Too many sheepdogs. Where’s our hero in shining armor?

Something big is in the works.  One can only speculate.  Negative interest rates in Europe.  President attacking the Fed.  $75 billion per day being pumped into the system because banks know when the music stops, there aren’t enough seats left for everyone.  Nothing kills creditors faster than a crash.  Or there’s the slow, painful method of negative interest rates as far as the eye can see. 

The environment is indeed facing an emergency, not just the real damage that’s seen, but because so many have placed their faith in the perpetrators of the Big Con.   Big oil really does pollute the air we breathe.  Big Ag poisons our land, water and food with chemicals and genetic warfare.  Big war, well, killing is their business, their only business. 

Little Greta Thunberg will save us.  Right!  Wake me when the protests move outside the offices of the money people who back the parties and politicians they own.  The anemic, co-opted “activism” of the major NGOs work overtime to censor, smear and marginalize genuine grassroots activists around the globe.  Many have been assassinated.  Real activism will soon be outlawed, or at least complicated out of existence.  Back to little 16-year-old Great-a.  She’s been enlisted because nobody trusts The Tides Foundation, The Pew Foundation, Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, Amnesty International and a rest.  They hide behind the children, exploiting them, asking us to entrust them to lead the way to a cleaner environment.  Only children are left to follow neoliberal NGOs into the fake battle to manipulate public perception so the self-serving agenda of profit and growth can continue.  The environment needs to be saved, but not by the children of big business.

Something big is coming this fall.  The banking dynasty is again insolvent.  Warmongers want war.  Banks aren’t opposed but would prefer a global depression.  What will it be? 

I’m betting on a coup, followed by a crash.  Trump is the perfect patsy for a crash.  Blame Trump!  Then it’s on to the New World Order (again), building of the 3rd Temple, food shortages, and some epidemic thrown in for good measure.  Is everybody ready?  Oh, I almost forgot, we’ll need a leader.  But who?  In the third act, a new heroine appears, ready to slay the dragons.  I’m guessing it’s none of the current cast of characters we see today.  But who has the gravitas, the money, and name recognition to defeat Trump – or Pence if Trump can’t carry on?  Who has the experience and determination?  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Hillary 2020!  She is not dead, so she cannot be ruled out.  What is more “upside down” than that?  Just sayin’.  The entire cast of Democrat candidates are sheepdogs for Hillary.  Count on it.  Nothing else is making any sense to me right now.  

Of course, I always enjoy differing points of view. 

3 thoughts on “Too many sheepdogs. Where’s our hero in shining armor?

  1. I think Hilary is too obviously ensconced in the mainstream to be useful as a figurehead anymore. Trump rose to prominence as a presidential leader by echoing the conspiracy community’s suspicions about his birth certificate. After engaging in discussion with Mr. LeBon and others on Mark’s latest post, I’ve become convinced that TPTB are figuring out how to leverage the growing conspiracy community for their own purposes exactly the way they have leveraged environmentalists and every other sincere community that opposes what TPTB is doing. We may not be ready for a President Mathis just yet, but I think that’s the kind of thing we’re headed toward.


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