Coronavirus corner

While I have nothing new to add concerning the Coronavirus hoax, readers and commenters might. So this space is reserved for that purpose.

We had a trip planned to Glacier Bay, Alaska this coming July. We were informed by the hotel in Gustavson this morning that the area will be closed for the entirety of 2020. This can only mean that the people who did this to us do not plan to just quit and let things go back to normal after April. They mean to hurt us, and continue hurting us until letting us up will seem a time to give thanks. Even when they do let up,  keep in mind that precedent established, they can do this again any time they like.

Why? Why crush the economy, put millions out of work, use agitprop to convince people they have to stay home, stay six feet apart, and wear masks? If you think it is just a plan for mass inoculation, maybe yes, but that is only a small part of it. They did all of those horrible things to us because they wanted to do all those horrible things to us. They want us to suffer. These are craven monsters.

This is not a temporary emergency. It is coup d’etat. It is a new way of living. Never again will we be allowed to experience the wealth creation and creative energy of the last ten years. That had to stop. Too many people were doing too well. They need for us to be frightened and desperate. It is how fascists govern.

Most Americans are incapable of reading and processing large volumes of written words. Most do not possess critical thinking skills.  Maybe it is best to keep our message simple, general and positive:

  1. Stop being afraid;
  2. It is better to die standing than to live on our knees.
  3. We are given free will. No one can ever take it from us; and
  4. Change is within our power at all times, be it in location, relationships, personal life style, and most importantly, in our beliefs and attitudes.

Anyway, I’ll be around, as will Faux and the others.But I am all virused out at this time.

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  1. The phrase “better to die on your feet than live on your knees” reminds me of my favorite side-character from the novel Catch-22. Nately’s Old Man.

    I wish I could just quote the whole encounter.

    “You put so much stock in winning wars,” the grubby iniquitous old man scoffed. “The real trick lies in losing wars, in knowing which wars can be lost. Italy has been losing wars for centuries, and just see how splendidly we’ve done nonetheless. France wins wars and is in a continual state of crises. Germany loses and prospers. Look at our own recent history. Italy won a war in Ethiopia and promptly stumbled into serious trouble. Victory gave us such insane delusions of grandeur that we helped start a world war we hadn’t a chance of winning. But now that we are losing again, everything has taken a turn for the better, and we certainly will come up on top again if we succeed in being defeated.

    And specifically:

    “They are going to kill you if you don’t watch out, and I can see now that you are not going to watch out. Why don’t you use some sense and try to be more like me? You might live to be a hundred and seven, too.”
    “Because it’s better to die on one’s feet than live on one’s knees,” Nately retorted with triumphant and lofty conviction. “I guess you’ve heard that saying before.”
    “Yes, I certainly have,” mused the treacherous old man, smiling again. “But I’m afraid you have it backward. It is better to live on one’s feet than die on one’s knees. That is the way the saying goes.”
    “Are you sure?” Nately asked with sober confusion. “It seems to make more sense my way.”
    “No, it makes more sense my way. Ask your friends.”


    1. Ok, good point. However.. That may literally be true, but the expression is figurative. It depends how you define “living on your knees” whether it is better. If we roll over for this, we are not going to “lose” the way Italians do. We will just lose period.

      The people who love this bs are very vocal on fb (my main gauge of regular joes) but partly I think that’s the old phenomenon of having the media on their side. I’ve noticed this going way back, the lemmings are so bossy, dismissive, snotty etc because they have that fake social proof. Meanwhile there must be a large silent bloc.. Maybe not majority, but large.. Who are just unsure and afraid to speak up. If we can calmly, coolly intrude a little sense into the discussion, among our own local peers, we can maybe encourage that group of fence-sitters to lean with us. Not full bore, I just mean in rejecting the shutdown, in rejecting the fearmongering.

      Check out this guy Leigh Scott on fb.. He gets out a lot of good info, lot of likes.. Mixed with some I don’t care for. But overall his frame has a better chance of reaching enough people quickly, conservatives at least, to motivate real pushback like supporting lical businessses opening up. THAT’S the protest that’s needed.. Not marching, just open and do business. Tell any business owners you support them opening. Maybe start a petition of people who promise to risk the $500 fine or whatever if they open up.


      1. There was an article in the Dallas Morning News this morning that talked about how FB was going to be cracking down on what they call unsubstantiated and uninformed claims aka conspiracy theory with regards to this virus.
        My parents have their email accounts through America Online(AOL) and they had a similar message to their users this morning on the sign-in page. Both FB and AOL say it’s to protect the public from potentially harmful misinformation.🙄

        I find it too coincidental there’d be similar statements from two different media companies on the same. This seems more like a concerted effort to squash any dissenting voices.
        Perhaps they’re getting the sense too many people are questioning what’s going on.


    2. That was fun! I love that kind of writing, where the author makes his points via dialogue. And the idea that it is better to live on our feet than die on our knees … priceless.


  2. And here we are, talking about nations and “they.” What nations. And who exactly are “they?” Pronoun with no antecedent. There is much to learn about they. I’m certainly game, but it doesn’t, or hasn’t so far from my recollection, been a great area of interest here at POM.

    IMO, the top of the pyramid is “Crown,” then City of London, Vatican and Washington, D.C. implementing the plans. I’ll stop there for now, but am interested in what others are thinking.


    1. “Crown” meaning Royalty? I assume you don’t mean British royalty since you reject the concept of nations. For myself, I would say it’s certainly an area of interest, but it’s a topic so obscure and rife with contradictory information and gobbledy-gook that I tend to get discouraged and give up trying to make sense out of it.


      1. Sorry to use the spook info centre, but it is an easy way in…

        The Crown:

        “The Crown is the state in all its aspects within the jurisprudence of the Commonwealth realms” &

        “Legally ill-defined, the term has different meanings depending on context.” &

        “A corporation sole, the Crown is the legal embodiment of executive, legislative, and judicial governance in the monarchy of each country. These monarchies are united by the personal union of their monarch, but they are independent states”

        So it’s legally ill defined, a corporation and the state all rolled into one. It’s a classic British fudge used by British oligarchs to rule the world. I use the word “British” in the loosest possible sense. They aren’t like any of the many Brits that I know and love. The City of London is in fact the Crown’s main base and the City isn’t in the United Kingdom either, so even more fudge. All their legal eagles are based in the City too, in their Crown Temple, even more fudge. If you try to understand just what the Crown Temple is, and most importantly just who owns it, then good luck with that. Please let me know if you find anything definitive

        Is the US in this “Commonwealth”? Not officially, but perhaps in practice? It is certainly the only one of the 5 eyes not officially in the Commonwealth. But there are really 6 eyes aren’t there? That little place in the Eastern Mediterranean is one of the biggest eyes of all isn’t it? Are any of these so called “nations” really separate entities in practice?


        1. Thank you, Charlie. Very well articulated. I hope to dig into this global power structure topic in future posts. Nothing escapes its influence, IMO.


    2. My sense is that the Vatican is high up the pyramid, but beyond that I’m just not sure other than as a Bible-believing Christian (which is not the same thing as what I can only describe as “American churchianity”) I see Satan as on the top, orchestrating all of this.

      I believe the ultimate purpose of vaccines, an agenda being ramped up with ID2020 is to fundamentally change us: to alter our DNA, to make us less “human,” so that we are no longer beings formed in God’s image.

      As it was “in the days of Noah.”


    3. I agree Steve. I am interested too but I fear that it is an almost impossible task to get a better look behind the curtain. We only see what “they” want us to see…….

      Apols if is this is a bit glib but the best definition of “they” that I’ve ever seen is:



  3. What you say about Americans can be easily applied to most Italians too.

    As I said before, I believe there is a secret war going on between two major masonic factions, and we are obviously the victims.
    They, and by they I mean what the Taos guy calls “the Phoenicians”, want to finish off a job they started thousands of years ago through kings, Knights Templars, merchants, in more recent days bankers, industrials and “philanthropy” tycoons, that is the total control of human life and most importantly the human soul.
    This is the ultimate war.
    Rudolf Steiner said a hundred years ago that there would come a time when all people would be spiritually broken by mass vaccination. He said mankind wouldn’t remember anymore we all are spiritual beings within human bodies.
    Vaccines contain substances that have a specific purpose: To block our pineal gland and our access to other spiritual realms through it. They’ve always known that and never liked the idea of a mankind able to connect to their spiritual self or even to other dimensions. They want our souls by breaking our spirit. Fear and no more hopes= spiritual death.

    You could still be asking why all this.
    Why are they so interested in the human soul, why is this all about the spirit pretending that it is about world economy.
    Too long to explain here. Remember they do not need money to live. We do. They create money out of nothing. So it’s not about money.
    It’s about the very essence and existence of this planet and us as a species. The top of the pyramid is not the crown, it is something non human that controls humans. Someone calls it the Devil, I give it different names as I’m not religious.

    But I stop here. I’ve studied esoteric books for years and years but I think Steve and Motorhead have bern able to express the concept much better than myself.

    And I agree with Steve: What nations?

    That said, enough with bullshit bug for me too.

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    1. In response to several of your observations, 2 warring factions for example, here is a very interesting video claiming to be about how the “fantasy world” operates and what might be done about it. I have been studying this stuff for over 40 years and this presentation has been a big dot connecting Ah Ha! for me. At the very least there is much to ponder. Our only hope is that there is a “White Hat” faction out there opposing the psychopaths. And maybe there is and maybe those of us who shine the light on the psychos-that-be are part of the good guys. Maybe we are “doing something” after all and should positively hold that in mind.

      •Sep 14, 2019

      This is how the “PTB” run/create the world and how to dismantle them and restart a logical operating government. Fascinating! And plausible! Some great heroes here if this is doable. We do have to have a system, after all, and there is no need to totally reinvent the wheel.

      P.S. I am still unable to login. No login box appears on my computer screen. I can only comment to existing posts.


    2. I wrote a long comment but it disappeared. The above links to an extremely interesting video and addresses the possibility of “2 factions” idea. This video helped me connect over 40 years of dots.

      I am still unable to log in so hopefully can leave a comment but even that is becoming quite the run-around. I am going to try a different email this time.


        1. Thanks. I notice that the internet is changing by the minute and that certain information can be difficult or impossible to find and/or post. I just looked for another vid by Horton but youtube required a sign in to view it because the “the information may be inappropriate for some age groups”…words to that effect. I did not sign in.

          I wouldn’t know how to begin but for anyone who can please keep or store off line whatever information, written or video, seems especially valuable. I do save and print a few pdfs, written articles, etc. History is being rewritten daily. There will eventually be no information counter to the main stream “official” version.

          To comment further re the Horton video above it is very helpful if one has at least some background information re The SHIP of state, maritime law, our strawman identity, fractional reserve banking, and Black’s law. They never taught us these facts in school.

          See The Money Masters

          See Clint Richardson re strawman identity, maritime law, etc.

          My computer will not allow access to Clint Richardson:

          Maybe you will have better luck. Three weeks ago I could access it from my bookmarks. My computer is fast becoming “HAL”. Very scary.

          Also re the Horton video some may (as I did) have to leave some cherished beliefs at the door to HEAR what he is saying. He is not polished, he does not have PowerPoint, and his personal beliefs uniquely color the information. As usual, personal politics and religious views (or lack thereof) should be temporarily suspended. Take what resonates and leave the rest. We live in an arbitrary word and number built set-up and as most of us realize, things could be far,far better.


  4. My 39 year old woke son always says if you can see “them”, they ain’t it. I see the Kissinger, Soros, Gates, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, British royalty, etc – so who are they fronting for? You are right, it goes so deep and gets so convoluted that it’s hard to wrap one’s brain around.

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      1. I’m not talking about ETs. I don’t even go in that direction. Just some hidden/shadow rulers whoever they may be.


        1. People are too afraid to go extraterrestrial and/or extradimensional. I personally believe things are too weird to explain with only rational thought.


          1. God, the Divine, Higher Power, Universal Intelligence, the Creator, however one wishes to call it is more up my alley, and requires thinking beyond the intellect. I just know there’s something bigger than me that brought this universe (and any other extraterrestrial life) into existence.


            1. I like what you said, that if you can see them, they ain’t it. That’s not about anything other than the old maxim that power never shows its face. Thanks for the comment.


          2. Fauxlex,

            I’m not afraid. It’s just that the masses don’t have enough culture, intellect or spirituality to understand these things.

            The esoteric world has got nothing to do with religion and New Age, two things created by the system to destroy true spirituality.

            Many of the things I know and I don’t talk about on the Internet were taught to me by very particular people I was “lucky” enough to meet along my path of self knowledge (Nosce te ipsum) and I’ve been practicing certain techniques to keep my body, mind and spirit healthy and connected.
            And when you practice, you see “things”.
            So you do not need to believe, cos you know.

            If David Icke had enough balls to tell the truth about something specific, that truth wouldn’t be accepted, and he wouldn’t make huge profits from his books.
            Shamans have known those things for thousands and thousands of years though. I do too.


      1. Thanks Anna! I have two woke sons who are my mentors! My other son, age 37, wrote ( in a post) a caption to a photo of the Constitution and Bill of Rights:

        “ Pull your heads out of your asses people. If you think this virus is bad, imagine losing this (i.e., Constitution). And if the Bill of Rights mean nothing to you, you are a far worse threat to American health than COVID-19”

        No matter if we think the Constitution or Bill of Rights are worthless pieces of paper, the point is we need to stand up and fight in any way we can against this Orwellian nightmare being shoved down our throats.

        Just recently I engaged in some civil disobedience in my retirement community. We are mandated to wear masks everywhere (even outside where there’s no people around); we can’t gather with people who are not our significant others, etc., and can’t engage in any fitness activities even as innocuous as two people throwing a softball to each other out in fresh air. Forbidden.

        A group of us (around 15-20) gathered yesterday outside under the sunshine in a green belt to hear a neighbor sing country music. A security guard came by to take photos, no doubt sent by the HOA. I suppose little acts like this if multiplied could make a difference.

        I also met with six other friends and we gathered in a garage for a happy hour. No one wore masks. This is all verboten but we are doing it anyway.

        When a liberal friend found out what I was doing she lashed out at me saying I was completely irresponsible, I could be transmitting or receiving illnesses, and I was nothing better than someone who living in fire country demands to burn their own trash. This is what we are up against. I refuse to be intimidated by cowards who drink the koolaid – I have every right to make my own choice for my own life the way I see fit. But wow, I’ve known that friend for 52 years since we were 14 and she had no hesitation in bullying me because I am not drinking the koolaid. As Vexman said, he too is losing friends by not kowtowing.

        Cheers to you and all.


  5. I was initially encouraged upon hearing the news Texans were protesting in Austin today, until I heard that infowars was leading the charge.

    Get ready -they’re just chomping at the bit for the opportunity to make us look foolish.


    1. Good advise, Jack. This is just getting warmed up.

      I do, however, have a lot of confidence in our collective strength to reason and create out-of-the-box viewpoints that have merit. We can think and discuss without forming a circular firing squad in most cases. That’s rare and valuable. What if we can “crack the safe” that holds the secrets? Right now I can imagine no greater service to life on earth than exposing (in a simple to comprehend form) the evil that is causing harm worldwide. I appreciate everyone’s contribution and energy. What do the “zoomies” at the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs say: “Aim high.”


        1. T-EPODES,

          If you think that’s what I’m suggesting, I need to find a better way to communicate. Where am I suggesting “…selling one’s self…” into bondage?


          1. Every member of the obscene military industry has sold themself into bondage to profiteers and psychopaths.


            1. Agreed! I should have known better than to “borrow a phrase” and use it in a sardonic or sarcastic manner. That’s a hop, skip and a jump. Best I reserve that kind of banter for in-person encounters. My apologies for any confusion.


    2. Brazilians take it to the streets, “SCREW THE QUARANTINE!”

      A few started out and were soon joined by many more.

      There’s no way of knowing if this is truly “grass roots” but there is so little to enjoy lately that I decided to enjoy watching this any way. The very idea is inspiring.


  6. Your blog has helped me a lot through this. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’d love to guest write for you sometime. In my old life I was a journalist.

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  7. Here’s a very good analysis, complete with datasets and written by a person with some statistical chops … start spreading the word.

    Click to access covid.pdf

    Also, the Washington Post (I am not sure I got the right link) writes about protests against lockdown, and of course plays up supposed health risks, but slips up, saying that polls show 81% support the lockdown. That number does not surprise me, as it is a desert out there, and yet …19% is huge in terms of a base for undoing this mess created by a fake pandemic. I usually think in terms of 2-5% of workable minds out there. 19% … huge!

    Here is a rough memory of a conversation I had yesterday with a liquor store clerk yesterday. I don’t recall how my first sentence below came about, but she was congenial to begin with:

    Me: You could just take off the mask and talk to me.
    Her: The governor said Friday night that all of us working in essential businesses have to wear masks.
    Me: He’s a moron. There’s nothing going on out there.
    Her: It’s really hard to talk and breathe with this thing on.
    Me: 125 million coronaviruses would fit on the head of a pin. They want us to be afraid, keep apart and not trust one another.
    Her (thoughtfully): You know, I kind of agree with that.

    I’ll settle for kinda.


  8. I was reading through some of the Facebook comments under a local news article about the bug, and a guy wrote something that I had not heard before and thought was kind of interesting:

    He basically said that the real purpose for their insistence on the “6-feet-apart” rule in public is they are running or testing some new facial recognition program, and we need to be spread out for the testing to work.

    I tend to fall into the camp that believes this entire event is mostly about social conditioning, but it got me thinking they could be testing out some new technology too.


    1. Hah, I had a similar thought: Most everyone on this string understands that virtually all our interactions are mediated through Big Tech platforms that are back-door-accessible to transnational intel. Dragnet collection, I think they call it. To wit, they know what we’re typing/saying to everyone, when and where: Let’s face it, FB is little more than a control file that people fill out and update themselves, to which they even post photographic evidence. SMH.
      Where their monitoring falls down is face-to-face comms. Many here suspect this campaign/charade/exercise is trying very, very hard to stop those from happening, as several here have put a fine point on. Generally, they’re succeeding, certainly among the FB-lumpen.
      But why six feet apart, why not three and why not ten? No one here believes it has anything at all to do with bubbles of communicability as determined by epidemiologists. Yet someone picked it for a reason.
      Perhaps six feet is the spatial granularity of certain cellphone surveillance technology, at this writing.
      Officials at podiums have already spilled the beans about being able to break out cellphone GPS data to ascertain individual compliance with the six-foot rule. They’ve even threatened to act on that data with fines, etc. But what if they already are?
      I wonder how hard it would be to create a sub-routine to crunch that GPS data flow to identify whether two dots (people, as viewed when projected onto a map, say) that had both formerly been in motion had halted six or fewer feet proximate to one another and become stationary. That is, that those two folks were standing, sharing and talking, face-to-face. How could they be sure to collect that convo? Perhaps there is an algo that 1.) two dots, zero- to six-feet apart; 2.) stationary for a particular number of seconds (arrived at from averaging interactions captured on millions of hours of routine security cam footage over the last five years, in which people stopped and spoke to one another); 3.) automatically activates one or both of the two cellphone mics so that the convo and the contact don’t go uncollected.
      Maybe it’s me, but I’ve noticed that when wearing a mask (mandated here in Los Angeles), I speak louder and more clearly to compensate for the distance and for mask-muffle, and because I want to vocally cue the other person to also, because I cannot see his/her lips moving or facial expressions. Taken together, all that might help to make conversations more audible to cellphone mics.
      Just a thought, but we all agree they picked six feet for a reason and suspect almost to certainty that it doesn’t have anything at all to do with contagion.


    2. That’s an interesting idea, although with more people wearing masks these days facial recognition would become increasingly difficult. Phone tracking seems more likely:

      “If and when lockdown restrictions are lifted in the US, would you agree to let the government anonymously track your interactions with people within a 6-foot radius to control the spread of Covid-19?
      That’s an increasingly urgent question as President Trump and state governors debate how and when to safely reopen the US economy — and as technology is being touted as a solution that would help people reenter public life.
      And tech giants are stepping up. Last week, Apple and Google announced a plan to turn phones into opt-in Covid-19 tracking machines that would, if all goes as planned, make it easier for health officials to identify and alert people if they’ve been exposed to the virus.”


        1. I agree with that, Les. One could also go a step further by giving up their cell phone and choose to rely on the trusty old landline instead.

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    3. I’ve read that too Haley.

      Let’s not forget though, that the western world is not China, where citizen are totally brainwashed by the government and brain dead too. We have our own issues and contradictions, that’s true, but we’re free to express our own opinions and thoughts against the system, on the internet and in real life.
      Aldo, we’re no longer in 2001, when most people were still buying into the Osama Bin Laden bullshit.
      Slowly, people are waking up and going against vaccine obligations as they interact with other people who talk about these issues, and if not all, many of them are questioning things.

      Last but not least, don’t we forget that when people have nothing left to lose, they become very dangerous. In Italy a tracking app is nearly ready for download. They say it’s not mandatory but we’ll need it to be free to move around. Also, masks and social distancing until a vaccine is ready. Fuck them. I’ll never wear a mask, let alone have that app on my phone. We’re reaching the breaking point in my country.

      There won’t be any 5G, mark my words.
      TPTB are very rich and very stupid, but not to the point that their children have their brains fried for breakfast. They didn’t think about that before, now they’re aware 5G and that kind of technology doesn’t target only the poor.


    1. Besides mentioning mass vaccinations, not sure what is meant by the statement”Once a robust surveillance sentinel system is in place”
      Either way it’s a hint that something is going to be implemented.


      1. “Robust surveillance sentinel system”…funny how that was subtly slipped in there as being a precursor to getting to Phase III. Now this is something to get hysterical about…COVID, not so much.


  9. Greetings: While getting groceries this weekend, I ran into several close acquaintances. Not only were not 6 feet apart, but we weren’t wearing masks, gloves or hazmat suits either. When we’d finished our face to face social interaction, we exchanged hugs in front of not only the disapproving eyes of fellow shoppers, but in full view of the security cameras as well. I will continue to interact with people I know in the same way. Social distancing be damned!!

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      1. Greetings: Exchanged 3 public hugs & a kiss on the cheek from friends today – none of us wearing any of the “strongly suggested PPEs” being pushed by the media. (You were right, Mark, when, in another of your writings you said that masks, handwashing & gloves are useless in curbing the spread of the virus). I have spoken with quite a few people here who believe that this is all BS & who have agreed to ignore social distancing. Added bonus: hugging is good for you & will do more to boost your immune system than all the face masks currently in use. 🙂


        1. A corona virus is so small … at 80-120 nanometers (billionths of a meter), 125-300 million of hem could fit on the head of a pin. I base this on a statement by a virologist that 500 million rhinoviruses (50nm) would fit there. Using a face mask to stop the movement of something that small has no effect. The virus going through the mask would be akin to a flea flying into a garage.


          1. Greetings: Sometimes, while out shopping, I have to clench my fists & bite my tongue to keep from ripping face masks off & laughing myself sick at all those who insist on sporting facial wear. A friend of mine says she heard that there’s going to be a “second wave” of COVID19 in the fall. Probably means that Phase One of the Experiment has been finished & Phase Two will be instituted. Can only guess what kind of punitive measures will be put in to place. =P


    1. Ach-Mad: The problem with you thinking you know less than the experts is that you still will realize the earth actually isn’t flat, and your earth isn’t the center of the universe. Even if every expert claimed half a millenium ago that it was.

      By the way, iBN(TM) Fad-King: in your link, you don’t need the clickbaity sequence after “know-experts”, the main URL will do just fine, without you getting 2 cents a click. Now why don’t you resume watching Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Pot, and let us adults ask real questions you can’t possibly understand. Of course, to waste your time, you can pass on Pooh Bear, and listen and read your own link instead:

      “PBS:The problem with thinking you know more than the experts”
      American anti-intellectualism. The blurring between fact and opinion, where even facts are something to be agreed or disagreed with. The way people now seem to insist on their own definitions of words, everything is personal — individualism an obsession, the idea of a society becoming a foreign concept. The way nobody wants to admit they don’t know something, think they must have an opinion on everything whether they know about it or not. The refusal to take responsibility and apologize because that’s considered a weakness. The tendency to talk instead of listen. Jumping to conclusions: someone says they like dogs and get an angry response, “Why do you hate cats?”


      Say what? Just because you guys cannot reason, rape language like a blender that worships Der Rida and Fuckault, and blame everyone else for your failures and mediocrity, does not mean we are the way you imagine us to be and describe us in your user guides.

      No, Fad-King, many “humans” (as in “people”, a stretch for folksy you to comprehend) actually think. Whether your Handicapper General likes it or not, humans will continue to do so till the end of time. Then sharks and crocs will rule and it’s game over for you as well as us. Sweet dreams, but in the meantime:

      “Eine neue wissenschaftliche Wahrheit pflegt sich nicht in der Weise durchzusetzen, daß ihre Gegner überzeugt werden und sich als belehrt erklären, sondern vielmehr dadurch, daß ihre Gegner allmählich aussterben und daß die heranwachsende Generation von vornherein mit der Wahrheit vertraut gemacht ist.”.

      Loosely translated, when your paychecks are six feet under along with you, people will have long forgotten all of you, your six feet of social security, and your six degrees of social programming. But people will know truths you cannot possibly grasp because you are paid not to.

      So you see Mad-Fad, the difference is simple: your expert is merely a whore who gets paid to perform a trick.

      The expert has nothing to do with the truth.

      Max Planck was Right


      1. Hello Flatu(lence)toxin: Sprachen sie Deutsch? Eine Kleine Nachtmusik!! Wir waren so nah dran. Go to your nearest bar and celebrate, have a jack n coke or whatever the fck is that you drink. Have plenty to celebrate since I paid attention to your rant. Sorry to respond this late but I was busy fcking your mother. Thank you for tanking the link I posted, if you did, I have news for you: you have been infected. Obviously not by the coronavirus you guys do not believe in but with a trojan horse or a phoenician horse. trojan horse or a phoenician horse. Also, Flatutoxin, I know you are too cool for school and don’t believe in viruses, good for you, but if you clicked on the link I strongly suggest you scan your computer, just to be safe… you just never know.Bye loser.


    1. That is remarkable, Inside Baseball. The author provides one explanation for why they’ve cut emissions so drastically. Glyphosate is everywhere:

      “My hypothesis is that the biofuel industry is inadvertently introducing glyphosate into fuels that power our cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, and ships. While it has long been known that exhaust fumes are toxic to the lungs, there has been a transformation in the fuel industry over the past decade that may have led to a critical increase in the toxicity of the fumes. Specifically, aerosolized glyphosate may be causing damage to the lungs that makes catching what should be a mild cold into a serious health crisis.

      “The United States has stood out as the country hit the hardest by COVID-19. We also consume more glyphosate per capita than any other country in the world. It will be a tragic irony if it turns out that our attempts to reduce carbon emissions through the use of extracts from glyphosate-exposed food crops and trees as a source of fuel in cars, trucks, buses, ships, airplanes—and as heating oil for buildings—turn out to be one of the primary causes of the COVID-19 epidemic.”


  10. “My 39 year old woke son always says if you can see “them”, they ain’t it. I see the Kissinger, Soros, Gates, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, British royalty, etc – so who are they fronting for? You are right, it goes so deep and gets so convoluted that it’s hard to wrap one’s brain around.”

    It doesn’t really matter who they’re fronting for. That’s a common cop-out here in the alternative media. The visible crimes are enough. Maybe aliens are whispering in Rockefeller ears. Does that really get the Rockefellers off the hook?

    TPTB just executed a propaganda scare regarding invisible particles, then printed themselves $6 trillion, stole your freedom, and put every small company out of business. It’s a heist. Probably the biggest heist in world history, and it’s not over yet.

    It’s not that complicated to follow the money and the power. Look at the top politicians and “public health officials.” Who funds them? Who do they meet with? Who do those people meet with? There. You’ve just identified a rogue’s gallery of evil, corrupt thieves. Might the original “idea guys” be hidden? Sure. This is a mafia, and the top dogs don’t do the dirty work. But there are enough VISIBLE kingpins to keep every cop in the world busy for decades.

    The real reason we wonder about aliens and secret kings is because we are cowards. Are we willing to take the torches and pitchforks to the politicians and bankers and globalists and pharmacologists? No. Hell, we don’t even dare complain about them in public.

    Why doesn’t any alternative journalist go ambush any of the participants in Event 201 with questions? Because we’re all cowards. We don’t want to have to take action. We don’t want to confront the perpetrators. We don’t WANT to ask them who gives the orders. We don’t want to know. The visible criminals are above the law. The semi-hidden hands immediately above them are above reproach. And we deliberately make mysterious the secret alien kings at the very top because the mystery gives us an excuse for inaction.

    Sorry to be so gloomy. I’m not trying to attack any of us here on this site. This group is much more courageous than most, thinking forbidden thoughts, exploring dangerous ideas, applying actual logic. None of us set out to be cops, or crusaders for justice. We’re truth seekers.

    But I think it’s worth noting that, even in our age of ignorance, courage is in shorter supply than truth. Every garden-variety hippy in the sixties knew that Kissinger was a war criminal, and they weren’t afraid to say it. Today we let him off the hook.
    Because we’re not sure which of his clubs is home to his REAL bosses. And we don’t dare ask!


    1. Curious that you would find us cowards and propagandists clever. With extreme asymmetry of information, unchecked power, and enormous resources, it takes no genius to fool a toiling public inured to lies, all the time. If tens of thousands of paid professionals (think a very large college), none of them publicly accountable, show up every day at Langley (literal or figurative) to mislead you, the victory of “TPTB” is a foregone conclusion. They control the narrative, surprise and hide from everyone all the time, plan years or decades ahead in the dark…what exactly is so impressive here? Not quite a cure for cancer, just an ongoing vaudeville show and magic act. That difference between really having gone to the moon – or having faked it.

      Since you fondly mentioned “this group”: what if all these forums, including articles and comments are fully authored by the proverbial Langley? Except few postings by random passersby, for flavour. How schizophrenic, but have you proof to the contrary? What if Smile Atthis from Rhymes with Laos is actually just the same team as the Wise Backer of Winnebago, with foreigners Josh and Jared and LeBon and Faux being the same as Mark, Vexman, Hytten, PJ Watsup, Jayhan and the rest? Insistence on “avatars” has always been strange. It certainly doesn’t keep TPTB from knowing who we are, but keeps us from knowing who really runs forums. Caveat emptor, however, should not keep you from posting and seeking answers, Charlie.

      You mentioned cowardice, and such questions may help you ponder. Cowardice and our assumption of the hidden have little in common except one thing you note in an earlier post: fear. Everyone fears the truth at some point. It’s all-powerful, unlike Oz.

      TPTB Theme Song: Razzle Dazzle


      1. Great thoughts all around, Aflatoxin. I wasn’t trying to praise TPTB as particularly clever. I was just noting that the art and science of propaganda is more sophisticated than most people realize. It’s not the magicians, it’s the tools.

        And indeed, as you point out, one of their tools is feeding the truth-seekers. Much better than trying to beat everyone into submission to a single government-approved truth 1984-style is allowing some diversity of thought and defanging rebels by turning them into….internet researchers! Who not only waste time but also discredit themselves with normies by “sounding crazy.”


    2. I’ve never given any of the controllers a pass… whether it’s the sock puppets and front men/women or those they work for. I hold the Rockefeller’s accountable as well as Kissinger and all the rest. And as I wrote, I don’t go down the alien route because the controllers are all quite human.


  11. In conclusion, TPTB will get away with the Virus Crisis heists. They won’t even have to increase the death toll to prove it was “real.” Yes, many people are gullible sheep, and have “fallen for it.” But millions of people know damn well that $6 trillion didn’t get printed to protect a few nursing home residents from the flu. But we millions of people will never do a damn thing about it.

    By the way, as an aside, the “protests” are interesting. Of course I like to see some people correctly concluding that the cure is worse than the disease and the economic destruction should be stopped. But….

    1) The divide and conquer dialectic is strongly at work here. The protesters are clearly pro-Trump rednecks. This actually helps reinforce the “wisdom” of quarantines in the minds of most blue-state city dwellers. (“If those deplorables want to end the quarantines, then I want to keep them going. For “science”!)

    2) The fact that some of the protesters are wearing face masks is just sad. Talk about mixed messages!

    3) The fact that the protests are limited to “let us go back to work as waiters sometime soon!” is also just sad. No mention of the $6 trillion stolen, no mention of the government thumb on the scale finishing off main street retail to help Amazon and Walmart, no mention of the evil propaganda. Just a mild quibble–“6 weeks of lockdown was okay, but 10 weeks would be too much!”

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  12. Last comment…I agree with others that the surveillance aspects of this are a lot scarier than the “disease.” And I fear that we won’t be able to prevent this next round of civil liberty reduction. Partly because we lack courage, but partly because the propagandists are clever.

    Even more so than 9/11, the Virus Crisis successfully got doubters to “go along with it.” Lots of people wanted to virtue signal about being “pro-science” or “pro-frontline-medical-workers” or “pro-Granny-saving.” And many people, including me, wanted to practice good etiquette around terrorized neighbors by standing 6 feet away, respecting people’s fear, etc. But in so doing, we became complicit in the lie.

    And now that we’re complicit in the lie, it’s harder to protest the new “measures.” The right moment to call bullshit was right at the beginning. No “emergency measures” should have been allowed without sufficient proof of the assertions being made by “authorities.”

    The planners knew all this. So they started by playing on the heartstrings. “Save the vulnerable!” The social distancing stuff started small and voluntary, then got tougher and more coercive only AFTER a few rounds of voluntary buy-in.

    So now we’re mostly on lockdown, and the new framing is that coercive security measures will be “required”…..”so we can re-open the economy.”

    It reminds me of the 80s movie War Games. Where the only way to win is to not play the game.


    1. Charlie,

      You’re right. Even most of us who know that this shit-show called ‘’Coronavirus’’ is a farce are begrudgingly going along with it to varying degrees.

      What other choice to do we have? There simply aren’t enough of us to stop this. They have the media, all the ‘’experts,’’ endless resources to deceive and frighten the masses, and the authorities to fine and/or imprison us.

      And worst of all, they have politicized this entire event, as you pointed out. Once TBTP succeed in breaking down an issue on political lines, it’s almost impossible to get people to think rationally.

      My liberal friends have all gone completely mad. They absolutely love this shit. I seriously think they are hoping the shut-downs continue into 2021 or 2022, for no other reason than just because Trump wants to ‘’open up America.’’ At this point I think they would happily descend into poverty to be a part of the cool crowd.

      We should never stop trying to reach people, but it’s very difficult when there are so few of us and TPTB have effectively marginalized us as the fringe lunatic.

      For myself, I will continue speaking out against the mass hysteria, the crimes of Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, every single politician in Washington, etc but it takes a lot out of me to do so because people can get very hateful and cruel, and I admit I am sensitive to all the insults even though I know that’s silly.


      1. My liberal friends have all gone completely mad. They absolutely love this shit. I seriously think they are hoping the shut-downs continue into 2021 or 2022, for no other reason than just because Trump wants to ‘’open up America.’’ At this point I think they would happily descend into poverty to be a part of the cool crowd.

        Don’t worry, Haley. Though it may not be too hip and cool, when they are starving and incensed “rednecks” are coming at them with baseball bats (or “redskins” with bows and arrows), they will quickly change their mind. It’s never too late to repent.


  13. It happened fast, only took about two months to implement this world wide event. Noticed it in the news around December, and didn’t see it getting this big until around February. TPTB got their main Trillion dollar dish. Now in order to get the rest of the buffet they have to get things somewhat back to normal. Speculation is all we have but it’s more interesting to guess at what’s next rather than debate if the virus, deaths are real as we know here on POM it’s not. I’m not seeing any evidence this event as a population reduction event so that means Treasury theft and more draconian laws. I think we have forced vaccinations on the way. Can’t buy, travel, or participate in events without proof of immunization records. I also believe it’s some sort of database replacement and everyone is officially a Global citizen now. No states or countries or borders, just zones, which as a people we won’t become aware of this until later on. I’m noticing authorities and leaders in my own town by the way they talk and thru explanations have seen the fine print, which doesn’t help me trust anyone around here and makes me sick at my stomach. People in your community no matter how small of a town are in on it.


  14. I think we’d all agree the people responsible for bringing us this worldwide event are most likely not stupid. This undoubtedly took years of planning and I’m sure every last detail was carefully thought out. That being said, we might want to consider the possiblity the low hanging fruit is being left intentionally for purposes of creating division or possibly even more misdirection.

    The part that makes me scratch my head is their decision to use and put Bill Gates out front. Nearly everyone knows he’s a huge vaccine proponent.and now their finding out he’s heavily involved with ID2020. 

    And How about the name ID2020 itself? -do you think that was just a bad idea for a name and they meant to change it but forgot?

    No, its intentional I’m sure.

    Maybe they want those of us who question things to have no doubt this pandemic is a hoax knowing we’ll make the next logical assumption, (the obvious one being laid out at our feet), that ID2020 and forced vaccinations are the main goals of this simulated pandemic.

    I’m suggesting that maybe they’re not.

    I’ve given my theory of what this might possibly be about in a comment under a different article. I still entertain that idea.


      1. I don’t rule out the possibility this simulated pandemic and lockdown is a dry run of sorts to help them prepare for an event they either suspect or know is coming. Cataclysm.

        Before you discount the idea there’s solid evidence to suggest these type events are cyclical in nature, and many scientists agree Earth magnetic poles are behaving in a way that indicates they may be in the process of shifting or preparing to shift in the near future.

        A good resource to learn about this stuff is the YT channel Suspicious Observer, he also has a website by the same name. Check out his Cosmic Disaster Series under his playlists.


        1. Just so know, Jack33, you’re right 100%.

          More than one cataclysm actually, and a certain energy in a zone of the universe our solar system has been entering for many years now.
          They’ve known that for thousands of years.

          See, nobody in this very sad and mad world understands the ancient shaman knowledge anymore. Apart from Shamans and their “disciples” of course.

          But they’ve known what is going to happen since the beginning.
          And they’re acting in silence, nobody knows who they are and where. But they are at work.

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  15. I agree that it’s intentional for them to give us glimpses of evil and to partially reveal/put forward boogeymen.

    I saw a video the other day that explained that it HELPS TPTB for us to think of them as all-powerful. The video used the example of Pizzagate. If Hillary Clinton is suggested to be involved with human trafficking, sexual abuse, etc., it accomplishes multiple things simultaneously:

    1) Divide and conquer, make truth-seekers look crazy, baits them to start talking about really distasteful subjects that make the normies back away.

    2) Makes the more mundane crimes (massive Treasury theft, bribery, corruption, etc.) seem like less of a big deal in comparison

    3) Gives her an aura of deadly danger and intense evil power, which actually cows the public.

    So I agree that it’s not necessarily a slip-up for them to let truth-seekers get a glimpse of Bill Gates as an evil megalomaniac.

    ARE forced vaccinations coming? Maybe, maybe not. Certainly some of TPTB would like it. But the question, important though it may be, is also a great way to detract truth-seekers. The more time we spend worrying about potential FUTURE dastardly plans, the less attention we pay to the CURRENT multi-trillion-dollar heist.

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    1. I believe that real power never shows its face. Bill Gates showed his face, so he is not real power. And I’ve known that about him, that he’s just a sock puppet. Miles did a pretty good job on the guy, and since reading that paper I’ve thought of Gates as a wealthy kid from the families who needed to be placed somewhere, so they gave him a back story and put him at Microsoft with all its DARPA technology. They guy invented zilch. I’d link to that Mathis paper but it is buried in another title, and I don’t know how to search his updates page.

      This reminds me of something that Noam Chomsky wrote eons ago, that in the early days of planning for the thing now called Internet, Bill Gates did not attend meetings, as he saw no future in it.


        1. Whether or not Gates is the real deal or an actor front man, (I suspect the latter), it doesn’t change the fact he’s the face of the vaccine agenda and one the names connected to ID2020, and as such, you wouldn’t expect they’d put him out in front of this parade -lest people make the connection. Unless they actually want the connection made, and I can’t reason why they’d want this, other than for purposes of misdirection -an empty rabbit hole to preoccupy those of us who still possess the ability to use our brains perhaps.
          And if this is the case, we need to remain vigilant, careful not to settle on what seems most obvious.


  16. A very small group of woke Christians have put forth the idea that this ‘’exercise’’ as Trump calls it, could actually be the first horseman of the apocalypse, as described in Revelation 6.

    ‘’And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.’’ Revelation 6:2

    It’s an interesting theory to me because, if true, this would suggest that the virus/ death part of this event is a hoax, as many here have suspected all along, and that the real purpose of this global exercise is not to kill us, but to conquer us.

    It does feel like we are being conquered right now, in a sense.

    Its also worth pointing out that you will hear few, if any, American pastors preaching about this. Christians, at least the ones in America, mostly just follow Christian ‘’celebrities‘’ like Rick Warren and Francis Chan and don’t actually read the Bible. They are especially discouraged from studying Revelation.


  17. Revelations will enlighten the readers. Nothing will be turned back on. Anyone see (no pun) the irony of this happening in 2020? Good eye Vision is 20-20.


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