Coffee without the cream

Last weekend there was a video presentation by Drs. Kaufman and Cowen, which can be located here. It is very long, and the technology they use, called Webinarjam, is clunky. Even though it is now in replay mode, you cannot fast forward or go back. There is on the right hand side a comment thread, but they roll by so fast you cannot read them, nor can you stop them. Neither can you search the comments for keywords. I think the creators of the software deserve a hat tip nonetheless, so here is to you Mrs. Olsen’s fourth grade class.

There is at a point far into the video (it cannot be time stamped) a Q&A, and very shortly into that session a Dr. Wilson called and did quite a monologue on how Kaufman and Cowen are misrepresenting the virus isolation process. Kaufman asked him if he had a paper on the matter, and yes, said Wilson, he had linked to it twice in the comments. Good luck on finding those links using Webinarjam. In the end, Wilson promised to send the paper to both Kaufman and Cowen, who would read and report back.

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Climate Change: A Mild Case of Covid


This is not new to me or anyone who has followed the “climate change” hoax. Due to increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, the planet is [not getting warmer, but rather] greening. Better yet, we are producing more food. 

Here’s a post, Fantastic Findings: German Study Shows Added CO2 Has Led to 14% More Vegetation Over the Past 100 Years!, which I picked up at Watts Up With That, the website I use to keep abreast of climate matters. It is named after its founder, Anthony Watts, a TV meteorologist. 

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Part 9: Tuned In ~ A Mother’s Intuition on Transmission from the Jabbed to the Un-Jabbed

Part 9 of the Series, “Of Monkeys, Mice and Men: From Natural Bodies to Digitized Bots”

My maternal instinct leads me to sense a relatively new feature has been added to the dystopian, anti-life, nature-defeating and dangerous game afoot . . . Given the abundance of anecdotal reports from women (both injected and non-injected with medical devices pertaining to COVID) exhibiting menstrual irregularities, and pregnant women enduring unexplained miscarriages, I have been occupied with ascertaining knowledge about the potential method of transmission. What I have uncovered, within the context of engineered nanoparticles (ENPs), may be applicable to plausible concerns that have surfaced in the past month. 

Accordingly, multiple researchers have been questioning, speculating, and even debating amongst themselves with respect to the mode of passage from one jabbed person to another, who is unjabbed. These bright minds are also attempting to hone in on precisely what is being transmitted. Please read here (Makia Freeman posits that re-wiring genetic code may be affecting physical and energetic fields), and watch here (from the 28 to 37 minute timestamps, Dr. Carrie Madej suggests injected people may be acting as wireless antennae), here (David Icke hypothesizes the jabbed may be broadcasting a frequency), and here (five prominent physicians emphasize this is an undetermined form of transmission, but not viral shedding) in this regard.

The central question I would like to address is as follows: If ENPs are present in these new, experimental injections — purportedly addressing a new condition called COVID — are they able to be transmitted to non-injected individuals; and if so, by what mechanism?

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A justification for wilderness

This is normally Steve Kelly’s area of expertise, as he is a lifelong wilderness advocate. It has long been an interest of mine as well. My activities in wilderness ceased when I resigned in disgust from the Montana Wilderness Association years ago. While I was an active member, the group was always short of money, the trademark of a genuine environmental group. Over the years, the Pew Charitable Trusts, as an active strategy, took over funding of groups like MWA, removing anyone with a backbone and replacing them with industry “collaborators,” or people who do not believe in confrontation.

They are showered in cash from Pew and other organizations that want to put an end to wilderness activism. MWA now has a large and well-paid staff  (I count 21, whereas when I was a member there were three), and they all wear outdoor apparel and appear in natural settings. Their main funtion is to make the group look like it is doing useful activities while accomplishing nothing. I don’t imagine them to be outdoorsy. 

Pew’s task is now complete. MWA is an industry front group, and not a proponent or defender of wilderness.

(One good thing came out of my years with MWA – it is how I met my wife.)

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Resist much, obey little

Not sure I want to publish this, as it is something I ran across via someone to get to the original, and I am not even sure it is an exact quote nor have I read the entirety of the original, nor will I. Poetry to me in all my life has only had meaning when read to me by someone else with the necessary inflections, deep voice and added drama. If it is just words on a page with me alone, it deflects off me like wind outside as I drive my truck, sheltered from it. It just doesn’t affect me. I wish I knew more than I do and appreciated more than I do how poetry works. There are a few phrases that move me, and I have them on a bulletin board behind me, so well known that I don’t need name the authors …

If you can hold your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you …

Whose woods these are I think I know,
His house is in the village though…

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day…

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Necessary Illusions

Necessary Illusions is a 1989 book by Noam Chomsky which I most likely read in 1990 or so, long before I was capable of grasping the message delivered by the book. It is subtitled “Thought Control in Democratic Societies.” I could see at that time that propaganda was a major industry, but thought we had escape chutes to exit, exist and think for ourselves. I had no idea of the degree, in 1990, of control that already existed. I would be fated to indulge in partisan politics, voting, and permitted exit chutes, Ralph Nader and Chomsky himself, for example.

I don’t have the book anymore, but won’t go looking for it. Wikipedia does a short blurb on it, comparing the phrase “necessary illusions,” which I understand to have originated with the Canadian cleric Reinhold Niebuhr, with the works of others: “noble lies” (Plato), “public relations” (Edward Bernays), and “myth making” (Machiavelli). All for our own good. We’re sheep, and need to be herded.

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The Ted Bundy nightmare … a hoax

Ted Bundy was an American serial killer who had 30 or more victims in the 1970s, and is suspected of even more. He was captured in Florida, and executed on January 24, 1989. He was 42 years old.

BundyThat’s the official story. I just spent the last hour or so re-reading two papers by Miles W. Mathis on Bundy, one from 2014, and the other 2018. That part was fun, as the papers read well. In the 2014 paper, MM tries to tie Ted Bundy, pictured to the right, as a true member of the Bundy family, Boston ultra-wealth and lineage with members like Willliam (foreign affairs advisor to both JFK and LBJ), and McGeorge (yes, that was his real name) (National Security Advisor to the same two presidents). He might well hit that nail, as Ted Bundy bears strong resemblance to the Bundy line.

In the 2018 paper, MM follows the Bundy trail of murders through Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado and finally Florida. It’s really hilarious to read, the things they expect us to believe. I won’t repeat anything here as the papers are easily available to the reader. Just enjoy them as I did. I am neither going to add to or detract from the Mathis work, as what I do here is my own research. His stands by itself, as does mine.

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Is Jerry Sandusky innocent?

A hat tip to another blog for posting last week in regards to Penn State convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky, and allegations of his innocence from investigative reporter John Zeigler. To get deep into it as I have, you will have to listen to a couple of two-and-one-half hour broadcast from Thaddeus Russell, starting here. Zeigler also runs a website called Framing Paterno. In addition are more interviews and a long series of blog posts, 2012-present by Zeigler.  You are, like me, on your own. I spent a weekend, maybe ten or twelve hours of listening and reading and came out refreshed. Now is time to write, hopefully capturing the immensity of the injustice done to Jerry Sandusky.

I am a walking thinker, that is, I cannot just sit and listen to people talk. I have to move about. Maybe this is why schooling never did me much good, as I watched the mouths of teachers and saw the cascades of words coming out of them, but they did not cross the divide. John Cleese, quoting someone else I am not going to run down, told us that a teacher’s lecture is a series of notes on paper that become a series of notes on the student’s paper, without passing through the mind of either.

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Comment by TimR for discussion

Mark, I have a topic request, if you or any of the blog authors would consider addressing it – to wit, I’d like to see a post/ discussion about your views of what the US – and other countries around the world – may look like five, ten, and twenty years down the line.

Especially I’d like to read your take on Ab’s and MM’s projections, insofar as they’ve sketched them out. Ab has laid out a thumbnail sketch in many recent audios. I think you’ve said you listen while puttering around the workshop so maybe you’re familiar? In a nutshell – Ab sees the US and Canada as destined to be turned into resource colonies for a voracious China, their populations abandoned to the vicissitudes of some flavor of technocratic communism, herded into city centers, and so on (I’m sure he’d tell you himself if you’ve missed his comment on this.)

Miles, meanwhile, has outlined a ramping up of the current pseudo-liberal craziness, followed by a planned “conservative” backlash designed to generate support for a return of Trump (or other front man) to spearhead a more robust totalitarian police state (further details of what he’s projected escape me at the moment, or have not been forthcoming.)

Of course, I’d also be interested in what many of the commenters here have to say about their projections for future conditions – hopefully such a post would spark that discussion.

I’d ask that the post (and discussion) especially might address projected outcomes in the US, and other Western or “developed” nations, vs the “global south” or “developing nations” such as South America, Africa, etc. Western Europe vs Eastern Europe. And so on.

Personally, I find myself very persuaded by Ab’s thumbnail – although, it is very thumbnail – and, while it may be based on WHO or WEF projections, I’m sure their projections of fifty or seventy years ago didn’t always go exactly according to plan, or at least not quite according to timeline (as given out by their oracles at the time.) “There’s oft many any a slip between the lip and the cup.” Miles’ more limited and short-term projection also seems plausible, and compatible with Ab’s projection broadly speaking.

(While I’m making requests, I’d throw this out to Ab as well if he happens to be reading – maybe this would make a good topic for a roundtable discussion on Fakeologist, if he could gather some of the best voices there and get them to opine.)

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Another small piece of paradise won’t be destroyed today.

A little good news for trees and critters in the upper Priest River area in northern Idaho. After years of battling the U.S. Forest Service and it’s work games, a federal judge wasn’t fooled by the “happy talk” and sent the agency back to the drawing board. This by no means is the end of this battle, but it does demonstrate, I believe, that the simple strategy of endless pressure, endlessly applied can produce positive results, even in the face of overwhelming odds against winning. The misuse of the “categorical exclusion” to NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) is one of the Forest Service’s favorite administrative maneuvers to further one of the primary neo-liberal economic principles: deregulation.

Always good to stay positive, even when the world seems like it’s crashing down upon us. This piece appeared first in CounterPunch, April 30, 2021.

APRIL 30, 2021

The Legal Showdown at Hanna Flats

BY MIKE GARRITYFacebookTwitterRedditEmail

Hanna Flats, Idaho Panhandle National Forest. Photo: Paul Sieracki.

The upper Priest River area in the Idaho Panhandle National Forest has the largest contiguous area of old-growth cedar, hemlock, and grand fir in the interior Western United States and the largest concentration of ancient cedar stands in northern Idaho.  Because of the bowl-shaped topography the high ridges on three sides capture cold air in the lower elevations and trap cool moist air in the summer.  The result is that the low-elevation winter snowpack is deeper and more persistent than elsewhere in northern Idaho and summertime conditions are relatively moist and cool compared to neighboring areas which makes the area less susceptible to wildfires.

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