JFKTV: Segment Eight

Political Hallucinogens

If JFK was ticketed for an early exit, what was the point of his election at all? His chief rival Richard Nixon was eventually installed, so why didn’t the powers that be just install Nixon in 1960? Why wait eight years?

One reason to delay Nixon was that although he was portrayed as electable given how close the votes were reported to be, he also came with a pile of suspicious baggage gathered during his time as Vice President under President Eisenhower. To let Nixon cool his heels for a time would allow the air to clear somewhat. He was destined to be used as a lightning rod of division and his personality was more conducive to riding herd over the systematic dismantling of the culture when the time came. A Nixon implosion in, say, 1966 would be too early to fully decimate the old values that the licentiousness of “the sixties” was to replace. By the time he did implode, the Vietnam War he was ordered to expand and continue as long as possible, as well as the complete breakdown of the family structure that came in the wake of the propagation of the sex, drug, and rock and roll lifestyle, his collapse took the integrity of the government down with him and with that the last signpost that anyone could measure their own civic obligations by crumbled to dust.

In setting up this fall, the youth of America had to become reengaged with the system at its very core. The movie star President and his young, glamorous wife were just the tonic in the wake of Grandpa Ike and his golf clubs. Youth rebellion was an exploitable commodity but it was difficult to control no matter how tightly managed show business might have been at the top. To get some of that youthful energy pointed towards the system of government the public thought they had, a young, witty, handsome actor from a seemingly respectable and successful family was presented to the country almost like a reward.


The Kennedy speechwriters had the actor-in-chief say all the right things, emphasizing progress and celebrating youthfulness and healthy living. When manufactured troubles like The Bay of Pigs or the Cuban Missile Crisis hit the airwaves, the young leader steered the public’s emotions carefully toward and then away from panic and the relief these psychological warfare operations generated only gained him further popularity. If there was any opposition to him personally or his policies, they came from the same elements that play the opposition in all of these phony left/right splits in opinion: the corporate media and their intelligence handlers.

There is a lot written about Kennedy and his concerns over far flung, resource rich underdeveloped countries and regions like the Congo and Indo China. The only reason any attention is paid to such territories, and they are territories to the powers that be, not actual countries redrawn on a map by the Anglo-American axis powers after each major war, is because those powers want to exploit the resources with as little local resistance as possible.

JFK may have had some concern for the Congolese, but there wasn’t a thing he could do about saving their nascent democracy. He did not order the hit on legally elected Patrice Lumumba and there certainly wasn’t a damn thing he could do to prevent Mobutu from replacing that still born democracy with a brutal dictatorship. The claim that he had ordered a portion of the troops posing as advisors out of Vietnam with the rest leaving after his reelection exists only on classified paper. If there is anything easier to forge than a photograph, it’s a typewritten classified memo.

(I remind you again of the initial isolationist position of Woodrow Wilson and add to that the inability of FDR to get the public to back involvement in WWII until the great scam of Pearl Harbor lit the fires of emotion in the public’s mind.)

As for the space race and his pleas for cooperation with the Soviets (“we all breathe the same air…”) they were likely more a hedge against the Soviets spilling the beans in their slavishly incompetent way with regards to the fact that space travel was simply not possible, no matter how many Nazi scientists you could buy off.

Without any great digression, we have never visited the moon. The espionage agency known as NASA was a weapons and surveillance development front. DARPA carries on most of the research and development now and NASA is nothing more than an internal government money laundromat. Beyond financing advanced CGI imagery systems to broadcast the illusion of a space program, the rest of the money allocated for phantom projects like the ISS are secretly redirected to earth bound projects/pay offs in other military intelligence agencies.


Shadows on the moon. Close enough for government work.

Power basics

The real power in the world is never seen. The ancient intertwining families that wield power do so through proxies. Might always makes right; control of the military is paramount to these ruling elite and within that institution you see the flashpoint between the hidden power and the public. The military’s proxies are the politicians and the intelligence wing of the military often use show business celebrities as assets and mouthpieces. No one in this world gets a public platform unless they can further the agendas of the ruling class, and generally speaking, the genealogies of the glamorous, rich and famous also intertwine.

As in all administrations, the military high command is the real tool of enforcement for the policies of the ruling elite, not the nominal civilian head of the armed forces. Due diligence in maintaining the fraud of democracy requires the periodic appearance of conflict within the executive branch and the Joint Chiefs. Removing a Limnitzer from power is a phony threat demonstration by the President to reaffirm the lie that the President is the final arbiter.

The Kennedy handlers made great use of the media, especially television, to further the charade of a liberal, progressive administration. The photogenic First Couple were never off the front pages and off television screens for too long. The White House tour Jackie hosted on CBS in 1962 brought the office of the Presidency out to the public. Television programming is essentially what the Kennedy administration was all about.


First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy takes the nation on a televised tour of the White House. A ratings grabber of the first order, the film was shown worldwide and did a great deal in selling the Kennedy mystique during the, ahem, Cold War.

What politics is really for and for whom in the main, politics is a front and the illusion of public input through the voting system is a form of mass mind control. Like religion, the political process is based on faith. To wit, certain individuals within the political system may be bad, but they aren’t the system. The system is neutral, according to the faithful, and discernment when voting for a candidate is the responsibility of the governed. This is belief, not knowledge.

People above the law probably believe the system could not work without some extra-legal objectivity, occasionally assessing the flaws in the governance of this neutral system. That is their absolution. It is the lesson of Cincinnatus, the concept of the temporary dictator. Kissinger believed in this kind of thing.

And to get to this level of rationale, you have to be born into it. And you have to be educated in the art of compassionless objectivity. And you cannot be susceptible to the strains of conscience. Vicarious suffering for the trials of the common people that you inflict is not an option. Your responsibilities preclude personal conscience. You are not required to feel the consequences of your action. Absolution is not even required when you get down to the bedrock. You are the neutral system.

You are the creation, and you are the creator. You stand beyond cosmic judgment. Your will is all action. There is no potential. There is only now.

Money is also a faith-based phenomenon. You print the money. You assign its value. The stamp on the intrinsically worthless piece of paper is your nomina sacra. The bill is infused with your power. You giveth and taketh as you see fit. And in your limitlessness you can assign value to nothing more than a key stroke. Money is not wealth. Money is a tool to herd the sheep. Wealth is the power to wield that tool.

Culture creation in Dallas:
Television programming

What happened in Dallas was television programming, nothing more. And Dallas was the place to stage this dog and pony show. It was in the central time zone, half past noon so the entire country would be awake and alert and accessible to the broadcasts. The people would hear the drama unfold live and direct from the major networks. AP, UPI and Reuters, the three largest wire services in the world would control the dispatches to local outlets. Only in Dallas would there be original reports, and as I said, Dallas, one of the most corrupt cities in the world, would be controlled on the ground by the police and the Secret Service. As well, the investigation would be under total control of trusted assets of the intelligence agencies and the military.

The programming day began in Fort Worth where local outlets covered the Presidential breakfast at the Grand Hotel. Jackie was the real star and made her entrance after everyone, including the President, was seated at the dais. The commentator, prior to the First Lady’s entrance, had prefaced the President’s arrival with a story of President McKinley’s assassination, a foreshadowing trick only hack writers would attempt and only for a cheap television drama. It is touches like that one where the hand of the writer/director John Frankenheimer can be seen.


Nellie and Jack pretend LBJ is not a raving psychopath as he is discreetly chastised by Jackie for telling another off color joke about Senator Rayburn’s goats.

As she is seated, the commentator swoons over her appearance and it segues nicely into Kennedy’s quip about being the man who accompanies the First Lady around the world.

“Nobody asks what Lyndon and I are wearing…” Loud guffaws. In effect the spectacle is like the old breakfast shows from morning radio where a smart couple muse out loud about events of the day to the click of china cups and neat product name drops while the housewives only half listening write out the day’s to-do list.

Things take a turn for the horrific when CBS interrupts their soap opera, As the World Turns, a few minutes after the shooting. The first viewers to be told of the tragedy were the housewives, mothers, nannies and maids. The cream of the female domestic crop would get the news before any of their husbands called.

Their reactions would be unencumbered by protective male voices and their reactions would be irrevocable. What they felt at that moment would, for almost every one of them, trigger the same sentiment every time they spoke of when they first heard the news. That firewall of emotion would be nigh impossible to breach.

When the husbands did call in, and when the news became official, that emotional bonding would carry throughout the entire ordeal and beyond. Critical analysis would in such a situation be almost insulting.


In short order CBS diverts from a soap opera to a bulletin to a coffee commercial featuring a hypnotic pendulum to the most trusted hypnotherapist in America.

By the late afternoon, Dallas time, word would circulate that a suspect was in custody. By nightfall what the viewing audience was watching was what they often watched: a police procedural.

The cameras invaded Dallas police headquarters and the spectacle of a man being brought to justice unfolded just like any episode of Dragnet or Highway Patrol or any other farcical clap trap that sold the idea of a benevolent police fraternity to the mesmerized public.

Anchormen opined endlessly about the details that were parceled out sparingly to keep the audience seated in front of their television sets, desperate for more information. In this state of anxiety most individuals with an ounce of compassion were completely vulnerable to suggestion. No one on Earth, even Kennedy’s most vocal detractors, would for one instant consider the whole thing a hoax. The television may be a vast wasteland, but when things turned serious and the laugh tracks were muted, everyone assumed truth was being spoken. Once again, the silly stuff by comparison sold the serious stuff as real.


Dallas detectives, including Roger Craig without a hat, are relieved to see the Cowboys game will go on as usual. The fees for their part in the farce were pooled and laid on the Browns to beat the spread.

By Sunday morning the programming had switched to what you would expect on that day and hour: Sunday services. Funeral rites are religious and within the trappings of the secular state lay the Catholic core of the first family. Prayers and invocations were recited in DC. The First Lady, clad in black, stood stoically with her brother in law who was now the de facto head of the Kennedy clan, even as his power poured away like blood from a head wound.

Meanwhile in Dallas, pagan rites were in preparation for the scapegoat Oswald. The transfer of Oswald from the Dallas police station to the county court house was to interrupt the funeral procession for a few minutes of airtime; the Masonic cluster fuck that followed in the parking garage suddenly jolted the mass subconscious into realizing that this was a pre-planned event.

However, nothing made it to the conscious surface and that was by design. Forever after, a near imperceptible doubt would linger just below conscious awareness.



Unconsecrated scripture. The media, local to international, parroted what AP, UPI and Reuters sent out over the wire at the Pentagon’s behest. The spectacle emblazoned right across the front pages, too incomprehensible to even question.

The reason for this is simple to understand: If you wish to threaten someone, throwing a rock through their window at night and running away will accomplish nothing. The victim will be puzzled and irritated about the effort and expense of installing a new window, but eventually he will have to chalk it up to random bad luck or some idiot kid out for a night of vandalism. If the threat comes with a clue as to whom might have thrown the rock, then the threat has more resonance. The victim may not be able to tell precisely who did it and why, but a review of his own circumstances and the possibility he has an enemy will get him into researching just what he did, and to whom he did it to. As possibilities mount and details accrue, he may well identify a few plausible candidates.

The problem is, he will never be certain. Random vandalism is the simplest solution, but it seemed too deliberate for that. The clues he has acquired suggest a list of suspects but beyond that, without any confession, he will never truly know which, if any, of the suspects are plausible enough to pursue redress. And isn’t the window repaired anyway? Why worry?

So it becomes a matter of principle. And that’s what rekindles the emotions, although at a simmer. He lives with the idea that someone has it out for him and he can’t do anything about it even though the window remains unbroken since its repair. He can pursue the truth as a matter of principle, not as a criminal inquiry that will lead to arrest and prosecution. It becomes a massive waste of time and resources.

This, then, is culture creation.

Culture creation isn’t just fads to sell the same useless merchandise in different shapes and sizes. It is behavior modification on a grand scale. Changing the way a person perceives reality will change his behavior. To do this, the creators have to get into the subconscious where it is the eternal present and therefore not subject to memory and the trial and error fueled wisdom to make self-serving decisions. Once inside, the chain pullers can steer their subjects in any direction they please.

Of course not everyone is susceptible to a herd mentality. For those people wandering off the reservation, a manufactured alternative is at the ready: Oswald did it by hisself isn’t at all plausible so let’s try multiple shooters wearing whatever team jersey seems appropriate: Mob, military, intelligence, big oil, big tech, big bank- pick one or all of them. The point is the dissenters still assume that JFK was a gunshot victim.

Culture creation: an overview

Emotional triggers fire ten times faster than an engaged intellect. The presence of a dead innocent in a psychological warfare operation is the best programmed defense the designers have. Normal people are equipped with the ability to compartmentalize their emotions. This ability is crucial in discerning between what’s a threat to one’s survival and what would allow for a compassionate reaction and potentially helpful action. The death of a fellow human being sets off a series of emotional reactions, even if one thinks the deceased had it coming. This emotional cascade is unavoidable if one does not hold the source of the information that triggers the emotion to scrutiny. Trust of the information source must be assured in order for the hoax to work.

In1963 the mainstream media was not held accountable because they had done such a thorough job in aligning themselves with the elements of society that did enjoy unbridled trust. As those trusted institutions were revealed to be corrupt or compromised, the media has since been held up to examination largely because they still defend those denounced institutions. Back in 1963 those institutions of authority enjoyed an unchallenged monopoly on trust.

The stranglehold corporate media had on the collective imagination in the post war era is difficult to comprehend in the Internet age. This hegemony allowed those few in control of this apparatus to sell any fairy tale or nightmare they chose.

If you agree that nuclear weapons are a hoax, then Kennedy’s performance during the Cuban Missile Crisis identifies him as one of the perpetrators and not a martyr for justice and civil rights. He is one of them and he was born into it. He was no more a traitor to his class than FDR was. These so-called liberal administrations impose a covert socialist agenda. They are the ones who wage war on their own citizens. The hawks and conservatives wage war abroad. Both fronts, domestic and foreign, must be tended to periodically; all the while the rights of the citizen are whittled away in the name of national security. It’s one of the oldest cons on the books.

yy5-trusting-americaA trusting America where reality was not an option.

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16 thoughts on “JFKTV: Segment Eight

    1. That whole Bill Hicks thing was a psyop on its own, one to keep the rabbit hole stuff about JFK going, two to quietly push the idea that people can be injected with cancer without their knowledge. After all, Jack Ruby, we are told, was forcibly injected. It’s all lies.


  1. Another fine addition. ” What was the point of his early exit ” Good question. Allow me to offer my WAG. A slot had opened up in Georgia. And for some unknown reason his removal from public view was required. And with the 200th anniversary of the colonists fake revolution coming up, what better gift than the return of their very own King who they will have missed so much. Of course the Queen is a bit more familiar with the culture than typically recognized. So the colonists will require some beer to go with their peanuts. Paging Billy. Cheers!


  2. “The real power in the world is never seen.” But every now and then we get a glimpse.

    “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the British Empire on which the sun never sets. The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.” – Baron Nathan Mayer de Rothschild (1840-1915)
    http://www.globalresearch.ca/who-really-controls-the-world/5445239 by Prof. Dr. MUJAHID KAMRAN


  3. BTW, Miles’ site has been down for a couple of days. Have they finally gotten to him…? Anyone know anything?


      1. Interesting thought… but why he would take it down himself. The current situation points to the fact the site has been under cyberattack. We will wait to see what happens. AFAIK, he did not host the website at home but I company in MI: extrasecurity.com. He is very smart and talented on some fields but he’s no computer wizard/maverick last time I checked.


  4. As I absorb your work here, slowly this time through, I am coming to think that JFK was a fabrication, not that he did not walk and breathe, but that he was brought in for glamor, set up to be a matinee idol with the perfect family, an intellectual, given a crisis to successfully manage, and then murdered for psychological effect. It was the first of many such deeply unsettling events, and even as they were closing down the show in Dallas the Beatles were on their way, hired screaming girls leading the way, to lip sync on Ed Sullivan. I wonder how many screaming girls were letting loose not only pent up sexual energy, but also grief?


  5. Very well done this overview of what went on in Dallas and from there in the whole world actually. The world is a stage and ‘we’ are supposed to be watching and paying for all the comedies and tragedies on it.


  6. “Back in 1963 those institutions of authority (mass media) enjoyed an unchallenged monopoly on trust.”

    It’s also notable that it took take place while school was in session , for all those mushy young minds ,ready to be programed correctly …..

    Me , being born April 1965 have no memories of the event , although I was made to turn inside out my dead kennedys nazi punk fukoff tshirt in gym class , 1982. I now see jello biafra and co programming me for nihilism and defeat . And me outlasting them and thanks to you all , a new stronger filtration system in it’s place , happy spring everyone .


    1. I will refuse to my dying day to hand off to the controllers any sense of nihilism or defeat. They can try to control every infrastructure that they can… they can try to starve me, bio chip me, freeze my bank accounts, tax me til i am in the poor house, but they can’t touch that light within me that shines, eternally.

      Good for you for outlasting the a-holes. TPTB want us miserable and defeated… I won’t give them that. I come from obstinate stock.

      The biggest FU we can give to the controllers is to be happy despite their machinations and to live fulfilling lives.


  7. I posted on a previous segment , about these song lyrics and believe it was a planned wink/wink by the op. rollingstone cabal.

    “I was crowned with a spike right through my head … but it’s alright now in fact it’s a gas..”

    The sleeve photo gives further red flags .
    back row is jagger as illuminati assassin , but it’s a stage knife , a prop , a fake .
    to the left richards as the american western bandit , illuminati light bulb in his mouth
    , stick em up we’re stealing your reality ,
    front right is watts in a guy fawkes mask , a past staged event with so many shared aspects.
    front left is wyman dressed as jackie , I believe those are theater glasses he holds ,
    center is jones smiling about his up coming “death”. And that’s not satans pichfork , it’s poseidons trident , I’m also headed for Greece , cheers !

    Is anyone else seeing these things or anything else ?



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