Winter storms used to just happen. Now they are caused by climate change.


Quoting National Weather Service meteorologist Paul Nutter in a Bloomberg article about the winter storm that is predicted to leave a whole bunch of snow on the northern Rocky Mountain Front:

[Nutter] said it was too early to link the storm to the effects of climate change, and that meteorologists are instead focused on what the storm will do.

“In general, scientists are seeing with a warmer planet that individual weather systems are becoming a little more energized,” he said.

What empty-headed tripe! Nothing escapes. Nothing. For the record, we are not seeing systems becoming more energized. I looked up the word for that particular oft-repeated bit of nonsense, and it turns out to be a “lie.”

What we are having is a winter storm in late September, not at all unusual, not historic, not record-breaking. Human-caused climate change, which is not happening anyway, has nothing to do with it, but this points at the very reason why they changed the name of the hoax from “global warming” to that – the planet stopped warming over twenty years ago. Using “climate change” allows them to blame everything on it.

I am seeing something with a little more explanatory power, the solar minimum. This is an approximate 22-year cycle where sun spots wax and wane. We are currently at the waning low point, and as a result the planet is cooler – sun spots generate more heat. If things stay true to form, we will begin to warm up for the next eleven years. Approximately.

But then again, we could be faced with a “Maunder Minimum,” where the waning does not undo, and we end up with tragedies like the Little Ice Age. Pray not. Things like the Black Death coincided with LIA, and I do not believe it to be coincidence. Cooling is our enemy, warming our friend. Most people in Canada live near the border for a reason. Farther north is too cold.

I have sent away for a book on this subject, yet to arrive (I ordered it August 10). If I turn out to be wrong-headed, I will set the two paragraphs immediately above right.

4 thoughts on “Winter storms used to just happen. Now they are caused by climate change.

    Just visited my favorite local ski shop (PhD Skis, Bozeman) to get caught up on the latest gear and to talk weather. Skiers talk weather, not climate. However, the dreaded El Nino appears to be over, for the time being, which is encouraging to all who slide down snowy slopes for cheap winter thrills. I’m also excited about my fist year of “senior discount” status for the annual season lift pass — a 43% drop from last year, the most expensive ski year in my life. It’s all downhill from here.


  2. Some weeks ago I watched Malcolm Roberts destroy Brian Cox’s climate change argument on an Australian panel show. It was a BBC video and the next time I looked at it, it had been edited to show Cox in a more favourable light. The two videos in the link below are very good. It appears NASA is falsifying data and passing it on to climate scientists.



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