Who’s That Hitler?

In the wake of Tyrone’s explosive post on Hitler and his contention that “multiple actors played Hitler during the course of the character’s life,” I’ve compiled some pictures of Hitler at various points in his life. How many different Hitlers do you see? And do you see any monkey business going on in these photos?  

Let’s number the top row 1-3 from left to right and the bottom row 4-6 from left to right. Click on the thumbnails for full size pics.

13 thoughts on “Who’s That Hitler?

    1. As I see this, 1916, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 34 and 35 are all the same man, Hitler 1. 1921, 29, 30, 32, 33 and 36 are another man, Hitler 2.

      1926 is an outlier (notice the mole on the right side of his nose!). 1931 is an outlier, possibly the man Tyrone says is Gustav Weler, the Bohemian actor who performed Hitler’s mosts emphatic staged speeches.

      In Daddieuhoh’s group of six, 1,3,4 and 6 are Hitler 2. Photo 2 is Hitler 1. Photo 5 is the same man as the 1931 photo in Tyrone’s group of sixteen.

      My afternoon. How was yours?


  1. A quick glance – only deviation I saw was his “wandering eye” ( strabismus) in photo 1 is on his right eye. The left eye in other photos, or undetectable. Reversed photo ?


  2. What a good riddle to solve. I see 3 different people / Dolphies when looking at them, with picture #1 not counting as an actual photo – it’s a bad pencil / drawing attempt to change his face below the nose line, with the tip of his chin being an awful attempt of connecting left and right facial line correctly. I agree with Tyrone, Hitler was an invented persona, complete fabrication, with different lunatics jumping into his deviant role, as needed. My personal favorite is the one gifted with schizophrenia when delivering emotional nationalistic speeches, just priceless.


    1. V-Man: Your schizoid Hitler may have been Gustav Weler (Sometimes Weber) a Bohemian actor who is the best candidate for podium speak Hitler, and was coached by theater actor/playwright, Dietrich Eckart, IMO-


      1. Thanks Tyrone for another history lesson, I had to search for this Wel-er guy and there was an interesting link at his Wickedpedia entry to a YT video, where Russian soldiers are seen allegedly gathered around Weler, found shot with a hole in his forehead at Reichkanzlei, an event staged & arranged to confuse the Allies, says Wickedpedia… well, they+ve managed to confuse many of us, allies of truth for sure. I feel almost like I should congratulate them for such an accomplishment, but hey, who is “they”, anyway ?


    1. But we do know who “they” are:

      You might say it’s just a joke, but I think it’s them telling us the truth disguised as a joke. (-;

      (Also note, he’s Jewish.)


      1. Didn’t you recognize my quote from Conspiracy Theory–the movie with Mel Gibson? He does a perfect sincere delivery of nonsense. And I confess, after starting on this stuff back in the mid 70’s, I still don’t really know who is behind those who are behind the scenes.


          1. It is a honorarium to the idea that something might be going on, but from a balcony view with concert binoculars, not really all you smart folks. It is very well done insulation to keep regular people from thinking. These people are smart.


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