Sir Faul revisited

Note to readers: The following is a piece I wrote in early 2016. I was still quite wet behind the ears, and new to the idea that the truth is not only “out there,” but barely hidden and often easily discovered. I originally wrote it in hopes that Miles Mathis would publish it (without using my name), but he found it to be of low quality, and said he could not use it as I had put it together. That was OK, as it was a first attempt, so I gave him all of my work and asked that he merely credit me with any that he used as a “Friend in Colorado.”

He did so, and added much, much more. I wish to be clear, he did not plagiarize a word, and his final piece was his own with due credit to my small contribution, the discovery that “Paul McCartney” is actually two men whose real names we can only guess at, and that “Mike McGear” is a hired actor.

I am still damp behind the ears, and would have written the piece much differently then knowing what I know now. So I am rewriting it now, just for sheer enjoyment.

Sir Faul

Boat photo with arrows

It all started with the boat photo, and two “Paul’s” visible. I have arrows pointing at them in the photo above. I saw this photo long before I discovered the McCartney twins, and it stuck with me. But I did not know to follow my instincts. It just struck me as very strange.

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Bill O’Reilly, shape shifter, revisited

This post is a re-visit as I promised commenter Graemebird a while back. The subject in question is TV host Bill O’Reilly, and my contention is that he is a zombie, and once went by the name Bobby Fuller, whose only lasting hit was a song called “I fought the law.”

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Looking for researchers to explore the Manchester bombing event

Some time ago I wrote a very long post on the (fake) death of singer John Denver. I only mention it here because what I discovered is that the truth is very thinly concealed. While it took a lot of effort to piece it all together, most of it was readily available on Wikipedia, in newspaper accounts, and by means of a phone call or two to the Monterey County Sheriff/Coroner, Pitkin County (Aspen, CO) courts, and the NTSB.

The thing is that no one ever did that research before. Certainly none in the media would undertake the project, as they are part of the cover-up.  Consequently, easily discovered truth is easily accessible to average citizens. They are sure that no one will do it, and equally sure that even if someone does, it will never be publicized.

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Another photo


As long as we are doing photo analysis, and the comments beneath the last post were so enlightening, I am tossing another in the mix.

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Something’s not right …


I need other eyes on this photo. It is Governor Steve Bullock of Montana, who is positioned in the political spectrum as a “liberal,” and so who is forced now and then to mouth progressive-sounding platitudes. In this  photo, he is taking credit for some schools getting a breakfast program grant.

The photo looks hinky to me. What do you think?

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Group psychosis

I was just reading this morning, in an archeological book, about how scientists actively suppress information that goes against the grain. By my nature I am a justice seeker,  and so want to read malevolence into the process. There is some of that I know, but mostly not. The process is built around fear. A group consensus naturally forms in any given endeavor, and those who go against it find themselves unable to maintain their livelihood. Unless independently wealthy or stubborn beyond the norm, deviants eventually fold into the group.

Dr. Judy Wood* caught my attention as she described why people are resistant to the idea that the events of 9/11 (just used here as an example – this post is not about that) were anything other than described by the media. She laid it out as follows:

  • People are ill-served by our system of education, and have poor thinking and research skills.
  • People are ruled by the phenomenon we call “groupthink,” as seen by the author of the book on archeology noted above. This is an inbred system of marginalization and even punishment for those who deviate from mainstream thought.
  • People are frightened by the implications of what they might learn if they deviate from the mainstream.

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It’s All Greek To Me…

This is in response to Miles Mathis’ latest where he touches on the lineage of the Greek tycoons of Onassis’ vintage. This POM post is also wild speculation with no foundation in admissible evidence, but I feel compelled to pick at this zit a little more.

In an email from last year I suggested JFK Jr. might be Greek royalty, JFK’s marriage to Jackie just an assignment for both parties. Jackie’s visit to Greece in October of ’63 was never properly explained beyond a generic diplomatic/personal vacation thing in my view. What’s the big deal with Greece at that point in the Kennedy administration? Jackie’s married sister was allegedly playing house with Ari Onassis, but that would be something to hide, not show in front of the world’s newsreel cameras.

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Protect, restore and expand US forests

For several hundred million years forests have been consuming carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing carbon.  That stored carbon is released into the atmosphere when we cut down or burn trees and disturb forest soils.  Since the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, one-third of all carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere from human activities have been a result of deforestation.

One way to accelerate the removal of carbon dioxide that is already in the atmosphere is by restoring degraded U.S. forests and soils. If we reduce logging and unsustainable uses of wood, we can significantly increase the rate at which our forests remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and ensure that it will remain stored in naturally-functioning forest ecosystems. Continue reading

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On the matter of Seth Rich

I finally looked into the matter of the death of Seth Rich this morning. I found out he was 27 years old.

That’s all I needed to know.

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The Bradley Manning saga

Mannings 3

Above are three photos of Bradley Manning. I was suspicious at one time that they were pulling a body switch on us, but there is not enough evidence to make that assertion. However, I was very suspicious that his arrest, torture, and of course sex change operation, were not real. Now, after doing research for this piece, I am not certain that they were fake, although he was, I believe, merely used as a tool.

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