Magic markers …

I got into a debate over at the Beatles Never Existed blog and posted some of our evidence about Bill Hicks becoming Alex Jones, or at least links to it. I find it interesting how I am immediately suspected of being disinfo, of deliberately planting lies. This is a universal problem, as so many of the supposed truthers out there are in fact disinfo agents. The obvious ones are Dallas Goldbug, Jim Fetzer, Alex Jones, Crrow777, and some less so. I think sometimes that anyone who has a forum is disinfo. The ones who are real … we don’t hear too much about.

Note for example that comedian Louis CK, who AB notes quite accurately (in my view) just isn’t that funny, is poignant in his observations about society, and as cold and indifferent to humans as can be. And note that in the alphabet C=3 and K=11, and that 3×11=33. He’s an Intel asset. That’s what it tells me.

Just as my jaw dropped when I was told that “KKK” – 11+11+11=33, and was an Intelligence project, so too do I find that number appearing in so many places, as with the Dennis Washington post below.

Also note that 11+22=33.

This is just a side matter, but in debating with the BNE crowd, I had to look up the date of death of Bill Hicks. It is … February 26, 1994. 2+2+6+1+9+9+4 = …

19 thoughts on “Magic markers …

  1. It’s looking like the United Airlines kidnapping and beating is another staged psyop. David Dao equals 33 in the numerology calculator and he was indicted on 33 felonies. He is 69 which is the yin and yang duality thing. It just never ends…

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      1. Couple of days ago. All over news and YouTube. A very big deal. Allegedly United overbooked flight. Ask for volunteers to deplane. This Doctor David Dao happened to be chosen at random to leave the plane. He refused. Law enforcement came on board, whooped his ass, dragged him off plane. All on amateur video. Crisis actors present. Definitely a psyop. Please look into it.


        1. Agreed. Fake as fake could be. No one seems to want to ask the question: why was he let back on the plane after being dragged out? Didn’t united need that seat? Obvious answer: so that there could be witnesses to his bloodied condition. ( or rather, so that the crisis actors playing the role of passengers/witnesses could get more video of his dazed and bloodied condition.)

          And again, how is it conceivable that he never managed to wipe the blood from around his mouth before replaning, but just let it stay there dried into little trails? The question answers itself.

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          1. Yes, blatantly fake. How would anyone be able to get back onto the aircraft after being taken to a little room somewhere in the airport and beaten with a rubber hose? Someone on YouTube speculated that this was probably shot on a set and released to mainstream news to injure or take down United. Was the CEO in on it or caught unawares? Was it stock manipulation? Lots of questions.


    1. Yeah- I just caught up on this and watched some of the videos. It’s so obviously fake that I almost think its some sort of beta test to see what can be gotten away with. The story combined with the videos makes absolutely no sense. They needed the seat for staff? And the doctor walking around on the plane mumbling “I want to go home” in English with blood on him still?

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      1. You’re probably right CJD…and the sad reality of it is that they could present us with the most ridiculous, nonsensical, over-the-top story anyone could ever imagine and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference.
        As long as it’s being reported by their beloved main stream media, it won’t be questioned.

        It baffles me, the general public’s inability or unwillingness to even entertain the notion that the MSM is lying to them.


  2. Hey everyone – have a safe year! Take some time off, enjoy yourself. I just checked, and there are no days in the balance of 2017 where the digits add up to 33 unless rather than adding single digits, they use the full numbers 10,11 and 12 for the last three months, in which case watch out for December 29th! 12+2+9+2+1+7=33. We’ll look to see who dies that day, or what other odd events happen.

    The number ’27’ crops up frequently from 6/29 forward, enough to stage 19 fake events.


        1. Thank you! Indulge me for a quick story. As an eighth grader, our teacher, a nun, gave each of us a holy card with the patron saint for that day, and she would tape to the back of it our astrological forecast from “If Today Is Your Birthday” from the newspaper. She was laughing when she gave it to me, as it said “If today is your birthday, you have stomach problems and a strange relationship with your mother.”

          Many years later, when I I knew I shared a birthday with Hitler, I came to understand that the jackass who wrote that was full of wisdom after the fact, as he too knew whose birthday coincided with mine.


          1. Ok, than a Happy birthday to you !

            BTW, lingering around less than 20 miles from the birth place of that ‘famous’ man, there are no celebrations or memorials to be seen. Instead talking about tearing down his birth house …


          2. I am pleased to report that I am working as far from Golden Gate Park on this Day of Daze and still be within The City limits. I dub thee stone heads: Mediocrites! (Pronounced: Media-oh-krites, not the King’s version of Greek pronunciation)


  3. Hey everybody, long time no talk. I wanted to join this convo since this story has been on my mind.

    My first question when I heard everybody talking about it is: Why this story? Why is everybody around me giving lip service to Syria and North Korea, but can’t stop talking about this United Airlines story? Why is the media reporting this so heavily.

    If you go on LiveLeak, you’ll see videos like this posted everyday with minor blurbs on the news. Why is this so overblown? Why now? What’s in it for United? What’s the long game? Honest questions, I’m not sure of the answers. Whether it’s fake or not, they clearly want this story in our faces? Easy distraction? Or something more?

    As for Louis C.K., I believe he is genuinely a top notch comedian, but he stinks of elite-controlled in his material. Very nihilistic, uncompassionate, self-hating persona that millennials/hipsters are eating up. He is a caricature/archetype of what they want the millennial generation to be emotionally. It’s a bridge to psychopathy, but done with humor (as always) to cover it up. Close the heart, and we’re one step closer to become robots with no empathy.

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  4. I must have been absent the day we learned Croww777 was disinfo.

    I heard someone somewhere say he was pushing FE, but I personally have yet to find evidence of that. He suspects everything we’ve been taught to believe about the Earth and the supposed universe we live in is a lie, but offers no definitive alternate theories.

    If I’ve missed something important, please enlighten me.



    1. As always, we don’t get to look up the answers in the back of the book, and have to fly by the seat of our pants.

      Crrow claims not to be flat earth, but says the proper way to look at earth is to remove the “t” from the end of the word “planet.” He also claims that the moon is far closer to the earth than scientists have thought at the turn of the 20th century. (I think that at that time, around 1900 or so, they were pretty much on top of things.) The moon is an illusion, he says, and-there is no space as described, and we live on a flat plane, but he is not flat earth. Saturn and the stars are illusions too. There is a hidden continent somewhere too, he says, where the elite go. We never fly over the South Pole because there is no there there – it is a trip into the abyss.

      Crrow then talks the talk on all the other issues, even parroting Mathis at times, fake events, moon landings, SpaceX, propaganda and programming of individuals, but his flat earth stuff puts a coat of black frosting on everything. You can agree with him on those things, but when it is all put in one bag, it is flat earth, nonsense, and everything is discredited.

      This is, I believe, his objective. Black frosting discrediting good work by coating it with his FE nonsense, excuse me, Plane.


      1. I heard him question the etymology of the word Planet, but that’s as far as I heard him go with it. If he’s a flat Earther, he must be in the closet.

        He backed away from the ‘lunar wave’ he filmed back in 2012 because he didn’t want to be associated with some of the subsequent theories that cropped up, one of which was the hologram Moon theory.

        With regards to the distances of the Sun and Moon, Idk. Is there even a way of accurately measuring those distances? He points out the usual shinanigans we always see with the numbers they give us.

        I could be wrong. I’ll remain vigilant.


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