Columbine: Not a tear was shed for the victims (Part six)

Bowling for Columbine

This movie helped me realize that Michael Moore, film maker, is a spook and complete fraud. I watched it many years ago, and assumed it was a plea for gun control. Only later do I understand, thanks to the good company I keep here at this blog in the other writers and commenters, that each attempt to promote gun control results in a surge in gun sales. That is probably the objective. Even if armed, the American population in its deeply ignorant state is easily managed and presents no threat to the state.

As for the movie, as I moved from scene to scene, I slowly began to understand Moore’s technique: Staged ambushes. Every scene is contrived, and every participant in the movie knows it. I have seen his other movies, and won’t see them again. But if B4C is contrived top to bottom and end to end, so too must be the others. After all, how else did Moore gain access to the mainstream if not himself a spook?

The title of this series, Not a Tear Was Shed for the Victims, is taken from B4C, as I noticed in his scenes of victims and witnesses to the event that everyone was acting. Here’s just a few of our crisis actors:

Here is the iconic shot of Stephanie Munson and company:

Bloodless wound victims

MauserNot a tear visible. To the left is Tom Mauser, father of victim Daniel, mourning the loss of his son. The people who staged this event had the power to call out police and SWAT teams, to evacuate the school, fake bloody suicides, and force the students to finish their school year on another campus. You would think they could afford a bottle of Visine to fake some tears.

Richard CastaldoMoore uses two of the fake victims, Mark Taylor and Richard Castaldo (wheel chair) to stage a confrontation with employees at the headquarters of K-mart Corporation. Since Klebold and Harris fake-purchased their fake-bullets at a K-Mart, Moore decided he wanted to offer the bullets back to the company. It’s ambush time.

In the dramatic scene above, Moore shocks everyone by having Taylor lift his shirt and show his wounds. I don’t know why he didn’t think to use make-up artists to apply some wounds to Taylor, but he didn’t. Instead, he relies on mere power of suggestion. There are no wounds visible on Taylor.

Bullet woundHere is Aurora Batman shooting victim Pierce O’Farrill (sounds like a fake name) showing his wounds from that event, the wounds either fake or preexisting. Moore could have easily achieved the same effect with Taylor, but opted not to. The point is, however, that everyone in that scene realizes that Taylor’s wounds are not there, so that they are acting. This means that K-Mart voluntarily participated in Moore’s film, and that the whole “ambush” was staged.

In a dramatic conclusion to the K-Mart segment, an actress playing the part of an executive, or a real executive, announces that K-mart will no longer sell ammunition for handguns and assault weapons. Moore is surprised, no – flabbergasted, and the cameras actually caught it on film!

Dick Clark is also featured prominently in Moore’s film. On February 29, 2000, at Buell Elementary School in Mount Morris Township, Michigan, kindergartener Kayla Rolland was shot and killed by 6-year old Dedrick Owens. Moore plays the 9-1-1 call from the teacher as she cries “Lordy Lordy Lordy!” It is very moving.

Moore finds Owens’ mother, Tamarla, and discovers she is in a welfare-to-work program. Each day she has to take a long bus ride to work in a theme restaurant owned by Clark and which receives a subsidy for hiring people like Tamarla. It turns out that she simply has no time to be a parent, as she is either riding a bus or working every day, all day. Moore decides to “fly out to California” to visit Clark.  The scene below is a film of a film, and so of low quality, but it is all I can do short of showing the whole movie. It is 2:26.

For this scene to work, many elements had to fall in place.

  • Clark had to be out of his office and discovered in his limo.
  • They had to get the lighting and sound right for a clean take.
  • They had to approach the limousine without being noticed to affect a surprise.
  • The door of the limo had to be open.
  • Clark had to be visible.
  • Moore had to approach Clark from the right, so that Clark and he could be seen in the same scene.
  • Clark, even knowing he was on film, had to act in an arrogant and highly dismissive manner.*

Dick ClarkThat is too much coincidence. Moore loves an ambush. He loves being snubbed on film, as it casts him as an innocent onlooker to the arrogant and powerful. This scene was contrived, scripted from top to bottom, and Dick Clark willingly participated.

(Also, given that we now know Moore to be a fraud, I am suspicious that the Kayla Rolland shooting, like Columbine, was a staged event. Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.)

Moore also ambushes actor Charlton Heston in the film. Heston, then titular head of the National Rifle Association, was at an NRA-sponsored gathering in Flint, Michigan right after the Rowland shooting, and Denver right after Columbine. (Coincidence? I think not. NRA has long been co-opted and is controlled opposition.) Moore decides to confront Heston. In the movie, he goes to his house and pushes the intercom button in Heston’s driveway. Heston himself answers! (I gotta try that! I want to pay a visit to Jennifer Lawrence! I’ll just go to her house and push her button!)

Moore KyalaThe two arrange a meeting the following morning, complete with film crew. Moore starts out friendly, and them pulls the ambush, Heston gets upset and walks out on him. In the end, a very sad Moore places a photo of Kayla Rolland in his driveway.

Many thought that the scene was unnecessary and unduly harsh. I felt uncomfortable when I first saw the movie years ago. I now realized it was staged, and that Heston, drawing SAG minimum, was a willing participant. Fake, fake, fake.

However, that is not the lowest this film takes us. Below is a scene shot in Littleton with South Park/Book of Mormon creator Matt Stone:

Matt Stone

Here we are witness to the full depth of depravity of Michael Moore, spook. Many readers know what is going on here, the ‘big reveal’ that is going to be the last segment of this series. For the rest, I will clue you in: Matt Stone used to go by another name – “Dylan Klebold.” He played one of the shooters in the Columbine event. Trey Parker played Eric Harris. Moore knows this. [Note, I just made that change, as I get confused between Parker and Stone. Thank goodness this is almost done.]

One last segment to go, and I return to my regular life, and our blog goes back to its usual scatter-shot view of the insanity of Life in These United States.

*Dick Clark, by the way, also qualifies as a Bokanovsky Brat. That is off-subject, but I ran the photos and he fits right in with Damon, Brady, Kimmel, Jennifer Garner and the whole Brat Pack.

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45 thoughts on “Columbine: Not a tear was shed for the victims (Part six)

  1. as for Charlton Heston, I recently stumbled upon the Planet of the Apes movie from 2001 featuring Mark Wahlberg and the ruins there remind me of ques what? Yes, the WTC ruins. Did anybody mention it somewhere?


    1. Charlton Heston always looked nervous in front of a camera. He was not a great actor by any means but his two best performances in my opinion are as Maj. General George Gordon in Khartoum and as Cardinal Richelieu in the Three/Four Musketeers. These roles put him in his comfort zone, playing members of the aristocracy, which is apparently what he was.


  2. Here is my comment on the prt 5 thread ,
    for me to add to and if anyone else has a thought about this.

    Columbine HS started 1973
    The Home of the Rebels

    I was re-watching The Matrix and found the parallels to the 4/20/99
    Big Show amazing .
    Hyper intelligent , brave rebels on their vessel The Zion ,
    fighting the evil A.I. masters of the earth .
    There are subtexts to all that as well , the AI’s named Smith are
    actually Scions and not so artificial etc .

    Very old script , Romans vs Sicarii rebels 1st century ce .
    Thanks to Postflaviana , I’m now seeing that as a Super Controlled event as well .

    So hands on planning in Co. goes back at least that far .
    I’m sensing it was planned together with the Sept 11th show as well .
    When I say goes back that far , I mean 1973 not 73 .
    Now I’m seeing that Parker/Stone’s first piece of crap movie was
    about cannibalism …..!_The_Musical

    I’m seeing that as also linked to event in Jerusalem
    in the first century as the food supplies ran out the people are said to
    have turned to cannibalism , written by Josephus and then in the Gospels
    and into the Catholic Mass ritual .


    1. Obvioulsy Columbine and 911 were in planning stages at the same time, using different writers and characters, but answering the the same upper eschalon of planners. If I wanted to continue with this, i would try to ascertain when the Columbine cast moved to Littleton. Many are in the phone book 1996-99. I thought about subscribing to one of these background search services, but opted not to. For one, since we are dealing with spooks, nothing about them can be depended on. Secondly, I would want to know military or Intel connections, and background searches will hide that too.

      After the last segment in a couple of days here, it is someone else’s project.


      1. I happened onto this blog last week and enjoyed reading some new views on 9/11. Don’t know who this guy is, but he thinks it is possible that Kubrick dying (666 days before 9/11) was a way to allow him to work on the planning of 9/11, sort of finish what he started with “2001, A Space Odyssey” He also breaks down the 2005 movie “The Skeleton Key”. I saw that movie when it was in theaters and found it scary….way before I was awake.


    2. The whole timeline of Parker and Stone’s career is suggestive:
      The date duration between the Halloween theatrical release of “Cannibal! The Musical” and the Columbine massacre is 1997 days.

      That’s Interesting because 1997 was the year in which the boys’ career really took off with the premiere of “South Park” (as well as some stupid sex comedy called “Orgazmo”).

      The movie “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut” was released 10 weeks 1 day after the Columbine massacre.

      The Columbine massacre was staged between two episodes of “South Park”

      The episode aired before the massacre (aired April 14, 1999.) was the 33rd episode.
      The episode aired after the massacre was aired the VERY NEXT DAY AFTER Columbine (April 21, 1999) and was episode 3, Season 3 – for another 33.

      The whole thing was scripted of course.


      1. Mick, As I read through your comments, you seem very much into making conections with numbers. You might find the work of Bryan Kamila useful, or at least interesting. But be warn, it is havy reading, and as he says on his blog “BUT KNOW THAT YOU’RE REALITY WILL BE DESTROYED AND EVERYTHING YOU’VE EVER BEEN TAUGHT AS BEING REAL WILL BE SHATTERED”
        Unfortunately, I am not great at making connections with numbers.


  3. South Park episode 33 “Spontaneous Combustion” plot
    Kyle discovers that his dad and his mom are having marital difficulties caused by his dad’s erectile dysfunction, and he and the others (Kenny, Stan, and Cartman) try to “give him an erection” (which the boys confuse with “a resurrection”), unaware of what it actually is. Meanwhile, various members of the town, beginning with Kenny, start to spontaneously combust, which causes the townspeople to attend church more, and compels Mayor McDaniels to order Randy Marsh to discern the cause for the explosions.

    The boys get drawn into presenting the Stations of the Cross in church, with Cartman tied to the cross in the role of Jesus, after repeated pleading that he could not play any other role. Afterwards, the boys take the cross and put it up outside the church, with Cartman still attached, so that he will die and get a “res-erection” to give to Kyle’s dad.

    “The Succubus” is the 34th episode
    Chef gets a girlfriend who is in fact a Succubus .


  4. I am not seeing Trey Parker or Matt Stone being Eric or Dylan. Their appearances and ages are way different. Maybe in the script as the characters, or maybe they were there in the high school or set in a different location during the filming as doubles or stand ins?


    1. I do hope you withhold judgment until I put up my evidence, Friday at the latest. Remember that the ages of Dylan, Eric, Matt and Trey are completely under control of Intelligence.


  5. Hi Mark,

    Just started on your site about a month ago. Also found Miles around the same time. I live in Canada and followed the Ernest Zundel story since I was a young man. He passed the other day. What is your take on this man? He suffered greatly as we are told. Is he the real deal?


    1. Hi Paul. I have never heard of Zundel – you’d be surprised how many things I am not aware of. Perhaps, if you are willing, you can look into the matter for us and report back? Your curiosity is queued for some reason, something instinctual that tells you something is not right.


      1. did you ever hear of Rudolf Hess (deputy Führer). His story is more than weird. He supposedly flew in a small airplane over the ocean to negotiate the end of war with the Brits, crashed somewhere in Scotland, got imprisoned and lived in a prison maintained only for him until 1987 when he committed suicide at the age of 94. No one was allowed to speak to him the entire time. What a great crisis actor, no?


      2. Hi Mark
        Ernst was a German immigrant to Canada. He wrote books denying the Holocaust. He was convicted twice and had those convictions overturned all the way to the supreme court. Folks that didn’t like him threatened him and burned down his house twice in Toronto. He married an American woman from Tennessee. He was arrested and deported to Canada on a visa overstay. Trouble is that he was married to an American so what was the crime. Deported to Canada and held in solitary confinement until he was shipped off to Germany. Received 5 years in prison for denying the holocaust. His German lawyers even went to prison for representing him on this subject. He is a very interesting man that was persecuted for 40-50 years. Google Fred Leucter. This guy took samples from the camp walls to determine if Zyklon B was used. All tests came back negative. If he is fake he is one great actor.


        1. Very interesting. I guess i have heard about some of this, though I don’t know the names. I don’t go near the Holocaust, as it is a live wire that can electrocute. I’d be curious to know if he was really persecuted, really went to jail, or is controlled opposition, as David Irving appears to be.


          1. There’s a documentary called “Mr. Death” about Luechter and what happened to him after the Zundel trial. Apparently after the first test screening at a college, so many of the students were starting to doubt the Holocaust they had to rewrite part of the film. Having met Zundel I found him to be generous and thoughtful, and while the usual caveats apply, a brave soul to stand up for what he believed in.


    1. I also think, he is an agent provocateur and controlled opposition. He was connected to Horst Mahler, who also is controlled opposition. Mahler was a lawyer who first defended RAF (fake leftist terrorist group) and who then switched to defend the fake right extremists called Neonazis. It stinks. All the more or less famous holocaust deniers seem to play in the same league. They all were able to make a lot of expensive things, like producing movies, issuing books, living in many different countries for years, and never having any proper jobs. We are told, they payed for all this with donations. Yeah, right. Donation my ass. I’m questioning more and more even of all the WW2 stories, even though my own family told me different. One of my grandparents had to work in Siberia after the war and it took him two years to come home mostly walking due to lack of any transportation after the war collapsed. Another relative got sick in the Russian camp and never came back. I suppose there was a lot of collateral damage back then but the big stories about all the famous battles and such don’t seem reliable to me anymore.

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  6. One thing I’ve noticed is the arched back that
    Trey Parker/Eric Harris share , Eric in the in the library .
    And I’m not finding a pic of Trey from the side view .
    He always seems to be posing for pics .

    Marilyn Manson
    Columbine inspired lyrics

    The Nobodies

    We are the nobodies
    Wanna be somebodies
    When we’re dead
    They’ll know just who we are
    Not who we were but who we are ,
    now they are somebodies


  7. Simple web searches show me five Harris/Parker name ‘coincidences’ .

    Parker is a surname of English origin, derived from Old French with the meaning “keeper of the park”. “Parker” was also a nickname given to gamekeepers in medieval England.[2] It is the 48th-most common surname in England.[1] Within the United States, it is ranked as the 47th-most common surname.[3] … South Park ! Gate keeper , turning the next generations into
    Libertarian perverts , degenerates .

    Bonnie Parker , Famous outlaw
    Bonnie Parker’s grave, inscribed: “As the flowers are all made sweeter by the sunshine and the dew, so this old world is made brighter by the lives of folks like you “.
    She is looking like a depression era project – 1933

    Parker, a character in the British 1960s television series Thunderbirds
    ( Stone and Parker also made the film ‘Team America: World Police’
    using the ‘Thunderbirds’ style )

    Claire Parker (August 31, 1906 – October 3, 1981) was an American engineer and animator. A graduate of MIT, her best-known contribution to the history of cinema is the Pinscreen (Écran d’épingles), a vertically-mounted grid of 240,000 sliding metal rods that are first manually pushed into position to create lit and shaded areas, then filmed frame by frame.[1] ……
    Its pin “resolution” is sufficient to create photorealistic images, a painstaking process analogous to modern pixel art.
    …… the 1935 patent on the Pinscreen was made in her name alone.[2] ( husband) Alexeieff and Parker’s Pinscreen films include Night on Bald Mountain (1933)

    Dorothy Parker- Born Dorothy Rothschild
    (August 22, 1893 – June 7, 1967) was an American poet, short story writer, critic, and satirist, best known for her wit, wisecracks and eye for 20th-century urban foibles.


  8. FYI. Clues. Liberal Littleton takes the heat, however, Columbine High is in Jefferson County. Golden is a Home Rule Municipality, county seat of Jefferson County, Colorado. Golden is the home of Coors, Colo. School of Mines and former nuclear weapons production facility: The Rocky Flats Plant, in operation from 1952 to 1992.


    1. Jefferson is a huge county – it extends all the way over to Evergreen from Littleton, and has three hundred thousand people or more. Buckley Air Force Base in Denver is said to service 97,000 active and retired military personnel, and also houses Army Intelligence. The Cheyenne Mountain NORAD center is down by Springs, along with the Air Force Academy. Lockheed Martin has facilities all over, including Littleton. Cheyenne, Wyoming, 100 miles north, is an active missile base. We are in a spook cluster.


  9. Also an interesting pics comparison :
    The ‘South Park’ voice of the character
    Token Black – Adrian Beard / Isaiah shoels
    That pic of Isaiah as a ? 9 year old looks so doctored ,
    he has one tooth in the middle , really ?


    1. It is interesting, but once someone is “dead” in the public eye, they can easily move around. If no one is looking for you, no one will find you, and if someone does find you, it becomes an “Elvis sighting” and is instantly discredited.

      We found (or repeated I should say, as Clues Forum made the discovery) that Christie McCullough, the school teacher who supposedly died in the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy, was alive and well and going by her middle name, Sharon. Astronaut Judith Resnick from that same hoax did not even bother it change her name, and still goes by it.


  10. Very few people turn my stomach like that swine, Michael Moore. But he is a spook for sure. He flat out told the public that Trump would be selected as president. He had foreknowledge.


  11. Thanks Ty , I think I have looked at this before , but will look again .
    It’s all giving me a bad actor taste .
    How about Heston bumbling through ‘Touch of Evil’
    Total weak link in that .


  12. It never fails to make me laugh at the sick humor ‘They’ try to write into
    these dog and pony shows .
    That Anon paper at MilesW.M. this week on Kent State fake ,
    where the victim with Glenn Miller in his name
    is practicing drums to the Dead and Airplane .

    Juvenal must be wetting himself in his grave …..


  13. Off Topic, but:

    I have never seen the North Korea thing being pushed for this long into a given calendar year.

    They are really pushing the potential nuclear war scenario.


    1. The NK push is not by accident as we all intuit. Here’s an interesting take from a blogger in the NWO watch community (Ken at The NK threat is all scripted just as all the hoaxes deconstructed here at POM are shown to be scripted:

      “It is important to note that all this is public theater, and there is no real behind-the-scenes animosity between the Western elite and Kim Jong-Un. After all, Kim was educated in the Western elite’s European stronghold of Switzerland. Do you really think Kim’s father would have sent his heir into the belly of the beast if North Korea was really such an outcast as the media portrays to the public? North Korea performs an important role for the globalists (as a regional irritant), and their leaders are part of the globalist club. They are reading from the same script as Trump.

      I outlined the likely form of a “North Korean attack” on the UN in a previous alert, and the most likely form of attack on Washington would be a small nuke fired from a submarine or smuggled up the Potomac River (with “deep state” help). As for when the strike might occur, the most dangerous date is August 22 (the day after the Great American Eclipse)…”


      1. I agree, Grace.
        The Otto Warmbier thing was an eye-rollingly obvious psy op.

        Also remember the NK aspect of “Team America: World Police” by our friends Trey Parker and Matt Stone.


        1. Dear Mick,

          Oh yes, the Otto episode. My Mother cried about Otto; I kept silent. What can I say to a 86 year old? She’s been trusting everything that is said on TV for a long, long time and she trusts John McCain. Oy Vey as our friend MM likes to say. I can rest in he fact that my thirty-something sons are very awake.

          I never saw Team America – maybe I should check it out.



  14. Another scare being promoted is “super gonorrhoea”.
    Reminds one of those tedious superhero movies that have been everywhere for years.


  15. thought of this driving home yeasterday

    Pic a Peck of

    My comedy style is thanks to Sister Jane Harriet , sixth grade nun/teacher

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  16. Nice post, Mark. Enjoying the series. It’s amazing how obvious staging is when you’re watching for it. BTW Moore and Clark are two spooky surnames that have cropped up in many of MM’s papers.


    1. Thanks – I have so many lingering doubts and questions, I am quite sure I did not get it right in many parts. But I am suffering fatigue. I am hoping commenters will dope slap me into clarity but it is not happening so far. Just this numerology crap.

      Perhaps over time things will clear up … the role of Parker and Stone just fries me. It makes no sense other than to rub our faces in our own ignorance, as Moore did with his entire award-winning movie. You just wrote about Smedley Butler engaged in a fully fictitious event in Haiti. Moore in a famous B4C award acceptance speech in 2003 said

      “We like non-fiction and we live in fictitious times.We live in the time where we have fictitious election results that elects a fictitious President. We — We live in a time where we have a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons.”

      He could have added that he just made a fictitious movie about a fictitious event. Goodness but this man, like Smedley, is filthy.


    1. That is just the point. There was no Dylan Klebold or Eric Harris. “Klebold” was just a photo, and they needed a photo in the yearbook,so they used Stone. Don’t ask me why.


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