Our Dam Obesity Problem

The following does not constitute medical advice. It is opinion. Before you make any changes to your medications, diet, or lifestyle, be sure that the person in charge of overseeing your health care is fully informed. By the way—that person is you and you alone.

If You’ve Got the Tide®, We’ve Got the Cheer®

Ever heard of pica? Not the font size—the eating disorder. Pica is the habit of ingesting things that are not food: dirt, drywall, chalk, clay, and so on. Some people see a box of laundry detergent, and their mouths start watering.

Pica has many causes, but a chief one is mineral deficiency. People who are low on iron, for example, often chew on ice; those low on zinc may dab a moist finger into the laundry soap for a nibble. Their taste for Tide® comes from their body’s unconscious craving for something it is not getting enough of. The non-food items rarely satisfy nutritional needs, but at least the pica-sufferer is not trying the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Continue reading

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Old Show Biz: Dennis Hopper

A little levity from the files of Old Hollywood courtesy of my old man… and this time you can believe every word of it.

But First…

Serenity Now*, the halfway house down the road from Olive View hospital in the Westwood district of LA housed twenty men, including Pop, who had just been released from the psych ward after a second attempt on his own life. The drop off the ladder would have snapped his neck but the cross beam was weaker than the force of his weight on the rope, so the game continued.  (* Fake name)

He had graduated from the bin a hero, having accidentally drawn a seeming catatonic out of her stalled awareness by sketching her portrait. Passing the time with pencils, charcoal and oil sticks, Pop zeroed in on this patient, a young woman, twenty if a day, the perfect model under the circumstances, who sat motionless for hours in her corner of the rec room, staring at the floor a foot beyond the hem of her hospital gown.

Her colorless skin and the darkened ridges around her eyes made soft pencils the obvious choice; there was no hue to play with, only the cut-outs of her features against the off white of her skin.

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POM and the MSM

Family duties of late has exposed me to television on a regular basis for the first time in  ages- The show I find most amusing is from NBC- Timeless is the title of the show and it’s a reimagining of the old 60’s lunacy, The  Time Tunnel, from ABC-

I will not belabor too much at the risk of the collective readership’s forehead crashing through the tabletop in a narcoleptic seizure but I do want to let TV-free readers know just how reliant TV is on conspiracy culture these days-

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New menus: Recycle Bin and “Under Review”

Recent public criticism of our work mentioned that there is a Gresham’s Law at work in research as done here, that bad work will crowd out good work. I was defensive about that, but on further reflection decided it is valid criticism, and I need to take a good hard look at past work I have done.

Much of my work on twins will stand, I hope, but not without review. Some of it I will leave alone – McCartney, John Lennon, Janis Joplin for instance, as we found confirming evidence in childhood photos and/or the fact that they are so different in appearance that they are easily distinguished. Elvis Presley, discovered by another researcher (who is given due credit in the article), is very difficult to distinguish but had two certificates of live birth, good evidence. Mark David Chapman stood against background wall height measurements as a fake prisoner, one a couple of inches taller than the other. This confirms the photo evidence. However, if photo evidence is by itself questionable, the project has to die.

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Matt Damon impersonates Tom Brady on Kimmel Live

I was passively watching a rerun of Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday while fiddling with something else, when he announced that New England quarterback Tom Brady was on. Right away I thought spoof, and as the door opened and a fully clad football player walked out, I instantly knew, even before the big reveal, that it was Matt Damon.

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Time Magazine has a penchant for giving us the enemies du jour of the empire in a most frightening fashion, almost caricature. Sometimes they even use parts of the word “Time” as devil’s horns, as above. I’ve seen on Facebook that Steve Bannon is scaring people, and this cover by Time confirms that something is up. Time is always lockstep with the latest propaganda push.They are using him as a scarecrow.

See below the fold for a rogue’s gallery of Time covers over the years.

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Dumpster diving

I am going to post a video here for viewing beneath the fold, but I want to emphasize – IT IS TRASH! In my “Response…” piece posted yesterday I mentioned that Dallas Goldbug is a noise maker, deliberately putting out crappy work in order to discredit good work. So, too, is the guy called “Jungle Surfer,” who made this video.

It has also been suggested that the work we do here is slippery and not credible, possibly aimed at discrediting similar work. So I thought this would be a good opportunity to highlight the difference between fake comparisons that manipulate the images in order to force a desired outcome, and our approach, which ensures the faces are accurately compared by means to a common measurement, pupil distance, so that they can be properly compared. I suppose you could also call that a manipulation if you wanted to, but I just call it part of the careful methodology we’ve developed.

In the video, he claims that Princess Diana faked her death, is a “tranny” (that sort of talk is all over the disinfo sites these days), and is now David Furnish who married to Elton John. What a load of …  Continue reading

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Response to Miles Mathis

See update 2/15/2017 down below.

We were surprised recently by the Miles Mathis post about our website, and so stayed silent. I take this opportunity to address some of his remarks. He criticized three writers here. I’ll address only his remarks about me in addition to vigorously defending our work here at Piece of Mindful.

Before doing so, I want to make this clear: This man solved some of the big riddles of the twentieth century and exposed the inner workings of the Intelligence community, and I admire that. We have always supported him here. That he interprets support as “blackwashing” is unfortunate.

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This is Your Mind on Super Bowl Commercials – Part 1

The Super Bowl is one giant social engineering wet dream. The entire country sitting around a television glued to the commercials, completely oblivious to the psychological effects being beamed on them. I decided to break down each commercial one by one and discuss exactly what they are suggesting to you and how they are affecting you. By the end you will realize that every single one of these commercials is made by the same centralized committee. Madison Avenue is one giant spook operation. My suspicion is that even if you had the money to pay for a Super Bowl ad, they would not allow yours on the air unless it was made by a “pre-approved” ad agency.

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How Deeply Sports is Scripted

With the Super Bowl last night, there is a lot of interest on Conspiracy boards today about game fixing and scripting. Most of it is on a pretty shallow level of the onion (“It’s all about the money, man”, “It’s just the refs”, “It’s just a couple players”). I made some really long posts in the comments section of old articles that have gotten some interest online. I decided to put everything here while scripted sports are a topic of debate so it can be found easily.

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