A research project

Here’s a research project for anyone who wants to take it on:

As early as 1833 [sic*], Konstantin Tsiolkovsky had calculated that a rocket would work in the vacuum of space. The man was a visionary, detailing many of the requirements of the space-age which would only begin to take shape decades later. In 1895 he published an article postulating space travel as a possibility and in 1898 published findings that were to be of the greatest importance: namely that liquid propellants would be more efficient than solid propellants and that of these, a mixture of either oxygen and hydrogen or of oxygen and kerosene, would be most suitable for rocket engines. (Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers, Mary Bennett and David S. Percy, page 134)

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Apollo 13 spookiness

I am reading the book Dark Moon, at 512 pages of double-columned 9″ x 6″ pages, quite a chore. Many have probably seen the movies that apparently accompany this book, a two-part presentation available  at Aulis Online called What Happened on the Moon, Part One and Part Two. I was reading the book this morning on page 344 forward, and stumbled across some things the authors do not seem to be aware of.  Though they talk about a lot of whistle blowing, they do not mention spook markers*.

First, use of the number 13 for the bad luck Apollo trip was most likely no coincidence. Liftoff was on April 11, 1970, at 1:13 pm Houston time, which is, as we all know, a reference to the spook marker ’33’. That time of day can also be expressed as 13:13, which embodies “11” and “33.” April 13 was a Mo(o)nday. The switched astronaut who toggled the switch that produced the alleged exposition was Jack Swigert, the 13th astronaut in the Apollo program.

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Moon landings again …

I have suggested to Petra that she review the work of Dave McGowan (fake death 11/22/15) called Wagging the Moondoggie. While a limited hangout, it is a fascinating one, easy reading and littered with humor. I want Petra to confront all aspects of the alleged hoax, and not just those few she selects. I am going to start out with a quote from Lyndon Johnson on leaving office in 1958,and prior to Apollo 11.  He apparently did not have a moon landing in his sights. 

“Control of space means control of the world. From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control Earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the gulf stream and change the climates …”

McGowan mentions the moon landings being a cover story for other objectives only one other time in his 14-part series, in part one, saying “In truth, the entire space program has largely been, from its inception, little more than an elaborate cover for the research, development and deployment of space-based weaponry and surveillance systems. The media never talk about such things, of course, but government documents*make clear that the goals being pursued through space research are largely military in nature.” (*The link leads to a 404 NOT FOUND at this late date.)

So that is my primary point to make to Petra: The moon landings were misdirection. Something much bigger, more sinister and therefore more secretive was going on. They did not build the Saturn V rocket just to befuddle and dazzle us. Such technology as was under construction was ahead of its time, and probably in play now in our GPS world where we are all under surveillance at all times, where weather can be controlled, where Vancouver and Seattle can experience 100+ degree hot spells in their otherwise cool climate, where public health is subjected to Big Brother oversight. 

My objectives here are small, however. A list follows of points gathered on my third reading of McGowan. I ask Petra to address some of these points, maybe select just five. She has thus far narrowed the argument to two or three points she regards as pivotal (everyone here disagreeing on the “pivotal”). Time, Petra, to broaden your scope. These are points raised by McGowan, in his order.

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2001: The Moon is the Monolith

Our moon, fitting like a glove with the Jovian moons.

A commenter recently raised the topic of the moon, and this is such a juicy topic for a site like ours. I provided my theory then, that our moon was originally one of the moons of Jupiter, placed here with Earth…and I wanted to more formally expand upon that here. Keep in mind, I say “theory” in the strictly scientific sense. This is just an idea, and I welcome feedback (one commenter already very helpful in that regard). Keep reading, and see if you think I might be onto something.

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United Nations & Proper Introductions


My first two posts have left me feeling like I owe readers a more proper introduction. There have been some side glances perceptible towards me in that my username, Fauxlex, is spooky-sounding (I mean, it does have two X’s). A commenter versed in Latin who may or may not have been Miles Mathis himself called the name into question as meaning “false law” or “false principles”. He was not the only one, and they are correct on the facts. While this was not anything I considered at the time, it is a valid translation of my username. I have to own that. Now, taking a step back from myself, I completely understand why the name might seem nefarious. The real truth is that in college, I spent a month in Manhattan doing a seminar at the United Nations. This was for college credit…a paper had to be written, but ultimately what we got to do was meet with the UN Missions of upwards of 50 countries. You name the country, and good chance I met with them. We got to ask them anything we wanted without restriction, since these were supposed to be well-trained diplomats versed in the art of clever answers. I could tell you all many, many stories from this month. Anyway, during this month, one of my favorite stops was to Chinatown on a quest to buy a fake Rolex. All you really have to do is say the word “watch” while in Chinatown, and you will be approached by a stranger and handed what looks like a Chinese food menu, but is actually a menu of fake watches. You pick one out, various signals are given, money is exchanged, and pretty soon a fake Rolex is yours. This was a lot of fun…I cherish my fake Rolex as being a great memento from this time. Many years ago, when creating a username to comment in a completely unrelated sports blog, I came up with “Fauxlex” (pronounced Fo-lex). It made sense to me because “Faux”-lex rhymes with Ro-lex. Fauxlex, Rauxlex. A fake Rolex is a Fauxlex. This is why I uploaded the photograph as my main avatar…it was taken the day of that purchase in the NYU dorms, where we were staying.

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Actors in blackface

Hidden FiguresI am more than a trifle curious about a movie I have heard about but not seen, called Hidden Figures. The plot is easily seen to be contrived by the movie’s closing. There we learn that mathematician Katherine Johnson did some of the calculations that got astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon and back.  Since neither man left this planet to set foot in that one, no calculating (of the mathematical variety) was needed. Therefore, shall we just set the movie aside?

I would do so but there is another facet to it of interest … a delicate subject which needs cautious introduction, that of the dignity of African-Americans, allowing them to partake in the rich hoaxes visited upon us along with the wealthy landed gentry who own us and our world. Why not deal them into the game too?

This post is accompanied by a delicate fuse and a bomb that can easily go off in your face. Treat it with caution. Comment at your own risk.

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Dr. Brian Cox faces his critics

I had little time for reading on our recent trip to Florida, so am surprised at the volume that I managed to take in at the website Aulis Online.com. It is in regard to the moon landings.

Dr. Brian Cox

It is easy to see that Apollo was a hoax. The means of pulling it off are familiar to us now. The script is written in advance, and much (if not most) of it filmed and acted in advance. Prior to the supposed landings, the film was ‘in the can,’ ready for airing. The event that preceded airing of the pre-written script was, in the matter of the John F. Kennedy assassination, shots fired from a window in Dallas. On 9/11/2001 it was explosions set off in empty buildings.

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Apollo 1

Grissom, White and Chaffee

This post concerns the January 27th, 1967 tragedy that ended the lives of astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chafee. I emphasize at the beginning that I am not certain this was a fake event, only suspicious. If indeed the deaths were real, it will come off as disrespectful of the families and friends, so I hope passage of 51 years allows me the latitude to write what follows.


I start with the premise that no human has ever walked on the surface of the moon. It is too far away for ordinary rocket technology, burdened as it is with heavy metal contraptions and the need to provide an atmosphere, food and waste facilities for humans on the the long journey. Then there is the trip (to and from) through the Van Allen Belt. In later missions, as if by osmosis, moon buggies appear on the surface. For them to be there, something else had to go – rocket boosters? Toilets? Water?

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Never a Straight Answer

A commenter down below, regarding the $238 million dollar moon buggy, expressed dismay that he had taken specialized training in space flight, and done calculations that involved shaving a few ounces here and there to allow certain objects to be taken off the planet at escape velocity. Then …

…the idea that they’d send a moon-jeep up there, just for the “astronauts” to ride around in for the T.V. cameras is hysterical. I looked at the photo above and just started laughing.

And to think: I believed all that crap for decades…

There is no harm in being fooled, as long as we don’t stay fooled. Perhaps 80% of us were fooled by the Apollo program. Yes, you read correctly … maybe 20% of the American public did not buy the story back in the 70s. Most prominently doubting was our African-American population. They were not bought in to our mindset in general, and so had less problem seeing through the veil of deception.

I should link that, since I am going on memory, but no one follows links.* Just understand that a magazine of some prominence did a survey back then and reported those findings. I am too lazy this morning to do my homework.

And anyway, the commenter did study on escape velocity and the basic math involved, and that has practical application, as we did send spacecraft into low-earth orbit back then … and now. It was not wasted effort.

NASA is a military organization disguised as civilian. Their job, from the beginning, is to act as a front behind which massive taxpayer funds are siphoned into secret military programs. JFK was an active participant in the hoax.

Understand that everything about NASA is a lie of some sort. These days NASA is said to be privatizing. This too would be a lie, then. More likely NASA is going one level deeper in deception, now hiding its weapons program behind private contractors who cannot be scrutinized by prying public eyes. Apparently the growing public awareness of the moon hoax has taken its toll, and is forcing them deeper underground.

Among the companies said to be involved in private space travel is once called Scaled Composites, operating in the Mojave Desert. It is a subsidiary of Northrop Grummon.

Think about it: R&D to send billionaires on feather-in-cap space journeys – no value! Boondoggle! It makes no sense. It is a waste of resources.

It is a cover story, nothing more. The secret weapons program continues now behind a new curtain. It makes as much sense as sending a buggy Willys Jeep to the moon so astronauts can have a joy ride.

We need to learn to ask basic questions, and never accept pat answers. With NASA, it’s mouth in motion, assume the lie.

For instance, quite a lot is publicized about journeys to the International Space Station. Question for NASA: Does such a thing even exist? Or are you pulling our collective legs once again? I put nothing past you.


*Oddly, my memory is telling me Good Housekeeping. Do not quote me in that.