The three amigos

Note: Kerry promises three more installments to follow in a piece I thought would be a great jumping-off point for commenters.

By Kerry Anderson

As historian buffets go, There is probably no other table quite like the Second World War. Involving over 50 countries and uncountable tribes, ethnic groups, and organized gangs.

It was certainly a World War by most definitions. Casualties, which seem to take up a large chunk of the research space, are a bit hard to pin down. Depending on when one wishes to place the starting line, It could be counted as 5 years, or even longer if one chooses the invasion of Manchuria. Many factors combine to make any calculation of casualties more speculative than hard fact. The lack of accurate population totals both before and after is a big one. Determining the ultimate fate of many people is also a problem, many displaced, missing in action, or simply dropping out to continue their lives, could account for many.

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Entr’acte—A Musical Prank?


Unexpected work responsibilities have kept me from completing the series I started, but I hope to finish it soon.  In the meantime, if you have a moment, ponder with me a question that has been plaguing me for years now.

If you play a prank on someone … does it matter whether they ever figure it out?  I think not.  So long as you’re amused yourself, what’s the difference?

In earlier days, I worked as an assistant for a big shot.  He was not the most fun fellow on the planet .  He was inarticulate, so one of my jobs was to write speeches for him.  On one occasion, I slipped something into his text about being “the master of his domain.” He was an American who put on Continental airs, so I guessed he wouldn’t pick up on the reference. I was right.  He delivered the line and remained clueless thereafter.  But for the last two decades, I have been snickering about the ribald Seinfeldism I made come out of his pissy piehole.  The prank was a success, despite his never catching on. Continue reading “Entr’acte—A Musical Prank?”

The more things change

The More Things Change…by Kevin Starr

Trump Nixon

The “assassination” of JFK in 1963 sparked a countercultural movement during that decade which was slowly but surely squashed by what was then referred to as “the establishment.”   Similarly, the 911 “terror attacks” spawned a truth movement which is currently being quelled by “the controllers.”  Whichever term you use to label “the man,” his tactics for subverting truth and justice remain the same, and one of the most potent weapons in his arsenal is the tried and true strategy of divide and conquer.  The sheeple fall for it every time because, well, there’s a sucker born every second.  Let’s take a moment to compare what’s currently inciting fear and conflict in America to what our forebears were dealing with in the 1960s.


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Misdirection in the AIDS debate

Much of my reading lately has been about AIDS. Borrowing from another source, Richard Milton in his book The Facts of Life: Shattering the Myths of Darwinism. He talks about the groupthink that prevails in neo-Darwinism, concluding late in the book,

Finally, I believe in science and reason – tempered by intuition – offer the only real hope for discovering answers to these baffling questions and I wholeheartedly support the Western scientific method of enquiry. I am, though, concerned that many people, including some scientists, pay lip service to this idea while thinking and acting like intellectual Stalinists.

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Barbara Walters … that damned widow’s peak

The matter of Pamela Courson and Barbara Walters has been festering within me, and I think I might finally be able to resolve it here … to a degree. The idea that triggered the solution was something I noticed back when I first dove in, that Barbara Walters has a slight widow’s peak.

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Did Everett Ruess fake his death?

Note to readers – I received this very interesting submission by frequent commenter Kerry, and am happy to publish it for him.

Did Everett Ruess fake his death?

By: Kerry Anderson

RuessFor readers unfamiliar with the story, Everett Ruess was a 20 year old artist who vanished near the Grand Canyon in November of 1934. At least 2 search parties covered many square miles of rugged terrain. These were experienced locals and Navajo trackers. All that was found was an old campfire, the word “NEMO” (one of his monikers) carved into the sandstone, and his 2 burros, Cockleburrs and Clocolatero, along with their halters. None of his camp equipment, art supplies, or other possessions were ever located.

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Count the Jackson’s

This is just one more item to remove from the backlog, and should be very short, as I don’t feel like working today. (I have a whole bunch of Barbara Walters photos and people who are certain there were not two Walters, but three or more over the years. So I am going to do one more Walters post over the weekend to see where that leads. Where there’s smoke … )

This is Miles W. Mathis from his paper Proof That John Lennon Faked His Death, page 38:

“We have one more turn of the screw before we get back to Lennon. If you are already sitting down,you may want to lie down for this one. When Blackstone faked the death of Jackson, they didn’t really fake Jackson’s death. They faked the death of Jackson’s body double. The real Michael Jackson has been living in Abu Dhabi for many years. The guy in the news during the past decade is Jackson’s body double, who took over all public appearances after about 2001. The guy with the tiny sharp nose: that isn’t even Jackson. It is the body double who was scheduled to go on world tour and whose death was faked. It was the body double they had to whisk away in the fake ambulance and the body double they had to relocate. The real Michael Jackson had relocated long ago.”

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