A whole new world …


Commenter lux brought us the above photograph, said to be of singer John Denver and his family. In my piece on the fake death of Denver, I did not think to go back into his childhood. It was a classic mistake, assuming things to be as we are told they are without examination. Assumptions kill.

In the photo are, left to right, Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. (Denver), Ron and mother and father, Irma and John Sr. The photo is fake. Not only is the lighting on Denver’s face wrong, his head is too big, perhaps a third again that of his brother. He does not resemble anyone. It led us to suspect that John Denver was not the son of Irma and Henry John Deutschendorf Sr., or the brother of Ron. Further evidence is that Ron has a son, Henry John Deutschendorf II, which would actually be Denver’s place in the family if he was really part of it.

The question that naturally follows is “Why is this faked photo there?” Then follows “Who was this guy, John Denver, really?”, and “Does this same sort of fraud happen with other performers?”, and, of course, the natural end product that leads to yet newer and more fascinating discoveries,”Why?”

There is more in store here, more discoveries to unfold. Stay tuned. We are currently six writers, and I doubt any of us knows the future. We have only our brains and imaginations.

For those new to this blog, a little history. A couple of years ago I was tired of blogging. It was boring and repetitive. Nothing new ever happened, nothing new ever discovered, no new readers or commenters (as if I could blame them!). It was boring. So I quit.

But I could not quit for long, and started over again, this time intent on doing or being something different. But I quickly fell into the same rut … except, that in wanting something new and different, I was subconsciously alert to new concepts and ideas. One day I stumbled upon the following YouTube:

Apparently since then it has been taken down and put up again by YouTube, a highly censorious service. (This was a lesson I would later learn, that censorship is all around us, but hidden. It is only really effective when we do not suspect it to be there. Everything we see and hear in our non-suspicious state of mind is scripted, and fake. Everything.)

The video introduced me to to the strange concept of staged events with full media cooperation. In it we learn that the Sharon Tate murders were faked, and that Sharon Tate was still alive, at least in 1993. From there it logically followed that Charles Manson, having committed no crime, was not in jail. That was yet another lesson, that people who are supposed to be in prison often are not, and that none of the Manson girls or Tex Watson ever were or are in jail. Again, it requires full media cooperation to pull this off.

I had to watch the video several times before I decided I needed to go to its source, a paper by a man in New Mexico, Miles W. Mathis. I found it here. I also found much, much more. I was highly skeptical, especially after reading his Hidden Kings paper, which claims that John F. Kennedy, Kathleen Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Joe Kennedy Jr. and John F. Kennedy Jr. all faked their deaths. I had read so much, ingested so much propaganda surrounding the Kennedy’s that I rejected the idea. I emailed Mathis and found he was real, asked him about the Parkland doctors, and he said something like “They are all part of it.”

I was skeptical that one man, a portrait artist in the southwest United States, could know so much as to solve the JFK assassination, the Sharon Tate case, the OJ Simpson affair, Abraham Lincoln, Stephen Hawking, John Lennon’s death, Kurt Cobain, Ted Bundy, the Zodiac murders … who was he? Last summer I attended a conference he put on, a small affair, only to assure myself he was the real deal. My best judgment is that he is not only real and highly intelligent and gifted, but also a crack scientist and artist as well, a true Renaissance man. And, a nice guy. Check this out.

We all have our own brains and ideas, and none of us is perfect. I don’t expect everyone to have the same experience as I did, nor would I want that. I have gone my own direction since the Tate upheaval, and Mr. Mathis is no fan of my face-splitting work. But I have to push forward.  Winter is upon us, long dark nights. There are a few thousand pages of work at the Mathis site. You could do worse.You won’t find anything else like it.


Enough of a long story. It was a new way of looking at our world. We don’t need to be scared or depressed about events, as most of them are staged to make us scared and depressed. Mathis reintroduced me to optimism, curiosity, and imagination.

I changed my tune here at this blog, and new commenters stopped by, five of whom are now officially contributors here. I hope to meet more new and interesting people. They are each on their own bright and inquisitive and accomplished and will take us in new directions that will surprise and delight us all. None are bound by an agenda.

It has been fun. Lux is the latest to offer insight beyond my own. Things like the Denver family photo above are not terribly significant unless woven into a larger framework. False icons, false leaders, fake deaths, fake news, censorship all around, most people afraid to turn on their brains …

All I did one day was to say I needed change. Isn’t it interesting?

4 thoughts on “A whole new world …

  1. Love what you and your colleagues are doing here. Beats the hell out of reading one of the various reports issued by “commissions,” typically used to whitewash the real story. Grace, 9/11, human rights etc. just don’t begin to investigate, more like obfuscate. Happy hunting.


  2. Early photos of “Bob Dylan” look fishy to me too.


    Allegedly a 1957 photo of Bob Dylan and friends at a summer camp. The image quality is poor which makes photo analysis more difficult but it has an overall appearance of being a paste-up composite. The two guys at extreme left look too short and the hand on the shoulder has a telltale dark line around it. Also, the image quality of the faces appears inconsistent to me between Dylan and the others suggesting they are from different sources. Oddly, “Dylan” here looks more like a young Richard Dreyfuss than Bob Dylan to me.


  3. I should add that the head sizes in the above photo (Dylan vs the others) doesn’t look right to me.

    Here’s another photo:



    Another “Bob Dylan” Jewish camp photo of the 1950s. We’re told it’s from a camp brochure. Dylan is allegedly the 3rd male from the left. This photo looks more fake than the one I posted above. They all appear to be posing for the camera yet looking in different directions? Boy on right looks too small. “Dylan” is out of uniform wearing different clothes and with shirt tails out. Would they really take a brochure photo with him dressed like that? Dark area over the shoulder of boy on left looks wrong. All the males (at least) look pasted in to me.


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