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Mass psychogenic illness is “the rapid spread of illness signs and symptoms affecting members of a cohesive group, originating from a nervous system disturbance involving excitation, loss, or alteration of function, whereby physical complaints that are exhibited unconsciously have no corresponding organic [etiology].”

I suggest that this is the virus going around, spread routinely, as on 9/11/2001 and periodically offered as a booster shot. The period 2010 to 2019 saw too many people doing too well, prospering and enjoying a life somewhat free of economic worry. The overlords saw this and wanted to put an end to it.

“Climate change,” a threat much like corona virus, was similar in that it was a fraudulent and induced fear of something invisible and harmless, even beneficial (CO2). However, people were able to look out their windows and see a stable and unchanging climate, so that the effect of that intended MPI was only working on those who were suggestible and subject to influences that overrode their senses, in other words, the deeply stupid (and those agents and actors hired to promote the hoax, like Al Gore, Michael Mann, and Greta Thunberg).

Coronavirus, or “Covid-19” is also small and invisible, probably even something beneficial if it exists at all. However, the inducement of fear into each person is intense, using hyperbolic news hysteria along with deliberate economic collapse, massive unemployment and otherwise stupid and pointless state-monitored restrictions, such as “social distancing” (lordy do I hate that phrase), face masks, quarantines and restrictions on travel. (I just learned that if I go to Montana I will be stopped at the border and identified, place in (“voluntary self-“) quarantine for fourteen days. That is symbolic, unnecessary, intrusive and vindictive. That’s fascism.)

The resulting fear is now endemic (pandemic?), a permanent feature of life. The overlords, the hidden faces represented by clowns like Madonna, Tom Hanks, Bill and Melinda Gates, and pseudo-scientists who call themselves virologists, intended to inflict great harm on us, to change the way we behave, and put an end to our natural creativity and wealth-generating tendencies.

In short, they were threatened. They are depraved and stunted human beings who only enjoy high privilege for as long as the mass of humanity is in bondage. They hate us. Read again the words of the “Club of Rome:”

“It would seem that humans need a common motivation…either a real one or else one invented for the purpose….In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

A virus serves as well.

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  1. Speaking of “Hanx”, have you seen the Twitter theory that Tom Hanks is dead or imprisoned? It’s pretty interesting. Something is amiss there. Not sure what, but something.


    1. He does a whole additional thread on how Hanx SNL appearance from home was simulated and wasn’t actually him. They are doing Deepfakes in real time these days. We cannot trust anything we see on TV.


      1. I clicked on it and it’s just an avalanche of miscellany.. Twitter has never made sense to me.

        I did hear him on Wait Wait this past weekend.. They got a lot of mileage out of his “role” in the covid hoax. Could’ve practically been a clip from Fakeologist chat, except that they are “just joking.”


        1. Organizational skills: D-

          But some of the information is good. He does an ear comparison that is compelling, and his whole thread on the SNL host not being him is compelling.


      2. Fauxlex, at first I thought you’d lost your fricking mind linking to this guy and his Twitter thread. He seems awfully glib, and when anyone talks about ear comparisons I think Dallas Goldbug and tune out. When he pointed out the youthfulness of Hanks’s hand, though, I couldn’t deny that it’s inexplicable.

        I’d never heard of deepfakes. I can’t be the only one here who is unfamiliar with it.

        Here’s a link to a video of a New York Times opinion columnist making herself look like Adele. She then morphs back to herself (I guess) and proceeds to gaslight the masses who undoubtedly have been and will continue to be fooled by this technology. The video is short, astonishing and maddening in the way it dismisses the notion that “trusted” media might abuse this technology.


        1. Watching that Hanks opening monologue a few times now, I’m as convinced as “Tommy G” that it’s a deepfake and not really Hanks.

          For me, this ties into the horror I have felt watching commercials in which corporations attempt to minimize the effects of “social distancing” by showing how happy and normal everyone can feel by communicating with each other through personal technology.


        2. She calls herself an “expert” at the outset. That, in my mimd, should be grounds for a firing squad. That term is overused, and should apply only to those who question orthodoxy rather than those who mindlessly promote it. As used, when we hear the term “expert,” the subtext is “use this brain, put your own on the shelf.” American school students are taught not to think, to rely on authority figures. As adults (and you, Maarten, have unfortunately echoed this), we are urged to step aside, let the experts rule. Once we quit thinking and rely on experts, we are vulnerable. If an “expert” wants to lie to us, we leave ourselves no defenses, as we’ve given up before the first pawn is moved. Lying liars are all about, parading on TV and in other news sources as experts. The inability to think for ourselves is the predominant feature of American intellectual discourse. Reliance on experts is a crutch for the reason-impaired.


          1. Reminds me of when Space X put a car in space. I put this photo up with the caption “Americans seem to lack bullshit detectors.”

            Space X

            But wait! Elon Musk is an expert. He has “mastered” things while we can only speculate. Who are we to question?


            1. The earth looks really weird in that picture. As if it’s been hit by a meteor or a volcano has blown. As others have said and I believe as well, something big is coming down the road to decimate the world. Whether it’s an attack by a foreign country or some sort of natural or unnatural, man-made disaster. They love the tell you the truth right in your face then twist the story around. Just like Donald Trump said at the beginning of all this. He called it a hoax. He told us the truth and they do that all the time to screw with us. But alas, I preach to the choir once again….Cheers!


            2. Not only Americans lack a bullshit detector, I was in a small convenience shop yesterday and the Indian who works there went hysterical when I doublebacked, as I didn’t understand a word he said I ignored him so he went off muttering Urdu or something. He had mask and gloves on (just what you need on a hot day), pity he had nothing to protect his sanity.


          2. To be fair, she does provide an example of her expertise in “online manipulation.” She reminds us of the Access Hollywood tape that mainstream news media pulled up in which Trump talked into a hot mic about kissing and fondling women against their will. Trump initially apologized, then later claimed he wasn’t sure he said it. Our online manipulation expert uses this as an example of what she calls the “Liar’s Dividend”–guilty people using the existence of this technology to deny the evidence of their guilt. Yet she provides no means by which the public might ascertain that his is guilty. It’s a crystal-clear example of how TPTB use the divisiveness of their Trump puppet to bypass critical thinking. We are expected to assume, to know that Trump actually said it because we hate him and because “trusted” news sources like the New York Times say he said it. The video is telling us to “worry” about this technology but provides no method of discerning when it is being used. We must simply double down on our “trust” in mainstream media to make this determination for us. She really is an expert in manipulation.


        3. Yeah, I mean…I don’t believe all the Q stuff and this “secret jail” bit. But there’s something going on here, regardless of whether this guy has the correct idea, I think he is finding something.

          Deepfake technology is no joke and it scares the crap out of me. You really just cannot trust anything that you are seeing on TV anymore. The technology behind the fakery has grown by leaps and bounds, hence my real takeaway from the Twitter thread being related to Deepfakes.


          1. It seems like the Q stuff has proven to NOT be reliable…so why do people continue to get excited about it? April 10 came and gone when Q said that everything would be back to normal.


            1. Yeah, I don’t get it either. That doesn’t mean that they might not stumble across other interesting information, like the Hanx deepfake. We never should be taking some story from an anonymous web movement. I have no interest in the Q thing, but I might still occasionally watch a video or two and see if there are any interesting disclosures happening. Hanx being deepfaked is very concerning. It implies so much about the nature of the beast. Do not trust any celebrities, do not believe your TV. This is obvious, but deepfake technology makes their power to deceive nearly unlimited. This is the concern.


    2. I wouldn’t doubt for a minute that many celebrities and public figures are pedophiles and probably even worse because they are nothing if not a bunch of sick freaks.

      But WHY would it need to be hidden from the public if many of these people are, in fact, in prison? And who would put them in prison in the first place?

      I guess these are mostly rhetorical questions I have because I can’t wrap my mind around all of this stuff. I’m not too familiar with “Q” but based off the number of “conspiracy-minded” people who bring him (?) up all the time, I have just assumed he must be disinfo.


      1. Oh yeah, I don’t buy the Q stuff or secret prison. But it seems correct that the SNL host wasn’t him, and a guy driving the car had different ear patterns. I’m not saying believe this guy wholesale. As always, use your own brains. This tells me that Hanx has body doubles and they are doing Deepfakes in real time.


  2. speaking of Tom Hanks:

    Empire Building in the 21st Century (or, evolution of bat particles)

    The world’s greatest empire, an empire that rules over all so-called sovereign states, has unleashed, once again, its most feared and most powerful weapon. Yes, the Rockefeller empire of medical/ religious churches and affiliate organizations has launched its most direct viral attack yet on the world’s population. Several unlucky citizens are confirmed to have died of the virus or some other cause already.

    This evil creature, well…it’s not actually alive…this thing, this VIRUS…is quite intelligent, and that’s why it’s so effective. Even though lacking a brain, heart, nervous system, arms, legs, wings, or anything else to make it functional or give it a modus operandi, this mini-monster has jumped and flown and traversed oceans (after escaping from its normal hangout in a bat, or civet-cat, or pig or something, it’s all a bit muddled), and ended up in Tom Hank’s nose. And in Australia, of all places! We know that because he said so, so it’s true (and it was reported in the New York Times). We also know (as reported in The Guardian), that this virus had a fling with a couple of Chinese nationals, killing one of them by mistake, before making its mysterious journey down under.

    After landing in Tom’s nose, this brainless but brilliant particle of protein with a snippet of rna or dna or some other bat (or civet or pig) fibers attached, bored straight through his protective mucous layer, managed to sneak past a few white blood cells, and arrived at the door of a very, very, good- looking cell on the side of Tom’s sinus cavity. Slimy, but beautiful. Our little particle prick couldn’t help himself, of course, he knocked, and she let him in. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he didn’t tell her that he was a bat, or civet, or pig, or whatever, and that his jism just wouldn’t get the job done in the end. But she didn’t care, and she didn’t ask. He stuck his rna in her dna, and contrary to all the known laws of biology, the earth moved. This suited both of them just fine, so he kept stickin’ it to her, and boy did she ever respond. Now and then she would swell up and burst open, and lines of cute little rag-tag protein particles marched on out of her, kind of like Snowwhite and the seventy dwarfs.

    As a result, Tom got the sniffles, then he sneezed. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, Tom did not shove his mouth into his elbow before letting loose. Worse yet, he sneezed again, no elbow. It was probably the second sneeze that infected the prime minister before he traveled to America. The CDC should know about this stuff, and they say that a second sneeze is usually necessary, with an effective range of from one millimeter to six miles.

    In case you’re wondering, Tom got well, but of course he’s a great empire patriot, so it figures. The big mystery was how in the world could a bat protein prick impregnate a human sinus cell. After all, everyone knows this cross-species stuff can’t happen, with the wrong dna/rna and all. The medical mafia kept putting the story out there that the viral prick-dude would “hijack” the cell, or “trick” the poor thing into (get this!), allowing it to REPLICATE. Makes a lot of sense, right? I’ll stick with the story above, just pure lust and earthquakes.

    Finally, I have it from good sources that a collaboration between Rockefeller / GatesFoundation / Microsoft tech wizards figured out a way to get micro computers installed in all those nasty little v/buggers, and that’s how they fixed the glitch in the copulation chemistry. And that’s how the west was won, and why the Empire stays strong.


    1. Of course cross species breeding happens. I have a good video of a monkey mounting a football. Can you imagine what kind of player is going to come out of that? He’ll be amazing if you can keep him from climbing the goal posts..

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  3. I really can’t worry about a virus for climate change. Still waiting for someone coming. It was from a reliable source someone’s coming, the Russians, the Chinese, the Muslims… I think it would be Redrum Dawn..


  4. Whenever I see a quotation on the Internet, I try to track down the original for comparison. Often the words have been truncated or paraphrased, and not always fairly.

    Below is the full quotation from the The First Global Revolution, from page 75 of the PDF I found, in a chapter titled “The Vacuum.” The context is a discussion about how modern problems have a complexity that make it hard for democratic societies to address them. The issues are often too technical for the average citizen or representative to cast a fully informed vote. Democracy has limits to its effectiveness, and developing systems of governance around the world must adapt to acknowledge and overcome those limits.

    To be honest, I see the sense of this sentiment.

    Here is the quotation, with the previously omitted material bold-faced. I cannot find the first sentence in Mark’s version of the quote. The ellipsis points indicate omission of text, but the omission must be of several pages, because these words are not in the vicinity of the rest of the quote. I offer this merely for the integrity of the record here.

    In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together. But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap, which we have already warned readers about, namely mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.

    The point of this chapter is that the hardest problems we face nowadays—and the most difficult for governments to address effectively—are man-made. When it comes to environmental destruction, I bet Steve Kelly would agree with this, as do I.

    I do not pick up the whiff of misanthropy in the small bit of the book that I perused to find the quotation. On the contrary, the gist seems to be: how do we best take care of all the people of the world, whose actions affect each other so profoundly? A fair question, I submit. This is not an endorsement of the Club of Rome, I hasten to add.


    1. I had the full quotation in front of me as I wrote this, clipped and photocopied long ago from some other book I was reading. We were-leaving for an (unnecessary) trip and hike so I did a search and found the truncated version, which I used without having to peck it out on the keyboard.

      Club of Rome has been around for a long time, and misanthropy has always been their undertone. Note that they had jumped on the global warming bandwagon as this book was being written, in the very early stages of that hoax, as the book was published in 1991.

      Indeed we do create problems, and have made great strides in solving them, and will continue to do so, but the problems now being addressed, climate change and corona virus, are hoaxes (and earlier with CofR, ZPG), and the virus in effect is merely the climate change game in hyper-drive. It is to put an end to industrial society, pure misanthropy. We’ll probable never see a better decade than the one just passed.


  5. Hankx? Yet another actor taking attention (diversion) from the real issue. Food. You had better start buying nonperishable items now. The past 2 years were dismal in yields state side. Most of my posts are disappearing.


    1. Leslie,

      Wow! Looks like the same guy to me. They aren’t even trying to disguise him or anything, he’s just a little older.

      How do these people live with themselves?


  6. Oh and thank you Prince Philip for reminding the world of World Immunization Week coming up in your recent message of gratitude. I’m deeply touched by your concern for humanity.


    1. An example of a limited hangout video, and allowed to be shown on yewtube. The video gives information but it’s the same information we have already known about and repeated in other venues, and fits in with all the other so called Hollywood, entertainment exposure videos. Cronkin, the stunt guys, seem to be trying to get credit, doing us a favor or make a name for themselves by bringing forth these same old rehabbed issues, Nazis, mkultra, pizzagate, Epstein, Clinton emails, etc… blah blah Started off good stating how media controls thoughts, but then spent too much time on the pedo issue. However on a good note they hint at the dark, cultish, satanic panic ideas in the entertainment world, movies, music, news media has run it’s course. Now most of the same people that brought all of that dark ilk will now be making a switcharooski and start promoting a more positive uplifting phase of media mongering. They make money and solidfy their social status either way.

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  7. Taos is the same ‘hang around/disinformation source. Money they print. The elite are of darkness. Hollywood is their darling that has most viewers here, tuning into to their dreck each day. That self inflected programing has negative effects upon the spirit. The padeo subject is always dismissed as disinformation.


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