Report from the asylum: 1,920 reported Vaccine deaths so far

Imagine the following: It is illegal to rob convenience stores, but anyone doing so is exempt from punishment. In order for store owners to be compensated for their losses, they have to submit a report to the CSRRS, the Convenience Store Robbery Reporting Service. By that means, the taxpaying public reimburses stores for losses … sometimes. It takes time, and losses are never fully reimbursed. Further, the reimbursement system is not publicized. You have to know about it.

What if someone gets killed during a convenience store robbery? That too should be reported, but nothing is done about it. Maybe there is reimbursement far down the line.

As it turns out, the people who rob stores and kill clerks and owners long ago approached Congress seeking protection. They feared jail time – who doesn’t? Because this is an insane planet run by corrupt and insane psychopaths, a law was passed protecting robbers and murderers, and the (mostly secret) CSRRS was established as window dressing. Yes, you can get the information on stores robbed and people killed, and yes, some have been reimbursed. You just have to know where to look.

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Protest and Flashmobs Enjoying Spring Out in the Real World.

People may not have seen this on the MSM. Obviously, this is not what the minders have in mind.

If protest aren’t your thing, Freedom Flash Shopping or Freedom Flashmobs my be your thing. Creativity is alive and well in the world. Whatever works for you.

Tired of the same old shit, try something else. Love it! Do it! Take great care.

Angry, alliterative Arab? Atlanta also?

I received an email this morning hoping that I was safe after the event in Boulder, a city perhaps 90 minutes from here. I had no idea what he was talking about and so checked the news. Sure enough, a mass shooting at a King’s Sooper killing ten. I have looked high and low for that 11th victim, not to be. Apparently shooter Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa was a dead-on gunman, killing every victim, none wounded.

Boulder police did their part, holding a long procession last evening to mourn one of the fake victims, a fake policeman. I then noticed there had been a mass shooting in Atlanta, killing 8. That’s more like it!

Does this signal the end of the fake pandemic? Are we back to business as usual?

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Part 6: Rise of the Cybernetic Wizard ~ Bio-Nanorobots to the Rescue?

“We’ll have nanobots that . . . connect our neocortex to a synthetic neocortex in the cloud . . . Our thinking will be a . . . biological and non-biological hybrid.”

~ Ray Kurzweil, TED 2014

Part 6 of the Series, “Of Monkeys, Mice and Men: From Natural Bodies to Digitized Bots”

Influenza and Zika and COVID, oh my! 

Not to worry . . . the pandemic panopticon-obsessed problem-reaction solutionaries are here to save us! So they say . . . 

In November 2020, I had an “aha” moment, when reading Hacking Matter: Levitating Chairs, Quantum Mirages, and the Infinite Weirdness of Programmable Atoms. The author, Wil McCarthy, who holds a patent in the sector of quantum dot technology, asserted, “At the nanoscale, where we find very tiny, very simple objects . . . the behavior of particles is governed by quantum mechanics . . . your ‘gut feel’ about how a particle should behave is virtually useless for predicting what it will actually do. This is because on the nanoscale, what we call ‘particles’ are really ‘probability waves’ . . . Probability waves can do ‘impossible’ things like leaping across an impenetrable barrier, or existing in many places at the same time, or apparently predicting the future, or being influenced by distant events much faster than the speed of light should allow.” McCarthy continued, “Objects much smaller than a micron in size start to behave in some very non-Newtonian ways . . .” 

Essentially, at the nanoscale, quantum effects begin to dominate the behavior of matter. Let’s just say it gets more spooky.  

I have a sense that when top scientists discovered the bio-nano realm with their atomic force microscopes, they saw a land of opportunity for profit (i.e., in the field of bio-nanomedicine), but I also think they saw a land of plenty — intriguing depths of additional space with which to harness control. The nano space, similar to secret societies, has been highly occulted, as unsuspecting human beings are not equipped with atomic force microscopes with which to peer into our bodies, and the bodies of neighboring plants and animals. There is an entire world inside all of us much smaller than the micro level. When heading way down to the bottom of life’s existence, life has a meaning and function that literally disobeys the laws of gravity.

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Joseph and the amazing technicolor green screen

h/t Ab on this – go to the one-minute mark and see if you see anything strange going on. There is a shortened version of this video over at Fakeologist, with a lively discussion. I don’t know quite what to make of it. In the shortened version shown at Ab’s, the assumption is that Biden is part of a layer operation done with Photoshop, and the microphone layer is accidentally placed  in the layer below him, making them pass through his hands and behind him. That’s just sloppy. That, and they appear gargantuan, as big as tree stumps. The narrator there suggests that the entire White House Lawn is a green screen, and who knows – that small snippet might be that.

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(At least) 1,609 vaccine deaths and counting

(Keep in mind that these numbers are probably seriously under-reported. VAERS is an obscure voluntary reporting system.)

  • As of 3/19/2021: 1,609 deaths, 3,958 hospitalized

This post is an addendum I added after more research on the post below. VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) was set up when vaccine makers were exempted from liability for their products. This system, which hardly anyone knows about, is a means by which people injured or killed by vaccines can get some compensation. In the paper from the Miles Mathis site, Vaccine Deaths and Injuries, the author cites statistics from VAERS, which were current at the time. More importantly, he gives us a way to stay current, as follows:

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Hammerin’ Hank, Larry King, RIP

The post immediately below this should be ignored. I thought about taking it down, but must live with my mistakes, as we all do. I have been critical in the past of Miles Mathis taking the Covid-19 hoax too lightly, and have suspected that the “vaccine” for the nonexistent disease might be a placebo. It is not. It is apparently killing people. I claimed below that I am starting out knowing nothing, and at lease that part was accurate.

This post, from an anonymous author and published at the Mathis site, is 74 pages printed, but most of it can be called “anecdotal,” as it is news reports from around the world of people dying of Covid-19 vaccines. The opening part has to be labeled “speculative,” as it is projections on the number of vaccine deaths and illnesses we are not hearing about due to systematic under-reporting by VAERS, CDC and the news media. But there is an underlying theme to all of it, that CDC and news agencies are turning a blind eye to what is becoming a large body of evidence. Full speed ahead, as planned all along with the vaccine, the supposed “virus” a mere means of scaring people into taking it.

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Wither the vax?

*See Footnote!

Sorry to scare visitors here with that face.

I have been using Photoshop for a few years now, paying $10 a month for a whole array of their programs from Bridge to Light Room to PS itself. It has always been my intention to do a deep dive and become proficient at the programs, but to date I’ve spend several hundred dollars to do some facial overlays by messing with opacity, and straightening faces for the purpose of face chops. Quite a waste of money. So two days ago I got hold of a training video, three hours long, and did the dive. It’s useful, as the photos we use are offered as a download so that we can work together. It requires two screens, one to watch and listen, the other to work along with the narrator.

It’s a very complicated program with many details, shortcuts, and features I don’t need. I decided as I stumbled through the training video that I would have to watch it three, maybe four times to become a little more skilled. I once considered auditing classes on the subject, but the closest that is available to is Boulder, and anyway, since masking began I don’t do any activity that might require it. Honestly, I was considering doing the Audubon Christmas Bird Count last December, but the organizer is a Covid Zealot. Once, before the insanity set in, we were on a bird outing on the South Platte, and I expressed skepticism about the virus, and he asked me if I was a scientist. I think he’s a bird brain.

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Watts up in Texas?

I follow a website called Watts Up With That, self-proclaimed as the world’s most viewed site on global warming and climate change. Anthony Watts is a weatherman, as we used to call them, now formally known as meteorologists. His website is lively and fun, generally offering up ten or more new posts per day. Last I checked, it had accumulated 440,845,347 hits in its lifetime. That kind of traffic makes POM seem like a wart on an elephant.

Most recently, curious about what had transpired in Texas, I went to WUWT to see what Anthony had posted. I came across A Closer Look at What Happened in Texas During the Deep Freeze, a very long and complex piece by Chris Martz, whose blog is his namesake, and which is tagged “Weather and climate for the curious and open-minded.” He is described as an “aspiring meteorologist.” To keep it simple (for my sake!), I am going to focus on two things, how so much cold air made its way to Texas, and what happened and why.

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