Apollo 1

Grissom, White and Chaffee

This post concerns the January 27th, 1967 tragedy that ended the lives of astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chafee. I emphasize at the beginning that I am not certain this was a fake event, only suspicious. If indeed the deaths were real, it will come off as disrespectful of the families and friends, so I hope passage of 51 years allows me the latitude to write what follows.


I start with the premise that no human has ever walked on the surface of the moon. It is too far away for ordinary rocket technology, burdened as it is with heavy metal contraptions and the need to provide an atmosphere, food and waste facilities for humans on the the long journey. Then there is the trip (to and from) through the Van Allen Belt. In later missions, as if by osmosis, moon buggies appear on the surface. For them to be there, something else had to go – rocket boosters? Toilets? Water?

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Never a Straight Answer

A commenter down below, regarding the $238 million dollar moon buggy, expressed dismay that he had taken specialized training in space flight, and done calculations that involved shaving a few ounces here and there to allow certain objects to be taken off the planet at escape velocity. Then …

…the idea that they’d send a moon-jeep up there, just for the “astronauts” to ride around in for the T.V. cameras is hysterical. I looked at the photo above and just started laughing.

And to think: I believed all that crap for decades…

There is no harm in being fooled, as long as we don’t stay fooled. Perhaps 80% of us were fooled by the Apollo program. Yes, you read correctly … maybe 20% of the American public did not buy the story back in the 70s. Most prominently doubting was our African-American population. They were not bought in to our mindset in general, and so had less problem seeing through the veil of deception.

I should link that, since I am going on memory, but no one follows links.* Just understand that a magazine of some prominence did a survey back then and reported those findings. I am too lazy this morning to do my homework.

And anyway, the commenter did study on escape velocity and the basic math involved, and that has practical application, as we did send spacecraft into low-earth orbit back then … and now. It was not wasted effort.

NASA is a military organization disguised as civilian. Their job, from the beginning, is to act as a front behind which massive taxpayer funds are siphoned into secret military programs. JFK was an active participant in the hoax.

Understand that everything about NASA is a lie of some sort. These days NASA is said to be privatizing. This too would be a lie, then. More likely NASA is going one level deeper in deception, now hiding its weapons program behind private contractors who cannot be scrutinized by prying public eyes. Apparently the growing public awareness of the moon hoax has taken its toll, and is forcing them deeper underground.

Among the companies said to be involved in private space travel is once called Scaled Composites, operating in the Mojave Desert. It is a subsidiary of Northrop Grummon.

Think about it: R&D to send billionaires on feather-in-cap space journeys – no value! Boondoggle! It makes no sense. It is a waste of resources.

It is a cover story, nothing more. The secret weapons program continues now behind a new curtain. It makes as much sense as sending a buggy Willys Jeep to the moon so astronauts can have a joy ride.

We need to learn to ask basic questions, and never accept pat answers. With NASA, it’s mouth in motion, assume the lie.

For instance, quite a lot is publicized about journeys to the International Space Station. Question for NASA: Does such a thing even exist? Or are you pulling our collective legs once again? I put nothing past you.


*Oddly, my memory is telling me Good Housekeeping. Do not quote me in that.