Rush Limbaugh’s real purpose

RushI remember the date, November 7, 2016 because it was the day before the presidential election. I was driving down into Denver, and turned on the radio. When the other channels are nothing but ads, and it is between 10 A.M. and 1 P.M., I often tune into Rush Limbaugh.

On this particular day, Rush was going on about oddities in the election campaigns. He said the Trump rallies were always full and enthusiastic, while Hillary Clinton’s were not. He went on and on about that and other signs, and I did not know what he was doing or why. Like most people, I assumed Clinton was the anointed one. After all, we had a black president, so it was time for a woman.

I didn’t realize until later that Rush had been tipped. He knew the election was to be handed to Donald Trump. That’s why he was doing that bit on that day. He was supposed to be prescient. He is not – he was just in on the game.

Back when I was still invested in politics, I found Rush hard to take. Now that I know it is all a scam, I find him easy listening, but I have wondered about his real purpose.

Jim MorrisonFirst, set one thing aside. Rush Limbaugh is and always has been Rush Limbaugh. He is not a Zombie, a dead rock singer or actor who reemerged. There is an internet hoax going about, probably promoted by that Goldbug character, that Jim Morrison became Rush Limbaugh. He did not. Morrison is still alive, no doubt.  Very few deaths of rock stars are real. There is the guy in Oregon they talk about who fits the bill, who looks an awful lot like Jim. However, as far as I can tell, Rush is Rush. I did find, months and months ago, that he does have a body double. That is normal for famous people, and is done for security purposes.

As I listen to Rush, one theme is constant: There is, he says ad nauseum,  a thing in this country called “the left,” and it is embodied in the Democratic Party. Obama was a leftist. Hillary Clinton was a leftist. While none of this is true, it is an important illusion. To keep the game of politics alive, we need two parties. Even as anyone with critical thinking ability can see that there are no real differences in the leadership of either party, the rank and file must believe that there are.

That is Rush Limbaugh’s job, to reinforce the idea that we have two parties and a left-wing. He’s very good at that job. I remember when  he came on the air in 1987. I used to listen to him in my office in those days. I ate it up.

I was raised to be Republican and Catholic, and am now neither. I was once a Democrat, even ran for office as one, but soon moved on. My impression of the two parties is this: While leadership of both is very cynical, Democratic leaders are far more so than Republicans. This is because they have to lie to their followers about their beliefs, constantly, day in and out. They are always wearing masks. That has to wear them down.

Republicans leaders, while hardly being upright, at least have the luxury of pushing their silly right-wing causes out in the open, no masks needed. So most Republicans have the luxury of getting what they vote for in their leaders. Democrats do not, and this leads me to another thing about party politics: Democrats are extremely gullible. They totally bought into the “Obama” character, never able to separate his actions and deeds. They have to be the easiest people on the planet to fool. And in this country, that is saying something.

Anyway, I don’t believe a word he says, but I enjoy Limbaugh. He’s a good actor. His counterpart, another radio host whose job it is to reinforce the two-party illusion, is Thom Hartmann, who once was an actor for real named Brandon DeWilde. I find him barely tolerable. What a cynical man!

11 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh’s real purpose

  1. I’ve seen Hillary recently on TV. She really looks sick. That’s why they switched the script to Trump. OT: I also saw a program about the Coudenhove Kalergi family.
    You can watch it here:
    It’s in German unfortunately. Clemens Coudenhove tells in that video that Franz Karl von Coudenhove hired local painters in the 19-th century to fake paintings of the family ancestors and their crests. Interesting, no?


    1. Yes, interesting.
      In Thomas Hardy’s book, Tess of the d’Urbervilles, the villain, Alec, tells the heroine, Tess, about how his ‘ancestral’ home, portraits, ecc., were bought lock, stock and barrel from the previous laird, including the D’urbeville name.


  2. in short: “Clinton was the anointed one”, yes, she was but got sick and they had to rewrite the script for Trump. Mentioning the Coudenhove Kalergi family was OT, but I couldn’t resist. It’s actually something for Miles Mathis. But I won’t write him anymore.


  3. Hey Swede, hope you are well these days.

    Leaders don’t care if we are liberal or conservative, D or R or Libertarian or Green for that matter. Public opinion counts for nothing. They just want to be sure we are divided and fighting among ourselves. It’s how they keep the flock in the paddock.


  4. Certain flocks for certain. I see a major difference. The Dems attract poor people who hate the rich, feminists who hate men, gays who hate straights, enviros who hate petrol, and spoiled college kids who hat their parents.

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    1. Each party is a mirror reflection of the other. Each member of each party derives a sense of moral and intellecutal superiority over the other by their participation in the process. Your comment is just such an attitude. You feel yourself superior to Democrats, even as you are swimming in the same tank with them.

      We all need to escape the process. Only a few of us manage to do so.


  5. DEMOCRACKUS and REPUBLICANUS! Yeah, it’s time to clean this/shit up!

    REPUBLICANS will go to WAR if you interfere with COMMERCE.
    DEMOCRATS will go to WAR if you have an original thought.

    Used to listen to, watch and read Rush Limbaugh back in the late 80’s early 90’s. After hearing mostly a DEMOCRAT definition of life throughout my childhood, a different perspective that more closely matched my more conservative views was refreshing for a while.

    The VOTER REGI-STRATION (LEGAL CA-STRATION) is the LEGAL means by which THEY will send YOO the BILL for every scam and scheme THEY will run over the next 2-4 YEARS. If yoo owe’n a home oh yoo will see increases in PROPERTY TAXES, INTEREST RATES, ELECTRICAL, GAS, FUEL PRICES, based in part, on the VOTER REGISTRATION which is LEGALLY viewed as a BINDING/BONDING CONTRACT, where yoo have agreed to PAY the BILL. THEY will, of course, doo all the voo doo with assessments, re-appraisals, mill rates, referendums/rear-end-’ems, etc. butt it all comes back to the RE-GIST-RATION.

    When yoo register a child for SCHOOL, it is another Binding/BONDING CONTRACT.

    Is there COMMUNISM in COMMERCE? Hear is a thought to ponder. You never buy fuel on CREDIt, paying only with CASH that you have in hand, while say, 50% of the those around you pay with CREDIT, thereby creating a demand which drives the prices up. You, paying CASH have to pay for the increase in PRICES, even though it is those irresponsible fools around you who are artificially driving up the PRICES, by buying PRODUCT with money that they have not earned and doo knot have! The SUMMER of 2008 was the best example of this COMMUNISM in ACTION, where FUEl Prices reached $4.50 per gallon in the Midwest by SEPTEMBER but with CREDIT cut off by OCTOBER, the fuel prices dropped to $1.63 per gallon by JANUARY 2009. There can never be a FREE MARKET as long as some buyers have CREDIT, the cost of which can be spread amongst the populace via INFLATION. Now to add to that, we have tens of millions of JOBS, where the “WORKERS” produce nothing of intrinsic value, yet get PAID the fattest SALARIES and COMMISSIONS.

    The simple fact is this: There are about 40 million people in The 50 united States, who PRODUCE all of the value. Everyone else is sucKING the tit for free! Is that what Rush gets mad about? Well, technically, he is one of the TIT SUCKERS!


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