A post in need of more (and better) work

A short while back we put up a post called John Lennon Family Photos. Some interesting anomalies turned up. I will highlight three of the photos:


The man standing behind the two children is called the “boarder.” But more importantly, the girl has been pasted in. (Her whites are too white, arm lines too sharp.) That was done to hide something.


Again the same boy and girl, and the “boarder.” This time the man on the left is pasted in (his head is too big), and again, this is done to hide something.

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John Lennon family photos

We have found with some performers that their family backgrounds appear to be made up. Jim Morrison, for instance, appears to be pasted in to his family photos as a youth, this one for instance. And here are Janis Joplin and John Denver, obvious paste-ups. Neither belongs.

The question is why? In Joplin’s case, since she was a twin, it could be that she was given a new family to conceal that fact. With Morrison and Denver, perhaps such musical talent is rare in spook families, so they adopted them, or Langley placed them in foster homes for minding. Admiral Morrison would then be “Jim’s” case manager, as would be Lt. Col. Deutschendorf for Denver.

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Mark David Chapman, the man who fake-killed John Lennon, is twins

Note: the following piece is a repeat, and was first published on June 29, 2016. I was looking over published photos of Mark David Chapman, alleged killer of John Lennon, and noticed in mug shots with a height scale in the background that he was two inches taller in some than others. While I was told that was not an important mistake, that prisons are not perfect, I did further analysis and discerned that “he” is twins.

This was way back when twins were not thought to be a regular occurrence. Now that we know that in show business (Chapman is an actor) they are as common as pickpockets at the county fair, I ask readers to look again at the work. I stand by my original conclusions: John Lennon was not murdered, and Mark David Chapman, a set of twins, is (are) not in prison.


Mark David Chapman is the alleged killer of John Lennon. I doubt that he did that, and further doubt that he is in jail. Think about it – how easy would we be to fool in that regard? Once jailed, a person is out of sight and mind. Fake-jailing a person would be easy – just have him show up on occasion for a fake parole hearing or interview.

First I will run three pictures of Chapman here, all supposedly taken in prison.

MDC Original MugThis first one is odd, his original “mug shot.” Keep in mind, there are important pieces of information that prison officials want from a mug shot – height, scars, facial features, date of arrest, prisoner number. For that reason, mug shots are taken with bright lights in front of a camera that slides up and down so as to shoot straight at the face. When the photo is taken, the top of the skull is precisely even with the correct height line. Notice on this mug shot there is no height scale, and that Chapman’s face and neck are shadowed. That is because this is not a mug shot (even as someone is holding up a NYPD prisoner number in the lower left, not seen here). This is a portrait shot of Chapman, not taken in jail. We were easy to fool in 1981  1980, so it worked.

MDC72 Middle AgedNext we have what I call “Chapman 72,” a man six feet tall. I have scrolled the number 72 on each side of his forehead for reasons that will be clear later. Make no mistake, this man and the young man up above line up nicely, and are very close in appearance. In fact, I would say they match up perfectly, even as the one on the right is in his middle years, while the one above is in his twenties.

Chapman 70Next we have “Chapman 70.” He is two inches shorter than the one above. You might think it trivial that there is a two-inch difference in height between these two, and indeed that could be the case. Even though prisons try to do their best work, they cannot always be perfect, so it could be that camera angles were not working properly, and that these are the same man. But I doubt it. This man also has a narrower face. But I will do side-by-side comparisons down below.

MDC72 OldFinally, we have old Chapman. Again, trust me on this, as this man, Mark David Chapman 72, is the same man as seen above with the numbers “72” on his forehead, and the same man as the young man showing at the beginning of this piece.

Young Middle Chapman 72I was certain that all photos with “72” were the same man, as you can see at the left … we get perfect alignment of features.





Chapman young oldAnd again, the young man and the old man, perfect alignment.





72 and 70 ChapmanNow it begins to get a little murkier. This is Chapman 72 and Chapman 70. If it were a mere matter of camera angles, they would match up after the pupil distance is adjusted. And at first glance, they do line up. But look closer … 72 has a much lower ear, and the eye is lower. However, the mouth and nose align perfectly. I would guess here that we are dealing with identical twins, neither of whom is in jail.


Chapman 70 and YoungHere I have done my best to align the features of Chapman 70 and young Chapman, but they are off just slightly, as with 72 and 70 immediately above. While I can get nose and eyes (mostly), the mouths are off, and the chins and ears do not match up.

My conclusion is that there have been two Mark David Chapman’s over the years, and since neither shot John Lennon (who was alive last I saw in 2008), both have been on call to make public appearance for photographs, interviews and parole hearings. They are identical twins, but as tends to happen, over time they changed in appearance enough that on close scrutiny, we can tell the difference.

As we can see with the McCartney twins, and will see in the near future with Elvis Presley twins (thank you Miles Mathis), intelligence services love twins. It gives them flexibility.

The boat photo explained


The above photo initially set me off on a journey that resulted in the discovery of the McCartney twins, Paul and Mike. Just guessing about it back then, I placed it in New York in maybe 1964.

In fact, according to a reliable source who claims no interest in the subject, it was set in the Hudson River in 1968. It was a meeting of Apple executives and the Beatles, with at least John, Paul and Mike present.  I do not see George or Ringo.

In the background then would be the Washington Bridge.

I am told that the man leaning against the rail on the left is not Paul McCartney, but rather a “young John Lennon.” While the photo is simply not clear enough to make such fine distinctions as to his true identity, he is clearly not Lennon. I was supplied the photo below of Lennon, taken on that very trip.


See he is not wearing a tie, as is the man in the left. So in addition to not even vaguely resembling Lennon, he is dressed differently too.

Here’s another shot from that day:


That is Mike McCartney, as I know him anyway, the twin who is also known as our current “Paul” McCartney. I can quickly tell by the hair parted on the right, caused by his cowlick. That was always there from his early childhood days.

For all I know, his name could be Paul, and the original Beatle we knew as Paul could be Mike. The point is, he is the twin. He starred in most of the movie Help!, while original Paul sat out. I have no clue why, but do speculate that Mike had more musical talent than Paul, which is why the original was consigned to caretaker of the McCartney family home. 

Which Beatle wrote Yesterday, you ask? Probably neither. That might well have been George Martin, or at least a collaborative effort including George, as the melodic tones are so different, so much more sophisticated than the other music they were putting out at the time. But authorship of Beatles music is, as I see it, a mystery.

Why are they in a boat in the Hudson River? That’s easy. Since If both Paul and Mike were present, they had to be out of public view. That was a major consideration in management if the group. The twins could never be seen together, could not even be in public at the same time, much less place. (For instance, one could not be sunning on the beach in the Bahamas while the other was performing in New York.)

How did the boat photo become public? We can see that here are at least two cameras on board, as the photo with Lennon has a man with a camera [Mal Evans] in it. I would imagine security around photos was tight, and that all film was documented and confiscated at the end of that day. So the photo was not the result of someone just taking a candid shot and keeping it secret.

So the boat photo might have become public by either of two means … accident, or deliberate leak. I would guess the latter. It seems to me that this gathering of publicity agents, Intelligence types (spooks), musicians and performers called the Beatles liked to toy with us. They leaked it to see if anyone would catch on.They could always deny the photograph to have any substance, and most people would accept the denials.

Mark Staycer fakes being fake John Lennon

John Lennon liked to fuck with us. He was not a liberal or a peacenik, he was not wicked smart or deep. But he did have a crafty sense of theater about him. He knew how cool we thought he was, and handled that aspect of his public personality very well. He never let on who or what he really was.

The movie Let Him Be, which I have here, is a typical Lennon tease. The premise of the movie is that a young Lennon fan (who looks enough like Lennon to be his son) stumbles on a discarded recording showing an older John Lennon alive. He then searches for Lennon in an area north of Toronto where the tape was discovered. He finds a man who looks and sounds like Lennon, but is in the end disappointed. His girlfriend discovers that the Lennon-lookalike does not have bullet wound scars in his back. Therefore, not Lennon.

That’s a nice tease, as it plays with the idea that Lennon was really shot. But what if he wasn’t? I am so inured now the fake death that I imagine he had left New York that day, and viewed news coverage of his death from a safe hiding place and cracked jokes about it.  They can fake death on TV very easily, as people imagine that everything they see on the news is true.

Staycer 2
Mark Staycer

Typical of Lennon, Let Him Be is a switch inside a switch. We are led to believe that a man named Mark Staycer, a Lennon impersonator, is the star of the movie, and that they have fitted him with a face mask to look like him. But deep down, we are to suspect Mark Staycer is John Lennon dressed down so as NOT to look like Lennon.

As I said, Lennon does like to fuck with us. Mark Staycer is not Lennon. He’s misdirection. But there is in the movie a man who look and sounds an awful lot like John Lennon. His name in the movie is Noel Snow, but he is really John Lennon. Yes, Lennon too faked his death. (And no, he was not on the Space Shuttle Challenger that day either.)

But it was difficult to get a straight on shot of Lennon in the movie, as they went to great lengths to camouflage him. There’s nothing useful on the Internet. So I went to the movie, and took a picture of our TV screen as Lennon was singing, behind a large microphone of course. See below the fold for the results.

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Inconvenient documents

The post below dealt with the matter of fake death, and a commenter noted that fake deaths are not uncommon:

“We are now able to disappear thousands of bodies, whole passenger planes and the most notorious “terrorist” in history. Practice makes perfect. One need only think of the “witness protection” program to see how easy it is to relocate thousands of people in new lives and new places, in plain sight — like Montana. The truth is out there.”

Here’s another example: while no “plane” hit the Pentagon on 9/11, there apparently was a flyover, though witnesses place the track of that airliner off line with whatever hit the building. The pilot of that airliner, Chick Burlingame, is supposedly one of the thousands of victims of the sleek and shiny reptiles who pulled of that stunt that day. If he did not really die, he would have to take on a new identity and begin a new life. He would have to be careful not to blow the gig.  But what would happen if others knew about his fake death and began talking?

This might interest you. 

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Murky planet

I live by Carl Sagan’s maxim that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” It makes life easier, as I fear treading nowhere. I often encounter people spreading notions of space aliens, NSA watching my every move, remote viewing, Illuminati running everything, and I have no fear. If they bring the evidence I will join them. However, they always come up short. It always falls back on one person’s experience or deep knowledge without anything objective to harden the case.

People who read me regularly may be surprised at those words, as I do make claims that shock them – Bernie Sanders is a sheep dog*, Donald Trump might be genuine even if stupid on a high level, John F. Kennedy Jr. was really the love child of Jackie and Aristotle Onassis. And John Lennon did not die in 1980.

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Of mythology and fake deaths

My older brother was a Catholic priest, and an excellent man. He was scholarly, wise and caring, so that the influence that he exerted over his parishioners was done for good. In private conversations I came to realize that he did not believe in the mythology of Christianity, and yet was happy to “preach the gospels” because within the mythology is a recipe for personal happiness without harming others. If it turned out that Jesus and Mary were not real, and all of the saints and martyrs were merely reincarnations of pagan gods, it did not matter. He used mythology for good.

Most people are simply not capable of grasping the hard cold reality of life as it is, and need their myths.

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