Columbine: Not a tear was shed for the victims (Part five)

At the end of part four of this series, our heroes Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris had entered the school library. They did so at 11:29, a spook number (yet another way of writing “11” twice or “11” and “911”, which tells the entire world community of spooks, Freemasons, intelligence operatives and wealthy scions with inside connections that the event is fake.)

The scale of this event is breathtaking. As I have worked on it these past weeks I have felt over-matched. Just as with 911 itself, the amount of planning, the actors involved on low and high levels, the cooperation of the media and law enforcement is intimidating. No one will believe this. Or, as skeptics are so proud of saying, “Someone would have talked.”

Would they have? I am talking. No one beyond readership here will pay attention. I can see through the veneer. It is very easy. All one has to do is ignore “news” and the whole world reveals itself. Odd as it seems, it is constant attention to news that blocks out reality and keeps our heads filled with distraction, misdirection, and lies.

The feeling of being over-matched comes not just from the scale of the fake event, but the number of people who were in on it and have kept their secrets. I cannot explain that other than by the mere fact that the world is composed of a few insiders and the rest of us, outsiders. All the world is a stage. By means of electronic media, psychological insult, power of suggestion and intimidation, the few control the many.

But suppose that someone did talk. “Victim” Mark Taylor, said to be walking around with bullets in his body (magic bullets that left no scars), is an interesting story. I will cover him in detail in the next segment on Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine, but for now take a brief look at the first part of this video, part of the ongoing cover-up of the non-event:

So Mark Taylor is removed from sight. Why? I can assure you he is not in that “hospital,” and has not been murdered, nor is his mother bravely fighting for his freedom. As with all prominent people in our society who are put in jail, from OJ to Charles Manson to Sirhan Sirhan to Martha Stewart, they are merely out of view. Did Mark Taylor want out of his lifetime acting gig? That would be my guess. He is still with us under a new name. That is really all it takes – just say he is in prison (or a mental hospitial) and he disappears from the public mind.

Part of the business of being “over-matched” is that each of these fake incidents, from the Chicago Tylenol scare to 9/11 to the more recent fake events here and abroad, requires a new set of fake victims who have to play that role for the rest of their lives. They are under management, are paid, and face severe consequences should they violate their nondisclosure agreements. That is all I can figure, as no one talks. This includes Harris and Klebold, who are still with us in new form. The lucky ones – the Cassie Bernall’s and Corey DePooter’s and 47-year-old Dave Sanders and others merely took on new identities. The management of fake victims from fake incidents is a massive enterprise. There must be one whole floor or wing at Langley that does nothing but supervise and control these people.

The library massacre

At times as I write this stuff, I lose my sense of gravitas. I know it is all fake, and so enjoy some gallows humor. If you do not care for a light treatment of what is supposed to be a serious event, I understand. Please, just humor me.

The show must go on. Prior to entry into the library at 11:29, Klebold and Harris had shot up the north hallway, and maimed some kids outside the west entrance to the school. Dave Sanders (age 47) ordered a mass panic, and we saw on film a bunch of kids exiting the cafeteria. (We have no way of knowing when that footage was taken or who the “kids” were, due to blurring of the film.) Rather than just leaving the building, 56 people (5+6=”11″) hid out in the library. In the ensuing six minutes (3+3), the following kids would be fake-killed as Harris and Klebold moved from table to table looking for kids underneath to shoot:

Kyle Velasquez, Steven Curnow, Cassie Bernall, Isaiah Shoels, Mathew Kechter, Lauren Townsend, John Tomlin, Kelly Fleming, Daniel Mauser and Corey DePooter.

ShoelsEach of these kids would be issued a new identity, that is, if they ever even existed. (I have not been able to locate a “Shoels” family in Littleton. Isaiah is pictured to the right here. I think it is odd that he played for “Lakewood,” the community to the north of Littleton. He might have transferred in. The Shoels family is said to have sued everyone under the sun, including the Jefferson County School District Sheriff’s Office and the Klebold and Harris families.  Those lawsuits, as with all fake events, were settled out of court and off the record.

Isaiah Shoels was the token black in the massacre. Klebold tried to pull him out from under a table, and called out to Harris “REB! There’s a nigger over here.” (There is no truth to the rumor that Shoels, who put up no resistance, said before his fake death “Where’s the white women at?”)

Isaiah Shoels appears to me to be nothing more than a literary device. (Kyle Valesquez was said to be mentally impaired. I suspect he too is a token victim. As far as I know, none of the victims were LGBT, though Harris and Klebold resented being labeled “fags.” There were no Muslim victims, and this event obviously two years ahead of schedule for the shooters to be Muslim.)

Daniel Mauser is the son of Tom Mauser, who would be featured prominently in Bowling for Columbine. This is from Wikipedia:

“Harris turned and fired his carbine at the table directly north of where [other kids] had been, grazing the ear of 15-year-old Daniel Mauser. When Mauser fought back, shoving a chair at Harris, Harris fired again and hit Mauser in the face at close range, killing him.”

That act, the shoving of a chair, was the only act of resistance put up by any teacher or kid that day. Tom Mauser must be proud to be the father of the one person who fought back, ever so timidly.

The following kids were fake-wounded:

Evan Todd, Patrick Ireland, Daniel Steepleton, Makai Hall, Kacey Ruegsegger, Lisa Kreutz, Valeen Schnurr, Mark Kintgen, Nicole Nowlen, Jeanna Park, Jennifer Doyle, Austin Eubanks.

If any reader ever meets one of these people, ask to see the wounds.

That is a lot of shooting for six minutes, and of course, there was no resistance. Ten kids were killed, twelve wounded. Of the 56 in the library, 44 (ay, caramba!) would escape alive, 34 uninjured. The two injured left behind were Patrick Ireland, who would escape through a window for a photo-op at 2:38 (rather than exiting using staircases and doors), and Lisa Kreutz.

Remarkably, police would not find the bodies in the library until 3:30 p.m. (It just never stops, this numbers nonsense!) SWAT team members, in on the game, would later claim that they did not know how many shooters there were or where they were located, and so had to enter each room in the school in a stealth manner before the end of the crisis. This is odd considering the following:

” Klebold and Harris put down their ammunition-filled duffel bags at the south—or lower—row of computers and reloaded their weapons. They walked back toward the windows facing the outside staircase. Noticing police evacuating students outside the school, Harris said: “Let’s go kill some cops.” He and Klebold began to shoot out the windows in the direction of the police. Officers returned fire, and Harris and Klebold retreated from the windows; no one was injured.[40][55]

This happened between 11:29 and 11:35. In other words, the boys were shooting at cops out of the windows of the library, so that it would have been reasonable for police to assume that there were shooters in the library. Knowing that, it would then seem logical that police would quarantine the library, block off all exits, and enter the room via stealth, shoot or subdue the killers, and end the crisis. Further, I would speculate that they might want to do this before 3:30. If they were working by the numbers, they could have done this at 11:47, 12:03, 12:12, even as late as 12:21. Any of those times would have preserved the numbers while ending the gig. Waiting until 3:30 makes no sense!

Note, we are told that in the aftermath of Columbine police developed new tactics for an “active shooter” scenario, as opposed to hostage and robbery events. In such situations, police are now trained to infiltrate one or a few officers by stealth to shoot the shooters. It is more than a little hard to believe that such scenarios were never imagined before. Truth be told, the planners needed the time between the beginning of the events at 11:10 and the end of the crisis at 4:00 p.m. for staging. Fake blood had to be spread around, chairs overturned and set afire, staged photos of victims and death scenes (as the one below with the boys) were needed. This all had to be done in an otherwise quiet and empty library.

(We are told that regular police were outside and SWAT was on the way, so they had to stand down and wait. I cannot imagine even Andy Taylor and Barney Fife doing nothing as violence was going on.)

We have seen where Klebold and Harris left the library, went down to the cafeteria for some meaningless play with matches (at 11:44). As noted before, this was an important part of the fake event, as it put the two on camera. This would be the only visual time-stamped evidence ever seen of the boys in the school that day. That is why that stint one floor below was necessary. After that final appearance, we are told they returned to the library, and teacher Patti Nielson (who also made the initial 9-1-1 call) heard them shout “One! Two! Three!” in unison, just before a loud boom.

As long as none of this happened, I think it appropriate here to note that the famous photo of the boys in repose, shown below, has some inconsistencies.

dead boys

Klebold, on the right, is said to have fired a shotgun through the roof of his mouth. Harris (face not visible) is said to have used a semiautomatic handgun to his left temple. The shotgun is under Harris’s leg, and the gun by Klebold is the High-Point 9mm carbine rifle picture below, used by Harris and put on display by the Jefferson County Sheriff Department. Take a look:

Carbine rifle

Here they are together for comparison (I have flipped the one seen by Klebold):

Gun Comparison

Shotgun 1The shotgun under Harris’s leg, we must assume since they fired simultaneously, is the suicide weapon. It fell to Klebold’s right so that Harris could land on top of it. That is all I can make of it. I thought perhaps they originally intended to claim that the carbine was the suicide weapon. Staging looks more like that than use of the shotgun.

Further, if you can bear it (I have no problem as I know  the photo is staged), look at Klebold. There appears to be no signs of a gunshot wound around the mouth at all. It could be said that he fired up with the gun creating the head trauma, and I can see that to be possible, but I would also suggest that his mouth should be open. There does appear to be blood running down from under the mouth to the ear, but I see no wound causing it. It is as if someone squirted some out of a bottle as part of the staging. The colors, ranging from orange to black, could be brain matter and blood, or various shades of tempera, my guess.

HandgunHarris is said to have killed himself using a TEC-DC9 9-mm semi-automatic handgun. We have to assume that the photo above is Harris, and that the gun is still in his right hand (even though he was left-handed). I cannot make it out, but that is the official script, so let’s go with it.

Thus endeth the massacre, and the script, inconsistent to the end and just loaded with numerology. None of this happened. None of it. Make your own jokes at this point.

End Part Five

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Up Next: Bowling for Columbine

12 thoughts on “Columbine: Not a tear was shed for the victims (Part five)

  1. “They are under management, are paid, and face severe consequences should they violate their nondisclosure agreements. ”

    I do wonder where these people are at now, and how much they are being paid? It must be enough so they don’t have to earn a living in the working world.

    In my local area there are annual active shooter drills at all high schools. Tax dollars fund the events, it’s big business for all involved. However the response time is long and would never prevent a shooting event or murders from happening, it would just help prevent the shooters from escaping.


    1. The link below was supplied just a few mintues ago by a commenter, and goes a long way in explanation.

      The guy goes off the deep end regarding the Beatles … Peter Sellers = John Lennon, Tara Browne = Paul McCartney (this after it is so well established that Paul is a set of twins) but he does note the height discrepancies in mark David Chapman’s mug shots … approach with caution.


  2. Isaiah Shoels face looks very photo-shopped, particularly the left side of the forehead. Another oddity is the plethora of oddly spelled names for the victims! Thank you for this series.


  3. I’m researching the connections between rock/pop bands and psy op events.
    REM announced that they were splitting up 10 years 10 days after 911.
    That’s an 11.
    They played 15 Colorado shows, one for each victim (incl. perps) of Columbine.

    Columbine massacre occurred between the release of two of their singles.

    Tenuous enough so far but there is zero doubt in my mind that popular culture is controlled and used to reference controlled events.


  4. Frank terms and details ahead- Stay frosty.
    After taking a quick tour of shotgun swallower images on the real life gore sights, the problems with Klebold’s mess are readily apparent. No spray of blood and brain matter on the books or rug, just a pool of blood from no particular direction, whereas in real death the goo would spring from a gaping hole in the skull where the blast exited. His head seems intact rather than torn open like an orange. His forehead hasn’t caved in the slightest. The muscles of his jaw are still taught and in working order, so his lower jaw hasn’t slacked in on itself like a dead person’s would. Neither has pissed their pants as the sudden dead do. (They also do number two, but why rub it in?)
    I read somewhere a while ago that they were sitting on the floor facing each other. Klebold would have fallen backwards in the other direction if that were the case. Klebold’s legs are crossed like the falling man jumper of 911 as based on the Tarot card figure of the hanged man. They waste nothing in terms of subliminal psycho spins. Tasty stuff.


    1. All the photographs from this event really look staged.
      The bloody image of the “dead” Harris and Klebold reminds me of the Abigail Folger murder scene photographs and the surname [Stephanie] Munson reminds me of [Charles] Manson.

      Stephanie Munson really looks like she is acting in every photograph.


    2. If he had put a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger, his head would be gone from the bridge of his nose and up.


  5. Note that one t-shirt was atheistic in its harshness -“Natural Selection”, as worn by Harris – and one was biblical in its harshness – “Wrath”, as worn by Klebold.

    Such a scripted event where everyone was psy opped.


  6. Columbine HS started 1973
    The Home of the Rebels

    I was re-watching The Matrix and found the parallels to the 4/20/99
    Big Show amazing .
    Hyper intelligent , brave rebels on their vessel The Zion ,
    fighting the evil A.I. masters of the earth .
    There are subtexts to all that as well , the AI’s named Smith are
    actually Scions and not so artificial etc .

    Very old script , Romans vs Sicarii rebels 1st century ce .
    Thanks to Postflaviana , I’m now seeing that as a Super Controlled event as well .

    So hands on planning in Co. goes back at least that far .
    I’m sensing it was planned together with the Sept 11th show as well .


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