The Cooper twins – a closer look

Much of our work here on this blog has been about twins, but the focus has shifted as we have moved forward. We no long wonder who might be twins. We wonder who isn’t.

In my post about Anderson and Carter Cooper, where Carter, supposedly 28 months older, faked his death in 1988, I deliberately short-shifted the twin question. I thought it was a time sink. But it has been bugging me. I showed one photo where the boys looked very close in age and dressed alike, and left it at that. There were other photos showing them to be older and younger than each other, but I suspected they were fake. I chose not to go down that road, as the post was about the boys as grown men, faking their lives.  It was too much detail for one post.

Here’s the original photo I ran of the boys:


It’s funny in that it is the mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, who looks pasted in to that photo. Wyatt is looking below her head, as if she should be shorter, and Gloria is looking somewhere else, not at Wyatt. Her skin tone is lighter and much softer, and she is out of focus compared to the others. The lower part of her torso has a ghostly quality about it. But the boys are in focus, and they look like twins to me. They perhaps inserted her later to remove someone else – the birth mother? Who knows with rich and famous royal families. (Thanks to Tyrone for that link, showing Anderson’s lineage all the way back to Edward I Longshanks Plantagenet (1239-1307).)

Then there are these two:


Those both look like real photos, and the boys again look very much alike and close in age.

But I ran into photos like this:


Now there’s an age difference! Anderson’s head was pasted in, by the way.  Notice how he is of a lighter shade , but it’s a pretty good paste-up. I am not convinced, but you might be, and that’s no problem. If they are not twins, we have our first evidence of that.


This one is a little easier to see a problem. Again the boys are dressed like twins, but this time it is very easy to spot fakery. And again, it is Anderson’s head that was pasted on. Notice how the professional photographer forgot to have him look at the camera, like Carter is doing. Gloria and Carter are in sharp focus, Anderson is not, and again, his skin tone is lighter than theirs. This photo is clearly a paste-up, with turtle-necks making it easier to splice the head on the body. That is probably why Intel chose these photos – turtlenecks.

It reinforces my suspicion that the three photos of the boys above (wherein they look close in age, and like twins) are real, while these two are fakes.

This will leave the perceptive reader with a question: The boys were born in 1965. Did they know at that time that they would be called on by Intelligence to become fake TV journalists? I doubt it. The photos were real at one time, and once it was decided that Carter would do his fake swan dive and morph into Anderson, they merely took some old family photos and fixed them up to fit the new facts. Since there was no Internet prior to the late nineties, that would be the time that this was done, after Anderson and Carter were in play.

I now think that everyone who has a position in news media is a fake person, including all TV pundits and news readers. I do not exclude local media, but down that low in the game, stupidity, good looks and believability might be the lead qualifications for employment. So somewhere at Langley or wherever is a file called “Anderson Cooper,” and nearby a person who manages that the scam along with several others. I would guess that a whole floor or wing of a building is devoted to management of fake news personalities.

The important conclusion to draw: Reliable fake people are in place to assure that all news is managed.

16 thoughts on “The Cooper twins – a closer look

  1. You guys are doing an excellent sleuthing job. I completely agree with your photo analysis. I’m going to share something here with you from an e-mail I got after Miles posted my paper on Gandhi:

    “…just about all the historic photos on the internet now have been photoshopped. Thousands of MI5/CIA/MOSSAD intelligence people have been fully employed to fake history, to ridicule history and to just totally confuse anyone who tries to get to the truth. That’s why Wikipedia was created.

    “What photo is original, is genuine? I can’t see what reference you can start with, whether its Gandhi, Manson, Apollo 13, 9/11, JFK etc. Again, it all plays into driving the truth seeker crazy going around in circles and getting no where. As the Freemason Mark Twain used to say ‘it’s easier to fool people, than to convince them they have been fooled.'”


  2. Also, it seems like the pictures you suspect of having been altered are all in black and white, while the others are in color. I suspect one reason for that is it’s easier to mess around with B&W photos…


      1. I think both twins were pasted into the color photo on the left. Look at the hands of both parents, plus where their eyes are looking. The hands are awkwardly floating.

        This reminds me of the Jim Morrison childhood photos. My opinion is that the entire Vanderbilt backstory is BS.


        1. You’re right. The boys look pasted in for sure. Wyatt and Gloria are not even aware of them..

          So the whole Anderson/Carter Cooper thing could be a beard family for two boys … Twins, hatched somewhere else, introduced to us full grown.


        2. I don’t agree. We know that paste-ins usually don’t get the color or the shadows correctly. But this looks right. Notice also how Gloria’s hand casts a shadow on Carter’s face. Also her hand is partially covering his head, and part of the scarf tied around her neck also falls onto and in front of his shoulder. I guess it’s possible that this could be an elaborate paste-in job, but I don’t think it is. To me it looks like a genuine photo. Their work is usually a lot more obvious than this.

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          1. We might be asking the wrong question – Gloria’s expression, looking at no one else in the photo, might indicate that her head was pasted in. This would lead to consistent lighting and shadows, and no need to convert it to black and white.

            Also, Carter’s head is shrouded in black. That often happens in paste-ups.


          2. I’m not an expert on photo manipulation, so you may very well be right, but the dynamics of the picture strike me as very awkward. No mother would choose that photo as the one to include in the public family album, when there are probably many other natural looking photos from the same set.

            Frankly, the way their hands are in a petting motion, reminds me of petting a large dog. The mother is looking over where her hand is, but there is nothing there. The father is also looking in that general direction, and again nothing there.

            It is much more likely in my opinion, that a large dog was lying partially on the father’s lap and partially on the mother’s lap (or perhaps two dogs). They then took out the dogs, and added the twins instead. It also makes much more sense than the unnatural positions of the boys. It also seems consistent with the type of sick humor that Intelligence has.

            Just my two cents.


            1. To add to that, look where the father’s hand is and look how the mother’s hand is higher up almost in a tickling/petting motion. That is consistent with petting or tickling a dog’s head since it would be higher up. Meanwhile the father has a much more flat petting motion, which is consistent with petting a dog’s back. Since the mother is wearing white, it would also explain why she is keeping a slight distance, so she doesn’t get dirty. Now look at how awkward Anderson/Carter looks in her armpit, like he fell in and can’t get out, meanwhile she is not looking at him at all.


  3. One great thing about Frisco is that no one here gives a rat’s ass for celebrities and the celebs know it*- Consequently, they roam freely among real people like reptiles on the Galapagos Islands- Talking to some of the local sock puppet news readers over the years, I can affirm that they are too low level to be connected, but ambitious enough to do as they are told- Most seem like typical egomaniacs who will do what’s needed to stay employed and recognized, even though the only people impressed by them are their spouses-
    One guy, Spencer Christian, is an outlier- His CV is Langley-esque and one might think he was demoted- One moment he’s playing kneesies with Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America and the next day he’s doing local weather and a daytime pet and craft show in SF- Since he started in Baltimore at the same time as Oprah, all I can think of is he’s part of her Montecito mafia on the Santa Barbara coast-
    *The laissez-faire attitude to media people may be a factor in SF having relatively few psy-ops since the seventies, the AIDS “crisis” notwithstanding- Show biz just doesn’t resonate at a deep enough level for the locals to cede any brain space to be manipulated-


  4. Where do you think the right hand color photo with Gloria and the two boys was taken? It appears they are next door to a federal penitentiary or a foundry outside of Pittsburgh- I doubt its Park Avenue- If they were travelling, why aren’t they at the Ritz or the Fontainebleau or some baronial estate of a second cousin and not in some 7 year old girl’s bedroom-
    The hatchlings have been overlaid on a very unflattering picture of a buck toothed Gloria which must have been shelved before the hot spots on her forehead were removed- Whomever went to the image bank to put this picture together, they probably had no idea what kind of image this woman was supposed to project- Shoddy stuff, Langley- Dial it up-


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