What of this “Trust” Fund?

Trust Fund

The above image is making the rounds on Facebook. Later in this post I will talk about the so-called “Social Security Trust Fund” and how it never was and never will be. For now I want to thank my friend Kevin for putting up his post directly below called A Crashing Success, as it offers an easy and early escape  from this post about (cue violin screech) … taxes!!!

Go now, quickly, or prepare to be flooded with the conceptual abstractions that are used to justify the theft of our hard-earned money. The words “hard-earned” are important, as there are other forms of wealth that are easily owned by people who by pure chance slid down the right birth canals – trust funds, stocks and bonds, inherited wealth and Cayman bank accounts. The essential feature of taxation is that hard-earned money is heavily taxed, while the birth-canal funds are only lightly touched, if at all, by the IRS.

So journey with me now beneath the fold, or make your escape. The particular tax I am going to write about has a name you might know, one that sounds like a disease or the claw of a wild beast. It is called … “FICA.” From that word springs the myth of something called a “Trust Fund.”

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A Crashing Success

One of the Hollywood actresses that I profiled for my Sewing Circle article was a woman named Marguerite Clark.  Her story involved so many unlikely coincidences that I decided a closer examination was required.

Marguerite Clark was second only to Mary Pickford in popularity during the silent film era.  That level of fame only comes from being promoted by the studio and being cast in desirable roles.  As we now know, Hollywood is comprised of descendants of European peerage, and they only promote and advance their own privileged and pampered prodigy.  No hayseed from Ohio ever stumbled off a Greyhound bus and into stardom, but that’s what we are expected to believe happened in the case of Marguerite Clark.  I don’t buy it.  The fact that Clark’s entire family history is denied to us is a significant indicator that she was very well connected.  Her NY Times obituary provides some confirmation in this regard since it lists a cousin named Hugh R. Wilson, former United States Ambassador to Germany.
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The Plausibility Index

Our friend and fellow writer, Tyrone McCloskey, has started a new blog called The Plausibility Index. I urge all readers to pay it a visit. He has a unique writer’s voice.

I don’t wish to detract attention from Kevin’s very interesting piece below, but wanted to get this publicity out there. Though we are five writers on a common blog here, we are often of five minds about various matters. Ty chose to use a separate outlet to voice some of his personal reflections, but is still on board here, and for that I am thankful. .

The Sewing Circle – (Part 1)

This article is just my opinion based on the lifestyles of the subjects profiled.

“Sewing Circle” is a phrase used to describe the underground, closeted lesbian and bisexual film actresses of Hollywood, particularly during Hollywood’s golden age from the 1910s to the 1950s.  The actress Alla Nazimova (godmother of former first lady Nancy Reagan) was the one credited with coining the term.  Many of the actresses that I will be profiling in this series were rumored or admitted lesbians.  The remainder were childless and/or unmarried throughout their lives.  Since women can have several reasons for not having children, this does not prove anything.  You may decide for yourself.  Keep in mind, though, that over the course of the 19th century, the average American woman gave birth to six children, not including children lost to miscarriages and stillbirths.  And globally, up to 1965, the average woman had more than five children.


None of the birth control methods of the 19th century (aside from infanticide and abortion) were particularly effective, and none of them were new.  Withdrawal by the male, douching and vaginal suppositories were around in ancient times and common in the 19th century.  In 1838 condoms and diaphragms were produced with vulcanized rubber. It was second in popularity to withdrawal but was not advocated as birth control.  Instead, it was to be used to prevent venereal disease.  The most effective form of birth control was (and still is) abstaining from sexual intercourse (with men).

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Otohelminthiasis—Part 4: Coda … Enjoying Your Music Fast

My huckleberry friends

Play it again, Sam.  And again.  And again.  And again. 

Recently I had the chance to borrow a friend’s vacation home on an island. It was a great break, very refreshing … up until the drive home. It was a long one, most of a day. I left around 4 am and kept going until midnight.

I am not normally one to listen to music in the car, but around 6 pm I needed something upbeat just to ensure that drowsiness didn’t set it. The car I was using happened to have satellite radio, so I began to explore the range of channels. Most of them weren’t my cup of tea, but I did find a sequence of stations playing pop music by decade: ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, and one called Pop2K for the years after that. The last four stations were the ones that I focused on, since I was listening to the radio still in those decades, and it was kind of fun to take a drive down Memory Lane.

I would switch from ‘70s to ‘80s to ‘90s to ‘00s music continually until I found an oldie that I enjoyed. Often there was nothing for several minutes that I recognized, so I sat and studied the differences between the decades—acoustic guitar gave way to electric guitar gave way to synthesizers, and then acoustic guitar came back around with the new millennium.

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Pro$perity Pu$hers

Every day, all over the world, devout Christians are following the teachings of Jesus by treating others as they wish to be treated themselves.  Church leaders are comforting those who mourn and inspiring the faithful.  Christian institutions are providing safe havens to the downtrodden and a moral compass for their communities.  But in this age of technology, new teaching has emerged known as the “Prosperity Gospel.”  This materialistic and heretical theology is being promoted by celebrities who perform on stages in megachurches across the country.  Through sermons, social media, and TV shows, they teach that God wants you to be rich, but he cannot bless you unless you first send a “seed-faith offering” to whichever televangelist tells you about this scheme.  Did you not receive what you were hoping for?  You must have had too little faith, and you probably did not sow enough.

Anybody that has read the Gospels should know that Jesus never promoted any such thing.  In fact, he explicitly warned his followers to avoid seeking earthly treasure. white7

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How to Rig a U.S. Senate Election

I realize for many POM readers this is nothing out of the ordinary.  There is, however, the possibility that a little explaining may move others from their constant state of cognitive dissonance to a better understanding of the electoral fraud perpetuated every two years in the U.S.  by an army of actors, “players” (and other  predator types) and funders.  Citizen-voters are the mark, always have been.

This particular example is being played out in Montana, USA.  I will be short.  Here https://www.greatfallstribune.com/story/news/2018/06/11/montana-senate-candidates-debate-forums/692623002/ we can see on public display another key element — media manipulation of political debates — of the anatomy of a “rigged election.” This element alone cannot sway an entire election, but helps enforce the myth that there’s an organic “two-party” system.  No journalism, no democracy, no moral foundation, just power and money talking.

As a Green Party candidate, thousands of signatures of registered voters must be gathered just to qualify to appear on the ballot.  Montana has cleverly created a petition deadline in March.  I’m usually skiing from November through March.  So, we can add the March (winter) deadline for third-party signature requirements to the other obstacles erected to eliminate competition.  This year Greens qualified for the ballot.

Add the $1,750 filling fee for U.S. Senate and U.S. House candidates.  In a state with a median annual income of less than $50,000, that can be a significant barrier to any prospective candidate.

Reacting to Greens qualifying for the November ballot, Democrats sued the Montana Secretary of State for certifying “irregular” signatures in key voting districts.  Democrats are desperate to disqualify and remove the Green Party from the ballot.  This lawsuit is pending in state district court, which effectively grinds any Green Party campaign to a halt because of the uncertainty it creates.  Try fundraising in this atmosphere?  Who wants to spend money promoting a Green candidate when it could all end tomorrow by judge’s order?  There is a bit of irony to all this, of course.  For decades Democrats have been screaming about voter suppression by Republicans. They even have an entire plank https://www.democrats.org/party-platform#voting-rights in the party platform on protecting voter’s rights.  So, we can add the list Democrats suing to oust Greens from the ballot and suppress any possibility of voters choosing a Green Party candidate in November’s general election.

Now cometh the Montana Broadcasters Association, cheerfully putting its thumb on the scales of fair competition and open debate.  Alone, this corporate meddling may not be a game-changer, but when added to the other obstacles thrown down to stop competition in American elections, it is significant.  Rigging debates could be the final nail in  Montana’s so-called “democratic-elections.”

The “our democracy” meme is a huge lie we all live with daily.  Repeated ad nauseam in the mainstream media, we’re keeping the illusion alive for unsuspecting voters.  This could be called the “Tinkerbell effect.”  Clap if you want to keep democracy alive.

So, here in Montana, we’re working hard to make sure you cannot vote for the candidate of your choice (association and free speech).  Third party candidates threaten the fake two-party system, and therefore cannot be treated equally under the law, or anywhere in the media either.  The First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution have no real meaning in everyday American life. Free and fair elections simply do not exist today. And, yes, journalism is as rare as bird shit in a cuckoo clock.


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