A brief time out

Trying to understand the Columbine “Massacre” is like searching for a lost contact lens in a pile of manure. Every now and then I need to lift my head and breathe some air.

Yesterday’s piece, Part Three, was done just to get all of that annoying interfering extraneous material out of the way so I could move forward describing the real fake massacre. The event is so large and penetrated so deep into our consciousness that I doubt I will ever completely unravel it – too many people, too much planning and deceit from too many quarters.

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Columbine: Not a tear was shed for the victims (Part three)

The eight minute gap

Note: Just for reference as we move through the events of 4/20/1999, the first shots were fired at 11:19 a.m, and the boys committed suicide at 12:08. Or so they say.)

Typical of a staged event, in the movie we call the “Columbine Massacre,” we have a continuity problems. The official script has the boys placing duffel bags inside the cafeteria containing propane bombs set to explode at 11:17. This was part of the grand design. The bombs would do most of the killing. Kids running from the building would be mowed down. But the bombs failed to go off. According to FBI Special Agent Duane Fuselier in this (45:53 – again with the numbers!) National Geographic television show from 2007), the boys decided to simply shoot anyone they could. No particular student was targeted.

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Columbine: Not a tear was shed for victims (Part two)

Advance staging

The events of April 20th, 1999 took advance planning, and not just by Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. As with all psyops of this magnitude, there had to be some staging. So we learn that the boys broke into a van  to steal electronic equipment in January of 1998. In February of that year, Eric is a suspect in a pipe bomb incident. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office did not release this information until 2001. (Be wary. Evidence after-the-fact and not vetted in an adversarial setting is often just planted.)  They attempt to buy guns well in advance of the event, and finally succeed by having an 18-year old kid do it for them.  They shoot videos using school equipment. The videos have very frightening elements, such as a comment that a tree resembles a human brain as they examine bullet entry points.

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Dewey defeats Truman


Notice in-the photo collage above that all the newspapers, regardless of Truman’s pose, look the same and that there appears an unnatural wrinkle below which everything is blurred. (Ignore Obama.)

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Recommended reading: The Business Plot

Our friend Josh has published a 43-page paper over at The MM site. It is about the so-called “Business Plot” to overthrow FDR, replacing him with General Smedley Butler, who blew the whistle. Josh uses much if this first paper to deconstruct FDR, long overdue, and will follow up on Butler in a second part of the paper.

I read it over two days. It has nice flow and held my interest. Give it a read when you have a spare couple of hours. Worth it.

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Columbine: Not a tear was shed for victims (Part One)

Read Part Two

Note: This piece has gotten so long that I have decided to publish it in parts over the coming weeks. In the end it will be so long that few would take the time to read it.


My personal motivation in life is part of me because I was so fortunate to have a man named Steve as my older brother. It is “make decisions, move forward.” Often times I feel I have arrived at enough truth to stop, relax, and just live a Cassandra life, knowing that I can never impart what I know on others. People are not ready to receive the information, and most never will be. I have no problem with that. This type of work is of higher order, and only a few appreciate it. I am pleased that we have so many readers (and our writers) of that order.

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A lesson finally absorbed

This will be a review of a political lesson I first encountered in 2012, and only recently came to fully understand. It involves Montana Senator Jon Tester and his opponents  Denny Rehberg and  Dan Cox. Party designations are mere surface phenomena, but it is important to know that Cox ran as a “third-party” Libertarian.

Tester was first elected in 2006, defeating 18-year Senator Conrad Burns, a well-entrenched player who could only be unseated by a scandal. One was provided – Jack Abramoff, a candidate for our “Get Out of Jail Free Card” series (incarcerated at Federal Correctional Institution, Cumberland, Maryland, a minimum security prison, inmate #27593-112). Abramoff intimated that he got whatever he wanted from Burns’ office, which might well have been true. The important feature, however, of that relationship is that it received mainstream media attention (see here and here, for example). Normally corruption is ignored in our news. This means that Burns was being targeted and tainted, and was on his way out of office. His replacement had already been selected.

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Jackson Pollack, the Hampton’s, and CIA’s attack on the world of art and letters

I am just passing time here, trying to offer up new material for daily readers. The Columbine piece has absorbed me. The details are engrossing – they meant for that piece of professional mind-f***** to be deeply embedded in every kid’s head in the country. Today I have a rather pleasant task, watching Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine, this time with eyes wide open. Moore is filthy – that is – Moore is controlled opposition, which is why we even see his movies. True subversives don’t make it to mainstream theaters. When I first watched that movie, I thought it interesting, I thought he was unfair to Charlton Heston, and for sure did not know he was ‘in’ on the Columbine hoax.

In the meantime, I want to re-post a comment from the Hampton’s piece below that grabbed my interest. I will leave off the name, but the comment is public, so re-posting it is OK, in my mind. If the writer objects, I will take this piece down. Here it is:

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A brief time in the Hamptons

We just returned from a brief stay in “The Hamptons.” I’ve never really known what exactly that phrase means, but in my mind it is large beach houses and Billy Joel and Jerry Seinfeld sunning on their decks. It is technically the east end of Long Island, the southern part of the fish tail that it forms, and is comprised of Southampton, East Hampton, Bridgehampton, and others ending like that.

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Demystifying the Beatles

“Anything is possible, but I would like to know one day the truth but the truth of all this mich mach. One thing is certain. Real Paul is not the actual Faul. What happened has been well concealed. Will it be revealed one day? Are consciences going to speak. Sofar two of the four have taken their ‘secret’ to the grave, will Faul reveal it after his death in the form of a letter to his fans whom he has duped for 50 years?”

That is a real comment that I debated releasing from moderation. Good lord! After all we have done here, for this person to stumble in, read nothing, and imagine there is some great mystery about Paul McCartney and the Beatles … please!
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