Holographic Cosmos, Local Simulation: A Bridge Hypothesis

By posting this, I hope to explain my working hypothesis for all kinds of space-related anomalies and craft a cohesive model for our perceived reality. This hypothesis could be considered a bridge between generic space fakery theory and Flat Earth theory. I do not believe that the Earth is flat…but if you are a Flat Earther, I encourage you to read on.

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The Defense is Rwaawwng

Since this pandemic narrative began, I have imagined a scenario in which the alleged virus had its day in court. In this instance, I pondered that the case of a novel virus causing a widespread disease did not “hold water.”

When I watched this recent discussion from October 14 between Dr. Tom Cowan and Sally Fallon regarding the sloppy science and trickery amidst this pandemic myth, I had a “positraction” moment. I could not help but envision the iconic film clip from “My Cousin Vinny,” that made the word “positraction” famous. (1) I suggest watching Dr. Cowan first (from the 7:30 timestamp to the 12:25 timestamp), and then for fun, watch Marisa Tomei as Mona Lisa Vito (see the linked video above). So classic.

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Quixotic but nonetheless satisfying …

In recent days I have witnessed the following:

  • A youth hockey tournament that was to take place in Aspen, Colorado, was cancelled by, I assume, the Pitkin County health department.
  • Our fellow writer Steve Kelly pointed out that medical people think that skiing should be cancelled due to gatherings in buildings around ski resorts leading to transmission of the supposed virus.
  • A sign in the gym where I work out warned all members to wear masks, otherwise “the county will shut us down.”

This is fascism, as Steve noted in the title to his piece.

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Medical fascists attack skiers for having way too much fun.

Exploring the steep and deep.

Nerd/nərd/noun: a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.

There must be no real joy in the fields of medicine or medical research. I have expressed my gut feeling before that the fascist nerds controlling this psyop seek revenge on the non-nerd population for being hazed and belittled in school and in homes with multiple siblings. Sports and music events and other popular social gathering places like bars, restaurants, and political rallies seem to piss off the “white-coats” more than other activities. Skiing in now in the cross-hairs. Not many nerds out on the slopes craving that sensation of floating in bottomless powder (pow) or feeling “the need for speed.” How insensitive? How long should this bullshit go on?

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DARPA and Big Pharma: A Marriage Made in Hell

The following article from The Last American Vagabond by Derrick Broze is a chilling tale of military funding for biotech “solutions” to enrich hand-picked mega-companies in the global vaccine and drug business. Where there is money to be made, populations to be stamped out, minds to be controlled you will find the U.S. Military. We are the “global police” with an almost monopoly share in administering violence worldwide. It’s not called Full Spectrum Dominance for nothing. Meet the new “bad dude” in charge of “Operation Warp Speed.” Remember, speed kills.

The article also appears at Global Research: https://www.globalresearch.ca/trump-appoints-big-pharma-exec-connected-bill-gates-head-vaccine-developments/5726317

Oh, “our democracy.”

No, this not some sick joke that should be saved for April Fool’s Day. The drumbeat of psychotic media chatter, robo-calls and junk mail is nearing its climax. The one phrase that really grates on my nerves is the nightly refrain from all media outlets: “our democracy.” Never was, never will be. Is it anything we would actually want if we could have it? Not likely.


My friend Paul Edwards penned a gem on the subject. Hope you enjoy his handling of the subject and writing style. As a “non-writer,” I appreciate his skill and passion for the written word.

If one if looking for a (political) way out of this mess, voting is irrelevant. May I humbly recommend not voting, not registering, and not believing in politics as a solution to anything meaningful. All ballot choices are, well, in a word: insane. I didn’t used to think this way, but am tired of embarrassing myself. I’d rather “clap for Tinkerbell” than go through the political nightmare I experienced in 2016 again. From the ashes new growth is possible.

“Covid-19” = AIDS with emPHAsis

AIDS is a real disease, or better said, a syndrome, a cluster of symptoms that indicate an “immune,” or healthy body no longer functions as it should. It becomes susceptible to various diseases, such as pneumonia or cancer, because it is tired, worn down, even worn out. AIDS can be traced back to self-abuse, most notably use of antibiotics and poppers in the gay community, but also hemophilia and malnutrition.

Our medical system is corrupt, and research is run from above by grants, and those grants control what is being researched. It’s a money chase. When Richard Gallo and Luc Montagnier declared that HIV, a retrovirus that has never even been isolated much less photographed, was the cause of AIDS, they should have been pilloried, as they did so without evidence. They announced their findings without scientific papers, but rather by press conference. After that, all money for research involving AIDS was directed at HIV. Billions upon billions have been wasted.

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NFL Remains Key Uncensored Coronavirus Source

We live in highly censored times. The mainstream media only reports items fitting their narratives. Scientists only report statistics fitting their narratives. It can be next to impossible to pick apart information from the media and scientists to get an uncensored look at this coronavirus hysteria situation.

Where has the best information come from? Interestingly, it has been the National Football League providing the most unfiltered coronavirus information! Who would have thought?

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Contaminating the Human Virome: SARS-CoV-2

Discussion on my Chromosome 8 clarification post was very interesting and left me with a few big takeaways.

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