9 thoughts on “Making the rounds

    1. Yep, the second wave is going to be a bitch. (Well played, by the way.)

      Why should we believe what the CDC is saying about the “second wave” now when they were so wrong about the first wave?

      They are doing their darndest to keep people afraid and to keep things locked down.

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  1. Here’s my handy-dandy 11-step (eleven!) guide to changing human behavior, based on casual observation of the media. Wondering if maybe I can get an honorary PR degree for putting this together. Anyway, we’ll take as our “challenge” an obviously ludicrous proposition: getting large numbers of humanoid ambulators to wear goggles in public, mostly through persuasion. Sound impossible? Read on!

    (Note: this plan assumes you have intelligence assets in top levels of media, gov, academia, etc. who know their “roles” and how the game is played. They have handlers who will keep them on track with tge Plan or, for the real pros, are probably so in tune that they know what to do without even being instructed. This is obviously CONSPIRACY THEORY btw, and you should turn off your brain to all this immediately, and not even entertain the possibility that PR and gaslighting behavior modification runs your world.)

    The 11-Step Guide to Mass Goggle Adoption

    1)expert goes around fringe lefty outlets saying “full facial covering” is needed.
    2) it gets spread by right fringe outlets as example of liberal lunacy.
    3) even mainstream news picks it up and makes fun of it.
    4) Trump tweets about it; says he’ll never wear “goggles”.
    5) regular liberals begin ridiculing Trump- “yeah it’s too much, but nobody said ‘goggles; they said full facial covering (FFC)!”
    6) mainstream experts increasingly advocate for FFCs; bemoan likely non adoption of said same.
    7) vanguard lefties begin wearing swim goggles along with their masks in public, braving the bemused looks from strangers.
    8) the mainstream media universally applauds FFCs, but bemoans low supply and need to use swim goggles as makeshift solution (medical grade FFCs prevent .00085 more ppm of eyeball seepage.)
    9) state govs begin mandating FFCs in some areas. Many employees are required to wear them.
    10) Trump STILL calls them “goggles” and ridicules them. That fool! 50% of the country raids their cabinets in search of goggle-like apparati. Youtube crafters explain how to make them from old junk you have laying around.
    11) Goggles are taken for granted as virus fighting equipment. Constant FFC blather/ propaganda in all media and widespread adoption. Only some on the right still shake their heads, almost driven mad by the lunacy on display everywhere.

    That’s PR, baby. Public relations and propaganda. Gotta have the target “take action” to really colonize their brain and take hold. Of course, many more maneuvers could be added to these, just a few that came to mind.


  2. The Characteristics of an Initiation Ritual:

    “A ritual initiation introduces and inducts one into ‘the way;’ a new way of life or worldview, a program to guide beliefs and actions enabling the initiate to become a full and true member of the new society. Note that ritual is not always a conscious action – not everyone partaking in a ritual is always made explicitly aware that they are participants. And yet still new patterns of thought, of significance, are drummed in, conscious or not.”

    Three stages:
    1. Isolation for purification
    2. Transition – perceptions and senses commanded and regulated by high priests
    3. Integration into the new environment


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