John Denver: Digitally removing digits

“Annie, we are told, helped identify the body. She told investigators that John had lost two toes in a lawn mowing accident as a youth. If perhaps the leg that survived the crash were his right leg, and if the foot were still intact, well, that might just help identify the body. And it did! The Coroner later reported “…healed partial amputations of the right first and second toes” on the right foot. Annie’s song was the right tune, it appears.”

The above words are from my post, John Denver’s death: Another Hoax. Just recently I have received comments, here and here, that address the matter of the missing toes. Keep in mind that throughout his life, there was never any mention of his missing digits. The matter only came to life when he died.

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More fake family photos and unusual resemblances


The above photo is the Joplin family. Judging by hair styles, I would guess it to have been taken in the early 1960s, except for “Janis,” of course. She is dressed in a manner that would be more common in the mid-to-late sixties. She has been pasted in to the photo much in the same manner as John Denver in the Deutschendorf family photo in the previous post. With Denver, it was his head on someone else’s body, but in this instance they have superimposed the entire body of Janis over someone else. Otherwise the photo would make no sense. It would be of four people and an empty space. (The sharp lines on Janis, the odd black space between inner left arm and torso are the giveaway, in addition to manner of dress.)

I suggest that Janis Joplin, a set of twins by the way, was given a back story, that her name was not Joplin, that this was not her family, and that in her current Zombie state, her name is also not “Amy Goodman.”

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A whole new world …


Commenter lux brought us the above photograph, said to be of singer John Denver and his family. In my piece on the fake death of Denver, I did not think to go back into his childhood. It was a classic mistake, assuming things to be as we are told they are without examination. Assumptions kill.

In the photo are, left to right, Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. (Denver), Ron and mother and father, Irma and John Sr. The photo is fake. Not only is the lighting on Denver’s face wrong, his head is too big, perhaps a third again that of his brother. He does not resemble anyone. It led us to suspect that John Denver was not the son of Irma and Henry John Deutschendorf Sr., or the brother of Ron. Further evidence is that Ron has a son, Henry John Deutschendorf II, which would actually be Denver’s place in the family if he was really part of it.

The question that naturally follows is “Why is this faked photo there?” Then follows “Who was this guy, John Denver, really?”, and “Does this same sort of fraud happen with other performers?”, and, of course, the natural end product that leads to yet newer and more fascinating discoveries,”Why?”

There is more in store here, more discoveries to unfold. Stay tuned. We are currently six writers, and I doubt any of us knows the future. We have only our brains and imaginations.

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