JFK jr? Not hardly.

For the record, I am more in agreement with Mark today than I would have been when I wrote JFKTV. The notion of JFK being gay, though, strikes me as unreasonable. There is no solid proof at this late date. No rumors that I can recall. Pictures of him and Lem Billings horsing around as kids is today read as possibly gay but that’s part of the gay agenda- today celebs are assumed gay until proven otherwise, but it is emphasized that that isn’t a bad thing. Gay is so normalized in the media it is hardly news and always seen as a positive. Continue reading “JFK jr? Not hardly.”

Time to recharge batteries …

The above video is a debate between Craig Idso and Jeffrey Bennett on climate change. Idso has a PhD in geography and runs the website Center for Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change. Typical of our corrupt times, trying to find that web page on the Google leads to a host of other sites that attack it, beginning with the DeSmogBlog, which has a long list of people whose character and intelligence it impugns. I recently asked the proprietors at Desmog to put me on their list, as even though I am but a lowly retired CPA, I want to be in the good company of the people they demean. No response.

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Speculation on the whereabouts of John F. Kennedy, Jr.

John F. Kennedy, Jr. has to be one of the handsomest men ever to enter and leave the American celebrity landscape. His parentage is superb, so it naturally follows. That may sound like something it is not. I don’t think that John F. Kennedy was his real father.

I do not want to plagiarize anything by our friend Tyrone, and so quote directly from his piece, JFKTV.

Where they go when they “die”

I never would have considered this hypothesis if I couldn’t give a decent answer to the inevitable question: Where did he go after he left the motorcade, Dallas and the presidency? The best guess, and it aligns with the assertion made earlier that they do show you everything if you know what to look for, is Greece, specifically the island of Skorpios in the Ionian Sea. That island was the central compound for the empire of Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis.

In early October of 1963, the international press was allowed seemingly blanket coverage of Jackie’s trip to Skorpios to meet Onassis who was at the time rumored to be sleeping with Jackie’s sister, Lee Radziwill, who was also there. By this volume’s reckoning, the trip was also an eleventh hour review of the plot to secrete JFK onto the island, which was impenetrable by anyone outside the small circle of abettors.

This scenario also makes sense regarding the sham marriage in 1968 between Jackie and Onassis. From that point on, no one would be suspicious of Jackie O hanging out in Greece. No one would suspect that Jackie’s kids were actually with their father.

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Two things …

On Netflix search for a movie called Love, directed by Gaspar Noe. The opening scene by itself is shocking, and later in you will find real, not simulated sex, even a threesome. It is hardcore porn, any ten-year old can easily access it. What is going on here? Netflix is pushing the envelope.

Not that I watched it or anything. The lead actor plays a morose and depressed self-centered loser, and I got tired of listening to him, never making it to the end. “STFU, more sex, less talking!” was my only thought.

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The sugary drink dispenser

Heartland Daily Podcast: Debating Medicare for All (Chris Talgo and Pamela Gronemeyer, MD)

The above is a one-hour debate on health care alternatives, including Medicare for all. To be clear, I support MFA, and understand that Bernie Sanders, controlled opposition, is put in place to prevent it from ever coming to be.

As always, I don’t expect that you will take time from your schedule, busy or otherwise, to listen to something just because I did. So I am going to summarize this hour-log podcast.

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