Columbine: Not a tear was shed for victims (Part two)

Advance staging

The events of April 20th, 1999 took advance planning, and not just by Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. As with all psyops of this magnitude, there had to be some staging. So we learn that the boys broke into a van  to steal electronic equipment in January of 1998. In February of that year, Eric is a suspect in a pipe bomb incident. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office did not release this information until 2001. (Be wary. Evidence after-the-fact and not vetted in an adversarial setting is often just planted.)  They attempt to buy guns well in advance of the event, and finally succeed by having an 18-year old kid do it for them.  They shoot videos using school equipment. The videos have very frightening elements, such as a comment that a tree resembles a human brain as they examine bullet entry points.

The van break-in in January of 1998 indicates that they were writing the back story for the boys at that time. This means that as early as 1997 they had selected the lead actors and also the school. It could well be that if Dylan and Eric attended Columbine for four years – for real – that planning went back even further. Management of the public mind is ever ongoing. Events in our future such as mass shootings and bombings are now in planning stages.  So it would not be so outrageous to suggest that Columbine was selected not just a few years before the event, but perhaps even a decade. It might have taken that long to have all the players in place.

A key aspect of the planning is in the yearbooks. Not only is it necessary to have the boys in them, but also the supposed wounded and the victims. Since yearbooks are done weeks in advance of year-end, this would mean that the 1997-98 and 1998-99 yearbooks were under control of planners, and so would be compromised in terms of finding raw data about attendees. This means that 1996-97 might be a candidate to be an honest yearbook,  it I’ve doubts about that too. At this point I have been unable to locate 1996-97. The school does not answer the phone – nothing personal. It is summer, they are busy. They are not even taking messages. If I come upon one, I will do a rewrite. I do want to visit the school library. Maybe they will allow me through the security system.

I looked for the 1997-98 yearbook on-line, and found that it is selling for $1,650! I am not sure what to make of that, as it would not be the one in high demand. That would be 1998-99, and that one is plastered all over the Internet. I speculate that perhaps 1997-98 contains compromising information, so that copies have been bought up to remove it from circulation. On eBay there are Columbine yearbooks available for school years long before the event, but none of the years in question. Same with

So, unable to attain them at this time, I have downgraded yearbooks in importance. I will keep searching.

The photo below is a portion of  a senior photo session six weeks before the event. It is a small part of a much larger photograph.

Yearbook spooks 3

Photoshop was around in those years, and spooks have always had the inside scoop on photo alteration. Taking a closer look, there are some oddities, but not enough that I can say without hesitation that it is fake:

Yearbook spooks 2

  • Dylan Klebold’s head (on the right) does not appear properly placed on the shoulders – see the green arrows. The line of his left shoulder ends up too high. If I could move the head slightly to his left, it would look more in place. His chin would be closer to the center of his shirt. It could be head angle causing this distortion, and I might say the same for Harris but he has tilted his head enough that it almost looks like proper placement. Step back and look at the Klebold image, and see if you agree that the head appears misplaced.
  • Klebold’s head (or someone’s) is casting a shadow, while Harris’s is not (yellow arrows). They are sitting in front of rolled-up bleachers, each affected by the same light, so that each should cast a similar shadow. There appears to be a dark area where a shadow should be cast – perhaps they removed it, going for a vampire effect (vampires cast no shadows), just like in the movies.
  • Harris’s shirt seems unnatural (purple arrow). I would guess that they perhaps changing the color to black and perhaps got a little sloppy with the Photoshop paintbrush. (Klebold’s shirt appears to have a sparkly quality about the neck – not much to make of that except photo graininess.)
  • What appears to be a shadow cast is actually just Photoshop sloppiness (pink arrow). This is more easily seen in the photo above, where the young man in the gray shirt is casting a shadow, it seems but that shadow exactly matches the outline of Klebold’s arm and shoulder, seeping through the white blouse of the girl next to him. Perhaps they are going for a ghost effect, just like in the movies.
  • This part is not a Photoshop effect: each of the boys is doing their best to look sinister (red arrows). Their heads are angled down so that they are looking up at us. They seem malevolent. This is surely the intent.

Please understand: If the above photograph is fake, as it appears to be, it is evidence of advance planning. Why monkey with the photos of anyone in a yearbook other than to do mundane things cropping and like making kids look better?  The alterations must have been done in advance knowing the boys would be of some future use in some activity. Importantly, they were done to make the kids look bad. Putting together a yearbook is a large project, hundreds of photos. There is no reason for subtle alterations, just obvious ones. And what a coincidence that the alterations involve our two mass murderers!

Here’s another photo, most likely from the same session:

Class Photo

Shadows in the back row are illogical, some there, some not. There’s our boys again (green arrow), this time firing pretend rifles.

Class Photo cropI cannot judge if this photo has been monkeyed with, but do find it perhaps odd that our two friends would earn a position together and on the very edge of the photograph. Could be, however, that they were given freedom to sit where they wanted. Usually the photographer needs to know who is where for yearbook purposes, so places are assigned. This, however, is a fun photo where the kids are told to goof it up before the serious business begins. Hard to know. But my, how prescient.

Here’s a photo collage:

Anti heroes

Eric, left and Dylan, right, look normal. These are professional photos, senior pictures. Dylan, upper right, and Eric, lower right, look spooky in stills grabbed from their home videos. They are mugging for the camera, but beyond that, Dylan’s face looks to be digitally elongated. (IMG_1542Where have I seen that before … thinking, thinking…) That is a bit of a sophisticated effect for a high school practice movie.

The home videos reinforce the notion that we are dealing with two disturbed individuals, but the effects suggest that they have real cinematic talent behind them.

This website Columbine Family Request appears to me to be misdirection (suspicion of other shooters – asking the wrong questions, etc.) but nonetheless poses an interesting question:

Why would Harris and Klebold plan for a suicide mission and at the same time make normal plans for a post 4-20 future? Like seeking help on an English class essay from a teacher a few days before the attack, like making a date to see a movie the day after, like putting in a work schedule for the next week, like going to an out-of-town college with your dad to pick out a dorm room, like making plans to visit your old friends in New York.

Some might say that they merely wanted to look normal before they blew up the school. I am more inclined to believe that they were normal. The behaviors of 4/20 are so bizarre, so outlandish and diabolical that such internal feelings could not possibly have been held in check without some notice given to friends, parents, teachers. We have a little of that – Eric’s dad Wayne, (who is decorated and Air force, by the way) noted some troubling aspects of his behavior. A teacher found a paper written by Eric somewhat troubling.

Far more likely is this: No one exhibits the kinds of behaviors we saw on 4/20/1999. No one. I have seen it in movies, most recently the John Wicks kill-fests. But I have never heard of someone just randomly shooting people. I know you will say what about The Pulse, Sandy Hook, etc., and that is exactly the point – those events were staged and scripted, written in advance, done to terrify the American public, and were fake. They have to fake these events precisely because they do not happen in real life.

So why should we not think the boys are normal, and that the normal photos reveal their true makeup? Dylan even looks engaging and friendly, while Eric is just a bit a nerdy kid, but one said to be personable, engaging, and having girlfriends throughout his tenure at Columbine.

Speaking of the movies, a film of importance, The Matrix, had just been released prior to the Columbine event. The image below is striking:

Matrix redux

If these kids were indeed nothing but actors, then their garb was selected for them from wardrobe. The Matrix was released on March 31, 1999, three weeks before Columbine. The scene on the right above is a still from home movies shot by the boys months before, or so we are told. Yet note the similarities in dress, arms, posture and gait. This appears to be foreshadowing, and in my view, was deliberate. Hollywood is under control of Intelligence, and Columbine was a psyop. Why would they not work hand-in-hand?

Ignore The Matrix shot in the left. Note, as I do, how professional the staging is of the images of the boys are on the right. A shot like that is hardly accidental. Some talented people were behind it. Imagine all of the high school plays, movies, musicals and concerts we have all attended. We endured them because the kids are just emerging in form, and lack real talent. We support them, but their work is only rarely of high quality. That shot is dynamite, and could easily be the poster for a Hollywood movie.

It is not that they so well imitate The Matrix image on the left. All by itself, the image of the two boys strikes us on a subconscious level, creating a Jungian archetype. This is no coincidence. This is part of the staging of Columbine, and the beating heart of this psyop is behavioral psychology. This whole event was done in a highly skilled and professional manner. It was meant to work on our subconscious, to program our behaviors.

Later, when they came in with more police state and security cameras and school cops and metal detectors, we were ready. We allowed it.

End, Part 2

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40 thoughts on “Columbine: Not a tear was shed for victims (Part two)

  1. I won’t be bashful: The group photo is a total paste-up. To my amateur eye, the focal distortions at the bottom look fish-eyed yet the center looks flat, like telephoto. Is that possible, attendant shutterbugs? What really puzzles me, though, is the idea that all those kids would be assembled for that shot. What is the point? Is that the world’s biggest glee club? Is that the chess clubs of all of the Midwest assembled for a tournament? What’s the occasion? Granted, I graduated from high school 24 years before this event, but I can’t recall any moment where, say, a graduating class, even, was assembled for just a photo-op. Was that the norm at the fin de siècle’? That’s also the most Caucasian student body south of Oslo.
    As for Dr. Sinister and his sidekick, The Schnozz, the biggest irk is that Sinister is looking straight at the camera which otherwise seems to be across the gym, high up in the opposite bleachers. He looks like he is mugging for a mug shot up close. The other guy looks like he was photographed outside in the sun. Moreover, the lug in front of Sinister looks twenty something, maybe older; kind of military-ish, but rather serene for a high school kid.
    Final nit: There is an empty space in the seating near the center. The people around that empty area are leaning away from the space. They look like they are from another photo. I am guessing they are playing on the idea of a displaced center of the shooter’s personalities. Some unfathomable “other” occupies their souls or some such hoo haw.
    Also: X crossed crutches which must have pleased those nearby. Second row from the bottom, a kid with a seven-foot long arm around his girl. A target rich environment for deeper analysis if one has the fetish for it. Resting…

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    1. Excellent powers of observation.

      In the meantime, one of the alleged victims, Isaiah Schoels, is the only African American, and our boys took great pains to point this out while murdering him (“Hey Reb! We got a nigger here!”). So they are called in all archetypes – one of the victims looks mentally challenged, others are asked if they believe in God, and yet another is castigated for suggesting the boys are fags. And, of course, the boys hated jocks.

      Much more to come on this subject, but Isaiah Schoels, “Schoel” is a European name, but the variant “Schoels” appears nowhere. Often blacks took on names of slave owners, but Schoel appear much more likely just to be white immigrants from Europe. Many of the victims are in the Denver phone book of that time, which is challenging to understand, but Mr. Schoels is not there at any time from 96-99. There are two or three Schoel families, but none it appears in the entire nation that go by Schoels.

      Anyway, he was 18 in 1999 and a senior, and I do not see him in this photo. I suppose someone will chime in and say they had an uncle who lived next door or played football with him, but right now he appears to be a ghost.

      Here is a cap of the “seven foot arm.” Seven foot arm Is the arm you refer to the guy in the gray sweatshirt with the backward cap? If so, the arm does look long, but feasibly his. The guy with his arm around the girl – she is leaning into him so his shoulder is directly behind her. My wife and I just spent time with this, and we think it is a real photo with possible monkey business with the boys. Note the black shadow right next to my red circle.

      I hope others pore over this as well.


      1. The girl Klebold (?) has his seven-foot arm around seems to have three (3) arms. Or who’s arm/hand is that on the shoulder of the girl in the pink shirt, in the row below ?


  2. The group photo appears to be an amalgamation of many photos. I find it difficult to follow a bleacher bench, from left to right, all the way across.


  3. The bleachers don’t look right. How tall are they, and how far would they extend if pulled out all the way? The backdrop of vertically folded rows wouldn’t extend that high over what’s already pulled out for the kids to sit on, would it? How wide is the gym? Looks like they pasted in the kids seated at the floor level of a normal school gym. Might be worth a visit during a basketball game to count the rows.


  4. An interesting parallel:

    The “definitive” account of this American High School massacre is “Columbine” by Dave Cullen.

    The definitive account of the British Dunblane Primary School massacre is the report by Lord Cullen.


    1. In addition to the fake events, we are given fake historians (Michael Moore will feature prominently in future segments). The connection you revealed here is most likely no coincidence.


  5. Mark, though I prefer longer reading material, I will give it a shot and will try to comment until the very end of the research. Visual analysis is not my thing, so I will focus on the data and analysis of events presented. Don’t know if you have gotten input from Maarten for this research; remember, he was “fake news” and must have an interesting feedback or spin about this event. Others perhaps, can help with the cinematographic aspect of Columbine as well. Approach the event, first as a mystery, then as an enygma. If you have codes, cyphered messages, I can try to help with that. Is this event numerology-heavy? For the little I know about it, I would say nope. The soundtrack seemed to be provided by KMFDM.


    1. Jesse, your input is always useful. This series will leave photo analysis in the next segment. Maarten is around, I am sure, and as always want his input. Numerology … not a lot available. 4/20 is significant (also Hitler’s birthday), though I do not know why. I have highlighted Wikipedia in that regard and will cover it later, but only briefly. I do not know what KMFDM stands for.


      1. Sounds good, thanks! Also, the black cap, he (EH) is wearing in the picture reads KMFDM, an industrial rock band, its name is the initials of a sentence in german, Dave’s comment below translates and Wiki has more info. This band suposedly, similar to Rammstein (another german band) It is reported they released an album on the very same date of the psyop as well, album name “Adios”.


    2. “Is this event numerology-heavy? For the little I know about it, I would say nope. The soundtrack seemed to be provided by KMFDM.”

      Remember that KMFDM released their “Adios” album on the same day as the Columbine High School massacre.

      The WHAT of 20 April, 1999:

      “Columbine High School massacre”

      The WHO of 20 April, 1999:

      “Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold”


      “Adios Columbine High School massacre” in Jewish Gematria = 1066

      “KMFDM Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in Jewish Gematria = 1066

      A bit of a coincidence that both the WHAT and the WHO of 20 April, 1999 add up to the same value (1066) in Jewish Gematria.

      And I’m not saying that the Jews did Columbine. I think the “two Jews (Harris and Klebold) shot up the school” was conspiracy candy misdirection. As was the “Harris and Klebold were homosexuals who shot up the school in a murderous queer suicide pact”.

      Both the Jewish and gay angles were useful distraction to the perpetrators of the Columbine hoax.

      BTW, the terms “Columbine” and “hoax” have the same Jewish Gematria (359)

      359 is the official number of casualties of the Beslan school hostage crisis.

      According to the author Douglas Adams, 359 is the funniest three-digit number.

      Yeah, real funny.

      Ever get the feeling we’re being laughed at?


        1. We prefer you stick to continental USA events. Yes, Beslan was an op, for electoral purposes back then, check it out if you are so interested. The 3 friends of any State, Regime or “Democratic Government” to control people: Military, Media, Education. In USA, you (or they) use Media and Education. Other parts of the world violence and harm is very real, We don’t say there’s no fake events, but much violence/brute force when applied is real and tears on the people and grief are too. Not every country has its own Hollywood/Lookout Mountain resources.


      1. @Mick: I think the controllers weave numerology and gematria into all their hoaxes and staged events, and even into everyday media propaganda. Gematria whiz-kid Zachary Hubbard says the controllers are always mocking us with all their chicanery. So yes, we are being laughed at.

        My cognitive dissonance revolves around what kind of people get their kicks from perpetrating hoax after hoax? It’s pretty sick.


  6. KMFDM = no mercy for the majority

    A newcomer in another thread asked of the value of using mainstream
    sources to find clues , it’s things like this :
    “Richard Castaldo, 17 in 1999.
    Richard was friends with Rachel Scott and they were seated on the !!!!!! grassy knoll !!!!!! outside the west entrance of the school when the shooting began”
    referencing an earlier faked event as a signal , I’d say .
    And numerology in the date of the event . Apr 19 & 20th
    did’nt start with Waco and OKC .


    1. Castaldo is a person of interest, big time. Even the spelling of his name is odd … he will come into play lightly as I recount the “massacre” and heavily in segment five.


  7. also on wiki page the security cam shot at the top of the page ,
    Really ? this was from the days of VHS tapes . “hey , CNN called , don’t forget to
    put a new tape in the machine”


  8. Michael Moores wiki page offers some clues .
    One photo is of Moore at the !!!!!!66th!!!!!! Venice International Film Festival in September 2009 .
    Where his ” Capitalism: A Love Story ” is showing . Spooky place , spooky numbers .
    I can tell by his diet and $50 million how much he hates capitalism .
    Big fat project written all over this creep .

    what is told at ref. #s 33 and 47 give more .

    Fahrenheit 9/11 , Examines America in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, particularly the record of the Bush administration and alleged links between the families of George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden. Fahrenheit was awarded the Palme d’Or,!!!!!![33]!!!!!!!

    then the (47th) is about 11/9 , the Trump (s)election .


  9. I watched BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE last night (thank you local library) , a few observations :
    They show the cafeteria sec. cam. scenes and they look alot less focused/more blurry than that pic at wiki ,
    maybe they got NASA to clean up the wiki pic .
    The spokesman for Lockheed Marten is showing that triangle hand sign early in his interview ,
    the camera view is clearly keeping this in the shot . That tells me
    that the war contractor and film maker are not adversaries .
    Now I go looking for that image and find it here .

    Lockheed Marten is talked about several times ( 2or3 ? ) during the film .

    ” Matt Stone ” wears his sunglasses all during his interview , then I realized the film does not show
    face pics of the perps in any long lasting shots .


  10. I watched BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE monday night (thank you local library) , a few observations :

    They show the cafeteria sec. cam. scenes and they look alot less focused/more blurry than that pic at wiki ,
    maybe they got NASA to clean up the wiki pic .
    The spokesman for Lockheed Martin is showing that triangle hand sign early in his interview ,
    the camera view is clearly keeping this in the shot . That tells me
    that the war contractor and film maker are not adversaries .
    Now I go looking for that image and find it here .

    Lockheed Martin is talked about several times ( 2or3 ? ) during the film .

    ” Matt Stone ” wears his sunglasses all during his interview , then I realized the film does not show
    face pics of the perps in any long lasting shots .

    Please understand I am not endorsing the BS on this site , that is where I found the
    Lockheed Martin mouthpiece image .

    ” By: Courtney McCracken
    After viewing Bowling for Columbine, we can conclude that Moore did not put a direct bias into the film. Instead of forcing people to take his side by biasing the film, he showed different sides of the argument ….”

    I do not remember Moore asking the African American man who’s nephew found his loaded handgun
    and killed his classmate if he had taken any NRA gun safety classes .
    I do remember the film trying to tie the NRA in with the KKK .


    1. Thanks Dave. You brought out several important point here. In segment five on bowling for Columbine I am going to use these points, with due credit of course, to you. There is far more going on in the film then you mentioned here, and I know that you didn’t write down everything that you saw. What I see is that Moore, Charlton Heston, Dick Clark, and your man from Lockheed are all willing participants in a hoax. More to follow.


  11. I have the dvd till Sunday and will revisit it , I was somewhat mentally frazzled
    by the Heston interview parts . I think what was shown to make one fearful was just
    making me sadly angered . Clearly this is on one level made to be fear porn
    for liberals , who else would buy it .
    We must now know his amateurish style is an act , how do you not get better at
    filmmaking after so many years . You think he’d try harder
    or at least be embarrassed , nope , just a dumb white guy falling on his face in public , doh ….
    There are no interviews with faculty , parents or teachers yet the public
    accepts it as a documentary by a world class documentary maker .


    1. I have to review it again. Keep in mind that all Heston had to do was threaten to sue (Dick Clark too) and Moore would have been prevented from using their images. Even though public figures, they are union members, and don’t appear on screen without advance notice and payment.

      Pay close attention to the Dick Clark scene. How many variables have to fall in place for that scene to take place?


  12. Good point , more adversaries that actually are not .

    I can also add that I worked on my 1983 senior year yearbook ,
    not for my high school but the vocational/technical school that half my school day
    was spent at . I had attended the previous two years , this was the first yearbook
    offered for the tech school , that drew from 8 H.S.s from that part of the county .
    My course was commercial art and we had meetings with the company that
    printed the book from the mockup pages / photos that we sent them .
    Any changes were made by them at their shop .
    No students or faculty would have to be hands on involved in any shenanagins .
    Also the print run quantities were dictated by the number of copies
    we were able to pre-sell and pre-order plus a limited overrun .
    I don’t know if this was the case at Columbine or if they would print a copy
    for every senior that would graduate that year .
    That could somewhat explain the ” shortage ” of books for sale years later .


    1. Good points – I never imagined a shortage of books or that the students had any hand in the monkey business, as that is a spook specialty. But it is just like when I was in school, we had to pre-order and they only printed that many plus a few extras. This also explains why the 1997-98 yearbook is selling for $1,650 – supply and demand.


  13. Another connection between “The Matrix” and the Columbine High School massacre:

    Notoriously, in “The Matrix” the expiry date on Neo’s driver’s licence is shown as 11 SEP 01

    September 11, 2001 was the day on which, as Miles Mathis wrote, “the matrix went into overdrive”.

    The given date of birth of Dylan Klebold is September 11, 1981.

    The given date of birth of Eric Harris is April 9, 1981

    Excluding the end date, the duration between his given D.O.B. and his alleged co-perpetration of the Columbine massacre is 18 years, 11 days.

    “Aces and eights, dead man’s hand” as Miles Mathis likes to say.

    Also 1+8 = 9 to give another 911.


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