The Hitler Project: Building the Crib

Once again, in case you missed the other Hitler Project posts, it is my opinion that “Adolf Hitler” did not exist as an individual but as a public persona essayed by different actors for different occasions, the Project being orchestrated by a collaboration of British and German Intelligence agents at the behest of their oligarchic masters who commissioned the creation of the two world wars for their inestimable profit and a securing of even tighter control of the world’s population. (Part of the globalization effort)

A century earlier..

A large cultural armature needed to be constructed to make world war seem a fait accompli. To give the concept of “Hitler” support, a popular mindset had to be formed and installed in the mass consciousness to sell the whoppers that sold the wars that ultimately sold “Hitler”.

Pulp Fiction

To prepare the public for what was to come, certain concepts had to be embedded in the mass consciousness. In the nineteenth century, the novel was the premier agency to plant in the mind of the masses certain ideas that later would be validated by a non-fiction variant, generally through state sanctioned scientific studies.

Then, as now, no one is given a public platform without conforming to the ruling agenda. One obvious tool of the oligarch’s was Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1803-1873). Born into privilege, he served in parliament, was Secretary of State for the colonies and was even offered a monarchy as King of Greece, which he declined. He was also offered a lordship in the admiralty, the key military ruling body of the entire empire. This, too, he declined as he was too busy as an author of popular novels. This should tell you that the novels were of far greater importance in furthering the elite’s agenda than being part of the highest rank of the military, which forcibly controlled the four corners of the earth.

The novels in fact laid the groundwork for the esoteric and occult camouflage that British and German intelligence would use in preparing and executing the two world wars. Bulwer-Lytton’s novel, “Vril: the Coming Race” (1871) was an obvious example of a concept first existing in preposterous fiction and then being repurposed by German Intel assets as a psychological warfare tool. The Vril operation was to create a school of thought which appeared to take seriously the unreality of something created out of whole cloth by a bisexual British Lord twenty years earlier. (“Vril” was a tangible energy force that was subject only to mental control. Star Wars geeks, take note)

Bosom Buddies

Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881), one time prime minister of Great Britain and a contemporary of Bulwer-Lytton, was also Bulwer-Lytton’s lover, according to Bulwer-Lytton’s estranged wife. Disraeli was also a state sanctioned and heavily promoted author/politician/intelligence asset. His novels functioned as the predictive programming of the empire’s intents, as well as the confessions of the empire’s past deeds. In his novel Konigsby, Disraeli explains the Venetian origins of the British ruling oligarchy, now masquerading as a monarchy.

These two authors also incorporated race theory into their written works as a staple of understanding the need for civilization as the British saw it.  This ‘natural” arrangement where the superior minority ruled the inferior majority would parallel in implication the Darwinian based pseudoscience labeled “eugenics” created by Darwin’s cousin, Francis Galton; this race theory being an example of fiction preceding pseudo-scientific “fact”.

Normalizing mass murder

Eugenics is a classic example of controlling nomenclature to create a false reality. This false reality is based on a false premise with an apparent internal logic, which is buttressed by the nomenclature peculiar to the premise. It is a species of statistical manipulation and in fact requires an ethical calculus to corral the nomenclature within the internal logic. This calculus, similar to moral relativism, is also the moral underpinning of the premise and allows for nature to “take its course” as long as it is a course predicted by the premise. The extinction of an inferior race would be substantiation of the premise of eugenics.

Given that Galton was a British aristocrat, the premise of eugenics was that Northern Europeans were at the zenith of human evolution, all other races inferior to one degree or another. Therefore, the British/Northern European (read Teutonic) races’ moral authority attended the theoretical elimination of the inferior breeds. The Irish Holocaust of 1845-50 was the pivot point for race theory, which in time became the moral engine which propelled the Nazi rhetoric in targeting eastern populations for subjugation. I believe that the theories of Darwin/Galton were postmortem rationales for the Irish Holocaust. (If you haven’t heard of the Irish Holocaust, look it up- It will be hidden behind the lie of the Potato Famine, but was in fact the systematic removal of food from Ireland by British forces, the end result being that Ireland lost half its population [which it has never recovered]. The Holodomor in the Ukraine was a similar mass murder by engineered famine in 1932-33)

This racist logic has since been shelved as a social philosophy too vulnerable to misinterpretation, i.e., the Nazi application of the logic to extinguish what they deemed non-Aryan sub humans, yet it lives on in traces within the sense of entitlement that underpins Anglo-American foreign policy to this day.

State sponsored occultism

Bulwer-Lytton’s fictional works inspired the formations of several occult societies, the most noteworthy being the Vril society in Germany. This concept of Vril, a malleable energy force used with discretion by a subterranean race residing within Bulwer-Lytton’s novel,”Vril: The Coming Race”, was thought by intelligence agents such as Madame Blavatsky and Rudolph Steiner to contain a modicum of truth in the revelation of such an energy source. But as intelligence assets, these “adepts” we’re not advocating for the actual existence of such a force but espousing a pseudoscience/philosophy to attract the disenfranchised so to be used as a cover for their intelligence communications. As well, these spiritual alternatives drew citizens and revenue away from the established churches and redirected donations to the secret sponsoring government’s coffers.

The Vril phenomenon had a direct contact point with British intelligence through the occult society of the Order of the Golden Dawn, presided over by British master spy, Ailester Crowley who had been in contact previously with British Intel asset Benito Mussolini. Il Duce allegedly exiled Crowley but it’s certain Crowley’s handlers within MI6 reassigned him to Germany to assist in the creation of the Hitler character within the embrace of the German intelligence project buttressing The Vril Society, then coordinated from Berlin.

Mein Kampf’s lead author

The chief overseer of the Hitler project at that time was Karl Haushofer, a long time asset of German intelligence. At one time Haushofer held the rank of general in the imperial army and later, given his travels to the Far East and ultimately Japan, his CV became as spooky as anyone’s. The otherwise counterintuitive alignment of Germany and Japan began with Haushofer’s efforts. He was an asset of extremely high rank.

With Mein Kampf and the foundation of “Hitler’s” plans for world empire, it is clear Haushofer’s assignment was to integrate his theories of land based imperial domination with that of his British intelligence counterpart, Halford Mackinder, the father of geopolitical theory whom espoused a sea based foundation of empire; naturally, as Britain ruled the waves and land-locked Germany could only expand eastward. Mackinder’s theories percolated within the discussions of a proto-think tank styled, The Coefficients, a supper club for racist elites with a large overlap to the Fabian Society of social engineers, such as HG Wells and George Bernard Shaw, both supporters of racial profiling and eugenics- and please note, two more fiction writers whose ideas helped formulate cultural imperatives.

These hybrid theories were then inserted into the committee creation known as Mein Kampf, the alleged biography of “Adolf Hitler” which Haushofer and his prized pupil, Rudolph Hess, concocted and gave over to a  Hieronymite priest and anti-Semitic op ed writer, Bernhard Stempfle, to edit and enhance with racist spice to attract disgruntled ex-soldiers looking for an excuse and a scapegoat.


Orthodox history has it that Hitler’s official mentor within the occult milieu of the Vril Society and its parent operation, the Thule Gesselschaft, was Dietrich Eckart, yet another fiction writer participating in the Hitler project. Eckart was a protege of Count Georg von Hülsen-Haeseler, director of the Prussian Royal theater whose father was part of the homosexual “round table” that attended the Kaiser, Willhelm II.

It is important to note that homosexuals dominated British and German intelligence and to find a spook like Eckart in a similar milieu not too far removed from the Kaiser is to be expected. Homosexuality was an actionable offense in most countries and being able to identify such a transgressive operative to the authorities kept the leash tight on that type of agent. Repressed or even latent homosexuality was a recipe for reactionary hostility in such men and fascism is nothing if not an expression of repressed or dysfunctional sexuality. Closeted gays made the best spooks which is why the practice was for so long criminalized. The pool of controllable agents would dry up fast if such an orientation were redefined as a predictable, and legalized, design variant rather than an untreatable pathology. Living a gay lifestyle on the sly, with government protection, kept the assets in house and obedient*.

Fiction into “Fact”

Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorff, in actuality, Adam Alfred Rudolph Glauer, was an intelligence asset for both Germany, Turkey and Britain. In 1916, he established the Thule Society in Munich. He purchased the weekly newspaper, Münchener Beobachter for the Society and it was renamed Völkischer Beobachter. This became the chief weapon of propaganda for the emerging Nazi party. In the brief reign of the Bavarian Soviet, a communist regime established in Munich in 1919 as the ashes continued to fall with the end of the war, Glauer was accused, and he never denied, that he had turned over several names of the Thule Society to the Soviet regime, resulting in seven executions. Glauer beat a hasty retreat to Turkey, likely with the sponsorship of his CO in this intelligence unit, Major Karl Mayr, the head of the education and propaganda department of the disable German Army. Mayr was tasked with recruiting intelligence agents to infiltrate labor groups and left leaning organizations, something “Hitler the spy” was accused of doing. Mayr, who had been appointed a battalion commander in Turkey in 1917, would seem in a favorable position to salvage his asset, Glauer.  Was Glauer acting on Mayr’s orders to leave the names of the society members for the Soviets to discover? If those executions did take place, one possible reason was to weed out members of the society who were out of the loop and a possible security risk to the subsequent mergers of the various occult groups sponsored and infiltrated by German Intelligence.

Karl Harrer was yet another professional scribe and member of the Thule Society. He was almost certainly run as an asset by Mayr, commissioned to talk up nationalism at workers enclaves. Harrer joined with Anton Drexler, a sometime poet (read: homosexual) and a supporter of the Völkisch movement in founding the Political Workers Circle in 1918. Drexler soon took the secret society Harrer proposed the Circle become, and transformed it into a political party. Dietrich Eckart joined the effort along with Gottfried Feder, an armchair economist with Jewish bankers on the brain, and together these Intel assets, directed by Mayr, formed the German Worker’s Party (DAP) in early 1919. With the support structure thus in place, Adolf Hitler, aka, Bohemian actor Gustav Weler, was now ready for his entrance onto the public stage.

*Though I have my doubts about the severity of it, the recent emergence of pedophilia as a closeted activity being tied to political chicanery may have replaced homosexuality as a condition for controlling Intel assets. I say”may have”. This notion I post in very light pencil.

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36 thoughts on “The Hitler Project: Building the Crib

    1. I’m quite sceptical towards this site – not only because of the dazzling colours and the certitude of his statements. Just as an example, he states that a “Wismut AG” in Aue/Saxony never delivered any Uranium to Stalin. Why, then, did none of the downhole miners live to an age beyond 55 ? The father of a friend of mine, who had been a miner there for a few years, died a painful dead from lung cancer at about 50. Just like thousands of others. And the area is still battling with contamination issues.

      Anyway, I have read extensively about another version of the atomic bomb legend. And in that reality, the Nazis succeeded in building and testing a bomb in October ’44. But since it proved of very limited military value, they decided to swap it – together with other goodies like jet fighters and semiconductors – for a free passage to South America.
      Why were the bombs in Japan used against “traditional style” cities, with most wooden buildings, and situated in a basin ? Why not Tokyo, to scare the hell out of the Emperor ?
      There is so much wrong with WWII, I don’t know where to start …
      But my suspicion is, that was the plan for the Axis vs. Allies clash all along. Let them do the development and testing of all the nasty stuff, gather it, and then blame them.
      Why else would they finance both sides (Nazis and Soviets) all the time ?


        1. The fact that many miners die relatively young is not incredible. What are the statistics for the coal miners ?

          The question is – what do they die from. Fibrillosis, plain poisoning, or radiation ?
          That story happened mostly during the communist era in East Germany, so even if there were statistics, they are heavily “redacted”. Many documents disappeared during the collapse or were destroyed. And the current regime is not any better. They refuse any responsibility, even for chronically sick miners from West Germany (guess where that U238 went to..), or military personnel exposed to high-power radio transmitters (radar).
          I am originating from this area, so I have a limited sample based on personal knowledge.

          For more info about nukes see

          That’s a forum. What should that prove ? I couldn’t find anyone standing in with his name there. Reminds me on “The Earth Is Flat” websites.
          Nuclear power plants are hoaxes then as well, or not ?
          Not that I’m stating the opposite, but that link does not convince me of anything.


          1. You can e-mail Rae West (probably the real name), the guy who owns nuke lies and (the larger website). Unfortunately the issues discussed here are not mathematical problems that can be proved 100% (I can add that Mathis has something to say about some of the math proofs or other science proofs). We cannot convict these people with the “proofs” discussed on this website (or other similar websites). A lot is about intuition, experience and connecting info from various sources (like how many inventions come from HG Wells and other sf novels). We can only point out that some things look suspicious.
            Propaganda is the real power that most people in the conspiracy “community” underrate. And it is a propaganda that uses simple rules of thumb for most of the time (no MK Ultra manchurian candidates or game theory).


  1. Another interesting type of literature is the Invasion literature . Invasion literature was started immediately after the contrived Franco-Prussian war. The genre was started by the novella called The Battle of Dorking, written by a British army general. On the wiki page if you go on the Political Impact section, they say this genre was responsible for the calls to government to take action, ultimately leading to the creation of Secret Service Bureau in 1909 (rubbish, the intelligence service is probably older and remember that only in 1994 they acknowledged MI5/6 the successors of SSB) ).

    I have to say that I don’t believe eugenics was important in NAZI Germany. I believe on VDARE (definitely not pro nazi) there was an article that said that eugenics was mentioned only a few times in the German scientific literature (eugenics was discussed mainly in Britain and US). Another scary term connected to nazi is Lebensraum. Look at the top map on the wiki page, the expansion of the reich includes other germanic countries like Sweden. Plus many eastern countries were Axis allies and many were in SS (including Ukraine). With Lebensraum we can make the Karl Haushofer connection (with part Jewish wife) and his son involved in the fake 20 July plot. (All europeans are in various degrees mostly celtic + germanic + scythian+greek+Illyrian+italic ) .


    1. Indeed, Calgacus, eugenics was very much a British concoction- My home state of California actually attempted to legislate into existence laws based on eugenics principles- I suspect Nazi enthusiast Hearst had a hand in that process-
      With a Rockefeller racket like the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute breaking ground on genetics in Berlin in the 20’s and certainly keeping an eye on the eugenics debates, German table talk was probably infused with this subject- What hamstrung the Nazis and dampened their public enthusiasm for it was the howls of protest from the Church as stories of developmentally delayed children (as labeled today) were being euthanized- Whether that was true or the Church circulated such stories, the Nazi rhetoric regarding eugenics was dialed way down- They did have a bureau, I believe it was titled T-4, to cull the genetically defective from the Aryan gene pool- How enthusiastic they were, I can’t say-
      As for Lebensraum, that was THE rationale for Operation Barbarossa, IMO, which was the culmination of all the efforts to create the Nazi/Soviet stand-off and the sweep and clear of the people caught between Poland and Moscow- That is why Haushofer is spotlighted- He’s been marginalized to a degree to keep the British/German collaboration during the two wars obscured-


  2. Tyrone, thanks for another lesson in history, I wanted to chime in yesterday already but there was so many things to explore after reading your piece.

    Tapping only into the mass murder/eugenics here – as I was learning about it, I found 2 extremely interesting links for anybody willing to learn more about the atrocities of British rulers in Ireland. Known as the Irish holocaust of 1845-1850, it was about taking most of the food from Irish people at gunpoint, details about that historical era can be found here: Quoting from there:

    ” Irishmen and Irishwomen!
    Read this site and weep.  Weep for the agonies and deaths of your people at the hands of genocidists.  The authorities who imposed the curriculum, the teachers and professors who funneled it into you, have carefully kept you uninformed as to which British regiment, or that any regiment, murdered your people. Until now, that information was kept from you. You had no access to it.  You do now – you read it on your computer screen!  Commit the regiment’s name to memory.
    Never, ever, forget it!

    Learn its British HQ town.  As no Jewish person would ever refer to the “Jewish Oxygen Famine of 1939 – 1945”, so no Irish person ought ever refer to the Irish Holocaust as a famine.

    In my opinion, there is more then just eugenics at play in Ireland or later in Ukraine with Holodomor, where main target was Christianity and its catholic population, people who were being exterminated at large scale by the PTB (who in England and Russia turn out to be crypto-Jews under disguise). Since I have a theory that all such atrocities against innocent people were committed most furiously in the countries, where nations were previously persecuting Jewish populus throughout the history, I really need to learn about the pogroms of Jewish people – I strongly suggest there is a pattern here, will report back as I further explore it regarding Ireland.

    The author, Chris Fogarty has another page where even more shocking facts can be learned, involving even FBI, MI5 and intrigues of Brit gov’t trying to silence him. For all thriller fans, the link is here:

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    1. I learned in the process that Ireland never had any large Jewish population, being at its highest number in early 1900’s at roughly around 5.000 Jewish souls. I could not find until today, that there were any pogroms of Jews done by Irish people before 1845, except for 1904 Limerick pogrom, but I didn’t stop looking for such records. As much as it can be learned, wherever Jews dwelled, there were eventually pogroms, which is by itself very interesting pattern to acknowledge. Will post my future findings here for reference.


        1. I will, thanks. Nothing is as it appears to be, right? But not all is fake then. It’s just crazy how thin is the line in between.

          Those pogroms i.e. in Russia in early 1900’s seem to be real enough, triggering en massé emigration of Russian (and other eastern) Jews to England, USA, Germany and other European countries, Ireland included. It can be read as a fact recorded in immigration records and national census of those countries. However, you may be right about the source of such fear of pogroms, that caused such emigrations or any other pogroms – they may be fabricated to that very cause. My local history records show Jews almost literally disappeared in period between 1939 until end of 1943, with many different sources to arrests and shootings by their hangmen, with everything about it meticulously documented. Over here, Balkan people collectively wanted to be better at executing Rulers’ orders than the Rulers themselves, committing such atrocities that nobody can properly explain roots to such human (?) behavior. Many mass grave locations can be found as well as some records of witnesses to such events, whose testimonies can force tears to your eyes. I want to believe consequently, that not all pogroms are necessarily real, but some are definitely real and gruesome. In both cases, the effect / goal is the same – you get targeted people running for their lives. (very similar thing occurred to Serbian population at the end of the last Balkan war in August 1995, when few Serbian villages were annihilated and their inhabitants slaughtered causing en massé panic and emigration process which mobilized 350.000 refugees of Serbian nationality. I saw that territory myself, some houses are still there, charred and shot through, standing as a reminder to human madness, along with en massé graves found there shortly after war’s end).


          1. If you link that early 1900′ Russian pogroms with the fact that the Tsarist family was crypto-jewish as well, one might speculate of a “higher” purpose.
            Perhaps long-time planning for a Zionist “Greater Israel” population ? Fear of pogroms might be a good reason to convince the lowbrow jewish population to take action and leave.
            Not coincidentally, the “6-Million-Jews-In-Danger” news reports started at that time, in that place.

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          2. I agree, fm . Although Balfour declaration was not yet produced, in early 1900’s the PTB already had the plan for creation of Israel far ahead. I see it as you suggest – a prelude to move as many European Jews to populate then Palestinian owned territory, preparing it for main event of 1948, with holocaust of WWII as some kind of climax of the very same purpose.


          3. I am very skeptic of Jewish pogroms. Regarding Russia Mathis papers showed possible connections between jews and european nobility. Jews were protected by royalty (in some regions like nobility, the jews were allowed to carry weapons). Sometimes the people were ready to revolt, so the king had to banish the jews ( his cousins?) in order to stop the rebellion (in many western countries there were only a few very elite jews) . On the Golden Liberty (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth) wiki page we find an interesting expression coined by a jew: The Commonwealth was called Noble’s Paradise, sometimes ― the Jewish Paradise, but also Purgatory for the Townsfolk.
            If you go to the wiki page for Sterling Silver you see a Norman penny with the star of David. For Norman England see . You can also look for Khmelnytsky Uprising.

            I believe the most elite jews are connected to Akhenaten. Most jews are probably descendants of people converted or initial followers.


          4. Thanks for those links, Calgacus, they’re worth few days of good read. You should be skeptic about pogroms as much as anybody else trying to figure out what was really going on. Are pogroms real or fiction? Somewhere in the middle? I’ve never heard or read about Akhenaten, have to educate myself about that.


    2. Weren’t the Irish landlords all Jewish or crypto-Jewish and the same people sent in the British army to forcibly take food to England aboard ships, didn’t the Catholic church also hoard food for its clergy only? Wasn’t the Irish Easter (Esther) Rising led by similar crypto-Jews? De Valera, Robinson, Adams, etc are all the same ilk – I’ve not fully traced Michael Collins’ kin yet. Like in America, it’s the same people/families/bloodlines ruling again.


    3. I don’t accept there ever was an Irish Holocaust and if there was it was spectacularly unsuccessful in keeping numbers down as the Jewish one.
      And as the old joke, but still true has it- how does a population starve on an island surrounded by fish? Let alone that potatoes were too recent an introduced species to be a keystone component of diet.


    1. Daily internet injections going back more than a decade and a half- And about a billion hours of podcasts, though relatively few YT videos- And prior to the net, a lifetime lived in libraries- Odd that these days I listen to almost nothing, so far out front are we at POM- I wish someone did have a podcast that supported POM’s views- I just don’t have the time right now-


      1. I listen to nothing too – nothing interests me. I thought a guy running Deep Thoughts Radio was interesting, and then he went totally flat earth.

        Oops! I will now delete this comment.


  3. @calgacus:
    As it seems, this website seems to allow nested replies only to a certain depth – which we exceeded.
    But I’m with you, actual proof of this topic it is hard to come by.
    Building and exploding such a device would be the ultimate proof, unfortunately I lack the materials and the time to do that … 😉

    I think Miles Mathis is correct when he believes a lot or most of current science is fake, and things like CERN are just giant job-creation/tax-money-burning machines.
    But OTOH, such wasting stops at times of war. Both the (IMHO failed) Manhattan project and the German project did cost a fortune. There must have been something behind it – perhaps something else. And perhaps CERN & Co. is also a cover for something else.
    I dunno.

    BTW, I found Miles’ websites first.
    Only his paper about PieceOfMind brought me here. So even a hatchet job can have his upsides …


    1. Yes, I’ll be sure to thank Miles for driving you guys our way. 🙂

      As for the nuclear hoax, I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. For example, even if we accept the idea that they don’t have nuclear weapons, doesn’t mean there are not nuclear power plants. I for one don’t think nuclear power is faked.

      As for Miles’s position on it, I don’t think he meant modern science is fake in the way you mean. He wouldn’t say, I think, that CERN isn’t doing colliding experiments with particle accelerators, etc. But ultimately the theories they’re using to guide that type of work are bad, bogus or corrupt. Proof of the theory is always just out of sight, and getting to truth is costly. But it’s more like a con than a hoax. His argument is that one reason the theories are so entrenched is that they are good for spending enormous amounts of money from the public coffers. He doesn’t mean they aren’t actually doing the research. Or at least that’s my reading.

      As for the nuclear question, he has a couple papers up indicating that two major nuclear tests were faked. There is good stuff on other forums indicating that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not bombed with nuclear weapons. So there is a lot of evidence that nuclear weapons don’t actually exist or don’t work as stated. And I admit the evidence for that is compelling, but it is also not conclusive.

      As for nuclear power, that’s another matter entirely. As for me, I don’t see why we would have to assume that there are not nuclear power plants just because there are not nuclear weapons. I don’t know Miles’s opinion on it, but since you mention his science work, I will direct you to his paper on Uranium, where he explains why Uranium is so radioactive. And it seems to me that his theory is compatible with the explanations we’re given for how nuclear power plants use Uranium.

      I’ll admit that I didn’t read any of your links and haven’t delved into this topic in any great detail. But those are my two bits on this question.


      1. His argument is that one reason the theories are so entrenched is that they are good for spending enormous amounts of money from the public coffers. He doesn’t mean they aren’t actually doing the research. Or at least that’s my reading.

        Basically my understanding as well. And don’t forget the individual aspect – any less-than-truly honest person would defend it’s fame, tenure or income, even if he knows it’s wrong.
        And please don’t attach too much importance to my exact wording, English is not my native language.

        As for the nuclear question, he has a couple papers up indicating that two major nuclear tests were faked. There is good stuff on other forums indicating that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not bombed with nuclear weapons.

        The appearance of the bombed sites speak against a “usual” bomb raid (multiple dropping of 50 … 500lbs bombs).
        However, there is another cheap weapon that can do the same structural damage and near-distance killing of people as nuclear weapons, and such weapons were – coincidentally – researched in Nazi Germany as well. I mean fuel-air explosions.
        Known tests in Germany (then, now Austria) used mostly coal powder, and had very similar dropping characteristics as nuclear weapons (appr. 100 .. 500 m above ground).

        Just an idea – I have not been present in Japan at that time…


      2. I believe on nuke lies forum they have 2 theories about nuclear plants.A few quotes from Rae west ( aka rerevisionist ):
        1)”This ‘conspiracy theory’ is a separate issue from nuclear bombs: it’s possible that heat might be generatable from nuclear sources, but that they can’t be made to explode.”
        2)The dumpload (or dump load) hypothesis is:- so-called nuclear power stations are “dumploads” or “dump loads” – in effect giant electric kettles which waste energy by heating and boiling water. As far as I know the initiator of this idea was the online Canadian commentator, ‘cactusneedles’.
        3) What is a dumpload? Well, everyone knows from experience what happens when power supplies are too low: equipment dims or operates slowly, or malfunctions. Brown-outs and blackouts are the way such events are described when they happen on a large scale.
        However, there are problems with oversupply of power too – equipment may overheat, run too brightly, explode or melt, or otherwise malfunction, usually in damaging ways. If you google or bing ‘dumpload’ you’ll find advice aimed at people using domestic gasoline generators or domestic windpower – their dumploads are usually resistors, which in effect are electric heaters.

        I believe on nuke lies (maybe somewhere else) it was discussed the possibility that nuke plants due indeed work with uranium. But uranium is probably not that efficient (no big boom to release energy just radiation to heat the water). I remember some discussion about trains bringing more uranium than it is usually admitted. Part of the fraud can be the fact that uranium is more abundant (similar to diamonds) and the plants need more to operate. I believe fakeologist put a link about how nuclear plants use software from 60’s because it is more trustworthy and safe.


        1. Mathis finally came up with a paper on nuclear program in general (plus ufo nonsense and other interesting connections). Complementary info here . He also covers the fact that uranium is not that rare and the fact that uranium may be replenished by charge field (I wonder if there is a mechanism to replenish oil, but this is a different topic).


          1. I’m not quite through all of his papers yet. I agree with his paper about the White Sands test and Bikini Atoll tests, the presented photos are just preposterous. However, proving that photos of alleged nuclear tests are faked does not mean nuclear weapons do not or cannot exist. This is an invalid induction.
            Just a statement.
            De Omnibus Dubitandum.

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        2. I guess it becomes an obvious question once one starts to peek at the man behind the curtain, but why wouldn’t they fake the whole nuclear bomb thing? It’s a lot easier and less messy than trying to create a real one first. This could also explain why quantum physics is such a ridiculous mess, as MM points out. It’s just a smoke screen to hide the nuclear fraud behind. The more of a maze it becomes, the better it serves it’s purpose. It also derails talented individuals who might cause them issues by “dumploading” their energies.


          1. Curiously, it might be noted that a lot of Nazi Germany’s scientist did not just detest Einstein for his ‘jewishness’, but for his theories. There are certain conspiracy theories that claim they succeeded in creating an atomic bomb because they NOT followed Relativity and quantum theory. I’ve got a batch of literature to that topic, but none in English, though …


      3. If nuclear can be applied to i.e. X-ray guns, then such weaponry existed already during the WWII period. The science behind it was perfected by Rolf Widerøe, a Norwegian physicist. Widerøe’s biography was done by Pedro Waloschek and can be accessed here: . Waloschek wrote another interesting report/document called “Death Rays as Life-Saver in the Third Reich”, a rare find, can be accessed here . Then there is another pioneer in particle physics, Austrian physicist Bruno Touschek, who conceived, proposed and, 50 years ago, brought to completion the construction of AdA, the first electron-positron storage ring. Short article about him here . As this article shows, Touschek and Wideroe were exchanging findings and communicating before and during the WWII.

        Important to know is that part of the alleged nuclear bomb technology requires a ray of electrons in the process before exploding, I can’t recall exactly how this process goes, the point is that science of Wideroe and Touschek was essential in this project.

        It can be speculated that they discovered something far more devastating and powerful in the process of making a big-bang with Uranium or Plutonium bomb. Which would add to Miles saying that the nuclear bomb was actually a smoke screen, made to scare us away from looking into it. Easy to speculate is as well about the power of that hidden technology, which probably surpasses anything seen on TV so far.


  4. There’s a lot of stuff out there about Einstein, and combined with his supposed biography and the fact he’s praised to the skies by the mainstream, leads one to be awfully sceptical about him and what he’s really all about.


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