Columbine: Not a tear was shed for the victims (Part four)

Patrick Ireland escape 2

The above image, Patrick Ireland being rescued by two SWAT Team members, is iconic. Ireland was hit by a shotgun blast, and suffered injuries to his head and foot. He was said to have lain unconscious for over two hours after his injury. Keep in mind that Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris had commenced their rampage at 11:19, and committed suicide within a few feet of Ireland at 12:08. Spook numbers book-ended the Columbine Massacre. (Photo credit: ABC News.)

Ireland is an actor, and one of several who are engaged in “lifetime” roles. He is called on now and then to recount the tragedy for various anniversaries and flashbacks recalling other fake events. He’s a handsome man, and fortunately bears no visible scars from the incident. It is also interesting to note, that while Ireland is said to have been shot “in the head and foot,” the boy making the dramatic exit through the window has been shot in the shoulder. The feet are not visible.

Here is another iconic photo, Stephanie Munson.

Bloodless wound victims

The initial action in this massacre took place at the west exit of the school. Rather than a controlled evacuation it seemed there was pandemonium. Munson, who had become a student at Columbine just four months earlier, was running down the north hallway towards the east exit when shot in the ankle, as not seen above. She made her way out and was assisted by friends. Although all bear anguished faces, Stephanie shows no sign of a wound, and none in the group exhibit any tears. (Photo credit: Kevin Higley, AP Images.)

Here’s a diagram of the school, upper level:


The red arrow points towards the area where the initial shootings took place. The purple area is where Munson endured her fake wound. It is almost as if planners are trying to cover the exits. Another actor who was faked-wounded and survived, Sean Graves, would manage to crawl to the west cafeteria door (on the lower level and not shown in this diagram), which would have been the most logical escape when Dave Sanders exhorted all the students in the cafeteria to run away. Another exit was covered.

I have been struggling with the narrative of events of that day. I have, stored away in drafts, a blow-by-blow. It is tedious, and takes up too much time and space. Such descriptions are available at Wikipedia, from  Jefferson County Sheriff, and other sources. Do I want to drag readers through it? I have decided not to do that. These trusted sources are all lying. My task here is not to repeat the lies, but rather expose them, as with the iconic photos above, neither of which match the narrative.

The Columbine Massacre, as time goes on, is becoming easier to understand, though people may scoff at the scale of the event and the number or liars and actors required. It can be broken down into three segments:

  • Outside shootings, done at the west entrance;
  • Interim shootings, done in the hallways leading to the east entrance and near the library (directly above the cafeteria, and
  • The library massacre.

Absent throughout is an important element: A coordinated and effective police response.

Outside shootings

Cafeteria shotRemember that the original plan called for a massive explosion in the cafeteria, which never happened. It would have been caused by bombs planted by Klebold and Harris – coincidentally just when the custodian had turned off the cameras. It is apparent from Segment Three that no bombs were planted, and that a small gasoline fire was started and quickly extinguished. This exhibit was staged in the cafeteria, the only place at that time said to have cameras. All of the shootings outside the cafeteria are off-camera. So famous shots of Harris and Klebold in the cafeteria were probably deemed necessary to the plot, otherwise we would never be able to place the boys in the building. That’s why they shot that scene. If it seemed contrived, it is because it was.

The actors in the outside shootings were:

  • Rachel Scott (killed);
  • Richard Castaldo (crippled, and later featured in the movie Bowling for Columbine (“B4C” from this point forward);
  • Daniel Rohrbough (killed);
  • Sean Graves (used to block west cafeteria entrance);
  • Lance Kirkland;
  • Michael Johnson;
  • Mark Taylor (featured prominently in B4C);
  • Anne Marie Hochhlater (crippled).

That is eight victims. Consult any one of the official narratives for the details. The script called for Klebold and Harris to merely begin random firing after their bombs failed to explode. I have found at this time no visual evidence of outside shootings. It was all done by means of the testimony of of victims and witnesses.

Time Out: Two things to take note of here:

  1. Northwest of the west entrance, where all of this action supposedly took place, is a grassy hill. At various times Klebold and Harris will fire random shots at officers on that hill. They will miss, and officers on the hill will miss as well. It reads like a B war movie where no one can shoot for shit prior to the dramatic finish.

grassy knoll

Directly west of that same scene is a soccer field. Between the school and the soccer field is a grassy knoll. I have struggled for the appropriate joke here. I got nuthin’. It is all too easy, too obvious. Please insert your own jokes in the comments, and I’ll give an award to the best one. Allusions to Abraham Zapruder, a picket fence, a puff of smoke, students running towards it … don’t go there. We are looking for original and funny, and as I said, I got nuthin’. I cannot help but think, however, as they show us photos of Stephanie Munson above, showing no sign of injury, and Patrick Ireland with injuries in the wrong place, and now a grassy knoll, that they are taunting us.

2. At no time in the narrative does anyone offer any resistance as Klebold and Harris wander through the school randomly shooting people and objects. It might be easy to judge here, of course, as none of us knows how we would react. But I am thinking of a famous quote attributed to Mark Twain:

“It is curious that physical courage be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare.”

Columbine was a script written by Intelligence in consultation with behavioral psychologists and designed to push appropriate buttons. While many people would indeed cower in fear and tremble hoping for random fate to pass them by, there are among us people of a different mold. They are with us now and have been throughout recorded time. These are the ones who ignore fear and physical pain: Our athletes and soldiers.

We all know them – they are not the brightest among us, as evidenced by any sports interview ever done. We need them, however, and they easily take on protective roles, becoming police, firefighters, and joining the military. We honor them at every sporting event, parade, and on every holiday. On April 20, 1999, they were hiding under tables.

It is just a movie script, I realize, and at the same time wonder if it was not deliberate. Since so many more school shootings were in planning stages, perhaps the writers and psychologists were subtly insinuating cowardice in us, showing courage and strength to be nonexistent in the general population. Had this massacre really happened at some point, and early on, either Klebold or Harris would have been taken down by a blind side hit,  or be struck by an object like a chair or book or had a bookcase toppled on top of them. But the only resistance that I encountered in this whole stage play was one of the students hiding under tables in the library meekly pushing a chair towards the shooters. That’s disgraceful. That is how they wrote us.

Not only do the writers of this fake massacre have no respect for our intelligence, they also don’t think much of our character and courage.

Interim shootings

Reviewing the layout of the school, most of the action takes place on the west side of the building, in particular in the library and outside the west entrance. The cafeteria is used to show a mass panic exit and to showcase Harris and Klebold trying to set off a fake bomb. But between the initial fake shootings outside the west entrance and the library, massacre, we had other actors and fake casualties.

This all took place on the upper floor:

Uper floor

The red Arrow is the west entrance, site of the supposed outside shootings. The yellow arrow is library. Directly beneath it is the cafeteria, and a somewhat circular staircase (black arrow) joins the two floors. Blue arrow is the east entrance, and the green arrow is the north hallway.

Prior to entering the school, Klebold and Harris had shot at the doorway of the west entrance, injuring art teacher/hall monitor Patti Nielson and student Bryan Anderson – glass shard and wood splinter wounds. Nielson will retreat to the library, as she has been called on to bookend the events inside the building. She will make the initial 911 call, and later report the death of the boys. That was her role.

After that and before entering the school, the boys exchanged fire with a policeman, Jefferson County Sheriff Deputy Neil Gardner, who has to be considered one of the actors. Neither he nor the boys can shoot for shit. At 11:24 Klebold and Harris entered the school through the west entrance.

Once inside, shots are fired at the east entrance. Harris shoots down the hallway outside the library. Some students make a break for the east entrance, and at this time Stephanie Munson receives her fake ankle injury, which leads to the fake iconic photo. Klebold makes his presence known in the north hallway, and continues shooting. He then runs towards the library hallway, apparently passing Harris on the way.

Harris and Klebold are standing at the top of the library hallway just as Dave Sanders turns the corner from the south hallway by the stairway to the library hallway. Sanders is shot. This is four minutes after Sanders boldly told the kids in the cafeteria to “run away!”, apparently the only evacuation protocol in use for Columbine High School. It seems odd, given the short staircase, that it took four minutes for Sanders to negotiate it. I think we have a continuity error here.

I bleedingKlebold and Harris hover around the library hallway, and Sanders is dragged to Science room 3 by a teacher. He will bleed to death in the coming hours, leading to yet another iconic photo, “1 bleeding to death.” (Keep in mind that without the iconic images, we on the outside have no clue of what is going on inside. It is as if the writers realized that they did not have much of a show without dramatic images depicting the unseen carnage inside.)

At 11:36 (Dammit! They did it again! That’s another way of writing “911”) Harris enters the library, Klebold to follow.

Up next: The Library Massacre and suicides

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33 thoughts on “Columbine: Not a tear was shed for the victims (Part four)

  1. Interestingly, in the Gus Van Sant movie, “Elephant,” based on the Columbine incident, a “jock” (African-American) does try to exhibit bravery and stop one of the shooters. He fails, however, and is killed.
    Take from that what you will.


    1. That is Isaiah Schoels. He is, as I have thus far determined, a ghost. He is not present in any phone book of the era (there are “Schoel” families, but no Schoels, not even nationwide). His photo used for the collage of victims is of him in a football jersey, but on it is the word “Lakewood,” the next community to the north of Littleton. He is used, as I see it right now, as a literary device, the token black put there so Klebold and Harris can show they are racists on top of all their other hatreds. (“Hey REB! We got us a nigger here!”) In the official narrative, they just kill him. He puts up no resistance.

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  2. Stephanie’s shoes don’t match, or maybe the gunshot shredded it without breaking the flesh. The bow legged girl with her back to us has her feet turned in an odd way. Not sure where she would be headed walking like that, but not very efficient escape maneuver…


    1. Ok, for one this is not Stepanie Munson. It is Jessica Holiday who was under table 13 with Amber Huntington and Athena Lagos. She is leaning on Diwata Perez. And second, she was not injured


  3. ‘Token’ is an African American character on South Park .

    Meant to be a comment on so few many in suburb Colorado .


  4. It’s not a clear hit, but A Portrait of the Artist has

    He turned landward and ran towards the shore and, running up the sloping beach, reckless of the sharp shingle, found a sandy nook amid a ring of tufted sandknolls and lay down there that the peace and silence of the evening might still the riot of his blood.

    MM has Joyce as spooky, and here there are both a sandy hook and tufted knoll. For what it is worth.

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  5. Not only did the Columbine massacre occur on Adolf Hitler’s 110th Birthday it also occurred on the 110th day of the year.
    That is a further sign of scripting in my opinion.

    April 20th, 1999 was a Tuesday. I suppose Harris and Klebold didn’t like Tuesdays.

    Being the 110th day of the year it left 255 days remaining in the year.

    From the Wikipedia page on Michael Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine”
    ” He examines violent movies, but notes that other countries have the same violent movies, showing The Matrix with French subtitles (France: 255 incidents per year). ”

    Showing “The Matrix” with French subtitles and the number 255.

    Columbine was a major psy op which looked back to the Oklahoma City Bombing and looked forward to 911.

    According to the official narrative Harris and Klebold had ambitions to exceed the death toll of the Oklahoma Bombing which is given as 168.

    We are told that Harris wrote in his diary “Make today count”
    “Make today count” in Simple Gematria = 168


    We are told that Harris and Klebold – in their Beavis and Butthead way – had vague plans to attack NYC with a plane:

    “If by some wierd as s–t luck my and V survive and escape we will move to some island somewhere or maybe mexico, new zelend or some exotic place where americans cant get us. if there isnt such a place, then we will hijack a hell of a lot of bombs and crash a plane into NYC with us inside iring away as we go down,” Harris wrote.

    “NYC” in Simple Gematria = 42
    That 42 reminds me of the date of Columbine which was 4/20
    And remember that we are told that Klebold wore a t-shirt bearing the word “Wrath” on it:
    “Wrath” in English Gematria = 420

    “New York City” in Simple Gematria = 168
    Reminding one of the given death toll in the Oklahoma City Bombing.

    The word “Columbine” has the same Jewish Gematria (359) as the word “hoax” and “arrogant” and “eugenics”. Remember that we are told that Harris wore a t-shirt bearing the words “Natural Selection” which links in with the “eugenics” idea.

    “Three hundred and fifty nine” in Jewish Gematria = 1199
    “Thirteen is the secret number” in Jewish Gematria = 1199
    (13 victims of Harris and Klebold – A teacher and 12 students to remind one of Jesus and his 12 Disciples. And the book “Columbine” by Dave Cullen was published by Twelve, with Dave Cullen taking the Jesus role from Dave Sanders and having the publishers “Twelve” as his disciples).

    “One hundred and nineteen minutes” in Jewish Gematria = 1199
    As previously noted, “Bowling for Columbine” is 119 minutes long and we are told that the Columbine shooting began at 11:19
    “11:19 a.m.: Shooting begins”

    “Eleven nineteen am” in Simple Gematria = 163
    “Shooting begins” in Simple Gematria = 163

    “One hundred and sixty three” in English Gematria = 1680 which is a further reminder of “Make today count” and the death toll of 168 from Oklahoma City bombing.

    Obviously April 20th, 1995 (day after Oklahoma) attack was also the 110th day of the year leaving 255 days remaining.

    Well remember that Harris referred to crashing a plane into NYC Beavis and Butthead style.

    Well in a weird inversion the DAY AFTER 911 (i.e. September 12, 2001 (Wed)) was the 255th day of the year leaving 110 days remaining.


    1. Delilah betrayed Samson by taking the bribe of 5 lords of the Philistines. Each offered her 1100 shekels of silver. Bible, Book of Judges 16:5. Maybe one of our jewish readers can help with the meaning of 11 for jews. Or 5 and 6 (=11). No judging/hating here, just being curious.


  6. Finnegans Wakes goo goo g-joob begat Lennons coo coo ca choo

    I was having second thoughts about posting this below
    but that’s what forum are for right ?

    I search – token>black>lakewood
    and find this , more of the matrix F’ing with us ?

    Parry Ernsberger 10/25/2013 from MTV . com
    Katy Perry performs at Lakewood High School in Lakewood, Colorado.
    ( Lakewood ‘won’ a ‘contest’ from abcs Good Morning America )
    ” Katy Perry amped her schoolgirl style up BIG TIME this morning when she gave a private performance to students and faculty at Lakewood High School in Lakewood, Colorado …….
    ……. As a !!!!! token !!!!! of their appreciation, the students of Lakewood High School gifted Perry with her very own Letterman jacket, which was black and orange and adorned with her name, the date and the reason for the occassion. Not only was it SO thoughtful, but varsity jackets are totally having a moment right now, so way to go on the doubly awesome gift, Lakewood. And happy birthday, Katy Perry! “


  7. The ball of Stephanie Munson’s foot that was supposedly injured is on the ground in the picture, indicating that she was able to walk on it and put weight on it. I can’t imagine at all that anyone would be able to flex their ankle and put weight on it if a bullet had passed through it.


    1. As I read that photo, the girl walking sideways is supposed to run interference so we cannot see Munson’s foot, and she screwed up. However, most photos of this iconic scene are cropped to eliminate the feet.

      Here is a later photo of Munson showing her wounds.

      Munson wounds


  8. People say I got a drinkin’ problem
    That ain’t no reason to stop
    People saying that I’ve hit rock bottom
    Just cause I’m living on the rocks
    It’s a broken hearted thinkin’ problem
    So pull another bottle off the wall
    People say I got a drinkin’ problem
    But I got no problem drinkin’ at all

    They keep on talking
    Drawing conclusions
    They call it a problem, I call it a solution


  9. I am seeing the grassy knoll as symbolic of a buried secret .

    Knoll as knowledge covered by a veil of green subterfuge .

    The landscape architect will use the knoll (berm)
    to collect water and steer people from walking on it .
    Only walking where he wants them to .

    The sheep may graze on top of the knoll but they can never
    penetrate the surface , and if they try they may experience the crook .


  10. It’s not easy to come up with anything humorous
    when my baseball team ( Phillies ) is the worst in the league
    and is in fact the biggest loser in the history of everything .
    Pete Rose be damned .

    A drinking problem is having two hands with only one mouth .


  11. There was an episode of Futurama aired on the same day as Columbine massacre called “Fear of a Bot Planet”.

    From that April 20, 1999 episode I took the following screen grab from the internet:

    A small detail perhaps but look at the two characters (symbolic of Harris and Klebold) surrounded by hostiles. Note that 12:00 is the time that we are told that the bombs were timed to detonate at.

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  12. My Duran Duran comment seems to be gone. No matter.

    The Futurama episode which aired on April 20, 1999 was called “Fear of a Bot Planet” and referred to the Public Enemy album “Fear of a Black Planet”.

    Including the end date “Fear of a Black Planet” was released 9 years, 11 days before Columbine for a hidden 911 reference.

    Album contains the song “911 Is a Joke” which is given as 3:17.

    The Duran Duran cover

    is given as 3:59

    “Columbine” in Jewish Gematria = 359
    “Hoax” in Jewish Gematria = 359

    None of this is coincidence it is all conspiracy and the band Duran Duran were used to reference it.


    1. Very astute. The Supertramp album, Breakfast in America cover. The letters U and P behind the twin towers form 911 backwards. Orange juice glass superimposed in front of towers. Orange=33. Released 22 years prior. They are slick.

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        1. Yes, absolutely. Good point. It’s all interconnected. I am currently looking into some curiosities surrounding poor old Saddam Hussein. His daughter, Raghad (Raghead-give me a break) married to Hussein Kamel (ridiculous). She has come out as a fan of Donald Trump (you just can’t make this shit up). And a photo of one of Saddam’s son’s, who just happens to be a spitting image of our good friend, El Chapo Guzman (another phantom). They work overtime on this shit, I tell ya.


  13. The stuff they do in the UK even tops what we get here. The “White Widow” of the 7-7 London Underground bombing running around Africa with four rug rats in tow, leading bands of Muslim terrists as the shrub would call them. The Lee Rigsby Woolwich hoax. A blond 40 year old nurse leaving to join Al Queada, her picture laughingly photoshopped into an old movie poster about a killer nurse and spread all over the media. (There are multiple white widow actresses as well, they weren’t too picky about who they used.) Several 90 pound middle class white girls doing the same.


  14. Note to Sara Marie Brown, thanks for not reading the post and then commenting. I value such drive by shootings, which is why you do not see your comment. “Conspiracy” is not an adjective, and “conspiracy theory” is a thought control device, a way to get people to cease thinking. It worked with you, for sure, if the process had even yet to start.


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