The Hitler Project: Pasewalk Idyll

(Inspired by Mark’s look at the boasts of Captain McCain, I offer another war hero holy wound contrivance)

The author is certain that Adolf Hitler (No middle name) was a fictional construct put   together by a joint force of British and German intelligence agents for use as a lint catcher for the evils being planned under the guise of a second world war by the Anglo/American alliance and their assets in Germany, Russia and Japan (Italy, you were never that into it, were you?)- Multiple actors played Hitler during the course of the character’s life- One was used as a spy, another as the public orator, still another as a liaison between Intelligence and the German High Command- Other actors were employed for various purposes, such as the Hitler on the review stand- Or the meet and greet Hitler for foreign dignitaries- There was a Hitler for any occasion- All that was required was the undercut hairstyle, cow lick and Chaplinesque ‘stache, so taken was the public by the trumpeted integrity and independence of the international press that sold this wanker and his three stooges, Himmler/Goering/Goebbels, as “real” people-

“Hitler’s” biography, primarily from Mein Kampf, is total bullshit, an amalgamation of falsified records and identity theft, urban legends and pure grain propaganda- It is also laden with mythical references and archetypes from the fictional German past- Mein Kampf is a committee effort and is written for people who were steeped in the pop culture detritus of the time- Hitler appealed to the early twentieth century German version of The Simpson’s Comic Book Guy-

This post is the first of at least a few examining specific claims of official history regarding this Germanic variant of a Scaramouche, or Rabelaisian lout, whose default response to life was an unfounded boast-

Hitler Gassed!

In October, 1918, Private first class/corporal Adolf Hitler (depending on how you align the German/Allied military rankings) was mustard gassed by the British force engaged in the last weeks of combat at Ypres in western Belgium- Hitler was rendered blind and was whisked away to Pasewalk in eastern Prussia to convalesce-

Here is how “Hitler” sold it in Mein Kampf:

  ” In the night from October 13 to October 14 the English
began to throw gas on the southern front of Ypres; yellow-
cross gas was being used, the effects of which were unknown
to us so far as personal experience was concerned. I was
to get to know it personally in this very night. On the
eve of October 13, on a hill south of Wervick, we had come
under a drum fire of gas shells, lasting several hours, which
continued more or less violently throughout the entire
night. Towards midnight a part of us passed out, some of
our comrades forever. Towards morning I, too, was seized
with pains which grew worse with every quarter hour, and
at seven o’clock in the morning I stumbled and tottered
rearwards with burning eyes, but taking with me my last
report in the War.
Already a few hours later the eyes had turned into
burning coals; it had become dark around me.”

Once revived, Hitler learns of Germany’s capitulation and a second bout of blindness occurs, this time of the hysterical variety- In this second blackout of sorts, Hitler has his epiphany that he alone will return Germany to former glory and commits himself to this mission forthwith- Eyesight restored, he is discharged, yadda yadda…

Where to begin? First off, a glance at the medical literature will show that the concentration of mustard gas that would cause even temporary blindness would also scar the face and any skin not immediately cleansed with at least uncontaminated water- As “Hitler” relates, there was prolonged exposure and within hours, the effects of that exposure began to manifest itself in painful symptoms, including blindness-

There is no mention in the various histories of Hitler, nor any photographic evidence, that Hitler bore scars or lesions from the attack- Therefore, he would not have been exposed sufficiently to go blind- You can’t have blindness and no blistering or scars- And that doesn’t even address the likelihood of serious respiratory damage, again something not listed in the deposit of Hitler lore-

Recently, to address this problem, some MSM sources have abandoned the mustard gas portion and claim the blindness was exclusively hysterical- But that begs several more questions- First, what was Hitler doing at Pasewalk military hospital if he wasn’t gassed? And would the rapidly collapsing German army bother to transport a hysterical private over 600 miles away from the action to dump him in a hospital because of shot nerves? Take a number Bub and we’ll call you if/when a bed is available- And one can only imagine what rickety, 19th century style transports were left to move the seriously wounded out of harm’s way along the equally primitive roadways- The only way a backwoods hick from Austria, not even Germany, could get to that hospital is on the wings of a hack writer’s imagination-

The long and short of it is that there is no plausible explanation for this story and it is only included in Mein Kampf to sell the special revelation of Hitler’s “destiny” to alone save Germany and restore its former (fictional) glory-

This “Road to Damascus” moment is standard agitprop to sell a manufactured individual as a demi-god, a rank mandatory so as to infuse great powers of perception and iron will into a fictional character who is slated to lead singlehandedly a great race to its entitled destiny- And at that time, Weimar-time in Germany, occult and mystical embroidery on one’s CV was all the rage- While Comic Book Guy was getting wood from all the breast plated blonde warriors with the big horn sections and the loudest gods of any pantheon, the Schnapps and tea cake set of the nouveau riche and intelligentsia posers found appeal in the mystical, because, quite frankly, rigorous logic and hard core science had just left a pile of carrion from Westphalia to Saxony and so some other, any other, schematic for divining reality was welcomed to audition-

It is this kind of desperation that the mindbenders engineered that allowed such collective magical thinking to buy wholesale the myth of Hitler- Like St. Paul and his road trip, or JFK and his Missile Crisis, or Siddhartha at the river’s edge, or even Charleton Heston toasting marshmallows on Mt. Sinai, this special revelation trope exists for use on the one battlefield where the fighting never stops- The one between our ears-

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6 thoughts on “The Hitler Project: Pasewalk Idyll

  1. There is something at work here, an ear worm, to the effect that the people who write fake history are not just good enough to write the main theme, but to also salt it with juicy details that so that we are infected before we can even think. It doesn’t work just to create a Hitler as a caracature … they reinforce him with news accounts and then later come along to make him into a Greek god using the likes of John Irving and others. Yeah, I read him. He was set up as the credible “real” historian for anyone who didn’t buy into the mainstream takes. The whole of our ingestion of the 20th century, speaking of my own youth, revolved around this guy. You’re not exposing us or him, you are exposing his creators. He never existed. I hope you make this a project. Or, that you already have. Man I love projects.


    1. The Hitler Project is just that- And there are so many names to drop, from think tank conception to auditions to rehearsals to the opening night of Triumph of the Will and beyond- Something to build the day around-

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  2. I would call myself a white nationalist, but of course my philosophy of life has nothing to do with the white nationalist caricature presented by MSM (for example I don’t waste my energy hating anybody, only a calm blue anger at elites). For a period I was 50/50 on Hitler since I was aware of Anthony Sutton thesis (mentioned by a few alternative people). Mathis with his first paper put Hitler to the actor side for good for me.

    In my opinion, Hitler and the Nazi party is the most important piece in ending the Old World Order with colonialism and white domination. Hitler was an important tool when it comes to immigration. Look how the discussion starts at a BBC Question Time show with Nick Griffin from BNP. First question from the public already involves WW2 . I watched only a part of that show in the past, but I remembered how many times Hitler, WW2 or WW1 were mentioned(you can look at the other parts of the show). I really due believe that many revolts in white countries were real, starting with First secessio plebis in 494BC(standard chronology). Other people seem to be more compliant or easier to be managed. Thus you have non-white immigration in white countries, with the help of Hitler. Of course this is not enough so they must create more suspicion between races with cop shootings, terrorism and what not.

    Will Trump be the last white trap?It will be funny if we see MSM use the genealogy links of Mathis (without naming him) to link Trump to Himmler or other scary Nazi. Maybe this will be done only for the eyes of the liberals (a liberal conspiracy theory).


    1. It does seem that Trump’s role will be to blackwash any of the “alt” movements. Just as you state, “Hitler” is their greatest hammer against the hope of maintaining real nations (based on “natus” or common ethno-racial characteristics) which is real diversity.

      It may be that TPTB know they’ve weakened things too quickly, and need to undo some of the programs to keep things working smoothly a bit longer. So perhaps Trump is the hatchet man for the pruning. My guess is they aren’t all that different than other people, in that they like the status quo and prefer to keep things going smoothly as long as they can. But they see us as farm animals and have no problem with whatever methods they need to use to manage us as they see fit.


  3. Great stuff, Ty. Can’t wait to see the rest. Not the least because of your droll and erudite style: “The only way a backwoods hick from Austria, not even Germany, could get to that hospital is on the wings of a hack writer’s imagination.”

    That one had me in tears.

    I’ve been reading through the Wikipedia entry on the Nazi Party. Found some interesting nuggets:

    “The DAP [precursor to the NSDAP] was a comparatively small group with fewer than 60 members.[30] Nevertheless, it attracted the attention of the German authorities, who were suspicious of any organisation that appeared to have subversive tendencies. In July 1919 while stationed in Munich, army Gefreiter Adolf Hitler was appointed a Verbindungsmann (intelligence agent) of the Reichswehr (army) by the head of the Education and Propaganda Department (Dept Ib/P) in Bavaria, Captain Mayr. Hitler’s assignment was to influence other soldiers and to infiltrate the DAP.[33]”

    What’s interesting is that they never get to a point in the narrative where Hitler is no longer acting as an intelligence agent. At no point does he appear to say “OK, that’s it. I’m done spying on you. Now I want to be your leader.” They basically come right out and openly admit he was controlled opposition from the beginning. And of course it’s capped off with footnote 33.

    A bit later we get this: “Hitler became DAP member 555 (the party began counting membership at 500 to give the impression they were much larger than they actually were).” And: “Hitler’s first speech was held in the Hofbräukeller on 16 October 1919, where he spoke in front of 111 people as the second speaker of the evening.”

    Yes, I’m sure that’s the reason he was given number 555… Tyrone what was that you were saying about wings and hacks? Anyway, I haven’t picked it all apart yet, but that entry is a goldmine:


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