Nazionism Part 1 – Hitler’s Psychic

As a start of the huge Nazionism topic, announced in my audio recording of The Great H Mystery, I would like to highlight a remarkable figure.

In order to fully grasp the theory of Nazionism, it is important to understand how they staged that mystery. Nazionism deals with the why behind that humongous plot that still dominates to this day and most probably will for the next generations to come.

For those interested in this topic, Tyrone McCloskey’s series is a must-read, as is the series by Miles Mathis about Dolfy “Hitler” and his buddies.

After I started my own research years ago, I found that many others had developed this theory way earlier than myself, for instance well-known people as Anthony Sutton, Henri Makow, the great book and video The Final Solution of Adolph Hitler by Jim Condit Jr., Christopher Jon Bjerknes, Anthony Migchels, and several others, some of them linked below.

Most of my findings are my own, but when I use other’s research I will reference it. Like the latest new member of Cluesforum, Thibault Erikson, who maintains an interesting blog presenting translations of Miles Mathis’ papers and other articles into French. He also has POM in his blogroll and links to us. Google Translate does a good job in this case, I could read his threads easily.

This post is about Herschel Chaim Steinschneider, better known under the name Erik Jan Hanussen, a jewish (!) “clairvoyant”, who is known to have become Adolf Hitler’s psychic (!). Or side-kick? Or the other way around, it depends on who was the bigger psychic. His Wikipedia entry can be found here, proudly linking the Judaism, Nazi Germany and Occultism portals together….

Although Hanussen claimed to be a Danish aristocrat, he was in fact a Moravian Jew, born as Hermann (Herschel Chaim) Steinschneider. Hanussen’s father, Siegfried Steinschneider (1858-1910), was an actor and caretaker of a synagogue who married Antonie Julie Kohn [Kohn is a version of Cohen], a singer, in Vienna, Austria.

Stories abound of meetings between Hanussen and Hitler, including an encounter shortly before the election of November 1932, during which Hanussen taught Hitler his crowd control techniques of using gestures and dramatic pauses.

See Tyrone’s series about the Hitler Actor Project. Edjewcation was Dolfy’s forte…

Hanussen was also quite close to other important Nazi officials, to whom he had often lent money, including Wolf-Heinrich Graf von HelldorfKarl Ernst and Friedrich Wilhelm Ohst.

So not only a psychic, also a money lender…

Dr. Walter C. Langer, a psychoanalyst, prepared a psychological profile of Hitler for the Office of Strategic Services in 1943. The profile included a reference to Hanussen: “… during the early 1920s Hitler took regular lessons in speaking and in mass psychology from a man named [Hanussen] who was also a practicing astrologer and fortune-teller. He was an extremely clever individual who taught Hitler a great deal concerning the importance of staging meetings to obtain the greatest dramatic effect.”

The source (OSS) may be suspicious, but the idea that the Hitler Project had to be taught the clownesque imitations of The Great Dictator is not. Especially considering that both Herschel and Dolfy were born in the same year, in the same city. According to the books, that is.

A “funny” story, unreferenced at Wikipedia, but not necessarily false:

Alfred Neubauer, a famous motor racing team manager, refers to Hanussen in his autobiography, Speed Was My Life (first published in English in 1960). In the chapter ‘A Prophecy Comes True’, he describes a prediction made by Hanussen before the race at AVUS in Germany in May 1932. While at the Roxy Bar with other drivers, Neubauer challenged Hanussen to predict the winner of the following day’s race. After some ‘leg pulling’, Hanussen wrote two names on a piece of paper, which he folded, and put in an envelope. This was placed in the custody of the barman. He had strict instructions that it be left unopened until after the race. Hanussen announced, ‘One of us at this table will win tomorrow, another will die. The two names are in this envelope.’ During the race, driver Prince Lobkowicz [*see below] was killed, and Brauchitsch won. After the race, Neubauer states he opened the envelope and found those names inside. Several days later, a Berlin newspaper reported that Hanussen had urged the German Automobile Club to persuade Prince Lobkowicz not to take part in the race, but Club officials had taken no action.

The death (and win) may have been faked, the whole set-up may have been faked (it only relies on a barman…) or he really may have been a fortune teller?

  • Georg Christian of Lobkowicz (1907–1932), a racing driver who died after a crash at the 1932 Avusrennen, a motor race held at the AVUS circuit.

Of the prominent and old Bohemian noble Lobkowicz family, who at one moment owned a castle in… Zagan, linking to two recent POM posts about Carl Sagan and The Great Escape in 2 clicks.

His relation with Dolfy was close:

Hanussen’s sympathies found favor at the very top of the Reich. At the height of his fame in the 1920s, he met Hitler in the restaurant at the Hotel Kaiserhof, where the Führer had taken up residence. With his Jewish name abandoned and his officer friends endorsing him, Hanussen had no reason to arouse any suspicions. By some accounts, he conferred with Hitler a dozen times between 1932 and 1933, evaluating the bumps on his head, reading his palms, and reassuring the dictator that his rise to power was inevitable. When in-person meetings were difficult, the two spoke on the phone.

About the Swastika, used by Aleister Crowley decades before:

Some sources say that it was Hanussen who recommended that the Nazis adopt the swastika as their symbol. It was an “Indian luck symbol”, he told them, that promised them good fortune in their ambitions.

It is well-known that the Nazi Party had its roots in Freemasonic, and Occult cycles, with of course the Theosophical Society by Blavatsky (see Miles Mathis), but she in turn were inspired by another infamous kabbalistic occultist and socialist, Alphonse Louis Constant, better known as Éliphas Lévi.

And his “predictions” were “Adam Lanza-style”… about the staged Reichstag fire, allegedly started by half-blind communist Marinus van der Lubbe. The Reichstag fire has become the archetype for “false flag events” (read: staged events with possibly no deaths), as shown here (NOTE: I have nothing to do with that website, even though they use my name!).

Predicting the Reichstag fire, a decisive event that allowed recently appointed Chancellor of Germany Adolf Hitler to seize absolute power in 1933, was Hanussen’s most famous feat of “””clairvoyance“””. It also was possibly a miscalculated use of inside information that led to his death shortly thereafter.

Yes, or more possibly it was a staged event he had knowledge of…

It happened during one of his many social gatherings at his villa in Charlottenburg. Always the showman, he feigned a trance-like state and began to speak: “I see a building, a great building, in our city … it is burning … flames are roaring high … smoke is billowing … ah, but out of the blaze there arises a bird … a magnificent Phoenix … bringing new light … new hope … from the ashes!”

Yes, the prediction certainly came true. On February 27, 1933, Germany’s parliament building – the Reichstag – was set afire. The Nazis blamed it on terrorist Communists, and the public was so outraged that it allowed Hitler to pass emergency laws that gave him virtually unlimited power. Of course, it is well known today that it was the Nazis themselves who burned the Reichstag in order to get Hitler in complete control.

Or in an alternative tale:

The Palace of the Occult opened its doors on the evening of 26 February. In a semi-private séance, one of Hanussen’s mediums, a former actress, Maria Paudler, had a fateful vision. In a trance, she claimed to see a “great building” on fire. The press attributed the prediction to Hanussen himself. Less than 20 hours later, the Reichstag was ablaze.

This curious “fore-telling of crimes” was noted years earlier (Richard Spence, also the reference for the last quote):

His crime-solving exploits, however, earned him the enmity of Vienna’s Polizeidirektion who suspected him, not without reason, of either setting-up crimes he purported to solve or being privy to inside information.

But, he wouldn’t be a famous trickster if he couldn’t trick his way out of this:

Fame, however, drew opposition. In 1928, a prosecutor in the Czechoslovak town of Leitmeritz charged Hanussen with fraud and larceny, basing his case on the fact that clairvoyance did not exist. In a long, public trial Hanussen won acquittal by successfully demonstrating his “powers” to the judge, or by faking them so well no one could catch him.

His end (or more probably “end”) was quite special too (account by Richard Spence):

On 24 March, a brace of SA dragged the psychic to Gestapo headquarters for questioning. They cut him loose, but the next evening three men snatched him off the street, and he was never seen alive again. The easiest guess is that the Nazis killed Hanussen because they discovered he was a Jew, but it really makes no sense. Evidence of his Hebraic origins had been available for months, and his Party comrades had not rejected him. There was no compelling reason for them to do so now. Another theory, that Helldorf and others murdered him to escape their debts, ignores the fact that they would be killing the golden goose. There is no indication Hanussen made any attempt to collect his debts or that he was unwilling to loan more.

In the earlier reference described as:

His body was discovered thirteen days later in a wooded area outside Berlin. He had been shot in the head.

And on Wikipedia as:

…hastily buried in a field on the outskirts of Berlin, near Stahnsdorf.[11] He was potential competition to Hermann Göring and Joseph Goebbels for the attention of their Führer, which may also have led to his murder. Hanussen’s body was discovered over a month later.

Richard Spence concludes:

Hanussen’s demise is almost certainly tied to the Reichstag Fire, but there could be more to it. Most of Hanussen’s Nazi contacts were linked to the SA, and most of them to Ernst Roehm, Hitler’s only remaining serious rival. Just over a year later, Hitler and the SS would kill Roehm and dozens more SA leaders in the so-called Night of the Long Knives. Several, including Roehm, were ex-associates of Hanussen. Helldorf escaped, but took part in anti-Hitler intrigues and died for his part in the failed 1944 assassination attempt on the Fuehrer. In contrast the three SA men later identified as Hanussen’s killers all survived to perish in WWII and one of them, Rudolf Steinle, rose to become an officer of the Gestapo and the SS. Hanussen, therefore, may have been an early casualty of intra-Nazi intrigues.

What I take from this tale full of holes, mysticism, occultism, magic, tricksters and more layers covering the ever unknowable truth, is another argument for the theory that the so-called Antisemitic (mainstream) or Noble (Hitler fans) Nazis were just as controlled by the same Zionist Cabal/Kaballah as the Marxists and the Allies; Nazionism.

To be continued…


18 thoughts on “Nazionism Part 1 – Hitler’s Psychic

  1. Thank you for quoting my blog.

    It seems pretty obvious that Hanussen’s death was faked.

    Hitler was finally officially in power. He could retire after his role with Hitler.

    I also think that some of the victims of “the night of the long knives” like Röhm were simulated. It is said that Hitler even intervened himself to arrest some people with a gun in his hand. It makes no sense to take such risks after his appointment as Chancellor. Unless it’s partly staged.

    The conspiracy of July 20, 1944 is a joke. Stauffenberg was part of the very high aristocracy. He died shot that same day and cremated. Very common technique….

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  2. I am interested in this topic, as with many others, and shy away from it because it is almost like a vocation (as opposed to vacation), something that would grip me, absorb me, and take over my life. Better you than me! You know about the Zal rule, and I see that to this day, now close to a century later, Nazis are in the center of movies, portrayed as evildoers who kill without motive or remorse. It is as if somehow Germans were supplanted by evil monsters, invasion of the body snatchers. It cannot be true. We are all humans. Schindler’s list, my ass. No such thing happened. But unpacking this period of history, finding the underlying reality, is a massive undertaking. I look forward to future installments.


    1. Say we take a look at Korea, This story goes on today, “Here in the now”..who are the real puppeteer’s behind the aftermath of the 2nd world war ? is there really a “GULAG known as Kwanliso”..where detainees are subjected to unspeakable atrocities,forced labor,torture,starvation,rape and death.. is this just another,”FAKE STORY”..known as, “PULLING a HOLLYWOOD” ? …or is Donnie Trump just joking about ..”THE ROCKET MAN” ?


      1. Showing my age here, but one time Ronald Reagan came on TV and said, for real, that the U.S. was threatened by Russian MIG fighters in the possession of Nicaragua – they could even reach Brownsville, Texas!!! North Korea is the same story, Kim Jong-Un probably a hired actor. They show us photos of crowds of people in that country to give us the impression that they are zombie-like, brainwashed. I think they could do the same here on any given day – how about Black Friday?

        I suspect the people of NK are living their lives much as we do here, working, making ends meet, little high, little low, just getting through life.


        1. Boy wouldn’t that be a wonderful life if so. Next do the starving children of the Africa regions. They leave me the most troubled honestly. Apply the fairy tale logic and make it all better. My mind hurts and needs it’s piece so I can rest comfortably. Sorry to be sardonically crass friend but your statement is a bit careless and disrespectful to those who actually have suffered. My sister in law is not a paid actor though she is fearsome. Be lucky I do not intend to show her this. Ha Ha. You owe me more than you know. ☻


          1. North Korea and starvation in certain parts of Africa are related? Our leaders are always in search of enemies, and when we don’t have big ones, they puff up little countries like NK and Nicaragua.

            I would bet that if people were allowed a say in either South or North Korea, the two would reunify in a heartbeat. The division has been artificially enforced for decades now. I once thought it was merely to justify western troops on the Chinese perimeter, and that could be so, but more likely they just need another bogeyman. North Korea has no missiles, by the way. Why would they?

            Is your sister a soldier? Is that it? You should know that I don’t go to soldiers seeking information … they are 1) indoctrinated, and 2) compartmentalized.


          2. The starving people (name three) of the Earth are all starving because they lack the agency to overthrow their venal elite and because that elite has stolen the food from their table.

            Anywhere in the world where the population is skeletal the leadership is morbidly obese.

            Anglosphere politicans are no better.


        2. Don’t forget to watch,”TERROR IN THE JUNGLE”. it’s coming your way tonight,folks, a Two-part dazzler, Sure to bring a shrill cry and shriek of terror to our living-rooms that will leave us all greatly impressed with it’s CONFOUND brilliance.


  3. I default to the idea that these “purges”, because of so-called rivalries, were, of course, hogwash. Hitler wasn’t real, just a stage role. Röhm may have been a stage manager, but his portion of the circus was completed and so he had to be “killed” to one: explain his absence and keep people from looking for him to get the inside scoop, and two: reinforce the idea that Hitler was real and his power was real and worth fighting over with insiders. This is hard to swallow, but like our operatives, the Nazzi’s didn’t actually break any laws, essentially, just bent them as needed (or replaced them with racist policies that would be held up in court, thus rendering them “legal”). Once war was “declared”, things did get quite messy, legally speaking. But murdering party rivals? No. The party would have a difficult time finding recruits for key positions if there was a death penalty for backing the wrong play. These yabbos were funded by huge banking cartels, not gambling and prostitution receipts. No one went for a little ride downtown. They were packed off to Santa Catarina, Mark, in south eastern Brazil.
    “Hanussen” looks like a lint catcher to deflect at the time from some of the more traceable stage managers, like Eckart and Putzi, real impresarios that simply had an actor(s) trained for the role of Uncle Adolph. Hanussen lends that googly eyed occulty flavoring to what was essentially Expressionist theater technique on steroids. (With a little commedia dell’arte thrown in for leavening- what’s a dictator worth as an icon without a little braggadocio, Benito?)
    Looking forward to more, G…

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      1. Yes, that is a German colony overthere, with well-known city Blumenau. During the first half of the 19th century, after the famines following the Year without Summer (resulting from the eruption of Mt. Tambora in Indonesia that caused a -this one real- global climate change) hundreds of German families relocated to that area in Santa Catarina and Porto Alegre.

        Thanks Tyrone, and great thoughts, I agree the Night of Long Knives was staged to instill fear in the population. The Nazionism plot only could work with a huge propaganda machine (Jewseph Goebbels) and fascism where any potential opposition was wed out beforehand.


  4. I watched an episode of Weird weapons of WW2 last night. The upshot of which was the best fighter of war, the Messerschmidt ME 262 (prince of turbojet), was basically sabotaged by Herr Hitler’s insisting it become a jet bomber thus delaying its effectiveness. It’s as if that Hitler didn’t want to win the war…………

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    1. Yes, I have seen that video too. And that was one “mistake” in a long series of them. Also the invention of the machine gun and subsequent halt of development of them, which if continuted would have meant an even bigger potential victory than the Nazionists already could have achieved.

      One of the links in the OP refers to an interesting site by a French guy, in English, where many strategic “mistakes” are highlighted (Dunkirk, Gibraltar, Barbarossa and many others). It deserves a dedicated post to summarize them all.


  5. BM has not commented here, yet. She must be chomping at the bit. I do agree AH was a playing a role. The SCRIPT writers of both WWI & WWII need to be given their due, much like the devil.


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