans on this planet: they want a better life for their children. This is a constant I experienced in every place I worked or lived before.


  12. … if you talk to Muslims, they will explain to you the errors in translations

    That is called TAQUIYYA, isn’t it ?
    As well as Jews, who allowed to lie to the unfaithful as well, without ethical consequences.

    The Bible, as well as the Quran and the Talmud, are all “Renaissance” time concoctions. There exists no document (NO ONE) from the alleged time of the “described” events. Just one pointer, and case in point – the so-called “Donation of Constantine”. Or another pointer: find that old medieval city portrait of Vienna, with a strange Cross-Crescend-Star symbol on top of the St. Stephan’s Cathedral. Fomenko’s books have a nice reproduction of said painting. The Turks didn’t conquer Vienna, or did they ?

    You should meet some real Muslims and see how they really live instead of repeating some mainstream fear porn.

    You assume I don’t know any muslim, and that I consume MSM somehow.

    I assure you Muslims in Germany live no different than other ethnic groups.

    Dar al-Harb (دار الحرب), don’t you know ?
    Try going into a Mosque in Riad, or request building a catholic church there, or a gay parade.


    1. Did you ever been in Riad? What about that raped friend of yours? Do you speak Arabic language? Where did you learn it?


      1. Did you ever been in Riad?

        No, I haven’t been there. Riad is the capital of one of the most backward nations, as far as tolerance is concerned. Not coincidentally, it is a country with US military bases, and massive commercial relations to Israel and the US.
        And I hardly speak much Arabian. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to learn all the languages I would like to learn. Perhaps in the next live …

        What about that raped friend of yours?

        She was not raped – which must be credited to her, not to the attackers. And it happened in an Austrian town, near the German border.

        I rather leave it at that, or we never find an end.
        But let me tell you, I know that Islam coexists with other religions in some places. And in other places, muslims kill each others by hundreds each day. Most people are too lazy to think for themselves, here and there. And as a matter of fact, the spin-doctors of Northern/Western European muslims (the Imams) preach the “house of war” and “subdue the infidels” doctrine. If such a whipped-up mob crashes through your door, it doesn’t matter for you who paid these spin doctors in the first place.
        Think Yugoslavia, where different cultures seemed to coexist for 40 year – at the surface. How easy they were stirred up to go at each other’s throat. Or think Sweden, were muslims now openly say “in 30 years, we own your country”. For Germany, this ends either in Germanistan, or civil war. I guess it will be the latter, it would suit certain agendas best.


        1. how do you know, how it is in Riad, if you’ve never been there? You can travel do Saudi Arabia any time, which cannot be said about countries like Lebanon or Syria. A friend of mine sells industrial machines for production lines in all the world, he was in Saudi Arabia many times and according to him it is just a dry and boring country. All you write here, dear fm seems to come from either mainstream news or all the cointelpro sites from Alex Jones and other shills. Its worthless.


    2. by the way, dear fm, our Iranian friends here are Christians and traveling frequently between both countries without any problems. They still prefer to live in Iran and only come to Germany to visit their parents (and us of course) who have a bakery near our place.


      1. Iranians are mostly Shia, which are “inexplicably” hated by militant Wahabites, Sunnies, Zionists, and fundamental Christians.
        A large portion of the Arabian territory had been occupied by the French and British Empire up to a century ago. I think their secret service agencies did a great “divide and conquer” job, as CIA and Mossad are doing now …


        1. again, that’s Wikipedia “knowledge”. We all here can google, you must know. My friends are Arabic Christians. They look Arabic, but are not Islamic. And they like it in Iran because the weather is nice and the life is easier. I’m also having Islamic neighbors from Iraq. Their kids play with my kids, they are even allowed to eat our pizza with ham. Those things change very quickly and people become tolerant after some years of quiet life. The third generation of Turk immigrants wears ties today and manages our Aldi and Lidl stores now and young Germans work for them.


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